Honestly what was i supposed to do after today’s (yesterday’s episode)
Also it’s 1 am and I’m supposed to get up at 5 am, yes I’m not sleeping because of the gays, not homework but yoi

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  • What I was supposed to do tonight:my homework
  • What I actually did tonight:ordered bullet jewelry for vegascon, learned how in love two of my friends are, "helped" another friend write fan fiction, and yelled at another friend about being too good at art
  • What I am infinitely grateful for:study hall tomorrow morning

You know what a great episode would be?

Steven gets hurt (not too badly, only a broken arm or something like that) and gets sucked into his gem to recover, because that’s what gems do when their form is badly damaged.

Inside, he gets to meet what remains of his mother for the first time, gets to hear her tell him she loves him face to face, without a screen between them. Gets to feel what his mother’s hug is actually like.

But when it’s time for him to return to the outside world. Something goes wrong. Very, very wrong, and instead of Steven appearing out of the gem, like everyone expects, it’s Rose Quarts.

And Rose flips her shit, because somehow she’s alive and Steven is nowhere to be found, and they have to do something, anything, to get him back out of the gem.

They succeed, but not until after all the gems-who already seem to blame Steven for Rose not being around- are forced to take a long look at themselves and make the choice: Help Rose and Greg get Steven back and lose her again forever, or refuse, keep Rose alive, and deal with the fact that they, by making this choice, are the reason why Steven will never get to live.

Yeah, that sounds like a good episode.

• never forget what B.A.P has gone through because of TS

• never forget what B.A.P has worked hard for and tired themselves out because of TS

• never forget what Yongguk said in his lyrics in AM 4:44 because of TS

• never forget what Junhong said in No-Title because of TS

• never forget that Daehyun said that the only things he has left is B.A.P and BABYz because of TS

• never forget how sick and tired B.A.P was because of TS

• never forget that B.A.P had to put on a mask because of TS

• never forget that B.A.P’s dreams were crushed because of TS

• never forget the long 8 months of loneliness and worry BABYZ had to suffer without B.A.P because of TS

• never forget B.A.P because of TS

never stop loving B.A.P because they returned to TS. because if you knew what TS has done, you would give B.A.P the world when all they need is your love and support.

Today, I fucked up... by dreaming

So I spend most of my time with my local theater company. They’re like a second home to me, and the schedule for their shows I’ve had memorized since 2008. Today is Sunday. Last Sunday, we closed our production of west side story. But last night, I dreamt about closing night, probably because I asked my crush to dance at the cast party. In the dream, I walked home after the party.
Then, I woke up.
I checked the time—6:17 am—and promptly cursed, because I’m supposed to wake up at 6 to get to school. A couple days ago my phone was in my mom’s room, so she had the alarms disabled. I thought I was going to be late, so I started getting ready.
Dammit, I forgot to do the laundry, I thought, so I grabbed whatever I could find. Did I have any homework? (This is a completely normal thought for me on a school morning, I’m a master procrastinator)
I hop in the shower, don’t even give it time to warm up, and nervously give myself a wash. Halfway through, I question why my mom didn’t scream at me to see if I was awake. And, wait, this is memorial weekend, on Monday I was supposed to go to the beach with some friends. Why don’t I remember it?
Well shit. It’s sunday, not tuesday, i finally figured out, too late, already cold and wet.

tl;dr I woke up two days early and thought I was late.

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i spent 2 hours making a larry mermaid family, i think im in too deep