At some point during the [parabatai] speeches, Jem had slipped quietly from his chair and disappeared through the doors to Angel Square. Tessa had dropped her napkin and hurried after him; as the doors closed, Emma could see them on the dimly lit steps. Jem had his head down on Tessa’s shoulder.

- Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight


Manganime Graphic Request by @namiiswan
One Piece || Episode 278 || Chapter 398 - Declaration of War [Part 2 of 2]

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AHH i cant believe i met you (i was the rlly awkward one with dan's circle shirt)

AHHHHH!! You were the first D&P fan to visit my booth!!
Of course I remember you :’D
Thank you for “sapu”-ing my entire booth omg <3
You were so cute!! If I was Phil, I would squish till the end of you :3

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Day 1 of meeting Yogs has been a great one! They were all really easy to talk to and as friendly as ever :D


Ten Days of LawLu Day 1: Meeting//First Impressions

I didn’t have a lot of time to create anything for the start of this event, but Luffy’s fascination with Bepo is one of my favourite things. Poor Law, he was probably sitting there just waiting for the most dramatic moment to strike up a conversation and then Luffy flat out ignores him.

hi i’m knight & if you expected a quality graphic from me i am so sorry it isn’t here.

nine days guys. nine. ok, so that isn’t my record of hitting 150 followers but gee i am still so glad you’re all here!! ok so first off, NOSTALGIA: aka a flashback to my childhood. i was seven when my mom introduced me to strange case of dr. jekyll & mr. hyde. i’ve always been a voracious reader & i’d expressed interest in it. maybe it was because it was only 63 pages long & not necessarily too long for a child, but yeah. 

for a good few years, i kept in the back of my mind, mainly because i was seven & that shit was scary. regardless, i started to notice that the whole duality theme appeared like… everywhere. 

at fourteen, i went to see my community theatre’s production of jekyll & hyde the musical. honestly, i loved it despite its RIDICULOUS DIVERGENCE from the plot of the original novella ( where did lucy & emma come from, why does jekyll suddenly have good intentions, why did carew survive, who the fuck is spider or simon… )

a few years back, i did my first attempt at writing jekyll until he freakin’ vanished oops. now, i’m back & likely it’s because of recent places he’s shown up ( ouat, penny dreadful, fate prototype, fate grand order etc. ). i’m 22 now & i’ve looked into the character of henry jekyll far more than i’d ever looked before; perhaps it’s because i’m no longer a kid. 

anyway,  i’d like to just promo some spectacular writers who i look up to, who i enjoy writing with & who i hope to write with soon!!  

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special shout outs to those i’m not mutuals with, too, because i love every single one of you!!