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What Is The Shape Of Your Monster? – Get Out and Thought-out Horror

Get out.

No, I’m dead serious. If you haven’t already seen Jordan Peele’s Get Out yet, I need you to do me a massive favor. I need you to bookmark this page, close this page, and absolutely do not read this page— or any other essay or article on Get Out— until you’ve finished watching it.

I’m not just saying this because this essay will contain major spoilers for a movie that is best enjoyed going in knowing as little as possible— I mean, yes, it will— but most of all I just want as many people to see this movie as possible. It is by far the most socially relevant American movie to come out this year, at time of writing, if not one of the most socially relevant pieces of American art of the past decade.

It’s also just a very good movie.


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anonymous asked:

If its okay to be gay then why dose the Bible speak against it? Isn't everything in the Bible true?

Does the Bible condemn being gay – that’s the Big Question, isn’t it?
This blog exists because we believe the answer is a lovely, resounding no and so we want to affirm LGBTA+ Christians. I suppose it’s high time we answered this question at length, rather than just pointing readers to our resources page. 

Christians who don’t have any reason to delve too deeply into the matter will, at most, pull open their Bible, find those two pesky verses in Leviticus, or read over certain passages in Romans, Corinthians, Timothy, and Jude, and say, “well, there we have it: scripture says doing gay stuff is wrong. So…just don’t do gay stuff.” Simple as that. End of story. Close the book.

But when a Christian realizes that they themselves or someone they love is gay (or another branch of the LGBT+ community, but I’ll focus on same-gender attraction for this post), pointing to those “condemnatory” passages and ending the search right there just doesn’t cut it. Suddenly the question isn’t just a “fun” theological debate; the answer matters; your happiness and salvation – or that of a loved one – are on the line. What about context, historical or textual? Or what if some things got lost in translation? Or…do we dare even wonder it…what if, just maybe, every rule and opinion that made it into the Bible isn’t necessarily God’s opinion?

Maybe you were looking for a simple answer. But even if you’ve only rarely cracked it open, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the Bible is a pretty hefty text. Thus, this question requires a lot of unpacking. This post aims to deconstruct your two-part question – does the Bible condemn being gay, and is everything in the Bible true – one piece at a time. Buckle up and get comfortable, folks, because we’re about to zoom through several millennia of biblical history, explore translation and interpretation, and philosophize a bit on the differences between “fact” and “truth,” advocating for a non-literal reading of scripture and an affirmation of LGBTA+ people, identities, and relationships.

Note: it is possible to read only parts in bold, or to skip to this post’s final section (“Wrapping Up”) if you do not have the time or inclination to read this post in its entirety. 

Last fall, I wrote a paper for a Linguistics class on the history of translation and interpretation and how it influences modern homophobia in Christian circles. My paper is available to read in full right here – the problem is, the dang thing is some 20 pages long, and I know most of you don’t have the time for that. So I’ll be copying and pasting some passages from it right into this post. Whenever I reference my paper, you can see the link above for citations for where I got the information (it mainly comes from linguistic scholars, which is pretty neat – not your standard theologians). Okay, let’s get started with…


I won’t actually dwell too long on these passages, often called “the clobber passages” (and if you have a good grasp of them already you can skip this section), since there are multiple deconstructions of them to be found in the “But what does the Bible say?” section of our resources page. My paper (linked above) also analyzes most of them from a linguistic standpoint.

The important thing to recognize is that many of these verses are either taken out of context or else potentially misinterpreted. For example:

  • Gen. 19 – When people these days mention the “sin of Sodom,” they’re talking about sex between (cis) men. But they fail to take into account the fact that the sex the men of Sodom wished to engage in would have been rape, as well as the fact that the sin of Sodom for a thousand years was considered to be inhospitality, not sex. See p.8 of my paper for more details as well as sources (including other Bible verses).
  • Lev. 18:22 and 20:13 – Christians are not bound to mosaic laws, and so we do not need to “obey” these passages condemning same-sex relations any more than we need to avoid shellfish or pork. Furthermore, the term translated into English as “abomination” in these verses, toevah, may more accurately be translated as “taboo” (see p.9 my paper for details on why this distinction matters).
  • Romans 1:26-27linguistic scholars are pretty sure these verses do condemn sex between two (cis) men (sorry guys) but not between two (cis) women, as generally supposed. See p.10 of my paper for an explanation of how the history surrounding views of sexuality and the word Greek word homios, meaning “likewise,” in verse 27 make it much more likely that this passage is condemning women who have sex with men out of wedlock. (The later sections of this post will discuss how this passage’s likely condemnation of men who have sex with other men can be viewed in the light of affirming LGBTA+ people and relationships.)
  • 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10 – if you read these verses, you’ll see that they lump same-sex activity in with a bunch of other sins on a big list of things Christians shouldn’t do. One issue with these verses lies in the common translations of malakoi and arsenokoitai – see p.11 of my paper to read about how there may be other ways to translate these Greek terms that so that they do not speak of same-sex relations.

All of that is just a tip of the iceberg of deconstruction of these “clobber” passages that has been conducted by countless scholars. Again, both our blog’s resources page and my paper go into further detail. The main thing to take from this portion of the post is that translation and interpretation are tricky processes just because your translated version of the Bible as well as your perspective as a modern reader cause you to interpret certain passages as condemnatory does not mean that they definitely are.

Note that there are other passages in scripture that some scholars see as potentially describing and affirming same-sex relationships, as well as trans identities. See: this deconstruction of David and Jonathan’s relationship as potentially being similar to a marriage bond; a discussion of the Gospel account of the Centurion and his boy on p.9 of my paper; discussions of Galatians 3:28 such as the ones here and here; and discussions of biblical eunuchs.

All right, we’ve begun to answer the question of whether the Bible condemns LGBT+ sexual relationships; now it’s time to move on to how literally we should take the Bible and whether everything in it necessarily relates directly to God’s viewpoint. 


Oh no, I’ve thrown yet another question into the mix – is the Bible human or divine? Don’t worry, I’ve got a fairly simple answer to this: from my point of view, it’s both. Because the Holy Spirit inspired it, its origins are divine. But, since the Bible didn’t just fall from Heaven one day, but rather was recorded over the course of some 1,500 years by ancient Jewish and early Christian men (yes, men, the gender of the writers is important here), it’s also a human work.

Christians generally profess the Word of God to be inerrant, perfect, Truth itself – and that is absolutely correct. However, Christians also tend to get confused on what exactly the Word of God is – it’s not a physical Bible you can hold in your hands. The very beginning of the Gospel of John reminds us what the Word is: it’s Jesus. He is God’s Word incarnate. He is the one that is inerrant, perfect, Truth itself – not the Bible.

The Bible is the millennia-long story of how a loving God created and prepared humanity for Salvation through Christ – but we view this story, as mentioned, through a human lens. And humans are flawed – especially when the humans in question are men living in a patriarchal society founded in an unforgiving desert surrounded by violence-loving nations. Throw in the fact that writing techniques, processes, and preservation were totally different then from now, and one realizes how important it is to take a non-literal view of scripture in order to glean the divine Truth carried in a vessel of human words.

[Update: Hi, Avery here! It’s been a couple years since I wrote this post, and there is a lot of points I would word differently if I wrote it today. The above paragraph, for instance – I want to point out that while, as a Christian, the Bible does hold the story of salvation through Christ, that is not all it holds. To claim that is supersessionist – is claiming that how our Jewish siblings read their own Bible (our “Old Testament”) is incorrect because we’ve “superseded” or replaced their readings with Jesus. I believe that the “Old Testament” – the Hebrew Bible – can stand on its own as a vital witness to the love of God and how God relates to human beings and to all Creation.

I also want to clarify my statements about the authors of the Bible being men living in a patriarchal society by reminding readers that our society is barely any better. If the Bible were to have been written today it would carry the same kinds of biases as well as some new ones, I imagine.]


Some Christians believe that because the Bible carries God’s Truth, every single word of it has to be true – or rather, convey completely factual events, as well as ideas that coincide with God’s own thinking. However, if you sit down and start reading a well-annotated copy of the Bible, it’s likely you’ll soon notice that there is plenty in scripture that is not factual – contradictions, anachronisms, literary motifs, symbolism, and hyperbole abound, as do ideas that just don’t line up with what Christ teaches us about a God of Love. So, if there are things in the Bible that aren’t quite factual…is it all still True?

The reading guide in my version of the Bible discusses this issue. In one section, it explains why some Christians feel the need for a literal reading:

“Some Christians, particularly fundamentalist Christians, fear that admitting the Bible contains poetry, stories, and other literary forms is somehow an attack on the veracity of the Bible and dilutes its witness to history. They prefer to regard the story of creation in Genesis, or the episode of Jonah’s sojourn in the belly of a great fish, as literally [fact].” (p.5)

In a later section, the reading guide discusses why it’s okay (and more logical from a scholarly, historically contextualized perspective) to take a non-literal reading of the Bible, explaining how the human writers of the Bible were not primarily historians, even when recounting Israel’s past:

“The biblical writers drew upon tales and traditions of Israel’s past in order to communicate an idea to their contemporaries. They were not concerned about whether the tales and traditions were reliable or plausible. Even when some attempt was made to communicate factual information, such as in the books of Kings, the writing of history was secondary to other purposes of the biblical writers.” (p.30)

So what does all this mean for us as readers of the Bible?

For one thing, it frees us to approach scripture without certain expectations, and allows us to bring our doubts to the table with us. We don’t need to be afraid of our own thoughts while reading the Bible – if something in the text seems questionable, we don’t need to run from our questions: we can embrace them, and seek the Spirit’s guidance as we strive to analyze God’s Truth hiding behind what may or may not be “fact.”

Some of the non-factual facets of scripture that you can keep an eye out for while reading are discussed below, from basic anachronisms to intentional literary devices. Lastly and most importantly of all, how the Jewish (or, in a few cases, early Christian) viewpoints of the writers color a biblical text and why acknowledging these human authors’ biases matters – especially in regards to the anti-LGBT passages discussed previously – will be explored.

  • Borrowed Stories: In the case of the earliest chapters of Genesis in particular, scholars have identified stories that were borrowed (but altered) from those of the ancient Hebrews’ neighboring nations, including that of Creation and that of the Flood. See this post I made some time ago for a detailed explanation of this interesting topic.
  • Anachronisms: Sometimes a biblical text will make mention of an event or feature that existed in the author’s own time but not in the time of which they were writing. For example, in 1 Samuel 17:54, David is said to return to his tent in Jerusalem after slaying Goliath – but Jerusalem did not “belong” to the Israelites until some time later in David’s story, when he conquers it as a king. See this webpage for more information on biblical anachronisms. 
  • Contradictions: Biblical books often contradict themselves or one another. One example involves the age of Ishmael – in one chapter (Gn 16:16), Ishamael is said to be at least 14 when his half-brother Isaac is born; in another (Gn 21:14), he is but a young boy. That Genesis as we have it today is constructed from multiple sources, multiple authors, largely accounts for this discrepancy (see this link for information on the authors of Genesis). See this webpage for many more contradictions found within the Bible (disclaimer: I’m not convinced that every passage cited as a contradiction by this webpage is indeed a contradiction, so use your own judgement). 
  • Literary Motifs and Patterns: as discussed above, the writers of the Bible were not usually interested primarily in recording history – rather, they used accounts of Israel’s past to paint an image of God and God’s active role in Israel’s timeline as they saw it. Thus, countless motifs can be found; a well-known one is that of the barren mother who gives birth to an important person – think of Isaac, Joseph, Samuel, and John the Baptist. Whether or not these men “really” were born of previously infertile mothers is not as important as the message the motif serves to convey: that God had a direct hand in the conception of these people, thus marking them as important in God’s plan. Find descriptions of many biblical motifs here (or, believe it or not, see them on sparknotes).
  • Narratives Masquerading as History: It might surprise you to learn that some books of the Bible were never intended to be viewed as anything but fiction. These include Jonah, Job, and (for Catholics/Orthodox Christians) Tobit, which all fall into the category of narrative. (Jesus’s parables count as well, but most Christians easily recognize those as fiction.) While nowadays writing tends to make its genre clear (a novel will tell you it’s a novel, etc.), in the days of biblical writers it was perfectly normal to tell a story without explicitly mentioning that, oh right, you made it all up. However, you would leave clues that you’d expect your audience to pick up on. To pick one of the narrative Books to explain, Jonah is clearly meant to be fictional for several reasons: 1) Jonah is an antiprophet, who behaves in ways the “real” prophets of the Bible do not (such as running away when God calls him and being upset when his mission actually succeeds); 2) the whole fish thing is intended to be humorous; and 3) the original Jewish audience would have recognized that the city that Jonah convinces to repent of its wickedness, Ninevah, would never have repented – it was the capital of Assyria, whom the Jews of the period despised. Assyria had oppressed the Jewish people for years, and the author’s purpose in picking them for his story is to highlight just how incredible God’s mercy is, forcing its audience to reconsider their stereotypes and realize that God cares for evil Assyrians as much as Israelites. 

That leaves the exploration of the effects of biblical writers’ perspectives that I promised earlier, which I’ll place in its own section.


“The LORD does not see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7)

Too many times I have heard people say that trying to read the Bible actually caused them to drift away from their faith. I do not blame them in the least – not when a literal reading of the Bible is so often pushed or when so many copies of the Bible fail to provide important contextual material – but I want this trend to end. I hope that one day soon, all readers of Scripture will be able to see it for what it is: God’s love letter to us.

(The trouble with this particular love letter, however, is that the person who wanted to send it didn’t have a pen and paper on them: so they enlisted a bunch of men who tended to be crotchety, too far off to hear properly, and very set in their ways. And THEN what they scribbled out based on what they thought this person might have said had to be re-written whenever the paper gave out, with bits and pieces getting lost or burnt or altered over centuries, and then what was left was translated from one language into others by still more crotchety scribes. So…it’s not your average kind of love letter.)

This webpage offers an concise explanation of how the Bible’s messages come from both divine and human sources:

“God never uses people as robots; thus, when God inspired them to write the books of the Bible, God inspired them as people with different outlooks, skills and abilities.

This helps to explain the differences in the books of the Bible, sometimes within a particular book itself.

Sometimes the inspired word of God is poorly written Hebrew or Greek because God inspired authors who wrote Hebrew or Greek poorly. If God had dictated God’s message, the inspired word would not have been poorly written.”

Knowing that the perspectives of human writers color the Bible’s messages, it becomes evident that we need to learn a bit about where these writers were coming from, as their cultures – their understanding of the nature of the universe, what they expected from literature, and their relations with genders, customs, and nations beyond their own – can differ vastly from ours.

That leaves us with that last question I’ll throw at you today, but one of the most important: how do we know what messages in the Bible truly reflect God’s point of view, and what messages got muddled in the great game of telephone God played with the humans who wrote it down? 

Below are some places we can start to answer that question.

  • Biblical laws: divine or human? – The environment in which the ancient Israelites found themselves was an unforgiving one. From the years they wandered through the desert to the height of their civilization under rulers like Solomon and deep into life in exile or under conquerers, God’s People had to protect themselves from harsh elements and harsher enemies. To survive, they needed customs that would knit them together as a group and strict laws to quell any crime or disruption that could threaten their stability from within. These laws are famously gathered into Leviticus (most of the other books of the Pentateuch also include some laws), and range from everything from what to do when your bull gores someone to how to plant your fields and weave your cloth. Many of these laws establish the structure of Israel’s priesthood, on which their religion largely relied and which greatly influenced their view of the world. Those laws that apply to incidents from daily life are made to ensure the stability of Israel. As mentioned above, they tend to have strict consequences, because internal disorder could not be tolerated within a society facing so many external challenges. Yet, when viewed by us who are familiar with Christ’s “new Way” of living – a Way that insists not upon an “eye for an eye (x)” but rather unbounded and often unmerited mercy and love (x) – many of these laws appear to go against the God we know. Thus, keeping in mind the human societal needs that led to the creation of these laws is important while reading them: we can read them as windows into Jewish society, and read between the lines for hints of God’s Truth gleaming behind human law.
  • Exclusion – Related to the points made above, Jewish society was necessarily formed with an “us versus them” mentality. With violent foes ever lurking at their borders, the ancient Israelites developed a sense of nationalism that put them in a place of superiority above the polytheistic groups around them. God’s Plan, as they understood it, placed them above all other nations – and in some ways, they were correct. They are indeed God’s chosen people, but through the sacrifice of Christ we learn that they were chosen to pave the way to a broader Kingdom, one in which “there is neither Gentile nor Jew” (x). Thus there are many verses and stories in the Old Testament that set Israel above everyone else and tends to treat the peoples of other nations as inconsequential, especially when it comes to battle causalities. Some of this reflects their special place in God’s Plan, and some of this reflects the human bias of their authors, whose sense of nationalism colors how they convey God’s message or the details of the events they record. The Jewish people saw their God’s love as exclusively theirs, while Christ revealed how God’s love is all-inclusive. 
  • Violence – I’m sure we’re all familiar with some of the more bloody portions of the Bible. Some of its greatest heroes – David, Samson, Deborah, and so on – led or committed acts of great violence and received praise for it. Most shockingly for readers familiar with Christ’s message of peace, God Themself is shown to commit acts of violence, from drowning the entire world in a massive flood (x) to urging Saul not to spare a single man, woman, child, or animal during one battle (x), as well as punishing Israel with famine or bloodshed when they turn away from God. This is because the worldview of the ancient Israelites told them that good fortune came to those who were righteous, while misfortune befell anyone who acted wickedly. In times of famine or war, illness or pain, the Israelites looked to their faith for answers – surely, they reasoned, this suffering had to be a punishment for wrongdoing, either on an individual or societal level. This worldview makes its way into the works of the biblical writers: when recording any event, whether good or bad, they strive to show how the hand of God acted in it.
  • Transforming perspectives: Many of the biblical writers attribute strict laws and acts of violence or suffering to God – yet the Bible, as previously discussed, was written over a period of centuries: it is only natural that the viewpoints expressed within this long work are shown to shift over time. Job, for instance, which was written (most likely; its exact date is unknown) later along the timeline of Old Testament books, challenges the idea that suffering is evidence of wrongdoing and that strife is God-sent. The gradual shift in thinking paved the way for God’s ultimate revelation in the form of Jesus Christ, who turned many Jewish traditional beliefs upside down. By the time that many Jewish people who accepted Christianity, such as Peter, finally realized that God offers salvation to all nations (see passages like Acts 10:34-43), biblical texts have reached their clearest expression of God’s messages of inclusion and mercy. Thus, when a scripture passage confronts us with ideas that do not seem to align with what we know of God as revealed through Christ, we can view them as one step in the gradual transformation of biblical thought and part of the journey to the revelation of God’s Truth, rather than necessarily conveying God’s opinion in that instant. 

There is so much more to be said on the topic of interpretation and how to read the Bible – one thing I wanted to mention was how Paul himself, in his letters, sometimes reminds the reader that some of what he says may not be God’s view but Paul’s own best judgement (x) – but I think it’s time to wrap this discussion up for now. 


If you’ve made it this far (or skipped ahead, which is fine!), I hope this post has opened your eyes somewhat to the incredible diversity of the people whom God used to record God’s message, and how that plays into interpretation of the Bible. Let’s go over the questions that I hope this post has answered:

  • Is everything in the Bible true? – Yes, everything in the Bible carries Truth within it, a spark of God’s great revelation to humanity; but no, not everything in the Bible is factual as humans today understand the concept. After all, God used human beings to record the Bible, and they wrote over a large span of time in ways that show their viewpoints, biases, and, well, humanness. 
  • So is the Bible human or divine? – Both, since God used humans to convey divine messages, and these human writers recorded how they saw the divine at work within everyday and historical events.
  • Is every  opinion stated in the Bible God’s opinion? – No. This becomes fairly obvious particularly in passages where violence even against innocents is praised, or when God is said to cause some act of evil.
  • Does God condemn being gay? – No. God is Love, and so any relationship rooted in consensual, fruitful Love can be made to glorify God. The biblical passages often used to condemn LGBT+ relationships have been deconstructed to some extent in an above section, and further analyses can be found on our resources page or in my linguistic paper

In her book Pastrix, Nadia Bolz-Weber writes,

“The Bible is not God. The Bible is simply the cradle that holds Christ. Anything in the Bible that does not hold up to the Gospel of Jesus Christ simply does not have the same authority.”

What better way to approach the Bible than as the cradle of Christ – the cradle of Truth and Love and Salvation? I firmly believe that a spark of God’s Truth gleams behind every word in scripture, but that does not excuse the blatant misuse of passages to oppress marginalized groups and spread hate and fear. For there are some passages that hold Truth by showing us what Truth is not, or by offering us a glimpse of flawed and very human people whom God loved despite their misguided thinking.

So let us regard the Bible with reverence and wonder, but always with caution and a prayer that the Spirit will grant us eyes of wisdom to understand what we read. If we fish a verse out of scripture that does not sound like Love, let us consider it more carefully, keeping context, translation, and our own limited interpretation in mind – and always, always, let us heed Christ’s commands to live out Love and not to judge our fellow human beings. Amen.

Random Murdoc bot notes

I finally had some more time to poke around with the Murdoc bot and this is some live commentary (for once I have nothing to do today and I’m going to enjoy this rare occasion to the fullest)

Okay, first of all - what happened to turquoise?? Then again, this was a tough one and expecting them to remember that answer was a long shot. He obviously has a ~palette~ he follows though, so it’s all good.

This one was…interesting. I would have guessed some sort of horror movie or a music documentary or porn or some combination of the three but okay, Murdoc 😂. Also does he mean the original or the remake?

Duh, I guess. BUT he wouldn’t answer who his least favorite member was. He also wouldn’t answer me when I asked “Do you like Murdoc?”

Also, brief detour here but the bot doesn’t recognize Narwhals as animals and I’m nhf this narwhal erasure (it wouldn’t let me enter “samosa” as a snack either…boo @ you, Murdoc bot.)

Eat food, Murdoc! You need to eat food!

This was also interesting to me because I didn’t know he was into Buddhism. 2D is also Buddhist. Now all I can think about is how 2D inviting him to meditate with him - something I’ve written about but never expected to be canon - could now actually have been a thing that’s happened (and not only that- he obviously took something away from those experiences if they happened because here he is admitting it’s part of how he practices!) I wonder….I cry…

Um, first of all, rude but…BUT…and I know this is just a bot BUT this is maybe kind of sort of confirming that 2D wrote the album, which would then mean that 2D wrote “Souk Eye,” which potentially means…many things.

mayor-crumblepot  asked:

listen i would die if you drew nygmobblepot fight club au. listen. l i s t e n. i wrote a WHOLE fic for that and the whole time i was just mourning the fact i couldn’t draw. it’s a very visual thing. i’m sure you’d do a beautiful and amazing job as you always do. that’s all.

 here have a few scenes

anonymous asked:

How diffrent is show Davos from book Davos ?

I have been sitting on this one for a while. Pardon the wait, anon? This deserved more than a few lines.

Initially, not so much. Davos was one of the better-adapted characters right through season four, with many of his scenes capturing the spirit of the character even as the plot showed signs of broader misinterpretation in adaptation. What few problems I had were, for the most part, directly caused by the poor understanding of Stannis’ character.

And then, in season five, show!Davos started to go off the rails.

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                                                 JUNGSHIII 2.0

hellooo there ♡ i’m marti ( the same old @jungshiii​ ) even tho I tried my best to get my old blog back I still couldn’t, and the fact that I’m using the same url means that i’m not going to take it back. 

anwyay, I’m here to start again, I don’t want to quit yet (you thought you got rid of me lmao) jddbwh I’ve lost most of my drafts, all the convos and the cute asks you sent me and tbh these are the things I cared about the most, I liked the idea to keep them on my blog as a memory c.ç  ♡

as for the make me choose requests I wrote them all down on a piece of paper, which means I can still make them (one good thing lmao) 

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You Make Me Want Things I Can’t Have

A/N: Modern Ubbe and this prompt was requested like seven times! So here is the first Prompt for my Valentines Day Prompts! Ubbe is kinda my new fave, for the moment! I hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think!! (I wrote this sick, forgive typos)

Originally posted by bonniebirdsgifcentre

The couple next door were the Lothbroks. Ubbe and Maggie had moved in one month before the winter and ever since then there had been nothing but fights and arguments. But you remained in your apartment only glancing outside occasionally to watch the handsome blonde and his wife duke it out. He like the gentleman you guessed he was never raised a hand to her. He only growled back at her a kicked their belongings out on the ground. Why he was with her, you still could not decide.

It had only come to your attention that he had taken notice to you. Ubbe tended to watch you. His sky-blue eyes had observed you carry your laundry to that god forsaken laundry room for the apartment complex. He’d even been in the gym with you before, watching you squat and run on that damn star machine even when the petite blonde was there. It fascinated you that he found you interesting, for you lived a clearly boring life. In return you watched him. You admired his muscles as he lifted himself up from the ground making that sexy grunt with each pump. He gave you a show each and every week with his grey sweat pants alone.

It was freezing outside.  You’d ran outside to warm your car up. The golden rays of the sun had not yet defrosted the windshield and scraping ice off was not for you, at the moment. The soft black leggings clung to your legs and your bonnet covered your head underneath the hoodie. You skip only on the dry parts of the pavement humming some random song you’d gotten stuck in your head.

Then it happens. The black ice snuck up on you like a flash of lightening. You twist your ankle and hit the ground with a sharp wince and a loud, “Oh shit.” You lay there contemplating what you really want to do. You can lay there and die or roll over and face the faces of the few neighbors that watched you take the tumble and option A, sounded delightful.

“Are you alright?” His startling blue eyes glance over your body. A flood of regret surfaces as you remember the royal blue bonnet on your head.

You daze out. Lost somewhere between his eyes and those soft full lips. “Maybe.”

He lifts you up and walks you back to your apartment placing your feet on the ground once you two are at the front door. “You should sit down, you fell rather hard.”

“Thanks.” You grab the cold door knob and twist, realizing you’ve locked yourself out.

He reads your mind, skipping like it is nothing to your grey Honda. He opens the door and gets the keys, then hops back to you. “What is your name? I feel like such a shitty neighbor.”

“You shouldn’t” You unlock the door and he follows you into the messy apartment. Your books a threw all over the couch and the clothes you were about to fold were scattered on the chair. “My name is Y/N.”

“Beautiful. My name is Ubbe.”

But you knew that already. You know that his name was Ubbe from the walls. These thin walls revealed when his wife screamed his name in pleasure and in angst. And many nights you lay awake wondering what Ubbe done to make her yelp and plea for more. Yet, you kept your distance but everything about this man screamed desire.

“Thank you. I appreciate your help.” You say hoping he will get the hint.

“No problem, tonight I am having some friends over, house warming really. You should come. I think you will be welcome.”

“Thanks. I will do what I can.”

“IT starts at six.” He said taking the hints. Ubbe steps towards the door. “Like the hat.” He winks.

“It’s a bonnet.” You croak as he leaves.

The day flies by and you can’t wait for tonight. Never before had you had plans on a Tuesday other than reading and watching your DVR-ed shows. The new clothes you smuggle in your home so that he won’t see. He’s a watcher.

The dress hangs off your shoulder, revealing the smooth mahogany skin and your satisfied. Slipping on some high heeled boots and a blue jean jacket to keep your warmth. You weren’t out to take her husband from her, but if there were others there you wanted to make your mark. Hopefully one of them would pursue you.

You knock on the door and before you can get the second knock out the door swings open. Revealing a dark-haired God and taking your breath away. “Who are you?”

Ubbe pushes the younger guy aside. “Y/N, you made it.”

Maggie’s eyes glimpse over to you and you feel the heat rise to your face as she pushes pass Ubbe. “Hi! You’re our neighbor.”


“Come in, please.” She tugs you into the apartment pass the brown-haired god to the living room and you begin to talk with the others. It’s amazing how even everyone can fit in the living area, but they seem to make a way. Ubbe once again has his eyes on you and you give him a small smile and continue talking to the other guys.

After a few drinks you take a seat and he is next to you. His fingers hover over the nape of your back inconspicuously. He draws circles over and over and then he slides his hand down further. IT hypnotizing and overwhelming to even think of his boldness. His wife sits 100 feet away and he has not a care in this world.

“Do you have a restroom?” You whisper.

“Upstairs to your left.” He says back.

You merge into the crowd. Pushing your way past the people on the stairwell and you reach the bathroom. Finally, you breathe. The heat rushes to your face as you splash water on you trying to calm down. What the fuck? What the actual fuck? You pant and grab the beige towel to pat down your now drenched face. The knob on the door turns and you tilt your head. What the actual fuck?

“Y/N.” Ubbe closes the door behind him and locks the door. “How is the party going for you?”

“Nice.” You place the face towel on the granite counters and exhale. “What are you doing in here?”

“I like watching you.” He steps closer.

“I have noticed that.”

“I don’t know what you are doing to me, you make me want things I can’t have.” His eyes are burning with desire. “Am I scaring you?”

No. You were scaring yourself because never had it crossed your mind to be attracted to a married man. But at this point in your life all of your morals were out of the window. Your shoulders shrug and you head shakes timidly. “No.”

“That is good thing, no?”

“Yes. Ubbe, but I am sure someone will wonder where you are, this is your home.”

“This is where I want to be.” He is inches away from you now and there is nowhere to go. You hands touch the stone wall behind you and the light are off. Ubbe’s hands are in a frenzy on your hips and then your breast while his lips dance along your neck. “I’ve wanted you since we moved in…you’ve haunted my dreams and cursed my life.”

“I…” You close your mouth at a lost for words as separates your legs sending a cool breath of air to you. Your thighs clench together in anticipation and he lifts your dress.

“I can stop whenever you want me to Y/N.” His lips meet yours for the first time and you float. The hints of his whiskey touch your tongue and you want more. You kiss him back separating his lips with yours and flicking your tongue playfully over his teeth until he nips at your bottom lip with a small growl. You whimper at the sound, as if you needed anything else to fuel your lust. You hear the buckle of his belt clang to the floor as he lifts you up from the ground.

Your legs instinctively wrap around his waist and within a moment his tip teases your lips. “Are you sure you want this?” Your hands hook around his neck and your tongue strokes to his ear and you whisper, “Yes.”

Ubbe pushes into you with one blunt thrust. The delicious sting pours all over you and you claw at his back as he finds a delectable pace. He pushes your body down to meet his every thrust and rive at it. Twisting your hips to give your clit just the right twitch for each time your bodies meet. Ubbe is carnal as he fills you. He takes everything you’re giving, and you feel a bundle of tension build in you.

“You’re so fucking wet.” He groans as his strokes get longer. Dragging himself out so you can feel every inch of his dick. “So fucking good.” Those words do something for you. You kiss him once more wanting him to push faster you buck against him. “Are you gonna come for me baby?”

You shake your head and he goes faster and faster. The room fills with the sound of your skin clapping against one another and you do come. Your legs lose their grip and he pulls one up and drills harder until he pulls out sending a trail of his come all the way down your leg. Ubbe grabs the towel from the counter and wipes himself off your leg and then wipes your womanhood. “Y/N…” he sings.


“Let me walk you home.” He whispers.

“I live across the hall,” You fix your dress blindly wishing he would hit the light.

“I know… Let’s do this somewhere proper.” He says snatching you against his chest. “Please.”

How they would be as Boyfriends: Ikon

Request:  I’m so glad that i found a blog that does ikon reactions, they’re so underrated TT idk if you’re doing these things, but could I request a “Ikon as boyfriends” post? just your thoughts on what you think they’d be as a boyfriend! (,,,do you understand me? I’m sorry, English isn’t my first language :()

Word Count: About 1050

Warnings: Not really any, some cursing is all because that’s how I roll

A/n: I’m really tired right now omfg. I went to class today and spent some time studying at the library so when I got home I kind of just threw myself on my bed and said fuck this shit, came on to here, put this together and now I’m here! Of course I take no cred for any of the gifs, watermarks are attached to each one so if you click/tap on the gif it’ll take you to the original user who posted it. And one more thing, this is ENTIRELY my opinion on how they would be. You don’t have to agree with anything I wrote, and that’s totally fine. Overall, I’m not entirely happy with how this came out, but that’s okay I tried!  Hope you guys have great day, much love, and remember to smile!

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you wrote this beautiful thing and now it appears to be gone and i am so sad i was just about to reblog it with more insanity

so here have this thing you inspired me to write

cut because this got way longer than i intended okay

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3. It’s a wonder (Married)

Steve snuffled softly as he woke, blinking in the early morning sun as he waited for his brain to come back online. When it did, he rolled over to find his husband, and what he found surprised him; Tony was awake. It wasn’t unusual for Tony to wake up before Steve, but he was normally sitting up on his tablet or scribbling away in a book of crosswords with a mug of coffee on the bedside table. But this morning Tony was just lying there on his back, perfectly still as he stared up at the ceiling.

Steve propped himself up onto one elbow and looked down at Tony. “Good morning,” he said softly, “you okay?”

Tony didn’t startle and simply turned his head to the side, looking up at Steve. “10 years,” he said and Steve frowned.


“10 years,” Tony repeated, “you and I have been married for 10 years.

Steve smiled and reached out to stroke the back of his knuckles down Tony’s cheek. “I know. The best 10 years that anyone could ever have had.”

“But 10 years. How on earth have we ever managed 10 years? We met as tiny little freshmen and we’re still here. 10 years.”

Steve laughed. “10 years to the day,” he agreed. “It’s not actually that strange; it’s actually quite common. Just wait until we get to 50.”

NCT 127 Reaction to Having a Shy S/O

~ A/N - Hey Ally here! I’m currently in class writing this when I shouldn’t be, oops? My professor keeps showing videos and I’m bored, so here I am! Anywho, I hope you enjoy it! 

side note : I more so wrote this in reaction to their s/o blushing so … I still hope this is okay

Taeyong : Taeyong can be pretty shy when he wants. He gets kinda bashful and its the cutest thing in the world. I can see this being one of the qualities he loves about you the most, cause he can see himself in you. ty with dark blond hair added 7 years to my lifespan

Originally posted by teeuai

Taeil : Taeil is also a shy baby and an awkward one too. Like Taeyong, he would love that his s/o was similar to him. He would fawn and cling to you when you got all bashful. This boy would pinch your cheeks 24/7. 

Originally posted by taeiljaeh

Johnny / Youngho : Johnny is pretty confident, but can also have a soft shy side. This usually comes out when he does aegyo tho. But nonetheless he would be all smiles and giggles when you got embarrassed. Found it so cute when you hide you face in your hands. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ouCH

Originally posted by neonjungkook

Yuta : Yuta would lightly tease you for it, but it’s all out of love. His famous smile would flash whenever you were shy over something. He would get the biggest smile on his face ad found you the most adorable thing on the planet.

Originally posted by johnil

Doyoung / Dongyoung : Since he knew you were shy, Doyoung would try to hid you from the boys lol. He knew how rowdy and wild they can get sometimes and doesn’t want to put you in a situation where you’re uncomfortable. He would literally scream when you blush cause you’re so cute. 

Originally posted by nctaezen

Jaehyun / Yoon-Oh : Jaehyun would be so soft for you. I can see him adoring your shy personality, because I can honestly see him preferring to stay in and cuddle than go out and socialize. Also imagine him smiling at you with those dimples big oof.

Originally posted by yoonohthings

Winwin / Sicheng : Sicheng is pretty shy as well, but once you get to know him he would open up. He would love your shy side, but also loves to see you act crazy with him. It makes him happy to know you’re comfortable with him.  

Originally posted by jiminwatcheshentai

Jungwoo : i feel like i’ve forgotten to add him in my recent ones Jungwoo is a precious baby and is definitely one of the more quieter ones in the group. He has some anxiety and loves how you can relate to his problems and comfort him. 

Originally posted by sneopy

Mark / Minhyung : Mark would protect you with his soul. He’s such a sweet boy and is always looking out for you. He loves you shy side and is always wants you to be comfortable. Wants to shower you with kisses when you blush cause he thinks you’re too adorable. 

Originally posted by minhyunq

Haechan / Donghyuck : Like Yuta, Haechan would tease you a bit. But he himself would blush because of how adorable he found you. He’s also a fan of skinship, so he would 100% hug you or something in front of the other members. But wouldn’t do it too much if you were uncomfortable with it. 

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Happy Place (Jeon Wonwoo)

Hi everyone! Here’s a little Wonwoo post for the day. (I might have a thing for Wonwoo and cats, I am learning.)(Actually I think I have a thing for any of the boys and animals)(I also wrote this after he and Scoups and Dino went to visit cats)(I also miss my cat)(Also this boy is working his way up my bias list hard and he needs to chill a bit)(So cats and Wonwoo here we go) -Erin

Originally posted by softwonwoo

“Wonwoo, trust us, this will pick your mood up 100%.” Jun assured his friend, linking an arm through his. Seokmin on the other side mimicked the action, leaving Wonwoo no choice but to continue with his members.

“I’m serious guys, I don’t need a pick-me-up. I’m fine.” Wonwoo argued, but Seokmin and Jun shook their heads.

“Yes, you do.” Seokmin said, smiling at Wonwoo. “This will be the perfect thing for you. You’ll see. How do you think we stay happy so much?” Wonwoo looked between his friends, who were both nodding at him now.

“Here, it’s right up here. Come on! It’s going to be fun!” Jun jumped as the three boys approached a building. Jun opened the door and Seokmin led Wonwoo in.


You were putting away a folder when you heard the door ding. You looked up as saw three boys enter, two of which were regular visitors.

“Hey guys! I’ll be with you in just a second!” You waved at them, and the two boys waved back while the third looked around the room. You turned to the family with the animal carrier in front of you.

“Alright,” You crouched down to be face to face with the child of the family. “This little guy right here,” you put a hand on the carrier, “he’s all yours now. You gotta take really good care of him, give him lots of love,” and you lowered your voice, “and give him a couple extra treats every now and then. You’ll be his favorite that way.” You winked as the kid giggled, and the parents thanked you, taking the new pet out of the building. You smiled to yourself as you watched them leave, then turned back to the boys. You noticed the third one was now staring at you.

“Hi guys, long time no see.” You smiled at them. “Who’s your friend?” You nodded at the new boy. Jun put an arm around his shoulder.

“This here, is our friend Wonwoo. He’s had a hard week, so we thought we would show him our little secret happy place.” Jun smirked, and the boy, Wonwoo, gave him a panicked look.

“I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you.” You laughed, and Wonwoo gave you a small smile and wave, then started to look at the floor.

“Are we able to come in now?” Seokmin asked, and you nodded.

“Everyone was just fed, so they’re going to be a little hyper.” You said, and two of the boys started to grin. “Jun, you know where your furballs are. Seok, I think they took the dogs outside today?” You said, and Seokmin nodded, walking down the hall and out a door. “So what’s your weakness?” You asked to Wonwoo. He looked up at you, and just blinked a couple times.

“He’s uh… He’s gonna come with me. He’s a cat guy.” Jun said, and you smiled.

“Well, we have some great cats here. You’ll love them.” You smiled, getting a key to take them to the room with the cats. Once you opened the door, you told your coworker you’d watch them for a bit, and they went to work the front desk.

“Here,” You said, picking up one of the younger cats, “She seems like someone good for a first timer. She is surprisingly calm around new people.” You handed the cat to Wonwoo, who took the cat in confusion. Jun was already playing with 3 cats, and you shook your head at him. “I’ll be right back, some of these furballs need to be brushed.”


“So uh…” Wonwoo said once you left the room, causing Jun to take his attention away from the cats. “Who was that?” He sat down, still holding the little cat, which had now curled up in his hand and started to purr.

“Y/N?” Jun asked, raising an eyebrow. “She’s an old friend of Seok’s. I think they went to school together at one point, and when she moved here they reconnected. She told him about this place, and we’ve been coming here for a while.”

“Ah, okay.” Wonwoo said, turning his focus to the kitten. Jun smirked at Wonwoo.

“She’s pretty cute, huh?” Jun asked, and Wonwoo felt flustered, trying not to look at his friend.

“I uh… I guess.” Wonwoo muttered, and Jun suddenly stood up.

“I will be right back. I just remembered I had to run something by Seok, so you stay here.” Before Wonwoo could say a word, Jun had run out of the room, leaving him with all the cats.


“Hey, is something wrong?” You asked Jun, making your way back to the cat room. He had just shut the door and was running down the hall.

“Nope, just gotta go talk to Seokmin about something. Wonwoo’s still in there.” Jun said, running down the hall a little bit more, than turning around quickly. “By the way, Wonwoo thinks you’re cute. Just saying.” He winked, then turned the corner.

“What.” You muttered, shaking your head before walking back into the room. Wonwoo was sitting in the middle of the room, still holding the one cat while 2 more made their way onto his legs. He looked pretty adorable as he wiggled a finger in front of one of the cats faces. y/n what You shook your head at him.

“If you don’t move, they’ll eventually take over and you’ll be here forever.” You said, sitting down across from him, a couple cats immediately trying to climb into your lap.

“It’s okay, they’re kinda warm.” He chuckled, and you were taken aback by how deep his voice actually way. He sounded the complete opposite of how he looked.

“Alright, it’s your life then.” You laughed, picking up a cat and starting to brush their fur.

“So… how long have you worked here?” He asked, and you looked up at him, though the second you met his eyes he looked down again.

“Oh, about a year. I came in after I moved here to look for a little friend, but they talked me into staying. It’s not a bad job, is it Miko?” You smiled, scratching the cat you were holding behind the ear. Wonwoo could only focus on the amount of times his heart was beating whenever you looked at him. Why was it doing that? “So how do you like being an idol?” You asked, causing him to restart internally.

“Wha… How did you know I was an idol?” He asked, and you giggled his heart uwu’d so hard you have no idea.

“Oh you know, Jun only mentions it every. Single. Time. He comes in here.” You laughed and Wonwoo nodded. “He showed me your latest video, I kinda recognized you. That and I know Seok was in the same group as Jun, and I figured if you were hanging out with both of them, you were bound to be one of the members.”

“Oh, yeah.” He giggled your turn to uwu. The door opened a crack, a paper airplane flying into the room and hitting Wonwoo in the head, causing the cats to go nuts. As you calmed some of them down, Wonwoo opened up the paper airplane.

Ask her out!!!!!!!!’ Was written in Jun’s messy handwriting. At the bottom of the paper was Seokmin’s handwriting saying ‘DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!’ Wonwoo blushed at the paper, which you briefly saw when you looked back at him. Your eyes flew from his face to the paper.

“What’s it say?” You asked, a little concerned. He looked up at you, then back at the paper, which the cat he was holding had now crawled onto, pushing it slightly into your vision.

“Uhm… It’s just uh…”

“Wonwoo, do you wanna grab coffee sometime?” You asked. He blinked at you a few times, then smiled.

“Yeah, that would… that would be great.” He said, and from the other side of the door, you both jumped as two loud cheers started. “Do they have to come?”

“No, I don’t even think we should even tell them when it happens.” You agreed, smiling. At that, the door opened and Seokmin stepped in.

“Okay rude, let me ship my friends.”

anonymous asked:

hey betty! two things: first, congrats on the writing program- seriously, well done!!! and second, i was just wondering if you have any tips on how to Power Through when you feel like your writing is garbage? hope you're having a great day :)

thank you so much! and great question –

so, first, i do not believe in Powering Through. to me it feels like breaking a leg and continuing to walk on it solely because you need to get from A to B. the real solution is seeking help, setting it, and getting rest. in order to get back on your feet, you need to slow down a bit and take some time for yourself.

when you feel like your writing is garbage, there might be a few things going on:

  • something is not working – maybe you picked the wrong voice in your WIP, or your conflict isn’t steady/compelling enough, or you’re staying too far in your comfort zone
  • you’ve hit a writing ceiling – you’ve improved to the furthest degree you can, now you see all the faults in your writing, or maybe you just have a vague notion that it’s not as good as you want it to be, but you’re in that awkward space where it’s not great, but you don’t know how to get better
  • you’re bored or afraid – you’ve set up a story that’s not doing anything ~interesting for you, that isn’t speaking to you and dragging you along to finish it. conversely, you might have set up something so ambitious that you feel your writing skill doesn’t do the idea justice, so you’re afraid to continue in case what comes out falls short of your expectations

here are some ways to counter these things:

do an experiment

when i can’t write, i play around with something technical. for example, i’ve been having a heck of a time with a story i’m working on, and one of my profs gave our class a prompt to write a braided essay. when i narrowed my focus to the braided essay only, it offered me the freedom to finally get words on a page. i wrote 10k in two days. 

so try something new. if you always write in third, try first. if you always write chronologically, write non-chronologically. if you always write prose, try poetry. if fiction, try nonfiction. 

which reminds me, i wanted to make a post of craft-based (rather than content-based) prompts. hopefully i’ll do that next.

read stuff for a while

specifically, read stuff you admire. read new stuff. read stuff you don’t normally read. read stuff that makes you go “oh shit i wanna write like this.” or maybe “this is cool, maybe i’ll try it.”

i highly recommend reading short stories and personal essays. it takes you out of the world of fanfic, which can sometimes feel confining, without forcing the commitment of a novel or longer work. moreover, you can find fucktons of them for free all over the internet. maybe i’ll make a post of reading recs too.

do not read things that bore you. you are on a hunt for inspiration, and boredom is the villain of inspiration. if you get 1-2k in and you don’t have Kill Bill sirens in your head, dump it and move on.

when you finish reading the thing, ask yourself, “what tools do i want to take from this for my own writing?” 

can you borrow the structure? the voice? the conflict or conceit? a character dynamic? a tone or cadence? narrow your focus down to what exactly you liked about it and then try it in your own writing.

get feedback

the best way to break through a ceiling is to let someone to call you out on your bullshit. specifically, you need an extra set of eyes to tell you what’s working and what’s not, either in a work in progress or with a piece you think is really polished. 

i had a workshop once where i submitted a chapter of something i had revised three times. i thought it was great, it absolutely did not need any more revisions. i had also hit a writing ceiling at that point, and found i was trapped in my own wheelhouse, spinning the same writing style and the same kinds of stories, never taking any risks. there was no experimentation anymore, no fun. 

obviously, the workshop shredded my chapter. we spent about two minutes going over what worked and then forty or so just tearing it apart. i loved it. all of my blind spots were being shown to me and i could finally see a broader picture of my own work. i definitely broke through the ceiling and my writing is better for it. sometimes you just need someone better than you (and by that i mean, who possesses a wider understanding of writing) telling you what to do.

write about writing

i am a firm believer that we write to think, not as the product of thought. so when you’re stuck, or bored, or uninspired, or down on yourself, writing about writing or talking about writing can really help move things along, like a verbal Ex-Lax.

talk with a friend about your story idea and use their interest to fuel your own. write a journal entry about your WIP and what about it isn’t working for you. vent your writing frustrations somehow. 

sometimes the act of meta-analyzing yourself as a writer can offer a new perspective. i feel like we’re discouraged from this because the focus should always be on the work and not the creator, but you as the creator are just as worthy of your own literary inspection as anything else. so try to shift the lens toward yourself and see what happens. what happens when you become the focus of your own work?

thanks so much for the great question, and i hope this offers you some guidance.

other writing advice articles

right now i have beta commissions open if you’re looking for feedback. 

or if you enjoyed this post and want to buy me a coffee, here’s my ko-fi. i’m currently raising funds to attend a workshop this summer. 

Bird *Soft!Yandere Jimin

Hey guys I hope you enjoy, this is my first imagine here. I’m addicted in Yandere scenarios and reactions so I decided write about. English isn’t my first language so I’m sorry if I wrote something wrong. For now I’m not accepting requests, because I don’t have time to write. But in the future I’ll.

Originally posted by heoljimin

Her smile was the first thing that catch his attention. She was running after a dog in the park and he was backing home after his grandmother funeral. In that moment he was feeling hopeless but that smile in a mysterious way brought a little portion of happiness.

“Are you ok?” He nervously looked away after her ask.

“I’m sorry it wasn’t my intention stare at you so long.”

He could hear her laugh. “There’s no problem, Ruffo loves run when we came here.”

He look at the dog a little awkward, his grandmother didn’t like animals so he never had have one.

“Hm. I’ve never had a dog. My grandmother didn’t like animals.”

“Oh, but you like?”. He thought for a few seconds before answering.

“Honestly I don’t know.”

“Dogs and cats are cool, I wanted to have one, but studying and working I can’t keep even one plant alive.” She said laughing while he looked without understand for the dog. “He’s my sister’s dog, I’m taking care of him.”

“But you didn’t said that you work and study?!”

“I’m on vacation.” she laughed again.

“Hm.” He wanted to keep talking to her, hearing her laugh while she talks about her life but his grandmother never let him have a close contact with other people. No friends, no animals, no one. He didn’t know what to do to make her stay talking with him. “My grandmother died, I’m coming back from her funeral.” He said the only thing in his mind.

“Oh, I’m sorry… are you ok?” Was she really worried about him? No one seemed to be.

“To be honest, no I’m not.” He said starting to cry. “I never stayed alone before. When my parents died I had my grandmother, but now… now I’m completely alone.”

“I’m so sorry about that.” She said hugging him without hesitation. “My name is Y/N. Whats your name?”


“Well Jimin I want to be your friend if you want.”

Something has already changed inside him the moment he saw her smile and now his heart was full of joy. She gave him her phone number and marked a meet in a coffe shop. The days passed and Y/N kept her promise, she talked with Jimin on the phone and meetings at coffee shops. In her mind she thought she was saving him. But she didn’t know that she would need to be saved.

“I was thinking we could try the theater next week.” Jimin said low.

“Jimin you know that next week I need go back to university.” The sadness overcame him.

“But I need you.” He whispered.

“I will call and text you, ok?” She kissed his cheek. Y/N was really liking Jimin. He was sweet, kind, shy and absolutely handsome. She knew he was attracted to her just as she was attracted to him. But she needed to go back to university. “I’m sorry.”

Going to the subway their attention was stolen by the singing of a bird on a balcony. He was small, yellow feathers and was in a cage. “Birds are incredible, even prisoners can sing with joy.” Y/N said trying start a conversation. “I know it’s wrong keep one in a cage, but I would love hear they singing for me every morning.”

“This is selfish.” Jimin answered observing the bird.

“Everyone is selfish in one way Jimin.”

“And is this ok?” He asked looking at her this time.

“Of course it is.” She answered starting walk again. “Birds are like people, they can adapt in anywhere.” At that moment an idea passed through Jimin’s head, the solution of his problem.

“Y/N I need to go, can we meet before you go?” He asked smiling for the first time that day.

“Of course Jimin. What do you think about tomorrow?” Y/N said thinking that he finally accepted her departure and decided to enjoy her company in a while.

“Ok, tomorrow I want to show you something, I text the address later. Bye” He said before run home. He understand her message. If he wanted her to stay, he need to be selfish. He ran until lost breath there’s no time, only a few hours to build a cage. A cage to Y/N. A room in his place where she could stay forever and live with him like that yellow bird.

Muse / Huang Renjun

Originally posted by dojaez

Summary: You’ve never been the most confident person, you have difficulty when in comes to looking at yourself in the mirror. Your boyfriend, Renjun is determined to make you see yourself the way he sees you. He wants you to love yourself, in order to give you a push in the right direction Renjun devises a plan.

Word Count: 1164 words

Genre: fluff, artist! renjun x insecure! reader, art major! renjun

Warnings: self-loathing 

A/N: I’m going to be honest with you, I wrote this because I was feeling really bad about myself one day, and I thought maybe this would cheer people up too so here it is! I hope you guys don’t feel like the reader/Y/N in this story because you should all love yourselves  lol I have a hard time when it comes to things like being confident which resulted in me writing this haha

You didn’t feel pretty, when you looked in the mirror, and it was like your reflection was laughing at you. This is what you look like, shame isn’t it you thought. You gazed into the mirror bringing your hands up to your face. You didn’t have the perfect brows, or full lips, in your eyes you were just another average looking person, but to Huang Renjun you were absolutely beautiful, you were his muse, the inspiration he seeked when putting paint onto a canvas. You were his everything.

You weren’t sure what Renjun saw in you, but you were glad he was there for you, especially on nights when you couldn’t sleep. It was those intrusive thoughts of self-doubt, shame and insecurity that swirled in your mind like poison, keeping you up at night.

Tonight was one of those nights. You sat on your bed hoping that your boyfriend had received your text asking him to come over. It was 11:30 pm, he was probably asleep. You flopped backwards sinking into the plush comforter, sighing. I wonder if he’ll show up? It was times like these when you needed Renjun you wanted to feel the warmth of his breath against your face while you laid beneath the covers. You wanted to hear the sweet melody of his voice telling you that you were good enough, that you were worthy of his love. You felt bad that you needed Renjun’s validation, you wanted to be happy with yourself but every time you faced the mirror you only saw your flaws.


11:30 pm

Message from Y/N:

Can you come over?

Renjun looked down at his phone, worry spread across his face. He knew that when you texted him this late at night your thoughts were getting the best of you. Lately he had been growing more concerned for you, he wished you could love yourself as much as he loved you. Renjun was determined to change your perception of yourself to a more positive light. Of course, self love was a process that took time and effort, and Renjun understood that. He just wanted to give you a push in the right direction, and in order to do that he needed to come up with a plan.

Renjun was planning on entering a piece in his university’s art show, what better way to show people your beauty than to put it onto a canvas for the world to see. You were Renjun’s muse, whenever he looked at you inspiration would strike. He loved drawing the soft features of your face, and using long, smooth brush strokes to paint your hair. A majority of his paintings were inspired by music he listened to or things he saw in his daily life, but his biggest inspiration was you-the love of his life. He went to work, painting on the giant canvas for hours on end, stopping occaasionally to eat, or take a nap. He wanted to show you everything he saw in you, from the flecks of colour in your irises to the curve of your smile, through this painting you would see it all. Everything that Renjun admired about you was poured into the creation of this portrait, and Renjun couldnt wait for you to see it tomorrow.

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The ‘What if’ Challenge

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I figured I would host a writing challenge! :D

I have tagged a few individuals who might be interested in joining up, but anyone can join!  The rules are below…it is a really simple set up! Essentially, I will give you a ‘what if’ prompt, and you have to write a story about it.  I have decided to make this Multi-fandom, so any fandom you write for or want to write for, you can do, just see the ‘How to enter’ below on what to do! :D   I hope you all will consider joining the fun! :D  I may even do something like this for Binge week where you send me ‘what if’ prompts, figured I would try it as a challenge first and see how it went!  If you would like to see me do something like this, where you send me the prompts, let me know!!! :D  Otherwise, I hope you will consider joining the challenge!


  • Send me an ask with the following information:
    • Fandom you wish to write for (if you have a specific one you want, otherwise I will just chose one at random)
    • Character you wish to write (you don’t have to specify this, but you can if you want, otherwise I will just make a statement that corresponds with your fandom!)
  • I will respond to your ask with a ‘what if’ statement. 
    • Example:  [person sends me an ask] “Hey, I want to join your challenge for Supernatural with Castiel!”  [So I would respond to the ask with], “What if Castiel got shrunk by a witch so he was the size of a key chain?”
    • Example: [person sends me an ask] “Hey, I want to join your challenge, I will write anything Hobbit, Harry Potter, or Sherlock.”  [So I would respond] “What if one of the classes at Hogwarts was Muggle Gym Class?” 
  • You then will write your story based on that ‘what if’ statement!
    • When you post your story, please see the rules below!!! :D
    • If I send a ‘what if’ statement that isn’t working for you, let me know and I can send you a new one ^^


  • I hate assigning due dates on things, so instead, here is what I will do…On July 31st I will post the master post of all the submissions I have received!  If you wrote a story for this challenge and posted it before then, I will add your story and tag you in Master Post so others can find your story and your page! ^^  If you can’t get it in by then, I can always add you afterwards.
  • You are more than welcome to request multiple prompts with a variation of characters and fandoms! There is no limit on how many times you can enter!  I do keep track of what prompts I sent to who, so if you forget one, just message me and I can let you know what I sent you.
  • When you post your story, please tag me in it so I can read it!!!  If I don’t reblog with comments, that means I haven’t seen it.
  • Please use ‘#TaleTeller’s What if Challenge’ in the tags, it makes it easier to find some stories if the username tags stop working.
  • This question always comes up with every challenge I do…what type of content can we write?!?!?!  You can write anything you want!  Fluff, angst, humor, smut, short story, one shot, multi-chap, imagine, drabble, whatever you want! Go nuts!

I hope you will consider joining!!! And if not, and you want to be tagged when I post the master post on July 31st, send me an ask and I will add you to the tag list!!! :D 


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“You’re wrong.”

The green poltergeist tore it’s attention away from Vivi and Lewis and onto Arthur. It’s one eye narrowed as the battered young man pushed himself up from off the floor and spoke: “You’re gonna lose.” 

The poltergeist roared. Arthur didn’t even have time to blink before it flung itself toward him. Fog flooded all around him and lifted him off the floor– his old hand wrapped around his neck. 

“Foolish mortal.” It growled– low and fierce like a lion ready to eat it’s prey. “I have fought a thousand and one of your ancestors.” It’s nails sunk deeper into Arthur’s skin– “I have eaten the hearts of men and the souls of gods. I have conquered hope and devoured kings.” Its voice was brought next to Arthur’s ear as it whispered, “And you are no king, Kingsmen. You are no hero. You’re barely even a man.” 

Arthur was slammed against the cave’s floor. Black spots danced across his vision as oxygen violently returned to his lungs. Vivi’s muffled scream could be heard in the background. Drops of blood trickled down his neck as Arthur struggled to roll himself over onto his feet once more. One thought repeated over and over again in his head, one that refused to let him give up just yet: Your friends need you, jackass.

“You’re right, I’m not a hero.” Arthur could feel the smug satisfaction oozing off of the poltergeist. “I’m not the noble, selfless person that Lewis once was. I’m not the fearless leader that Vivi is either…” He was on both feet now. The creature watched him with a mix of victory and curiosity– ready to kill Arthur as soon as he was done talking. 

“I may not be a king among men, but I am still Arthur Eugene Kingsmen. And after almost two decades of hearing those old Arthurian stories by my uncle, I can tell you that I am no ‘once and future king.’ I’m not even the knight in shining armor or the court jesture. But–”

Arthur raised his arm– his remaining human arm– high into the air. “I can tell you who I am.” he continued. Thunder rolled in the distance. “And not only am I the man who’s going to defeat you–” 

A staff flew out from the cave’s entrance like a shot. With a crack of lightning, the staff connected with Arthur’s hand. Electricity hummed in the air as Arthur levitated above the poltergeist. Newfound, rival energy pulsated all around them. Arthur couldn’t help but smirk at the flicker of fear he saw in the poltergeist’s eye.

“I’m the wizard who’s going to send you back to hell, too." 

The Universe (Lin x Reader) Soulmate AU Platonic

WC: 4185 (I don’t think I’ve ever written a one shot this long before)

A/N: I’m basing this off of a fic I read a little bit ago that had this same AU. I thought the idea was great so I wrote my own fic with it. For clarification, Writing will always be italicized, and Lin’s will always be bolded. I’m really proud of this one!

When Lin turned 20, he received a notebook in the mail. It was red and spiral bound, looking pristine as notebooks of the same kind did when you first bought them. This notebook wasn’t for the countless lectures left in Lin’s college career. Instead, it gave him a form of communication with his soulmate. The pages were blank, meaning Lin had turned 20 first. There was no way of knowing who was on the other side until they were in possession of their own notebook.

Lin sat down with his nicest pen and wrote the first entry.

Dear Soulmate,

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