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Birthday sex

Hello, Love bugs.

a concept: B-day smut for Dan- Anon. Yo, fuck this. It’s almost my birthday. (Aug 18th) Birthday sex for us babes.

Dan X Reader 

Warnings- sex baby.

“Dear Y/N! Happy birthday to you!!!” You closed your eyes hard as you made your wish on your candles as you blew them out. “What did you wish for?” Dan said pressing a big kiss to your cheek.

“I can’t tell you! If I tell you it won’t come true.” You grabbed Dan’s face to plant another big kiss on his lips. You had asked him for a very simple birthday this year

“Can I guess what you wished for?” You thought for a moment before responding.

“Sure, But I will not give you any hints.” Dan sat closer to you on the floor beside you as he pushed the cake away from the edge.

“Did you wish for a boyfriend?” You gave Dan a look as he laughed. “Okay, ok, did you wish for a new home?”  

“Is something wrong with this place?” You said motioning to the space the two of you were sitting in. The two of you had just moved into your own little place a couple of weeks ago. It still had boxes in every room that still needed to be unpacked. But it had already started to feel like home for the two of you. It only had one bedroom but it ended up being the perfect place to create a home together.

“I think it’s missing something.” Dan pulled you in to run kisses up your jaw to your lips for a quick couple of kisses.

“I’m glad you mentioned that. I think we need a new rug for in here. This floor is freezing.” Dan scrunched his face at you before giving a little tickle to your ribs. “Or I have a better idea. Let’s eat some cake and then take a bath in the new tub. Then maybe, just maybe we have a few cuddles.” Dan gave you a smile as he pulled the cake closer to the two of you.

“So are we going to have reasonably sized pieces of cake or shall I slice this baby in half?”

“Slice it normally. If I eat half of a cake I might sink like a rock in the bath tub.” Dan rolled his eyes before cutting the cake into large but still reasonable sized slices.

The two of you had eaten the cake in a comfortable silence as the glow from the television lit the small room. If you were to look up pure bliss in the dictionary you would find this moment etched in it. As the two of you sat cuddled up in a ball of arms and legs your eyes started to feel heavy from the day’s events. Dan had made you a pancake breakfast that morning.Going full out he even tried to impress you with his flipping skills. Only two ended up being on the floor so the two of you considered it a win. He also went and got some little pastries from the shop you discovered when you first moved in after a particularly long day of box lifting. He was spoiling you today and there was nothing you could do to say otherwise.

After the two of you stuffed yourselves with breakfast Dan had announced that he was taking you to the London Zoo for the day. He even hinted that one particular animal may even wish you an extra special happy birthday. Once you got there and walked around for a while Dan tugged you along to the giraffe enclosure where one of the workers opened the back to where you could feed the giraffe’s right from your hand. You never wanted to leave as you had made friends with one baby giraffe who somehow made blue tongues adorable.

A full day at the zoo was enough of a birthday present for you but Dan had insisted that he was taking you out for supper. That’s when the two of you stood out perfectly like two sore thumbs in a fancy restaurant.The bunch of old people were not too fond to be looking at the young ones who were giggling. The end of the perfect day was some cake and a bath with some bubbles that smelled like vanilla.

You felt Dan’s hand run along your back as he came closer to whisper in your ear. “Shall we skip the bath and go straight to the cuddles in bed?” You let out a little breath as you contemplated your options.

“If I fall asleep in the bath will you make sure I don’t drown?” You could feel Dan let out a little sigh as he brought his lips close to your ear.

“Just this once. But don’t say I never do anything for you.” Opening your eyes, you kissed Dan’s smile before lifting your arms in the air. “What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m waiting for you to help me up.” Dan got up beside you before grabbing your hands in his.

“Needy little shit.” Even with this being said Dan still helped you to your feet and held your hand as the two of you made your way to the bathroom.

Once in the room Dan turned on the tub and put the bubbles in as you watched from the bathroom counter. It was always fun watching him draw a bath for the two of you. Between knocking everything over to find the bottle of bubble bath and the way he would measure the amount of soap perfectly, he was pretty cute to watch. Plus the faces he made as he touched the water to find the right temperature was always worth a giggle.

After Dan had finished he turned around to give you proper attention. His hands found their way from your knees to up the back of your shirt making little goose bumps appear from his touch. He always got a bit of a cocky smile on when he would feel your skin react to something as simple as him touching you. Dan pulled the top over your head leaving you in your bra to let the cool air brush against your skin.

Running a hand through Dan’s hair he leaned into your touch. As your fingers moved through the curls you pulled him closer to you. You had become quite fond of his new hair. He played with it a little less than he did when it was straight letting you know he really did enjoy his new look. You were taken back from your thoughts when you felt Dan’s lips press onto your collar bone. Dan had one thing on his mind and he intended to follow through with it.

“Penny for your thoughts?” He said almost trying to read your mind just from your facial features.

“Just thinking about how the bath is about to over flow.” Dan let out a swear before running over to the taps to turn them off before the bathroom flooded. “I love all the little teasing and what not but I think we should get in the tub before the water loses all its warmth.” Dan agreed undressing quickly before getting in the bath.

“Holy shit this bath is hot. Come on in. it’s perfect for two.” You nodded in agreement undressing yourself the rest of the way. Dan shifted back in the tub giving you enough room to sit in front of him in the bath.

The water was the perfect mix of hot yet not so scalding that you had to breathe through the adjustment period. Dan wrapped his arms around your torso to pull you tight into his chest.

“Thanks for the perfect birthday ever Daniel.” Dan left a few kisses on the back of your neck as he smiled into your skin.

“You’re welcome, love. I think there is only one thing that’s missing. An earth shattering orgasm.” You rolled your eyes as you let your head rest on his shoulder.

“I actually don’t think it’s necessary.” Dan gave a little scoff as one of his hands made its way to draw circles on your thigh as the other rested on your stomach to hold you down closer to him.

“Hmm. Do tell me when you think it’s all a bit unnecessary.” His left hand that had been drawing lazy circles started towards your sex to let his finger slide in between your folds letting his finger pad run quickly over your bundle of nerves. The little shock ran through your system making every sense in your body wide awake. Turning your head to the side you gave Dan’s neck a long kiss of appreciation.

“Well maybe if you do that again I would change my mind.” Dan let his fingers linger longer on your clit this time make sure to push little circles into it. You let out a little breathy moan you didn’t know you were holding in as you melted to Dan’s touch. You could feel every limb in your body feel slightly mushy with relaxation.

“I’m so glad I got you. Having a smart, funny, and beautiful girlfriend.It always seemed so far away from actually happening.” Dan continued whispering little nothings as his fingers explored. You were so caught up with the buzz in your brain that you had barely noticed one of Dan’s finger slip into you making sure to curl just slight enough to rub against that magical little spot. Dan continued on with him adding another finger while he put a bit more pressure onto your clit.

Who knew a hot bath and a little pressure on your clit could make a person melt? Apparently, Dan did because as his finger skillfully made your stomach do flips. Your back was arched letting the cold hit your nipples that were desperate for his touch. Both of Dan’s hands we occupied at the moment so you released a hand from his thigh to pull at the swollen nubs.

“Dan, I’m going to come.” Dan let out a little breath that was almost a chuckle. He loved to see you at his mercy like this. He was the one who could provide you with the release that was so desperately needed.

“Well then. Cum my love. Let go for me. I love to see you like this.” You didn’t need to be told twice as you came around Dan’s fingers. Squeezing him taking every wave you could take.

After you finally felt the last of the waves run through every nerve was hard not to have a bit of a buzzing brain. Dan’s orgasms were the best drug ever. He was your dealer and you were his very willing clientele.

“It’s not just the Orgasm talking when I say that I am madly in love with you.” Dan squeezed you tightly as you both found your natural rhythm of breathing again.”Thank you for my birthday.I think it defiantly makes top three.”

“I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed your day. Now, close your eyes Y/N. I will wake you in a few minutes.” You finally let your eyes close as you listened to Dan’s heartbeat under your ear. Perfect birthday indeed.

One of the best enrichments for hands-off birds is simply giving them new things to interact with.

The vast majority of hands-off birds are this way because they’re fearful. To get them to gain confidence, you have to teach them that not everything is going to kill them, and interacting with new things can be rewarding! The most people have with this is they go too fast, you need to start small and advance at the pace your bird is comfortable with.

Before Bjorn and Ursula were in my care, they never had change. They had the same flock, enclosure, food, perches, everything; their life was static. Suddenly everything was turned upside down and they were shoved in a box and thrown into a scary place with birds they’ve never seen and surfaces they’ve never stood on!! This made them extremely fearful, because they simply did not know how to react to new things. So I had to give them space for a while and let them settle down.

Now that they are starting to relax around me and even eating out of my hands, I need to get them confident to get them to progress further. I do this by putting new objects in their enclosure. Nothing too scary, start by putting things they can see outside of their enclosure everyday. For example, there’s a useless little brick that just chills outside the yard barn. It’s small, about the size of my hand, barely big enough to perch on. All I did was put it in their cage without anything to entice them to begin with. This was easy for them, Ursula responded positively and was down with this brick right away! She hopped on it and called Bjorn so they could both spin in circles and coo on the fun new texture.

Next step is something a little more scary, a rock. These birds are used to polygonal shapes so a round, lumpy rock was WEIRD. Luckily the stone brick helped them get used to the texture, so once they got passed the stretching their necks out and turning their head every which way stage, the coolness didn’t freak them out too much. Pigeons really enjoy having unique things to stand on, so I still wasn’t using treats to entice them at this point.

After I’ve given them multiple rocks to interact with with varying size and color, I’m going to move onto an earthly-colored cloth on a rock. Then I can try putting in bright colored cloths to help them be okay with any clothes someone might wear that would be bright. Eventually I’ll move onto something like say, a metal spoon, and put treats in it to encourage them to interact with it. This will help lead up to enrichment toys that they have to work to get the food out.

It’s really important to put yourself in your bird’s shoes, er, feathers. Think of all the things that are completely normal to you, but are new and foreign to them. Don’t be like “but it’s just a cup! How can you be afraid of a cup” because how are they supposed to know? Try to think of when you were little, maybe you went to the zoo and saw an animal like a sloth you’ve never seen before. It might’ve freaked you out! Maybe your parents had to calm you down and insist that it was fine. But with birds that don’t know they can trust us, we can’t do that, we have to let them figure it out themselves. Be mindful that a hands-off bird will typically be happier and more confident with a feathered friend that they know and love- it’s safer in numbers.

A Tall Tail: merbaby

As requested by a number of people—but specifically @clockadile, as part of my two-year A Tall Tail celebration—this is the story of Emma and Killian’s little girl, as inspired by the GORGEOUS artwork of @cocohook38 seen above (full version here). Thanks for reading, and thanks for the request!

1.1k, set at an indeterminate time in the future…

She came into the world at night, a pure ray of sunshine despite the late hour. She had a fine set of lungs, weighed a perfect 7 pounds, and had two arms and two legs that flailed with as much abandon a newborn could muster.

Actually, it was that last part—two legs—that gave Emma the most relief. See, despite seeing the sonograms, and feeling all the kicks, there was a…not so much a fear in the back of Emma’s mind, but a wondering at what her daughter’s lower half would look like. Her husband was half merperson, after all, and it was only through magic that he was standing there with her. And, though Emma would never admit it to anyone but Killian, she wasn’t exactly sure where they had conceived: on dry land, or below the surface.

“No tail in sight, love,” Killian teased as they sat on the hospital bed, looking down at their little miracle, counting her perfect fingers and toes and brushing the sandy dusting of hair on her head. She thought he would laugh the first time she’d confessed her fear early in the pregnancy, but he’d only reassured her and reminded her what Ariel had told him—the offspring of merpeople and humans usually appeared human, and transformations like his were rare.

“And it’s not like we’d love her any less if she did have a tail,” he concluded with a wink.

“Of course not. Just…think of the diapers!”

But all was well, and they took their normal, human baby home, and went through all the chaos that normally came with having a newborn. The only indication of the ocean in her blood was her extreme love of bathtime—made even better when Killian flexed his powers and created bubbles and whirlpools in the tub, eliciting the most precious baby giggles—and the way she would instantly fall asleep while they were out on the Jolly Roger. (“Some babies need car rides; ours needs sailing. Typical.” “She is a little pirate, love.”)

Emma had pretty much forgotten her concerns by the time they took her swimming for the first time. They waited until summer, when she was about six months old, so the water would be warmer. Down at the cove, Emma sat on their rock with a naked baby, and Killian dove in with a splash of his tail. Once he surfaced, he took her from Emma and carefully dipped her toes in the water; she squealed in delight. Smiling at his wife, he dipped his daughter farther in so she could splash with her hands.

“We definitely have a water baby on our hands,” Emma said, happily.

“Aye, indeed.” His fears before she was born had been the opposite of Emma’s—what if she hated the sea? So he was relieved that he’d be able to share the ocean with his little one in one way or another.

Though, as it turned out, it wasn’t exactly the way he expected. “What’s that?” Emma asked suddenly, eyes trained below the surface. “There’s something under the water with her.”

Fatherly instincts kicked in and he raised the baby over his head, away from any possible danger, as he too looked, but there was nothing. His daughter whined, protesting being pulled away from her new favorite toy. Both parents glanced up at the sound, and then gasped.

Where her chubby little baby legs had been was now a tail. A gorgeous tail, granted—a beautiful deep teal that matched the blue-green of her eyes—but a tail nonetheless.

“Did you…?” Emma started, unable to finish the question.

“No, I didn’t…you didn’t…?”

Their daughter whined again, and hit Killian in the head with her fin. He pulled her back into the water, cradled close to his chest. That made her happy, and she didn’t appear to be in any discomfort, but he exchanged a shocked look with Emma: just how did that happen? And would it go back?

She fell asleep a bit later, still half submerged and laying on her father’s shoulder. They set her on a blanket on the rock, not sure what to make of this development. Emma had shot a text off to Belle, but hadn’t heard an answer yet. And so they just stared at their beautiful baby, wondering what would happen next.

“What if it doesn’t…”

“I don’t know, love.”

“I mean, I know we can live down there, but I can’t exactly sheriff from the sea.”

“Perhaps they make those cuffs in small sizes?”

They continued to brainstorm as she napped, and were later interrupted by a quiet pop coming from the blanket. There, just as before, was their two-legged baby.

“What the hell?”

“I’ve no clue.”

Later that day, Belle met them back at their house. “I have an idea; can we put her in the tub?”

Bathtime was never met with resistance, and their little girl splashed happily at the warm water from the tap. And just like always, nothing changed.

Then Belle produced a salt shaker. “May I?” she asked, holding it over the tub. Killian seemed perplexed, but Emma saw where she was going and nodded.

Belle added salt to the water and then gently stirred it around their daughter, who was oblivious. Within seconds, scales began to appear on the baby’s legs, and suddenly, she had a tail again.

“Just like in Splash…” Emma murmured.

Killian was staring at their little princess, dumbfounded, as Belle confirmed Emma’s conclusion. “What the devil does that mean?”

Emma ignored Belle’s ribbing (“You mean you haven’t shown him Splash?”) as she explained, “Salt water. That’s what makes her transform; that’s why it didn’t happen until today.”

It didn’t completely make sense to Killian, but at the same time, it did. “So it just went away when she was dry?”

“Well, let’s find out.” Emma set a towel down on the bathroom floor, and pulled the squirming merbaby out of the tub to lay her on it. She hand-dried the little tail, and even through the fabric, she could feel the change; when she unwrapped the baby, there were her legs again.

“Bloody hell.” No one said anything else, because what else could they say?

Their little princess was swimming by the time she was crawling, and the countless hours they spent undersea as she went from one parent to the other were just as precious as those spent watching her learn to walk and run on land.

Killian thought he was lucky enough to have one gorgeous blonde mermaid in his life, but as he cradled his tiny mer-miss to his chest as she napped under water, he knew he was well and truly blessed.

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Oh man more awesome meta I love this aaah.

Consider Genos’ background, how he was unable to save his family when the mad cyborg attacked, and then tried to destroy the meteor - and failed - how hopeless/ineffective he must have felt at that moment. And then Saitama-sensei sweeps in and saves him and everyone else. This kid lost everything and everyone and he’s about to do it again, but as you say, this time he’s saved. And Saitama makes a point of telling Bang to take care of Genos before he goes for the meteor to make sure he’ll be safe..!

Literally attacking with his heart - definitely no chance to misunderstand there what this all represents…

…and taking all you wrote into consideration, it makes the scene of him declaring how Saitama is the most incredible person he’s met and how he’ll follow him even more powerful ;-;

:’)))) Yes, utterly (heart) drained at the moment he knew he failed to affect the outcome and protect who he cares about (again!), he doesn’t even consider his own safety anymore – ordering Bang to escape as one last futile effort while sitting there accepting the inevitable. But RIGHT then at his lowest moment, Saitama sweeps in to save him. And gosh it’s glorious (shoujo circles and all) to see the astonished recognition on his face and feel his hope do a 180. :’D

Just look at this panel of him after Saitama succeeds, his body language says it all:

As for the anime’s placement of Genos’ declaration after this (during the sunset scene and all), I’d say they made a creative decision for the better. :’3 

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May I insert my five cent :3 ? Chronologically speaking from the Bang OVA stand point, can I also bring up even after witnessing what saitama did to the meteor, Genos is still frighten out of his daylights when the egg ran out into traffic to defend the plastic bag kitty from getting hurt by that irresponsible truck driver? Just days ago Genos saw the man launch himself at a hot incoming rock (that was probably a fraction of the size of the moon) that would have caused sure fire catastrophic damage, as well as other adverse affects to the rest of the environment. He WITNESSED this man blow a fiery boulder into smithereens, and even that’s not enough to stop his core from jumping in his throat when he thought that something as trivial as a domestic traffic dispute was gonna pose some harm to his sensei. You could practically feel the panic run up and down Genos’ circuits, and I bet even he couldn’t register the split second it took for him to get to where saitama was to heave what may as well have been a hamper full of feathers off of him. And Saitama wasn’t even fazed by it! It’s like Genos can’t believe his own eyes each time. He’s been with Saitama through some of the worst incidences in his heroic career, (and has had to have saitama come and assist him on many of those occasions) and even still, when it comes to the egg’s well being, his mind impulsivley zeros on the one person that matters most, like a lioness ready to go tooth and nail against any predator to protect the young even if there was hardly any threat to begin with. Just kill me D;

 Yes please, this ridiculous scene RIGHT HERE!? 8D

You are correct, this ova happens directly after the meteor, and YET even after witnessing Saitama achieve the miraculous, Genos still can’t help feeling that instinctual urge to protect who he cares about when they’re ~in danger~

I swear, compiling a list of all the moments Genos displays irrational concern for Saitama’s safety and wellbeing would be a whole separate post altogether. XD He just loves him cares so much, omg. And not just for Saitama’s physical wellbeing, but mentally too! Heck, even in that same meteor episode, the anime had Genos RUN to Saitama’s (unneeded) aid to save him from the scorn of the public. :P Just…Genos pls.  

I was talking with Raya some more about it, and it’s like because of his background, Genos has a deep-set, built in fear of losing those he cares about (after losing everyone in his hometown), so he typically remains distant and aloof (and very rude) towards most new people he meets. His ability to trust and get close to people again is extremely limited, but when it does happen, his attachment is INTENSE. It explains a lot – his incessant clinginess and almost separation anxiety with Saitama (especially in the latest webcomic developments where he insists to live with Saitama no matter what). However, Saitama is that ONE person who can’t be ‘lost’ that way; he can’t be harmed or killed in any feasible way. And yet Genos still tries however he can to protect him (even if all Genos can do is assist Saitama’s daily happiness). :’3 Saitama really is that chill, grounded, immovable object to match Genos’ unstoppable passionate force.    

Jon Snow x Baratheon!daughter Part 3

Hi friend! Can you maybe write a Jon imagine where the reader is his wife but also stannis’ daughter and she goes to dragonstone with him (she grew up there, and also she’s a badass warrior)? And maybe she has a conversation with Daenerys somewhere that she liked to go when she lived there?

Could you maybe write another part of your Jon Snow imagine where the reader is Stannis’ daughter?

Jon Snow Part 1

Jon Snow Part 2

*3 years later*

You stood on the shore of Dragonstone and found yourself transported back in time, to a happier part of your life before war and death were everywhere. “Are you ok?” Your husband, Jon Snow, King of the North, walk to your side and gave you a concerned look.

“I’m fine. Just remembering everything.” After your weapons were taken away you were led up the stairs you had walked many times as a child. Jon and Tyrion spoke on the stairs until a deep roaring screech pierced your ears, causing you and Jon and Davos to hit the ground as three large dragons flew over head.

“Do you ever get used to that?”

“No,” Tyrion told you. You met with Daenerys and and watched as your husband stood his ground for himself and the North. After she excused you from her courtroom you and Jon went to your chambers and you watched as he paced and ranted to you.

“Bend the knee. She says it like it means nothing. I come looking for her aid and she refuses to give me any council until I give myself and my people over to her. She thinks it’s a simple choice.”

“Jon, I understand why you’re upset but think about it from her perspective. She sees a King, who in her eye’s is an imposter, and doesn’t want you interfering with her war. And you hold the North. If she’s smart, which you know she is, she knows she needs you to solidify her hold in the North. Northerners are the most stubborn and loyal people in Westeros. She needs you to get and hold the North.”

“We don’t have time for this, Y/N. We need dragon glass and we need to get back to the Wall to defend our people. The Night King is coming.”

“He is and we need dragonglass. But we cannot get it until you and Daenerys become civil and figure out a way to work together.” You walked over to him and grabbed his arms. “You need a good night’s rest. Get yourself rested and ready to speak with her tomorrow. You’ll get what you need.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because you are Jon Snow, King and Warden of the North. And you are my husband and I believe in you.” You led him to the bed and forced him to sit. “Now sleep.”

“Are you joining me?”

“I have some things I’d like to see first,” you kissed his temple before wishing him goodnight and walking through the hallways.

You walked the familiar hallways that you hed spent your childhood wandering through, giving the Unsullied and Dothraki reassuring nods so they wouldn’t think you were up to something. You continued your exploration and walked up a flight of stairs until you were overlooking the sea over a balcony. You were about to move again until you turned and saw the silver haired Queen coming onto the balcony.

You were caught off guard, “I’m sorry,” she said, “I didn’t expect anyone to be up here.”

“Don’t apologize, this is your home, I am merely a guest here.”

“But this was your home. I understand you lived here with your family before the war started.”

“I had some great times here as a child.” You two stood in an awkward silence. You had lived in her home while she had been taken away from it as a child. “Would you like to see something?” You lead her to the other end of the balcony and felt around with the protruding stone that had been a big part in your childhood. “I found this place by accident when I was 11.” You found the stone and pulled out on it hard, opening the hidden door. You took your torch and led the way into the medium sized room.

Once inside the room you lit the torches on the wall and looked at the space that had seemed to stand still during the years. The rocking chair and small bed that you had carried high up to the small room ages ago were still in their places, the toys you had saved here when your mother tried to throw them all away sat on stone shelves, and your play weapons you collected over the years stood dusty against the wall. “What is this place?”

“I never really found out,” you admitted. “But for all the years I lived here it was my safe space. Somewhere I could go to flee from my Mother and my responsibilities as a Lady, somewhere I could go just to get a break for it all.”

“This is why you came up here?”

“I wanted to see it again.”

“Why are you showing me this?”

“You are a Queen, and I guess I am too, so I know that having a place to escape can be a gift from the Gods. Use this place to find peace when you need it most.” You turned back towards the door.

“Where are you going?”

“As much as I miss this place I miss my husband’s warm arms more. Goodnight Your Highness.”

Megan Series #3 - Sanctuary

A/N~ Hey hey hey I’m back at it again. This will probably be the last installment of this series. I had so many more plans for it but as it turns out, I can’t do it all, who knew? Well, it’s fine, three tries at doing what I don’t trust canon to do is good enough. I hope you enjoy or something, and have enjoyed this series 😊  And OMG, reason 19341973 omelia needs babies; Aunt Megan. 


The little, wanting voice, sticky with a little bit of Nutella, pulled Owen from his thoughts. “Yes, babe?”

His daughter, sitting across the table from him, takes another bite of her sandwich before talking with her mouth full. Despite being distracted by her food, her question is important to her. “Why don’t we see Aunty Megan more offen?”

Owen takes a deep, contemplative breath. He isn’t quite sure how to explain this to his pint-sized little girl. “We’ve talked about this before, Thea,” he starts. “Aunt Megan lives in a special home, and sometimes she can have visitors, and sometimes she can’t. It’s like visiting hours at the hospital, sort of.”

“But she’s not in the hopsicle,” Thea argues. It is true, Owen has to agree, however an assisted living home isn’t much different sometimes.

“It’s not a hospital, you’re right,” Owen tells her. “But it’s sort of like one. Aunt Megan needs help sometimes, and she needs medicine, so the special home is good for her, there will always be someone there to help her.”

“We could help her here?” Thea suggests. “I miss her sometimes.”

Owen nods. “I miss her too, babe. I’m gonna see if we can visit her soon, okay? In the meantime, do you want me to tell you a story about her?”

Thea nods, her interest piqued.

“Well, I remember the first time she met you,” Owen starts…


“Nothing’s calming her down,” Teddy points out, as Megan’s doctor.

“Yeah, I can hear,” Owen nods. Thus far, they’ve been tuning out the sound of his sister’s persistent, intent screams. They can’t be sure why she’s screaming, but hopefully the psych team that was in there now with her could help them figure it out. As far as they could tell, she wasn’t screaming in pain. That was all they could rule out. Owen shakes his head, willing the noise to stop.

Teddy can see he’s stressed, and she is too; but she doesn’t know what to do to fix it. “She’s gotta stop eventually, right?” she tries. “She’ll lose her voice eventually.”
That wasn’t really what Owen wanted to hear, it just stressed him out more.

"What do you do when your daughter screams, how do you get her to quiet down?” Teddy asks.
“This isn’t the same thing,” Owen argues, borderline amused. “I can’t quiet my sister the same way I’d quiet my infant.”
“I mean…” Teddy starts, shrugging.
"What if I put the two of them together?” Owen suggests.
“What?” Teddy asks in response. “You want to bring your sister your baby? I don’t think that’s a good idea, Owen. Thea needs calm, and constructive, and…. Megan just needs a tranquilizer.”
“Megan loved babies,” Owen reasons. “She babysat from when she was a preteen all the way until she left for Iraq. And Thea’s her niece, she would love her, that’s who she is, underneath it all. She’s a lover.”
Teddy nods gently, sliding a hand onto Owen’s back. “We’re hoping she still is,” she agrees. “I agree, she would’ve loved Thea.”
“Teddy, she’s still the same person,” Owen tells her. “It’s been a while. She’s been through hell. But that’s who she is, I don’t think anything could change that.”
“If you’re willing to put your baby in that situation,” Teddy mumbles, “On Megan’s end I will allow it. You just have to hope your wife agrees to it.”


“No way,” Amelia argues, rocking her baby against her chest.
“Amelia, she would never hurt her,” Owen protests.
“She is sick, Owen,” Amelia contests. “She is showing major signs of psychosis and you’re just willing to hand her our child?”
“She’s my sister, Amelia. She is Thea’s aunt,” Owen reminds her, his voice low.
“We are not sure what she is capable of right now,” Amelia responds, her voice even lower. “I am just thinking about what is best for our child. I’m sorry that your sister– who I am very glad will one day have the chance to meet her niece– is not the answer to that.”
Owen huffs. He doesn’t have a response right now. He wishes she were wrong, but quite frankly she isn’t. “Please can we just try?” he argues faintly. “I know, with my whole heart, that she would never hurt our daughter, and I think Thea could really, really help her, it could lead to a breakthrough, or at the very least a little bit of peace. Please, can we just try?”
Amelia seems to soften a little, still rocking her daughter gently. “You’ll stay with them the whole time, right? You’ll make sure she doesn’t even get a chance to try and hurt her?”
Owen smiles. “I will make sure she doesn’t even get a chance,” he promises. He kisses his daughter’s forehead, and then his wife’s. “I would never let anyone hurt our daughter.”

He said that about his sister once too; the first time he did, in fact, she was probably the size that his daughter was now. He was just settling into his new role as big brother, still not much more than a baby himself. But with all his might, all the strength and sureness he had in his tiny little body, he was sure that he was going to protect his baby sister, for now and for always. It hurt him so deeply that he failed her, ten years ago. But he was never going to fail her again.


Teddy smiles, seeing Owen coming down the hall pushing a stroller. “Where’s my niece?” she asks with a grin, reaching to take the baby from the stroller.

Owen smiles, watching his daughter and his best friend; his baby’s namesake. Standing outside Megan’s room, they can hear her again today. She’s not quite screaming like she was yesterday, more whimpering, or something. “You ready?” Teddy asks him. He’s been avoiding going in there, unsure if he could handle the person he’d find, and afraid he wouldn’t feel a connection to them.

He nods simply.

He walks in in front of Teddy, Megan doesn’t see them, she’s staring down at her hands. Owen doesn’t want to startle her, so he gently places his hand on top of hers, in her field of vision. She jumps and screams anyways, startled.

“It’s me,” Owen tells her softly, “It’s just me, and Teddy. We bought you someone.”

With wide eyes and shaky hands, Megan quiets as Teddy places the baby in her arms. “W-who’s this?” she asks, awe-stricken at the infant.

“This is Thea,” Owen tells her. “She’s my daughter.”

Megan gasps lightly, looking from him to the baby. This is the quietest she’s been, the calmest, and to Owen– the most like her old self. The most like the Megan he used to know.

“W-when was she born?” Megan whispers. “She’s so little.”

“In January,” Owen tells her, sitting on the edge of her bed gently, keeping two watchful eyes on his girls. “Her full name is Thea Megan Hunt; after Teddy and after you.”

Megan’s smile spreads across her face so easily with his words; his kind words and this sweet baby in her arms, she feels better than she has in days, like the raging and vengeful fire has ceased inside for now. “Oh you and your wife are so lucky,” she tells him, suddenly just the littlest bit shy. “This… This is what I wanted, with Nathan. A cute little baby, who’s soft, and perfect, and innocent. And she’s got that baby smell to her too, like baby powder and fresh laundry. She doesn’t know what a screwed up world she lives in yet. She doesn’t know what’s out there.”

Owen nods, smiling gracefully. “I wish she could stay that small forever,” he agrees.

Megan smiles and sighs just a little. “She’s perfect,” she settles.

Teddy sits next to Owen on the edge of the bed, the tension in her body loosening a little, seeing how at ease Megan was with the baby. She was still watching her closely, making sure Megan wouldn’t lock herself up in her mind suddenly and lose touch with reality. “I think this was a good idea,” she whispers to Owen.

Owen nods. “I told you it would be,” he answers.

From then forward, whenever Megan was having a particularly rough day, when it felt like nothing could calm the storms that were raging on instead her, when it felt like she was going to drown herself in her own rain, strike herself with her own lightning– Owen and Thea came to the rescue. It could be anytime of night, and with only mild complaining from Amelia, they’d go over and calm her down, without even having to do anything really. It brought Megan peace, it was really the only thing that did. It was her sanctuary.


“I lub dat story,” Thea tells him. “Anofer?”

“Another?” Owen laughs. “I think you’ve heard them all, baby.”

“Jus one more,” Thea pleads. “Wha about when we helped her move to her home? I like that one.”

“Yeah, okay,” Owen agrees. “Alright…”


“Aunty Megan!” the pudgy, bobbling toddler exclaims, pigtails bouncing as she skips into her aunt’s hospital room. “Moobing day?”

Megan nods, moving her hands from the pockets of her track pants to scoop her niece up in a hug. “Moobing day baby girl,” she agrees.

“Hey Meg,” Owen greets her, following his daughter in. He embraces her in a cold hug; they’re always cold, but they’re warming up. Today, his sister moved from the inpatient psych ward at Madigan to an assisted living home for recovering female vets. It was a step in the right direction. “You ready to finally get out of here?”

She shrugs. Everything with her is a fair shade of grey, not necessarily here or there, anything great or terrible… It took Owen a lot to get used to, he wouldn’t lie. He wasn’t used to her walking on eggshells, he was used to her stomping and crashing and parading. But that was then, and this was now. “It’ll be a lot of change,” she says simply. She didn’t like change.

“Good change,” Owen reminds her, a hand on her arm. She’s still cold to his touch, however she isn’t cold to the little girl in her arms; never. Thea may have been the only person on Earth that drew some warmth out of Megan.  

She acted as though she didn’t hear him, instead focusing on her niece. “You’re getting so big!” she remarks.

Thea nods, then wriggles to be let down. “I hab pitchurs fo yo’ new woom,” she tells her.

“Thank you,” Megan smiles.

“Dad,” Thea asks, looking at Owen. “Can me and Aunty Megan hab a sleepober t’nigh, in her new home?”

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, Thea,” Megan’s quick to interrupt. Nighttimes still weren’t very pretty (nor were most lonely daytimes) for her. Just being with her niece usually made things much better, but Megan couldn’t guarantee anything, and the last thing she wanted to do was to scare her niece and make her afraid to be around her.

“Okay,” Thea nods, only a little disappointed, but she moves on quickly, holding onto her aunt’s hand as they walk out to the car. “Will you sit in da back wif me?” she asks.

“Of course,” Megan answers.

As she always does, Thea asks a million questions. “What colour’s your new woom?”

“I don’t know,” Megan answers honestly.

“I hope is gween,” Thea answers. “Gween’s my fabewit colour.”

Megan smiles. When she thought of green, she thought her army greens, and residual, bittersweet pride, with a side of envy. She never used to, she used to think of flowers and trees, tranquility, and frogs that would one day turn into princes before her eyes. “Green used to be my favourite colour too,” she answers simply. “I think it’s blue now, though.” Blue like her niece’s eyes, the Hunt family blue. Blue like calm waters.

“I thought your favourite colour was pink?” Owen asks his daughter, shaking his head but smiling.

Thea shakes her head. “Too girwie,” she argues. She’s a wise crack for a girl almost four years old, it amazes everyone, including Megan.

“What’s wrong with being girly?” she asks softly. “You’re a girl aren’t you? And there’s nothing wrong with that. You can and you should embrace it.”

It’s Owen’s turn to be amazed. Moments like that– that’s his sister. Cheering his daughter on, chatting with her in the backseat of his truck. She’s come so far in the past two years. He can only hope she’ll keep progressing in her new environment, she was right earlier when she said it was going to be a big change.

“You’re going to be okay here tonight?” Owen asks, before him and Thea get ready to leave. They’re sitting in the courtyard, Thea fell asleep, leaning against Megan’s chest. “We can stay.”

Not taking her eyes off her, Megan nods. “I’ll be okay.” She isn’t sure of that at all, she can’t be sure what the darkness holds. What she is sure of, is that everything is okay right now, with this tiny human curled up in her lap. Later, when she lay in her bed and looked at framed picture on the nightstand, and the crayon drawings taped to her wall, hopefully she’d still be okay. Hopefully, her sanctuary continued, even when the tiny human that brought it with her had to leave, for her own good.


Owen knocks on the door lightly, opening it anyways. “Are you up for a little visitor?” he asks, peering in at his sister with a smile on his face.

“Not you,” she jokes. “I want your daughter, though.”

A little body squeezes past her father in the doorway and plops on her aunt’s bed. “Hi Thea,” Megan laughs.

“Hi,” Thea grins. “I missed you.” She doesn’t hug her, she’s been warned to ask before hugging her. She knows how to ask without using her words now too, so her aunt leans in now and hugs her.

“I missed you too,” Megan says. She looks over at Owen, standing with his hands on his pockets over by the door. “Yeah, come here, I missed you too.”

“How have you been?” Owen asks. “Are you sleeping more?”

She shrugs the question off, because the answer is no. “Are you feeling calmer during the daytime, more normal?”

She shakes her head. “Are you improving at all?” Owen asks, he’s getting tired of being ignored. “Megan, hello?”

She covers Thea’s ears with her palms for a minute. “Most things suck, okay? Most times, I’m having a hard time.  But we don’t talk about it, I’m moving past it, so we don’t dwell on it. That’s what I’m told in therapy.”

“And that’s great, but we’re not dwelling, we’re discussing,” Owen tells her gently. “I want to hear how you’re doing, I want to be there for you, and with you.”

“It’s fine,” Megan insists, uncovering Thea’s ears. “I have everything I need here.”

Owen sighs, a little dramatically. He’d have to let it go for now. He’d talk to her caretakers later. He always felt weary leaving Thea and Megan together just them two, though he wasn’t really sure what he was afraid of.

“Did you bring that book we were reading last time?” Megan asks.

“Yup!” Thea answers, pulling a children’s book out of her bag. At five years old, she wasn’t reading exceptionally, but she was pretty good, and she loved to read. Children’s books were fun for Megan too, they weren’t too deep, they weren’t scary, they were light and fun and easy. So, they read together, and it benefited both of them.

“Awesome,” Megan smiles. “Where were we?”

They were reading Magic School Bus, sitting together under Megan’s blanket. Her mom had knit it, Thea had a similar one on her bed. Owen was out in the hall, still within earshot, talking to her support worker about her “attitude”.

“And then, Mrs. Frizzle says, ‘We have to get out and crawl into–” Megan stops reading abruptly.

“Craw inta’ what?” Thea whispers, watching her aunt stare at the book with vacant eyes. “Where are dey going?”

Megan shuts the book. “Somewhere really scary that we don’t need to talk about,” she answers squarely.

“What is it?” Thea asks, her natural curiosity getting a hold of her, now even more so that Megan seemed weary of it. She reaches for the book to read it herself, considering she can do that now, but Megan gets up quickly, knocking the book to the floor in the process.

“No!” she yells sternly. “You shouldn’t be reading about that!”

Thea bites her lip to keep from crying. She’d never heard her Aunty Megan raise her voice or yell at her, she was always so gentle and kind. “I’m sowwy,” she whimpers. She isn’t really crying because she’s sad, she’s more upset and confused as to why her aunt is yelling, and scared too. She knew Aunty Megan was sick, kind of, maybe it was because of that? Either way, she doesn’t like it. She opens the door to leave and find her dad, bumping into him as soon as she does.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” he asks her, seeing she’s crying.

She shakes her head. “Aunty Megan yelled and I gotted scayo’d.”

Owen picks her up and wraps his arms around her. “What was she yelling about?”

“Somefin in our book made her upset I fink,” Thea tells them.

“Okay,” Owen nods. “Do you want to stay out here while I go talk to her, and then we’ll go home?”

Thea nods as her feet land back on the floor. “Stand out here, don’t move,” Owen tells her, opening the door to Megan’s room.

She’s facing away from the door, looking out the window with a sweatered hand up to her face. “I’m really sorry,” she says, as soon as she turns around. “I didn’t mean to snap at her.”

Owen nods. It’s really hard not to be mad at her right now; as much as he loves her and he understands that she has some challenges, he has to protect his daughter. “I know you didn’t,” he tells her, “But Thea doesn’t.”

“I didn’t mean to upset her,” she says quickly.

“I know,” Owen settles. “I know you didn’t. What’s done is done, we can’t take it back. We’ll try again next time, maybe with a different activity.”

“I like reading with her,” Megan reminds him, “I like seeing her, she’s basically the one person right now who I like seeing, she makes me smile, she calms me down…”

“Not this time, Meg. This time it didn’t work,” Owen replies. He’s a little sad, honestly. He’d hoped this wouldn’t happen. He’d hoped his little mini me would always be enough to calm her down.

“Tell her I’m sorry, and it won’t happen again,” Megan stresses. “Please?”

Owen nods, “I will, I don’t want her to be scared. We’ll see you in a few weeks.”


As Owen sat on his bed, telling Amelia what had happened earlier long after he’d put his daughter to bed, Amelia just shook her head.

“Don’t even try to tell me you expected this to happen,” Owen shuts her down.

She shrugs. “I did though,” she admits. “I just expected it to happen years ago, I thought she was getting better.”

“She is getting better,” Owen tells her, “But recovery isn’t a straight line. She has better moments and she has worse moments, and something in the book they were reading together set her off, made that moment a bad one.”

“What could’ve triggered her about a Magic School bus book?” Amelia asks.

“I don’t know what all her triggers are,” Owen shrugs, “I just know she has them. And she’s mostly in control of them, which has taken a lot of effort on her part. She’s improving, but sometimes, she has drawbacks.”

Amelia shakes her head. “I just don’t want Thea to end up upset or disappointed. She loves her.”

“Megan loves her too,” Owen smiles. “She hasn’t been that… connected, to someone, in so long. She won’t connect to me that way, or our mom, or Nathan, ever since she’s come back. She’s so withdrawn, but something about having a relationship with her niece… I think it’s really helping her.”

“If Thea doesn’t want to see her anymore, I don’t want to force her,” Amelia concludes. “I’m willing to give Megan another chance, today was just a bump in the road, it was an accident. But if our daughter isn’t, I think we should respect that.”

Owen nods, as his eyes flicker to a little shadow outside their door. “Hey, sweetie, come in here,” he calls out.

Thea steps in quietly, coming up on the bed between her parents. “We were talking about what happened with Aunt Megan today,” Amelia tells her, stroking her daughter’s hair.

“You know that she didn’t mean to get upset,” Owen tells her.

Thea nods. “It’s cause see’s sick, wight?”

Her parents nod. “You know how we’ve talked about that,” her mom starts, “how Aunt Megan’s body isn’t sick, but her brain is. And part of that is that some things, even though they don’t seem upsetting to you, are really upsetting to her, and they can make her feel really angry, or really sad. And instead of keeping quiet about how she feels… she can’t do that. So if she feels upset, like she did today, she yells, instead of using her indoor voice and talking about why she feels that way like we’re supposed to. Do you understand?”

Thea nods again, biting her thumbnail.

“I know it scared you,” Owen recognizes, “she’s really sorry about that, she didn’t mean to.”

“Is okay,” Thea says quietly. “It just kind of scared me.”

“It can be scary,” Amelia agrees. “If it upsets you, you don’t have to visit anymore.”

“But I wanta visit,” Thea says. “I weally like visiting Aunty Megan and I like weading wif her.”

“Okay,” Amelia settles. “Then we just have to deal with her being sick, the way we always have.”

“We can deal with that another day,” Owen suggests, getting up off the bed and scooping his daughter up. “Why don’t we get you back to bed, huh?”

“Okay,” Thea agrees. “Night Mommy.”

“Night Thea, I love you,” Amelia smiles.


Next time Thea visits her aunt, she enters her room quieter than usual, reserved. Her dad follows behind her, holding her hand. He knocks with his free hand. “Knock knock,” he also says, grabbing Megan’s attention.

“You came back,” Megan smiles. She didn’t know whether or not to expect them back, at least for a while. She screwed up last time, she knew that.

“I wanted ta’ so you my co-sume fo my sool play,” Thea tells her. That’s why she’s in a lion costume, so it would appear. Megan had wondered but not minded, considering she was so cute.

“You’re in the school play? That’s awesome!” Megan exclaims. “Let me guess, you’re a lion, and you’re in Wizard of Oz?”

“How did you know?!” Thea asks, giggling.

“Cause you are the only lion ever that’s even cuter than the real Cowardly Lion,” Megan grins.

“Do you wanna come ta the play? It’s on Fwiday, you can go wif Mommy and Daddy,” Thea asks. Then she slips back into a reserved, quiet mood. “Unless it’ll make you upset,” she adds. “I don’t wanna make you upset.”

“Baby listen to me,” Megan starts, pulling Thea into a backwards hug and resting her chin on her fuzzy lion head. “Nothing you do will ever make me upset, it’s never your fault. I can’t control my feelings sometimes, and that’s my problem to deal with, it’s never yours. Sometimes I just get very scared or sad and I can’t control it, and nothing helps except being alone for a little bit. But, I never want me being sick to get in the way of things like coming to see your school play, or me experiencing anything with you. Okay?”

“Okay,” Thea agrees. “So you’ll come?”

“Yeah I’ll come,” Megan smiles. “Thanks for inviting me, babe.”

From his spot nearby, Owen can’t help but smile. This is why he fights for their time together, why he always has. This relationship means something. It’s a sanctuary.

My good boy. Today was a chill day. I didn’t want to make him do anything in the heat and he was already a bit sweaty when I got there. I hosed down his legs and chest and he was very cooperative and even seemed to enjoy it. Checked his cut and it’s shrunk to the size of a dime so hellllll yeah. #unbreakable

Checked his soundness on his need-2-b-trimmed feet walking over a bunch of gravel and rocks. Last time, I trimmed back his bars and brought down his heels a little so his frog would get a chance to toughen up a bit. Today I cleaned up his bars and a flap of shedding frog, and took care of almost all the excess toe/heel on his fores, and he didn’t have any problems after. Still crunching rocks. He offered trot, had a good long walk stride, and picked up all of his feet at liberty with no issues. I think this current pasture is actually better for his feet than the last place, because the hay feeder gets moved around and the ground doesn’t get as churned up and nasty around it.

No hoof pics but will try and grab some next time.

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Hi, can you pls do a bts reaction when you get mad because you're embarrassed that they accidentally found and read your body measurements ?


“(Y/N), should I tell you my body measurements? Would this make it all better?”


“You fall perfectly on the average. I don’t understand why you’d be so embarrassed, (Y/N)..”


*still shocked from the body measurements* “180 inches?” *he read it completely wrong*  


*puts on your clothes to make you laugh/forgive him*


“34DD?!” *reads the wrong labels*


“Who cares if your pants size are bigger than mine? I’ll totally rock the girlfriend pant look!” *knocks on your locked bedroom door* “(Y/N), I’m sorry! Please come out..”


“I just wanted to know so I can get you your birthday present, (Y/N)!”

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Can you please do a breakdown on crayfish care? I already have the basics of typical fish keeping down.

Hello! Sorry this took a bit for me to answer, but I haven’t been on my computer much.

Anyways, I’ll break down what I know for ya :)

Tank Setup

  • Crays like to scuttle, and definitely need more floor space than water space. If you’re choosing a new tank, a 20gal Long would be good for one cray, though if you’re planning on having tankmates then larger is better, just make sure there’s a good amount of floor space. They shouldn’t have less than the footprint of a 20gal Long.
  • Crays also like to climb! They love to explore and will climb pretty much anything they can grab onto. Keep this in mind when setting up, make sure there are plenty of fun things to do, but make sure there’s either a secure top on the tank or enough space between the climbing object and the top of the tank that there’s more space than the length of the cray’s body. So if the cray is 4 inches long, you’ll want 4 inches of clearance where there’s nothing to grab onto near the top of the tank. I’ve noticed too that my crays have climbed airline tubing with no trouble at all, so I would suggest having a secure top for sure.
  • Crays like to burrow, although my crays don’t burrow, as I have provided several cave spaces, some will still like to burrow, so I would suggest having sand substrate deep enough for them to burrow. It helps too if there are rocks or decorations they can burrow underneath. Although I have seen that my crays prefer cave situations, and will pick a territory based on the cave space available.
  • Crays need territory all to themselves. If you are planning on housing more than one cray, please keep in mind that there could be a few territory fights, especially if they are drastically different sizes. If you do get more than one, you’ll need even more floor space (perhaps a 40gal Breeder) and lots and lots of places to hide and burrow, etc. The same idea extends to fish tankmates, as crays can and will kill your fish if they are feeling threatened, or if the fish happens to end up trapped in their territory, though this behavior is largely based on demeanor in my experience, it is still a very real possibility.
  • Like typical fish, crays need a cycled tank, there are two kinds of crays sold at pet stores, one kind is tropical freshwater (usually the bright colors, reds, blues and whites) and one kind is cold freshwater (usually brown, dark red, and will be housed with goldfish or minnows at the store). Tropical crays can tolerate temperatures up to 85F and as low as 65F so there is a great deal of leeway if you are planning on having tankmates. They prefer alkaline waters at 7-8 pH. They also need good aeration and will climb to the top of the water and grab some air when they feel like it. Plus the bubbles from an airstone are a really fun activity for your cray, mine will sit and try to catch bubbles and then float up and down in the stream!
  • Crays need certain water conditions to ensure they have healthy shells and have successful molts. For me, I have to dose my tank with iodide and Seachem Replenish to make sure the hardness and iodine levels are good enough to make sure my cray has a strong shell and can molt easily. They will molt as many times as they feel comfortable, and usually within the first few days of moving into their tank, they will molt for the first time.

Food and Diet

  • So crays in the wild are typically opportunistic scavengers, and usually only eat plant matter, but in the domestic setting they are omnivores. That being said, you’ll need to provide them with a diet that is 75% plant material and 25% meats. I feed mine a mix of algae pucks (he’ll literally just grab one and carry it around the tank and munch away), frozen bloodworms, and he also likes to much on the live plants (much to my disapproval, we can’t have any nice plants!). You can also feed them organic plant produce, other frozen worms, crickets, and if you’re okay with feeding them shrimp or krill you can also do that. Make sure all food is already dead to discourage live hunting!
  • Usually a cray that is given a full diet will refrain from hunting fish, but hunting is still ALWAYS a possibility. But also you can’t quickly jump to conclusions if you find your cray munching away at a fish. Most of the time crays are wrongly accused of murder as they will target sick or dying fish. For example, I had an angel fish who was a huge bully and we hadn’t caught him bullying but we did have a few fish be found halfway through the lobster having them for a snack, but he wasn’t the one who killed them, he was simply doing his civic duty as a scavenger. We got rid of the angel and there wasn’t another death after that.


  • Crays will molt many times during their lifespan. There are tell-tale signs that a cray is preparing to molt, and you must be aware of these and also know the boundaries when it comes to molting.
  • Crayfish will stop eating about two days before a molt, but they may wait up to a day before to stop. They will then become recluse, which is another reason why it is very important to have plenty of hiding. Molting is the most vulnerable part of their lives and they will likely get too stressed during a molt if there isn’t sufficient hiding. When you notice your cray stops eating, this is a really good time to dose a little extra iodide into your water, just to give them a little boost right before they start.
  • A successful molt should take less than 1 hour AT MAXIMUM. Usually they should be done within a few minutes if the water quality is good, and they are healthy.
  • Getting stuck in a molt is the biggest danger at this time. If you notice your cray laying on it’s side, or acting funny, DO NOT engage the cray, do not touch it, do not poke it, do not move it, do not try to help it,  just leave it be for at least 24 hours or until you see change in behavior. If you see no movement, or no response to stimulus, the cray is likely dead. A crayfish that even gets a tiny bit stressed during a molt will get stuck, as their bodies stop the molting process if they feel like they are in danger, and they will basically suffocate/starve inside the shell (I know it’s morbid, but it’s a very real risk crayfish face during this time).
  • After their molt, a cray will retreat to hiding, if they are not already hiding. Their shell will be in the tank, it will look like a ripped open version of your cray. Leave the shell in there, the cray will eat it to regain key nutrients. You can remove any uneaten parts once the cray has fully come out of hiding and is eating regularly again. You can move the shell to the crays current hiding spot if it happens to be not close to them. If they have lost any legs or claws during their molt, do not worry, this is common, they will molt a few more times as soon as they are comfortable to regrow the appendages. 

Tankmates and General Demeanor

  • You can have tank mates, but there are some things to be aware of first. Crayfish usually will not openly hunt fish, but if you choose to keep crays with slow fish, fish that hang out at the bottom, or fish small enough to fit in their mouths, it is very likely that they will make a snack of their tankmates. Snails and shrimp are definitely not recommended as they are easily victimized by crayfish.
  • Crayfish are the most active at night, though some will adjust to your schedule based on feeding times. Fish do sleep, and they are vulnerable at this time if your cray decides to hunt an unsuspecting fish. You can try to avoid this situation by having plenty of plants and things for your fish to hide in while they sleep. I personally haven’t had any problems with crays hunting, except for one beastly cray I had for two days who managed to kill my two biggest fish who were both perfectly healthy…. she was a savage…
  • This brings me to general demeanor. Crayfish all have unique personalities, and although it’s not easy to see them at first, you will eventually know your crays quirks after some time. Some crays will love to climb more than others, some will relentlessly pull up plants no matter how many times you replant them, some will stuff themselves into places they don’t really fit into just to feel safe, some will grab onto the feeding stick and go for a ride before letting go.. The list goes on, they really are super animated little creatures. 
  • When choosing a cray it’s good to look at a few things to ensure you’re making a good purchase. Make sure the cray has all it’s legs and claws. Although they can regrow appendages with a few molts, it’s a good indication of good water quality and health if they have all their legs and such. If they are being housed with other crayfish, it’s likely they will be missing legs and claws. If there are fish in the tank with them, spend a few minutes watching the cray’s reaction to the fish and see how the fish react to the cray.

Fun Facts!

  • Crayfish can change color after a molt, they could come out of a molt being a totally different color!
  • Males have an extra set of appendages on their underbelly, they look like two half circles near the start of their tails.
  • Crayfish are very smart and will figure out ways to do what they want.
  • Tropical crays can get up 5 inches long from head to tail, coldwater crays can get much much larger than that, I’ve seen one that was almost 10 inches head to tail!
  • Tropical crayfish are also called “Lobsters”, I prefer to call mine lobsters because it sounds more beastly, but he’s really just a little red critter that climbs everything..
  • There are smaller variations of crayfish, they are called “Mexican Dwarf Crayfish” and the are the size of small freshwater shrimp, the care for them is the same, they are just smaller, also their life expectancy is a little shorter.

i feel like I’ve seen so many posts talking about dva needing a support-figure in her life (and I’ve done a lot, like w/Ana and pharah and a few others scattered here and there) but like honestly what about lucio?

who’s the older, wiser character keeping an eye on him and giving him advice for dealing? Who’s the one who pulls him aside after a rough mission and gives him a tight hug when it gets to be too much, and is okay with lucio waking them up before the sun’s up because of a nightmare?

let me argue, against the skeptics for a minute: Reinhardt

Listen. Dva has the amaris, in my opinion, who watch out for her emotional well being and are ready for any breakdowns. 76 is hella caught up in his own shit, I don’t think mercy could ever, eveeeer be a good mentor b/c she’s a prodigy and can only connect w/other extreme geniuses, and mccree seems like a #HotMess in the last comic

So I argue Reinhardt

Reinhardt thinks it’s great to have such sprightly, energetic young adults in overwatch. Lena, Hana, and lucio are joyful and friendly, and while Reinhardt imagines that will mellow out with experience (he remembers jack’s easygoing laugh and Ana’s bright smiles, gabe’s snarky but kind demeanor, after all) it’s refreshing and keeps spirits higher than they’d be if it was just the old crowd

it takes awhile for him to notice. at least four or five missions past when someone /needed/ to notice.

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You Make Me Confident: Josh Washington x Reader

Request: could you do a josh x reader where josh makes a comment about the readers weight or something and they take it really hard because it’s what theyre most insecure about and it takes josh awhile to realize what he did (like a couple days?) and so like maybe he tries to have the reader sit with him or on his lap or something and they say no and josh gets confused but the reader makes a reference to what he had said before and he tries to apologize and that he didnt mean it and cute fluff please :)

Word count: 1,215

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wewereborninthewronguniverse  asked:

Hey Merry Christmas! How about where Sterek both get each other the same really expensive gift because they both saw each other looking at it?

Merry Christmas!

“I dunno,” Stiles says slowly, rocking on the balls of his feet. “This is pretty steep.”

“Oh, it’s not so bad!” the saleswoman—Kira, according to her nametag—assures him. “Think of all the use you’ll get out of it. It’s only a few hundred dollars a year when you think about it.”

“Yeah, I guess…”

He’s still not sure, though. A TV is a big present, especially one of this size. Derek’s loft is basically all bare walls, and even though Stiles moved in with him two months ago, he hasn’t made much headway in terms of decoration. A television would be awesome, especially since Derek was talking about all the shows he misses from his teen years the other day. Stiles figures a few discs of some old shows and a television would be pretty great.

“It’s a really good gift,” Kira prompts, when he’s silent for a few moments. “My boyfriend and I love to cuddle under blankets and watch Christmas movies. It’s a great excuse to not leave the apartment all winter.”

She winks conspiratorially, and Stiles thinks it does sound pretty nice.

“Yeah,” he concedes. “Yeah, you’re right. I’ll take it.”

“Awesome!” Kira says, smiling brightly. “He’ll love it!”

“He’ll love it,” the saleswoman, Kira, promises. “I just had someone in here earlier picking one up for their SO. They sounded like a cute couple, and I bet you guys are too. I think a television makes a really nice gift, especially if he likes all those shows as much as you said.”

“Yeah,” Derek says, nodding thoughtfully. “He’s always talking about The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I feel bad that he can’t watch them at my house.”

“Sounds perfect, then!” Kira insists. Derek’s pretty sure she works on commission. Either that, or she’s just really perky. “I would go for it.”

It’s expensive, but that’s not exactly an issue for him. He hopes Stiles doesn’t think it’s too big a gift, but they have been going out for a long time now, and he knows Stiles gets bored in the loft sometimes, even if he tries not to act like it. The only form of entertainment Derek really has in there is a bookshelf full of crumbling paperbacks, and it’s not like reading is exactly a social event. What Kira was just telling him about cuddling with her boyfriend while they watch TV sounded pretty nice. Maybe Derek can pick up a few seasons of GoT or something, too. Stiles will be twice as happy if they get to cuddle and he gets to force Derek to watch some of his shows.

“I think I’ll take it.”

“Great,” Kira says, smiling brightly. “He’ll be so surprised!”

“What. The hell. Is that?” Stiles hisses. “Scott, tell me that’s not what I think it is.”

“What?” Scott asks, trying to peer around the giant box. Stiles has enlisted him and Isaac to help bring it up to the loft to surprise Derek when he wakes up, and werewolf strength or not, the fifteen flights of stairs have the two of them exhausted. “Where?”

“Oh, geez,” Stiles groans. “Put that down. C’mere.”

“Gladly,” Scott says, setting down one end.

Isaac follows suit, and they step out from around the box, following Stiles’ line of sight.

“That… that is a brand new TV,” Scott says slowly. “Big one, too.”

Already hooked up and gleaming in its very expensive glory is the exact television Stiles just bought.

“Dude, the fuck?” Isaac says, sounding very put out. “You made us haul this monster up here on Christmas morning and you already have the exact same one? When did Derek even get a TV?”

“This morning,” Derek says, coming down the stairs. “What’s wrong?”

He’s frowning when he gets to the bottom of the spiral, but quickly realizes the problem when he sees Stiles standing next to the enormous wrapped box.

“I’ll give you one guess what this is,” Stiles says.

Derek sighs.

“I guess you’re half of the ‘cute couple’ who bought one of these right before me, huh?”

Scott and Isaac snicker.

“Alright,” Stiles says, snuggling in closer. “I’m not saying this is the most cost effective option, but you have to admit it’s cool as fuck.”

Derek laughs, kissing the top of Stiles’ head before taking a sip of his hot chocolate.

The two huge TV’s are hooked up next to one another on the wall, and Stiles always knew all the empty space in here had to be good for something. One TV is playing the fifth or sixth episode of one of Derek’s favorite shows from when he was younger, while the other plays a ten hour video of a yule log, casting the loft in a pretty orange glow.

“Not cost effective,” Derek agrees, rolling his eyes fondly. “But Kira wasn’t wrong when she said these things were good for cuddling.”


I’ll just say, for so many years I’ve been trying to come to terms with my body.

I thought that two years ago from now, I would never love my body more than I did. And I didn’t even love it that much, I still hated myself because I was fat, I didn’t wear what i wanted to because I was afraid people would judge me. I’m done doing that now.

When i wear this I feel so cute, I feel like I could walk a runway, even with my pale belly hanging out in the open.

I just wanna say: please wear what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear something because of your body or your size. No matter what you wear you will rock it, and anything a thing person wears, you can too. You can rock it just as much as they do. Anything can be a look. Make it your own.

Shu Headcanon (Doctor Shu Edition)

This one has been specially requested by pippa for her best friend Regina! Happy Birthday 🎉 Hope you enjoy this!! You groaned as you threw your school bag on the bed, it had been a stressful day and things were just not going right. You now had a fever and a massive headache to boot. The school nurse had sent you home early to get some rest. The door creeped open behind you, Shu had his work shirt on and carried his white doctor coat in his arms. ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were sick?’ He scolded you, his hand was on your forehead in an instant. ‘How..how did you know?’ You stutter. ‘The school nurse left a message here.. your temperature is too high!’ He removed his hand and led you to sit on the bed. ‘I’m ok..really!’ You fake a smile, ‘Shouldn’t you be going to work?’ He looked at you like you had said something so dumb. 'I’m serious Shu! I’m ok! I’ll just take a cool shower and have a nap!’ Shu shook his head as he pulled out his mobile and pressed a few buttons before putting it away. 'It’s fine. My shift can be covered.’ He said sternly, he began removing your uniform. 'Is..is that really ok?!’ You gasp, he pulled at your shirt and even though you were annoyed he was undressing you; the cool air felt so good on your skin. 'People owe me favours. Now lay properly on the bed.’ He guided you and plumped the pillow making sure you were comfortable. Soon he disappeared into your bathroom and came back with a cool damp cloth, he placed it carefully on your forehead. 'Shu..’ You felt he was being ridiculous over a headache. 'Shh. Just relax, does it feel better?’ He sat beside you and stroked back your hair.
Maybe this wasn’t too bad… 'I feel guilty taking up your time Doctor..’ You joke. 'Then get better soon.’ Shu finally gave you a kind smile and continued stroking your hair. The cloth suddenly let cold drops of water fall on your chest that ran underneath your bra. You gasped at the chill. Shu smirked, 'Doesn’t it help?’ 'Not..not there..’ You blush. His hand brushes over your bare half of breasts. 'But it feels so warm there. I’m worried’ He was teasing you! 'Maybe you need more cold drops down there?’ 'No! My bra will get soaked!’ You gasp and watch as his smirk turns evil. 'Who said you’ll be wearing a bra?’ He whispered in your ear as his fingers reached behind you to unclasp the hooks. Your breast fell free and you blush, squirming quickly to try and hide them. 'Ah.’ He tutted and removed your hands. 'Doctors orders’ He grinned as he slipped on his Doctor coat and pulled out his stethoscope. 'Stay still…’ He puts it in his ears and runs the cold metal over your breast. Watching and listening to ever gasp and groan you make. 'Your heart is beating so fast..I’m worried..’ By this point your fever and headache was forgotten but the heat rushing in between your thighs was not. You decided to play 'Ah! Doctor.. maybe.. some medicine?’ You bite your bottom lip. Shu grinned, delighted you would play his game. 'Medicine! Of course…but you would have to drink it all, my lewed patient.’ You nodded. 'Of course! I will drink every drop..’ 'Good girl..’ Shu’s eyes had darkened with lust and he removed the stethoscope. 'Do you think it would cure me? Of this hot I feel?’ You tease as you undo a couple of buttons on his shirt baring his chest. 'I should hope so. But first we need to find out how you should take your medicine.’ His fingers slowly trail over your breasts. 'Oral?’ You suggest. He instantly grins, 'Is that what you wish?’ 'Yes. If that doesn’t work we can try other ways right?’ Shu was proud of his dirty girl and kissed you suddenly. 'As many ways as you want..’ His voice was husky and thick with need. 'Ok Doctor. I think I’m ready.’ You sit up a little, admiring how hot he looked in his Doctor coat. 'Good girl, now the best way to administer the medicine orally would to take this in your mouth.’ He guided your hand to his rock hard cock. 'Oh.. but it’s so.. I mean it looks so big for an injection..’ You gasp, your voice too becoming husky. 'The bigger, the more medicine for you right?’ He smirked. You blush and nod, undoing his zip pulling him out of his pants. No matter how many times you have seen him the size still surprised you. 'Be careful.,’ He grinned, as you took him in your mouth. Shu gasped at how eager you were, you tongue swirled on him and you let him deep into your throat. He was going to cum, very soon and quickly. 'Damn..’ he hissed and held your hair. You looked up at him through your long eyelashes and he broke, so soon he came in your mouth and you swallowed every drop. 'Now down here Doctor..’ you rub yourself and his eyes darken once more with need. He moved to your pussy and felt how wet you were already. He didn’t have to prepare you at all. You gasped as he rubbed the hard, warm head on your slit, adding pressure to your clit. 'Shu…’ you sigh and grab onto the pillow behind you. He entered you instantly after seeing your face and slowly began to move. 'Such a dirty, needy patient..’ he growled. 'Cum in me!’ You beg and tease him. He didn’t want to cum too soon like before but the way you tightened around him sent him crazy. 'Please.’ You cry, moving your hips to meet his hard thrusts. 'Agh..damn..’ he groaned as he starred to cum, this time he felt a big load. You gasp as your climax came your body shook, but feeling the cum inside you drove you crazy, just knowing he had cum so much.. 'I think..think I might have had an overdose doctor..’ you pant as he collapsed on top of you. 'Shhh and recover quickly. I need to administer some more shortly. And this time let me last longer please.’

Dersha Drabble: Who the hell is Mandy?

Drabble #7. Season 3. Episode 10. Who the hell is Mandy?

Here’s my take on how the Mandy situation will pan out in the finale. I incorporated @southernbell-11-2016 idea into this too. Enjoy.

The mood of the entire Devils Nation was pretty somber. A week ago, they had lost a very special person that could never be replaced. Raquel’s spirit would live on in each one of them forever. Even after a week, the loss of their dear friend still hadn’t sunk in all the way.  At times, Ahsha found herself going through the motions without thinking. Her mind was stuck on her friend; a friend Ahsha didn’t get to spend a long time with but the impact left on her life would forever change her.

Everyone had that rock they could lean on during the tough times. Derek happened to be Ahsha’s rock when she had her moments. He had been nothing but supportive and Ahsha would be forever grateful for it.

“I’m going to help Kyle pack up Raquel’s things later on,” Ahsha said, curling a piece of her hair. Derek had just stepped out of the shower and was drying himself off. Neither one of them realized how domestic they had become.

“Oh okay. Cool. I had some business to handle anyway,” Derek replied.

“Something wrong,” Ahsha questioned, noticing the odd tone in Derek’s voice. He sounded nervous or worried.

“Huh…no, everything is fine. I just have to get this handled before the end of the day. Everything’s good, babe,” Derek answered, wrapping his arms around Ahsha’s waist.

“Hmm,” she hummed, not buying his story at all. Resting against his naked body, she closed her eyes.  His phone ringing from the counter interrupted their intimate moment.

Derek simply glanced over at the blinking screen and pressed ignore. Ahsha had caught the name ‘Mandy’ flashing across the screen before he quickly ended the call. “Who was that,” Ahsha asked, trying her best not to sound like she was accusing him of anything.

“Oh nobody important. Just someone that works for my lawyer,” he said, turning his back to continue drying his wet skin.

“Shouldn’t you answer that then,” Ahsha questioned, raising a brow, though Derek wasn’t looking at her.  

“Nah, she didn’t want anything. I’ll call them back later on today.”

Ahsha couldn’t help the irritation building up inside of her. The last time a woman had popped up, Derek admitted later on that he used to sleep with her. Hopefully that wasn’t the case this time around but Ahsha’s eyes were wide open.


Once Ahsha left the mansion to head over to Kyle’s, Derek called Mandy back. They had a few last minute things to talk about before the big night. He hated lying to Ahsha but this secret could not be ruined since it was the biggest one yet.

After talking with Mandy, Derek decided to get advice from his best friend. What he was about to do was something Derek Roman had ever thought of doing in his life. Maybe the right girl hadn’t come along until Ahsha stepped into his life. Terrence was more than happy to meet with his friend since they barely had time to catch up outside of practice or games. They decided to meet at the arena to shoot a few hoops and catch up on life.

“Hey D,” Terrence greeted as he stepped foot on the court. Derek had arrived early and was already shooting baskets. His nerves were all over the place and he couldn’t just sit around the mansion all day and let them eat at him.

“Hey man,” Derek replied, giving his best friend the bro clasp and hug. “Thanks for coming out. I know you’re busy helping Jelena plan the wedding and all.”

“Ha! I’m leaving that mess to her. If it were up to me, you know I would get married on the beach and be done. You know how women can be. ‘I want the biggest wedding of them all. Blah, blah, blah,’” Terrence mocked in a high voice.

“Tell me about it,” Derek laughed, tossing the basketball in Terrence’s direction. “Speaking of weddings…”

Right away, Terrence read his teammate’s facial expression. “Wait a minute…I know I’m not witnessing what I think I am.”

Derek’s silence answered Terrence’s question.

“You’re for real about this,” Terrence exclaimed, barely able to form words. He couldn’t believe his ears and figured Derek was joking around. This was the same guy who had three girls in his bed at a time. Derek was the guy who vowed to never catch feelings for any woman because he loved the bachelor life. Even when Derek met Ahsha, Terrence assumed his friend was just using a fresh piece of meat to satisfy his player appetite. Seeing his friend become a better man before his eyes was a testament to how great a woman Ahsha was. Though they had barely said a word to each other, Terrence knew Ahsha was a good woman and loved Derek.

“These past few weeks have really put things into perspective for me, man. Between this crap with German and Raquel passing away…life’s too short and I’m ready for this,” Derek stated. “She’s the one.”

Terrence was clearly taken aback. “Wow! Is this really the Derek Roman I’ve known all these years,” Terrence smirked, clasping Derek’s shoulder. “Well if that’s what you’re feeling go for it. No use in waiting if you really think this is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.”

Derek nodded as a smile crossed his face. “I need your help though. This whole ring business has me a little caught up. Mandy, my jeweler, has two rings ready but I can’t decide which one to get.”

Terrence leaned in as Derek showed him two pictures on his cellphone. “Damn, those are some big rocks! I would go with this one though.”

“That’s what I was thinking. Ahsha isn’t into flashy jewelry but I’m wanting to get her a good size ring,” Derek added. “I’ll let Mandy know then.”

“I still can’t believe what I’m hearing.  My best friend is really about to propose. Hell is truly freezing over,” Terrence laughed. “Congrats bro!”

“Hey, she has to say yes first,” came Derek’s reply.

“Which she will! There’s no doubt in my mind.”

Derek hoped Terrence was right because he was nervous as hell.


Later that night at the game, Ahsha approached Derek, clearly bothered by something. He assumed she was still upset about him not answering his phone earlier and had gotten suspicious. It was really hard to keep a secret from Ahsha because she was constantly digging for information if she felt like she was being lied to.

With hand on hip, Ahsha narrowed her eyes and spat, “Who the hell is Mandy?”

Derek’s heart stopped. Mandy had met with him at the arena earlier and probably ran into Ahsha on her way out. He had told Mandy to remain incognito, but she was super excited about a possible engagement and couldn’t wait to meet the lucky lady. “Mandy?”

The infamous Hayes head tilt appeared as Ahsha spoke again. “Yes, Mandy. She approached me outside of the arena today talking about you. Who is she? Another groupie? Is this one Mandy with an “i” or silent “y”?”

Clearly, Ahsha was pissed off. She wasn’t in the mood for any more secrets and thought they had put everything out on the table. Now with this strange woman approaching her about Derek, Ahsha felt betrayed. “Ahsha….”

“Tell me right now, is this another groupie,” Ahsha questioned, her patience running thin. The last time a woman had approached Ahsha outside of the arena, it was one of Derek’s old groupies. Mandy didn’t look like the typical groupie but that didn’t make Ahsha feel any better. Groupies came in many shapes and sizes these days.

“No, she’s not,” Derek replied.

“Then who is she,” Ahsha continued, still digging for answers. She refused to let Derek off the hook until he told her something about this Mandy chick.

“I can’t tell you that right now. But she’s not who you think she is. I’ve already been up front with you about my past and she’s not in it. Trust me,” Derek explained, trying to keep his plan under wraps. His girlfriend wasn’t making it easy with her questions and womanly intuition.


“Baby, she’s no one. I need to get back there to warm-up. We’ll talk after the game,” he urged, leaning in to kiss Ahsha’s lips. Still not satisfied with his answer, Ahsha moved her head causing Derek’s lips to land on her cheek instead.

He hated leaving her thinking that he was being unfaithful but hopefully later on that night it would be worth it.


Everyone was in on Derek’s secret minus Ahsha. Kyle had talked with her friend earlier about Derek’s odd behavior and it took everything out of her not to laugh in Ahsha’s face. Derek had let Kyle know a week ago that he planned on proposing to Ahsha. After everything that had happened in the last few weeks, he didn’t want to have any more regrets. The speech about building a kingdom wasn’t a gimmick. No woman had touched Derek the way Ahsha had touched him and made him want to be a better man. There was absolutely no one who walked into his life and made him feel like Ahsha did. She was a special girl and couldn’t imagine spending his life with anyone else. This was the woman he wanted to be the mother of his children. Ahsha Hayes was the queen of his kingdom and he wanted her forever.

Kyle’s job was to get Ahsha dressed and send her to meet Derek at the overlook. Then Kyle was to go wait for them at Sloane and Pete’s. With Mandy’s help, Derek had the overlook decorated with white rose petals and bulb lights that hung from the trees. When Ahsha pulled up, her bright eyes widened as she closed her car door. The last time another woman came up, he made a similar gesture. Was this his way of softening the blow again?

“What’s all this,” Ahsha began.

Derek couldn’t help the grin that threatened to form on his lips. He could already tell Ahsha was beyond frustrated with him.

“You know what, you aren’t going to get me this time. I’m not about to play your game, Derek. Are you doing all this to soften the blow again? Is Mandy a baby mama, a wife, an ex-girlfriend trying to make her way back into your life,” Ahsha rambled, now with her back to Derek. He took the opportunity to get down on one knee. “You said we would be honest with ea-“ Ahsha’s rant was cut short once she saw Derek down on one knee with the biggest smile on his face. “Derek?”

“You know I hate keeping secrets from you but this one was worth it. Mandy isn’t any of those things, she’s actually my jeweler. The jeweler that helped me pick out your ring,” Derek explained as tears formed in Ahsha’s eyes.

“Derek,” she whispered again, tears beginning to roll down her cheeks.

“Ahsha, these last few weeks have changed all of our lives and it’s put things into perspective for me. You have forever changed my life, made me a better man and I know I want forever with you. You’re the woman I want to build my kingdom with.  You’re who I want to be the mother of my children. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I can’t imagine doing that with anyone else. Ahsha Hayes, will you marry me?”

Ahsha was so overcome with emotion that she could barely speak. “Y-y-yes. Yes!”

The weight that had been sitting on Derek’s shoulders all day had finally been lifted. Grabbing Ahsha’s left hand, he slid the 18k rock onto her ring finger. Derek stood to his feet and cupped Ahsha’s face, placing a tender kiss on her lips.

“I love you,” Ahsha whispered into his lips, still choked up and in shock.

“And I love you,” Derek replied, pulling back to get a good look at his future wife. The moment was surreal for the both of them. “I better get you home so we can celebrate.”

“Orrrrr, we can celebrate here. For old time’s sake,” she purred, running her index finger down his chest.

Liking the sound of that, Derek lifted Ahsha off her feet and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Whatever you say Mrs. Roman.”

“Ohhh, I like the sound of that. Say it again,” Ahsha hummed as Derek walked them over to his black Ferrari.

“Mrs. Roman,” he muttered, kissing her lips and gently placing her on the hood of his car.

It was the start of a very long night of celebration.

Thank you for reading! I hope you all enjoyed!

People claim the the regulations on school lunches are a good thing. That trying to promote healthy eating or that its not that bad. I would have to disagree with all of that. The rules on what schools can serve their students are rather awful…

The lunches are that bad if not worst in schools anymore including the one I went to and my siblings still are. It got to the point where I stopped eating it all together ,because I was getting sick from it. My sister is now packing a lunch because of the same problem.

There’s also the fact if you happen to be allergic to wheat products or have any other food allergy, chances are you aren’t going to be able to eat the food anyway. Using the my old school as example again-they have those with allergies on file. However, they insist on them packing a lunch even when the family can prove that they can’t afford to do so or recently try to force students to eat it.

Nor is what they serve healthy. A good portion of it is canned and the fresh fruit and vegetables are often poor in quality or at times rotten. The milk is sub par as well. In spite of the rules against salt, the ham is generally extremely salty and barely edible. Then things like hamburger patties tend to be hard as rocks.

Then there’s the portion sizes which always seemed to get smaller. Students often leave or go home still feeling hungry because they aren’t getting enough food. Everyday I would and will hear my sibling complain about being hungry or that the food is awful or simply a waste. Honestly, it is a waste as a large amount is just thrown out.

It also seems to me to be counterproductive in teaching healthy eating habits or to get people to eat healthier. If anything it seems to be promoting the idea of starving yourself to maintain your weight. Which last I checked is not healthy.

Instead of limiting and controlling school lunch; how about teaching people how to eat healthy and the facts about poor diet. While your at it about food allergies and what to do should someone has a reaction.

Or are a number of you happy with what has become of school lunches. That this is what many children and teenagers are being given and told they have to eat even if it will make them sick. Really, is this the way the movement has decided to encourage eating healthy?

If it is you’re a far cry from what it takes to truly teach and encourage healthy habits ,yet alone eating habits.


Banpresto Handkerchiefs, Blue Boxes

Banpresto has produced a whole lot of merchandise for Cardcaptor Sakura, and a lot of it is accessories. I posted a couple of these a while back but I managed to obtain all 12 that I’ve ever seen. They’re split into Blue and Green boxes so here’s the blue box set.

I don’t know who did the art for these but I don’t think it was the original studio. Whoever it was gave everyone enormous feet. I mean wow O.O Still not a fan of the materials either but I would also never wipe my face with these so I guess it’s ok.

In which Castiel is an explorer who’s only too familiar with sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, and Dean is a creature of the forest who gives him a taste of his own medicine.


“I wouldn’t touch that.”

Castiel startles, drawing his telescopic pointer away from the mushroom he’d been examining. He looks around, but sees no face amongst the trees to match the voice he’d heard. “Excuse me?” He spins around, hearing footsteps, but still he sees nothing. “Who’s there?”

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anonymous asked:

Did you have stretch marks on your stomach before you lost weight? And if so what do they look like now? I'm just scared for possibly having loose skin when I lose weight

Hi anon,

I get this question a lot and I typically answer it privately but maybe this will help…here’s probably way more than you were asking for (with pictures!!)

Short answer: yes I had stretch marks. they’re still there but no where near as visible. loose skin >>>> excess fat. I would take loose skin any day. I’m 100% happier with my loose skin than I was with my big protruding belly.

Long answer:

This is me around the beginning of my weight loss journey, June 2014ish. At this point, I had already lost somewhere between 10 to 20 lbs. I don’t actually know how much I was at my heaviest because when you’re big you don’t weigh yourself and you certainly don’t take pictures! I was a size 18/20 here. My stomach was always bloated, rock hard, and I had beginning stretch marks that were deep red. You can kinda see them in this picture above my belly button, to the left and right. I also had them on my sides (love handle area) and back.

I took this picture earlier today before my Krav Maga class. I typically wear tight pants that are higher on the waist because I feel like it holds me in, if that makes sense. You can see the stretch marks if you look closely but they’re really faded, I can easily hide them with an instagram filter if I wanted haha.

I still have a belly! When I turn to the side and grab on, I can easily grab it. I don’t know if you’d call this “loose skin” or just an area of opportunity that I need to tone up more, but it’s not scary at all.

This is my belly when I push it out and grab on. Is that super attractive? Probably not. Should I be able to grab a whole handful? No, I know my body fat percentage is still high and that I carry most of my weight here.

Anon, I am so happy to have the body I have right now. Do I want to keep improving? Absolutely! That’s why I do #crush60 to build muscle and strength. That’s why I keep fighting my ass off at Krav Maga four nights a week, why I run, why I eat lame healthy food instead of burgers and pizza (okay I still have some, #yolo).

I totally understand the fear of “well what if I have loose skin?” or “what if I put in all the time and effort and the results don’t come?” or “is it even worth it?” I get it. I was you. I asked those exact same questions, and I’m here to tell you that it’s so worth it. Results will come. You won’t obtain perfection, you’ll always have some thing about your body that you don’t like, that’s normal. But if you put in the time, you put in the effort, you start somewhere and try again after failing, then results will come…and one day you’ll be answering these same questions for other people.