i worked so hard on this

hi i still draw i just have literally no time in my life anymore

college has been a bit overwhelming so my break next week could not come sooner (not that i’m going to be able to do much anyway because i still have work to do skdjksks)

as most of you know i’m spending what free time i have left working on my original project ‘the side plot’; i’m currently making a ‘practice page’ so i know what i’m doing when i start producing the actual comic, so here’s a wip of two of my favourite girls, katarina and pepper.

(the way i’ve cropped the page makes this look like there’s a lot of Tensionbetween them, you can ship them if you really want to but just a warning that pepper already has a beautiful girlfriend)

21stcenturyhero  asked:

WOAH YOUR ART HAS IMPROVED SO MUCH! Your newest piece with the Plegians is SO CUTE. Can you share some of your headcanons regarding them?

You are too nice okay ;v; I’m really glad you’re seeing the improvement!  I feel like I’ve been getting better but it’s so nice to know other people are seeing it, too.  I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but hey, one step at a time, right?

I’m so glad you like the Plegians though I was really proud of them, too <3 But oh boy I have so many headcanons for them here we go 8D

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we did it! decided on and bought our new super king sized bed! I can’t believe I’m so excited over buying a bed and mattress but it’s seriously gonna make triad snuggles so much better ; ^ ; I’ve been saving up so carefully to get new house stuff and now no one has to sleep on the floor again and if that’s not life goals idk what is

Inktober Day 16: Angular

There’s so many things I don’t like about this, but I don’t hate it. I’m mainly just disappointed. But hey, sometimes ya gotta make mistakes to learn what not to do.

I love these GFs so much!!! They’re so happy and in love!! 💕💖💗💕💖💗💕💖💗


I’m back with more Incredibles fanart! you can tell I’m still obsessing over a thing hard when I start drawing fanart for a prequel book %) seriously though, if you love Incredibles and still haven’t read ‘A Real Stretch’, go read it - it’s a really entertaining story which is set in the golden age of supers, and is told from Elastigirl’s POV. I couldn’t help drawing Bob/Helen, all the interaction between them in this book is priceless <з (also their friendship with Frozone is pure and wholesome and I need a prequel movie about those three set in the Glory Days timeline *v*)


Baku is like a ballerina.

More of this, cause you liked this.

ALL kakashi fashions RANKED

The Classic: 2/10

it gets a couple points for being there literally all the time but its boring and i hate the chunin vest. next!

ANBU: 9/10

utilitarian style legend!!! it is so simple and yet so comfortable and effective. the long gloves are a nice touch, keeps the blood of your enemies from ever really touching ur skin. traditional masks are an artistic bonus in an otherwise somber outfit. what really makes this look for me is the accompanying tat - nothing says lifelong commitment to fashion like getting some permanent ink to match ur look

chunin exams: 6/10

kind of a boring look but i love the mesh leg wraps and i LOVE the weird and funky skirt thing he’s got doing on here. loses points because i simply dont believe this is an image of a human six year old

baby jonin: 8/10

ugh, so iconic. effortlessly weaves fashion and functionality, and the nod to sakumo by keeping the tanto is just so genuine and emotional. unfortunate that it is iconic because it is very sad, but still a classic kakashi look. minus a point or so bc the headband color clashes weirdly with the rest of the colors

hidan fight: 11/10

technically not an “outfit” but in all honesty it is so sexy and i cannot make this post without discussing it. contains all my favorite parts of the standard look but with 100% less ugly chunin vest. the tiny tear in the mask to really drive home that this is a tough fight. the MESH BINDER! he looks so good. i love him and i love this look

hokage blanket: 6/10

absolute fashion disaster but he looks comfy as fuck bitch! sometimes you gotta just go for maximum cozy and i respect that

blow up the moon: 10/10

ugh, this sleek upgrade from the shitty old ninja uniforms is just so sexy i LOVE it. lots of the same clean lines from the anbu vest, plus the fun loose fitting mask shirt and an updated pop of color for the uzumaki symbol. just a really wonderful update with a rock solid color scheme


hes an innovator and an inspiration to us all. would be a solid 10/10 but points docked because you should not be running and fighting and doing ninja things with a binder but i’ll let it slide just this once because i love it so much


happy birthday to our cutest bun🐰