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You’re Enough - Patrick Kane

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Word Count: 1,718

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A/N: I just realized that basically all my imagines so far have been Blackhawks players..oops 😂

“Of course i’ll watch Luke this weekend.” I said to my sister over the phone once she asked if I could take him for a few days since her and her husband were going out of town. I haven’t seen their baby since he was first born and that’s honestly what made me want to settle down and have kids with Patrick, but he never liked talking about it much, so I rarely brought it up.

Patrick was still at practice, but i’m sure he wouldn’t mind Luke staying with us for a few days. I was beyond excited and I was secretly hoping that me babysitting would slowly open Patrick up to the idea of it. I cleaned up around the house a little before they came over.


There was a knock on my door and I knew it had to be my sister. I quickly opened the door to reveal the two of them. Luke was busy chewing on his toy and I smiled at the sight of him.

“Thank you so much for doing this Y/N. I know it’s last minute but our baby sitter canceled on us this morning.” She told me with a sigh of relief.

“It’s no problem really. I’m excited to spend some time with him.” I told her as I gently took him from her arms. She explained to me how to go about taking care of him and then handed me a bag full of different baby things such as diapers, formula, and toys. We exchanged goodbyes and I closed the door as she left.

“Well Luke it looks like it’s just you and me for awhile.” I told him, walking towards the living room and gently setting him down on the floor. I went to fetch the bag my sister had given me and I took out a couple toys for him to play with. I sat down on the floor with him and we watched random children’s cartoons together while I waited for Patrick.


Babysitting Luke was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I guess my sister was lucky to give birth to an easy baby. He didn’t whine much, only when he was hungry or getting sleepy like he was now. I gently walked around with him and whisper-sung lullabies into his ear until he eventually fell asleep. I smiled, satisfied with myself before slowly taking him upstairs to sleep on our bed. Just when I set him down the door opened and I could hear Pat call for me. I smiled and quickly came down and enfolded him in a tight hug.

“How was practice babe?” I said and he raised an eyebrow, noticing my obvious happier mood.

“It was alright.” He shrugged with a smile as he hugged me back. “How was your day?” He asked me shortly afterwards.

“It was good, just missed you.” I told him and he gently leaned in to give me a quick kiss. “Also, were babysitting for the weekend.” I added. Pat gave me a concerned look.

“Who are we babysitting for?” He asked me, grabbing a water from the fridge.

“My sister called me this morning and we’re watching her son for the weekend.” I told him, a little hurt that he wasn’t as excited about this as I was.

“I just don’t want you getting attached to him.” He said, coming up to me and wrapping an arm around my waist but I slowly took a step back.

“What do you mean?” I asked a little confused on what Patrick was trying to tell me.

“Well, we agreed on not having kids remember?” He told me like I was suppose to know this.

“What? I never agreed to that. You don’t want to have kids with me Pat?” I asked him, my voice cracking a little as I tried my best to fight away the tears that were quickly forming.

“I just don’t think it would be good for us. I mean, I have hockey and you’re busy with your job too. Plus I never could see myself having kids with anybody.” Pat stated with a simple shrug. A couple tears fell down my cheek and that’s when Pat knew he screwed up.

“Patrick there are plenty of families in the NHL who have kids and still make it work. If I were to ever have a child I wouldn’t work anymore so I could take care of them, but now I don’t even wanna think about it.” I told him as a few more tears fell. I heard Luke begin to cry upstairs and I knew I still had to take care of him regardless. Pat wanted to say something but I turned my back and went upstairs to check up on him.

I sighed to myself and gently grabbed him while sitting on the edge of the bed, slowly rocking him back and forth. His crying soon stopped and now he was looking up at me, his eyes still wet. I gave him a small smile.

“It’s okay, no need to cry. I’m right here.” I whispered to him while he continued to look up at me with wide, curious eyes. He was barley four months old and he has already captured my heart. Even during the first time I met him I always wondered how my children would look like, but now even thinking about kids just reminds me of what Patrick had said.

I let him play with my fingers before I noticed another yawn escape his tiny lips. I smiled and continued to gently rock him until he fell back asleep.

“Y/N..” Pat whispered as he cane further into our room. I jumped and looked up noticing Patrick come into the room.

“How long have you been standing there?” I asked him, still slightly annoyed with him. He sighed, looking down at his feet.

“That doesn’t matter..” He began. “I’m sorry for what I said. I do want kids with you I really do, but i’m scared.” He tells me truthfully and now I began to feel bad.

“Why are you scared Pat?” I asked as I gently laid Luke back down onto my pillow, tucking him in gently.

“I’m scared because what if i’m not there enough for you? Or what if something happens and i’m out of town for a game or at practice? I don’t want to be that husband that can’t take care of his wife.” Pat stated, not removing his eyes from his feet. I sighed and gently came up to him.

“Pat.” I said, lifting his chin up so he looked at me. “You’re already a great husband and I never said we had to have kids now. Whenever we’re both ready for the responsibility. I know hockey consumes most of your time but that’s not gonna make me love you any less. I can take care of myself when you’re gone and I promise everything will be fine if we were to ever have a child.” I told him gently. He smiled down at me and let out a breath.

“You always say the right things Y/N.” He told me, wrapping his arms around me tightly. I turned around so that my back faced him and he rested his chin on my shoulder.

“Isn’t he the cutest baby you’ve ever seen?” I whispered to Pat, referring to Luke who was now sleeping soundly.

“Maybe for now, but once our baby is born he or she will definitely be the cutest baby.” He whispered to me quietly and I couldn’t help but smile.


three years later

“Papa’s home!!” Our three year old daughter, Scarlett screamed once she saw the door open to reveal none other than her father Patrick Kane. He had almost a two week long road trip with the team and Scarlett always asked when Pat would be home and she was beyond excited to see him.

It only took a few months after Pat told me he wanted to start a family for us to finally start one. He was always there for me and our daughter whenever he wasn’t playing hockey and he’s already transformed into the best father i’ve known. The road trips were never easy for us but I knew it was his job and I would never get upset with him over something he couldn’t control.

“Hey there princess.” Pat said as he dropped his bags to pick her up and spin her around carefully. I leaned against the counter, admiring the sight of my husband and our beautiful little girl. After the two of them shared a moment he looked over at me with a wide smile plastered across his face.

“And hello to you too my queen.” He said as he came up to me with Scarlett still tight in his arms. He wrapped his free arm around my waist and pulled me tightly into his embrace. “I missed my girls.” He said, pecking me gently on the lips.

“We missed you to Pat but I think Scarlett missed you more than anything.” I chuckled, seeing how happy she was that her father was finally home. “Scarlett why don’t you go into the living room and daddy will tell you all the stories about his road trip.” She nodded excitedly as Pat gently set her back down onto the floor so she could run to the living room.

“Did you miss me?” Pat asked me softly once Scarlett was in the other room.

“I did miss you. You know how much I hate those long road trips you guys have.” I whispered, leaning my body against his as he continued to hold me. “We watched every game though and every time you scored or were shown on the tv Scarlett got so happy. It warms my heart.” I chuckled to myself.

“I’ll definitely make it up to you tonight.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows as a smirk formed onto his lips.

“Gross!” I laughed, playfully hitting his chest.

“Shut up!” He groaned before letting out a laugh as he led me towards the living room.

“I guess i’ll have to take you up on that offer.” I smiled to myself.

“Baby Kane number two?” He asked me.

“Possibly.” I smiled.