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‘…he sang to me some of his own compositions, which are beautiful, & he has a very fine voice. I also sang to him.’

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert shared a common passion around music. It was at the center of their daily lives, in each royal residences they installed pianos. Felix Mendelssohn whom the royal couple admired greatly, recalled an evening at Buckingham Palace where Albert was performing a choral : “by heart, with the pedals, so charmingly, clearly and correctly, that it would have done credit to any professional… and then all the music sheets going all over the floor, and being picked up by the Queen.”

They often played duets on piano and sang together, sometimes pieces composed by Prince Albert who was a keen composer. After their engagement Albert went back to Coburg to settle his affairs in Germany, he sent to his fiancee a composition : Dem Fernen. Queen Victoria wrote on the top right corner ‘Composed by dear Albert at Windsor Castle & sent to me by him Jan. 5. 1840.’ 

From far away through the still night, I send my greetings forth
And from my yearning heart his gentle words are heard
Only thoughts fly over hills and dales, only a glance
And so the pale moon silently his greetings returns’

Lieder I  &  Lieder II