i wont recover from that

i had to call out of work, first time in the year and a half ive had this job i have only been late once and NEVER called out before, so i texted my manager and explained that some family was in a car wreck and i wouldnt b able to come in bcuz i have to watch kids/pets while the adults r n the hospital and all i get from my manager is an ‘ok’

like, this fake ass southern matriarch goes to church and bible study and hates gays and believes in a fiery hell but her ass wont even hmu w an ‘ok, wishing you and yours well’ or some shit


on a side note tho the two guys who stopped to help at the wreck and took time out of their day to drive my cousin and his gf’s dog over to my family’s house? bomb ass human beings and i love those two stoner/90′s surfer dude/hippie lookin motherfuckers