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“from the beginning i knew he was different,
but if we want to survive what’s to come,
we have to trust the Captain’s decisions.”
rivailleackerman made me choose Levi or Roy Mustang

Made a BATIM OC :’D his name is Karma the Rabbit

I don’t know what to do with him so I’ll just put him on the scrap corner now.

So, the idea of this one is that karma exist, like if you did good deeds, then good karma will be granted but if you did bad, then bad karma happened. 

This is a warm up drawing for the day, still sad but slowly recovering from the feeling

mrs-dr-strange  asked:

Your heart raced as you ran down the corridor, you were at home when one of the girls on Lance's team called you saying he got injured when running their beam routines with them. Rounding the corner you saw the girls in their red and blue tracksuits huddling around the entry way, they turned around half with tears in their eyes and the other half still shaken up. "Mijitas, whats going on?" you opened your arms as the teary eyed girls made you the center of their group hug.(1/7)

Each girl was trying to tell you what happened, between the sniffling, different speeds they were talking, and their volume you could only make out a few words. Lance had been showing the difference between aerial cartwheels and aerial walkovers when he misjudged his footing and fell, from different accounts the girls had said his foot went one way while his body fell another way but others said it was his hip, either way everyone heard a cracking noise.(2/7

After kissing their foreheads and ushering them to the waiting room you walked into the hospital room, Lance was looking out the window and ignored your presence. The steady beeps from the heart monitor filled the silence as you stood next to the bed. “Are you done moping amor? The girls are terrified because you insisted on screaming at them when they were in here.” Lance sighed when he looked at his splinted leg, “doc says its broken, what the fuck am I supposed to do now?(3/7)

We have qualifiers in 6 months and I wont be ready in time from recovering, PT, and getting back into competition shape. I’m fucking done. I was projected for gold now my god damn career is gonna be teaching snot nosed kids how to do a hand stand at the YMCA.” You shrugged your coat off and sat next to him on the bed, “Lance, you’re young. You’ll heal and have to do your best for when competition comes around. If you get bronze then so be it, then you just train harder for the next one.”(4/7)

He started laughing and rolled his eyes, “What the fuck do you know about gymnastics, huh? Nothing, abso-fucking-lutely nothing. You know what you do know, three C’s: cooking, cleaning, and cock. Get the fuck out of my face.” You stared back at his piercing eyes before you leaned forward and flicked his forehead. “Lance Tucker you listen to me right now and you listen real good. (5/7)

I am sick and tired of this self depreciative, condescending, cocky, asshole persona you have going on right now because I know for a fact that you aren’t like this. You are one of the best damn gymnasts right now, so what if you have a setback? Look at Chusovitina, shes 40 and has a kid. Hell that Raisman girl injured both her knees from falling off the uneven bars and she still won gold. So what you’re gonna do is this: you apologize to those girls for being a complete ass (6/7)

to them when they were trying to help, you’re gonna recover and do your PT as needed, train your ass off and win me that gold for this shit you pulled. Are we clear Tucker?” Lance cupped your cheek and smirked, “thanks for getting my ass back in line, can I get a kiss before the girls get in here?” You smiled and leaned down to whisper in his ear, “abso-fucking-lutely not.” You stood up and walked to the door, “oh and before I forget, no sex until you’re out of the cast.”(7/7)

oh your characterisation of Lance was spot on! - Gen

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