i wish there was more of a story between them and not just ryan

Dazed that there is a sun.

Hello! I’ve decided to start posting some stories on here, most likely fan related, and anyways I hope you enjoy this Ohmtoonz!

He’s not sure what lead to this, strapped in Luke’s car going nearly 80mph down a back road in New Mexico with Luke’s music so loud it seemed to electrify the air, setting something in him off with every beat that reverberated throughout his soul. He could blame it on the conversation that sparked everything a little over a day ago, but it feels more meaningful than that. He pushes that thought down in time for when Luke nudges him, leaning forward to turn down the radio.

“You okay there, Ohm, you look a little spaced out.” There’s a slight smirk playing on his lips, and yet Ryan can tell they’re thinking the same thing, only he seems to be the one going to say something.

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Modest Mouse (Clony)

“Modest Mouse.”

Prompt: Could you do insecure Clay and him thinking that Tony could do better but Tony tries to make him see/convince him otherwise?

Pairing: Clay x Tony (clony)
Count: 1065 Words.
Tags: insecure!Clay


It was a rarity to see any kind of fair in or around Clay’s town. But tonight, there was one. And Tony had become hell bent on getting Clay to go on a date with him. Tony had succeeded, and that was the Clay now stood surrounded by shirts and pants strewn haphazardly across the room. They resulted from Clay’s indecisiveness, and his desire to look as good as he possibly could. And while did sit there, self-consciously strewing over every detail of his outfit, he hadn’t managed to impress even himself. Before he could fret any longer, Tony’s signature knock echoed through the empty house. His parents were out, and he had no idea where.

Clay managed to make it to the door without dying, and opened it. Tony had traded in the old jacket for a tight-fitting blazer that seemed to hug his body in the perfect way. Clay could almost taste his dread. “Why do you have to look so good?”

“Hello to you too, handsome.” Tony smiles, leaning up to kiss Clay’s cheek.

“Hello.” Clay smiles, and wraps his arm around Tony’s shoulder. “Shall we?”

Tony smiles, his hand snaking around Clay’s waist. “We shall.” Tony’s mustang was parked on the street, but they passed it. They decided earlier in the day that it would be nicer to walk, considering it was just under ten minutes from Clay’s. “So, mister Jensen, how was your day?”

“My day was gooood. What about yours?” Clay smiles, and falls into pace with Tony.

“Well, funny story, I ran into your mum today.”

“Ugh… What happened?”

“Nothing, don’t worry. But we got to talking and…” While Tony talked, Clay did his best to listen. But in the back of his head, echoing in the forefront of his thoughts, the what did I do to deserve you? question repeated over and over and over and over.


They don’t run into anyone they know. Clay, however, was still distracted. He kept thinking about how much better Tony could be getting. And how there was an attractive guy, just across the field, who’d been checking Tony out for at least five minutes. There was the constant thought that Tony could be with someone more attractive, and more worth his time.

They spend the next twenty minutes in Sideshow Alley, blowing money on random games, and coming away with several stuffed animals and a new green hat.

After an hour, Tony dragged Clay behind a concrete block of buildings just outside the fairground, pushing Clay against the wall. He gently kissed the boy, and Clay’s stomach imploded. He smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Tony’s smaller neck. While in that moment, his insecurities seemed like specks of dust floating in the vast nothingness of space, there was a nagging in the back of his head. But that feeling changed as soon as Tony’s hand touched his chest. For a moment, it felt like a forbidden romance, a Romeo and Romeo. Their kisses were sloppy, and hurried. But they were worth it.


They’d managed to make it home, after Tony got several drinks for them through his brother. Being slightly intoxicated wasn’t a bad thing. It wasn’t like Tony wasn’t already the bold one of the relationship, but tonight, it was different. They’d barely made it into Clay’s bedroom, the stuffed animals dropped mercilessly at the front door, before Tony begun undressing them. Their lips stay connected, managing to get everything but shirt and underwear off before taking a breath.

“Is this okay?” Tony asks, pulling away for a moment. He still stays sitting in between Clay’s legs, but waits for a reply.

“Yeah. Yes, yeah please.” Clay smiles. Tony’s eyes flicker between Clay’s, and he can see the hesitance.

“What’s wrong?” Tony mutters, cupping Clay’s cheek.

“Nothing. It’s nothing.” Clay shakes his head, leaning in to kiss Tony.

Tony pulls his face away. “Clay. Don’t lie to me, love.”

It takes a moment of consideration, a deep breath, and a quiet sigh. “I just, don’t know whether this is what you want. If I’m what you want.” Clay clears his throat at the end of his sentence, and sits back.

“Clay. You’re the only person I’ve ever wanted.”

“You dated Brad and Ryan.” Clay huffs, eyeing Tony.

“And there was a reason it didn’t work out. We never got this far. And they never won me a stuffed animal.” Tony grins at his conclusion, gently kissing Clay’s chin. He guides the taller boy backward, kissing his neck. “I like the way you laugh.” He props himself up on his elbow, and traces his fingers down Clay’s chest. “I like your body. And your face. I like the way you smell, and sing terribly. I like the way lose yourself in your work. I like the way you hold me. I like the way you make me feel.” Clay closes his eyes, letting Tony’s words drift over him. “I like the way you’re sensitive, and conscious.” Tony smiles, kissing Clay’s clothed chest.

“I’m none of those things.” Clay mutters under his breath.

Tony frowns. “You really don’t see it?”

Clay shakes his head. “No! I don’t. And it terrifies me that you’re going to find someone more attractive, and smarter and nicer than me.”

“I know that nothing I say can help right now, besides that you’re very hot and I was willing to have sex with you like three minutes ago. But… if you trust me, than trust that I wouldn’t leave you. Period.” Tony smiles, straddling Clay’s thighs. “Now. Why don’t we make some food, and watch that new Adam Sandler movie?”

“Food, yes. Adam Sandler? No. I’m not nearly drunk enough to sit through one of those.”

“I wish I could say I was joking.” Tony giggled, which for him was a low. “Or, we could sit up here, maybe make out a little, then fall asleep and wake up and pretend we don’t remember tonight and have one of those ‘oh god did we fuck’ moments even though we clearly remember falling asleep?”

“I’m sold on the latter option.” Clay grins, his breath becoming shallow, as Tony’s hand travel farther down his body.

“By the way… you’re either extremely modest or just ridiculous. You’re hot.”

“Guess I’m a modest mouse.” Clay smiles.


“It’s a movie reference of a reference of a band.”

“Is that your best attempt at talking dirty, Jensen?”

“Oh no. But this is…”

Chapter VI | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

Main Story page is here.

Song for the Playlist - Wonderwall by Ryan Adams (cover)

Instagrams are here - (none for this chapter because the app is being a dick)

Word Count - 4250…ish

“Just gotta be safe, love,” he whispered.

“My protector,” she said back into his ear and a shiver ran down his spine.

He manoeuvred them until she was lying flat on the bed and he could straddle her thighs and view her perfect body from above, and leaned down to kiss her lips once again. Her hands ruffled through his hair as he abandoned her lips to find her jaw, nipping at her and his hands lingered at her neck, tickling, until he moved further down and found a perfect spot to suck on to.

Her breath hitched at his teeth on her neck, a slight moan coming from her mouth and her grip on his hair tightening until he pulled away wishing the small bruise would appear that second to mark her as his.

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Code Red part 3

Hey guys- here’s part 3 of ‘Code Red’. Enjoy or something! ;)

 Thanks Fran @francescabuccino and Sandra @omeliashipper for helping to proofread this chapter! You girls are the best <3

The previous chapters can be found here:




 Amelia’s heart skipped a beat as she watched Owen’s body go limp once the excavator removed the last piece of rubble from his body.

‘Oh no…no….no…..please no…. universe, please don’t take away another man that I love. I cannot afford to lose another loved one.’ she pleaded silently.

‘ Someone go get one of our ambulances!’ she heard April order, as she rushed over to Owen’s side and felt for a pulse. He still had a pulse, but it was weak and thready. He was in shock and needed to be resuscitated immediately.

‘ Owen!’ she pleaded, tears rolling down her cheeks… ‘ Owen, please don’t leave me and our baby….please….stay awake for our sake…’

‘ Owen’ a primal groan of anguish escaped from her throat when Owen’s body remained limp.

‘ We have to transfer him to Seattle Presybetarian as soon as possible.’ April, stepping up to take charge of the situation, instructed the group of residents and interns gathered around her.

‘ Amelia- he’ll be fine ok?’ she gave her downcast looking colleague a big hug.

Amelia could only nod in reply, she really wished she could believe the statement.

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anonymous asked:

Hiii! Would you please write a Clony fic where Tony and Clay get caught making out?!? ❤️;)

Read it on AO3

1 – Ryan Shaver

The first time Clay and Tony get caught making out is unfortunately, by Liberty High’s biggest gossip. It is about a month into sophomore year and so far Clay has managed to avoid being in something scandalous enough to be printed on the pages of the infamous ‘Lost and Found’ zine’, however there was no way he was going to avoid this one. It started about a month ago, this… thing he had with Tony. He couldn’t really put a label on what it was, all he knew was that it was fun and exciting, and Tony sure was a goddamn excellent kisser. So excellent, in fact, that Clay decided that waiting until after school to put his mouth on the other boy was far too long a stretch to go without.

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When We Were Young - Part Three

Summary: Mick Davies has been like a friend to you since you were a kid and decided to sneak out of school to spend time with him. Unfortunately, though you got caught and that way, got separated from Mick. Up to this day, you were saddened that you couldn’t do more for him. Until you happened to come across him on your vacation in America.

Words: 1425

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Warnings: Tiny bit of angst


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Perks, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader (part two)

Prompt: Reader is a famous actress and gets shipped with Lin by the Internet.

Word-count: 1,643 (Ahahaha I’m a dork)

Warnings: Cursing (which isn’t new), but other than that we’re in the clear, fam. 

Note: *deep breath This was a mess, and pretty fucking bad, but I’m too trash to care. Also, the response to Perks has been a little overwhelming! Like, thank you guys so much for liking it and sharing it, y’all are legit the fucking bomb. Love you all so much. Anyway, enjoy the dumb! 

Part One

You had been in London for two weeks now.

You were there mostly for business reasons, working out where exactly you’ll be recording your next album (your third by now), filming a few scenes for the new Tarentino flick (you weren’t leading, but he was apparently insistent that he get you in somewhere), appearing, it seemed, on every single British late night show, talking about next career moves, (inevitably) your personal life, projects you may or may not have signed on to.

If asked, and if you answered honestly, it was all getting a bit exhausting. The work was a basic component of your life and you were, for the most part, used to it, but the back-to-back interviews and the constant appearances were going to run you to the ground if it didn’t let up.

“They want you on Graham Norton,” Nancy said, passing you your itinerary and a few other papers as your hair was spritzed with another coat of hair spray. “You don’t have to answer today, although it would be better if you did.”

You quickly scanned your rather full schedule, before looking up to allow the makeup artist assigned to you (you didn’t quite catch her name. It rolled off like something foreign and had a lot of R’s) to swipe a bit of eye shadow on your bottom lash-line. After a few more tweaks, it appeared she was done, passing you the mirror as she began packing up. The look was what you usually wore for evening appearances, so it passed your requirements quite easily.

The itinerary was, quite frankly, routine and therefore didn’t receive as much attention as the rest of the stack Nancy handed to you. There were a few scripts, and you cast them aside with care, knowing that at this point there was barely time to really check them over. There was a request to get on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show once you got back to the States (which you agreed to, since you already sorta owe the guy for trashing his house that one party). (A story that, while interesting and riveting, was for another time.) At the bottom of the stack lay the Graham Norton request, and as you read through it, a deep sense of dread began to brew in your stomach, and you didn’t understand why until you reached the planned guest list.

It was impossible to ignore.

Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The list seemed to swell around him, like even the mere presence of his name was enough to cast the rest in mere shadow.


Hold the fucking phone.

You took a second glance at the list. Your name and Lin’s name were the only ones on it. Eyes growing to the size of dish saucers, you turned to Nancy, who was looking rightfully sheepish.

“Apparently you’re both in town.” she said, lifting one shoulder in a half-shrug. “Norton is adamant that you appear.”

“Norton is a crafty son-of-a-bitch, that’s what.” you practically seethed. You knew what he was up to; Nancy knew he was up to; and if Lin had received this list, he probably knew what Norton was trying to pull as well. You were at a moment of pure loss, looking from Nancy to the list and back. “What exactly do I do about this?”

“It’s completely up to you.” Nancy said, and you could trace the slightest hint of pity in her eyes. “If it’ll help, Lin already said yes. I was notified by the execs because they think you’ll need an extra bit of convincing.”

“And they think this is the way to do it?” you asked, although it kind of was. Already worn so thin from a tiring day, you were one step behind conceding entirely. “Did they tell you what kind of questions he was going to be asking?”

“I read over what he had planned. All general things!” she added hastily at your sharpening stare. “But I wouldn’t put it past Norton to pull a trick out of his sleeve in the heat of the moment.”

There wasn’t much time for anything else, as a runner knocked and poked his head through the door to tell you that you were on in a fifteen minutes.

“All right,” you sighed when the runner disappeared, sliding off your chair and slipping on your heels. “Tell them I’ll do it.”

At this point, you thought as you were lead to the stage, smiling at the applauding audience, what else do I have to lose?

The news broke out quicker than you would have liked, but, as Nancy patiently reminded you, the press did as it was wont to do. You didn’t give too many comments when the announcement was made, that Y/N Y/L/N and Lin-Manuel Miranda were indeed appearing together on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night, apart from openly poking fun of the coincidence (it wasn’t a coincidence, but you had to put up some sort of show right?) on Twitter.

You weren’t alone in that department; Lin had taken to Twitter as well when the commercial featuring the two of you aired, answering a fan question and essentially breaking the Internet.


Lin-Manuel Miranda:@ham4trash Yep! Fingers crossed I don’t fuck it up. Wish me luck kids!

Attached to the tweet was GIF of an overexcited cat, which you cracked a smile at. You scrolled further down his profile, virtually aw-ing at his good morning tweets and cackling at some of the more humorous ones.

Lin-Manuel Miranda: My dad just texted me. Told me not to do anything stupid. Not making any promises! #Elaine4Ham

You replied to him before you could think it through.

Y/N Y/L/N: @Lin_Manuel Oy US Navy, enough with the hyping me thing. Meeting me might ruin the image of perfection.

Within minutes he had tweeted back.


Of course, everyone jumped on the interaction, and by the time you opened your phone the next day, you had to scroll through piles and piles of notifications and emails, all asking about Lin and if you’d met or seen each other before. You ignored most of them and instead went straight to your business emails.

But even your business emails were full of the same questions, albeit with less screaming and emoticons and more pointed and gentle prodding.

You flinched, and opened Nancy’s message first. Best to get it over with.

The rest of your morning wasn’t as eventful, if anything just louder, with your phone buzzing every two seconds, texts from friends and family and management alike; you went to work, talked your manager’s (Brian, who was lovely but also, quite sadly, not as there as Nancy was) ear off concerning the album details, and on your lunch break, you decided to walk around and see if there were any shops you could get decent food from.

Maybe it was because the gods had a deep perverse pleasure in fucking you over. Maybe it was because fate had other plans and some other spiritual bullshit. Maybe it was because you were quite honestly fucking useless with directions.

You had been trying to outrun a few stubborn paparazzi, and without thinking, without planning, you had managed to land in the arms of the very person you were somewhat dreading to face.

“Whoa there!” Lin said as he caught you around the waist, saving you from falling on your ass.

“Oy, Usnavi, help, SOS,” you said, in an attempt to save face. Lin released some sort of cross between a laugh and a cough as he pulled you into an empty alleyway. You heard the pound of footsteps pass and, pressing a hand hard to your chest, felt your pulse slip back into normality.

“What,” someone panted, “was that about?”

Oh. Right. Lin.

“Paps chasing me, I was near-about running and the assholes decided to run as well. Sorry for demolishing you and everything.” you said, grinning at him to at least get him to calm the fuck down. He wasn’t even the one being hunted and he was practically hyperventilating.

But then you saw Lin freeze, and you were beginning to worry about whether or not the hyperventilating caught up with him before he spoke.

“You’re Elaine,” he said, breathless.

You nodded, a slightly confused smile on your face. You cocked your head to the side, hands going to your waist. “I am. And you’re Usnavi.”

You took his petrification as an opportunity to look at him, really look at him. His hair was as short as it was on the Fallon interview on that dratted night of too much wine and too little comprehension; his eyes were bright, a dark swatch of coffee, and decidedly warm (no joke, it felt like a dunk in a cup hot cocoa, looking him straight in the eye); he was dressed in too many layers and had that delicately rumpled look that shouldn’t suit him as well as it did.

You cleared your throat (this was already getting too weird), held out your hand. “As much as I like Elaine, the name is actually Y/N.”

He took it, grip oxymoronically soft and firm at the same time. “Lin, but you can call me Usnavi if you like that better.”

You grinned at him, which he returned. You chanced a look at your watch. You had thirty minutes left before you were to head back to the film lot. You looked at him again. He was on his phone, but he clicked it shut and slipped it back into his pocket as he looked back at you.

“How about I make it up to you and maybe get you some coffee?”

He smiled, and you noticed passingly that it was too big for his face. “I’d like that.”



Request: Hey!! Can you do one with y/n being a famous actress and y/n and Shawn go to the Oscars as a couple and everyone loves them together?

Word Count: 1,527


”Wow babe, you look stunning” Shawn said, as he entered the hotel room.

I was putting the last pieces of jewellery on, when he snuck up behind me. I caught his silhouette in the mirror. His mouth was open, his eyes burned on me and he was licking his lips. I smiled shyly over his words.

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My Favorite Performances of 2016

These are the 15 movie roles this year I most felt deserved highlighting. Man, there were some great roles this year, introduction, introduction, introduction, how many words does this have to be? You don’t care and I certainly don’t. On to the list!(Note: except for the top two, this list is in no particular order).

Glen Powell (Everybody Wants Some!!)
The entire cast of Richard Linklater’s spiritual follow-up to “Dazed and Confused” is one riotous bundle of joy (and a cure for the usually cliche portrayal of college kids), but Glen Powell’s Finnegan is by far the standout. The scene that makes his character comes at a party for the “artsy fartsy” crowd when, after encouraging a freewheeling spirit of sex, booze, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll throughout the film, he actually gets for real hurt when his proteges crash his chances with a girl he happens to like. Finnegan is on the cusp of adulthood and leadership heading into one of the most tumultuous decades of American history, but he’s not quite there yet…and it’s the leftover, subtle vulnerabilities of the kid during his last days of youth that make him so unbelievably endearing. If there’s any justice in the world, EWS!! will do for him what Dazed and Confused did for…well, most of the cast.

Tilda Swinton (A Bigger Splash)
The (in my opinion, overblown) controversy over Swinton’s Doctor Strange role sadly overshadowed her performance in this Fellini-esque story of beautiful people behaving in decidedly un-beautiful ways. Playing a major, David Bowie-esque popstar who has gone near-mute from the stress of living in public, Swinton has few lines but somehow manages to steal the show from a simmering Matthias Schoenaerts and a manic Ralph Fiennes. Being mostly robbed of the ability to speak, Swinton has to convey a massive range of emotions largely with body language—a task she accomplishes with all the skill you’d expect from one of the world’s greatest actresses.

Natalie Portman (Jackie)
Frail and tough, honest and veiled, open and censoring—Portman’s portrayal of the most famous First Lady in American history is riddled with contradictions that, in her hands, become a coherent character. She can sink to the depths of unbearable anguish at a moment’s notice, and five minutes later it is as if nothing very bad had happened. Yet, there’s always something boiling under the surface…perhaps an understanding that history will forever place “JFK’s wife” next to her name, whatever else she may do with her life. At times, Portman seems to barely hold it all in, yet when we leave the theater she is still a mystery. Maybe that’s how it should be.

Joel Edgerton (Loving)
Rarely does more go unsaid or understood than passes behind the face of Joel Egderton as Richard Loving, one half of the married couple whose simple wish to live in their home state of Virginia dealt a death blow to laws banning interracial marriage in the United States. Edgerton says little, and when he does it is in as few words as possible…every one of which speaks his entire mind. Key to the performance, though, are scenes of him simply sharing intimate moments with wife Mildred. At a time when the stereotype of the traditonal American husband and father of yesteryear is often held up for all the wrong reasons, Edgerton’s performance is crucial.

Emma Stone (La La Land)
Until near the end, the music is the driving force of La La Land. Then someone asks the character of Mia to “tell a story”, and Emma Stone delivers one of the best scenes of her career. The strength of the “Audition” number redefines what has come before for the character, and solidifies her as both someone we can really root for, and the personification of dreamers, however hopeless they might be. The final look she gives Ryan Reynolds in the film speaks more than a page of dialogue ever could.

Viola Davis (Fences)
Before the era of feminism, there was an unspoken agreement between married couples in the U.S.: a wife was to put up with her husband’s shit, even when he was full to bursting with it. It was hard to pick one of the two main performances in “Fences” to single out, but ultimately Davis’s simmering cauldron is the heart of the story, enabling her to both survive and love life with her deeply, deeply flawed husband. Unlike Denzel Washington, who gets to vomit forth an endless stream of anger throughout the film, Davis is tasked with saving her one great outburst for when it is most needed and has the most impact, creating a scene the trailers should not have featured; it should have been allowed to burst on audiences like water from a broken dam, rolling over everything in its path. Five minutes later, she’s calm again, but she’s also a different woman…or maybe just another woman who was hiding behind the first all along.

Sunny Pawar (Lion)
The trailers all emphasize the adult Saroo’s search for his home, but the bulk of the movie is taken up with a young Saroo getting lost in the first place, and Dev Patel is overshadowed by 8-year-old Sunny Pawar…not an easy feat. Like Quvenzhane Wallis and Jacob Tremblay, Pawar takes a role that could easily have been phoned in (since we have natural sympathy for kids) and makes little Saroo into an enormously relatable character, a lost boy whose stomping ground is no Neverland. It isn’t any wonder the filmmakers keep coming back to him in flashbacks after his character is grown. He’s the heart of the film.

Hailee Steinfeld (Edge of Seventeen)
I swear, my generation moons over the era of John Hughes High School comedies so much they seem to forget that being awkward, out-of-place and unable to wait for the day after graduation day isn’t unique to them. Every year we get a handful of largely unheralded comedies about that very topic, and Hailee Steinfeld’s performance as a morbid, confused and, yes, aggressive (bad female! bad!) teen who openly discusses her sex life, alcohol habits and dark, dark, dark humor elevates “Edge of Seventeen” to the top of the pack. With acerbic wit, pinpoint aim, and unflinching pessimism, Nadine Franklin manages to skewer not just every aspect of High School life but many of life in general. The only target she routinely misses? Herself.

Kate Beckinsale (Love & Friendship)
It is exceedingly rare that a woman in the movies can be aggressive and acidic at the same time. Kate Beckinsale’s Lady Susan is such a character. It is impossible for all but the most ardent feminists to actually like her, and you’d never want to be drawn into her poisonous circle of rumor, manipulation, innuendo and life-destroying gossip, but you have to admire her for taking charge of her own life at a time when women were tasked with hosting guests, looking pretty and shutting up. These days, she’d almost certainly be described as a sociopath, wrecking lives for her whim and amusement, yet you can’t look away. She’s the year’s best villain…or is she?

Ben Foster (Hell or High Water)
Chris Pine’s well-meaning father is our anchor to this story of two desperate brothers in hard times, but Ben Foster is the anarchic, destructive force that keeps our eyes glued to the screen. Whereas Pine’s dad doesn’t think of himself as criminal and Jeff Bridges’s sheriff has spent far too much time watching old westerns, Foster knows exactly what he is: a violent criminal whose psycopathy he might be able to turn to his brother’s aid in one last blaze of glory. There’s never really a question of him surviving the story; he’s not a man, he’s a storm, and he’s here to rage harder than he ever has before blowing himself out.

Naomie Harris (Moonlight)
Talk about embodying multiple people in one role. Harris plays mother to a young, gay black man at three different stages of his life, but she’s not the kind of perfect mom the movies prefer. She’s a drug addict at a time when the War on Drugs refused to treat such people with any sort of humanity, and she’s got a temper to match the times; when she screams hurtful words at her own son, the decision to remove the audio from the scene makes her come off as near-demonic. Simplicity, though, isn’t really what Moonlight deals in, and there are layers and regrets to her revealed as the film goes on. Her final scene asks a rather important question: should any time be too late to be forgiven?

Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch)
For the most part, horror will forever be considered beneath the notice of those who hand out accolades, which means even if you turn in one of the most startling performances of the year, it doesn’t really count if it’s in this genre. That’s a shame, because unless you count a tiny, uncredited role from 2014, Taylor-Joy makes the most impressive film debut of any actress this year. Called upon to do things involving animal blood and demonic possession that a more image-concerned person might spurn, she handles the role of a teenage girl whose family is being assailed by the forces of hell by taking it all absolutely seriously, which is essential; any hint that she thinks anything she’s doing is silly, and the film falls apart. There’s reason to question whether anything supernatural is really happening in the New England wilderness of the late 1600’s, but no reason to doubt the strength of Taylor-Joy’s performance.

Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)
Not everything has to be so serious, something Deadpool would probably remind you of right before delivering a kick straight to your kibbles and bits. As the star, producer and driving force behind the hilariously raunchy R-rated superhero flick, Reynolds is the most eminently watchable and entertaining a comic hero has been outside the suit since Robert Downey Jr. swaggered into the Iron Man armor. Mel Brooks once famously described his films as rising below vulgarity, and whether Reynolds is taking time out to break the fourth wall or making incredibly lewd comments at his blind, elderly, female roommate, he’s bringing the spirit of “Blazing Saddles” to a genre that sometimes really needs to get over itself. In a year where “Batman vs. Superman” took itself more seriously than a second heart attack, Reynolds’s Merc with a Mouth is the filthy, over-the-top cure the doctor ordered.

And my top two performances, starting with my choice for Best Actress:

Isabelle Huppert (Elle)

In arguably the most challenging role this year, which comes in certainly the most challenging film, Huppert plays a woman who, after being raped, plays a cat-and-mouse game with the rapist. Whether she is trying to catch him or get caught again is another question. The role was turned down by multiple more well-known actresses, before being taken by Huppert, who deserves to be more well-known outside her native France. Key to her performance is that her character is not altogether very likable, and if she were not a victim of a heinous crime, you’d have a real difficult time feeling empathy for her. That takes far more guts, I think, than playing out brutal scenes of assault, since we tend to demand our heroines be pure as the driven snow.

Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)

He’s been turning in the best work he possibly can in every role he’s had, big or small, for two decades, always overshadowed in fame by his older brother, but this year is Casey’s. Angry, violent, adrift and bereft, Lee Chandler is a man with no purpose in a world that demands every man have one, not that he grasps himself on that level: he’s simply a man who has been struck over and over until nothing but armor remains. Forced to deal with the issue of custody for his nephew after his brother dies, he portrays a truth no man wants to face: not all of us are cut out for responsibility. Despite this, Affleck walks a fine line, making Lee simultaneously a jerk and someone you’d really like to see come out on top. Unfortunately, as Lee well knows, the world just isn’t that simple.

Honorable mentions: I limited my list to 15, and even after expanding from ten it was still difficult. There are lots of great roles that didn’t make the cut, and here are the ten that really gave the winners a run for their money, in one big list. If you don’t see your favorite, remember: it doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t good, just that I can’t possibly list them all.

Kristen Stewart (Cafe Society)
The Cast of Don’t Think Twice
Royalty Hightower (The Fits)
Meryl Streep (Florence Foster Jenkins)
Lou de Laage (The Innocents)
Ruth Negga (Loving)
Lucas Hedges (Manchester by the Sea)
Jessica Chastain (Miss Sloane)
Pretty much everybody in Moonlight (Moonlight)
Katie Holmes (Touched With Fire)

Blessing in Disguise

Okay so this is my first ever fic and also my first time ever writing smut so any advice or feedback would be more than welcome. I know it’s nowhere near perfect so please be kind, thanks!

Word Count: 2034 words

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Demon!Dean catches the reader’s eye at a bar and smut ensues.

Warnings: swearing, smut, demon!dean, derogatory language

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You tapped your fingers lightly against the sticky table top as you waited not-so-patiently for your friend, Ryan, to come back from the bar with your drinks. It had been a terrible day; full of menial tasks and condescending comments from your boss so now you wanted nothing more than to let your hair down with your best friend, get at least somewhat drunk and laugh away your bad mood. Ryan was your saviour on days like these. The thought of seeing him this evening had been the only thing that had helped you get through the day. He had always been able to bring out your wild side so that every night with him seemed to leave you either laughing so hard that tears were rolling down your face or at least with a crazy story of some bizarre thing that you two had done. You glanced around the bar for your friend but someone else caught your eye first and you couldn’t help but wish that he would be the ‘bizarre thing’ that you’d do tonight.

His bright green eyes locked with yours and a smirk found its way onto his face as if he was reading your thoughts. Maybe this was what you needed, the rush of endorphins and release of all your pent up sexual frustration. The man, who was ridiculously attractive, continued to blatantly stare back at you as if he was daring you to make a move. He bit his lip and you couldn’t help but imagine how good that beautiful face would look between your thighs.

You were pulled from your thoughts as Ryan slid your drink in front of you with a deep chuckle.

“Sorry to interrupt your eye fucking that eleven out of ten over in the corner but I figured you’d actually want your drink. Don’t get me wrong now, he’s definitely worth looking at and, if I thought he’d go for me, I would climb that like a tree but I didn’t queue for nothing so bottoms up!” he teased while gently tipping your glass upwards as you brought it to your lips. Instantly Ryan had you laughing. He filled you in on his day with his usual humour and exaggeration and, soon enough, that green eyed Adonis had slipped from your mind.

Swaying slightly and still giggling, you made your way up to the bar to order the next round but you never made it that far. Just as you reached the bar, you felt the heat someone flush against your back and two large hands gripped the bar on either side of you, effectively caging you in. Panicking slightly, you spun around as quickly as you could in such a small space and you found yourself face-to-face with those same beautiful green eyes from earlier. He chuckled darkly as you gasped sharply and you could feel his breath ghosting over your face. He smelt of whisky and sin and it was far more intoxicating than any drink you had ever tasted. He shifted impossibly closer so that you were breathing the same air despite him towering over you and you could feel his hard on pressing into your stomach. Your eyes slid closed involuntarily and you surprised yourself with the whimper that found its way out of your mouth.

“Glad to see we’re on the same page but now I can’t help but wonder if you left me waiting this long to get you on your own just to tease me. I hope for your sake that’s not the case, sweetheart” he practically growled as he licked his lips. If you were sober, you would have stammered and ducked your head from his view as you blushed but not now that you were armed with some liquid courage. He was looking at you like a predator stalking his prey, like you were a meal laid out on a silver platter just for him and you delighted in it. Drawing confidence from the hungry look in his eyes, you slid your hands up his arms and placed them on his shoulders. You licked your lips and looked into his eyes.

“Well either way, there’s no reason for us to still be here”, you said lowly and it seemed to spur him on as he slid one of his arms around your waist and started pulling you towards the exit. You looked around for Ryan, who was playing pool and flirting to the best of his abilities with a short, dark haired man, and threw him an apologetic smile that was met with an exaggerated thumbs up and wink.

It was a warm summer night and you had no need to press yourself closer to the man beside you, whose name you still didn’t know, but you found yourself doing it anyway.

“I’m y/n by the way”, you said suddenly, breaking the silence. He gave you a look that said he didn’t really care but he responded all the same.

“Dean” he said nonchalantly, tearing his gaze away from you.

He continued to lead you through the parking lot until you reached a sleek black impala that you could just see from the light bleeding out of the bar.

Whistling lightly in approval, “Nice car”, you said appreciatively.

“I know, I bet it would look better like this though”, he said darkly as he came to stand behind you, placing a strong hand on your back and pushing you down so that you were bent over the bonnet. Your short dress rode up and you gasped as the tops of your thighs were exposed to the night air and Dean’s ravenous gaze. His abruptness took you somewhat by surprise but you decide to take it as a challenge as you lifted yourself back up and turned around to face him. You strutted towards him, swaying your hips. When you were flush against him, you wrapped your arms around his neck and brought your lips up to his ear.

“You’ve got a point but I think it would look best with me bouncing on your cock in the backseat”.

This earned a low groan as he gripped your ass roughly, pulling the fabric of your dress up even more.

“Well darlin’, why the hell are you still dressed and standing here then? If you’re so eager to get me inside you?”, he said tauntingly with a dark smirk plastered on his face. With one hand he opened the car door and used the hand that was still on your ass to urge you into the back of the car. You quickly pulled your bodycon dress over your head, feeling incredibly grateful that you had opted for a lacy matching bra and thong set. Dean slipped in after you, sitting back casually on the seat as he drank in the sight of you.

“Atta girl”, he said, undoing his belt and opening up his jeans, “now why don’t you get over here and suck my cock like a good little slut”.

You clenched your thighs and soaked through your panties at his words. You shouldn’t love this but you do, eagerly crawling forward and freeing his hard dick. Fuck, he was huge! Long and thick and way bigger than any guy you had ever been with before. You let out a pathetic whimper and could have sworn that you heard him chuckle but the sound was quickly replaced by a groan as you wrapped you hand around the base of his shaft. Leaning forward and starting off slow, you circled your tongue around the head of his cock before running your tongue along the slit. Feeling pleased with the filthy noises that you were eliciting from him, you wrapped your lips around him and took him into your mouth. This provoked him to thread his fingers through your hair and thrust his hips upwards. He was taking control and you loved it, loved how he was taking pleasure from your body so you brought both of your hands behind your back and made it clear that you were showing no resistance.

“Oh fuck! Sweetheart yes! Ugh, so good!”, he let out grunts and broken sentences as he pushed your head down further so that your nose was pressed against his pubic bone and he was buried down your throat. Your eyes began to water until he pulled your hair back roughly.

“There ain’t no way I’m coming anywhere other than that pretty pussy of yours”, he said while running a hand through his hair.

Dean pushed you back so that you were lying on your back and he yanked your panties down your legs before pushing your knees apart. He took in the sight of you spread out before him.

“This all for me? Did you get this wet from taking my cock down your throat?”, he growled as he slid one thick finger inside you. You instinctively bucked your hips, trying to get some friction but his other hand came up to grip your hip harshly to hold you still. He removed his finger and warned, “Nuh huh, sweetheart. You get what I say you get and no more. You come when I tell you to come and not a damn second sooner or I’ll spank that pretty ass of yours ‘til it’s red. You understand?”

You nodded quickly, despite part of you really wanting him to punish you, needing Dean to fuck you hard and fast and as soon as physically possible. He seemed to sense how eager you were as he pulled a foil packet from his jeans, ripped it open with his teeth and quickly rolled the condom down his cock. He moved forward so that his hips were slotted between your thighs. Taking his shaft in his hand, he began sliding the head of his cock back and forth through your wet folds.

“I know how desperate you are for me. How bad you want me to fuck you ‘til you see stars and can’t walk straight. I want you to beg for me, beg for my cock. C’mon sweetheart, let me hear it”, he said with his deep voice dripping in lust and you could have sworn his eyes looked completely black for just a split second but you let it slip from your mind as he continued to tease you with his dick.

“Please, Dean! Please fuck me, I need it! I’m so wet for you, please, need you inside m-fuck!”, your desperate cries turned to a wanton groan as he suddenly thrusted all the way inside you in one fluid movement. Your walls burned slightly from the sudden stretch but it was nothing compared to the white hot pleasure you felt from having this beautiful man inside you. Dean slid back almost the entire way out before ramming back in quickly and he set a bruising pace that had you clenching around his dick almost instantly. You had never had sex like this before, it was a rough and desperate search for pleasure that set a fire deep in your lower stomach. Dean sucked and bit at your neck, marking you as your orgasm rapidly approached. Your walls fluttered around his cock as you tried to hold off your orgasm, remembering his warning from earlier.

“So good for me”, he groaned as he felt you clench around him, “go on, come for me darlin’. Come all over my cock!” This was exactly what you needed to hear and you let go, your pussy pulsing around his dick as you screamed his name which was enough to send Dean over the edge. You fixed your eyes on him and nearly came all over again at the sight of him above as he shot his come deep inside you. His brows were furrowed and his eyes slid closed, his deep grunts slowly morphed into loud, laboured pants.

“Shit, princess”, he said roughly once he regained control of his breathing, “I hope you don’t think I’m anywhere near done with you”. His words were like music to your ears and you let out a low “hmm”. You were more than happy to let him fuck you all damn night long.

Little idea inspired by Brendon’s story about falling off his skateboard. Full credit to whoever this photo was posted by orginally <3 <3 dedicated to the amazing @lacyandbeebourie becayse I love her <3

I’m sorry it’s so long XD

Word count - 5781

A Couple Puffs Then We’re Done

I padded through the college into my lecture, I was about 20 minutes early so I wasn’t expecting anyone to be there yet. I winced at the stinging sensation on my leg under my jeans, why I had thought skinny jeans were a good idea after bailing off my board yesterday was beyond me, but it was me after all. To my surprise the lecture room wasn’t a ghostland and as luck would have it there were even some of my friends, I glanced over at Brendon, Ryan and Spencer sitting a little away from my friends, no doubt Ryan had followed Sophia here. Brendon smiled at me, we didn’t talk huge amounts but we had worked together on projects a few times, nevertheless he was still super hot, tattoos covering his left forearm and always wearing a tshirt with skinny jeans, almost black hair lazily flicked to one side with his hand. He was in a band and played a ton of instruments AND sang which just made him hotter quite honestly. I walked through to my friends and threw myself into a chair, groaning out when I scraped the raw skin on my leg.

“AH fuck!” I yelped slightly, my hands flying to my right thigh.

“Jesus what happened to you?” Sophia asked, turning her head to face me.

“I had a total wipe out on my board yesterday.” I laughed at my own stupidity, it was even doing a trick, literally doing an ollie down a step.

“Isn’t that in the sea?” Lola asked in typical airhead fashion.

“Skateboard Lo.” I sighed, giggling.

“What happened?” Sophia asked, laughing with me.

“I tried to ollie down a step and just failed miserable, I fell straight on my ass and it fucking hurt.” I laughed, never the one to hold back when explaining things.

“You’re an idiot.” She teased, giggling along with me, I heard the boys chatting behind us.

“You know I did pretty much the exact same thing last summer.” Brendon’s smooth voice rang out, I snapped my head around, he was grinning slightly.

“Really? I didn’t even know you board.” I turned to face him, that distinctive half smile, that I wish I didn’t love so much, was plastered all over his face.

“Yeah! I was skating across the road and tried to ollie up the sidewalk and just went flying forward, scraped my whole side up, I think I got a picture somewhere.” He shook his head as he told the story, his smile beaming at me, god he was too hot, one hand slipping up to run through his impossibly dark hair. “What board do you have anyway?”

“I got a Diamond Supply custom.” I grinned, picturing my gorgeous skateboard sitting in my dorm room.

“Nice! Mines an Alien Workshop. It’s beat up as fuck I need a new one. How did you get your hands on a custom aren’t they way expensive?”

“I got it for my 18th from my dad. It’s getting pretty beat up already.”

“I’ve literally never seen a Diamond Supply custom in person.”

“Oh my God, mine is gorgeous! I…” I hesitated for a split second, rethinking my plan to fuck with a guy with so much of a reputation. “I mean, I can show you mine, you can fuck about with it tomorrow or something.”

“Seriously? Awesome, it’s a date!” He chimed, grinning the biggest smile ever at me, the girls giggled a little. “Although… please expect me to be bugging you about this like tomorrow, because I really like those boards.” We sat and nattered a little more about skating and different boards before our professor came in and we had to be quiet. The rest of the class I kept feeling Brendon’s eyes on me, turning occasionally to see his head snap away, turning to face the front again, his focus on his notebook was adorable, lip pulled between his teeth and brows scrunching up occasionally. I wasn’t paying attention much. As we finished I shoved my books back in my bag, standing and trailing after the girls, we were about to head to get some food when a voice disturbed us.

“Hey Y/N!” Brendon yelled, running up to me, the girls were giggling already, I turned to face him, returning the smile he shot at me.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Well… umm seeing as we don’t have many of the same classes and might not see each other til’ next week, I was gonna ask if umm… well… could I have your number?” He stuttered slightly, grinning nonetheless, I heard whispering from behind me but opted to ignore it.

“Yeah sure, pass your phone.” He did so without hesitation, thrusting his phone into my hands. “It's… umm it’s locked.”

“Oh shit yeah…” He leaned in. “8274” He whispered, I raised an eyebrow, tapping in the digits, his phone unlocked.

“You didn’t have to tell me. You literally could have done it yourself.”

“eh… I don’t mind you knowing my password. Don’t tell anyone though. Private stuff.” He said, his tone teasing and did he just wink at me? I tapped my number into his phone and called myself so I knew his too, he took his phone back triumphantly, grinning. “Thanks… I’ll text you later, maybe we can plan something.” He grinned, pulling me into a quick hug before sauntering away.

“Someone’s popular.” Sophia giggled along with Lola, both of them staring.

“Oh shut up.”

It was late afternoon when my phone buzzed for the first time, the name Brendon popping up on screen.

Brendon: Hi…

I smiled at the awkward as hell message, typing one back, hesitating before I pressed send, the following conversation was actually pretty cute… I think.

Me: Hey, couldn’t wait to speak to me again? ;)

It took precisely 30 seconds for it to buzz again.

Brendon: I was actually here to ask for nudes, why else would I want your number? :D

I laughed at his response, typing my own one out.

Me: Creeeeeep. That line work for you before? :P

Brendon: Oh don’t flatter yourself. I meant of your board ;) *nervous laughter*

Me: Suuuuuure.

Brendon: That a no?

Me: Shut up!

Brendon: Gotta run, band practise. Talk later?

Me: I’m free all night :)

Brendon: OK… text you later :*

I looked back to my laptop when the phone buzzed again.

Brendon: By the way, add me on Snapchat :* patdBrendon x

Did he send me a kiss? I added him anyway, he didn’t accept right away but I knew he was with the band so I didn’t sweat it. I kept working on my music theory stuff, a notebook to the side of me as I jotted things down. I spent a good couple of hours working before I was disturbed by the girls coming busting in the room, all dressed up and ready to go out, there was a party but I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to go.

“Hey studious Sally, coming out?” Sophia asked, giggling as she tugged at her dress, she looked pretty but so typically girly.

“I should work really. Plus it’s not really my scene.” I tried to talk her into leaving me alone, but it failed.

“Oh come on, Ryan and Spencer will be there.” Lola squealed, the both had a thing with those two.

“And that benefits me how?” I asked, turning back to my notebook and finishing off my sentence.

“Because Brendon will be with them.” Sophia teased me, I shook my head. “Oh come on! It’s just one night to have some fun!” I knew she would keep going on if I didn’t agree so I gave in.

“OK fine! Give me half hour to yet ready.” They giggled excitedly, hopping around like 5 year olds. “And don’t even try to get me to wear a dress.” They left me be finally, leaving to go do whatever other useless pre party rituals they wanted. I stood in front of my mirror, my hair had been plaited all day so I opted for the easy option of taking it out, leaving it wavy around my shoulders, I put some smokey eyeshadow on and mascara and my favourite dark red lipstick, satisfied with my head I decided to go look through my wardrobe. I opted for black, ripped skinny jeans and a cropped tank top, throwing on my beat up old converse and my sweater over the top, it was a nice sweater so I was sure I could get away with it. I actually felt like I looked pretty cute so decided to show off a little, opening Snapchat on my phone, I lifted the phone up a little to show the whole outfit, smiling into the camera, writing “Being forced to go out XD” under it. I posted it on my story and within a few minutes I got a text from Brendon again.

Brendon: What party are you being forced to go to? ;)

Me: I don’t even know who’s party is it… I got nagged into it.

Brendon: Well as luck would have it I’m also being forced to go to a party :P

Me: Might not even be the same one…

Brendon: I hope it is ;)

I decided to leave it at that, I didn’t want to make myself seen desperate or needy, play it cool Y/N, play it cool. Funnily enough I got another message from him, this time on Snapchat, he was wearing a dark shirt and snapback, a smile plastered across his face. “Nice outfit though…” it read. I smirked slightly at the snap, did he just say I looked good? I started to get an all too familiar feeling of anxiety that I was reading this whole situation wrong, I mean he had a reputation as a bit of a womaniser and I was starting to worry I was just his next quest. I tried to swallow down my nervous feelings and finish getting ready, skipping the jacket because I knew how warm it was tonight. The girls came bursting back through the door, both eyeing me.

“Ok not gonna lie, you might not be wearing a dress but you look hot!” Lola giggled, looking me up and down.

“Agreed, and your makeup is smoking.” Sophie added on the end, they both had their purses and were ready to go.

“Jesus do I have girlfriends or pervy guy friends here?!” I grabbed my back, slinging it over my shoulder. “Can we get this damn party over with?” With that I was dragged away, lead to some frat house on campus, jesus this would be annoying.

The party was a typical college party, tonnes of drunk jocks trying to get into the sorority girls pants, it was times like this when I regretted being such a quiet person in college, at least if I spoke to more people I wouldn’t be such a loner at parties. Some drooling jock came stumbling over to me, leaning his arm on the wall above me, he stunk of beer and cologne, not a good combination.

“You’re that skater girl, into all the metal music and weird shit right?” He slurred out, his breath was disgusting and made me feel pretty nauseous actually.

“Umm yeah I guess.” I sighed, taking a sip of my drink, he was wearing the college football team jersey, why you would wear it to a party I don’t know.

“It’s pretty hot, all that emo shit.” He slurred again, wow this was probably the most offensive pick up I’d ever experienced.

“Oh really, well the dumb jock look isn’t, so go find some other girl to hit on.” I snapped slightly, slipping out from under his arm and heading away, to my surprise, Brendon was standing in front of me, head tilted to the side with a broad smile, he looked so good tonight, his jeans fitted him in the best way and his dark tshirt sitting under a black leather jacket, I noticed the absence of the snapback though.

“Lose your hat?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest.

“Eh, it didn’t go with the jacket.” He shrugged, eyes moving to the jock that had been speaking to me 30 seconds ago. “You look about as happy to be here as me.”

“Just got told that ‘all the emo shit’ is pretty hot by some drooling chimp.” I giggled slightly, Brendon gently pulled me to the side to someone could get past me, the small contact felt nice. “So all in all a pretty good night.” He scoffed with laughter.

“Ah damn, I knew jocks were your type.” He leant on a table next to us, flicking his hair from his face effortlessly.

“Oh please, there’s only about 20 brain cells on that whole team and 10 of them are in the captain.” I sassed, putting the empty cup in my hand down.

“Ouch, I felt that burn from here, you want another drink?” He smiled sweetly, his eyes seeming to cost up and down me.

“Nah its cool, I wasn’t planning to stay much longer anyway.” I shook my head, returning the smile he gave me, with that Lola and Sophia come over, hanging off of Spencer and Ryan’s arms respectively. Music began blaring and I couldn’t hear myself think, I heard Lola shouting at Brendon and I to come and dance, as much as I tried to avoid it even Brendon was trying to convince me.

“Ah come on… just a few songs?” He pouted at me, smiling brightly when I relented and allowed myself to be lead onto the dancefloor. We all danced together, singing along to the music, it was fun for about 20 minutes then the novelty of dancing with the guy I liked had worn off. Brendon pulled me close as them music played and I felt my heart beginning to race, pounding in my chest as his lips leant close to my ear.

“Wanna blow this place? I’m bored outta my mind!” He yelled over the music, I nodded, letting him lead me out the party. “Don’t you need to let your friends know where you’re going?”

“Nah, they’re too busy with Spencer and Ryan, I’ll text them.” I shook my head, Brendon and I walked aimlessly for a while before he spoke.

“Wanna go pick up our boards? I got some weed at mine we could have a smoke and skate?” He smiled, I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Smoke weed on campus?” I heard the shock in my own voice, cringing a little.

“Calm down goody two shoes, my place is off campus, we could pick up your board then walk to mine, then maybe we could go for a skate?” He smiled sweetly, the idea sounded amazing, it wasn’t so late and the sun was going to set soon, it was warm and breezy so I wouldn’t get too hot.

“You know… that sounds like an awesome idea.” I smiled, we walked to mine, Brendon spent about ten minutes in my room just gushing over my skateboard before I finally managed to drag him out to go to his place. He walked and I used my board, even though I let him have a few turns on it, we headed over to his place, he let me in and lead me to his bedroom.

“Want me to roll a few blunts before we go? So we don’t have to keep coming back or rolling while we’re out?” He sat down, pulling out a small box with all of his stuff in.

“It’s ok, I’ll only have a little. Don’t wanna steal all your weed.” I tried to argue but he shook his head.

“Don’t be silly, I’ll roll and few and you can smoke as much as you want.” He did as he said, rolling a few blunts and putting them in a small silver tin, throwing that in the pocket of his leather jacket, he lead me outside, grabbing his own board as we left, he grabbed keys and his wallet. “It sucks that that you know how to skate.” He grinned at me, I tilted my head to the side, confused by the comment.

“What… why?” I was totally puzzled by it.

“Because… teaching you how to skate would have been a really good way to get close to you.” He flashed a cheesy grin, both of us cracking up into giggles, after he giggled be pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth, eyes flitting up and down over me again.

“Well looks like you’ll have to be more inventive then.” I challenged, still wasn’t sure about this but I was all up for having fun tonight.

“Well aren’t you lucky I like a challenge.”

As we were skating around near his place we took the odd video of each other, I posted a few of Brendon skating on snapchat as well as a few selfies, he took a few videos of us both smoking and skating, playing some music off of my phone. Time completely flew by, the sun was setting fast and we were both pretty stoned skating around, laughing and joking on his snapchat and my own. I stopped and slid my sweater off, feeling the heat bubbling on my skin from skating, throwing it on the grass I was left in my cropped tank top, strappy and sitting just above my naval. I felt Brendon’s eyes on me, flitting up and down my body slowly, it was actually kind of hot feeling like he might actually be attracted to me. His jacket was already on the ground, he stopped, running a hand casually through his hair, flopping on the ground to light a blunt. I sat next to him, glad to be taking a breather for a minute, flopping back on the grass, smoking a little before he headed up to skate some more, smiling at me as he messed around. While he was skating again I looked at his Snapchat, he had taken several videos and pictures and posted them, one was of us both boarding, one picture of us sitting smoking a joint. I looked at the next video and it was me skating with the words “she’s perfect” and a heart sticker on it, I felt myself blush a little, the next picture was us on the grass with “beats a party anyday” written on it. The last few pictures and videos on his story were what got me. One was a picture of me, sweater off midway through an ollie, it was a pretty good picture actually but it was the caption that got me. “Lucky to be with her tonight” and more hearts followed, the final video was us skating and laughing. “A night well spent.” I was blushing so hard by the end of the story, he came skating over, plopping back down next to me on the grass. I took out my phone, holding it out in front of us and pressing a kiss to his cheek, snapping the picture, captioning it “He’s adorable” I plastered the end of it with hearts.

“So tell me more about yourself Urie.” I teased as we lay in the grass, taking an pull of the blunt he had given me.

“There’s not much to know.” He smiled, looking up at the sky.

“Liar… there’s tonnes to know, you just don’t trust anyone enough to tell them.” I smiled and got one back, his eyebrows arched slightly at me.

“Wow… beautiful and intelligent, have I fallen on my feet here?” He flashed another gorgeous smile and I giggled, feeling myself flushing pink, he took a pull on his own joint.

“Oh stop teasing and open up will ya?” I laughed, even though I actually wanted him to, he knew tonnes about me.

“Well, what do ya want to know?”

“Anything you want to tell me.”

“Well… I’m from Vegas, a small town called Summerville, I used to be Mormon, I’m an Aries, I love music more than anything, I play drums, piano, guitar, bass and I sing and mix music for the band too.” He smiled, touching my cheek, I felt my head lean into his touch. “How’s that?”

“Umm good…” I smiled, trying to think of things to keep the conversation going. “So… how did you find moving to college?”

“You know it was pretty easy, I moved out when I was 17 so it wasn’t really any different for me.” I stared at him in shock, I had no idea about any of this.

“What do you mean you moved out at 17?” I asked, interested but trying not to pry.

“Well, when I told my parents I didn’t believe in god, things got pretty sucky for a while, a lot of arguments, so I moved out.”

“But how did you afford that?”

“I worked in a smoothie shop while I was in high school, I only had like 2 lessons a day and would be out by half 10 so I used to work like 8 hours.”

“You must have been exhausted most of the time.”

“Well yeah, but it was worth it, I got into college AND I the band is doing great.” He smiled sweetly, both of us were probably just high and talking shit but it was nice anyway.


“Yeah, we have a meeting with Pete Wentz next month!” He gushed, turning to face me. We continued to talk, getting to know small things about each other that maybe we wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for tonight, how his favourite colour is red and he loves Frank Sinatra, and his hopes and dreams for the band. It felt surreal, yet it was such an intimate conversation, laying and smoking on the grass, I told him about my family and how I wish they’d support my interests a little more, he asked me endless questions about my interests and told me all about his family and his life. All of a sudden I felt like I could tell him anything, like he was the most trustworthy person in my life. “You… you don’t have to keep telling me stuff just because I asked.” I smiled, I felt his hand touch mine, holding it gently, his smile equally as sweet as he looked at me.

“I’m telling you because I want to. Not because you made me.” He gently stroked my fingers, shifting a little closer to me, he blew the last draw of his blunt out, throwing it away, we went silent, looking at each other, before I could say another word he kissed me, slow and gentle, fingers lacing in with mine, hand pulling me in by the waist. His lips began to move against mine in slow, methodical movements, tongue brushing my lip gently, I eagerly parted my lips allowing his tongue to move against my own. His hand tangled into my hair, pulling my body close, I whimpered against him, he was such a good kisser, it was making my mind turn to mush, I found myself gripping onto his arms and moaning like a 15 having their first kiss. He pulled back, gasping slightly, his eyes fiery and black, breathing heavy as his arms held me clothes.

“My place?” He mumbled, biting his lip as he pressed another kiss to my lips.

“Yes…” I whimpered, feeling him act quickly, he stood and yanked me up, grabbing our stuff before we both skated home, he kept hold of my hand and somehow we managed not to fall off our boards, getting in we both threw them down near the door, he kicked his shoes off and I followed suit, following him up to his room.

Once in his room he moved over to his dresser, taking his shirt off and throwing it on his computer chair, he turned back to me.

“C’mere gorgeous.” He purred, pulling me against him, his lips pressing softly against my own, his hands sliding onto my waist, touching the skin left bare by my cropped top, his fingers curled on the hem pulling it up over my head, throwing it to the ground. “God you’re so sexy.” He practically moaned out, biting his lip at me, handing gliding over my stomach and back, fingertips stroking my skin, I heard myself moan out softly, allowing my own nervous hands to move onto his chest. He closed his eyes as my hands stroked his skin, his lips crashed down on mine, gripping me tightly against his body, the burning skin of his chest pressing against my own flushed pink flesh. He began to guide me over to the bed, working at the button on my jeans.

“They’ll be home soon.” I whispered, Brendon smirked, biting his lip.

“I know… good I got a lock right.” He winked, sauntering over to his bedroom door and pressing the lock in. “Now… lie down.” He teased, his voice low and husky, hands winding around my waist as he lowered me onto his bed, lips moving onto my neck, pressing light kisses all over the sensitive skin, I felt his teeth grazing my flesh, I whimpered as my back arched towards him. He unzipped my jeans, yanking them down my legs and tossing them to the side, unhooking my bra too, his lips moved down to my chest, kissing all over my breasts, tongue swirling against the skin, I whimpered, gripping onto his shoulder blades desperately.

“Brendon…” I gasped, writhing, his hand slid into my panties as his lips worked my flesh, biting down again, his fingers circling on my clit, he groaned as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans, they were left undone. He withdrew his hand from my panties, much to my annoyance, he kicked his jeans off, leaving him in his boxers on top of me, hand back in my panties, touching my clit again, sending shudders of pleasure through me, I felt him hard against my leg, grinding into me slightly.

“Fuck Y/N…” He growled slightly, his breathing rapid and desperate.

“Come on…” I panted desperately, I needed more and he knew it, he groaned and nodded at me, pulling my panties down tossing them somewhere, he wriggled out of his boxers, I felt his bare skin against me, the heat coming from both of us was unbearable, I pressed my hips up towards him, desperate for more contact.

“Someone’s impatient.” He said biting his lip at me, the way he looked at me was driving me crazy, his lip pulled sexily between his teeth, hips grinding down against me, I whimpered again, his hand slipped in between us, he rubbed his cock against me. “So wet.” He growled out, his hips rocking slowly.

“Please Bren…” I whimpered, gripping onto him, he chuckled low in his throat, my hips rocked against his, he groaned out again. “Come on… I need you.” I whimpered, hearing my own voice breathy and desperate.

“Fuck this.” He growled, his hips snapped sharply against me, pushing into me hard, I gasped out, his hips began to snap against me, jolting me up on the bed, his hand gripping the sheets hard, pulling them next to my head. I heard myself moaning and whimpering on the bed under him as his body moved above me, face screwed up in pleasure, his own panting and moaning turning me on even more, I knew how much he was enjoying this, it made it better for me. He growled slightly, leaning up almost upright as his hips slammed into me, the low rumbling sound coming from in his chest driving me insane, I felt him hitting that perfect spot over and over again. It played in the back of my mind that the reason he was so good at this was because of his reputation and how much he’d done it before, but the though was quickly stamped out by the mind numbing pleasure he was giving me. He just grunted and groaned above me, throwing his head back in pleasure, his sexy, tattooed arm coming up to my neck, hand wrapping gently around my throat, holding it in his fingers, squeezing ever so slightly when I moaned out. He looked at me with a new intensity, his eyes burning, like he couldn’t get enough of me, it made me feel so sexy, like no one had made him feel like this before.

My brain began to fog over as an unfamiliar tightening in my stomach began to build up, I had literally only been able to cum before if it was me doing it, so the fact that Brendon had almost nailed it first time drove me crazy. His hand remained around my throat, the other gripping the sheets next to me, I hadn’t really tried rougher sex but it was so hot I couldn’t care less if it was new to me. He released my throat, instead opting to grip onto my wrists, pinning them up above my head as his mouth moved to my neck, biting down harder than before, I felt the slight suction on the skin, knowing he’d leave a dark red mark there.

“Fuck Brendon.” I gasped out, the pain was amazing, along with the pleasure of his hips slamming into me over and over, his pace was relentless, it was like it didn’t faze him at all. He smirked down, letting out another impossibly sexy moan, using only one hand to pin my wrists, the other now gripping tightly onto my hip.

“Ugh Y/N… you feel so fucking tight.” He growled out, low and husky, the tone sent shivers down my spine, I felt the slight sting of his fingers, gripping my hip possessively, I could already tell he wasn’t the type for sharing, the way his body loomed over mine, hands gripping me. His dark hair began to cling to his sweaty forehead, his head thrown back, mouth falling open as he grunted with each thrust, the bed beginning to slam against the wall loudly.

“I… I’m c-close.” I gasped, feeling the knot in my stomach tightening more, like I was about to snap, my mind growing hazy, all I could think of was his name and his body and the way he made me feel, nothing else mattered at that moment. He seemed to gain a second wind hearing me say that, his hips slamming into me with new found ferocity, growling and groaning over the top of me, released my wrists which instantly flew up to his back, gripping it tightly, I felt my nails raking down his flesh which only seemed to drive him even more crazy. He hooked my leg under his arm, allowing him deeper, his free hand tangled in my air, gripping a fistful and pulling it lightly, forcing my back to arch against him, he used to opportunity to attack my neck again, biting and sucking all over. “B-bren, I… can’t hold on much longer.” I whimpered desperately, the stings and aches of pain he was giving me drove me insane, a perfect contrast to how amazing I felt every else.

“Me too baby… I wanna feel you cum on my cock.” He snarled, pulling my hair again sharply, I felt his thrusts growing sloppier and harder, he leant down close to my ear, biting just underneath it. “Cum for me.” He groaned, I came undone at his words, cumming hard around him, feeling myself tightening around him, gripping his back tight, he kept his tight grip on my body, his head bowed into the crook of my neck.

“Brendon!” I yelled out, loud and desperate, I was so glad they hadn’t come back yet, my body felt like it was fluttering, shaking and weak, suddenly he gave one last burst of hard thrusts before slowing.

“Oh fuck Y/N.” He tensed right up above me, throwing his head back, mouth open as he throbbed, hitting his peak just after me, groaned out, his own breath shaky and staggered in my ear.

He flopped down next to me, breathing heavily, sweat coating his skin as he leant back.

“Wow…” He panted slightly, taking a swig of the drink next to his bed. “That was amazing.”

“I know…” I gasped out, suddenly feeling that anxiety about it coming back. “Just so you know, I’m really not the type to do this.” I mumbled, he laughed in a low breathy tone.

“Stop thinking I’m judging you for any of this.” He smiled, pulling me a little closer to him, his million dollar smile beaming at me.

“I just… I don’t want to give you the wrong idea about me.” I sighed, allowing myself to be pulled closer to the dark haired boy.

“Well you know… I was kinda hoping that this could happen more often?” He smiled, he brushed my hair out of my face, sweat causing it to stick slightly, I raised an eyebrow, panicking that all my worries had just been confirmed. “No! I don’t just mean that, I mean tonight, me and you.”

“Me and you?” I asked, tilting my head to the side as he lay next to me slightly breathless.

“You know, getting stoned and skating just the two of us, having lunch together all the time, holding hands, cuddling and watching movies. You know, all that stuff that makes single people cringe.” He smiled sincerely, cuddling up to me.

“But… why… I’m hardly your usual type.” I tried to hide the concern in my voice, he kissed my forehead gently, pulling me close to him on the bed.

“Listen… if you think you’re not damn perfect then you’re stupid. You skate, you’re beautiful, intelligent, witty, you love music and you smoke, and you’re happy to just chill. I’ve liked you for ages but tonight I finally got the chance to really speak to you and get to know you, and you’re every bit as amazing as I thought, more even.” I blushed bright red, feeling him pull the covers over us, nuzzling his face into my hair.

“I really like you Bren… I’m just scared.” I mumbled into his chest, us snuggling up together in bed felt great.

“I know… but I swear, I won’t hurt you, I’m not an idiot. I wouldn’t fuck up something so amazing. I really like you too.” He smiled, we heard Ryan and Sophia giggling downstairs, they’d just come in, Brendon chuckled. “We should probably try to get to sleep before they start making noise.”

“Ok…” I mumbled again, nuzzling into his chest. “Night Brendon.”

“Night babe.”

I really hope you like it guys <3

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Can we get a ryden timeline... xx (love the blog)

thank you anon xo, and I can do a Ryden timeline and edit: I took the readmore out because it doesn’t work on mobile so sorry this is going to be lengthy, and I apologize, some of the stuff I’m gonna say I can not find the articles or pictures to back myself up.

I think I’m gonna do this timeline by year 


Ryan and Jac, Brendon and Audrey

  -So back in like the wee baby days of Panic! Ryan and Brendon both dated a couple of “scene queens’ (oh early 00′s) and I wouldn’t mention it but there are sceenshots of conversations between the two girls saying stuff like “Oh your boyfriend turned mine gay.” and a few other things about the boys having a thing.

Ryan’s Livejournal

-Here’s the tumblr post all of his entries are on, seriously give them a read in your freetime

-he’s deleted the account, so :(. Like right after the Myrtle Beach stuff but that is the next thing

-So his livejournal, full of teenage angst, the early developments of songs from fever, vague relationship posts, great banter between him and brendon including:

-I apologize there are a few other things of them interacting on lj but I can’t fine any screenshots or anything of them

Kerrang! Slow Dancing article

-So basically in a December 2006 issue of Kerrang! they put in an article and I quote  “Urie and Ross crack up as they slow-dance together through the heaving dressing room, belting out ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ by fellow Las Vegas quartet The Killers as they glide through the crowd.”

-Don’t believe me here’s a pic of the article with that paragraph circled, super hard to read, but it’s there

Myrtle Beach

-Shit gets sexy here (like literally)

-So the myrtle beach lore is what I would call 1/3 of the huge Ryden lore stories

-Basically after a show Panic! and their crew all went skinny dipping in Myrtle Beach

-In some interview or another I’m pretty sure one of the backup dancers on tour implied that they fucked. 

-Ryan wrote this livejournal entry about the night:

Sun, Jun 25 2006

The moon bred new Atlantic life tonight.the salt burned you right out of my eyes.and secrets we’re not proud of were taken with the tide. We were all newborns with blurred vision and no sense of direction.

Today I saw cancer, cigarettes and shortness of breath.

this is why I walk to the ocean.swim with jellyfish.I may never get this chance again.

this is why if you want to kiss you should kiss.

If you want to cry you should cry, and

if you want to live you should live.

You don’t have to love me. You already did. At least enough to keep me smiling from South Carolina to Virginia.it’s for lovers (orjustfriends)

This is why I do it.

-and then promptly deleted his lj account shortly after that



-Seattle is already a significant place for Ryan as noted by this livejournal post:

Mon, Feb 6 2006

lay like lions in the sand..

one day we’ll settle in Seattle.

-But back to what this is really for (also totally copy and pasting this from my seattle post yesterday)

-Ryan turned 21 Pete Wentz  threw his party at one of his clubs in NYC, none of the other Panic! were 21 yet so they were already in seattle for the next show they were playing. 

^^^ Ryan @ his bday party,  -But anyways sometime during that night Ryan left his birthday party to fly out to Seattle, and was spotting in a resturant with Brendon, and a fan reconized them and got a picture which is here (sorry she’s blurred out I can’t find one not like that.)

-So yeah our boy left is own bday party to be with Brendon and wrote a song about it ( more on that in the next section) 

 -Ryan and Brendon also did an interview together around that same time where Ryan was still wearing the outfit from his B-day party and Brendon was wearing what he wore in that picture with a fan. Link to that interview: Here


-2ish years since fever

-How much detail so I gotta go into here? That album was gay as fuck.

- It’s lengthy so I won’t go into depth but this entire album is basically about a summer love, more specifically the two people in love (Ryan and Brendon since this is a Ryden thing) Who use “the sun” and “the moon” to refer to eachother. It’s up for debate who’s who. And i’m not going to get into it

-Most notably is the lyric “We must reinvent love.” From Mad as Rabbits which is quoting a poem by a gay man about how since he doesn’t like women love must be reinvented

Northern Downpour (yeah I had to give this it’s own section)

 -This is a song on pretty.odd is heavily suspected to be about that night in Seattle, including lyrics such as “I missed your skin when you we’re East, you clicked your heels and wished for me.” (Ryan was in NYC which is east of Seattle), along with Seattle is rainy and in the North of the US.

-Ryan told Brendon to pay special attention to the lyric “I know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches call it home.” and that is the lyric he got chocked up on playing it post-split

-Also during the Live in Chicago performance Brendon sings “Northern Downpour sends it’s love-” and then adds in and “I love you.” Right after.

Cape Town

-Pain, sadness

-No one knows what the fuck happened (aside from those involved)

-Cape Town, South Africa is where the last Panic! show with Ryan and Jon in the band played. It’s shady, and what is know is that Ryan and Brendon were not getting along to the point where they could stand to be in the same room together so Ryan and Jon left and created The Young Veins. 

- The Young Veins just so happen to have a song called Cape Town

-There’s a lot of speculation about said song being about Ryden and the band split (wrapped up into a metaphor about a girl). Mostly because the song is about a lost love. (in cape town.)

-Another large reason this is a very significant place in Ryden lore would be the lyric comparisons from the song Cape Town by The Young Veins, and a few songs off of Vices & Virtues. Most notably. From Cape Town: “Woke me in the morning asked me if I meant it, I didn't”. And from The Calendar (A song confirmed to be about the panic! split): “And I meant everything I said that night”

-The V&V bonus track the song Bittersweet has the lyric: “I’ve been to Tokyo, and to South Africa so many places that you may say I’ve seen it all”. Cape Town is in South African, not hard to make a connect about the two. And that concludes today’s lesson on the mystery of Cape Town.

Post-Split bits and peaces

-The Young Veins went off and wrote an album all about regret called Take A Vacation!

-Brendon and Spencer went on and released Vices & Virtues which is full of salt and bitterness. Salty Breakup album. 

-Ryan and Brendon parallel lyrics to eachother and I reccomend doing research on it or shooting me an ask and I’ll talk about it. 

And that is a timeline of Ryden 2004-2011ish. Feel free to ask me for more post breakup stuff (like Halloween, or the whole ‘they were cool after the split to now they rarely talk’ ) This is just getting lengthy but I will answer more questions on it

Steven Universe Playlist

I’ll post this once, I think, cause it’s a long long post! Haha but a lot of people were messaging me asking for it! 

So I made a Spotify playlist inspired by the main characters of Steven Universe and some of the relationships between the characters! I truly hope you all enjoy it! The direct link to the playlist is here: https://open.spotify.com/user/1280085543/playlist/4QJjUY8cwpyZSGIOE0kHXs

Here are my full explanations on which character each song is based off of, and why!!

Steven – “Into the Stars (feat. MC Jin)” by Tim Be Told – I can see Steven singing this light-hearted, optimistic tune, with Connie accompanying him with her violin. And the rap within the song is totally Garnet joining it. I felt not only this to be a good song for Steven, but also just an awesome “Steven Universe”-ish song to start off the playlist!

Pearl – “Alice” by Bianca Ryan – This song has such a beautiful balance of delicate melody, with an uneasy background, almost like there is an unease that’s building. Pearl parallels the character of Alice in this song so well, and I think it beautifully highlights her struggles with Rose’s sacrifice (How do you stand so calm when everything you lived for is gone?). I also think it shines a light on Pearl’s mysterious past, as we know the least about her (Alice, what is your secret?). At the end, the line Alice knows where she’s going, I like to look at it as “she” is Rose, and Pearl knows where she’s going… she is going to live on in Steven.

Amethyst – “Done With Bein’ Done” by Daphne Willis – I think this song brilliantly encapsulates Amethyst’s fight that resides within her, despite her being so uncomfortable with herself. She doesn’t let her own insecurities defeat her. It has a deep message, but delivered with such a light-hearted tune, which I think parallels her need to paint over her insecurities with her aloof attitude. Not to mention, the rapping portion of the song sounds EXACTLY as if Amethyst were saying it herself.

Rose Quartz to Steven – “Moon and Back” by Alice Kristiansen - I can see this song as Rose’s message (or even lullabye) to Steven, if only she could talk to him (You’re trying to make me proud, believe me now). She believes in him through and through, and wants to reassure him that there’s always hope (Through the cracks in the road, the flowers grow…).

Garnet – “Valentine” by Pentatonix – This song does such a wonderful job of showcasing Garnet’s faith and firm belief in who she is, and what makes her her (I don’t wanna hide me… Cause I know about my love). I also think the multiple voices of Pentatonix helps to illustrate the fact that Garnet is comprised of two strong souls, in addition to herself as her own unique soul.

Ruby – “Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic – I’ll be your light, your match, your burning sun. I think this song really encapsulates Ruby’s willingness to be the warrior you need to get things done, especially for Sapphire. It’s almost a fight anthem for Ruby, a mantra she would repeat, proving she would overcome anything, never stopping. Not until her love for Sapphire would run out, which would never happen.

Lapis – “Breaking Down” by Lenachka – The beginning of this song starts out almost like rain falling on the ground. I love this song for Lapis, not only because the feel of the song seems to match her personality, but also because it speaks about her wish to find home, and how she must now find it on Earth (I thought I found my way back home… but I’ll find it anyhow…). The song also shows her strength, despite the struggles she’s endured (Just because I’m running doesn’t mean I’m hiding, and just because I’m hurting doesn’t mean I’m breaking down…). I also love the violin at the end of the song, which I can see her dancing to.

Peridot – “The Logical Song” by Supertramp – I don’t think there’s another song that defines Peridot better than this song. The song describes how the world taught the singer to think logically and clinically. I also like the idea that, like the singer, Peridot once looked at the world as a beautiful mystery before society taught her to think only one kind of way. I especially like how the song also reflects Peridot’s fear of disobeying the socially acceptable standards (Watch what you say, they’ll be calling you a radical…). And it also shines light on Peridot’s eventually questioning of the part she truly plays now that she’s a social outcast (Please tell me who I am). Finally, add in the tech sounds near the end of the song, and this whole tune is just perfectly Peridot.

Connie – “The Call” by Regina Spektor – Just like Connie, this song starts out quietly, shyly, and grows louder and more confident. I believe the words mirror Connie’s faith in Steven, especially when he’s going off to fight. This song almost is a premonition of Connie’s imminent journey to train in order to join Steven, so that she never has to stay behind again. The beginning of the song especially relates to Steven stirring the bravery within Connie that she didn’t know she had, but had all along.

Malachite – “Control” by Halsey – This song already showcases the creepy and disturbing feel that Malachite deserves. On top of that, it discusses the unstable nature of the singer, very much like the constant fight between Jasper and Lapis, who comprise Malachite (Who is in control?). It even offers similar sentiments to the ones Lapis uttered to Steven (You should be scared of me).

Greg – “Artichoke” by Gabriel Mann – This song was also recommended by another blogger, due to it strangely having the feeling of Greg, and I couldn’t agree more! I can almost hear Greg making this impromptu serenade to Rose one morning cause it came to him. The whole song contains these sloppy similes to food, which Greg would totally make, and Rose would totally giggle at! Despite the messy meter and rather interesting connections he makes, the song still contains this beautiful heartfelt message that is perfect for them. Plus, the singer sounds very much like Greg, right??

Jasper – “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons – Suggested by another blogger, and once again, another amazing fight song that I think Jasper would declare about herself and all her fellow warrior gems (We are the warriors that built this town). They truly believe they are fighting to colonize other worlds for the good of Homeworld. The beginning of the song could almost be Jasper’s origin story (As a child, you would wait, and watch from far away, and you always knew that you’d be the one to work while they all play…)

Opal – “That’s Just What You Are” by Aimee Mann – This song, sung by Opal’s voice actor, is actually a really fun song I can see almost being sung between Pearl and Amethyst about their differences, and how despite those differences, they come together to make up Opal. That’s what Opal is comprised of, these beautiful juxtaposed characters. Despite Opal’s stoic personality, I still feel she has the potential to be chill like the feeling of this song.

Sapphire – “Once Upon a Dream” by Lana Del Rey – This song has the haunting solemnity that Sapphire most times exhibits. I can imagine Sapphire singing this about Ruby, almost as if she foresaw Ruby to be her soulmate. I know the whole thing about Ruby was that Sapphire didn’t see Ruby coming, haha, but I would think Sapphire could playfully be saying this to Ruby to reassure her that she’s the one for her.

Stevonnie – “Nine In The Afternoon” by Panic! At The Disco – This is another tune recommended by someone, and I think this really captures the feel of the beautiful, innocent sense of discovery that Steven and Connie felt as Stevonnie (Man, it feels good to feel this way!). Everything was new and slightly scary, but they had each other to experience it with. I especially love the line Losing the feeling of feeling unique, as it connects with Stevonnie’s confusion as to what individual was feeling what.

Blue Diamond – “The River” by Ibeyi – I searched a long time for the right song for Blue Diamond! Not knowing much about this character also contributed to that haha. Finally, I came across this (no pun intended) gem! This song, which is infused with the Nigerian language, Yoruba, harkens to the North African style Blue Diamond seems to be drawn from, and has a regal and mysterious feel, which also compliments her personality. The lyrics also almost sound very religious, which draws a parallel to the Homeworld gems’ view of the Diamonds as some forms of deities, or at least how Peridot seemed to view them!

Sardonyx – “Dance Apocalyptic” by Janelle Monáe – This super fun and bouncy song about keeping on dancing despite almost doomsday-ish circumstances, I feel, perfectly encompasses Sardonyx’s confident and happy nature. She always seems to be able to take on any challenge with the greatest aplomb, and that’s what’s so great about her. Not to mention, there is also the occasional Smash, smash uttered through the song, which makes me think of the line “Occasionally, I am known… to smash.” Janelle’s voice and exclamations are so perfectly akin to Sardonyx, it just has the beautiful feel of that character.

Ruby & Sapphire – “All the Matters” by Estelle – Not only is this one of the most endearing and romantic songs I’ve ever heard, which happens to be SUNG BY ESTELLE (voice actor for Garnet), it also is a song that brilliantly describes Ruby and Sapphire’s everlasting love for each other. I just see them reminiscing about all their life together, and how they wouldn’t trade it for the world, especially Sapphire, who had originally seen all of her life laid out in front of her, but now has a completely new path thanks to Ruby (And now we sit and wonder where life went. Of all the moments I missed, I’m glad I didn’t miss you).

Yellow Diamond – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Lorde – This foreboding, ominous take on the classic song makes it even more appropriate for Yellow Diamond, who I’m almost certain has completely taken Homeworld for herself. The opening even has the oppressive, scary feel that could be almost akin to Yellow Diamond’s tight-gripped reign of Homeworld. There’s even the line, Turn your back on Mother Nature, very similar to Yellow Diamond’s wishes to simply let the Earth die, which isn’t even logical to Peridot, as Earth contains so many important resources that could prove useful.

Steven & Connie – “Oasis” by A Great Big World – I chose this song to represent what Steven and Connie mean to each other. Not necessarily a romantic message, more just about two souls who are meant to support and defend each other. Despite all the hectic and bad things that seem to happen around them, they assure each other they will get through it together (When we can’t fight another fight, we’re gonna make it).

Sugilite – “Win Again” by Nicki Minaj – There were many songs suggested to me for Sugilite that were by Nicki Minaj. This song was the one that not only completely featured Nicki, but also brilliantly encompassed Sugilite’s personality. Not only does it mention that she’s a monster/beast, it also describes her confidence that she will always defeat anything in her path, racking up the wins (Kill, kill everything in, everything in my way).

Alexandrite – “Together” by Ella Eyre – This is a fantastic song with a message of how, like the Crystal Gems all fusing to create Alexandrite, the fight can be won as one (We are more together). Not only, is it an awesome song for Alexandrite, I just think it’s a fantastic fight song for all of the Crystal Gems!

The Cluster – “I’ll Keep Coming” by Low Roar – I wasn’t originally looking to include the Cluster on this playlist, but then this song was suggested, and it was too perfect not to add in! Not only does the song start out with the ominous sounds, which could easily be the low rumblings of something stirring beneath one’s feet, but the multiple voices singing in unison echo the fragmented gems contained within the cluster. The lyrics also perfectly describe the Cluster (Soon I’ll come around, lost and never found, waiting for my words, seen but never heard, buried underground, but I’ll keep coming). The whole song captures the scary and mysterious creation so well.

Rainbow Quartz – “Runaway (U & I)” by Galantis – This upbeat song has the fun, dance club feel that matches Rainbow Quartz’s personality! Not to mention the song is about two individuals who don’t know what lies ahead, but they want to run away together despite it. This is very much like Rose and Pearl becoming rebels to Homeworld, fighting for Earth together, as well as Pearl’s undying devotion to Rose.

Rose Quartz to Greg -  “I Was an Island” by Allison Weiss – What an absolutely perfect song to describe how Rose’s world was turned upside down by Greg (I was a rebel, and I had a cause, til you came to town, pushed me around, and showed me what love was). It has that rock feel that was just like the music that attracted Rose to Greg in the first place. It almost has the same recurring strums that are contained in the song “What Can I Do For You?”. I can almost hear Greg playing the music as Rose serenades him with the words.

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I'd like to ask if you will post more about the ryden lore to clarify some misinformation? do you think Ry's bi? I think he just didn't know he loved B back then (or I will say they fell in love with each other at different time.) To me, ryden was real for sometime without them realizing or being honest with their feelings. And what's your thought about the cabin album? like do you think cricket & clover represent B & Ry?

Hi anon! I’ve just seen all your asks! I’ll try to answer them one by one and as best as I can!
You ask me to clarify Ryden Lore misinformation, is there anything specific you are interested in?

There are a few things I see confused all the time. For example:

- Cape Town, the song. Everyone wants to know what happened in Cape Town because it was the last time Panic played as a 4 piece, it was the end of a tour leg but not the end of Pretty.Odd touring, they still had some tour dates scheduled with Blink 182 and others. In fact, when the split was confirmed in their website in July 2009, they told everyone not to worry, that those shows were still on. Can you imagine Ryan Ross missing an opportunity to play a show with Blink 182? That’s how screwed up things were at the time.

The Young Veins song, however, is not about that. It’s about meeting a woman there ( I don’t know if before or after the split) and falling in love with her. Ryan was ready to leave everything behind and stay there with her (notice how desperate he was to run away from reality) he wanted to throw his passport away and stay in CT. But Jon (bless his hippy soul!) stopped him from being ridiculous, later they found out that this woman (who wanted to marry Ryan) was in fact already married but her husband was in jail. Ryan told this story in a TYV show before playing the song. One of the first people he followed on Twitter was a beautiful girl from Cape Town named Cindy, after that summer (2009) he unfollowed her.

Now, Ryan does tend to mix topics in one song (most songwriters do) so I’m not saying there aren’t any metaphors about the split in the song but, if there are, they aren’t huge. He left her in Cape Town after loving her, it’s not about the band. It’s like with Northern Downpour, that song is special because it mixes a lot of things, it’s not just Ryden, but it’s also Ryden.

Whatever happened in CT band wise, it wasn’t a surprise for anyone. There were rumours about issues within the 4 all around 2009, they got worse around spring time. They were constantly separated in 2s in interviews, like Ryan and Jon will be sitting together all the time, Spencer and Brendon the same. Jon and Ry were writing songs together a lot. During the Honda Civic Tour they toured with Phantom and Ryan got really close with Alex Greenwald (a bit “in love” with him in a brotherly kind of way). Bare in mind, he was very young, many people go through a huge process of change at the end of their teen years or early twenties and become a different person, they evolve differently, and that reflects in their need for change and seek of different horizons, I think that happened to him. He was looking for something new, exciting. In general, not just music wise.

(I could say soooo much about things that happened in 2009 but I don’t want to bore you. There are many many other things that have been misinterpreted in the Ryden Lore besides the Cape Town thing, let me know if you’d like to know about something specific or if you’d like a small summary of a few ones)

- Is Ryan bi? Well I don’t know, only he knows, obviously. The way I see it with him it’s like this: When he gets into a room, the first thing he notices is the girls there. He’s a Virgo. It’s difficult to get the attention of a Virgo in general. You have to be very special. They notice beauty and admire it but forget it 5 minutes later. If someone stands out from the crowd for some reason (charm, personality, intelligence, etc) they will pay attention to that person, female or male. These people don’t have to be found special by others, as long as they (Virgos) see the magic in them. They can be very random with this.

He seems physically attracted to women in general. But emotionally attracted to men. As I said, I have no idea if he finds men sexually attractive at all, he might! He always has male figures he looks up to, admires and/or considers family. Spencer, Brendon, Pete, Alex, Dan… you name it. For some bizarre reason Shane at some point. (Shivers) So much to say about this!

- Ryan and Brendon. I think they were very very close and had an interesting relationship because B admired Ryan a lot! And Ryan secretly wished to be a bit more like B. Add to the mix emotional issues, experimenting years, stage livido, drugs and alcohol and well… That’s a recipe for disaster. I think something happened, and they probably didn’t take it seriously. Their emotional attachment was the worst part I think, because they weren’t aware of it. I think they were attracted to each other a lot (physically). I think Ryan was a bit freaked out by that, it’s funny because he has a type! If you pay attention, he likes people who look and behave a certain way! Ryan felt really vulnerable between 2007 and 2009 so…

Who knows!

- The Cabin. Oh man! I bet they had fun! I think they went a little crazy and took themselves a bit too seriously. Ryan was trying to outdo himself and be this lyrical/music genius without having fun so that’s why he never finished the musical. Cricket and Clover was probably a metaphor for many things, and the songs from the album were fictional stories with dashes of reality. Pretty.Odd is more real.

I’m sorry for the huge answer oO, I’ll go reply to the other two! x

Should I continue this one? I feel like I should.


“He’s—good to me. He ain’t never hit me, never called me names, never done anything outright bad. I just wish…”

Eggsy can’t put into words what he wishes. He rubs his arms, feeling horrible for telling his friends all this. They both look uncomfortable, but in that “don’t-know-how-to-help” way, not the “wish-he’d-never-spoken” way.

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From: Luke

To: (Y/N)

Second story bathroom in 10 minutes?

She sighs, looking up at the clock in the classroom. Biting her lip nervously, she picks up the phone, hiding it behind her friend’s back so the teacher doesn’t see her.

From: (Y/N)

To: Luke


There are a lot of things she can say no to. He isn’t one of them.


There is one and only one way how a story like this can start. Alcohol. With alcohol come a lot of blurted out feelings and the truth is exposed. Possibly even some un-thought-through actions that will later be regretted. However, this is not one of those cases. This takes place purely in itself, by itself and as itself.

She sits on a bench outside a house that’s vibrating with music and focuses her attention on her visible breath in the cold night. He sits next to her, curiously watching the couple ahead sharing a cigarette. Two people that wouldn’t normally converse, but thrust into a situation where there’s no other choice.

“Do you want to go back in?” he asks after a few moments, tired of watching the two puffing out smoke.

She shakes her head. “No.” she says definitely. “It’s too crowded.”

He nods, feeling that conversation has come to a halt.

“We can just leave, I guess.” he says.

She finally turns toward him, taking in his deep blue eyes and sharp jawline. She raises an eyebrow, probably wondering why this unknown boy is talking to her as if they knew each other. But if she does, she doesn’t let on to it with the words she speaks to him.

“I guess we can.” she answers slowly, examining him with her gaze. “But I don’t really want to do that either.”

“Why not?” he asks her as she reverts her gaze back to the road ahead of them.

“My friend’s in there.” she explains. “I don’t want to leave her. She’s flirting with this guy she’s liked forever and she thinks that there’s a chance of something actually happening tonight.”

“Why do I feel like you’re mocking?”

She shrugs. “Because I probably am.”

“And why?”

She turns toward him, a curious twinkle in her eye. “You want to know too much, Mr.-”

“Luke. My name is Luke Hemmings.”

“Luke. You want to know too much, Mr. Hemmings.”

“And you?”

“And me what?” she says, cocking an eyebrow provocatively.

He suppresses a smirk by biting his lower lip. “What’s your name?”

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

“Aren’t you that student that gets all those art awards?”

“Yep.” she says in a clipped manner. “And you’re that dude who always has those gigs with your band. Apparently you’re gonna make it big.”


“The music teacher’s words. Not mine. How should I know? I’m not physic.”

He chuckles. “You’re really something. You know that?”

She shrugs, trying to hide a small smile tugging at her lips. “So I’ve been told.”

“It’s funny how we go to the same school and we’ve never met.”

“It’s a big school.”


She shrugs again and the conversation fades until he dares to ask her the question again.

“Why don’t you think that your friend is gonna get together with that guy?”

She sighs. “It’s not that I don’t think that she’s gonna get together with him, but…” she pauses, nibbling on her lower lip, the words hovering between them. “It’s just that it’s a lot of work. You know? So much *boring* work to get to some point when it’s socially acceptable or whatever.”

“I see what you mean. Months of work for, like, one kiss and then even more work and the question if they trust each other or if it’s working, boundaries, borders, blah blah blah. Relationships are hard work.”

“I wish it didn’t have to be that way.” she says, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, deep in thought.

A few moments of silence pass between them before their eyes meet. She spends a few moments trying to decipher what’s hidden beneath the electric blue sparkle of his eyes when he unravels the mystery himself.

“We could just skip to the good bit.”

She raises her eyebrows in question. “The good bit?”

“The good bit.”

He leans forward a little, tucking the strand of hair on her left side behind her ear. She closes her eyes and lets him kiss her, not knowing what this will lead her to.


Fast forward a couple of months and she’s sitting at a table with her friend, solving her Math homework.

“So, Ryan finally asked me out yesterday. I am so excited! I have been crushing on him since, like, forever!”

“Uh-huh.” (Y/N) says, writing down the answer to one of the problems.

“And guess what else? He said that…”

“Sure.” she says absentmindedly, drowning out the rest of her friend’s words.

She feels her phone vibrate in her pocket and without even looking at it she knows exactly who it is and what they want. She takes it out purely to check the time and place.

From: Luke

To: (Y/N)

Behind the school? In 5 minutes or so?

She quickly types out a return message to him.

From: (Y/N)

To: Luke


And send.

She pockets her phone and shuts her book and notebook closed, startling her friend.

“Everything alright?”

“Yeah.” she gives her a tight smile. “I just have to make a stop at the bathroom. I’ll see you later in class, Lexi.”

And with that she clears out of the area.

Less than 5 minutes later she’s standing right behind the school, watching several people smoke their cigarettes, but not conversing with any. She takes out her phone and looks at the time for the hundreth time since she got here. And then she feels someone’s arms around her waist.

She pushes him away, turning around with a scowl on her face.

“You’re late.”

“Sorry.” Luke says apologetically. “I got stopped by Principal Meyers on the way.”

She nods slowly. “Also, here, Hemmings?”

For the first time he looks around him and then groans. “I didn’t think anyone would be here so late.”

He bites his lower lip, thinking of what to do - an act she finds irresistible.

“I’ve got it.” he beams and then takes her hand.

Minutes later he shuts the door of the janitor’s closet behind them.

“Now, this is a lot better.” he says, pulling her closer to him.

She smirks, her hands trailing along his back. The soft touch of his skin to her chin tips her head backward as she relishes in the feeling of their closeness. A smug smile on his face, he connects their lips together, reveling in the feeling of how wrong, but yet how right this all feels.

He feels himself being pushed against the wall. She feels the warm touch of his hands on her bare stomach as they slip under her shirt, giving her goosebumps. He pulls away shortly, trailing kisses along her neck, his warm breath ticking her skin. She minimizes the space between the two, hands slowly trailing toward his torso. She feels him smile against her neck and tries to stop a giggle from escaping her lips, but fails at it. The action seeming to have put more vigour into his approach he reconnects his lips to hers, the two melting into each other. She presses against him, trapping him between her and the wall. Not that he minds. He likes the closeness.

The ringing of the bell resounds through the small space and she pulls away from him. He groans in frustration.

“I guess I’ll see you later, Hemmings.” she says flirtatiously as she picks up her backpack from the floor and slings it over her sloulder.

They exit the janitor’s closet together, making sure that the halls were empty before doing so. She looks back at him and simpers.

“Fix your hair.” And with a wink of an eye, she sashays out of there, leaving a longingly-staring Luke in her wake.


She throws herself on the bed, her head in a pillow, trying to surpress a sigh from escaping her lips. Her head is filled with thoughts of Luke in different scenarios. That’s fine, she guesses. The only thing that she’s worried about is the fact that they all revolve around she and Luke being in a relationship. But they’re not in a relationship. Are they?

She gets up from her bed, deep in thought. What is this? What are they? Where does this lead to? What are they doing?

She groans in frustration. This was never supposed to happen. It was all just a bit of fun. She was never supposed to get so infatuated with him.

The only way out, she guesses, is talking to him. Her heart leaps in her throat. Unexpectedly, she’s afraid of his answer.

Without much thinking, she grabs her phone and sends him a text.

From: (Y/N)

To: Luke

My house? We need to talk.

She calmly puts her phone on the bed stand and goes to the other side of the room, putting the situation out of her mind. Or at least trying to. The act is betrayed by the fact that when it buzzes she runs toward the bed stand table as if it were a bomb that were going to explode.

From: Luke

To: (Y/N)


She puts the phone away and sits down on her bed, beginning to rehearse what she is going to say. She doesn’t notice the time passing and she is only made aware of it when the doorbell rings and she realizes that 15 minutes have passed already. She takes a deep breath in, trying to calm her racing heart, as she descends down the stairs to open her front door. She’s grateful for the fact that her family is out at the moment.

Hey, Luke, I just wanted to ask you what you think this thing - whatever it is - is. Is it a relationship? And if it isn’t, do you think it should be?

She opens the door and is greeted by a smiling Luke on the other side of it. She dreads that his smile can make her heart beat even faster.

“Let’s go to my room.” she squeaks out, unable to control her voice. He nods and they both ascend the stairs.

He closes the door behind them and she turns toward him. But instead of asking her anything he just leans in and kisses her on the lips, causing a feeling of warmth to wash over her.

“So, what’s up?” he asks, sitting down on the bed casually, leaning backwards, causing his shirt to ride up a bit.

She searches her brain for whatever she wanted to say to him, but nothing comes to mind. She just sits down next to him and kisses him again. And again. And again.

“Just this.” she says, kissing him again, all thoughts of the issue at hand suddenly forgotten.


She mounts the stairs, trying not to be caught by any wandering teachers. She doesn’t have a cover story as to why she is out of class and heading to a completely different side of the building and she doesn’t feel like inventing one on the spot.

She creeps into the boy’s bathroom, hoping that it is only going to be Luke in there. A curious thought strikes her. Why the bathroom? It isn’t a very romantic spot nor is it too private.

“Hey, (Y/N).” Luke emerges from behind the door where he was hiding.

“Why are you hiding? You are allowed to be here. Me, on the other hand, not so much.” she says jokingly.

She expects him to laugh and be all charming with his reply as usual, but the sullen expression on his face doesn’t change.

“Listen, (Y/N),” he says slowly, nibbling on his lower lip. A thing he does when he’s deep in thought or nervous. “I think we should break up.”

Suddenly an array of colors blur her vision. Maybe she misheard him. He couldn’t have said that, could he? It’s illogical, because to break up they would have needed to be in a relationship in the first place. But they never were.

“… I just think that it’s the best for the both of us, because this doesn’t seem to be working.” Luke’s voice comes to her as if it were coming from deep in a cave. She only hears it faintly and not entirely.

She blinks up at him. Worry is mixed into the blueness of his eyes.

“(Y/N)?” he finally asks after several seconds of not getting a reaction from her.

“Fine.” she says tersely, her voice static.



And with that, she whirls around on her heel and walks out of there, what had actually happened starting to slowly sink in. There were so many things she’d wanted to say to him. She’d said none. She wanted an explanation. She hadn’t gotten any. She feels the pricking of a sudden realization deep in her chest. Something she’d never wanted to happen. Something she’d been trying to avoid. The hidden meaning behind her words at the party.

She’d fallen in love with him. And now she’d gotten hurt.


There is a golden pattern on her bed that she keeps staring at. The sun is peaking through the window. The day is bright and sunny. The birds are singing. She can even hear peals of laughter from the playing children outside.

But she doesn’t feel as bright or as happy. She doesn’t feel said either. She just feels… empty. It is anticlimactic, really.

A sigh escapes her lips. She glances at the clock on her bed stand. 12:00. She is home early. She’d left school on the premise of not feeling well. Truth be told, she just didn’t feel like dealing with anything right now. Is this what heartbreak feels like?

She hates the dull ache it causes her. When they talk about heart break everyone always assumes that it’s some fiery feeling. Truth be told, it’s just hopeless. She is hoping it will go away soon.

It’s not like she fully liked what she had with Luke. She didn’t. But she’d wanted for it to go forward. Not backward. Obviously, they wanted different things in life. That’s that. She can’t even comfort herself with the thought that someday she will find her perfect match and that that person will never hurt her. She doesn’t believe in soul mates. The truth is, anyone has the power to hurt you as long as you give it to them. And she’d given Luke that power, blindly trusting that he would never use it.

She hears the door of her bedroom open behind her, but she doesn’t turn around. Not until she hears his voice saying her name.

“Your mom let me in.” Luke says as he slowly closes the door behind him. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“What are you doing here, Luke?” she asks, her voice a plain monotone sound.

“I came to check up on you.” Luke answers. “I asked Lexi where you were and she told me you had gone home because you hadn’t been feeling well.”

“Last time I checked, you and I had no obligations toward each other.” she says acidly. He slightly winces at the venom in the sound of her voice. She’d never spoken to him this way before.

“I was just worried.” he says helplessly.

“Well, don’t be. I’m fine and I don’t need your help.” she says, a hard tone in her voice, and turns away from him.

“Listen, I feel really bad about what happened back there. I shouldn’t have acted the way I did and I’m sorry.”

He pauses for a second and opens his mouth to say one more thing - the thing that would probably make this story a whole lot shorter, but what kind of writer would I be if I did that to you - but she cuts him off.

“It’s okay. You want what you want. It’s for the best. It doesn’t work if we’re both unhappy in this relationship or whatever the hell this little experiment was.”

She gets up and opens the door. “I think you should leave. It’s probably best if we minimize our contact from now on.”

He opens his mouth to say something again, but closes it once he sees the determined look on her face. He nods wordlessly and leaves her room, not to come back again for another year.


Suspiciously on that same day, a year from then, she’s running around her room, throwing stuff in a bag. She glances at the clock. 5:00. She hasn’t got much time left. She turns toward the window, catching a glimpse of the rising sun, beginning to illuminate the world.

The door creaks open behind her and she whirls around quickly, expecting it to be one of her family members asking her to hurry.

The person she sees is not who she was expecting. She is so surprised that she drops the bag she was holding.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Luke says with a lazy smile.

I must be dreaming. she thinks. She turns away, continuing to pack, hoping the mirage will go away.

“You’re still not speaking to me?”

The words cause her to stop short. Suddenly, the packing, the time shortage, the flight… None of it matters anymore.

Whirling around on her heel, she turns to face him. “I never stopped speaking to you, Lucas.”

“Yes, you did.”

“Well, I never meant to. But can you blame me?”

A void of silence expands between them, seeming to force them apart even more.

“I guess not.” he says quietly after a second. He runs a hand through his blonde hair, which has grown in the past year. There is a more mature look in his eyes now and a slight stubble on his face. He looks more grown-up than he did the last time when they properly spoke.

She nods and sits down on the bed, her legs suddenly starting to feel like jelly. He bites his lower lip, an act she still finds irresistible as well as an act that reminds her of memories they’ve had together, and takes a step in her direction.

“You never actually let me explain why I was there that day.”

“To check up on me, I know.” she says, twirling around a loose strand on her duvet.

He shakes his head. “Partly.”

She raises her head toward him. She doesn’t understand what exactly he’s trying to say.

“I came to apologize.”

“I know. And you did.”

“But I wanted to mend what I did as well.”

He sits down next to her and takes her hand in his. “I never meant what I said, (Y/N). I didn’t want to break up with you.”

“Technically you couldn’t have. We were never in an official relationship. We just made out when we were bored. That was all.”

“That’s exactly it.” He sighs. “I was scared.”


“Scared. I didn’t want to fall in love. I didn’t want to get hurt. So, to prevent that I hurt you. But I never meant to. I just meant to distance myself. But then I found out that actually hurt more. And I couldn’t stand the fact that I hurt you in the process.”

She doesn’t cut him off this time. But she recognizes her own feelings from a year ago.

“Once I realized what a mistake I’d made I came looking for you. I wanted a second chance, but I know I didn’t deserve one. And I know I still don’t deserve one. But I just had to tell this to you. I couldn’t leave you wondering. I couldn’t let you think that you were the problem. You were never the problem.” He pauses for a second, lets go of her hand and gets up from her bed. “I know it’s too late now, but I felt like you should know the truth.”

He turns to leave, but her voice stops him.

“You’re right. It is too late.” The iciness of the words chills his spine. “But it was too late in the beginning, anyway.”

Confusion floods over him as he turns to face her. “What do you mean?”

She shrugs. “When we started doing what we were doing deep down we both knew it was going to fail. Because there is no skipping to the good bit.”

She gets up from the bed and comes closer to him. “All of it is the good bit. All those little moments that we think don’t matter, matter the most. It’s not just physical. It never should be just physical. The emotions are too much of a treasure to miss.”

He smiles at her and she puts her hands on the sides of his face. “You have someone in your life whom you give the power to hurt you, but you know they won’t do it instead or just trusting them not to. That’s the good bit.” And with that she gives him a lingering kiss on the lips.

“(Y/N)! We’re going to miss our flight.”

She pulls away from him slowly and smiles at him. Picking up her bags, she walks out of the room, turning toward him one last time. “I’d like to continue that when I get back.”

He grins. “You’ve got it.”

And with that she walks out of his sight, leaving him starstruck for a few minutes. What she said may have been right. But for him, she, everything that was her, was the good bit. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Round Two

Hiya lovelies! After a long time away, I’m actually back! 

I’m sorry I was away for so long, but my uni hours were messed up, and I ended up working through the night, and then my best friend came over from France, so it’s been a busy month. But it’s over now and I can relax!

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I’ve been reading back over the stories, and I’ve noticed that between January and December they get progressively longer, this being one of the longest, so enjoy!

As you know all know, you can read my other Joshifer stories here, and remember… all stories in this series are rated-M!

*Disclaimer* I don’t personally know Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson or any other person included in this story; it is all a work of fiction, and in no way do I wish to infringe upon any of The Hunger Games franchise or anybody included in my stories.

It’s chaos. In fact chaos doesn’t even come close to describing the house today. The kids outside are getting rowdy, their bellies rumbling for food. My wife, who’s as stressed as the kids are hungry, has a hysterical Ryan sat on the kitchen counter top, attempting to clean his knee and put a band-aid on it after he fell over on the gravel. I pick up two trays of sandwiches from the table and go to take them outside, but I stop in front of Jen and our son.

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Dear Blacklist Writers *Update* Brandon has read and responded to this!

Dear Blacklist Writers,
On behalf of a lot of your fans, I say this with all respect.
We’re tired.
We won’t be around come April 7th. Our PVRs may still record it, some may just download it, but please know we won’t be watching it.
So apologies to your advertisers in advance.
Before you ignore this, know that we were dedicated hardcore fans, that couldn’t wait for a new episode. In fact we ended up writing our own fanfic just to pass the time.
Now we write them to fix the mistakes and continuity errors you’ve made.
When we went down this road together, The writing was gritty, the character development was on point, Spader was on top of his game, the mystery was enthralling, and Boone was pleasant.
Sadly no more. The only thing keep you up is one man - and it isn’t Ryan.
You see, we’ve caught on.
You’ve taken a character that we were into and we got to watch her slowly grow and develop. Only for it to be all taken away - a complete and utter character assassination for the sake of a redemption arc. Now people not only hate the character, but Boone as well. I understand this hate is completely misguided. As the blame should be put on you.
Speaking of character assassination, You’ve destroyed or pushed aside other characters for the sake of one character and\or storyline.
You went from an amazing first half to a horrendous repetitive second half that had no bridge in between.
You’ve used the same petty “I hate Red” plot point over, and over and over again. Followed by the “I like Red”. Plot point, over and over again.

You’ve forgotten how great this show was, and what it was all about. Sadly, so have we.

Somewhere along the way you thought your fans were stupid, but even now the less hardcore fans are crying foul on all your Social Media accounts. Tired of the repetitive love triangle. Fed up with the baby story, exhausted with Tom and I’m afraid not even Spader can save you now.

I’m writing this, in hopes you will pull up your socks and do better. We know you can, we’ve seen it. It hurts and makes us angry to know what this show can be, and what its become.

Your actors deserve better, especially Ms. Boone - she doesn’t deserve the backlash for your misogynistic writing. Spader deserves to be on a show that doesn’t teeter-totter around. The rest of your cast deserves to be more present on the show and consistently written well.

All we want is consistent, linear story telling. Not the same stuff over and over again. Please. For the sake of your jobs, the advertisers, the network, and your fans.

Write better.

A fan.


If you wish to screen grab this and post it where ever you have my permission to do so. I’ve done this cause I don’t know what else to do to save this show.