i wish people would stop lying to me

I’ve loved you since we were 18

Word count: 940

Pairing: Harry/Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: This is actually one of the few 1D songs I like so I got all fluff lol, And I actually took a few parts of the song and included them in the story

Harry’s palms were sweating. He tried to fix his tie in front of the mirror, but his hands were shaking so much he ended up taking it off.

He made sure to put on a purple handkerchief on the pocket on his chest, because he knew how much you liked it when he wore it like that –and besides, there was a big chance he would cry that night-.

He used a wet comb to fix his hair, straightening back a little bit. He applied a bit of perfume on his neck and wrists, and was taking a final look at himself when the doorbell rang.

This is it. He took a deep breath and walked to the front door, opening it to see your pretty smile. You were wearing a blue dress, your heels making it easy for you to reach his face and peck him on the lips.

“Hey baby” he moved from the door and you walked into his house as if it was your own. You looked at him and gave him a little package. “Happy anniversary”

“Oh darling, I thought we said no gifts” he said, taking the small box on his hands.

“I know but I decided to break the rule” you smiled at him and he smiled back

“Well, I did too, but you’ll have to wait after dinner to see it”

“Smells good by the way” you said, going to the living room where he had set the table. There were candles and rose petals all over the room, the cushions on the floor in front of the coffee table. “Ow baby, you didn’t have to do all this” you turned to him and put your arms around his neck, him holding you by the waist.

“You have dealt with me for the past five year, you deserve some candles and flowers” He leaned down to kiss you before going to the kitchen to bring the dishes.

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Boy, I sure would appreciate it 3rd party sites would stop telling people we have breakfast. Stop lying to guests about the room types they've booked. Stop calling me with snotty ass attitudes about getting refunds we're not going to give. Cancelling at 9pm penalty free? You must be joking. Anyway, I hate them and wish they would stop.

So Long

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(A/N if the Volturi had won and offered the last remaining vampire from the Cullen’s side a place in their ranks)

I sat in a room meant for royalty but I was no royalty. The Volturi had won the battle against the Cullens and decided to force me out of my will and take me here. I never left the room as I mourned for the loss of my friends. Memories flooded my mind as I wished that my death had came with theirs.

“So long to all my friends.

Everyone of them met tragic ends.

With every passing day

I’d be lying if I didn’t say

That I miss them all tonight.”

My door opening broke me out of my thoughts.

“Lovely singing.” One of the head guards, Demetri said as he and the other one, Felix entered my room. Looking away from the two, I stared out of the window and watched as people walked through the town of Volterra.

“Dinner is here, would you like to come with?” Felix asked as they walked towards me, stopping two feet away from my body.

“No.” I replied, disgusted at the thought of drinking human blood.

“How about she comes with us and then one of you two will take her hunting later?” Another voice and pair of footsteps entered the room. I could feel Demetri and Felix look at me as if they were silently asking me to agree to that.

“No thanks.” I mumbled as the three let out a sigh and left. Opening the window, I made sure no one saw me and hopped out, running away and covering my tracks and scent. Starting a fire, I looked at the orange flames and jumped in. Not before hearing protests from the Volturi.

Finally. I’m free.

i wish my mom would stop getting me christian books I wont read
especially ones written by dudes who are clearly lying hacks if you actually research them
“hhhur i rose a dude from the dead in front of hundreds of people but only 2 people can attest to it and there’s no video evidence”
“i also converted an entire gang of thugs who were originally planning to trash the church, but because they got tinglies in the church it convinced them god was real but of course none of them are going to attest to it”

cuz people totally work that way

look generally speaking the whole christian fantasy of instantly transforming a sinner in to a god-fearing christian doesn’t frikking work like that, it’s gotta take a hell of a life changing situation for that to occur. Atheists and the like don’t just suddenly realize god exists and everything they believed was a lie, they don’t just suddenly drop to their knees crying about how they’ll change just because some knucklehead told them “Jesus died for your sins”

And I hate people who make claims that it works like this because it makes honest christians feel inadequate in comparison. They’ll be inspired at first but when they realize they can’t ‘save’ people as effectively they begin questioning if they are really a good christian or not. I know this because I have seen one too many people get trapped in this feeling of not being as good as the other christians who claim they convert shitty people easier than opening a soda can.

Be a christian, I don’t care, just don’t LIE about healing and saving people to get goodie points, and don’t allow yourself to be gullible to people taking advantage of the religious faith

Quietness Blankets True Love - animefascinator (haikyuuobsessor) - Gintama [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: That’s the blow. That was the ambush attack the enemy had planned behind his back. And the sword cut him deep in his guts. But instead now it’s his heart, and instead of a sword it was her words, and instead of an enemy it was her, the only girl he ever treasured after his beloved sister.

Words: 3239

Rating: G

Okikaguweek 2017: Day 1: Breaking Up

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Sorry for still talking about this drama bullshit, it just really pisses me off. I wish all of us would just stop. It’s literally fucking useless, neither side is going to win so can we please stop being petty and rediculous? And disgusting? Stating that LQBTQA+ people are lying about being LGBTQA+ just because they like and support a different ship then yours? Being obnoxious? Telling complete strangers online to die, go choke, and kill themselves? Really? Are you really that fucking pathetic and childish? Reevaluate your lives.

Lying about being a Korean

Okay I don’t mean to offend anyone reading this but I had to get this word out.
I’ve noticed that some people lie saying that they’re Korean or part Korean just because. This honestly bothers me a lot. I know that I should probably mind my own business but whenever I see people lying about this it pisses me off. I get that some people admire koreans bc of kpop or kdramas but I just wish people would stop lying about it. It’s not like people don’t accept them for not being a Korean. Koreans are just another people.

For example I was on Instagram today and this 100% greek girl commented “idk I’m part Korean but I don’t have nice skin like them” (this is false btw I have terrible skin)

;I’m a Korean American and that doesn’t make me any better than other fans. I feel that we are all equal. SO PLEASE DONT LIE ABOUT BEING A KOREAN JUST BC YOU FEEL “LESS” OR “ASHAMED” HONESTLY YALL ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL FOR WHO YOU ARE.

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I’m getting so pissed off lately and I want people to know that it is possible to lose weight with pcos and hypothyroidism it just takes fucking effort. I used to think that nothing I would do would help and I just had to accept myself (thanks FA) until oh what is this magic I’ve lost 80+lbs. Stop lying to people and letting them think they don’t have any control over their own damn lives. Also, I wish I had the guts to be more outspoken on my blog like you but delusional people scare me.😅

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Listen there is no stopping you IF you would want to write a Sam/Reader rewrite after u finish this one 😂😂😂 I'm joking ofc because really 14 season x2 is a freaking long story to write and it takes a loot of time. Love your Dean rewrite tho! And I cherish the 5 stories u wrote for Sam since I'm a Sam girl too 😂❤

Yeah….not gonna happen. UNLESS someone wants to pay me. Then I’ll gladly write anything you people want. But to write this one and then get started on a Sam/Reader one after the show wrapped up? Look, who’s to say how long Supernatural is gonna keep going at this point. Lol I kinda wish this season would be the last one. (It’s already been two episodes and I’m disappointed? Like idk how much more of it I can stand. Says the girl who rewrites episodes…)

Thank you so much! I’m honestly really itching to get that Sam/Reader story started again…I’ve got the Sammy feels

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(And whoever let Jared grow a beard this season, bless your kind soul) 

Don’t you think if this was true he would have been put in Jail?????? Honestly so disgusted that people are still making up bullshit stories against Michael. They never leave him alone. People always seem to bring up the lies and bullshit. Michael was and still is an honest, loving and beautiful man inside and out. I wish I could say I am shocked that people would be so cruel to such a beautiful man, but unfortunately I am not. It sucks to know that there are people who are okay with destroying someones life so that they can pull in a few dollars. Fuck tabloids. Fuck the person who made this article. Fuck anyone who ever does something so cruel. How about posting about all the incredible things he did for this world and humanity. This genuinely has made me angry and upset to see this. As it would to anyone who knows Michael. Stop trash talking. Stop lying. Stop being so cruel and greedy. Do your research. In case you don’t remember June 13 2005 Michael was found NOT guilty and INNOCENT on all 14 counts. So I don’t know why anyone would bring up this lying bullshit now. Let the man rest in peace! 


God & we know you are innocent.
We love you Michael.

Don’t waste your cash on that filthy tabloid trash.

Sorry for the rant guys. Had to get this off my chest.


I’m sorry.. I tried…

In general, how have the drawings I’ve done in sai looked? Better or worse?

What a Leo hates about your sign
  • Aries: I wish you weren’t so childish and hotheaded, stop trying to be the center of the universe — we know you aren’t. You get in the way.
  • Taurus: sooo stubborn, accept that I’m right. 
  • Gemini: Stop with the never-ending stories, stop lying to me for fun.
  • Cancer: soooooo many emotions, let me live and stop trying to mom me
  • Leo: We can’t both be the most beautiful and interesting person in the room.
  • Virgo: Your constant need to be in control really inhibits my impulsiveness.
  • Libra: I wish you would take a stand once in awhile, by trying to be fair all the time you’re a doormat and I’ll walk all over you. 
  • Scorpio: You have so many emotions and they make you insecure. Everything with you is calculated, you’re hard to trust
  • Sagittarius: Your “honesty” hurts. 
  • Capricorn: So honest and grounded, you bore me
  • Aquarius: You think you know everything/are the most interesting person in the room, well you aren’t. 
  • Pisces: If you weren’t too busy crying about everything/trying to be in a relationship all the time maybe your life wouldn’t suck as much. 

arzaylea tweeted this about the situation w/ her calling security on a fan who was talking to luke. if you dont know about it, search the girls username or look on my profile cus ive reblogged stuff about it.

why does she bother lying? the girl who tweeted it has proof and people saw it happen. i wish arz would just accept that she’s a bitch. and “it’s hurting me” STOP TRYING TO GUILT TRIP US LIKE YOU DO LUKE

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I wish people would stop teaching their kids to believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, etc. It's basically lying to your kids for your entertainment, and think how hurt and humiliated they'll be when they find out the truth. Some people say, "It's a good way to teach kids to be savvy and question authority", but there's better ways to do that then deliberately lying to and misleading them yourself. Plenty of other examples of lying authorities and misinformation. What do you think?

My parents never did that, so I don’t have the first-hand experience.  (They taught me about God, but I don’t think they’re true believers themselves, so it always came off a bit “God’s nice and all but don’t, like, depend on on him for anything particular.”)  But I do think it’s very weird that people teach kids these things as literally true.  I don’t think most of them do it to teach questioning authority, either; I think they do it because they think it’s cute or traditional.

I’m the least qualified person to give parenting advice, but I think if you want to teach your kid that grown-ups are wrong sometimes, it’s better to admit it and apologize when you make honest mistakes or tell white lies, rather than intentionally make up ridiculous things.

On the other hand, I don’t think Santa Claus is horribly damaging for most kids.  There’s a difference between a fictional story and a lie, and although a few parents get a little creepy-intense about “this is literally physically true and nobody’s allowed to tell you differently,” most are pretty firmly on the side of telling a story, and I think as they get older the kids understand that.