i wish i could use sound on that

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A double session sounds amazing, I'm currently discussing getting raped in my sessions; I wish I could ask for a double! Tell us how your session went, please!

It really was super helpful. It’s 2:30am right now and I just got home from an epic night in the city, but I will attempt to write about it when I am more awake and coherent.

I hope everything goes well for you!

so I am literally so sick of pop culture and people gossiping and social media like why the fuck is fucking Venmo a social media thing? like another way for people to show off who they’re hanging out with and where they’re partying? like there’s nothing wrong at all with hanging out and partying but people have to show it off all the goddamn time it’s like social interactions don’t matter to anyone unless they can show them off to other people as proof of how successful they are as a human being and it SICKENS ME. really though like taking a break from Instagram and Twitter has given me so much distance from it. I don’t need everyone knowing what I do. it’s like I kind of want validation like that until I realize what I’m doing. true, it can be fun to use social media but it really is just so exclusive and show off-y and I wish people used it for pure reasons and I know I could come off as sounding stuck up for this but I can’t take it anymore

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2, 4, and 6 for the specific questions!

Yay! Someone actually sent me one!

2. What’s the t-shirt you wear the most? I used to wear a lot of band tees when I was younger but now I kind of just wear them to sleep so I guess my MCR black parade tee is most used for sleep.

4. Do you put your left shoe on first of your right? I’ve never really paid attention but now remembering every morning, I’ll go with the right.

6. One sound you can’t stand? Y'know the sound people make when there is flem in the back of their throats so they make this completely disgusting sound to get it to the front so they can spit it out? That’s the sound I absolutely can not take, it always makes me cringe and I really wish people could warn me before they do it so I can cover my ears.

Thanks for sending me this! ❤️❤️


Hi, Hannah. 

Sorry that I haven’t responded much. I guess I’ve been busy over here. I think I’m coming down with a cold. Mum reckons I caught it at work. She’s probably right. Doctor has told me to rest up. I’m glad you’re forcing yourself to socialise. Sounds fun. Enjoy the day with your friends. Wish I could come over and fight off your period pain. Look at us. We’re hopelessly sick. It’s disgusting and beautiful. Clearly meant for each other.


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So I'm moving to a really really big city compared to where i live now to go to music school. I'm turning 16 this winter, and I'm moving from my home town to live in my grandparents half used apartment. I'm super nervous, and everyone tells me I'll be fine but I'm still scared shitless! I'm exited tho, I love music more than anything. but the culture is different there, it will no longer be cool to be have sound morals and have round glasses. I'm not gonna change, but it's still scary as fuck

Well good luck! I wish i could go to art school When is your birthday if you don’t mind me asking

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~For every ➹ I get, I’ll put up my muse’s current thought.~

“I wish I could’ve made it to those shows. Waiting for Gul’dan sounded like a really interesting idea..”

“I hope that lazy bastard wrote his Cleric friend.”

“Miss you, Ann’da.”

“I wonder what Zan’s up to. I haven’t seen him in awhile, and could use a sparring partner.”

@smith-hadeon; @zanteron for mention.

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If you could have any super power, what would it be? :^)

  • i saw one post about this and i think it sounds so cool. so okay uhm i want to have the power to manipulate the rate of possibility of things. example if i want to have cake for breakfast, i would just have to make the possibility of someone sending me cake for breakfast 100%. or i wanna see byun baek when i go to korea 100% or i wish to be accepted to sm entertainment 628% LOOOL the possibility of having a wonderful life is in my hands lmaooo

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I miss us.

I keep wishing I could take it all back, turn back time, and do things so much differently. I keep thinking that maybe if I hadn’t been so stubborn we would’ve been alright. I’m not as broken as I make myself sound but a huge part of me is gone. I remember all that we’ve been through and it’s a dark place in my mind I wish that would go away but it won’t because I still feel it as if it happened yesterday as you do. Don’t you dare for a second think you weren’t good enough for me. That I did this because you weren’t enough. I did this for my own ignorant reasons and in no life time should you ever feel the guilt of my actions. Apologies will never ever fix the way I hurt you I couldn’t undo what I’ve done but I can make a new path for us if you let me, I can show you that we can start over, our relationship can be reborn into something you always deserve. I want to show you the Neto from the beginning, I want to show you you don’t have to be scared anymore, to live in fear of getting close to anyone and when I say anyone I mean me. I want you to feel loved and love me without being scared. I want to make things right between us we’re meant for each other don’t you feel it? Don’t you miss me how I miss you? If it doesn’t work I’ll leave, I’ll leave you for good. I know you care I know you want to try. I know your broken heart needs mending and I can help you if you’d just let me. Please.

You’re so beautiful, I miss your face, the sound of your voice, the waking moment of looking to my left and seeing you sleeping and you letting me hold you right before our day starts. Words can’t describe the ache that runs through my body when I’m missing you. I miss you simply because you’re you.

I’m willing to give it my all, all you have to do is just let me try.

If I didn’t say “Hi” to you first we wouldn’t of met.
If I didn’t ask you “Would you be my boyfriend” we wouldn’t of been best friends.
If I didn’t tell you “I love you” first we wouldn’t have know what true happiness was.
If I didn’t try how I am now we wouldn’t of had our chapters in our life that we share together even now.
If we didn’t ever met would you be okay with that? I wouldn’t.
I’m trying so hard to fight for you because I know we’re meant if I didn’t feel this deep and not believe in it as I do I wouldn’t even try, believe me I wouldn’t. Me trying, started us because I took a risk at putting myself out there and I’m glad it was with you, so me fighting for us means everything to me. I’m trying very hard to put the pieces of our broken love back together.
I know you’re scared, so am I. Just let me try.

I miss us.

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today my brothers and i went to this downtown area like 20 minutes from our house to play pokemon. we ran into one of my regular customers from work and she told us a burger place in the area gives discounts for pokemon players. honestly it seemed like the most meta thing because like... my brothers and i were on an adventure to catch pokemon and ran into one of the supporting characters on the street who offered useful advice and idk if this makes sense but it was cool today was good

That sounds so fun??? I wish I could actively play Pokemon Go, I’ve heard so many magical sounding stories :’)))

What a great time collaborating with Nicole Lyons @brynyx ♡♡
If I could find a way to forget how your lips tasted like honey and whispered your secrets, then maybe I could stop this aching pulse in mine.
If I could find a way to steady the beat of my heart every time I heard your name, then maybe I could pick these shattered pieces up off the floor.
If I could find a way to unlearn how every inch of you fit every inch of me, then maybe I could stand a chance when these waves of without you take me under again.
Nicole Lyons @brynyx
There isn’t a moment alone I have not felt your body next to mine, how I wish you were here to soothe my flesh with your burning touch
The echoes of how my name sounded escaping your lips haunt me, and leave me longing to taste the sweetness of your desire
And as I lie here with only the memories of us, I can’t help but come crashing back to the reality that I am alone and lost without you.
Jay Long @writerjaylong

#poetry #lovequotes #romance #lostlove #heartbreak

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Ok I don't know what gender I am and I am so confused like I have felt gender dysphoria before (really lightly) and I have used the labels like genderfluid to Demiboy but I just got confused after awhile and I might have just been doubting myself but all I want is like something to tell me you are this or this because this is honestly really confusing and I just don't want to be that person who is constantly switching labels I just want help in finding my gender identity

Oh anon, I wish I could help you, because that sounds really agonizing. The best advice I can give you is to maybe find a good therapist with grounding in trans issues if you can. I’m sorry it’s so hard xx

agtmargaretcarter ha respondido a tu publicación “What weapon would you choose in a zombie apocalypse? (most people on…”

I’m pretty good with a bow & arrow. However I’d trade it for a crossbow. Silence is key in an apocalypse. Plus just like the show the bolts are reusable. Arrows are good but harder to retrieve especially when being attacked by a hoard. I’m also learning about knife throwing which can be problematic because once you throw the knife and miss youre kinda doomed. Crow bars hold multi purposes. Such as a weapon and being used to open locked doors…but the range is short.

omg okay but like archery is so cool what?? I wish I could practice it tbh hahaha and yeah knife throwing doesn’t sound like a really good weapon to fight in these situation, not if it’s the only one at least hahahaha

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ahh so i checked out your blog cause i'm in the process of stalking all the people that liked my intro post and i saw that you're studying biotechnology, which is so cool!! is it your major?

Oh hi! Biomedical engineering also sounds super interesting tbh 😁 And I guess you could say that. I’m not from the US so the major/minor system doesn’t apply here (I wish it did though, minoring in something like Translation would be 👌) so it’s just the degree I’m doing.

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I'm 18 and have never dated/kissed anyone. Is that weird? Are there other people like that? It's slowly deteriorating my self confidence

Noooo dude it’s fine honestly. There’s so many diff experiences out there for all of us you really shouldn’t feel like you missed out on your life/earlier years just because you haven’t had the EXACT same experience as someone else. You yourself probably did something someone didn’t and wish they did so that they could feel how great it is. Just remember that life is made up of SO many different amazing people and foods and songs and TV shows and experiences and even if your life is different it’s very much still valid and good in itself, just in a different way. I’m turning into a dad rn but honestly dude it’s fine and if someone wants to talk shit to you for it then they really mustn’t have lived through enough good experiences of their own or else they wouldn’t feel so insecure that they need to ridicule and DIMINISH the way you’ve lived your own life

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I wish I found some better sounds no one's ever heardI wish I had a better voice that sang some better wordsI wish I found some chords in an order that is newI wish I didn't have to rhyme every time I sangI was told when I get older all my fears would shrinkBut now I'm insecure and I care what people thinkMy name's Blurryface and I care what you thinkMy name's Blurryface and I care what you thinkWish we could turn back time, to the good old daysWhen our momma sang us to sleep (get it im stress)

I don’t like this band or this song, your sentence is increased 20 years , reveal yourself you meme fiend , come out peacefully with your hands where I can see them

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゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚ 6 29 43 48

I was wondering why such a positive, flower throwing emoji and then I realised

6 : Do you wish to travel a lot?

I dunno, it sounds awesome but also I get sick and cranky if I stay in a vehicle for too long. I love to see new countries though so a big yes

29 : What is a strange talent that you have?

I don’t have any that I know of
I wouldn’t call that a talent but I have a very strong sense of smell. Which is not always fun, one time I was convinced my cat pissed on my shirts but no one could smell it, turned out my mother used a new soap and to me it smelled like piss cause I hated the smell. Or when a friend hugs me I’m like “…. Are you on your periods right now ?”. I don’t know why I do that, logically speaking, there’s no way they’ll say yes but I just smell periods and I just have to ask

43 : How do you start a conversation?

Number 1 : Say hi
Number 2 : Ask how they are
Number 3 : What’s up ?
Easy as fuck, show you’re interested in their lives, show you want to talk, talk about random crap. If you’re already kinda friends with the person, just say a random thing. If you’re not, propose a little joke. “How much does a polar bear weigh ?” “Errrr I dunno man” “Enough to break the ice. So, what’s up ?” BAM you’re welcome, go make friends motherfucker

(don’t insult them unless you’ve talked at least 3 times and they seem to be ok with that) (Basically, don’t be like me)

48 : When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?

Well 2 months ago I only had like 2 hours of sleep and I usually laugh about anything when I’m like that. So my stomach didn’t hurt but I had a crazy hard time to breathe.
I did remember my stomach hurt from laughter once, when my big bro told us a story from his work but I can’t remember what he said

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(I was the anon earlier with the Aqua+Blue fusion question!) Do you have any weapon suggestions for Blue Goldstone? She's a homeworld gem if that helps ❤

Blue Goldstone is often said to be a wishing stone because of how similar it looks to the night sky. You could give your Blue Goldstone throwing stars (big or small). I think wands or staves could work in that regard too. The stone also helps musical performances. In this case, they could use instruments, microphones, or megaphones and use sound waves/music as attacks. You can also look at regular Goldstone weapons for more ideas.

Well major problem #1, causally scrolling through Facebook I saw a dog that was in need of a new home that honestly sounds perfect for us. With Stevens girlfriend next to me I was like AW I wish I could get her but can’t afford the rehome fee with our budget for the month. Naturally they were instantly like we will get her then! It can be our dog! I brushed it off and was like you guys need to understand the financial responsibility of this. They were like yeah we can do that and left it at that because H had to go home. Now they are upset I am saying they cannot get it, I basically convinced them to get it when I lectured them last night, like they thought that was permission. After explaining aside from the financial aspects, they can’t bring a dog here, let Charlie and the kids bond with it then have us leave it with them when we move. When we move, they won’t have anywhere to keep the dog because they cannot afford to rent anywhere that allows the dog as even me and Greg can’t (S said he will just give her to his mom then, like no? You’re not making this pup bounce homes even more than before??). They are not home enough to care for her so it would be on me. S is not smart with money, he couldn’t afford groceries this week because he spent all his money on a go kart, machete, and axe, with no use for any of them. They don’t see the problem in this. Even more so of a problem, I scraped together the money (we haven’t gotten paid in a month, so keeping money in savings while keeping up with basics is important, but were doing fine) for her and really want this sweet girl. It doesn’t seem fair to say you can’t have her but I’m going to get her, but she’s perfect and Charlie could really use a friend. I’ve tried being like you cannot get her, I think I may because she seems perfect for us, and they’re just like no were getting her. I’m ready to be like you’re sure as shit not living here if you do. The fact they cannot see they can’t be a best owners shows they are not ready for a dog.