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I wish to lie with you under the trees, leaves tangled in our hair, our toes mingling with the dirt below us, our bodies among the roots and pressed against each other. Perhaps I could bury my face in the crook of your neck and we could listen to the sounds of the wind and the sparrows and our heartbeats. The breeze might chill our bones but I think I'd feel warmer if I was with you.

I would need you to reassure me of such a dream being reality. i welcome you to my arms, ive awaited a romance just as youve described.

The Package.

Pairing : Sam x Reader
Word count : 2,550
Author : Mel
Warnings : Knotting, Smut, Dom/Sub, A/B/O Roleplay, pinch of praise kink, mention of breeding kink
Square filled : Knotting
Written for @spnkinkbingo


“Hey, Y/N?” Your door opened and you panicked, slamming the laptop shut. “.. What are you up to?”

“Nothing.” You were quick to answer. Maybe too quick.

His eyes moved down to your lap, his eyebrow raising, and a smirk beginning to show. “Your hand says otherwise.” His eyes went back up to meet yours as you quickly pulled your hand out of your pants.

Your cheeks went bright red. “W-what do you need?”

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I have this random headcanon about the Captain Swan wedding, ok.

So Emma and Killian make up yadda yadda, the engagement is back on, and he has a long lovely talk with Charming to make amends and all is right in the Charming-Jones world. 

They get married and everyone (read: me) cries and it’s beautiful and wonderful and True Love Forever.

But then it’s the wedding reception. And while Killian and Emma and her family are all fine, whispers still persist following the drama that happened around the engagement and Killian’s disappearance. Gossip quietly tinges the party with the “well I heard he left her” and “no no no she kicked him out” and “well he killed her grandfather, I can’t believe David and Snow allowed this to happen” etc etc etc. 

And it’s probably someone like fucking Grumpy running his dumb mouth after too many beers when all of the sudden


A fork jabs down, perfectly in between his fingers that rest on top of the table. 

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how do i be a good ally. i feel so gross i feel like I'm not doing enough as a white person i want to do better please don't take this in a bad way

Well first of all you need to hit the #DELETE on the “good ally” rhetoric bc as a white person you will never truly unlearn racism and you will never truly be a good ally. Solidarity and Good allyism doesn’t actually exist and it was made by (surprise!) white people to give themselves pat on the backs for not calling someone a racial slur. It doesn’t exist and y’all need to stop with this “i’m not racist” and “i’m a good ally” crap because it’s unrealistic and further proves you don’t want to learn on your own accordance but on the emotional labor that POC have to give. 

There is a lot of things about racism that are so complex and you have to understand that you will never understand. You will never understand because you don’t have to actively fight something from birth to death. This isn’t an insult, but a fact that as a white person you will always be ignorant. Constantly. It’s ingrained in you and the structure your ancestors built to keep POC at the bottom. 

However, to be, yknow, not shitty is actually talking to POC. Like you can’t do anything if you don’t interact with POC. Listen to us, listen to our problems and rant posts we make in regards of racism. Reblog posts that talk about racism, i have a ton in my xx tag that are good. Realize that you are the problem and will always be a problem no matter how “not racist” you are.

If you can, actively protest. Actively go to BLM protests. Actively go to protests and know how to protest. Never organize protests that are racially charged like a white person should never organize a BLM protest. If you can’t protest, actively reblogging posts and consuming media by POC is good too.

You have to be active. You HAVE to be. There is nothing worse than a white person who is not actively fighting what kills people on a DAILY basis. As a white person you must be active in fighting the oppression you inherently emit or you are not helping. You simply are not helping and while it sounds tiring being actively involved in “”politics”” (racism and the fight against it is not and never will be politics but that’s another conversation for later) think about how many poc are fighting right now because their existence is hated. It’s tiring and I wish I could take a break but I have been fighting since I was born and the bare minimum is asking whites to fight with us.

Expecting POC to educate you in every little thing is a privilege. Expecting to be educated is not only ignorant but it also means you think of us as some tool to further an agenda. This is different but it’s true to the matter that you, as a white person, have to CONTINUOUSLY be researching. Educating is an emotional feat and it gets a bit tiring for POC to constantly have to educate. Everyday, we educate. Don’t be lazy. Before you ask your local coloured neighbor on if this is racist or not, look it up. If you don’t really get the basis of something, look it up first. I get that you can’t do that for everything but trying is key. 

On a further note, intracommunity issues STAY intracommunity. Do not get involved or put opinions in these things. They do not affect you (most of the time). 

Also have common sense? Think.

Sometimes all you can do is listen, reblog posts and research but that’s better than nothing. You have to do something in order to combat the racism you have internalized and will always have internalized. Racism is not unlearned but the ways you act on it can be. 

ROOMMATES FIC REC | harry and louis share a place to live 
manip | other recs | rec page 

Autumn At My Window, 20k 
blind from this sweet, sweet craving, 31k
Carried Away Like Butterflies, 17k
I need home (our tangled bones), 68k
Jump Before We Fall, 113k
kiss me on the mouth (and set me free), 47k
Life as We Know it, 34k
Like You Hate Me, 6k
Make My Wish Come True (Baby All I Want For Christmas Is You, 29k
Play the Odds, 25k
Red Brick Heart, 98k
Safe and Sound (You’ll Always Be), 58k
say i hate you but i always stay, 8k 
Searching For The Cure (We Found Us), 30k 
Skin New, Hands True, My Hands All Over You, 44k
Some Things Take Root, 50k
Spin Me Like A Record, 8k
That’s What You Get (When You Let Your Heart Win), 7k
through struggles, to the stars, 80k
we’re not friends, we could be anything, 115k
Wild And Unruly, 123k

A Little Death - Warren Worthington III

words - 1,659

pairing - warren worthington iii x fem!reader

warnings - pure smut, daddy kink, bondage, oral (fr), thigh riding, edging

a/n - this is the kinkiest thing i’ve ever written (inspired by a little death by the neighborhood) and now i need to bath myself in holy water :))))))

@kurtwxgners , @shayara , @rax-writes , @v-writings , @phoenixejean  

hope ya’ll don’t mind me taggin you!


Your breath came out in short gasps, goosebumps raising on your skin as you squirmed, pulling your arms against the pieces of pink silk holding your wrists to the bedpost. Warren’s fingers trailed themselves up your thigh, avoiding the area that craved them most, and worked his way up to your lips. His thumb stopped on your lip, parting your lips slightly, your tongue darting out quickly, before taking the tip of his finger into your mouth.

He groaned, tilting his head to the side a fraction, before he pulled the finger away from your mouth, the warmth of his body leaving yours. He laid on his stomach between your legs, which were tied to the other side of the bed, the same pink ribbons adorning your ankles. He dragged a knuckle from your knee up to your core, lightly brushing against the neglected bundle of nerves at the top. Your breathing hitched as your fingers wrapped tightly around the soft ribbons, pulling slightly.

A low chuckle left his mouth, his breath fanning across your thighs, sending yet another shudder up your spine. You whimpered, jaw clenched tight as his thumb hovered slightly over your clit, but never put the slightest bit of pressure. “Warren, please.”

“‘Please’ what babydoll?” He said, a smirk gracing his angelic features. “You’re going to have to be a lot more specific than that.”

“Please, touch me. You’re being such a tease.” You drew in a sharp breath as his hand rested on your inner thigh.

“Touch you like…this? Is this what you want?” He ran his hand up and down your thigh, the side of his thumb barely brushing your aching core, but not enough to give you any relief. “If you want something, you gotta ask for it.”

You took a deep breath, trying to steady your shaky voice. “Please, touch me. I-I want you to make me feel good, daddy.”

His eyes darkened as he drew his bottom lip between his teeth. His hand stopped on your upper thigh, before traveling down to your sex. His thumb pressed down on your clit, before making small, slow circles around the sensitive nub. He grinned at you before ducking his head down, lips trailing over your inner thigh to where his thumb was currently working. He slowly slid his index finger down your lips, before circling your entrance.

You moaned, legs already shaking and straining against the smooth ties. His mouth devoured your core as his finger slowly slipped in, pumping in and out a few times before curling it in a ‘come-here’ motion.

The feeling of his fingers and oh-so-sinful mouth of his working you at the same time sent you spiraling. He felt your walls clench as you teetered on the edge of euphoria, before pulling away quickly, leaving you dangling on the edge. You whimpered, hips bucking in a futile attempt to gain some friction. “Uh huh, little girl. You’re not coming that easily. You gotta work for it.”

He climbed off the bed, walking around to the end of it, before gently untying your ankles. He stood at your feet, rubbing slow, soothing circles into the skin of your ankles before moving up to your head and repeating the same actions with your wrists. He carefully pulled you up into a sitting position, thumbs rubbing small circles on the back of your hands. He sat at the edge of the bed before gently lifting you up and placing you on his thigh, the denim rough against the smooth skin of your inner thighs. He placed his hands on your hips, gripping them tightly, as he pressed you firm against the muscle of his thigh. “Fuck yourself on my thigh.”

Your breath caught in your throat as your eyes immediately locked with his.

“You heard me right, kitten,” he chuckled, fingertips digging into the skin on the side of your hips. He used his hands to move them back and forth on his thigh, causing you to gasp at the friction. He stopped, but his hands stayed where they were. “Fuck yourself on my thigh.”

You placed your hands on his shoulders, gaining leverage before you began to drag your core along his thigh, breathing hard and ragged. You started out slow, but you gradually gained speed, leaving a line of wetness along Warren’s jeans. He groaned as your hips stuttered against his thigh, legs shaking, the wetness practically dripping from your core seeping through the fabric. Your body began to heat up as you neared your peak, the knot beginning to form in the pit of your stomach. A few more drags along the ridges of his thigh and You broke, back arching, pressing your chest against his, as your body trembled, fingers digging into his shoulders.

He grunted as he hauled you up and placed you back on the bed before stepping away from it once more. The bulge in his jeans prominent as he undid the belt, taking his sweet, sweet time while giving you a little show. He draped the belt over the end of the bed before unbuttoning his jeans and pulling down the zipper. He smirked as he saw your eyes dart to that little patch of skin peeking out from under his briefs.

Youn one slow, yet fluid motion he began to pull down his jeans, his wings lightly brushing the wall behind him, his briefs lowering with his pants. His member stood at attention, tip red and dripping. A small moan left the back of your throat as he motioned for you to go to him. You got up and took a couple steps towards him. He grabbed your forearms, turning your back to him, before pushing me face first on the plush bed. He kept your arms behind your back as he shuffled around behind you.

You soon felt the cold leather of his black belt wrap around your wrists a few times, before he secured it tightly. He gripped his cock, brushing it against your folds, before prodding your entrance. A choked-off whimper left your throat, as your fingers tried to grab onto him despite knowing he was out of reach. “Warren p-”

A resounding smack landed on your ass, a moan erupting from your half-open mouth, your body already shaking. “What was that, princess?”

You took a shaky breath, trying to regain some semblance of your composure and dignity, before speaking. “Daddy, please, daddy. I need you.”

“I told you before, babygirl, you gotta use your words. What is it you want?”

“I-” You paused, clenching your jaw as he shifted his hips, hard member rubbing against your wet core. “I-I need you to fuck me, daddy. Please, daddy.”

He let out a shaky breath, the grip his hands had on your hips tightening.”As you wish, princess.”

He buried himself in you in a single, plunging stroke. He stilled, groaning as your walls clenched and constricted his cock, the sound causing another aching wave to travel straight to your core. He slowly began to thrust, in and out, making sure you could accommodate his size. As he felt you loosen slightly, your body more relaxed, he began to piston his hips against yours vigorously. You moaned loudly as his hand made contact with your ass once more before grabbing a handful of it and using it to pull you closer to him.

“No coming until I tell you, right babygirl?” He ground out between gritted teeth.

“Y-yes, daddy.”

You felt that familiar heat travel to your lower stomach, your grip on your fingers tightening, as you let out a choked-off moan. He thrusted hard, then stopped, grinding his hips against your ass. He pulled out and quickly undid the belt before flipping you over and plunging into you once more. He fucked in and out of you, your colliding hips causing the obscene skin-to-skin sound to reverberate through the room. He trailed his hand up your chest, finger flicking quickly over your nipple, before wrapping around your throat, tightening slightly.

His hips stuttered against yours as he tilted his head back. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head, the combined pressure of his cock moving in and out and his hand around your throat sending endorphins to every inch of your body. He released your neck, allowing you to draw in a breath, as you desperately tried to postpone your orgasm.

“Daddy, I-I can’t-”

He growled, hand landing hard on your ass once more. “Go ahead, princess. I’m right behind you.”

You cried his name as your orgasm hit you hard, body convulsing and back arching off the bed. He leaned down, burying his face in your shoulder as he growled. He quickly pulled out and jerked himself, his come landing across your abdomen and breasts. His wings stretched out behind him, longest feathers barely brushing the floor, and he worked himself through his orgasm. You laid on the bed, chest heaving, body tired and spent. You heard his groan before everything was still, the only sound in the room being your combined pants.

You felt the bed dip and him kiss your forehead before he padded out of the room, feet thudding along the wood flooring. He came back with a wet washcloth and slowly and carefully wiped away the mess on your torso, before making his way down to your core.

When he was done he threw the washcloth in the wash basket, opened your drawer and grabbed a pair of panties and one of his old band shirts. He slipped the pink lace up your legs and over your hips, before helping you sit up and slipping the shirt over your head. He put on a pair of sweats and climbed in the bed beside you, wrapping his arm around your waist while pressing a kiss to your shoulder.

“You alright, princess?”

You nodded, turning around to face him in his arms and pressing a soft kiss to his lips, before burying your face in his chest, your breathing evening out.

Too Far

Prompt: Something with hardcore hate sex /// Can you do a fic where it’s Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil and they have hate sex or something? /// Can you do one where it’s Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil and they can’t stand each other and they are partnered up for a school project (like college or high school) and they have hate sex /// Can you do Punk!Phil and Pastel!Dan and the have hate sex /// CAN YOU DO PUNK!PHIL AND PASTEL!DAN AND THEY HATE EACH OTHER BUT THEY ARE ASSIGNED AS PARTNERS IN A SCHOOL PROJECT AND END UP FIGHTING AND HAVING HATE SEX

Author’s Note: this fic is dedicated to what appears to be one anon that just really really wants some hate sex. the capital letters really put me in a writing mood! tbh i wanted so badly to rick roll you but i can’t find the malice…………  (You could stand to relax a little though lmao) (1.3k words)

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What are your favorite Latin phrases or just phrases in general?

omg this is a cool question, let me try to recall some of my favs:

  • per adua ad astra, and all it’s variations (per aspera ad astra, sic itur ad astra, and so on). they’re all various ways of saying “through hardship, you will go the stars”. Idk, ever since I first learned the phrase, it’s always stuck with me as one of the most beautiful expressions.
  • Veni, vidi, vici- I came, I saw, I conquered. It sounds imposing and powerful and like something i’d have tattoed on myself if i was a battle-scarred warrioress.
  • semper ad meliora- always towards better things. I like it simply because a) it sounds nice to say (which is a common factor for all my favorite phrases, tbh) and b) it’s inspirational, as cheesy as that seems.
  • Auribus Teneo Lupum- “I hold the wolf by the ears,” this one is actually an ancient proverb.
  • bellum se ipsum alet- “war feeds itself”
  • capax infiniti- “holding infinity”
  • luctor et emergo- “I struggle and emerge”
  • dum vivimus, vivamus- “while we live, let us live”
  • “ita vero” is a phrase I always wish I could have courage to throw out in casual conversation, since it just means “thus indeed” and it’d be hella eloquent to use it while trying to sound smart.
  • lux aeterna- “eternal light”
  • nec aspera terrent- “they do not fear the difficulties”

Up Close and Personal

gif is not mine

Title: Up Close and Personal

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,238

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @mylittlesupertimewolf! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

While Sam and Dean were at another location on a hunt, you and Castiel were doing the dirty work.  Which meant that you had to dig up a body and salt and burn it.  You had only known Castiel for a few weeks.  You still felt awkward around the angel, but to be fair, he felt the same way around you.  He never had the chance to acquaint himself with you, since you spent most of your time hunting.

“Are you sure this is the right grave Castiel,” you asked, setting the shovel down on the grass next to the six foot deep hole.  Castiel grabbed onto your arm, hoisting you out of the grave.  “I don’t wanna get this one wrong.”

“I’m sure,” Castiel affirmed.  “This is the man’s grave we are looking for.”  Castiel did a double take towards the grave.  The body you and him were supposed to salt and burn was gone, and the casket was open.

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“My name’s Happy. My friends gave me the name. My birth name is Christian, but I don’t go by it at all. I just hitched a ride from Idaho with some people coming back from Rainbow Gathering. Before Idaho, my friend Dumpster Baby and I hopped a freight train from Utah. We spent four hours in a dumpster with a tarp over us while it just rained and rained on us before we left. Now I’m waiting for my friend Rat Boy to come meet up with me. He’s never been to Portland before so he’s off wandering. We might see if we can find a punk show to go to tonight, and then we have a squat house we’re going to crash at.” 

“How is hopping freight trains different than hitchhiking?” 

“Well for better or worse, you’re usually you’re alone for 24 hours on a train. Sometimes the cops bust you. I’ve been busted before. I met some kids that wanted to hop a train and had never done it so I took ‘em. Usually you’re supposed to throw your pack first and then kind of start running before you jump, otherwise you’ll just fall. I watched ‘em do it and they both just rolled. But they were ok. A few cuts and the worst thing was one guy got a bruised knee.” 

“How did you start off this life of wandering?” 

“I grew up in LA, in not the best of neighborhoods. I was used to always hanging on the streets. Then when I was 15 or 16 some friends of mine told me about a squat house in another city and we hopped a train and went there. I love the community of it, kids all helping each other out. There’s even a web forum where people will tell each other where to stay, who to look out for, or a place where you can get fed and things like that.”

“It sounds like such an adventure! I wish I could come take photos of it all.”

“I had a bunch of photos on my phone, but I dropped it on the tracks once, and that was the end of that. It’s not all great though. A lot of kids I know are on meth and I have a friend who got Hep C from sharing needles. Not me, I’m a straight edge. That’s what these tattoos are about.” He held out his hands.

“What about the one on your face?”

“My family is indigenous and my great grandfather completely tried to deny and hide his heritage. And then his son, my grandfather, tried to embrace it. I’d seen a photo of him with these markings, so I had a friend tattoo it on me.” 

“What does it represent?” 

“I’m not sure. My family doesn’t even know what tribe. But I wanted to embrace my heritage.”

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Can I request a sequel to your MC reset theory where MC gets a lil' drunk on the first or second day of the reset and just calls their fave and blurts out everything? Bonus points for "You're my favourite, I wanted to stay with you" Thank you so much!

OHMYYOFSJNJ thank you so much for requesting this, i really appreciate knowing someone actually liked that!! you’re so welcome, and again thank thank thANK THANK THANKKK YOUUU!! side note i c ried,, a lil writing thi,,s,


  • when you called him he picked up so fast
  • you sound so happy
  • after a couple minutes he realizes that ur deadass drunk
  • then all of a sudden ur voice goes real sad and soft
  • “is ur eye alright nowww? i was so worried you know?”
  • you’re slurring but somehow he can understand you
  • my eye???
  • what about my eye?????
  • and you go on about his dreams about being a vet
  • what???
  • didn’t we just meet yesterday
  • how do u know all this
  • “of course i know these things!! but this dumb ability doesn’t let you rememberrr”
  • he’s really confused
  • you talk more about some gibberish he can’t comprehend
  • something about a cat named lisa or something
  • and again about his eye
  • eventually you fall asleep on him
  • and he’s so??
  • his heart kinda hurts a little
  • ?? what is this
  • he plays games all night to forget
  • but then ever since that happened he never brought it up again
  • he thought about it a lot
  • but will literally never say anything about it
  • the air between you two stays awkward and it probably makes him turn away from you a little
  • :’(


  • he thinks u sound cute drunk
  • he’d make fun of u for a while
  • until u literally just start crying
  • “??? mc?”
  • you start babbling nonsense and he assumes u must be one of those emotional talkative drunks
  • issa rlly cute
  • but then u start talking about how he saved you from a dangerous white haired man in the apartment
  • ??? what kind of imagination does this girl have
  • he plays along asking u what happened next
  • at this point u kinda forgot u were talking to him
  • but you continue
  • going on and on about a hacker
  • and how you spent the night at his house
  • zen is puzzled
  • hey hey hey this is getting a bit..
  • eventually all he hears from the other side of the line is your soft breathing
  • he wonders if you fell asleep
  • “sweet dreams, mc.”
  • he’s about to hang up but then hears you mumble something that sounded like his name
  • “don’t go..”
  • after this zen found it kinda hard to approach you
  • he wanted to know what you meant
  • he spends his nights frequently waking up from dreams he can’t recall
  • yet he acts like nothing happened in the chatroom
  • but when he can’t help the growing feelings along with the feeling it wasn’t the first time this had happened
  • he starts to remember what his dreams were about


  • she was at home
  • working like always even when she isn’t at the office
  • then she gets a phone call from you
  • she hesitates a bit
  • i mean she just met you today so
  • “hello? this is kang jaehee”
  • “aah.. jaeheee..”
  • you sounded relieved to hear her voice
  • “uh.. mc? are you.. feeling okay?”
  • you were pretty sure you were drunk
  • but right now all you wanted was to hear her voice
  • “i wish we could go back to the way we used to be”
  • you sounded really sad
  • jaehee didn’t really know how to react
  • so she just listens
  • “hey..”
  • your voice is all hoarse and cracking
  • “do you think if i hadn’t chosen you then i wouldn’t have to be so sad now?”
  • “but then..”
  • “i wanted to stay with you in the end”
  • she didn’t need to see your face
  • to know that you were in tears
  • jaehee doesn’t know why but she ends up hanging up
  • without a word
  • she continues to work
  • with a heavy heart
  • i don’t even know what she looks like
  • and for the first time
  • she fell asleep at her desk with her work left unfinished
  • and dreams of a blurry face with a smile warm like the sun


  • he was a bit surprised to see a phone call come in from you
  • considering how it was only the second day since you had joined
  • he certainly wasn’t expecting this
  • although he strangely could listen to your voice all day
  • you called him often at night
  • though he can tell pretty quickly that you’re hammered
  • he advises you to take it easy and rest
  • he doesn’t really pay attention to what you ramble about
  • but decides to humor you one night
  • if he was getting any closer to you
  • and opening up his heart now
  • this definitely would have closed it back up
  • “i keep forgetting how you were before i came here”
  • he didn’t understand a single word you were saying
  • it sounded
  • unreal
  • “i loved you”
  • “i loved you so much”
  • he would probably close off any feelings he was starting to have
  • or already had
  • he just
  • can’t comprehend it
  • his heart
  • his mind
  • cannot understand such feelings
  • such thoughts
  • are too much for him
  • the distance between you two would only grow overtime
  • jumin would probably be as confused with himself as he originally was when he was just learning to love
  • he needs time
  • before he can talk about it again with you


  • woo yall just love to see me suffer
  • seven would already be one of the only people to call you pretty frequently after only the first couple days
  • so one night you call him
  • you were tired from drinking a bit too much earlier while reflecting
  • and just laid in bed still drunk
  • “hey! what’s up?”
  • his voice alone was enough to make you tear up
  • “i can’t sleep”
  • “so i thought hearing your voice would help”
  • he chuckles and your stomach twists
  • because you could tell he was trying to not take it seriously
  • “are you trying to say i tire you out? i’m hurt, mc”
  • you know he’s just trying to cover what you said
  • but you were just so tired
  • “keep talking”
  • and talk he did
  • until you fell soundly asleep
  • seven is silent on the other line
  • contently listening to your soft breathing
  • “sa..saeyoung..”
  • he freezes
  • and his finger presses to end the call
  • just who were you
  • who
  • “..are you?”
  • he becomes frantic
  • and hacks into notes you kept on your phone
  • his insecurities come spilling out faster than before
  • how did you know so much about him
  • how could you pick out every flaw and fear he had
  • so perfectly
  • so effortlessly
  • his facade crumbles
  • and he has so many questions
  • “just who… am i?”
Thank You For Loving Me

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean finally tells the Reader the three letter word.

Word Count: 928

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! So this was supposed to be for my own Music Shuffle Game, but then I realized that @d-s-winchester had a challenge that I volunteered for and I got the same song. So this is for her challenge too…although…I don’t remember the tag for it. So this probably doesn’t count *hides face* I hope you enjoy it!!

Song used: “Thank You For Loving Me” by Bon Jovi

Thank You For Loving Me

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anonymous asked:

36, 18, 9 with 40s!Bucky pretty please? THANK YOU! (from @mindingmyownbusiness) So glad to see you writing again!

(@mindingmyownbusiness I hope you like itttt and all the 1940s Bucky gifs i used, too.)

You were easily Bucky’s favorite person.. Aside from Steve, anyway. Being that you were Steve’s little sister, it made sense, he thought. You and Steve were only a year and a half apart, so the three of you had always been inseparable. He loved how you always seemed to look on the bright side, and how you always managed to bring a smile to his and your brother’s faces. Bucky knew that you were one of a kind, and he wasn’t going to find another girl like you in his lifetime, but he was always too nervous to make a move. Steve might’ve been little, but he still knew how to throw a punch.

You’d gone out to meet with a boy that you’d been on four dates with already, and although Steve didn’t like the kid, he didn’t stop you from going.. but when you came running in the door, tears streaming down your cheeks and small whimpers escaping your lips, Steve couldn’t keep his mouth shut. “I told you, Y/N. Tommy is bad news.” He said as he stood up from where he and Bucky sat at the dining table, playing cards. “Hang it up, Steve, its over. I don’t want to talk about it.” You managed to mutter as you walked past the two of them and into your bedroom, shutting the door behind you.

Steve’s face was turning about eight different shades of red, when Bucky set his cards on the table, patting his friends shoulder as he stood up. “I got this, pal. You need to calm down before you blow a fuse.” Bucky said softly, squeezing Steve’s shoulder before releasing him and walking to your bedroom door, knocking lightly. “Doll?”

You managed to whimper out a soft, “Come in.” He smiled to himself when he entered your room and saw you curled up on your bed, clutching the stuffed bear he’d won you at the fair last year. As he got closer, sitting on the side of your bed, he noticed fresh tears pooling in your eyes and instinctively reached forward, catching the small droplets with his thumb. “Oh, sugar, please don’t cry.” He whispered and you forced a small smile. “I know, I know, Buck.. big girls don’t cry.” You replied, using the line Steve had used on you too many times. He let out a soft chuckle, shaking his head as he wiped away another tear. “Steve’s a wise guy, alright..” He muttered, and you let out a small giggle in return.

He tried not to let it show, but the sound of your laughter made his heart flutter inside his chest. He wished he could keep you laughing, keep you smiling. “C’mon, doll.. Just tell me, what’s eatin’ you?” He wondered, his hand lingering on your jaw as you fluttered your eyes closed, a light blush forming on your cheeks. “I, uh.. Well.. If I tell you, you have to promise you won’t let Steve slug Tommy, okay..?” You said softly, to which Bucky let out a long breath that neither of you realized he’d been holding in. “Did he put his hands on you? I swear to god, Y/N, if he hurt you, I’ll be the one to slug ‘em.” He spoke, the hand on your cheek caressing your skin even more gently, as if he was afraid even his touch was painful for you.

“No! No, Buck, I… Well.. Tommy made a pass at me at dinner, and I..” You paused, adverting your gaze, your blush deepening. “I-I told him no, and he got mad..” Your voice was getting softer with each word you spoke. “A-and he dumped me.”

Bucky stayed silent for a moment, staring at you, waiting for you to elaborate, and when you didn’t, his mind ran wild. “Did.. What did he do..?” Bucky asked, his voice barely above a whisper. If it was possible for you to get any more embarrassed, you did. “O-oh, Bucky, no! He just.. He tried to kiss me, but, uh, I-I’ve never been kissed, so when it finally happens, I want it to be special, y’know?” You began to ramble, and Bucky was just staring at you, dumbfounded.

“Wait, wait, hold on a second, doll.. What do you mean, ‘never been kissed’?” He asked, cutting off your nonsense. You licked your lips, nodding once. “Exactly that, Buck.. I.. I want it to be with someone special.

You looked back up and met his eyes, noticing something different about them. There was a maturity, a wanting in them that you’d never seen before. It made a shiver run down your spine, which didn’t go unnoticed by Bucky, as he smirked and tugged his lower lip into his mouth.

Would you let me kiss you..? Just once?” He asked, his voice barely above a whisper- all while maintaining eye contact with you. Your eyes went wide at his offer and you found yourself at a loss for words. “I..” You tried to speak, but nothing came out. He grinned, his cheeks turning a soft shade of pink as he smoothed his hair back. “It’s alright, doll.. I know when I’m not wanted.” He said in a light tone, trying not to let you see how stupid he felt. He went to stand from your bed, but you reached out for his hand, pulling him back down, a quiet wait escaping your lips. You sat up slowly, pushing your hair away from your face while he looked down at you, licking his lips. “Yeah, doll?” He whispered, coming close enough now that his forehead was resting against yours. “W-will you kiss me..?” You asked, eyes scanning his for any sign of hesitation.

His eyes sparkled as a large smile grew on his lips, nodding, making his nose brush yours with each movement. “Yes ma’am.” He breathed, before leaning forward and pressing his lips to yours in a needy kiss. You couldn’t contain the small gasp that left your mouth when his tongue almost immediately darted out, swiping across your lower lip to beg for permission to mingle with yours. One of his hands moved to your lower back, pulling you closer to him at the same time that your hand found its way to his hair, tugging on the dark strands.

And all too quickly, it was over.

Bucky pulled away, using his thumb to wipe the excess wetness from his lower lip as he smiled with one eyebrow raised. “Ya sure you’ve never been kissed before?” He asked, a small chuckle following the question. You nodded with a small smile, keeping your hand tangled in his hair, wanting to stay close to him. He hummed, rubbing soothing circles on your back with his palm and pressing a chaste kiss to your temple. “You know Steve is gonna slug me, right?” He asked, causing you to let out a giggle. “You’re going to tell him?” That honestly surprised you. He nodded, lacing his other hand with yours. “Of course I am. Now that Tommy’s outta the picture, I’m gonna make you my girl.” He replied with a wink, making you blush all over again. “There’s not another dame like you in the world, doll..” He whispered, bringing your hand up to his lips for a tender kiss.

And you’d be wrapped around his finger from that day forward.

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[ENG] 170530 Hoshi’s Twitter Interaction With Fans

Opening tweet: [17’ Hoshi] CARATs~ Hello, I’m doing a mention party for the first time in a while *laughs* Those who want to party with me, please upload some tweets ><

Fan: Soonyoung-ah, what did you eat today???
HS: CARATs’ love?

Fan: I want to tell you thank you for existing.
HS: Thank you for making an ordinary me special *cries* I’ll work harder.

Fan: Soonyoung-ah, you’re cuter than Pikachu~~~~❤❤❤ (attached picture)
HS: *laughs* Pi~ka pika~!!!

Fan: What time is it? 💕
HS: It’s now 2:53.

Fan: Did it hurt when you fell from the sky?
HS: Nope, it was alright because I have wings ///~///

Fan: Your smile makes flowers grow 🌻🌷 (attached pictures)
HS: Chub-ster, it’s chub-ster ><
(T/N: Chub-ster = Chubby hamster)

cr: kass @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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Big Hero 6   {Sentence Starters}

  • “I am not fast.”
  • “Unbelievable…”
  • “It is alright to cry.”
  • “I can’t lose you, too!”
  • “I have some concerns.”
  • “Why is he trying to kill us?”
  • “Does it hurt when I touch it?”
  • “Um, why are you trying to kill us?”
  • “Crying is a natural response to pain.”
  • “Takes a lot more than this to rattle me.”
  • “Oh, I just stubbed my toe a little. I’m fine.”
  • “There are no red lights during car chases!”
  • “Wow, that is both disgusting and awesome.”
  • “This won’t change anything. Trust me. I know.”
  • “On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?”
  • “I just wish I could share my accomplishments with you.”
  • “I heard a sound of distress. What seems to be the trouble?”
  • “I spilled wasabi on my shirt one time, people… ONE TIME!”
  • “WHEN are you going to do something with that big brain of yours?”
  • “Let’s not jump to conclusions. We don’t KNOW he’s trying to kill us.”
  • “You are gonna feel these things tomorrow, you know what I’m saying?”
  • “We didn’t set out to be superheroes. But sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned.”
  • “Yeah, if I wasn’t terrified of heights, I’d probably love this. But I’m terrified of heights, so I don’t love it!”
  • “Well then, what about an invisible sandwich? Imagine eating a sandwich, but everyone just thinks you’re crazy!”
  • “If I could have any superpower right now, it would be the ability to crawl through this camera and give you a big hug.”
  • Rosie: *learns about inequalities in maths class*
  • Rosie: Daddy, Dad, guess what?!
  • Sherlock: Yes, Rosie?
  • Rosie: I 'two' you!
  • John: ...What do you mean, sweetheart?
  • Rosie: You know how sometimes you text 'less than three' to say I love you? Well, we can just say 'two' for short, because two is less than three!
  • John: Well, that's very clever! I 'two' you, too.
  • Sherlock: And efficient. And I love you even more, so I 'one' you. Both of you.
  • John: *rolls eyes*
  • Rosie: *wrinkles nose* Dad~ it sounds like you won us in a contest or something.
  • Sherlock: Maybe I did.
  • Rosie: Right. Did you have to defeat a dragon~?
  • Sherlock: You could say that.
Bellamy Blake Imagine: Too Stubborn


Prompt: 26-”Come over here and make me.”,
12-”Quit it or I’ll bite.”

Summary: Bellamy and reader have feelings for each other, but are too stubborn to admit it so they instead keep pissing each other. However Octavia and Clarke wouldn’t just let it go and send them on a mission hoping it would force them to admit what they feel for each other.

Word count: 2020

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“Put it down before you hurt yourself,” I rolled my eyes at the sound of Bellamy’s voice in which I could practically hear him smirking.

“Shut up before I hurt you,” I retorted not bothering to look at him because I knew exactly what I would find, him standing there with folded arms and amused look on his face.

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Are You Happy Now?


Pairing: Archie x Reader

Summary: Based off “Are You Happy Now?” by Rascal Flatts (feat. Lauren Alaina). Listen Here.

Side Note: The other song I used is called “Just A Man” by Somo”.

Baby, just look at you now, barely holding it together. We’re so in love, but you gave that up. Just look around, are you happy now?

It was too soon to tell whether or not it was going to last. But you hoped it did, my god, how you prayed that it would. Expect that’s not how it turned out. Relationships crash and burn, they test your limits and give you all these wonderful memories, only in the end to haunt you with them.

Archie Andrews, your next door neighbour, turned first crush, which led to him becoming your high school boyfriend. 6 months later, he become another face in the hallways.

Laying across your bed, eyes begging for some rest after 2 and half hours of homework. You obeyed and leaned against the headboard. It was extremely difficult to not peer through the window to see if Archie was still awake. Most nights when the two of you weren’t suppose to be out so late, meaning grounded, he’d text saying to meet him at the window. You did, and the two of you would sit looking across, texting one another and not going to sleep until the early hours of the morning.

Now, it was nothing. No text. No grabbing mountains of pillows, blankets and getting comfortable near the window. No staying up late. All that remained - memories.

You switched off the light and with it those painful reminders.

Archie POV

I saw her light go out. Apart of me hoped she’d come to the window, just like old times. But why would she? I screwed up, I am the reason why our relationship ended. Sighing in nothing but sheer frustration, I punched my pillow.

Eyeing my phone on the bedside dresser, it was far from a smart idea. Ignoring all the warning signs, I picked it up in my hands and clicked on Y/N’s contact, opening a new message. All of our old ones still there, but my eyes fixated on the last one. The message where we only had positive things to say. No screaming match, no arguing - just pure love.

Come to the window? - Archie

Archie, it’s 1:00 in the morning - Y/N

I know, but I promise it’ll be worth it. And if not I’ll definitely make it up to you ;) - Archie

Fine. I’m at the window, what is it? - Y/N

I love you - Archie

Only you, Archie Andrews, would wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me you love me - Y/N

I love you too. Now I’m going to bed, I’ll see your handsome face in the morning - Y/N

Goodnight, beautiful. Dream of me :P x - Archie

I remember that night so perfectly. It was day that Y/N and I said our first I love you’s, by accident, but that held no relevance because we both felt the same. The entire day I texted her I love you randomly. She responded with those 3 little words and I know I’m not suppose to admit this, but my heart skipped a beat whenever she did.

I was wide awake and couldn’t sleep, so that’s when I texted Y/N. Truthfully I love you wasn’t the only reason I texted so late. The other reason, I wanted to see her face even if it was from a distance.

Deciding against my original idea, I too turned off the light and let my mind dream of happier times.

Normal POV

You awoke to the pesky alarm that wasn’t going to shut up unless forced too. Hitting the snooze button, Friday had arrived. Getting ready for the school day didn’t take long at all, not when you plan all your outfits the day before. Wanting to get there a bit earlier than a certain red head, you settled for a muesli bar for breakfast and left.

Meeting the gang at the usual table outside, Betty had already saved a seat for you.

“So what’s the plan for tonight?. Pop’s, a movie or perhaps we can let loose and attend a party, I hear Reggie is planning one?”. Veronica asked, lifting an eyebrow.

Exchanging a glance with Betty, you were both thinking the same thing. “Sorry V, but I’m just looking forward to having a quiet night in my room”.

Betty interjected, declining as well. “Yeah, and Jughead and I already have plans”.

“Kevin, you are my last hope”. She gabbed his hands dramatically, making each of you smile.

“As much as I would love to be your knight in shinning armor, I have a date tonight”. His eyes fluttered straight ahead. “Hey, maybe you can ask Archie”.

At the mention of his name, your body automatically went numb. Betty reacted by placing a hand on your shoulder. “I forgot, I need to talk to a teacher about an English assignment. I’ll see you guys later”.

“Wait, what? There is no English assign-”. Jughead stopped mid-sentence when he saw the real reason why you wanted to disappear. He bit his lip and watched, along with the others as you walked past Archie.

“Y/N!”. Avoiding eye contact, you picked up the sped. “Y/N!?”. Archie jogged after you across the yard, catching up in no time. “Please, I want to talk”.

Clutching the strap of your bag, it was almost laughable.  "I have nothing to say to you".

“But I have something I want to say to you”. His eyes pleading for you to hear him out.

“That your sorry, or that you made a mistake?”. The bell rang and the timing couldn’t be perfect. “I have to go”.

Archie POV

Jughad appeared beside me. “She needs time, Archie. After-”.

“After she saw me and Valerie in the music room? I wasn’t cheating on her Jug, I’d never hurt her like that”. Rubbing my face. “I love her”.

He put his hand on my shoulder, a remorseful expression. “You need to tell her that, Archie”.

“How? I’ve tried but she doesn’t believe me”.

Another bell rang, meaning that whoever didn’t make it to class on the first one was now officially late. “Then find a way to make her believe it”. Thinking about what Jughead said, there was only one way I knew to make her hear me.

After School - Still Archie’s POV

Everything was set up. Veronica and Betty were in charge of making sure Y/N turned up and Jughead was helping me set it all up. My phone beeped.

We’re 5 minutes away - Betty

I breathed nervously and wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans. “She’s 5 minutes away. Thanks for helping, Jug”.

He smiled. “You and Y/N are meant to be, so if I can help get you guys back together then I’m all in”. Patting me on the back, he left, wishing me luck.

The sounds of voices could be heard throughout the hallways. If anyone found us at school at this time, there would be trouble. But this was important. The gym door opened and Y/N came in first, Betty and Veronica no where to be seen.

“Before you leave, please just listen”. I asked her, picking up my guitar. She didn’t attempt to head for the door, that was a good sign.

I strummed it once, twice, and begun singing.

Maybe I’m foolish, maybe I’m blind
Maybe "I’m sorry”’s outta line
Maybe I’m selfish, I should’ve tried
You know I lost it, but I’ve been found

I know I’m wrong
Baby, I’m wrong, so wrong
For letting you hurt so long

And I can’t let you go, don’t you know
Whatever it takes, I will do
I’m down on my knees
Begging you please

‘Cause I’m just a man, and you are my world
I’m half what I am, with you I am whole
'Cause I’m just a man, and you are my girl
Just give me a chance to bring my love home
I’m just a man
I’m just a man

I stood from my chair and made my way over to her. Standing in front, being as vulnerable as I could, through my music.

But I won’t let you go, don’t you know
Whatever it takes, I will do?
I’m down on my knees
Begging you please

'Cause I’m just a man, and you are my world
I’m half what I am, with you I am whole
'Cause I’m just a man, and you are my girl
Just give me a chance to bring my love home

I softly sang the last line, she had tears in her eyes. “Y/N, I was-am an idiot. But nothing happened between Valarie and I, please believe me”.

Extending her hand, I was slightly confused. “Hi, I’m Y/N. It’s nice to meet you”. I broke out into a smile, she was offering a clean state. Shaking her hand, I replied. “Nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Archie. I could use a milkshake, what do you say? Our regular table at Pop’s?”.

Y/N pushed back her hair and smiled. “I would really like that”.

Taking her hand, we both walked out of the school. We still had a long way to go, but I was willing to do whatever it took to get us back to how we used to be. Because I, Archie Andrews, only had eyes for one girl.

Past 11pm || Min Yoongi (M)

*Gif not mine*

Yoongi x reader

Genre: Angst smut

Word Count: 3,001

~ This wasn’t supposed to be kinky but it kinda just did… Enjoy! ♡


I sat at my desk, working on a paper I had to turn in the next day. Concentration was difficult to find when my mind kept wandering back to him. Where was he? Who was he with? When will he call?

My laptop kept falling asleep from my lack of work and no matter how much I tried; no matter how much I wanted to, I could only think of Yoongi.


I showered, to relax and because my hair smelled like the outside. I had put away my laptop after quickly writing a C+ paper.

I walked over to the counter table to look at my phone, my hopes were high when I saw the notification light on. To my disappointment, it was only an update notification for another useless app. I left the phone there angrily, still turning up the volume in case he called.


I missed him the most during this time of the day: When the lights when out and the weight of my life sat on my shoulders. There was a tone; a lifeless tone, that set when he was gone. He brought life and soul into my world and that only made this worse. A world that was made of my heart and ego. I grabbed my phone and clicked on his name.

If I’m not the one for you, then don’t come back! Just let me go already and stop holding me the way you do.

I sent the message, instantly regretting my emotional outburst. I had asked myself too many times how I ended up here. Waiting and waiting for love and affection; begging for a man’s attention and loyalty. It should have never come to this but I allowed it to. I let him do what he wanted, wanting to only please him. But I loved to love him and I made him the center of my universe. I knew that love was a pain, I know pain, and this was not the same.


Are you awake?

Tears of frustration rolled down my cheeks; my hand gripping on the phone tightly. A pressure in my chest burned hot and heavily.

Convincing myself that I wouldn’t reply and that it would teach him a lesson.

Even when his caller ID appeared on my screen, my fingers hesitantly swiped the decline button. The first one was for him to know that I was upset and ignoring him. The calls after that I let ring, so he knew what it was like to wait.


I woke up lying over my folded covers, in a fetal position with the phone to the side. My dried tears stained my face as I sat up. Then realizing the constant calls had stopped and were replaced by hard pounds at my front door.

I quickly jumped out of bed and rushed over to the front door of my apartment. I didn’t hesitate to open the door until about halfway I stopped and was afraid to look at him. He lands his fist on the door, trying to push it open but my foot wouldn’t let it. He was trying to be persistent without being forceful but he was much stronger than I was. He looked at me dead in the eyes, his eyes have always been unreadable but they were saying to let him in. I pressed my lips into a tight line, hoping he would say something before I broke down crying. He grew irritated of waiting rather fast and forced the door open and let himself into my apartment.

    “You text me, going on about god knows what; then when I try to call you, you ignore the shit out of me?!” He said walking halfway into my apartment before turning around and looking at me. “Why are you being like this, (Y/n)?”

I know he was trying to lower his voice but I could see the frustration, which was just as worse as being yelled at. I felt small in a corner under his intimidating stare and he waited for an answer. He sighed, running his hands through his hair in an attempt to relax. He looked back searching for my eyes but they only cowardly glanced at him. Yoongi stepped closer, closing the large amount of space between us. I was still angry at him but he always managed to make me feel bad about it. Like so many other times before, he was going to get away with walking all over me.

  “Do I ask too much of you?” He sighed once more but this time it was of annoyance. I wish I could have sounded sure of myself but I wasn’t used to speaking out against him.

   “What do you want me to do, (Y/n)?” He stepped away from me; not trying to comfort me anymore. “I’m trying, okay? But, you knew. I warned you about how I was, to begin with.”

He was right; I couldn’t argue with that. That was the painful truth I hated to accept. The possibility of us not being good for each other and that he only loved me on lonely nights.

   “Well, I don’t want that anymore!” I was careful with my words because I still wanted him. “Don’t you understand that it hurts me? For you to go out every day of the week, then come into my bed, smelling like liquor and someone else?!” Tears were welling up in my eyes, threatening to escape once more. I knew he would never cheat, if he had I would have known it but that didn’t mean he wasn’t around other women who wanted him.

   “I know, (Y/n). I know.” Yoongi hated to see me cry because I never let myself be seen when I do. His voice was soft again, trying to find an end to our argument.

   “I need you here, Yoongi. I can’t live off sex; I need to know that you’re here for me like I’ve been there for you.” I closed my eyes as my voice cracked and a tear slid down my cheek. I felt him step over to me, his hands grabbed mine that was resting over my mouth. He held my hand in his, studying my palm, and running his fingers over it.

  “I know, I haven’t been a saint but, things can change.” He didn’t feel sincere but he was regretful. Things could change but even if they weren’t, I would still stay by his side. I couldn’t ask for an eternity from a mere mortal. “I’ll always come back to you, (Y/n).”

That was possibly the only truth this night brought. He called himself mine but he didn’t know how to belong to anyone. I moved to wrap my arms around him, leaning my head straight against his warm chest. He smelled like alcohol and sweet like always, but I had grown comfortable to his smell. Yoongi hesitates and is guilty of feeling love because he knew it would always feel one-sided for me. We were both to blame and both acquit for the bond between us and like every disagreement we shared; we negotiated with our bodies.


I straddled his lap and he gripped my waist with both hands. The taste of his tongue dawdled in my mouth while he struggled to remove my clothes. Yoongi panted against the skin of my neck as he explored what I revealed under my top. He ran his mouth between the flesh of my breasts and sucked on any spots he wished. He pulled on the straps of my bra and tugged at the cups wanting to see all I had to offer. I watched from above how his mouth worked on my sensitive body parts, admiring his delicate features and raspy voice.

    “I don’t want to lose your love; It’s all I have…” My fingers were tangled in his black hair that framed his ivory skin. I let his bittersweet words wash over my head and pull me back into his charm blindly. “I won’t last without you. I’m nothing without you.”

I pulled him away from my chest and down to lay back on my bed. Reconnecting our lips and fighting him to have the upper hand. He pressed my hips against him leaving the both of us breathless and impatient. My body temperature was rising to a fever pitch and the hot lust clouded my reasoning but brought my other senses to buzz. My heartbeat murmured to mock his rhythm for the moment he was with me.

    “After everything I’ve done for you- everything you put me through,” I managed to speak between our heated kiss. He watched me as I spoke, looking like he was in a haze and couldn’t hear me, only feel me.“It’s still torture being without you.”

He held onto me tight as if he was trying to respond but all he could do was intertwine his hands with mine. He had a kiss that could mend a broken spirit and I felt his heart with it. He made shivers spread across my body as I left bites on his.


Our sweat was melding between our beautiful bodies, as they collided with one another. My breasts brushed against his chest every time he leaned me onto him. His eyes shut and his mouth opened in ecstasy. Yoongi’s groans were deep and sounded like animals in heat. My core was dripping all over his length, as he fitted so tightly inside of me.

His hands roved over me and drove me deeper into the pool of euphoria we were laying in. He loved to watch me on top, it was his favorite sight and feeling. Getting the perfect view of me panting and begging to come undone from his doing. The hot lust was building in the deepest parts of me and pushed me to find the end. Yoongi kept his eyes on me the entire time he could, pushing my hair away from my face when it fell out of place from our tempo.

   “Come on, baby. Take my cock…. just like that.” He said tugging at the ends of my hair. He kissed the bottom of my jaw and still groaned whenever my walls throbbed around him. He was pumping and I was rolling, both of us putting in the work for our climaxes. We could go all night, like we used to when we first started dating, all night in love.

My hands rested on his shoulders flatly, balancing myself in and out of his length. My hand pushed towards his neck, resting at the crook. I added the slightest bit of pressure to his throat and he pulled at my hair. The pain drove my lust and his; we watched each other’s eyes blacken with pleasure and sparkle with love. He skin looked so pretty covered in shades of purple and blue shaped like my mouth. What a feeling it was to be connected to someone so deeply and violently.

He was thrusting so hard that his dick was falling out of me. I was too lost to care, my hips kept riding him with his cock between my folds. Our weight was adding more pressure and his tip budded against my swollen clit each time I moved down. My core was growing sore from all the pounding and I wanted to take it slow for a minute. I leaned in and brought Yoongi’s soft blushed lips to mine, he hummed lowly into the kiss. But groaned as I pulled away with his bottom lip between my teeth. He chuckled darkly and pushed me back onto his lips by the back of my head, sticking his tongue down my throat and moaning into my mouth.

   “Finish yourself off, baby girl.” He gave my ass a quick smack and grip. I squealed at the hit and smiled biting my lip in anticipation.

   “Yes, daddy.” I took a hold of his cock that was laying upright against his stomach; guiding him back in my aching entrance where he belonged.

I grabbed the back of his neck and sunk down, until his tip was hitting me up to the brim. I rocked and rolled my hips, worked them up and down like it was nothing. He rubbed on my thighs and leaned against the headboard, watching me get myself off on his large dick. Yoongi looked at me like I was a fallen angel on his lap, one he hated to love. The pink undertones of his skin were blushing hard on his chest and cheeks; sweat was running down his temple and neck. He looked so good, just the image alone could send me off the edge. He clenched his jaw and scrunched his nose; lifting up the corner of his lip like he was in pain. My breasts were moving to the speed of my hips and Yoongi wrapped a hand around my hip and rested just above my ass, pulled my back to arch and move closer to him.

    “You have a body… all men dream of touching.” He groaned, running his hand up my waist from my thigh. There was a jealousy that cursed Yoongi’s words, he hated the thought of any other man looking at me, it drove him mad. “But you’re mine, right?”

I could only make out a cry as he thrust his hips into me suddenly, making me throw my head back and scratch as his neck.


     “Fuc- Yoongi! Ahh!” My body shook and legs went numb on top of him. He thrust his hips slowly and deep inside of me and watched how I squirmed from my orgasm. He groaned loudly at my wetness dripping down to his balls and my walls squeezing around him so tightly it threatened his control on his climax. Whimpers and groans died out of my mouth as the last bits of my orgasm washed over me. I felt myself completely drained from head to toe and my heat was pulsing around Yoongi’s aching cock.

I moved off of him weakly, missing the full feeling he gave me instantly but still moved down the bed. I kneeled in between his legs and took a hold of his throbbing dick; the tip was red and he was going to come in no time. I pumped my hand easily and wrapped my lips around his head.

   “Ugh!” He sat up instantly and grabbed my head with a hand. He watched me take him into my mouth, licking up the side slowly like he liked. He pushed my hair to the side and held it tightly in his fist. I kept eye contact with him the entire time, seeing how his brows furrowed in pleasure. With my free hand I gripped his balls and cupping them gently as they tensed up; he cursed loudly and praised my work. I hollowed out my cheeks and sucked him deeper into my throat before he warned me he was going to come.


I woke up to the sound of him in the shower. I knew Yoongi would get up early and leave without waking me up. I shut my eyes and let myself drift back into slumber until he got out of the bathroom. I heard him walking around my room, going through the drawers of his clothes he had. His back was turned away from me while I sat up on the bed, not bothering to cover myself up.

   “Am I going to see you tonight?” He turned around, the late night had taken a toll on his face. He was already wearing a shirt but was also holding another in his hand. Yoongi walked over to the bed, taking a seat in the empty space next to me.

   “I’ll try.” He mumbled, taking his shirt and slipping it over my head. He watched as I put my hands through the sleeves and leaned in to kiss my forehead. “Cute.”

He was grabbing his stuff off the floor, ready to leave and I was going to let him. He was going to walk out and keep doing the same things. We would fall back into the same routine of seeing each other late at night to fuck and sleep. I always threaten to be mad at him but I never threaten to leave him because I never would.

    “We should break up…” I said out to him before he walked to the door but he stopped dead in his tracks. The words even scared me at hearing them come from my mouth. Yoongi turned to look at me and for the first time, I saw something that was close to worry. “If you don’t plan to change.”

   “(Y/n) I-”

“I’m serious, Min Yoongi.” I bit the inside of my lip as I tried to keep my confidence on. “You can go out with your friends on the weekends but Monday to Friday, you’re mine.”

Yoongi was young and loved going out and I used to put up with it and even go out with him. I grew up and started focusing on more important things than partying. He was addicted to living and I was addicted to him. I learned the hard way that he loved the game and he was going to lose.


I got out of bed and Yoongi waited for me to brush my teeth and put my hair up in a bun. He had to go home regardless to get his stuff for work at 10. I only wore his shirt that covered right past my butt as I walked him to the front door of my apartment. I held the door open and he stepped out, turning around to face me. I grabbed him by his shirt and brought him to a short sweet kiss.

   “Don’t call me past 11 pm; I won’t let this happen again.”

Some thoughts about Trees, True Love, and The Wish Your Heart Makes When You’re Fast Asleep:

In interviews, fans were promised full-season style arcs this year. The writers were hoping to regain their season 1 format and appeal. For that reason, although lately the super-plot feels a little shoved to the side, I don’t believe that the Land of Untold Stories is an over and done deal. 

My speculation began with the return of the wardrobe realm-jumping gimmick. We haven’t seen this used since season 1 (unless you count using the incinerated wardrobe ashes in season 2, but I don’t.) 

Please note the use of the True Love rainbow effect. It is used for both Pinocchio’s and Emma’s arrival. This tells us that the effect is tied to the magic of the tree, and not simply used to denote the arrival of Emma, who is the product of true love. 

Then, it hit me. 

True love is the only magic powerful enough to transcend realms. 
The tree used to make the wardrobe must be powered by True Love. 
Like…. a matured True Love sapling, perhaps? 

It’s uncanny, really. Similarly to when Snow and Charming touch the sapling, when Pinocchio touched the tree, he was blasted back by magic… that made him recall his family (his true love) and is reminded how he must look after Emma or he will never be able to reunite with his family. 

Wish-Realm Pinocchio even said that, away from the Queen’s tyranny, the magical tree was able to grow and flourish… Without the dark curse in place, is it possible that this tree was the one Snow and Charming “planted”? Frozen in time in Storybrook, it would have remained a sapling… but without the curse, it could have very easily grown into a tree. (yeah, I know, a tree that size would have taken hundreds of years to grow, but hey MAGIC.) 

The True Love rainbow effect is MISSING this time, though.

I have read how some have speculated that, despite the missing True Love rainbow burst, we actually did see the colors of true love (red and yellow).

(please note the true love bottle existing between essence of night and day…. yin and yang, anyone????)

There was Red. 

And there was Yellow.

And while I really want to see it (and I can’t argue against the obvious yellow), I am a bit skeptical about the red. It is a little on the pale side… but it wouldn’t be the first time we saw the red and gold color combo in this wish realm: 

(Please also note, that when Emma’s love stopped Henry from hurting Regina, saving them both, she used Red magic. Red is not exclusive to the “freezing” spell, as evidenced. But it has traditionally been the color of Regina’s magic when she performs it with Emma. So, I can’t help but find it curious not to mention funny, that Emma used a True Love color to save Regina and Henry…. but not Hook. She force blasted Wish!Hook back with standard white savior magic, just like she did Gideon later in the episode. I’m just saying…. lol)

What bothered me most about the tree/wardrobe/portal, though, was the unnecessary wavy magical portal effect. When Emma was placed in the wardrobe as a child, there was no fancy expensive effect. They just closed the door on her and she vanished. Poof. Simple. So, why the need for the costly special effect when they could have simply had none? 

That was when I realized…. 

I’d seen this effect already this season… 

And, the first time we saw it, in a truly odd episode regarding Cinderella that, at one point, there was featured a key…  and a wardrobe portal… To the Land of Untold Stories.  

Sound familiar?

And then there was also this picture that JMo tweeted a while back. 

I want to think that it was supposed to be used to show her waking up in the Wish!Verse, before she finds the sword under her bed. Perhaps it will show up in a deleted scene, because the first shot we got of her in the wish realm, instead, was of her her blowing out her birthday candle. This whole wish!verse theme has meshed wishes and dreams together fluidly. And all I can hear is “A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep…” 

I don’t really believe that Emma and Regina are truly “home” yet. That battle with Gideon was far too easily won. And the fact that Wish!Robin still can exist outside of the wish-realm boggles me. Perhaps it is possible that Emma’s wish placed her in a dream realm? One where time seems to have no meaning? (I mean, seriously, it took Pinocchio 2 hours to make that wardrobe. Tops.) Perhaps this dream realm is really one of the many islands in The Land of untold stories??

Consider how Gideon literally broke a giant timepiece at the end of the episode. He had spent his entire “life” in a realm where time acted differently. Do you see the parallel? Even if Emma (and the rest) aren’t actually in a physical “land” of untold stories, that doesn’t discredit that fact that they are certainly participating in a metaphorical untold story. And, despite wish!Robin’s inclusion, the fact that Emma and Regina went through that wardrobe together could mean that this their untold story.

Oh, speculations abound! I can’t wait for the rest of this season.