i wish i could use sound on that

Darling, there are times I wish
I could fill the clouds with the
sound of your voice & have it
rain everyday & then there are
times you’re a place I never want
to leave, that day I never want to
end & that kiss I want to last
forever. I used to be lost, now
I’m simply lost in you; loving
you loving is not a choice I
make, but the breath I take &
though he’s the kind of gentle
that will break you, I will ask for
you until every single star is

wished upon.

so last night my band had practice and we were suggesting new songs and one of the guitarists suggested wish you were here and the bassist said “oh what if we did that all acoustic” and i said “hey i know a band who did an all acoustic cover of it and it sounds amazing” and the bassist asked me who so he could look it up and i said ninja sex party and i kid u not the entire band went speechless for a moment and then one of the other guitarists started laughing and said “why didn’t we think of that name for us?”

Little Rebellions: Matte Grey Pearl

Summary: "I haven’t heard a Wailing Stone activate since we used them for the rebellion, and I’ve never heard it sound like that!“- Pearl, The Message


Sometimes Pearl wishes that she was on the planet Earth, truly among her fellow Crystal Gems, fighting the good fight for their freedom.

It’s foolish. She realises that. She wasn’t built to be a warrior, of course, and she doubts that she can be like those other pearls, brave and strong enough to bear arms despite that. She’s not sure that she could withstand the heat of battle, hold her ground even when enemies were rushing at her.

Still. It’s something to think about, to dream about, during her long shifts.

And she has her own duties. Her own way to serve the rebellion. Perhaps not as flashy as the fighters, but just as important, in its own way.

She’s a communication officer.

Alright. Not an officer, exactly. The Crystal Gems don’t really have specific titles like that, and even if she did, she’s so far away from the chain of command that she’s never formally met anyone who could give her that title. But even if her title isn’t ‘communication officer’, that’s still her job.

It’s not the most interesting job, sure. It involves an uncomfortable amount sneaking away from her Master and her ‘true’ duties. It involves a great deal of hiding in a small, cramped room, tucked away in an almost entirely forgotten service corridor, with jury-rigged insulation pressed against the door cracks to ensure no noise accidentally escapes. It involves an awful lot of just sitting there, staring at an Inactive Wailing Stone, waiting for it to… well, activate.

But when it does!

The voices come through, clear and sharp, as if the speakers were right next to her. Different voices, different Gems each time, but always the same greeting: “Proxima Centuri, Proxima Centuri, do you read?”

And always, Pearl makes the same response: “Reading crystal clear!”

She gets laughs at that, sometimes. A pearl, getting laughs from Quartzes and Spinels and Sphenes! That’s just a fraction of the equality that the rebellion offers!

Then it’s down to business. The anonymous Crystal Gem on the other side of the connection is different each time, but always they speak briskly, in a code that Pearl only partially understands, so she has to pay rapt attention to memorise it all. Locations, coordinates, shipment reports, supply requests, secret messages… Pearl takes them all. Some Pearl will send off by her own Wailing Stone, amplifying the signal, sending it to  other stars far beyond this one, spreading the Crystal Gem correspondence throughout the galaxies. Others she’ll write down on stolen scraps of parchment, and deposit in innocuous places— cracks in the walls, beneath vases— or pass along discreetly to other rebel pearls, corals and flints. No one has the full picture. Each of them has different information, and different ways to smuggle it.

At those times, the work is exhausting, terrifying, electrifying, and Pearl relishes every moment of it.

One Cycle she’s on duty, when the Wailing Stone comes to life and she jumps to attention. The rebel’s voice comes through with the familiar words— but something’s wrong, they’re practically spat out, urgent, filled with fear.

“Reading crystal clear,” Pearl answers, her joke coming automatically. “Is something wrong?”

“Yes, yes,” the Gem on the Wailing Stone says, and there are other voices in the distance, screams and growls. “The Diamonds— they’ve done something— bombarded the planet— we can’t—”

She breaks off mid sentence.

“You can’t what?” Pearl asks.

There’s no answer besides some horrible choking sound.

“Can’t what?” Pearl demands.

Still no answer. Pearl grips at the Wailing Stone, adjusts the frequency, increases the voltage, shakes it, yells at it, trying to eke some answer from it.

Eventually, the signal dies.

The signal dies, and it does not come back.

It does not come back that Cycle, or the Cycle after, or the Cycle after that. The Wailing Stones remains utterly silent and inert. Pearl hopes in vain that perhaps messages have come in, only during the times when she wasn’t on duty, picked up by some other nameless rebel who’s identity she can’t know. Pearl does reach out to the handful of contacts she is aware of— the pearls, the corals, and the flints who pass along her messages— but they’re as in the dark as she is.

All anyone knows is that Earth has gone completely silent.

Pearl continues to report to her post. Continues to stand her duty at the inactive Wailing Stone. But it no longer fills her with anticipation or joy. The thrill is gone, replaced with a dull sorrow. She comes less and less often, not as willing to take as many risks, less eager to justify her absences to her Master. Judging by the dust and wear that is building up in the secret store-room, she’s not the only one who’s been coming less frequently.

Cycles and Cycles and Cycles stretch by. Still Pearl comes to the store-room. She wonders if anyone else does. Perhaps they’ve given up. Perhaps they’ve been transferred to other planets and star systems. Perhaps they were found out, and shattered.

Perhaps she’s the last Crystal Gem in the entire empire.

Long, long after the Rebellion was extinguished, Pearl sits in the store-room. The antique old Wailing Stone is just a dark shape besides her. All her attention is focused on her Master’s computer and parchment files, laid out on the bench before her. Everything’s digital these days; no reason to have these old scrolls littering the place, her Master had said. Still, she wants them all catalogued and categorised before they’re disposed of. It’s a tedious, monotonous work. The store-room is as quiet a place as any to do it.

Quiet, until the Wailing Stone starts screeching.

Pearl springs to her feet, files falling haphazardly to the floor. The sound seems to strike right at the core of her gem. For a moment, she’s too surprised to do anything but stare. Then she leaps into action. Tries to connect to the stone, get some sort message from it, but nothing comes through but ugly noise, no matter how she fiddles.

Everything’s digital these Cycles.

The answer comes to her in a flash. She works quickly, attaching her Master’s computer to the the Wailing Stone, having to fiddle with the inputs and outputs— the thing’s so ancient that the two are barely compatible.

But they are, just barely. The din dies down, and the computer screen fills with a video recording of a Lapis Lazuli, face hunted and desperate.

‘Steven! I hope you’re able to hear this. There’s a Gem looking for you, she even knew your name. I don’t know how! I didn’t tell her, I swear! She’s on her way to Earth, and she’s not alone. Steven, Homeworld is not the way it used to be. Everything here is so advanced! I can’t even understand it. There’s no way anything on Earth can stand up to it. Please, don’t put up a fight, it’ll only lead to devastation—’

It’s a message. It’s undoubtably a message. Pearl doesn’t know what it means— doesn’t know who or what this ‘Steven’ is, it must be some codeword—but that hardly matters. What matters is this:

The message was being sent to Earth. It was being sent to Earth, with the expectation that it would be received. With the expectation that Homeworld would be going to Earth. Which means— which means—

Maybe she’s not the last Crystal Gem after all.

A giddy smile spreads across her face. Some old, fierce hope flares in her core. She’s a communication officer, and her duty now is crystal clear.

She needs to make some calls.

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Hey mod knight and Destie u guys are so damn cool I wish I could b like u guys aaahhhhg, also you guys sound like the best couple of the decade :))) -CA

Best couple of the decade
Wow isn’t that a title xD
Knight how do you feel about that? We’re a celebrity ship now
Thank you though, anon. I’m sure youre way cooler than me (:

First, only your sister shipped us. Look how much we’ve grown. :’)

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To the S,M&T brothers, I've been a little sad lately. Sometimes I wish I could be someone else, especially right since I feel so lonely. ~looks down~ I know it mind sound selfish, but could you please turn me into one of you? That way, I'd feel a little less lonely. My blood is yours, my princes. Please let me stay by your side.

Shu: Are you sure you want to be one of us?

Reiji: Risking your life being a human? You really need to understand being a Human is good thing

Ayato: Heh well if you want then be ready

Kanato: Your blood will taste same no matter what so we can do it right teddy?

Laito: Bitch-chan….. don’t be lonely, don’t forget you have your friends and everyone

Subaru: You should just be yourself no matter what and stand up

Ruki: We don’t have power to decide this

Kou: Even if we do our answer will still be a no

Yuma: Because we like you as yourself and even though there be some hard time you can’t give up

Azusa: Stand up… You got two leg.. You can walk

Carla: Be prepared to be my wife

Shin: Nii san say it good thing you giving yourself away but at same time I rather let you be human and live your life thoroughly

Mia: *hugs you* Don’t give up!!! Be yourself!!!!

There was a time, I used to look into my father’s eyes
   In a happy home, I was a king I had a golden throne
      Those days are gone, now the memories are on the wall
          I hear the sounds from the places where I was born 

   But I still talk with a big smile, though they haven’t got a clue
     Can’t see what I go through
       I just want to fit in
          I just wish that I could be like the cool kids

~Ind. Spark
Written by Kara

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Are there any spells to change your appearance?? I hate my nose and I don't know if I want to have plastic surgery so, I was wondering if I could use magic on it?

I’m afraid magick cannot physically alter your appearance :// you could use glamour spells to make it less noticeable to people or you could use spells to help you become more confident/accept yourself a bit more. I’m sorry you feel that way bab and this may sound patronising but you should really work on accepting yourself more cos you’re amazing and perfect and you shouldn’t have to change yourself but if that’s what you want to do then I wish you luck ;-;


Okay, I’m using my mom’s computer at the moment. The slightly good news is that because my laptop is a chormebook and my phone highly supports Google, the bookmarks I had saved for the Wedding Series can still be accessed through my phone. Still upset because I had the Finally Fuego (IM5) album on there. My good thinking told me to save the Sounds Good Feels Good album to my Google Drive, so that’s safe. I’m gonna have to buy a new laptop but I don’t get paid enough to be able to buy one and pay this bill, so it’s gonna be a while until I buy a new one unless my dad helps out. So again updating will be sparse on both this and my second blog. 

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I'm just sort of dipping my toes into witchcraft, specifically plant magick. I was thinking of observing my plants as I get them and figuring out their uses that way, rather than looking up what most people use them for. Like mint could be used for resilience or adaptability because it's such a tough plant, etc. Would... that even work for spells and stuff?

That’s actually the method I encourage more often then not. Witchcraft works a lot with affirmative thinking, so if you follow the book even though you don’t believe in the book, I can tell you right now your craft won’t work out too well. But if you have sound belief in a meaning you’ve found yourself, that will work significantly better for you!

Good luck and best wishes!


So one of my best friends from high school and I have become increasingly alienated, and now, in out recent texting conversation, I think I’m done with him for good now.

He used to be so nice, so accepting. Now he’s lecturing me on “sinning” and shit like that, trying to shame me for whatever it is I do with myself these days. Its gross, and I hate it. I wish he could stop. He sounds like he joined some cult, like, he talks as if he’s repeating some stuff he read in some religious motivation book. And I hate it.

I’m shutting him out for the night. In a couple weeks I’ll meet up with him in person, and see if he’s back to normal. If not, well, I guess I’m done with him. Which makes me sad. We were such good friends. But he seems like such an ass now…

lol since im already embarrassing myself anyway like….. i kinda wish i could talk more about faith n stuff without sounding. clueless. idk i feel like i’m?? hiding a big part of like my personality and life and shit like y'all i am constantly fucking praying it’s ridiculous

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I thought I was okay with us breaking up but I'm really not, I don't want that to happen. I've been in love before and I have truly never felt happier than with her I think she's my soul mate idk what I'm going to do when we split - bee

i wish that there was a way i could help you more :-(

all breakups are awful, but urs sounds especially bad. if you have any friends you can spend time with, i would try to surround yourself w them! i would try to get as prepared as you can w a support system and things that you love doing. and, honestly, if the anticipation is really bad maybe u should tell her that and like get it over w. ripping off the bandaid or whatever is easier said than done, though, i know.

im really thinking of u <3

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how to move on from a person who used to be everything for you?

I make life busier than it is supposed to be, I spend time with family, friends and do my hobby. I create goals and strive to achieve them.

Also, I stay away from anything that could be related with the person.

Don’t lose yourself while trying to heal honestly. Whether the person you need to move on was a friend, family, or your ex, live a good life for your own sake.

Coming from a stranger, I know this will sound cliche to you. But still.. pray. It helps. At least for me. Moving on has never been easy for everyone. No one had it easy.

I wish you all the best. Great days ahead right? I hope so for both of us.

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Is it OK to leave the "Ideal Relationship" portion of SA blank? Because I have no idea how to word what I want without sounding like every other SB out there.

Honey, I have sent messages to girls who left both sections blank.  Why did I do that?  Because I like their photographs!  Lol  

So, you can go ahead and leave it blank if you want to.  The advantage of putting something in there is if you really want to communicate a specific message to POTs regarding your expectations.  If you leave it empty, guys will “fill in the blanks” themselves and you’ll get messages from guys you wished you could have warned away!  

As long as you are being straight forward, direct and actually conveying useful information in the “Ideal Relationship” section, it really doesn’t matter if you “sound like every other SB out there”, and, chances are that you won’t! Most SBs talk up the “fantasy” elements that they are looking for, not their ideal but practical expectations and information.

In any event, it is your photographs are what set you apart!  And, if you post good ones, you’ll be fine!

Hello world Meet Theodorah Zodwa Molotsi ( Human Child )

My being names her Electricity.
Let me tell you why…


I’ve been  accustomed to the Jozi traffic  as though it were the soundtrack to our hasty lives.
We constantly seek the voice of angels
in common areas but to no avail,
but instead we come across noise pollution
that they teach us is what music sounds like.
They lied.
Clearly they haven’t heard you.

I dub you electricity because  of
how electrifying your voice is that revives forgotten dreams
of lost mortals roaming around Jozi seeking refuge.

I gift you the theme of electricity because of electrifying
your eye contact is.
Surely many have found themselves
lost staring at them,
the truth those almond eyes tell is so intense
that it charges them to let loose of their deceptive ways.

I wish the world could hear the
wisdom you spit to effortlessly that
it compells many to
bow down at your  Queendom.

Thank you  for  sharing your voice -
the gift of healing with me.
I appreciate the time you take to
practice the breaks , complicated melodies
and flawlessly match them to the state of your heart.
This is my gift to you,
it’s not much
but I hope your heart can receive it well.

May you continue to ooze greatness Queen!

-Lotus Loves You

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I don't meant to sound like an ass cuz I tweeted dogsforpress too but I wish that we could trend like #love4USWNT with a pic showing or support or something along those lines because everybody deserves some cheering up not just Press she is not the only one getting hurtful comments..Everybody that played deserves to know we love them no matter what

Nah I think that’ll be a bit too much. And it’ll end up being used by haters.

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I wish I'd been "more intersex" instead of just hypospadias, because then maybe I'd have been CAFAB...

I understand the feeling. It sounds like you wish you’d been afab so you could have been raised as a girl and not have to transition, correct? In my situation I feel like this sometimes, and I feel that the steps to take are to realise you’re “intersex enough”, and to realise you can be whatever gender regardless of your sex or gender assignment. These are easier said than done and they take a while for a lot of us, but this seems like a pretty good starting point.


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ok lemme tell you bout my girlfriend: she's short and has pastel blue/purple hair and really adorable golden glasses. we go to an arts high school (she's an art major and I'm a music major) and she's one of the most talented people I've ever met. sometimes I play songs for her while she draws and it's the most peaceful I think I've ever felt. Her laugh is the nicest sound I've ever heard and I wish I could hear it all the time. just thinking of her makes me feel warm and safe and happy.

how lovely!! she sounds so adorable and sweet and i’m so so glad you’re dating, in each other’s lives, making each other so happy. congrats on having such an amazing person as your gf!! 

tell us about your crush!