i win

I reconnected with an old friend from high school, on discord of all places, and in exchanging pleasantries about what we’d been up to, had to try and explain tumblr to them.

Good to know I’ve stayed true to my brand lmao

Virgil in Hufflepuff

Here is Virgil in the house we all know he belongs in. Safe and sound in the house of badgers, though his intimidation factor died with the yellow (sorry, buddy).

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Sunny days in Vesuvia with @encrer ´s apprentice Sophia!

I might have went a little overboard lmao but I wanted to color it so bad it was a good line art


The trio stop a bit in the area, taking in the beauty and serenity. 

“What sort of flower is this?” Frisk asks kneeling down to caress its petals.
“that is an Echoflower, sweetheart,” replied Sans as he leans over to point at the plant. “it repeats whatever is said to them last. most whisper their wishes to them.”
“Wishes, huh.” murmurs Frisk.

None of them admitted out loud but they all wished for the same thing.
To get out alive together.

Collab with the awesome @heartpedal for their amazing ideas. Look at how much they’ve improved since the first one we did! -squishes cheeks-  So proud.