i will worship the shit out of you

In terms of the whole eclipse happening over where I live, I’ve been imagining the Pillar Men during some of the ye olden times solar eclipses? Like, the sun being blocked out? The fearsome enemy of the most powerful race suddenly not there at the supposed time?? I’m torn between the Pillar Men being all ‘wtf is even happening how is THE SUN JUsT GONE??? aaaaa’,  and Kars is totally trying to use it to his advantage by studying the movement of the moon and going into some crazy shenanigans.

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this might be super weird but like... thanks for daring to say something bad about fr*nk i*ro? he makes me super uncomfortable but everyone like worships him so it's nice someone is calling him out for his shit... anyways yeah thanks for doing that, hope you have a nice day/night !!

omg yeah. honestly i was Rlly Scared to say something against him at first but no one really came against me for it? and i have Opinions so i couldn’t not say them. thank you for this!! 💓

Why do people say “Oh my phone died” when they ran out of battery? They should say “My phone fell asleep”. If your phone had actually died you could not just charge it and bring it back to life. That’s not how death works, if it were then life would be so much easier “Oh my dog died, well I just connect it to this magical little shit I have at home and it will resurrect” THAT WOULD BE FUCKING AWESOME. AND AND AND if at the end of the day phones are actually dead when they ran out of battery but then they just resurrect when you charge them THEN WHY AREN’T WE WORSHIPING THEM INSTEAD OF JESUS? Because we really have no proof about Jesus but we see our phones resurrect all the time AND JESUS SUPPOSEDLY JUST RESURRECTED ONCE AND IT TOOK HIM 3 DAYS, phones resurrect all the time and it takes them around 2 minutes. I think I’ve made my point clear, start saying “My phone fell asleep” because that’s more realistic, or if you actually believe that they actually died then you better don’t be religious because phones are better than Jesus and they don’t support slavery, rape, homophobia and discrimination over all, they are simple objects who can give you a lot of amazing things and Jesus has done nothing for you because he (probably) doesn’t exist, I’ll bet everything on it.


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yeah but even when she was shaming girls for clubbing and posting revealing pictures on twitter she was putting out those so called "positive tweets." idk y'all can support who you want but those tweets have always seemed fake deep and hypocritical coming from her to be honest. i guess i've just always found it weird how this fandom has worshipped her

i mean, a lot of the fans were really skeptical of her when she was first linked to ashton and scrutinized everything she did so i think after seeing she wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone made her out to be, we all settled down and accepted her. i never saw the tweets you’re talking about but i’ll call her out if i see any in the future. but idk man i feel like she actually has the kind of positivity her tweets do

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Eric Andre is calling Charles Bukowski out as being a pos on twitter and I am LIVING for it. Take that all you Harries who fucking worship his poems just because Harry does. It's a vid of Bukowski literally angrily kicking women and shit.


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See that nobody anon came here to bash Kayla ALL in the name of defending Rihanna's personal life? Out of touch. Rihanna is not gonna give you fan points for attacking someone on a blog because they aren't out worshipping at the alter of rihsan like you, nobody anon. This is becoming MORE out of control then the travis scott days, almost as bad as the aubrih saga of last year but not as bad because this guy isn't a celebrity. The fans are getting arrogant and acting pompous and feeling themselve

Girlll then they talkin shit on ANON lmaoooooo but heyyyy it ain’t stopping me from what I’m doing….OWWWWWWW *cardi b’s voice* -Kayla

So many people get upset, disappointed, or whatever they decide to feel when I talk about not being into religion or throwing out my old Bible or simply not believing in what they believe in. I get scolded, told that I’m going to hell, told that I’m not living a good enough life. Well guess what? Fuck that shit. If your belief system calls you to scold others and treat others horribly because they have different views then obviously you’re not practicing it right. With me being a previous preacher and worship leader, I know the Bible. I know what the Christian beliefs are and what to live by. The actions of many are the opposite of that. Why do I not live by religion? It separates us instead of bringing us together. It starts wars. It spreads hate. I refuse to be a part of something that is hypocritical. I’m not saying all Christians or other religions are but a majority of those I know are. “Everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for you that involves trials. He will always be there.” Where was God when I was abused as I grew up? Where was God when I was to the point of suicide 11 times in my life? Where was God when I was getting raped? Where was God when I was head over heels in the worst places of my life? I can’t believe that God would put someone through that to “always be there and give you challenges.” That’s not a challenge. That is a literal hell to live through. The past 5 years I have found that I am happier without religion. I am happier not telling myself I have to live in a box with all these rules and regulations. I have not been as stressed worrying about if I will go to heaven or hell. I live by morals. I love others. I help others. I try not to cause harm to others. I don’t believe that I need to be “considered in a religion” to be a good person. I don’t believe I have to memorize an entire Bible and follow all the “rules” in it to be able to go to Heaven. September 10th will be 5 years since I attempted suicide. These 5 years have been hard. They weren’t easy. However, without religion, surprisingly I have been so much less stressed and focused on succeeding in life while focusing on myself.

I always wanted to make movies and be a voice actor. I never wanted to see the world for what it was. To see humanity so divided that we kill each other without moments notice. How can you people be so blind? You hate on leaders who know what their talking about, while worshipping the ones who dont know shit. I always saw the worst in humanity, i have nothing to live for. please for the love of anything thats good open your eyes and start thinking for yourself. Do not side with people just because you dont like someone else. If anyone gives a damn give me a ask or messege me, im running out of good things in my life. I wanna die someone kill me please.

This is feminism?

This is a Swiftie. This a woman so mad that I don’t like her Queen that she is hoping I get raped and beaten. Is this how you want your worshipers to act @taylorswift?  This fan of yours sits in her hovel in Brookline, Massachusetts down the street from the GAP and spews this shit at me for daring to accuse you of lying. 

That’s right you batshit crazy motherfucker- I see you. You’ve been on my blog for 13 hours. You’ve visited 263 times. I hear that part of Boston is lovely, you should get out and breathe some fresh air and take a good hard look at your life. You are blocked and reported. 

binxrps replied to your post “binxrps replied to your post “why did you say sanvers fans can’t…”

lmaoooooo like????? they were so mad??? god forbit a person of color criticize u for worshipping a fake latinx and fake interracial ship???? (like it always surprises me when ppl come w their Gotcha asks like…u tried it)

LMAO EXACTLY like i wouldn’t be saying this shit if i didn’t have legitimate grounds to do so! the fact that they tried that out of all things kinda shows that they couldn’t think of anything more decent to reply with

it really does say something because at this point, EVERYONE in the supergirl fandom and outsiders (me, i’m the outsider) knows about this shit and it’s very telling when people continue to support sanvers….. like just say u don’t care about wlwoc and go lmao

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Hiii!! I love your blog and was wondering if you could give me some more Waterparks blogs that you would seriously recommend..? Thank you, I worship you for that!! 💗

ahh first of all thank you!! and of course!!

i highly recomend:

after typing this out i realize that there are a lot,,,, but these are only some of the blogs i follow and are pretty cool if you ask me!!! i really think you should check most of them out :)))))



I’m sorry I’m not a fucking player with sick ass game..but atleast I’m real. When other guys give more instagram followers, I’ll give you my COMPLETE attention, I will worship you. When other guys need to know where you are and what you do, I’ll will give you space in exchange for my space. When other guys want to just have sex with your body, I want to listen to your shit, like the wonders of the universe, religion, how depressed you get when you’re feeling blue. When other guys start talking to other girls when’s it not working out, I will fight for us to stay together. I don’t want momentary happiness, I want us to grow positive vibes until our souls are interconnected. Connected by our memories together. One Love

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I love how daenerys got cheered on for burning down the dothraki holy site, burning the (arab/african coded) slavers, taking control of a slave army, but now she burns the lannister army and suddenly she's the mad queen, a terrible person, and needs to die. Sorry if this is random but I really appreciate you discussing racism in fandom and it's really annoying how people are only deciding a character is too violent once she's attacking their semi-attractive white faves.

Oh no don’t apologize. I don’t watch game of thrones, but I’ve had tons of people come on my other blog telling me about deanerys—that she’s got imperialistic/colonialist vibes but the white girls in the fandom not only worship her like she’s a god but call people (especially woc) sexist for calling dany out on her imperialistic shit. White feminism at is best…Daenerys is like the epitome of tumble white feminism.

And like no on cared that she killed black/brown coded people simply bcs the white girls who stan her don’t give two shits about people of color. As long as their queen is stepping on less privileged people then they don’t care. It’s a problem when white people are in danger, then the white girls get worried.

Like white feminist don’t care about people of color lol. these are the same girls who reblog social justice posts, talk about how much they hate kylo ren and stuff but here are worshiping an actual colonialist because she’s a white woman.

White girls literally use poc as a crutch but are racist as fuck. They confuse a white woman being racist with actual feminist empowerment. 

This is for “Bitch” thanks for the submission. I do like your hair color and style. It goes well with your really pale skin. However, the rest of you is completely repulsive. You are skinny and pathetic. Your blog is weird cartoons and futa shit. You remind me of the scrawny beta cheerleaders I used to made eat me out and worship my tits. You also want to loosen your cunt so I assume you want to be useless to men. Maybe you just want to be cucked giving him an excuse to go fuck tighter pussy. Or you just get off on being inferior. Would love for you to write more asks and tell me more about yourself.

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😊 - I think you’re cool

Thank you ^.^

Send me a emoji; 😎 - I stalk your blog on the regular
😩 - You’re sexy as fuck
😈 - I wanna fuck you
😊 - I think you’re cool
😍 - I adore you
😘 - I’d date you
🙅 - You ain’t all that
🙈- You make me horny
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💩 - You’re blog is shit
💋 - I wanna make out with you
💘 - I have a serious crush on you
💦 - You make me wet
🙊 - I wish we talked
🙇 - I worship you
👅 - I wanna eat you out
👎 - Delete your blog

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i was actually asking for what you're into but that's cool!!! cant wait to see it ^-^

Oh fuckin uhhhh
Here take this list

-Stuffing (Maybe? It’s cute)
-Body worship
-Mouth stuff
-Any of that marking shit hooo
-I’m still figuring this one out but the thing where people go into heats/can’t control their sexual urges??
-Anything with cops/criminals
-Uhhhh idk if this counts but putting really cocky/narcissistic people in their place by making them subs gets me going

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Okay I have to say it (on anon tho because I'm a coward ajsjsjsjs) but that one fan that everyone pretty much worships just irks me to death. I don't even need to say a name because everyone knows who I'm talking about. I'm so sick of everyone treating her like she's part of the band or something, she's just a fan like all of us. Plus she's not a sweetheart like everyone makes her out to be, in my exchange with her she was nothing but terrible and rude. Just ugh

okay wait…….. can u tell me who and i won’t publish it or anything bc well lol even i get shit for just finding accs annoying…. plus i think i know who you’re talking about and i’m crying. i just really don’t agree with all that worshipping fan stuff cause it’s really annoying and i get half the time it’s not the fans fault other fans decide to be up their ass but like….. it’s fucking annoying. they’re just a fan and just a normal person like everyone else is.

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Vivec didn't really care about losing his stolen godhood out of the almsivi, is that because he decided his CHIM would suffice? If so, why didn't he stop the big pebble anyway? I'd've thought that having a city named after you is a great testament to your ego, but did he just not give a shit about other dream characters any more? This doesn't mesh with his actions in regards to transformation of the Tribunal worship.

Vivec didn’t achieve CHIM until later in his decorated career. And as far as we can tell, most CHIManeers have a sort of different view when it comes to morality and motivation. Think of it sort like nirvana or enlightenment. For all we know, Vivec did enough so that he could get the hell out of dodge relatively guilt free and focus on his music career. 

I heard some wise words today. I have already forgotten them, for I am, no, I Am, on a Journey, the Path, of the Way. This is the correct route, for I have circumnavigated the Mind of the Universe, and I have cum out a black hole that resembles a rectum of despair. For life, life is misery. For life, life is suffering. For I shall bring about the final Reconciliation statement of the Philosophers, Prophets, Bhodi, Mohameddans, Thelemites, Christians, Pagans, and all other forms of Cult like worship of deities; except, Hinduism, because, that shit, that shit is way more out there than any other religion. You see, modern day Hinduists, take their religion as a form of gest and fun, perchance, some take it very seriously, however; most know it for what it is. Play. Fun. And, as Alan Watts said, this is the nature of the Universe, a Dance. Change. For the Universe is Nothing but Change, and life, life is Opinion.
—  JZK
My Canvas

I hate artists. They’re always so… Cunning. Sly. Pretentious. The way they operate reminds me of a slick salesman. Except they use their charm and creativity to pretend like the blotches on the wall mean something when really….. They’re just blotches on the wall. It made me utterly sick when people pretended to know what they were talking about when looking at a seemingly complex piece. “The lack of skill required to create something so brutally honest really brings out the pain in the artist’s work-“ No. It’s cause they’re a shit artist and tricked you all into believing that their colored cum stains are to be worshipped like some new age messiah. They’re all the same… At least, that’s what I thought.

I’ll never forget the day that I met the person that changed my perception forever. Her name was Rose. I’ve never been quite sure if she wore such red lipstick as a testament to her name or simply because she loved the color. I wasn’t complaining, that’s for sure. She was the new designer, as of a few weeks ago, and while I may shit on artists…. She was pretty fun to talk to. We’d talk in the break room, have our laughs, share weekend plans. Every time her perfect teeth broke through a smile I felt my knees go weak, but at the end of the day; we were co-workers. Nothing more… Nothing less.

Eventually, my ‘misunderstanding’ of the arts came up. A conversation I had been avoiding.

“What do you mean you ‘hate’ art??” she shoved my arm lightly and I could feel myself being electrified by her light touch, “Art is everywhere! What’s not to get?”

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and said “Okay, I don’t hate art, but contemporary art is probably my least favorite of the bunch” that was a lie, I hated it all.

“Well, here’s the way I see it” she took out her tablet pen and drew a stick figure in her opened art program. Holding the pen toward me she said “Now you draw one.”

I reluctantly took the pen and drew… Probably the shittiest gathering of sticks and lines I’ve ever had the displeasure of creating. I grimaced lightly at my lack of talent and handed the pen back to her, “So are you just gonna rub it in that I suck now, or…?”

She shook her head and pointed at hers “Mine is a little straighter lined, the proportions are a little more in the realistic realm of things, and overall it looks pretty okay for a stick guy” she then pointed at mine “Yours is a little shaky, the lines don’t all connect, and your guy is a little on the lanky side” I opened my mouth to protest her sudden critique but she held out a finger to silence me. “Even though they’re different, they’re still special and each have their own uniqueness to them!” She smiled up at me and continued “What I love about art is that two people can have the same end goal but come up with a totally different result! Human creativity is amazing and I think that everyone has a little bit of artist in them” she drew a smiley face on each of the two figures and winked at me “Even you, Rich.”

I felt my heart jump into my throat and my face warm up, “Haha, well still, don’t let me near the company website for a redesign anytime soon, okay?” I rubbed the back of my neck with my hand and we said our goodbyes. I had reports to finish, she had a few concepts due. Such was life. It was probably a good idea I sit down anyway.

That conversation with Rose really changed my outlook for a day or so. My old self kept shouting at me, saying that it was bullshit and she was a stupid slut anyway… But a new voice would pop up and picture those two stick figures, holding hands, different in their own ways and yet so similar. I did some light art history research on my spare time at work, to try and maybe impress her or something, but would just frustrate myself.

“Okay well tell me this: Why do people give two shits about Jackoff Pollock?” She chuckled at my joke and corrected, “You mean JackSON Pollock?” while tilting her head down and looking up at me, in mock disappointment.

“Yeah, that guy. All he did was drip some paint on a canvas. What’s the big deal? I could do that!”

She smiled, in a sort of knowing way “You probably could! But he did it first.” Rose took a sip from her coffee, her lips leaving a ruby trail in their wake. Was being jealous of a mug normal? “His thing was all about general composition and use of action. You can almost see the exact arm motions he did to create each spot. It seems like a careless act, but he planned out each painting to look the way they did.”

I got back to my desk and thought about what she said. If he could do it, I probably could to. Take a plane white canvas and turn it into something that people could talk about with such gusto? It sounded impossible to me but… No, it was stupid. I was good at numbers. All things mathematical and logical. People called me Rainman when I was in college because of the math I could do internally in seconds. Now THAT was art. The art of perfection in numbers. There was always a puzzle to solve with them. Art was too formless and open-ended for me.

The next day, I walked past Roses’ desk on the way back from the printer and she waved me over. I weaved my way through the remaining cubical standing between us and eventually reached her. She was standing up, smiling as wide as I’d seen her smile since I’d known her. The way that her hips rolled in the lily-white dress she was wearing nearly sent me over the edge right there. The pure fabric only accentuated her tanned skin, making it practically glow under the dismal office lighting.

The first thing she did was pull me into a hug and I nearly fell over. She all but shoved me back into my original standing place a moment later and before I could make sense of what was happening, she held up her hand mere inches away from my nose. For a fleeting second I thought she was wordlessly asking me for a high-five, but I realized that her hand was facing the wrong way for that. Rose stared at me with large, excited eyes and I looked closely at her hand. Her left hand. Her finger. Her ring finger. There was something there. My eyes darted wildly between her still outstretched hand and her face. “Wow” Is all I could say in that moment. I put a little enthusiasm behind it but it felt like the air was being siphoned from my lungs.

“Mark asked me to marry him last night! I said yes- obviously- and I’m so ecstatic I just…” She pulled me into another sudden hug. Releasing me, she added “I’m sorry I’m just so excited and I feel like you’re the only person in this office that would really care, ya know?” She wasn’t wrong, after all. Yes I cared. I cared greatly. But not in the way she had thought.

I wasn’t really in my body for the rest of the day I just kept thinking about what she said. Who the fuck was Mark? How long had they been dating? Did he even love her like I loved her?? Probably fucking not. He was probably a lousy lay anyway! I felt anger well up in me as I pictured her with this other man. He was probably some sly art bastard too! I was right when I said that all artists were fucking liars and cheats. Rose, the girl that I had silently sworn myself to was now taken away from me.

Not if I had anything to say about it.

I had it all planned out.

I left a little early that day, stopping at the local craft store to pick up some supplies. I picked up anything I thought I’d need to make my master piece. Her master piece.

I stopped by the office for one last material that wasn’t quite ready by the time I first left and sped home. I lived alone in a nice and quiet neighborhood, so when I pulled into my garage at 5:34 that day, I could expect to not be bothered for the rest of the night.

I changed into some old clothes and put the radio on full blast.

I’d never painted before, not since I was a kid anyway, so I laid out the tarp in a spacious part of my garage and soon after, lay my supplies down with it. The shit I planned to use would be as red as Rose’s lipstick and would always scream her name to me.

I grinned at my gathered materials and with the canvas on the ground, I got to work. I thought about what Rose said – about how Pollock would carefully plan out each drop that he made. Every blotch, every stroke, every line, every cut, every scream, every plead.

My canvas, previously closed, was now ripped open.

My canvas, previously white, was now selectively coated in only the finest red.

My canvas, previously alive, was now not.

My canvas, previously Rose, was forever a work to be admired.

Maybe she was right… Maybe I was an artist after all.

Or maybe, she was dead wrong.

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