i will worship the shit out of you

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So you calling everyone else out for being Eurocentric but yourself ok

Chiiiiilllle bye.

You can’t call someone out for something the world already knows… LOL

What I am call out is the exploitation of Black suffering…

Something her “Creole” privileged, light skinned, thin ass ain’t never experienced…

And I’m calling all her worshipers pathetic for suddenly loving black features because she said it’s “ok” to do so…

And you CAN’T do SHIT about it…

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I've never heard Freelee say that if you eat junk food you aren't a real vegan. I've prolly watched every one of her videos for the past 2 years. When did she say that?

She hasn’t said it in her videos, she says it to people that disagree with her. I stood up for a person she was bullying once and so she called me a fake vegan. It seems to be her go to insult when someone speaks out against her and refuses to worship her and all the shit she dribbles.


stripper shoes go with any outfit now

back to our regularly scheduled dogs

and talking vaginas or i’m in a

shitty situation and i’m trying to get

out fund sexy pussy fucking butt

squirting some fund you had tonight

and made a baby it’d be born at same

time we elect this drool and know

i’ll never taste the greatness

you can insult me but do not call

my cats ugly you loser piece of shit

she a freak but she loyal some are

ten hams stacked on top of each

other encased in a flesh suit

potentially dangerous situations

two-minute tit worship we only

publish books about white boys

and their dogs

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is there a polite way to tell non-hellenics to stop making fun of our deities. I notice tumblr has this obsession with Hades and anything related to the Underworld, it's nice to see people into greek mythology and all but at the same time they're so ready to antagonize Hera, Aphrodite, Demeter and especially Zeus. Woah the amount of shit Demeter and Zeus get is insane. I worship sky dad and I feel like I won't ever be taken seriously if my non-hellenic friends found out I worship Greek deities.

If I notice someone is continually acting this way, I’ll start telling them things like “did you know this word/event/etc meant something else in Ancient Greece?” Or if they’re being super disrespectful about it I’ll tell them that it is a religion, and it shouldn’t be disrespected no matter how arcane it seems. There isn’t anything you can do to get people like this to stop 100% because some of them honestly don’t care about what you have to say. But, I’ve actually gotten my mother to stop calling Zeus a few uncomely names after randomly telling her about my favourite myths of his, or random bits that show he’s an awesome skydad

I wish you the best with this!!

I really fucking hate the fact that I still think about you. I’ll admit I wasn’t always a ray of sunshine. But I fucking worshipped you. I cared more about you than I cared about myself. You we’re my best friend even though I never fucking mattered to you. Towards the end you started treating me like shit. I cut you off. I was done. And you didn’t even fucking care. But for some reason I’m still thinking about you and I fucking hate it.

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What would dating hux include? (Ps. I love your blog! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•)

Okay, so I don’t think I 100% have a great feel for his character yet, so if anyone has things they’d like to add/disagrees with anything I have to say, feel free to message me! I’m always learning :)

  • he doesn’t let himself get involved with people often, but when he does, he worships them
  • aka he will worship the shit out of you but like in a lowkey type of way 
  • ex: often times he will randomly leave little gifts on your bed like a flower or your favorite snack
  • he’s vvvvvvvvvvvvv protective of you and anyone who treats you poorly will be “taken care of”
  • you are the only one in the world who is able to make him nervous (like in the butterflies-in-the-tummy type way)
  • you are also the only on in the world who is able to make him smile
  • soothingly rubbing his back as he vents to you about kylo his day
  • being super professional all the time causes him to have a lot of pent up energy which basically means he is a freak in the sheets
  • and he likes to have lots of sex like damn hux calm down a little
  • granted that’s from more than just the pent up energy, he finds you to be irresistible af
  • but he also thinks ur cute af so it’s super confusing and he is always confused at these emotions bc jfc
  • though the one thing he’s not confused at is the fact that he 
  • loves
  • you
  • so
  • much

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I understand the distaste in the Ride video, but I find it extremely offensive that you would make a racial issue out of a deeply personal matter of how someone chooses to worship. Religion is religion. People can believe what they want and do what practices bring them closer to whatever they believe in, and practices from various cultures can be inspiring. You do not have to be of a certain background to have a spiritual belief. Period.

Actually, if you’re going to take things from Native culture, it is an issue.

‘Practices from various cultures can be inspiring’ is just some bullshit analogy for ‘I want to take things from shit I shouldn’t have my hands on in the first place because it ~*~INSPIRES~*~ me!’

Native American tradition is closed. End of discussion. You can not have it without being Native. You cannot cherry pick what parts you like from Native culture. It’s not a matter of ‘freely expressing what they believe in’, it’s a matter of non-Natives accessorizing and using what we, ACTUAL NATIVE AMERICANS, were fucking killed for practicing and are still being demonized for. Things we were barred from talking about by the government, and things we were ostracized for doing. 

It’s racist. It’s disrespectful. It’s wrong. And you’re wrong for trying to take it from us.

I think it’s funny how whenever I get anons from the one girl about the boy she likes I’m always like yeah men ain’t shit don’t worry about it but at the same time I’m head over heels in love with my guy and he’s head over heels for me and we would do anything for each other

But the moral of the story is just know what want, know your worth, know how you must be treated.

I figured myself out and knew all that shit so when he came along, I could be fully aware and excited to love him and he loves that about me.

There is intrinsic value in being a smart, strong, beautiful woman. We are not this way to be attractive, we are this way to be intrinsically valuable.

Beyoncé absolutely adores Jay and he absolutely worships her, but the appeal of Beyoncé lies in the fact that she is powerful and intelligent with or without him. Get it?

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baal, phytius

baal: if you were a god, how would you prefer to be worshipped?
aahh, ummm, maybe offering fruit or some shit

pythius: out of all the lies you have ever told, which is your favorite?
probably “yea, i did it” when i didn’t do the thing lmao


Ain’t nothing wrong with a little ass appreciation. In fact, this shit goes as far back as the Greeks. Ever heard of Venus Callipyge? It’s a statue the Greeks carved of Aphrodite lifting her dress to check out her own ample behind. In fact, “callipyge” is an ancient Greek word that means “beautiful buttocks.” Wikipedia this shit, you’ll see I’m right. From this statue, interpreters remember a story of an ancient cult in Syracuse, Sicily that worshipped, you guessed it, Aphrodite’s rounded buttocks. It was called Aphrodite Kallipygos.

So, let’s talk butts. The Greeks really did have that covered in everyway except one: they only talked about girls’ asses. So, I’m gonna go ahead and do the world a favor and talk about the dudes. There are lots of different types of butts–Apple Bottom, Teardrop, Ghetto Booty, Flat–but to be clear, most of these distinctions are for women. It’s easy to tell when girls have good butts because they tend to wear form-fitting clothing, but with boys, it’s a bit more tricky. Luckily, in Europe, there is a fashion trend I affectionately call Euro Trash.

Ah, Euro trash. In Belgium, euro trash was less stereotypically euro and more American. Baggy dark jeans hanging too low down on skinny legs and polo shirts. As you can imagine, this makes it hard to identify a good butt. In the piss-strewn streets of Brussels, I vowed to try. With its eclectic vibe of grimy New  York gutter-life and posh, pretentious Fifth Avenue, Brussels seemed like a good place to find that gelled-back hair, skinny-jean and aviator glasses-wearing euro trash ass. That kind of comforting city environment where I feel like I’m going to get mugged in about 2.4 seconds at any given moment, that’s the kind of city Brussels is. Alas, I was to be even more disappointed than I already was in the place. Though there were those men who openly leered at any female-looking thing in their path, they dressed mostly like elegant bums, with tailored coats, grimy slacks, and ripped-up Chuck Taylors. It was an apt description of what Brussels was–elegant on the menu but once it arrived…well. The aroma-taste of an unique urine-waffle mix, sprinkled with a bit of cobblestone and cathedrals to create an illusion of savory goodness.

Walking down the cobblestone little streets in Bruges with the scent of sugared waffles in the air and the mix of Flemish and French and Dutch, I armed myself with my camera, a keen pair of eyes, and some optimism, trying to find the best ass in the city. The street was packed with people, making it difficult to distinguish who was a citizen and who was just a tourist like me. The Europeans were easy to spot, dressed elegantly, the men standing in each other’s personal space like it was no big deal. I spotted two men walking close together, one very Aryan and light and the other darker. I wasn’t very interested in their faces though, my gaze fixed firmly just below their belt loops.

There they were, two visible globes under that baggy denim. Not quite perfect, but close. I stepped forward to talk to the owners of these nearly-perfect asses, only to be crushed by a swarm of fanny-packed bees heading to the nearest Belgian waffle place.

 Mission: failed.

​ Munich during Oktoberfest could have been the place of success because them lederhosen, the traditional leisure-wear for working class men in Germany, hide nothing, but when you’ve crammed three people in a space meant for one, trying to catch a ride on the Ferris wheel for a birds-eye view of the carnival spectacle, and you’re trying you’re hardest not to smack the two sugar-high children in front of you, butts take a backseat. That’s not to say that I came up empty. Enlisting the help of Drunk Companion 1, beers in hand, we scoured among the many. At the end, though, it was him who won best ass that day, though I mourned my failure to get him into a pair of lederhosen. And we did find a couple of asses in the not-so-sexy way back at our grimy, organized shitshow of a campsite.

 You would think these European boys would give me something to work with, since I seem to be doing a fine job of pleasing them without even wanting to, but, nope, there are zero scrumptious butts for me to ogle or smirk at in the same manner. Damn them for not waking up and thinking, “I’m going to dress up for the faceless tourist girls who want to admire my fine-ass derriere.” In French, of course. Or German. Derrière. Fesses? Popotin? Hintern? Whatever.

 Now, I realize that what I’m doing may sound like objectification. Respectfully, however, the butt is a glorious genetic mutation, developed from when humans decided that they’d rather run on their two hind legs than on four, and it has been the subject of obsession since the foundation of civilization itself. The thing is, that it’s been entirely in regards to women’s butts. So, really, I’m a pioneer. A Christopher Columbus, you could say. Of asses.

lmao can u believe me sophomore year can u believe i got an a in this class


the problem with the “”“social justice”“” side of tumblr is that they take everything to the fucking extreme and refuse to acknowledge that people have both good and bad in them.

if some white person acts out of ignorance and accidentally fucks up, they’re evil and racist and aren’t worth shit, despite all of the good they’ve tried to promote otherwise.

if a celebrity of color that’s worshipped here on tumblr participates in something that, done by anyone else, would be considered cultural appropriation, misogynistic, etc., it’s swept under the rug. no one talks about it. no one calls them out. all the blogs that focus social justice will still find ways to defend them.

it’s fucking ridiculous and i hate this “you’re either a god or a scumbag and there is nothing you can do to change your status” mindset that people seem to have on here.

the aggressive approach that a large portion of tumblr takes towards social justice is just terrible sometimes. yes, tumblr is a great place to be introduced to a lot of issues that plague our current society and gather viewpoints from people that are largely ignored/silenced in other spheres, but people’s actions here are certainly not a good example of how one should go about being an activist. the hypocrisy and black-and-white mentality (no pun intended) is just too much to take seriously sometimes.

y'all are critical of everyone but yourselves smh.


😎 - I stalk your blog on the regular
😩 - You’re sexy as fuck 
😈 - I wanna fuck you
😊 - I think you’re cool
😍 - I adore you
😘 - I’d date you
🙅 - You ain’t all that
🙈- You make me horny
😝 - I don’t like you
💩 - You’re blog is shit
💋 - I wanna make out with you
💘 - I have a serious crush on you
💦 - You make me wet
🙊 - I wish we talked
🙇 - I worship you
👅 - I wanna eat you out
👎 - Delete your blog

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Idk if you've answered this but wat do u think of Yoona? I hated her when i saw her in the Cabi Song mv with Taecyeon bc i love him. Now i hate her bc scones think she shits roses and rainbows. And worship her almost as much as Teany

My thing with Yoona is funny because i really, really tried so hard to like her just because my sister used to tell me all the time that i looked like her (she loves kdramas and saw “9 ends 2 outs”, back when Yoona looked like this:

Not much PS yet)

Well, despite being reluctant to agree with my sister (because i don’t think i look like her at all) I started to watch her in SNSD MV’s, and i was always like “why is she the visual again? (゜-゜)” 

I was utterly surprised that Sica wasn’t the visual, because, c’mon. She is ten times prettier than Yoona (imo).

Then in IGAB era, i saw this live:

And i was like “bitch you’re not the visual, Jessica is” XD lmao i know, what a stupid reason not to like someone, but I’m so gay for Jess i couldn’t help myself.

Then 9/30 happened and I swear to god I tried not to hate Yoona because i kinda liked Yoonsic! (my sister used to reblog a lot of them because she was Jessica Biased and i -allegedly- looked a little bit like Yoona, so “they were us”). 

But it was effing weird because sica said “8 others” and I knew Taeny had blood in their hands and Yoona was really friendly witht them in taeng9cam and shit started to go down and I started to dislike her a lot.

Besides, she’s really fucking plastic and pretends she’s a natural. 

I don’t like her looks anyway, i’ll never understand why koreans love her that much. She just looks so plain to me.

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Slides in my URL


character in general: I write for MTT, he’ll assassinate me if I dislike Blooky. But even if that threat wasn’t there, I still adore Blooky. Blooky’s so fucking sarcastic when they wanna be. BLOOKY can give NO SHITS for people who wanna attack them. I love Blooky, Blooky is too precious for this world & the fact they just forgive MTT for the shit he’s done bless you Blooky. I must worship this ghost bc I’m smoochin’ it next.

how they play them: One of the absolute BEST Blooky’s out there in the UT community. The multiple verses you have to offer just– no matter the verse you got the portrayal on fleek, honey. No if’s, &’s, or buts about it. You do a fantastic job at Blooky & you’re always there to fuck me up with your angst. If I weren’t a masochistic fuck when it came down to angst, I’d beg you to have mercy but no carry on. Hurt MTT & me, do what you must because it’s all so A+ just wowie sign me the fuck up for that good shit right there. That’s some good shit if I do say so myself ( & I say so, that’s what I’m TALKING about right there)

the mun: ANGELA! MY MEME! MY AMIGO! THE COUSIN PARTNER, THE BAE, TH E DARLING, THE SWEETHEART, MY P!ATD PARTNER!!!! ANGELA~!! Honey I love you so much I’ve loved your Blooky since we became mutuals. I always just silently *reached hand out to & does dramatic crying under a spotlight* I love your Blooky, I love you, I really appreciate the hugs you give me all the time & just you’re so fucking sweet to everyone & you’re someone I’ve taken upon myself to protect Angela you’re an exquisite writer & don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise

do i;

follow them: yES FOREVER
rp with them: yeah thank god
want to rp with them: all tHE FUCKING TIME
ship their character with mine: I’ll never tell. :/

what is my;

overall opinion:

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

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[ ♛ ] send me a url and i’ll tell you the following;

my opinion on;

character in general: fucking. love. i’m sometimes a bit iffy about au characters, but HOLY SHIT this one blew me away. like. i’m only a few posts into my thread with this lea and already demyx informs me that this is gonna be some good shit. this character is creatively made, with a rich backstory and a personality that leaps out at you and p much captivates you within seconds. unf. this lea. <3
how they play them: this being an au, i obviously won’t be going into closeness to canon, etc, so instead i’m going to worship the fuck out of the writing and the portrayal again. my god, the writing though. such quality writing. like, it awes me. i’m so fucking excited to continue this thread. 

the mun: we’ve only had a few interactions so far, but bby come love on me all the time okay? you are beautiful and i wish to heap affection upon you.

do i;

follow them: indeed!
rp with them: yeeeeeees. c: 
want to rp with them: i believe i’ve already made this obvious but YESYESYES.
ship their character with mine: shippin’ it tbh. demyx was making grabby hands the second we started. i’ve been trying to restrain him bc no child, you can’t has until you’ve actually met in the thread but he’s like ‘want it!’

what is my;

overall opinion:

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**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

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๐Ÿ˜Ž - I stalk your blog on the regular โ€จ๐Ÿ˜ฉ - Youโ€™re sexy as fuck โ€จ๐Ÿ˜ˆ - I wanna fuck youโ€จ๐Ÿ˜Š - I think youโ€™re coolโ€จ๐Ÿ˜ - I adore youโ€จ๐Ÿ˜˜ - Iโ€™d date youโ€จ๐Ÿ™… - You ainโ€™t all thatโ€จ๐Ÿ™ˆ- You make me hornyโ€จ๐Ÿ˜ - I donโ€™t like youโ€จ๐Ÿ’ฉ - Youโ€™re blog is shitโ€จ๐Ÿ’‹ - I wanna make out with youโ€จ๐Ÿ’˜ - I have a serious crush on youโ€จ๐Ÿ’ฆ - You make me wetโ€จ๐Ÿ™Š - I wish we talkedโ€จ๐Ÿ™‡ - I worship youโ€จ๐Ÿ‘… - I wanna eat you outโ€จ๐Ÿ‘Ž - Delete your blog

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(omg im such a loser i didnt realise u published my ask and was like pls love me!). GOD WHENEVER I SEE SOMEONE'S BOYEGA TRASH I LITERALLY LATCH ONTO THEM LIKE IT'S SO HARD. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER WE SCARCE OR JUST SHIT AND FISHING EACH OTHER OUT. but oh god im so happy i found you.

It’s both lol and yes let’s be trash together and worship our smol son!!!!

Exodus 10

God sent Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh again and they were like “Seriously how long are we gonna do this for? If you don’t let us go, locusts are going to come and eat everything that managed to escape that hail storm that happened last chapter. So.  Get your shit together.”

When Moses & Aaron left, Pharaoh’s advisers were all “Yeah so I think these guys might be right?  Our nation is like, destroyed? Maybe you should just let the Israelites go?  Just a suggestion.”  

So Pharaoh called them back and asked who all was going to go out to the wilderness to worship God.  And Moses and Aaron were like “Well, everyone?  Because everyone should get to go worship God?”

But Pharaoh was like “No fuckin way.  Dudes only.  Leave all your old and young and women and so on behind.”  So the locusts came and ate everything because for once the Bible doesn’t settle for giving nice things to only men.

Then when Pharaoh still wouldn’t let them go, a new plague of Darkness came.

No one in Egypt could see anything for three whole days (but of course the Hebrews in Goshen were fine).  Finally Pharaoh got sick of stepping on Lego and stubbing his toes on the coffee tables, and he said to Moses, “Listen, my guy.  I’ll let y’all go.  But you have to leave all your flocks and herds and so forth.”  

Moses was like “Are you serious?  We have to give sacrifices and stuff.  We need our cows.”  And Pharaoh told him to fuck off so off Moses fucked.

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