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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma


Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the twins get along or not, in fact it’s usually both simultaneously. In which they’re babies, Yasha’s already a fledgling asshole, but Shura still wants to be with him…

(Featuring OC kids Yasha and Shura as infants)

*If the comics are hard to read, tap on the image first to bring it up in the Tumblr viewer, THEN right click view image for the unaltered slightly higher resolution.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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Sex with Hux headcanons?:3

-Armi Hux is a very cold man. Cold and calculating.

-But with you, he fucking woRSHIPS YOU.

-He’s usually quiet during sex, except when he’s nearing his end, he can get up to screaming sometimes.

-He’s the master of dirty talk, lemme explain you a thing.

-He does call you names. But not all the time, he makes sure you’re comfortable with it.

-Middle of the night sex

-He has a hair kink. Course the bastard doesn’t admit it but when you touch his hair, he loses it.

-He can and will make you beg if you both want that hard enough.

-He loves kissing your neck, jaw and collar bones.

-He also leaves tons of hickeys there. What a bitch.

-He always starts with a make out session.

-And they are fucking hot make out sessions. Tounges, teeth, sucking and softly biting. :,-)

-Ok poor millicent has been on the bed while you two are going at it. She’s literally just like, “Why are daddy and (mommy/daddy) screaming????? Why is everything shaking???? Why is it so hot in here????”
I love that cat

-Quickies. No doubt about that. It’s a miracle if it’s something other than a quick oral session, grinding or thigh riding. Mmmm, grinding :3

-Sometimes when either you or Mit have a hard day, you’ll make slow love to each other. 👌

-After sex cuddles. You guys talk in hushed tones while you draw patterns on each other’s skin. (ya know in Requiem for a Dream where Harry and Marion are doing that??? Yeah, kinda like that. that movie makes me so uncomfortable holy shit)

-Rushed morning sex. Sometimes you don’t even your clothes off. the poor man just nEEDS TO CUM OK


-Also expect him to be vocal when you suck him off. :,3

Just Garnet Moments

  • All the times she picks up steven. That one time she picks him up and puts him on top of her fro then walks away
  • “But I think you’re just mad cause you’re single” *finger wag* (ICONIC)
  • When she’s so eager to show off to bismuth she’s the first to rush in to spar, how she can’t stop smiling the whole time 
  • “i’ll show you how its done” *cracks knuckles* *goes stiff as a board, faceplants and immediately passes out*
  • When she does the 3 eye blink and tongue out at baby steven to try and make him laugh, something we can assume would usually work, then “my power means nothing to a child”
  • HER CLOSENESS WITH STEVEN….how shes the first to really see his potential and give him a chance, how she feels safe enough to be vulnerable around him and admit when she feels scared or weak….she loves and trusts him so much
  • shes so hyped about steven learning to fuse shes SO HAPPY….when she makes the special sign for stevonnie. that was so cute 

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How do you become vegan?

I guess how depends on why you’re going. Either way though go at your own speed. If you stress yourself out you’re most likely gonna fail. Can cut things out slowly or drop everything at once. Remember why you want to go vegan.

I know there’s more products outside the us, so feel free to add some. It’s like 4:30am so i’ll probably have to reread this and edit it later.

Having just finished my Sense8 season 2 binge I need to gush, so here are some of my favourite moments in no particular order

  • Min-Jung impaling a motherfucker, and then leaving the prison with Sun
  • The look on the journalist bitch’s face when Lito was the most gracefully spoken human being on the planet
  • 58 MINUTES!!!
  • Riley’s dad playing Secret Agent Man on the ukulele
  • Amanita: “Did you come up with that yourself, just now?”
    The Guy: “Nah there’s an app for it”
  • Lito: “There’s just something about him”
    Riley’s ex: “Yeah, those movies are kinda cheesy”
    Lito: “I change my mind I don’t trust him”
  • The whole bus cheering when Capheus and Zakia kissed
  • Her dog whimpers when she’s gone and watches the gate hoping she’ll walk through, I’m not ok
  • Depressed Lito just showing up when Sun and Nomi were talking
  • Sun demanding Depressed Lito stop crying but then cuddling a pillow with him
  • “I think the fact that we all fit in the tub makes it ours.”
  • Mr Hoy drinking Irn Bru is just very important to the Scottish part of me ok?
  • “That’s the first time he called me daughter”
  • Detective Mun and the cemetry fight
  • Kala venting to Will about Lila
  • Kala threatening Lila
  • Kala blowing up a fucking car
  • “My sister’s a fucking terminator”
  • Riley and Lito screaming in the art museum
  • Will every time he fooled Whispers.
  • Will punching Whispers in the fucking face
  • Transphobic groomsman: says transphobic shit
    Sun: Did he just say what I think he said? Do you want me to hurt him?
  • Nomi: Well maybe just a little
  • Ah but England has great tea…. I watch a lot of movies….
  • “I think I just caught the sense8 equivilant of an STD”

There are probably a lot more things that I’ll think of later, and I’ll probably gush about some of these indivual points again too, but now it’s almost 4am and I need sleep.

People should totally feel free to add stuff to this though

Mudwing headcanons

-Mudwing’s are some of the best verbal storytellers, hands down. 

-Mudwing story telling parties are very much a thing, being a good way to have sib groups bond and interact, and can sometimes go on for over a day, complete with some hunting and play-fighting, most commonly among younger troops. 

-Think campfire stories, but much more dragons swapping stories through the night after a hunt together or something along those lines

-A lot of troops bond that way, planning a time to get together and share gossip and news

-It’s pretty much guaranteed if you give information to a Mudwing, it’s going to get around, in some way or form, possibly ending up as some tall tale along the way.

-Mudwing music mainly consists of drumming, with brass music playing over it(assuming dragons have the capabilities to create brass instruments). 

-Songs like this are common (if more or less complicated)

-Mudwing dancing is a lot of tail and leg motions, kicking, and moving to the beat with others (similar to the kinds of circle dances that can accompany this kind of music)

Here’s a link to one of the faster dances I found  + A slower and easier one, which I actually know how to dance T3T

I’m sorry I have a weakness for Mudwings dancing to Eastern European music ok

-Sandwings and Mudwings share the most in common for music and dances, and parties between the two of them were more commonplace before the war

-Skywing music is the other that comes close to Mudwing music, though Skywings have lost most of their musical talent as they’ve grown more militaristic.

-Much of Mudwing music comes from a mixture of Sandwing and Skywing music, being sort of mixed and mashed along the way to form what it currently is

-Mudwings are excellent at ambushes and guerrilla warfare, their scales allowing them to disappear into the background of their territory

-Most Mudwing battle plans boil down to lure their enemy into a choke-point or put them at a disadvantage, ambush them, and tank it out from there.

-Mudwings are probably the laxest on authority second only to the Rainwings, only really paying attention to the queen in times of war. 

-The downside to this is that a lot of crimes go unpunished on the grand scale, with most of the larger towns having their own form of authority. 

-Because of this, it’s not uncommon for a town to be made mostly up of younger/elderly Mudwings and dragons from foreign tribes, the younger/elderly ones for protection, and the foreign dragons because hey, it’s not as though the queen’s going to fly down from the sky and shoo you away. 

-The farther away from the palace you get, the more dilapidated and diverse the towns get

-Mudwing scale tones are second most varied, losing out only to Seawings (I’m not counting Rainwings because by technicality, theirs are unlimited colors). 

-The more Mudwing-looking hybrids can usually get away with being labelled as a normal Mudwing because of this

-Mudwings get better at swimming the older they get, with some Mudwing troops spending almost all their time in the water

-Mudwings also have third eyelids like crocodiles, it’s another feature they share in common with Seawings

-Mudwings have the strongest bite out of any of the other dragon tribes

-Mudwing names tend to be self-picked, sometimes with their big wing helping out. Some Mudwings go through multiple names before picking one they think suits them best

-Not gonna stop their sibs from teasing them a bit about trying out overly edgy names

- “Really, Black Widow? That’s what you’re going with here?” “Shut up, I think it sounds awesome.”

-Mudwings are omnivorous, and genuinely enjoy eating what fruits and berries they can find

-Mudwings have so few documented animus dragons they don’t actually care at this point. As long as the dragons aren’t magically reversing gravity or solving death, the Mudwings don’t care

Reasons why I love Luke 

  • lays around shirtless taking snapchats using dumb filters and even dumber captions
  • uses slang words no one uses anymore 
  • uses memes from 2 years ago
  • laughs at memes of himself
  • captions his ig photos with spongebob quotes 
  • gets the most hate, but never let’s it get to him 
  • reposts Michael’s photos 
  • is the best uncle to Lenny 
  • sings non stop 
  • pulls weird ass faces for no reason???
  • he’s a mummy’s boy 
  • uses the most Australian emojis 🐨🇦🇺
  • he’s a beer dad 
  • is so shady to everyone??? 
  • he wears gold and sparkly boots that shine brighter than my future 
  • wears Saint Laurent 
  • is a sugar daddy 
  • shops at Sephora 
  • he went to Rodeo Drive once 
  • is so nice to everyone even if they’re mean to him
  • drives a shitty car even though he’s rolling in money 
  • is the funniest human ever 
  • the most Australian guy you’ll ever meet 
  • uses Aussie slang all the time
  • has starry freckles all over his skin 
  • his laugh 
  • whoville daddy 
  • his noSE 
  • his lips make everyone want to make out with him 
  • could be tinker bell when he wears that green shirt 
  • goes on spontaneous walks with his nephew Lenny and snaps about it 
  • plays acoustic guitar in the sun 
  • is anti social 
  • tweets about his distaste for pants 
  • tweets about breakfast a lot 
  • thinks everyones judging him.. (room service, Netflix etc) 
  • has a heart of gold and the patience of a saint 
  • parties most nights but still looks good???
  • also looks like model whenever he’s on long ass flights
  • wears whatever makes him feel good 
  • always stops for fans 
  • sang w Brian at warped tour and made everyone want to fuck him 
  • he makes my chest and stomach fill with butterflies 
  • he makes people (me) happy 

What Your BHNA Ship Says About You


Bakudeku: probably a competitive person, prob put the most random shit in sandwiches just bc u can

Tododeku: prob had an emo phase, prob sleeps with six pillows bc ur a huge ass softie

Izuocha: also has six pillows bc you’re soft but instead of being emo look you at recipes on pinterest w/o committing

Kamijirou/Todomomo/ Tsuchako: ur probably a bisexual

Todomomo pt 2: prob know how to play the piano or some other elegant shit

Todobaku: you.are.gay. You probably wanted the two guys to end up dating each other in fruits basket

Momojirou: prob a lesbian, have probably said you wanted both characters to step on you at some point

Kachako: likes ‘sweet and salty’ food, ur also prob very competitive, cute but deadly

Bakumomo: probably wanted naruto to end up with sakura, enjoys to intimidate people

Tsuchako pt 2: says kawaii unironically, looks soft but will roast a bitch

Kirideku: you just want a reason to smile, too good for this world

Midotsuyu: aesthetic and color scheme is detrimental to picking your ships, don’t want to ship a main ship but don’t want to ship something too unrealistic either

Bakushima: a thottie for bromances, friends to lovers is the trope that keeps you from ending it all

Todoocha: prob likes fantasy esc romances, also probs reads a lot of shoujo

Inatodo: gurren laggan is probably one of your fav anime

Bakukami: u wanna have good time. either you’re a thot or you’re in love with a thot

Kamishima: a moronsexual: pokemon edition

Bakujirou: an edgelord

Kirimina/Ochamina: you either give intense pep talks or you badly want someone to give you a intense pep talk

Iidaocha: ur just an intellectual tbh, you prob don’t like how predictable izuocha is and went with the next practical ship

Ojitooru: a multishipper but like to keep things realistic

Iideku/Todoiida: so back to the six pillow thing…, you either have a perfect sleep schedule or you have no reasonable concept of time, do you know what social cues are?

Dekumina: apparently you exist? odds are people tell you to slow/calm down on a daily basis. very much energy

HotWings: i think ur just bored…and an edgelord

Toshinko: ur prob an optimist or idealist…also prob a izuku stan

Todoiideku: ur honestly the softest nerd out there- you need six pillows PLUS like three comforters. u have probably been in love with a pisces or libra at some point

Momokamijirou: you can’t pick between kamijirou and momojirou bc u love both of them vv much. prob a jirou stan

Bakukamijirou: i don’t think u actually exist- but you should

Bakutododeku: there’s no way you are ever anything other than the chaotic section in alignment charts

Any ship with Dabi/Hawks: your the dumb fuck that wears leather jackets in the summer 

Any ship with toga: idk there’s just something wrong with u

Todokami: you rarepair fool…u have good shipping taste…but at what cost?

@ all the ships and the entire fandom: we’re all just whores for the opposites attract trope at the end of the day.

I might add more at some point. i’ll try and add some ot3’s later. Most of these are probably inaccurate

edit: I added a few! 

Reasons to love Agents of SHIELD
  • The women: Badass women who need no men to save them. They’re often the heroes, and have saved the lives of the men on the show more than once. They also have a strong friendship with each other. There is no rivalry or jealousy.  
  • Diversity: It’s not only racial diversity, but every character has a different background and personality.
  • The fandom: There’s not a lot of hate and toxic, people keep to their own tags (for the most part). There is a lot of great fan art, metas, manips, fanfiction, videos…ect. Also, it is a pretty big fandom, and there is more or less a community for each ship and character.
  • Every character has their own arc and storyline alongside the main storyline, and they change a lot over the seasons. Instead of their traumas being ignored, they’re dealt with, and they change the characters.
  • The cast is amazing? Honestly? Cast goals? 
  • A lot of surprises and twists and turns
  • Has references and ties to the Marvel movies
  • The show gets better by the seasons (and s4 is the best season so far)
  • The team is a family, and loves eachother

(feel free to add more)


Chloe Decker in The One With the Baby Carrot (3.02)

Hybrid!AU Fic Recs

Anonymous said to rbuns: any hybrid!bts fic recommendations

For you anon, a somewhat-comprehensive list of other hybrid!au fics since I’m assuming you’re not asking about mine:

::Disclaimer!! There’s probably a lot more I haven’t mentioned, I doubt I’ve read all of them.::

|| Fics I’ve read and enjoyed!! ||

Sweet Tears by @kitten-dont
      Jungkook x reader, 4 parts [ongoing]
I ADORE THIS and I adore Kitten so ofc it’s going to be here!!

Angel by @starboyjxmin​​
      Jungkook x reader, 1 part [ongoing]
SO GOOD a writing goddess <3

By @kittae
      Heavy Petting (M)
      Jimin x reader
      Favourites and Servants 
      Taehyung x reader
      Tournée du Chat Noir 
Yoongi x reader
      Jin x reader (M) [untitled drabble]
      Jimin x reader [untitled drabble]
      *Another writing goddess, bless <3

By @imaginethisbts
      Out of the Blue (M)
      Jungkook x reader, smut, 3 parts [ongoing?]
      Territory (M) | Disturbed (M) | Drabble (M)

      *Holy shit >////<

By @arrianna21
      Growing Pains | Morning Cuddles | Of Nicknames and Kisses |
      Swimming with the Pheromones (M)

      Taehyung x reader x Yoongi, last one is smut ;)
      From Sour to Sweet
      Yoongi x reader (Yoongi’s backstory)
      Bloody Heaven
      Jimin x reader x Hoseok
      *I love them all omg she writes really well AND THEY’RE ALL LONG AF

BunBun (M) by @jungkookienoona
Jungkook x reader, smut, 3 parts [completed]
      * Another good one oml >///< let me live (her other series is rlly good too!)

Teething (M) by @sue-bts
Jungkook x reader, smut, 2 parts [completed??]
I don’t have an explanation for you but she’s good

Call Me Kitten by @tumblingtae
Jimin x reader, fluff, 2 parts?
      *Always one of the cutest god damn things I’ll ever read oml

|| Fics that aren’t BTS but are still good ||

Funny Habits by @jungnoir
Hyungwon x reader
      *Cute as hell yes pls

@oh-beyond​‘s amazing Exo Hybrid series!
      *I will sing praise for this series and her all day ily <3

[I’ll add more here later but I just wanted to get the BTS one’s out since the anon asked for those! I have read some other EXO and GOT7 ones as well, so I’ll add those later!!]

|| Fics I haven’t read yet! (but I am going to read) ||

By @milkguks
      Missing You
Yoongi x reader
      oh pretty kitty, this bath wasn’t meant for two
Yoongi x reader

Carnations by @cloudygyeom
      Yugyeom x reader, 5 parts [ongoing??]
*its looking promising af god bless

This probably isn’t all of them, but there’s a fair few! Oh gosh this took forever though. I will come back later as I read more and add to this, but until then this is the list I have compiled so far! It’s mostly BTS since that’s what the anon asked for, but I will add more for other fandoms too, don’t worry!! Also if you guys have read some other good ones not mentioned that you’d like to recommend, feel free to recommend them! (inbox is always open <3).


 Hello everyone! I combined two of my favorite interests – frogs and being gay – and made them into stickers!  They’re for sale here on Redbubble

I worked really, really, really hard on these, but I’m not an artist or anything really so there might be a couple minor (probably not noticeable) flaws in them.  I hope you like them regardless! ♥

I have some designs in mind for more pride frogs that I might add on later depending on how well the first batch does!

Carnival Headcanons

Imagine if the mortal instruments gang all went to the carnival after cohf. 

  • Isabelle and Jace would insist on going on all the craziest rides
  • Simon goes along with it, hoping he’ll get to do the whole “you can hold me if you’re scared” thing that he’s seen in rom coms but ends up clinging to Izzy for dear life during most of them. 
  • Jace is the holds his hands up in the air and screams during drops kind of guy
  • Clary’s the close your eyes and switches between laugh and screaming type
  • Alec holds on to Magnus’s hand right before the drop 
  • Alec asks about the booths and he and Magnus temporary leave the group for some carnival games
  • Alec does pretty well at balloon darts, and the “knouck em down cans”but just can’t land anything at ring toss
  • “By the Angel Magnus its some sort of mudane toture device!”
  • Eventually magnus feels bad and magically moves one onto the poles 
  • The gang show up 
  • Jace and Alec immediatly go against each other in  “knouck em down cans” and arguing over who won
  • “I’m just saying I won” “Jace you hit the guy on your last throw” “Hey it wasn’t my fault my ball ricocheted into his face. That’s actually more impressive than hitting a stack a cans if you ask me. That’s probably worth 3 points at least!!”
  • Clary decides to get her face painted with Izzy
  • Clary gets a small but intricate design of stars while Izzy goes for a butterfly
  • They convince Simon to get vampire face paint, with fangs and blood and everything
  • He’s not amused 
  • Jace is
  • Clary and Jace go ride the Ferris Wheel together and Clary looks a lot more flushed and blushy when they come down, leading to magnus making a comment about teenagers 
  • Simon manages to win a small stuffed teddy bear and gives it to Isabelle 
  • She wins him a gaint stuffed animal in return 
  • Alec and Magnus try out those photo booth things and have a blast
  • Alec wins a goldfish and has no idea what to do with it 
  • Magnus jokingly dubbs it Magnus the fish jr. 
  • Simon gets to the karoke booth and everyone joins in, even alec hums and sings the chorus
  • Clary feels so happy she can burst, all the people she holds close have all come together to have fun and its everything she could ask for 

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parx! would you rather.. list

wyr = would you rather!!

  1. wyr fight awsten or otto?
  2. wyr have geoff fight awsten or have geoff fight otto?
  3. wyr have travis be officially in the band or have jawn officially in the band?
  4. wyr fight jawn or fight travis?
  5. wyr meet jawn or meet awsten?
  6. wyr meet geoff or otto?
  7. wyr get rid of airplane conversations or double dare?
  8. wyr have awsten get back together with ciara or with grace?
  9. wyr have geoff dye his hair or otto dye his hair?
  10. wyr have jawn cut his hair off or awsten cut his hair off?
  11. wyr have otto cut his hair off or geoff cut his hair off?
  12. wyr have parx post stuff on yt again and stop making music or have parx continue making music but never post in social media again?
  13. wyr get rid of the new wave mv or the crave mv?
  14. wyr meet awsten but never meet the rest of the band/crew or meet jawn and never meet parx?
  15. wyr get unlimitted parx tickets or wyr meet parx each time they come to your town/area?
  16. wyr have awsten dye your hair or have jawn photograph you?
  17. wyr have geoff teach you guitar or have otto teach you drums?
  18. wyr have awsten be your best friend or have geoff be your best friend?
  19. wyr have geoff leave the band or have otto leave the band?
  20. wyr be in waterparks but not be able to go on tour or be a touring member but not be able to make music with them?
  21. wyr have awsten and geoff notice you on twitter or meet otto, jawn, and travis?
  22. wyr only be able to listen to live songs or have each song have an acoustic alternative?
  23. wyr see always parx live and never meet them or meet ever parx member but never see them live?
  24. wyr have awsten’s phone # or have geoff’s phone #?
  25. wyr always meet geoff but he never remembers you or meet geoff once and he remembers you forever?
  26. wyr have awsten have natural hair but never dye his hair again or have awsten always dye his hair but never go natural?
  27. wyr be the basist for parx or be the photographer for parx?