i went through a lot of colors

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I sent in a ship but I don't think it went through so imma try again lol. I'm 5'4, medium hazel eyes, I have almost hip bone long hair, brunette, my fashion style is really girly like I wear mostly skirts and pastel colors, lots of pink, I'm usually shy around new people, I get told I'm funny and sweet, I'm really really clumsy, my body type is like 2013 Ariana grande, and I hate making people upset or seeing people upset even if I don't like them and I honestly hate that about me. Ship me pls?

Luke most likely -Charlie

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One person who has never let you down? It doesn't have to be someone you know in person!!~

Hmmmm… my grandmother that raised me. She has all of my health issues and had an incredibly hard life but raised me with grace and support through all of her pain and mine. I’m actually getting a tattoo of her. When I found out she doesn’t have a lot of time life, I texted her and said, “Grandma, remember when I was little and I told you your favorite color was yellow and you just went with it? Well I said that because you were my sun, the only light in my life.” and she responded with, “I may be your sun but you are my heart, love always, grandma.” and i’m getting that tattooed on my left rib cage in her handwriting in a painful spot closest to my heart to represent everything we’ve gone through. I’m also getting a tattoo of a black and yellow butterfly because after my grandfather died those butterflies would randomly show up and circle me and land on me, and my grandma said that was grandpa as an angel down here, so i’m going to get that on the inside of my left arm so when my arms are down, they’re touching each other.

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Put a number in my ask box and I’ll answer it bitches.1. Any scars?2. Self harmed?3. Crush?4. Kissed anyone?5. Coke or Pepsi?6. Someone you hate?7. Best Friends?8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs?9. What’s your dream job?10. Ever been in love?11. Last time you cried?12. Favorite color?13. Height?14. Birthday?15. Eye color?16. Hair color?17. What do you love?18. Obsession?19. If you had one wish, what would it be?20. Do you love someone?21. Kiss or hug?

1) yeah
2) uhm skip..
3) s.d
6)long list
7)i don’t have friends i have family
9)to help kids not go trough what i went through (makes sense? )
10) yeah..
12)black and purple
14) 2 january
15) they change a  lot from black to brown to light brown to red-ish brown and apparantly sometimes green-ish
16) brown 
17) tricky question.. object: bed person : mum and her.. 
18)a lot of things 
19)to find a book with all the answers to my questions 
20) yes
21) tumblr hug

I went through one of my old coloring books and threw away a lot of the pictures you drew for me because I couldn’t stand to see them. If I knew that I would be doing this……I don’t know. I don’t know anymore.

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When did Kya start wearing that awesome brown lipstick? Did you or Katara dislike her wearing makeup?

“Her lipstick? I’m not sure, at least that color. Sh went through a lot of different colors and styles growing up, I don’t really remember when she settled on the brown, but she looks really pretty with it, huh?

   “And why would we care? It’s just makeup. It’s just a way to express yourself. 

  “–Besides, I used to wear a lot more than she ever did… in my past life, of course…”

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How do you NOT get overwhelmed? Like idk how to explain it but I always feel like I'm skipping a lot of good finds and it makes me feel sad but yeah any tips for that?? And I love the concept of this blog btw :-)

I know exactly what you mean. A couple weeks ago I went with a couple of friends to Plato’s and I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of clothes there were. What I can tell you is that you should try to go into thrift stores when you have a lot of time on your hands and are able to look through everything calmly. It also helps if you bring a a friend or two with you that know what you like, that way if they see anything that you’d like they’d tell you!

I used to work in a retail store, and every week we had a new color tag come out. So if you see things like that, than you’re able to come in and not waste your time on things that you’ve already sorted through. 

Hope this helped! -Alexia

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For the ask thingy...😋😜 "Dear past me..."

Dear past me,

I just want to say you worried a lot of things that don’t even matter anymore. You won’t even think of some of those people you cut out of your life when you’re older. One day you will started forgetting their favorite colors and their birthdays and that’s ok. It gets better. 

I just want to thank you for all the struggles you went through, because they made me stronger and I’m learning my limits. It sucked then, I know. But we made it.

I wish I would’ve taken more risks back then. I wish I hadn’t been afraid of people’s judgement and could’ve been myself to the fullest. 

I’m sorry you struggled and I’m sorry you hurt. But… it’s ok now. We made it through ok.

-Current me

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I ship myself with Midorima because I'm sorta calm, I'm a scorpio, and I always get the Tsuns. Plus, I love horoscopes because my mom was very into them when I was younger. I went through a phase where I always wore my lucky color of the day, haha

aw he’d probably freak if someone else were actually into Oha asa 

  • Though he doesn’t admit it, Midorima truly appreciates you dealing with his attitude. Many people give up on trying to befriend someone like Midorima, but the fact that you didn’t (and even started dating him) really means a lot to him.
  • When Midorima first found out about your love towards horoscopes, he practically had to pinch himself. Here was a girl who was actually interested in him and in horoscopes? It was too good to be true.
  • The two of you would engage in long conversations about horoscopes in general that puts Midorima in a pretty good mood.

Went shopping today. Only managed to snag a VV polo and another Ralph oxford. Somehow managed to do a lot less damage than expected. I do, however, regret not purchasing these linen-cotton pants I found at J Crew. I don’t know how many more trips I can make to Vineyard Vines though. Its a good thing I really like their colors for this time of year, because I would love to avoid shopping swimming through the masses of teenagers begging their parents to get them a pair of pants with cartoon whales printed all over them.

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I hate when perrie talks about her weird relationship when she can talk a lot of things intead like talk about music fashion social things i dont want to hear zerrie anymore. It causes unneccessary drama and people even dont mention their music :/

its the interviewers who bring it up; literally none of us wanna know about zerrie or stuff about the wedding or when they’re gonna have kids. i wanna know more about leighloves or more about black magic, or more about the new album or what they went through in 2014 recording the album. i deadass don’t wanna know what color nails perrie’s gonna have when she wipes her ass the night before the wedding.

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Karlie went on one friend-pr-date with Joe Jonas, so you can't really call him a shared boyfriend with Taylor Swift. Maybe a one time beard, but that's about it.

yeah but I didn’t want to do an other trait in an other color because if you go into details Kendall and Harry weren’t really together either… my point was that everyone is connected, through men who dated a lot of famous girls with gay rumors around them or with the rumors by themselves…

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41, 44 :D

41. When was the last time you got really happy and why? I think it was the other day when I went through practicing my trauma assessment with my instructor. A lot of my classmates were watching and when I was done they were all really sweet and generous in telling me that I did a really good job. Then I drove home in the awful, awful heat with good music, and it was nice.

44. What’s a band you’ve been obsessed with lately? Zedd! I can’t stop listening to True Colors.


In my Drawing II class, one of our last projects was to make a collage. Personally, I hate collages most of the time- fishing through magazines is a pain and I don’t like trying to force images to fit together. So I printed off images of landscapes and cut out shapes within those images, such as mountains, flowers, clouds, buildings, etc! It gave me a lot more control over the project and I was able to make sure I had a lot of variety of beautiful colors, which was recommended.

After we finished the collages, my professor told us the second part of the collage project was to look for smaller compositions within the collage and then redraw them in whatever medium we want. I went through and picked out a lot of different compositions, then picked three of the better ones to redraw

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I was also trying to be a hippie at 14. I went through this phase where I only listened to Janis Joplin lol

I just really liked wearing earthy colors and weird patterns, never wore anything but sandals, had really long hair, and refused to even learn how to apply makeup lol.

A lot of that was my hippie mother’s influence. We call her a hobbit because she’s really short, hates shoes, and loves gardening.

June 24th
Been out of cell phone range for a while now which is why there have been a lack of posts. We went to Yellowstone park for three nights and stayed at Bridger Bay campground right next to Yellowstone lake. We did a lot of hikes during our days that included Elephant pack which overlooks Yellowstone lake. We also hiked Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, which is a large canyon that the Yellowstone river runs through. It is said that the colors of this canyon cannot be illustrated through human skill. They obviously haven’t met Stephanie Deady. At dusk we would venture off to Hayden valley where you could see a lot of wildlife. Yellowstone did not disappoint when it said that its park was the park to see wildlife. We saw elk, bison, Grizzlies, black beers with Cubs and a ton of deer. The park is also known for its geysers, which is really why it became the first park created in the U.S. almost 100 years ago. I went to see grand prismatic hot spring, which has a lot of geysers around it while Darin fished one day. It was very neat.

We then spent two nights at Jenny Lake campground in grand Teton nat'l park. We hiked around the lake and saw some beautiful views. The hike was flat, but very long which made it the toughest hike we’ve done so far. The next day we hung out at phelps and string lake. It’s amazing to see the amount of people that have given money and time to conserve these parts of the world. We have been reading a lot in visitors centers since our trip began about the rockafellers and TR (especially at GT) and their pursuit of conserving land in the U.S. for the “good and benefit of the people”. Pretty amazing that they were able to set aside these lands even though it wasn’t a popular topic during their time. I guess there is a good reason for why TR’s face is carved on the side of a mountain next to Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson.

We have been in big sky for the last day and I got to see a lot of the people I worked with last summer. YC has changed immensely since I was here last. Pretty unique place. We had dinner for the first time during our trip at my favorite restaurant out here called the river house. It’s sits right next to the gallatin and has the best fried food I’ve ever had.


Kao lijepo osvježenje nakon svih fotografiranja, M^3 duo se uputio prema MSU, gdje ih je čekala udruga igranje.org s mnoštvom društvenih igara. :D Cilj im je kroz ovakav neformalni način okupljanja potaknuti na kooperativne vještine među djecom i odraslima.

As a nice refreshment from all of the photo assignments, the M^3 duo went to MSU, where Igranje.org greeted them with a lot of board games. :D Their goal is to build cooperative techniques among children and adults through these kinds of informal gatherings.


The March on Ishgard

ffxivface hosted an event for the impending Heavensward launch.  I had no idea what to expect.  When I arrived in Ulduh there were so many people, a lot of them doing Holy spamming.  It was difficult to figure out what was going on.  I think there was an intention of getting people to coordinate into groups by colored underwear that was being handed out.  Trying to organize large groups of people especially in game is quite difficult though, so I guess the idea was abandoned and we all started marching towards Ishgard.

I followed my assigned FACE leader.  Each color underwear was assigned to one of the Mr. FACE clone hosts.  It seems I was the only one though lol.  Mine went through a different gate than the others so he and I marched to Black Brush alone and met up with the rest of the horde.

And on we went.  I finally met up with my dear Eirwie and we rode pillion most of the way.  From Bentbranch through Drybone, to Gridania and Fallgourd Float.

It was at least an hour before we made it to Ishgard.  I had a good time seeing all the people and their outfits.  It felt like a nice way to finish off this version of the game and I truly don’t feel I get to enjoy the wonderful scenery of this game enough. 

When we arrived at the gates, we tried to gain entry by /dance and fireworks etc.  I’m not sure if we were trying to crash the server or not.  It was impossible to see how many people were really there since characters were constantly phasing in and out. 

When we were denied entry, we marched up to the Mark of Menphina and gathered together for a screenshot looking out over the city we would soon see.

Thank you Eirwie for keeping me company and enduring my sentimental side.

Thank you ffxivface for hosting such a thing.

Thank you Square-Enix for not giving up on FFXIV.  Heavensward and beyond!