i went through a lot of colors

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: why is sssn pronounced sun. why. i went through two volumes thinking it was pronounced season, and honestly, can you blame me? sssn makes a hell of a lot more sense as s-ea-s-o-n than sss-u-n. they’re even colored, approximately, like seasons, with winter/blue/neptune, sage/green/spring, sun/yellow/summer and scarlet/red/fall.  but no. it’s not team season, it’s team sssssssssssun. like. what the fuck. what the fuck? what the fuck 


Booncase WIP (finished product, video)

build time: 2 months

this project went through a lot of changes through development. i actually originally started this back in september, but i could tell it wasn’t going to work out too well, so i shelved it and made the fear no anvil instead. i came back to it in december having rethought my plans. there are 11 high powered led’s in here (8 blue, 2 red and one green). irl you can see the colors distinctly but on camera they all mesh into one. the 6 switches on the back control a set of 2 led’s each (except the green one). i can turn on different combinations for different results!


Massive followers gift for everyone! Are you ready for it? I did go a little overboard this time, but 1.5K is a lot of followers! :3

So first we have Teen boys like bright colors too! And as usual, you can click the names of things for unedited screenshots~

After getting an ask for a WCIF all your bright colored teen male clothes, I realized that I don’t have that many! I needed to fix that quick, so I went through the stuff I do have, which almost none of it was brightly colored and picked a few of my favorites to recolor.

#1 @uranium-z‘s 3T2 Grimmy Leather Jacket - [Patisserie Palette] [Download]
#2 @tombstoneoflifeanddeath‘s 3T2 Athletic Hip - [Pattern Swatch] [Download]
#3 @uranium-z‘s 3T2 Lazy Leather - [Patisserie Palette] [Download]
#4 @rented-space‘s 3T2 Too Cool For Art School -[Patisserie Palette] [Download]

#5 Kayleigh’s skinnies with doc’s converted to teens by Trapping - [Patisserie Palette] [Download

#6 Yuxi’s Jeans with Creepers, converted to teens by Trapping - Remember THIS old set I made? I slapped the textures onto the teen mesh! - [Swatch] [Download]

#7 @rented-space‘s Platform Jeans - [Floral Swatch] [Download]

#8 Kayleigh’s Bustelo jeans converted to teens by Trapping, retextured in MM textures by @yandereplumsim! - [Patisserie Palette] [Download

#9 @rented-space‘s Fresh Prince Of Riverview Vest - [Patisserie Palette] [Download

Then after doing all that, I decided to make some default replacements too, since I don’t think any of the Teen male defaults feature bright colors. And to be honest default replacements for teen males are very scarce to begin with!

Seasons tmbodysnowboarder - The only one I really like out of those outfits were the blue camo print one. So I recolored that outfit in 5 of @kiinuu‘s Kosmik colors and defaulted them!

[Default] [Non-Default]

Base game umbodytracksuit - This one I did a long time ago, but I thought I would share it now! This was originally defaulted by witheredlilies, I just recolored them in @kiinuu‘s Kosmik colors, it comes in Blue&Pink, Green&Yellow, and Pink&Purple. It replaces the outfit for TM-EM


Teen Style Stuff tmbodytrackpants - I actually like this outfit. Some of the game stuff isn’t so bad, though the color choices aren’t all that great. So I recolored them in @kiinuu‘s Kosmik palette too!

[Default] [Non-Default]

Freetime cubodyworldcupep7 - The world cup outfit is horrible, so this is another default I recolored a while back. It matches the track pants default so I decided to share it as well. This one was originally defaulted by miskha, I just recolored it in @kiinuu‘s Kosmik colors. I left the brown color though, in case I wanted to put on of my children in a darker athletic wear.


After all the defaults I made two things of makeup!

@kiinuu‘s Tealeaf Speckles facepaint - All ages, 16 colors, shown in the preview is Popsicle.

[Patisserie Palette] [Download]

@kiinuu‘s Thessia facepaint - I’m just now realizing that these markings are Liara’s. I didn’t notice it until I recolored them! All Ages, comes in 8 galaxy textures named after roman gods. 

[Swatch] [Download]

Finally! I have two requests for download~

My FantasyRogue’s Tabula Rasa Android skin defaulted! - As requested S1 is Candy, S2 is Frosting, S3, is Bubblegum, and S4 is Lollipop. I haven’t tested this one so let me know if anything is wrong~


My Androgyny Retro Dress Recolors expanded for more ages! - I realized that as long as you have the Adult files and the Elder meshes in, I didn’t need to recolor it for the elders as well, so all I did was slap the textures onto the Teen and Adult female meshes. This outfit now comes in TU-EU

[Swatch] [Download]

That’s it! Thanks for following :3. I probably should have split it into multiple posts. Oops ^^;

Credits: @kiinuu, @rented-space, @uranium-z, @geostigmata-sims, @jedpie, @tombstoneoflifeanddeath, @withlovefromsimtown, witheredlilies, miskha, tealeaf, fantasyrogue

[art source. private]

Whoa! Has it really been a whole damn year already? 

Let’s see… When I first started this blog. I was so anxious. So many dumb thoughts went through my head - I wanted to RP Falco real bad, but at the same time there were a lot of Falcos already who I figured had much better interpretations of the character than I did, so I decided to use a version of Falco from an AU I had concocted named Spitfire. The Spitfire Falco was a character based on Falco’s black color from Smash Bros. which I had decided to incorporate into a more fleshed out character named Crow, due to his blackened appearance and Crow’s romanization in Japanese being something along the lines of “Kuro”, which meant black.

I also decided to  throw Falco into my blog, because  I’d never know if I didn’t try, and it wasn’t like I never RP’ed Falco before. I’d been RP’ing him for a full year. After putting Falco on the blog, I started using him a lot more, getting into the indie Star Fox and Smash Bros. verses and meeting all the people there. So I was like, “since I RP Falco a lot more than I thought I was going to on this blog, why don’t I change my URL to something more universal?” and I did, changing what was known as crowlombardi into lombardiisms. Both of their surnames were Lombardi, so it only made sense. After that, I gained a lot more attention, and I still get the thrill and excitement that I did then as I do today. This is in part because of the people I’ve met. You guys are groovy, I love you.

From when I started to today, my indieversary - let’s call it that. I’ve met so many people and I am grateful for so many of them, so rather than drone on about me let’s give them a moment of thanks.

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I am glad I can even feel this way. We’ve been through a lot of pain and suffering, but we went through it together. And that only made everything more important. To be able to cry like this… that’s what it means to be happy.

Speaking of tapeworms…

Okay so I sort of went through a tapeworm phase when I was 10.

One day in grade school, we were practicing sewing with scraps of cloth the teacher brought in.  Naturally I wanted to make a stuffed tapeworm.

So I got some flesh-colored cloth, some stuffing, some yarn, and I went to town.  Unfortunately I barely had a foot of cloth to work with, so my tapeworm ended up a lot shorter than I planned.

It looked like a penis.  A penis that I drew a smiley face at the end of.

I was so embarrassed when I realized this that I hid the penisworm away in the storage closet.

Fast forward almost a decade later, the school was bulldozed to the ground.  But I know that someone had to clear the building out first.

Which means whoever was in charge of cleaning the building out found my penisworm hidden away.

I don’t know for certain, but the thought makes me happy.

For such a simple wig, it went through a lot before even being worn! It started life as Arda’s Luthien (silky), unfortunately I don’t remember the color…but it turned out to be too light. I was sad to say goodbye to the gorgeous curls (it was washed and brushed out in the first photo), but so happy that straightening it worked very well! (I have straight hair, so I’ve never needed a straightener, but I happened to find one at goodwill. Super lucky find!)
I also dyed it with brown iPoly fabric dye, a first for me. It worked surprisingly quickly and effectively! Only left it in for a few seconds, and it became the lovely color you see in the second photo. (Of course it took more combing and straightening afterwards…I was afraid I fried it but Arda wigs are pretty resilient!)

Moral of the story: iPoly fabric dye is amazing. At least with Arda’s silky collection, but I suspect for more than that.

moonsnack asked:

I'm sosososo sorry f this has been answered before - I went through the lip ask tag & didn't see something but feel free to link or direct me elsewhere - is there any way to keep liquid matte lipsticks from like, crumbling off your lips? I've had a lot of trouble with wet & wild megalast lip colors and I don't know what to do :(

Hey, don’t be sorry! Some matte formulas can be too dry and tend to crumble or flake as you wear them, but your best bet is prepping your lips by gently exfoliating them and keeping them hydrated with a nourishing lip balm before application!

- Sabrina

Day 23 of 366 (2016)

I was supposed to go to Greenhills to buy Gunpla but I had to go with my family to a family gathering because tita Ofi and kuya Gerald visited all the way from Canada.

I had a lot of fun. I got to dance with kuya Gerald and it was awesome. We made a cool trio with atr MM. The color of our clothes even matched after we changed for the next set of dances. Just Dance, bringing people together! LOL!

Later during night time, we all just sat down around a table and talked… a lot. It was all pretty random, comparable to watching cute puppy videos on Youtube and then ending up watching something weird on Buzzfeed. Some things can be so bad they’re good. Went through did you knows, parodies, wrong brands, red ball gowns and so onml. It wad crazy!

I had a blast, so when it was time to go home, I really wanted to stay but it was probably getting too late so it was fine.

Until next time! Ciao!

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 1) Spell your name in songs.
ies with the Sea - Michael Guy Bowman
Imaginary - Evanescence
Zero Zero - Gerard Way (not a lot of Z songs my other option was Zutter by G-Dragon & T.O.P.)

2) Why did you choose your URL?
It’s my name, Liz, with the eeveelutions name ending

3) What is your middle name? 
Ann Marie

4) If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?

5) Favorite color?

6) Song you like right now?
Well aside from every song I went through looking for songs for my name, I can’t get enough of “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic! at the Disco.

7) Top 4 fandoms. 
Homestuck, Rooster Teeth, D.Gray-Man, uhhhh just picking 4 is hard uhhhhh Fairy Tail

8) Tag 9 people
@jingleheimerthethaumaturgic, @louisfawkes, @meticulousbeekeeper, @pumpkinappearifier, @rasira, @emilytopaz, @nocheamarga, @ultravioletotaku, @felixmcsc0uty, & anybody else that wants to do it i guess haha

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I haven't been on your blog for a while and I've just went through your "Face" page (if I can call it that). It fascinates me how much you've changed and I love your new hair color. Also, every time I come back here (and on Tumblr in general), your blog just keeps getting more and more relaxing and I really enjoy spending a lot of time here. I, uh... I just wanted you to know that.

Merci, mon ami.

My Hair Journey at Smith College

No secret. When you walk around Smith college you will see a lot of awesome and unusual colored hair! After my first semester at Smith I decided I want my own brightly colored hair as well and since my favorite colors pink thats when I went with! With the help of the fabulous Salon O on green street I got the pink hair of my dreams! Under the cut I will take you through my pink hair journey at Smith College! 

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Black is the New Black

Black is the New Black

External image

Confession: I went through a pink phase once. Lots of pink cardigans, pink v-necks, I even had pink jeans at one point?? It was a dark time. But as much as I love Elle Woods, my wardrobe has grown darker and darker over the years. Part of the transformation was moving from the bright, tropical color palette of Florida to the more refined, understated cool of Boston. The other part is that I’m a…

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It`s pretty Ironic seeing "God Ford" Because i always have seen Ford more like the perfect antagonist`s figure for Pinecest Stories. I mean, the man is already the Antagonist to the Twins bond.

He sort-of is, come to think of it. I feel like Season 1 Stanley could also fill that role, as Pinecest is in the same vein of be-ready-to-hide-everything the twins were in before wit supernatural elements.

But Ford, as currently in canon leading up to Weirdmageddon, is definitely a perfect foil, drawing Dipper magnetically away from Mabel. An interesting AU or drabble to explore might be to see what would happen if Stan was sent away immediately, and wasn’t there to provide emotional band-aid wisdom to Mabel; I really feel like his desire to avoid putting the twins through the same emotional wringer he and Ford went through colors a lot of how he tries to influence the twins platonic relationship, and without that I think their bond might have been in serious trouble.

Plus, in a more literal sense, should Ford actually go super-saiyan and try to control the universe, that seems like the perfect supernatural foe to face the plucky Mystery Twins off against.

Going through my small supply of un-worn buttons, this “Shake it Up” beauty called out to me, and I’m trying to learn to follow my instincts, so I went with it! I mean my instincts won me $80 on a horse named “Call Me Ishmael” a few years back at the track, so I figure let them have a crack at choosing a button for today. Turned out to be a great choice! I had a lot of compliments on the bright colors and happy feelings it gave people; and one man said now he’s gonna have to stop at Sonic for a strawberry shake with a cherry on top now. So, Shake it Up Wednesday was a success and I found this one at Got Toys. I find the cutest and most clever buttons there and they have really good size selection, plus off-the-wall and classic toys and gifts. I’m on a button budge you know, and they’ve been a great resource for me so far! I think people are slowly but surely catching on to what I’m doing here, but I’ve got 338 days left + 1 because it’s a leap year! Stupid leap year. Just my luck, but believe me I’ve enjoyed this experience thus far and I hope to see it trough. Thanx for your support and for reading!

crystallized-valium asked:

Hey! I absolutely love your hair color, what brand/color did you use? Also what is your natural hair color(if it's dark how did you bleach it well enough to get that gorgeous color)?

alrighty, story time! I used to have amazing long jet black hair, I have always wanted to dye it different colors but my mom never let me because it’s expensive. after experimenting a bit I finally convinced her and bleached my hair. it went to straw and I lost a lot of hair. It’s been about a year now and I cut off almost all of my hair and let my roots grow out.
for the hair in the pictures you saw I used manic panic atomic turquoise and kept the hair dye in for 2 hours. the dye has barely faded and it’s been through about 3-4 washes already. I use deep conditioners every month and coconut oil to keep it healthy. I’m about to start taking vitamins to help my hair grow back. basically, if you want to dye your hair, know the outcomes that you will be receiving. take care of your hair and deep condition weekly.

dawningdonuts asked:

D O M N I C (I chose not to repeat any letters in your name)

D: Hardest thing I’ve went through?

I got bullied a lot in sixth grade and it didn’t help that no one cared enough to help me through that. So yeah.

O: Eye color.

Dark brown.

M: Virgin or not?


N: Favorite place to shop?

GameStop. (I play a lot of video games, don’t judge)

I: Any tattoos or piercings.

No, but I did have my ear pierced when I was really young.

C: Who I like and why I like them.

I assume this means love, but I’ve pretty much given up in any romantic endeavor until college was over. So… *Awkward Raspberry*

woodbetweenworlds asked:

16 and 19?

16. I believe it was either pride and prejudice or the first Harry Potter book (I reread a lot)

19. Princess push button phone. My mom went through a phase of buying old rotary princess phones on eBay (she was one of those people who bets at the absolute last second and wins). I didn’t like the rotary as much so I wanted the push button. So my mom scoured eBay, found it, and got it for my birthday. It’s this great mint green color and I’ve had it for something like 12 years.

(K)Nots & Locks

My hair has always caused a lot of drama. I have a lot of hair on my head, and it is out of control most of the time. I found that hair products and tools really do make ALL the difference. First, I read online that the bristles on brushes are very harsh on hair, causing breaking and preventing real hair growth. I am trying to grow out my hair, so I switched to combs. It was a simple switch and has been helping to prevent any additional damage. Unfortunately, I went through a phase of dying my hair a different color every couple of months and just destroyed my hair. Luckly, so many hair care lines have many products that are tailored to individual issues. To deal with my color damage, I found Living Proof, which has an entire line of hair products dedicating to restoring damaged hair to its former healthy glory. After just a couple weeks, I felt a huge difference in my hair. After a year of my Living Proof regimen, I am obsessed nooshessed with my hair. My regimen consists of the Restore Shampoo, Restore Conditioner, Restore Instant Repair and Blowout Styling & Finishing Spray. NooshNote: I try to wash my hair MAX three times a week; I try to strive for twice a week. To keep my hair looking lucious and beautiful in between washes, I make sure to blow dry my hair. My dynamic duo of the Hot Tools Ionic Professional Dryer and a 3 ¼ inch barrel brush gets the job done. The Living Proof Blowout Styling & Finishing Spray really preps the hair and cuts my drying time, which is huge for my because of my thick curly hair. I used to struggle with my hair, but the right tools made doing my hair a breeze. Pair this process with a popping playlist and it becomes a party!