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 Dragon Age Noir - Chapter 6 - The Stakeout 

Summary:  After agreeing to work together, Alistair accompanies Cullen on a stakeout and runs into an old acquaintance in the unlikeliest of places. 1826 words, SFW. Alternate AU, Dragon Age. Under a cut for length.

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Beautiful artwork of Morrigan and Alistair done by @donc-desole. I found it through pinterest, of all places. So nice to be able to track down the artist. :)

Alistair felt nervous when he saw the black Chrysler pull up outside—he had never been on a stakeout before. He squared his jaw and took a deep breath to steady himself before approaching the passenger’s side door. Cullen’s eyes were covered by the brim of his hat, but the scar on his upper lip was pulled up into a tense sneer.

“Get in,” he said.

Alistair looked surreptitiously down the alley both ways before swinging the door open. “Where to?” he asked, as he slid into the black leather bench seat.

“Other side of town,” answered Cullen darkly.

Alistair stared out the window and let his eyes lose focus. He felt Cullen’s presence heavily beside him. The street lamps strobed between the buildings as they accelerated. Cullen drove a stick shift expertly, Alistair noted. He was always forgetting where fifth was. Up and to the right?

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Gratsu Christmas Event

Day : 4th December (sorry I’m late)

Prompt: Coat

Rated T

Summary : "Dear Santa, for Christmas this year, I wish I could meet the person I need in my life, and who would need me as well.“ What if Santa heard Natsu’s desperate prayer? What if happiness was closer than he thought? 

Make a wish

Zeref cursed when he opened the oven. A strong burnt smell came out of it and itched his nose. Mavis had forgotten to watch the Christmas cookies…again. The young man sighed as he put them on a plate, wondering if they could have some decent food for the holidays. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud noise coming from the entrance of the house.

"Natsu?” Zeref asked and headed towards the kitchen door.

He opened it just in time to see a flash of pink disappearing in the hallway leading to the bedrooms of the house, then heard another loud noise indicating Natsu had slammed his door. Zeref knew the risk he was taking, but he still followed him and knocked on his little brother’s door.

“What?!” A muffled irritated voice exclaimed.

Zeref took that as an invitation to come in. Natsu was lying on his desk chair, staring blankly at the wall, a frown on his face.

“Is something wrong?” Zeref asked carefully.

Natsu didn’t answer, but the older man recognized his face… It was the face he made whenever he was deeply upset, and wanted to talk about it. But he would never spit it out if Zeref didn’t insist. Having a seventeen year old brother was too complicated for his taste sometimes.

“So…” Zeref began as he sat on Natsu’s bed. “How’s Jenny?”

“I broke up with her.” Natsu answered abruptly.

‘Bingo…’ His brother thought as he sighed. “What happened?”

“I didn’t feel anything for her. So I ended it. End of story.”

“Okay… How did she take it?” Zeref asked, feeling it wasn’t over.

“She insulted me and told me she never loved me anyway, blah blah blah, just about my popularity, blah blah blah, she doesn’t need me, blah blah blah, you’re not breaking up with me, I am… Typical.”

Natsu rolled his eyes as he spoke, clearly showing his exasperation towards his ex’s behavior.

“Oh… I’m sorry… Are you okay?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t care about her. And it’s not like I didn’t know why she dated me.”

“Then… Why did you date her ?” Zeref didn’t understand his logic.

“It’s better than nothing. And I thought…why not give her a chance ?” Natsu looked at him with his big tender eyes.

Zeref smiled at such kindness. Natsu was too nice for his own good sometimes.

“But I admit that…” Natsu looked down at his feet. “…her words hurt me. We spent one month together, and yet nothing else but my popularity thanks to football interested her… ”

“She wasn’t worth it.” Zeref stood up and hugged him. “But you’ll find someone who wants you for who you are… High school is not an easy part of life, even for popular and nice boys like you. But trust time… There’s someone out there who’ll see who you are inside.”

Natsu hugged him closer, then gently pushed him away to make him understand he had had enough physical interaction with his brother.

“Thanks. But it’s not like I didn’t try, you know… I dated a lot of girls, but none of them tried to know me, or saw me the way…she did.”

Zeref frowned as he saw him play with the key-shaped pendant of the chain he always wore around his neck.

“How long has it been?”

“Three years tomorrow.” Natsu answered and looked away.

“Okay…” Zeref nodded and patted his head. “I guess you won’t be home early?”

“Yeah. I’ll leave after school to visit her. And then I have a party, so don’t expect me for dinner.”

“As you wish…”

The young adult would usually protest at this, since he was technically replacing their parents who retired in the countryside, but this time he decided to let go without a fight.

“By the way,” Zeref smiled and tried to ease the atmosphere. “You didn’t write your letter to Santa yet, Mavis is not gonna be happy.”

“Seriously…” Natsu rolled his eyes and cackled. “How old does she think I am ? Even Wendy doesn’t want to do it anymore…”

“Maybe, but she still did it.” Zeref smirked. “And if you don’t, I can’t guarantee you’ll spend Christmas in one piece. You know Mavis.”

“Yeaaah, okay… I’ll do it.” The teenager grumbled as he crossed his arms on his chest.

His older brother laughed lightly then walked away, leaving Natsu alone, contemplating his empty desk. He sighed as he opened a drawer and took a paper sheet.

“Stupid Mavis… I’m not five anymore!”

He took a pen and started to write.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year,

Natsu paused and fixed the wall in front of him. What did he want for Christmas?

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, I wish I could meet the person I need in my life, and who would need me as well.

“Man, what did I write…” Natsu snorted and crumbled the paper. “I guess that’s not something you can do, right Santa?”

He tossed the sheet in the bin and took another one to start over.

“Okay… Focus now.” He told himself.

“Natsu! Dinner!” A feminine voice yelled through the house.

“Comiiiing!” The teenager answered and stood up slowly.

He left the room, forgetting about his secret wish inscribed on the abandoned letter.

Read it on FFN, if you prefer. 

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alimarie747  asked:

Clumsy, can't-sing-to-save-her-life mermaid/siren!Ahiru and impervious-to-siren-calls, somehow-falls-for-the-squawky-siren sailor!Fakir? idk it seems like it'd be cute af c:

I’m sO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE OH MY GOODNESS. This was so much fun to write, though!!! I’ve already got another oneshot half-typed for this AU (oh dear) Also when i’m feeling less like trash i’ll link the sailor songs to their lyrics

“I’m actually surprised.”

Ahiru looks up at him from her spot in the tide pool beneath him, blue eyes wide and quizzical. She’s fiddling with her long tangle of strawberry locks, trying in vain to comb them with the small tortoise-shell comb Fakir had found in the marketplace for her in the last port they had docked in. He idly remembers the time he’d found her trying to brush her hair out with a fork, and his defense to this day for buying her that comb is that he simply couldn’t handle watching her idiocy any longer. She had accepted the gift enthusiastically and has spoken about the trinket to every gull from here to London.

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