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friendly reminder that the babadook knows u can achieve your dreams if u put ur heart to it !! the babadook thinks ur great !1


from one hero to another, all might salutes you, mr. babadook!  he is always grateful to have your support and he vows to continue working very hard to accomplish his goals!  should the babadook ever require a reassuring ear, all might promises to be there for him through thick and thin.  please continue to support and watch over him!  you are the no. 1 hero in his heart, babadook!

Listen, meeting up with friends IRL is hard. Even one of my close friends, who lives in the same apartment complex as me, literally 2-3 buildings away, is someone I haven’t seen since that guy died and we got interrogated by the police. I know I owe her Taco Bell yet we still haven’t gone out to eat. T^T

Oh, but we did hang out about 2 weeks ago. I offered to help her clean her apartment and we ended up dance-cleaning to Selena because we’re both Hispanic cabrónas. (≧∇≦) The chisme was real. Good times.

Michael Mell x Reader + Baby

- the whole squad is there and the nurse is like “whoa dudes family only” and Mike’s just like “I AM FAMILY! THAT’S MY KID, BRO!”
- he’s freaking out almost as much as you are
- but then the doctor gives you an epidural and it calms down a bit
- Michael cries when he sees your daughter
- “She’s so beautiful.”
- naming her Christina Hera Mell
- Michael s p o i l s her
- her first word is meme
- “Yeah! Go Chrissy!”
- Christina can’t quite pronounce Uncle Jeremy’s name yet, so she calls him “Jerm” (much to Jeremy’s delight because it’s fucking adorable)
- “You’re changing her diaper.”
“I gave birth to her.”
- Hot Dad™ Michael
- consider the following: stubbly Michael in sunglasses, holding Christina and kissing you on the cheek
- he’s the kind of guy who carries his kid around everywhere he goes
- he also refers to himself as “Daddy”
- she tries to take his glasses
- “No, Chrissy. Those are Daddy’s. Give them back.”
- Player One and Player Two shirts

So I figured I’d intro before I have to hit the stage and rock out. I’m Chrissy Constanza from that pretty awesome band called Against the Current. I’m 21 years young and own this big fluff all dog that I always miss when I’m on tour. I still live at home with my parents till I find the right place to live, plus I’m a mommys girl I refuse to leave her. I love long walks to my fridge and I guess I’m the beach too at sunset. I’m a lovable person and I’d love to friend you all. If you want to talk hmu @ sudsinthebucket919 I promise I don’t bite…hard 😏

tbt to when i met chrissy and i was honest with her telling her i was lazy and didn’t listen to them until the night i saw them and that i like them now and she was like “girl i get it im so bad at listening to new music i forgive you but i better see you at our next show”


Pride year three a success! I’m so grateful to have family that’s supportive of me. Although nothing can top when I met Bria and Chrissy, this was maybe my favorite year second to that one. #itssooogood #Ilovethem #pride #minneapolispride (at Loring Park)

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[Text] well if you told her about everything I can't see why she wouldn't understand its not hard to at least get why you don't want to get married even if she can't picture herself settling down without it. [Text] well bro as far as I'm aware you haven't had a good fuck in months trying to help. Need some money for a high class escort?

[text] … and if I didn’t tell her everything? Hypothetically of course. 
[text] I’m screen shotting that and sending it to Chrissy so she knows I’m not the bad influence here. Her and Dad need to know that I’M the good son and you’re the devil on my shoulder telling me to do bad things.

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It's a shame you're a Robert stan. I liked your chrissie/charity fic, you should write more like that

ha! well thanks, anon. you must be the one person that read it 😂😂😂