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I cooked dinner from Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook for a week, and it was amazing

I cooked dinner from Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook for a week, and it was amazing

Chrissy Teigen is my queen. Aside from being stunning, witty, and a multi-talented business woman, she’s also a best-selling cookbook author. Anybody who knows me can attest to the fact that I LOVE to cook — though finding recipes worthy of my time isn’t always easy. Cooking is a great stress-reliever, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to find a new family fave (which also isn’t an easy feat) — so I purchased Chrissy’s book, Cravings, to create an outlet for my anxiety and liven up the repetitive weeknight meals we’d all come to dread in my home.

Could Chrissy could win the approval of my husband, two school-aged children, and most of all, (finicky)me?! Here’s what happened when I cooked Cravings recipes for seven days:

Night 1: Pot Pie Soup with Crust Crackers

Courtesy of Author

Oh. My. Heck. You haven’t lived until you’ve made this soup. Reminiscent of warm, comforting chicken pot pie, this soup is everything that my dreams are made of — especially those crust crackers. I considered nixing them because I was feeling lazy, but I’m SO glad I didn’t skimp. Teigen’s soup consists of a flaky crust that you break into “crackers,” which compliments the creamy, decadent dish. They almost didn’t even make it into the soup because I kept picking them off the parchment to eat as snacks while I was cooking! And bonus — this meal makes for great leftovers. The ingredients aren’t at all costly (in fact, I already had some of them on hand) and the end result is so totally worth it. Overall, four out of four Gangers gave it a thumb’s up. WIN!

Night 2: Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Sage

Courtesy of Author

I’ve heard of gnocchi. I’ve seen it on cooking shows, but never in my life did I think I’d try to make it from scratch. It’s super intimidating having to make your own dough, in hopes that it will actually turn into something edible. What if I “overwork it,” as they say? But turns out, this is definitely something any beginner can master. The end result is a fluffy, buttery, little cloud comparable to a chef’s five-star dish. However, after eating a few bites, I’d had enough of the delicious, but super-rich taste. If you’re cooking for your family, small children included, this might not be the perfect dish. However, if you want to cook to impress, give it a try.

Night 3: Chrissy’s Capon Burger and Onion Rings

Courtesy of Author

STOP what you’re doing and make this burger right now! Seriously! I’ve never been to Capon’s, but after cooking this meal, I think I’ll plan a whole vacation around the restaurant. This recipe, including the onion rings, took the longest out of all the other recipes and made my kitchen smell like a grill room — but once it was all said and done, that burger was worth every second that I spent making it. The onion rings come out a little wonky if the oil’s not hot enough, so those required some test runs (and a lot of mess). But if you’re looking for an interesting take on burger and fry night and you only have an extra hour to cook — this is the only burger recipe you’ll ever need. (My week of cooking from Cravings is now over, but I’m still making this again for dinner tonight!)

Night 4: Margarita Chicken Fajitas + Roasted Jalapeño and Chorizo Queso

Courtesy of Author
Courtesy of Author

My family has some kind of taco/fajita/rice bowl night weekly, so when I spotted this margarita chicken recipe, I knew it had to be on our menu. The queso was a side experiment to complement the meal (in case the kids didn’t love the fajitas). Cooking both of these meals at once took more time and effort than I had assumed. I was in the kitchen for an hour and a half! Yikes! Also, my local store didn’t have Mexican chorizo readily available — though I found some after a minor panic. If you don’t like spice, then you might want to avoid all the jalapeños as they are abundant in this gooey cheese dip. I happen to love everything spicy, so I did as Chrissy says. The end results? The queso was a win for everyone except my mega picky 4-year-old, but overall, a win. Plus, the portion lasted long enough for us to munch on it for the rest of the week. The fajitas, though —SO GOOD! I CAN’T WAIT TO MAKE THEM AGAIN! I marinated them the night before so that they’d soak up all the flavors, and when I reheated them a day later, they were even better. If you haven’t made these meals, I suggest you fix that, like, right now.

Night 5: Prosciutto-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Courtesy of Author

This chicken is the stuffed chicken of all stuffed chickens! (Also, is that a thing?) Because of my extreme disdain for goat cheese, I used feta as a substitute (I’m a rebel.) Aside from prepping the baco and stuffing the chicken (with a garlicky cream cheese concoction — yum), I tossed some cherry tomatoes into the skillet and popped the whole thing into the oven — and 30 minutes later, we had one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever eaten in my entire life on this planet — seriously. That is no joke. I’m a huge fan of chicken, but that flavor can get old fast. This recipe made me feel as though we were treating ourselves to dinner at some fancy schmancy restaurant. My kids ate it, there were ZERO leftovers, and I will make this meal as often as possible!

Night 6: Frito Pie Bar

Courtesy of Author

I’ve made a lot of chili in my life. All kinds, all flavors, all spice levels. And while it’s particularly good on a cold, winter’s day, I can eat it anytime — especially if it involves Fritos! The best part of this meal is that once all the initial chopping and sautéing is finished, you can just hang back while everything marries together. This is a HUGE bonus in my book, because time is fleeting. Plus, my kids loved this — set up all the toppings so that everyone can create their own Frito bowl. I’ll be making this one all winter long — and after that, too!

Night 7: Chrissy’s Mac and Cheese with Cheesy Garlic Bread Crumbs

Courtesy of Author

I have a confession; two, actually. The first being, mac and cheese really isn’t my *thing* (I know, I know), and the second being –I cheated on the bread crumbs. Before you scroll, hear me out. I’ve never really loved cheesy pasta as much as everyone else. I eat it. I’m just not in love with it. I made this to give my kids something I knew they’d eat, along with slider BLTs. With all that said, this is fantastic. The recipe makes a ton of pasta, and it’s really creamy and rich. I used canned breadcrumbs that I had on hand — after a week of cooking more extensive meals than normal, I was tired! I’m sure Chrissy’s breadcrumbs rule, and I’ll give them a try some other day. Regardless, this is worth the overpriced cheese you’ll have to purchase if you love yourself some cheesy noodles.

Overall, Cravings is my favorite new cookbook.

I would cook most of the recipes in the book — just know that a lot of them do require a decent time commitment, and some either require pricey ingredients or a complex amount of ingredients. But the outcome of your cooking is completely worth whatever you have to go through to get the finished product! Chrissy was already my queen — but now? She’s also my family’s food guru.

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carlwritesbadsmut replied to yourpost:i literally love Chrissie shes hot as fuck right…That scene was a mess. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I like Rakesh sometimes but I have no pity for him.

oh i agree! the writing seems to be all over the place when it comes to writing for the women of this show. they are either going against each other or are desperate. but i have never liked rakesh since he set his flats on fire for money. priya derseves better than him tbh

i literally love Chrissie shes hot as fuck right now. Rakesh is a mess, people who are defending him are gross tbh he literally grabbed her and pushed her, dont with this whole he was pushed too far, he is a pathetic man and derseves the shit she is putting him through.

vilemirth  asked:

chrissy, what does your url mean?

Oh man I actually already answered this here! But the long and short of it is that mithraiic is yanno the tumblr url bastardisation of mithra, an ancient persian sun god that was also in charge of justice and oaths and obligations, which is three important aspects of jon’s character. 

tbh you can thank @neuthiic and @cfdelphi / @shicldmaiden for helping me choose mithraiic since at the time i was stuck between that and a shitty google translated german word for promise. 

Post Ep Ponderings August 25th


I honestly didn’t think he’d go quite that far. I mean, I know he’s desperate, but Chrissie wasn’t wrong to call him stupid. That trap was so big it was almost painful.

For awhile there, with Nicola, Jimmy, Dan and Kerry, I knew they were flirting with Dan and Nicola liking each other, but now I’m calling it. They’re going full on affair. Jimmy’s going to keep on being way too overprotective and driving Nicola nuts while Kerry is going to continue to accidentally belittle Dan and that’s going to be it.

This is really turning into the year of the couples shake up, isn’t it? They can’t kill them all, can they?

Well, I suppose, on the other hand, Joanie having Zak turn off his phone just for Belle to call is another nail in the coffin on that relationship, though I’m betting money that Lisa is going to blame Zak for that. Still another step down that path though.

anonymous asked:

Hiii, Just wandering what would be your ideal way for this robron/Andy storyline to play out??

Hi nonnie!

What an excellent question!

Right, so the only ending I will accept from this storyline is the return of Andy. Seriously, I don’t care if Kelvin is doing something else, he WILL get his arse back to Emmerdale, because he is a SUGDEN dammit, and that’s where he belongs!

I would like for these plans of Robert’s to play out for a while longer. I love seeing him being our trashmouth king, and him getting revenge on Chrissie because of Andy is wonderful. Also, the Whites need a bit of stirring up in the scaring department. Also, I love Aaron and Rob working together, and with the added threat of Lachlan being verbally nasty to Liv, it gives us extra incentive to root for them. So yes, I’d want for them to carry on working as a team for a bit longer.

But I don’t think I want them to be the ones to bring Chrissie down. I want maybe for it to go too far, maybe to her starting on Vic in some way (not in an overtly threatening way, but just making a show that she could target Vic if she wanted to), and that be the point that both Aaron and Rob decide that enough is enough, that they can’t have their family be dragged into it this way. So they’d stop. 

Ultimately, I don’t know if I want the ‘downfall’ or ‘defeat’ of Chrissie. She’s not a pantomime villain after all, and I don’t like that the show is painting her as such. She is a complicated woman, who has been scorned many many times. I honestly don’t know how I would want that to play out, but that’s okay, because that’s outside of the boundaries of what you’ve asked anyway! 

So, ideally, Robron to go so far into a revenge plan (maybe they find out the truth, or get very close to the truth), but when Vic is brought into it, that’s when they say that they’re going to stop. Endgoal–whether it be through Chrissie having a bout of good conscience and dropping charges, or because she’s run out of the village (unpopular opinion, but I don’t want this to happen!)–is to have Andy back.

Thank you for asking my opinion on this, nonnie. I feel very special!

Two things about tonights Emmerdale…

NUMBER ONE: I don’t care how tired or stressed you are, you would NOT put your phone on silent if a family member - especially your own child - was missing??? I understand needing a break from searching, but you would NOT PUT YOUR PHONE ON SILENT???? And then leave it downstairs while you go and have some rumpy pumpy with your mrs? Like WTF Zak?? And WTF Joanie for persuading him???

NUMVER TWO: I mean, Chrissie has totally and utteraly lost the plot, but was anyone else confused by her emptying the safe and being all hysterical after Rakesh’s “attack”, like…was that legit? Was she genuinely scared? I know Rakesh had just grabbed her, but that was only because she said she’d tell people that he like tried to sexually assault her or something?? How did she expect him to react? And it was obvious right away he wasn’t a real threat, by the way he was making sure she was okay, like I think she’s savvy enough to know that he wasn’t going to hurt her, so was her giving him the money and acting all hysterical some kind of act?? And if it was, what would she gain? Like I didn’t expect her to crack so soon. I almost expected her to laugh after Rakesh pulled her hair, she’s been that crazy lately.

This episode was such a bloody mess!!!

ukulele-bucky  asked:

Hello! Can I please have a manip of Tay Jardine, Chrissy Costanza, Nia Lovelis and Jenna Mcdougall? Please and thank you!!

Hi! Yes of course. Sorry for the delay but I lost access to this account. Follow me and write to ohmycardio.tumblr.com and I’ll do it.