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There are two big factors why I can't like Chrissie anymore. First is obviously Lachlan, and while she at first dealt good the Alicia situation (after she realised that she was telling the truth of course) and made Lachlan face the consequences of his actions, she kind of dropped it later and always excuses what he does with a little slap on the wrists. And the second one is that after all that she threatened Rakesh with claiming that he sexually assaulted her, that was super disgusting.

And they are good enough reasons, people shouldn’t have to keep justifying themselves as to why they do or don’t like certain characters. You don’t like someone you don’t like them, you’ve got your reasons. People need to accept that and move on.

Wait are people seriously mad that Chrissie called Robert gay? How the fuck is she supposed to know that he’s bisexual? For all she knows, he married her only for her money and had zero attraction to her.

Y'all are so embarrassing I stg. Like do you want everyone to be perfect little socially aware angels cause I promise you if everyone was it’d be an extremely boring show

Chrissie is a character on a TV show get tf over it

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I knew this shit would start again, 'omg you like Robert and don't like Chrissie and Rebecca, sexism!!' No, I don't like Chrissie because she enables that shit bag son and talks down to characters that I like, good people who don't deserve to be spoken to like shit and I don't like Rebecca because she wouldn't take no for an answer when someone said they weren't interested in sleeping with her. It annoys me people have to continually justify themselves for not liking someone.

Didn’t you know, if you don’t like a female character it means you’re sexist lol fuck off. I don’t like characters who are fucking shit end of. There are plenty I don’t like it’s got fuck all to do with their sex. People really need to get a grip and except that not everyone has to like the same characters. I don’t sit here whinging at people for not like Aaron/Robert. Oh but because we like them and the shit they’ve done were expected to like Chrissie/Rebecca, nah you’re alright.

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So I've been rewatching the entire Robron love story from the beginning (as one does) after finally making it to ENGAGED!! This had me thinking, does anyone remember which scenes Aaron nods in approval or with pride for his boyfriend? The only two that come to mind so far are after the Rob/Andy fight in the cemetery and Emma talking to Doug about Chas's PTSD. Any chance you awesome Robroners remember some other moments? Thanks in advance for any help or visuals!! ;) Love this page and fandom!

The other one that springs to mind is after their confrontation with Chrissie and Lachlan. I’m drawing a blank at any others in the moment but there might be others!

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I hate Chrissie so much. She's such a narrow-minded person and to treat someone the way she did with Bex? Say that maybe Robert thought she was "a man in drag"! That witch and her evil son must die in the next stunt.

Yeah I did not like that damn comment.
I dislike most things she says really and yeah urgh.
If she and Lachlan just disappeared I wouldn’t mind and maybe even in fact start semi caring about the two Whites left.

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i always found you intimidating, because of what you said (you and the other squad: pr96, becca, etc) ever since i joined tumblr in my DP days, a few years back. and i've been stalking the fandoms, because i'm extremaly shy and i have several self steem problems. even if i want to post something, i just can't. anyways, i came here to thank you for that post. it means a lot to see my fav bloggers as people, even if i should better (i KNOW better, but you know how mental illnesses work...)

[in reference to this post]

mmmm see, that was one particular squad i was thinking about when i made that post (among several)

Becca, Chrissy, and everyone are great and nice people, don’t get me wrong. but i know that others can feel extremely intimidated by those in those sorts of Really Popular Squads for various reasons. i know i’ve certainly been in that situation before, and it is not a good feeling to experience.

so no problem dude!! i’m glad i could help you in some way with that post

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For real most of the village seemingly doesn't understand the concept of bisexuality at all but as soon Robert comes out *privately* to Aaron, Chrissie’s meant to have psychically obtained this information and is held to a higher standard than everyone else??? + people should remember context- it's probably easier for her to say he's gay and lied to her the whole time than cope with not having been enough to keep her husband happy. Still not right but no worse than anyone else. Sorry for ranting

Hello!! :)

ikr?? lmaoo

Still not right but no worse than anyone else. THIS.

I completly agree with you. Why is Chrissie (and Rebecca) a bitch for calling him gay but Aaron isn’t? And Vic isn’t? And Diane isn’t? And HALF OF THE VILLAGE ISN’T??????

Ohh, it’s alright. Come rating here every time you like :) I hope you’re enjoying your day/night!!! :)

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It's really odd how people assume that it's because of robron/robert if you say you don't like Chrissie. No, I dislike Chrissie because she defended her son who sexually assaulted Alicia, and then when he shot Lawrence, protected him and set up Andy, and continued to do so even after he said he wanted to confess. She had every right to be mad at Robert for cheating on her, but I can't defend her being a terrible mother

There will be some fans who don’t like her because of Robron and fine, that’s their reason everyone has their own reasons, I’ve said mine numerous times and none of them are to do with Robron. You know one thing I am not over and that is when she called Alicia a paedophile in the middle of the street, knowing full well her own son had a history of stalking and a taking photos of girls. But no Alicia was the sexual predator. 

Post Ep Ponderings October 26

I know Bex has only been around for a couple of weeks, but does she seem weak to any of you? She seems upset that she was left out of the loop, but weak doesn’t come to mind. Had she previously been described as weak? Have examples been given? I feel like either Larry and Chrissie just don’t know her at all anymore or they’ve completely under estimated her. Maybe both.

Bex isn’t wrong though, her sleeping with Robert while he was with Chrissie was wrong, but it’s not worse than Lachlan shooting Larry. Chrissie really needs to stop using that as a thing. I also have to admit to enjoying Chrissie looking annoyed while Bex was talking about being Larry’s bodyguard.

I feel bad for Noah. Mostly I think he’s a bit of a shit, but it’s got to be hard having Charity as a mum. I actually like Charity, but I can see why Noah would think he’s being dumped all the time. So what do we think, is this what keeps Cain and Charity in the village?

Jimmy being the comic relief while Frank tried desperately and badly to woo Megan was really making me laugh. Of course, Jimmy always makes me laugh.

Finally. I love Ronnie. I love how Larry is with him and vice versa. It’s the only time that I really see the good side of Larry. I sincerely hope they do something really interesting with that relationship.

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Chrissie said something about Robert being gay and thus he probably thought that she looked like a man or something along those lines, it really rubbed me the wrong way. I do think that this fandom has a lot of misogyny but I also think that chrissie/bex "hate" should not all be classified as misogyny. I simply think she has been very unlikeable so far, my opinion may change in the future. But it's good to have discussions like this, have a lovely day :)

Oh, I see… Yeah that sounds bad… I’ll have to watch the scene again and see how I feel, but yeah, I don’t like that. Thanks for explaining. :)

Nooo, I know that! I’m not saying people should like them. I dislike a lot of characters, and some of them without an especific reason!!! It’s okay to dislike them, that’s not what I’m saying!!

I just see a lot of hate towards them for things they have done, and tbh, neither of them has ever done anything worse than the things Robert did. Hating a female character only for coming between your m/m ship is misogyny. And a lot of people is using this “biphobic/homophobic” comments as an excuse and I think that’s a bit hypocrite. But if you don’t like them, that’s totally cool. I mean, I don’t love Chrissie, but I do enjoy her character. 

It was nice talking to you! Lots of love <3333

i’m beginning to love chrissie- i mean she’s a joke, but then that whole family is a joke, but her reactions to everything are so pantomime-esque that i find myself loving her.

this could just be because my hatred of Rebecca is so enormously huge that in comparison my hatred of Chrissie is weakening 

also at least Chrissie has a purpose in the show- she’s the ‘bad girl’/ villain archetype, but what is the point of Rebecca? the damsal in distress? Nope because if she were i would have a fragment of sympathy towards her. As far as i’m concerned Rebecca has no purpose- at first she seemed to be a plot device to bring down the Whites. She doesn’t even do that- she’s been here what 2 minutes and has pretty much already blown it. 

I find myself liking the scenes with Chrisse and/or Lawrence in, but as soon as Rebecca comes on i just switch channels 

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Chrissie was being very transphobic though, and rebecca's 'not all gay then' was not right either, and they usually use gay in a negative way -something that Aaron or other characters calling Rob gay didn't do. It's totally okay to like any character you want, and it's definitely good that people do, but it's important to admit when your faves behave badly, we did that plenty with Robert, he was never excused, but his character was deeply analyzed to find a reason for his behavior.


Wait. When was Chrissie transphobic??? (I’m not saying you are lying, I just don’t know what you’re talking about) (English is not my first language so I could have missed something).

They don’t say “gay” in a negative way. They (Chrissie/Lawrence) talk about Robert in a negative wait. When Chrissie thought Lawrence was gay, she was totally cool with it. She is not homophobic. She just has a lot of reasons to hate Robert.

A lot of people on the village has said more than once comments like that one (”not all gay then”), implying that Robert is gay but he was with women. A lot of people has called Robert gay (Aaron, Vic, Andy, Diane, Paddy, Charity, Cain, Lachlan, etc etc etc).

Haha. It’s funny you say that. Chrissie is not my fave. I just don’t like misogyny. :) Rebecca is my fave. I don’t see what she did so wrong that a lot of people hate it. The wrong she did, Robert and Aaron did it as well lmao. 

Okay, you didn’t do it. But a lot of people excused Robert behavior. Anyways, I’m not excusing anyone. I don’t like people assuming Robert is gay. Just don’t call them “bitch” for doing it when your fave did the same.

I hope you’re having a wonderful day!! :)

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#teamchrissie I can stand Rebecca at least Chrissie got things working and not like a spoiled little brat.

I think they are both a bit spoiled, but that comes with being rich I suppose. :p Chrissie is still not one of my favs, but I did feel sorry for her today. And even for Lawrence! I’m shocked.

Ya know what would be kind of cool? Have Rebecca become more into the village. Have her make friends with various people in the village. Show her being the only White that becomes part of the community. And then have Lawrence get sucked in as well, which results in Chrissie being really alienated. I would love to see Rebecca as more than just the woman trying to get some guy. Hell, have her become friends with Ronnie and you could have an entire plot of her trying to get Lawrence and Ronnie together.

What I’m saying is, they brought in a decent actress, lets use her and not have her be stuck with the Whites in that fucking house. And for the record, I won’t shit on anyone who hates Rebecca. You are totes cool with doing that.