i was such a chrissy

Jfc it is so fun to see the full Robert Sugden Personality Spectrum in all it’s glory. During the proposal, in the car and his reactions afterward and then on Monday we saw this sweet, caring compassionate guy who was so attentive and loving to Aaron that the Robron fandom collectively had the meltdown to end all meltdowns. 

But today? Today he was such a dick! He was smarmy, cocky, brutal and vicious. He took every cheap shot that he could. He was a complete and total asshole. I don’t even like Chrissie and my jaw was dropped at some of the shit he was slinging at her. And it wasn’t even like he was lashing out. Each insult was a carefully chosen, precise hit. I don’t know if it would have had the same impact if there hadn’t been so much amazing romantic stuff between him and Aaron recently or not. 

But I mean he goes from being thoughtful enough to change his drink order since he’s going to get Aaron. To verbally ripping Chrissie apart AND I LOVED IT.  Not only do scenes like these showcase Ryan’s range as an actor but it shows how radically different Robert is with Aaron then with anyone else.

Aaron is the only person that he ever really let’s all the way in. Aaron has seen him at his absolute weakest and he’s the only one Robert trusts to protect him and his heart when he’s vulnerable. He loves his own family obviously, and I think he legitimately sees Chas and Liv as family now. From there it just seems like everyone else lands somewhere between “most tolerated” and “most hated”.

If I’m being perfectly honestly THIS IS ALL I HAVE EVER WANTED.  For Aaron to be the exception, for him to be the one that matters most. Then everyone else just falls in line after him. 

  • Robert *When hes near Chrissie*:Lol, I'm about to ruin ur day with my savagery, muwhaha
  • Robert *when hes near Aaron*:I love you so much, do you have enough pillows? Are you okay? Let me goofy smile at you forever.
  • Chrissie:So how long was it going on for, then?
  • Robert:You can't come back here.
  • Chrissie:Tell me! Were you sleeping with her after we got married? Is that what you're saying? When you went away on those business trips, were you holed up in a hotel with my kid sister?
  • Robert:Believe what you like.
  • Chrissie:I don't know what to believe anymore!
  • Robert:I'm rather regretting not going for the hat-trick.
  • Chrissie:What?
  • Robert:Your dad only took me on cos he had the hots for me. I missed a chance there. That could've got interesting.
  • Chrissie:You're disgusting.
  • Robert:And you're squeaky clean? My brother's on the run, thanks to you.
  • Chrissie:You never even liked Andy.
  • Robert:He's family, sort of. And you destroyed his life. Mine, too. So now it's my turn to destroy yours. You know, I'd love to stop and talk some more, but my fiancé needs fetching from hospital, so let yourself out. Oh... the thing about Rebecca is, I reckon she's still a little bit in love with me. Who can blame her?
Ok, things I loved, in more depth

1) Robert, looking fine
2) Robert, wishing he’d hit the hat trick (properly cracked me up!)
3) Robert, calling Aaron his fiancé to his ex wife
4) Robert, being so smug it was just… I can’t even think of an appropriate word!
5) Chrissie wondering if Robert had been sleeping with Bex after they were married, and us knowing full well that no, by this point he was sleeping with Aaron
6) Robert.
7) Robert.
8) Robert.
9) Cain. It’s about bloody time! Don’t take no for an answer - she’ll come round.
10) Robert.

I’m really hoping Aaron’s ily and the engagement will help balance Robron’s relationship. So far, it has seemed mostly one-sided in many regards, which is really bad for maintaining a healthy relationship.

Robert makes his affection for Aaron very clear, which is not reciprocated. From what we see on screen, it is almost always Robert seeking physical intimacy, initiating kisses, pulling him into hugs, wrapping his arms around his shoulders, and even tickling him. Aaron is the first one to break away from hugs and kisses, seems less reluctant to part from Robert, and less grateful to be back with him when he returns. Robert is the one who brings up opportunities to spend time alone together or to go away together. He is constantly reaffirming his love for Aaron, both to Aaron himself and to pretty much everyone else in the village. On the few occasions Aaron shows concern for Robert, he still doesn’t express his feelings for Robert but instead comments that Robert loves him.

Aaron still doesn’t seem to trust Robert. He’s quick to accuse Robert of wrongdoing, always questioning his actions and motives. Even when Robert is trying to act based on Aaron’s interests, he’s likely to get slagged off for it. (For example, with the letter from Gordon, Robert burns it after hearing Aaron say multiple times that he doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore, something even Adam defends Robert over.) When Robert has done (or may have done or was accused of doing) something Aaron doesn’t like, Aaron often deliberately refuses to listen to Robert’s explanation and casts him out of his life. Even when he has cause to stand up for himself, Robert often concedes and apologizes for actions that he honestly only feels bad about because Aaron says he should. Robert is constantly walking on eggshells to keep Aaron from kicking off, having experienced multiple times Aaron’s lack of hesitation to end their relationship.

Robert, however, is desperate to make things work between them, so he holds much less power between the two of them. Aaron insists that Robert be transparent with him, but doesn’t offer Robert the same courtesy. Aaron has no qualms about verbally disparaging Robert, especially in front of others. (Do you remember “It could be worse; I could be Robert” and Robert’s uncomfortable laugh afterwards?) Robert is insanely devoted to Aaron, saving his life twice this year, encouraging him to take care of himself physically and emotionally, putting up with the Dingles and all the shit they give him, welcoming and taking care of Liv even though she has been a deliberate, direct threat to Robert’s well-being. Also, when Robert opened up about Andy being behind the shooting, Aaron immediately disregards Robert’s entreaties, punching Andy and revealing the secret to Chrissie. He yelled at Andy for the wrong done to him by allowing him to go to prison, but not for the wrong done toward Robert. (Note: When Robert had learned Andy was behind the shooting and confronted him, Aaron being blamed was a key part of the argument.)

I’m not saying that any of this is out of character or that it’s not understandable given their history, but I am definitely ready to see them move into a healthier, more mature relationship. And if they’re getting married, now’s a good time for that development to occur.

i really love emmerdale but sometimes the fandom just bugs me. u are so quick to defend robert and praise him with love him even know he is piece of shit who uses people, abuses them and you all think chrissie is the worst and the bitch????? robert literally shot someone, killed katie, yelled abuse at aaron basically saying he was pathetic for self harming, he cheats and treats people like play things. but no you all still love him and hate chrissie because what she put someone in jail? so fucking what robert would and has done far worst. she honestly doesnt deserve most of the hate she is getting. don’t get me wrong i know robert has a soft side and cares for aaron and thats really nice but calling chrissie a bitch and doing nothing but hate her is so laughable considering how much worst he is….

Robert turns up at the hospital, Aaron takes one look at him…
“What did you do?”
“You look smug.”
“I’m happy.”
“You’re smug.”
“I might have run into Chrissie.”
“Ah…it doesn’t matter. Let’s get you home eh?”
“You’re a nightmare.”
“Yeah but you love me.”
“Was it worth it?”

I know I shouldn’t get so much enjoyment out of Robert savagely ripping Chrissie to pieces in one of the cruellest thirty seconds of dialogue I’ve seen in ages, but I fucking loved that.

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I had such high hopes after they got officially divorced and they were sitting at the pub being chumy. It’s just frustrating cause give the Whites a story outside of Robert. It’s just insane how much their lives revolve around him and his family.

There really did seem to be hope after that, didn’t there? And how refreshing would it have been for Chrissie and Robert to have called a truce, gone their separate ways, and that be the end of it? Obviously not good for drama and not very soap-esque, so I can see why they didn’t, but my God would it have been nice to see just one instance where exes didn’t have this vendetta against each other over a year later. Honestly, the Whites’ focus should be on their disintegrating family right now - the fact that Rebecca feels so disconnected that she has no qualms about lying to and betraying her sister, the fact that Chrissie feels so isolated because she no longer sees Lawrence as a father, the fact that Lachlan is so utterly messed up and is being allowed to do whatever the Hell he wants, and the fact that Lawrence still hasn’t been allowed to seek help/counselling despite the fact everyone in the God damn village knows how traumatised he was after prison. Why do we need to include Robert at all when those are four potential storylines just waiting to be explored?

The whole Robert and Chrissie thing...

Rob will ALWAYS take the chance to have a dig though. ALWAYS. He doesn’t choose appropriate moments to weigh his actions against others, that’s just not who he is. He’s got arrogance to spare but he’s also FIERCE with family and regardless of anything with Andy, he’ll do ANYTHING (as he’s said himself) to protect what matters to him. If that means wiping the floor with Chrissie, he’ll do it whether she deserves it or not. Doesn’t make him right but that’s Robert and it’s exactly who he straight up says he is. He doesn’t pretend to be anything else when he needs to be.

Chrissie has had a nightmare of a couple of years and she didn’t deserve the majority of the shit ton of horrible that came her way but she’s also done some despicable things too. She is also allowing her son to avoid punishment for almost killing her dad on top of knowing he’s messed up after sexually assaulting another woman (amongst other stuff), framed a man causing his life to be ruined, the list is endless. She actively wrecked Andy’s life to save her son. How is she so different to Robert in that respect.

Nobody is right here. There are tons of shades of grey and the writers will take ANY opportunity to have Robert have a go because he’s an electric character and he’s entertaining but they feel the same with Chrissie when it comes to providing more ammunition. They’re working this to pile more and more onto Chrissie because she’s going to go full on super bitch… does she deserve it? She deserves punishment, yeah, but not all of this. Would she wreck a life to save herself? IN A HEARTBEAT.

The thing that is worse is that Robert has found actual love. He is himself around Aaron, he’s comfortable, soft, gentle, feels actual proper love and affection and he KNOWS where he’s meant to be. He doesn’t need the money or the big house or any of that anymore and Chrissie knows it. She does though. She needs that and she won’t let it go.

The two people threatening to take that away from her are Robert and Rebecca and she’s just found out that not only is Rebecca potentially harbouring feelings for Robert still, that they’re potentially in cahoots to bring Chrissie down… and her son too.

Nobody is right here. But that doesn’t make it any less entertaining…

Robert to Chrissie:  Your dad only took me on because he had the hots for me, I missed the chance there, that could’ve gotten interesting.

Robert to Chrissie:  The thing about Rebecca is, I reckon she’s still a little bit in love with me…Who could blame her?

Me:  Robert is an arrogant, smug piece of trash…God I love that gorgeous man…keep him sweet and nasty please.

while I’m here for ‘don’t talk to me or my only fiancé’ Robert, I don’t think the things he said can truly invalidate his relationship with Chrissie. yes he started it for shitty reasons, but even he said himself when Lawrence was outed, what he had with her was real. he’s just really bitter and doesn’t want her near him any more. and as he also said himself - he’ll stoop to any lows to get what he wants for him and his loved ones.