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Hello. First of all sorry if I write bad. So I saw the other day the post of the Chrissy Long theorem, I asked my math teacher and he said that It was brilliant and that I should oficially present It and It will be known world-wide with my name on It, but honestly I don't like stealing other peoples ideas so im telling you this as an advice to do It yourself before anotherone like me who saw the post does It. Thats basically all

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Haha, I’m flattered (^^)/, but I promise this has been discovered by other people. Like, PhD’d mathematicians make their living off discovering obscure math properties no one has discovered before, and there have been a lot of mathematicians throughout history. Something that a 16 year old could figure out casually in a precalc class has definitely been documented by mathematicians before. I’ll bet some precalc textbooks teach it that way.

In fact, I just did like, 5 minutes of googling around to see if I could find any resources that use the “remainder equals 0″ method to find the cross of the asymptote, and I found this website.

That second bullet point, that’s the concept, so yeah, it definitely exists already. 

I’d need to be studying something reeeeeaaallly obscure to hit upon something that no one’s documented yet. All those ding darn mathematicians coming before us and discovering all the easy stuff. (And I’m not a math PhD student anyhow…. I’m a electrical engineering/computer science major ha)

Considering how the three White children have turned out. Chrissie, Rebecca, and Lachlan, especially Lachlan.

I just see little Seb as an innocent baby and must be rescued from their evilness.

I just hope whoever his daddy is, when the rest of Whites finally leave. That Seb is placed in a loving home with his father’s family and his last name is changed to either Sugden or Barton. And he never sees any of the remaining part of his mother’s family again.

Being overly-familiar with a series is such a weird burden sometimes because like

you’ll see some theory being passed around that you instantly know is wrong. Like it’s surprising to see people supporting it because the flaws in its logic are so glaringly obvious. Until it hits you that, yeah it’s wrong, but only because you were able to immediately remember the 5 second conversation between two background characters 17 minutes through s2e13 that definitively disproves it. And no casual fan would have any reason to remember that off the top of their head and it’s you who’s the weird human encyclopedia with a shot-for-shot memory the entire damn series.

Like at that point you don’t even know anymore whether to argue your point or just…maybe go outside for a little bit.