i was screaming while editing this


We call everything on the ice “love.”

the three stages of getting ready in the morning: vulcan, human, and whothefuckinventedmorning


it isn’t a question of
   how much you love him or
        how much he loves you or
             how much you need each other.

it isn’t a question of
   how strong your fingers are or
         how bright his smiles are or
             how crumbled both your bones are. […]

it’s not a question of love; it’s just a question of gods and fate and stars ( j.p. )

watching the new Teen Wolf teaser 

seeing Stiles telling Lydia to remember him 

Seeing everyone forgetting Stiles 

Seeing Papa Stilinski asking why he’s supposed to remember Stiles 

Remember, I love you

Happy birthday to this beautiful, hardworking bean! 🌟

Highkey swerving into the Vikk lane but tbh, idgaf anymore. I love him sm omg! Also this edit calms my ocd, 4 hours well spent.


BTS: August Man Malaysia- Sebastian Stan


happy birthday, Mokuba!

haha so uh yeah i’ve been wanting to try and draw smth ygo since it’s my 2nd fave thing rn but eh so i went with a sprite edit instead?? since tag force special has character sprites but not Mokuba, so i took the liberty of making one??? i guess? i tried haha