i was screaming while editing this

Danganronpa 3: Zetsubou-hen ep. 7

Although I enjoyed the episode, the Mutual Killing felt too rushed. I understand that there’ll be only 12-13 episodes in this season so they can’t spend much time in everything, but I feel the same way I did with the second episode, Twilight Syndrome Case. Damn, why couldn’t they lengthen their episodes to 40min??

Also, can we talk about the Pikachu girl? I literally screamed “SHE HAS HETEROCHROMY. LET HER LIVE” while I silently told myself she was gonna die, because everyone in there was going to die. BUT IT STILL HURTS.

Also, where’s Soshun Murasame? I thought it was the one with the thing on the arm but I’m not sure…

[EDIT] So, yeah, that boy is Soshun Murasame.

He reminds me of Matsuda-kun.

I am 22 followers away from 1K and I can’t begin to tell you how much that/this fandom/scream means to me. I’ve never loved a fandom as much as this one, so I’ll stop myself from while I’m ahead before I make this post a big pile of mush. BELOW IS ALL THE WONDER PEOPLE THAT I WOULD NEVER, EVER DREAM OF UNFOLLOWING. I love each and every one of you, even if we aren’t mutuals (which should change) but yeah, here I go. ALSO. I put the follows in a read more because I got extremely carried away because I love you guys that much. 

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If you ever see VIXX anywhere, please do not approach them running and screaming. Give them personal space. Some fans (probably not starlights) approached the boys today while on a moving vehicle screaming. Hakyeon, Ken and Hongbin looked so surprised and back out of the window car. They literally looked scared. Please do not do that! They also approached Leo and he looked so pissed shooing them away.

Edit: It was Hongbin (not Ravi) who was with Ken and Hakyeon
Noah Foster x Reader: Sleepy

Some Noah fluff as requested! Really short but still sweet. <3 

Words: a little over 300

Warnings: None

You laid on Noah’s couch, watching the newest Star Wars movie while Noah finished editing his podcast. 

He continuously looked at you from where he was, admiring your beauty from afar and how lucky he felt to have you. When he looked over to you for the thousandth time, he saw you shivering a bit. 

“Hey babe, you cold?” he asked you, immediately shooting up from his chair and bringing you a blanket.

“Little bit.” you smiled up at him as he put the blanket on you. 

“Tired?” he sat next to you and pulled you into his lap, letting you lay on top of him.

“Yeah.” you yawned, wrapping your arms around him as he sweetly kissed your neck.

“Lets get you to bed then, yeah?” he picked you up and brought you to his bed, tucking you in under his comforter. 

“Thank you babe.” you smiled at him as he nodded, giving you a smile back.

“I’ll join you in a minute babe.” he spoke as he began to walk around his room, turning everything off.

“So much for staying up late and watching movies all night, huh?” you laughed, your eyes already beginning to close.

“It’s alright, let’s get some sleep.” he laughed and eventually joined you on the other side of his bed, pulling your body as close to his as physically possible. 

He began to leave kisses all over your neck as his fingers ran up and down your waist, making you feel as safe as possible.

“I love you so much, Y/N.” he soothingly spoke into your ear as he left kisses on your neck, knowing exactly how to lure you to sleep.

“I love you too.” you replied before your eyes drooped closed, dozing off in his protective embrace that made you feel safer than anything else in the world.




I’ve been really inspired by @zauma and their CC lately while making sims

original sim by @pastel-sims I just edited her

you can find her on the gallery Origin ID: simpllysimming

Skin: baby choux by Heihu | Hair by @kalewa-a | Glasses by @jennisims | Eyebags by Screaming Mustard | Freckles by @zauma | Nose Blush by Screaming Mustard | Lips by @zauma | Eyes by @necroberrysims | Outfit by @zauma | Leg Tattoos by @kalewa-a | Shoes by @madlensims | Poses by @flowerchamber and @missparaply

i remembered pride (2014) existed and went and watched the ending song and started cryin. also:

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123hero3217 months ago

As a Welsh miner, still working, my eyes are full of tears and my heart full of pride watching this. What all of us have in our hearts is so much stronger than the hatred of the ruling few. The fact that this happened is proof that love can and will win

Old Skool Wax4 months ago (edited)

I’m a ridiculously typical bloke. I scream at football, I’d die of thirst in a world without Guinness, my brain constantly fights with my eyes in summer when women start showing what winter hides, but this film got me. I’m a left wing, Irish Nationalist. I spent all my youth fighting the British and Unionist oppression of Irish Catholics in the north (not with guns, I was SDLP), while completely ignoring other non-related injustices in the world. Why? They didn’t directly affect me. I’ve never had a problem with homosexuality, I just never helped fight the oppression gay people faced. I never had a problem with Feminism, I just never gave my time to it’s cause. I did fully support Anti-Racism and the Palestinian causes but only because there’s always been a strong link to those within Irish Nationalism here. That’s not enough. Mark seen that in his 20s, his fucking 20s. A kid. We all become so wrapped up in our own fights we don’t see potential brothers and sisters in other similarly affected groups. If we don’t just ignore them we sometimes try and compete in pathetic ‘we have it worse than them’ games. We should all be standing together to fight the fucking machine, because if we ever do. If we’re ever able to put of differences aside and embrace our struggles the machine doesn’t fucking stand a chance.

mark boden9 months ago

im straight, however let all those who may be gay and all those who are lesbian live their lives with peace and happiness with whoever they chose to love. i happen to be a trade worker and i would not be here in this job were it not for this movement, you’ve helped more people than you think, so thank you from myself and the family i’ve been able to raise thanks to the mineworkers union and LGSM. .. solidarity forever !!!

anonymous asked:

I have just watched all your vidios non-stop... I don't know if this means that I need to go outside more or I have no life... maybe both. But just so you know the one thing this does mean is that your all awesome.

Okay, TBH, this is how the Opperation agenda goes:

We don’t update for a while. We film, we edit but we let it stew for a bit waiting for that right time. We know you’re all playing Pokemon Go non-stop, we just do. So we let you play, get your vitamin D and then when your muscles are screaming with agony, begging you to stop BAM!

We release all the video’s in rapid succession. So that you guys sit there and watch them and then have a need to go back and re-watch all of our old videos. And let you recuperate and give your chicken legs some rest.

So it’s nothing about having no life, it’s just our plan. It’s how we roll. B)


Fun lil tumblr memories that stick out in my mind
  • That time “Vore?” became a running joke amongst my friends
  • The excitement i had to hit a hundred followers
  • The massive amount of whining and discourse on my “Problematic Faves” post because people took it seriously, despite it listing Pyrrha’s flaw as “Distracting the Student Body with her student body”
  • Less lines than walmart at 3AM
  • That time a tiny ladybug prompt got like 150 notes
  • The old weekly CAH games
  • That one stream where I just made dumb photo edits while everyone screamed
  • Meeting Riley
  • Meeting all my friends

anonymous asked:

after literally screaming over this with a friend, i was wondering if you could do a scenario with yoongi where you're like swinging on his earring or pulling on his ear or something ear-related and cheering him on and saying sweet things and just idk i'm squealing over the thought of it 😭😭😭

That’s so cute????

I’m lowkey screaming????

I definitely have to write this omg.

Originally posted by eatjin


Also, are you a new anon? If so, how about you be Bling anon?

👑Admin L

EDIT: I actually wrote a scenario just like this but with Namjoonie (It’s called “Not for the faint of heart”: http://pocket-army.tumblr.com/post/147331396528/not-for-the-faint-of-heart) so you can read it while you wait for your Yoongi scenario ;)

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I had already made a moodboard (very sad, much serious, much symbolism) but when I was tagged by @san-mamemeo (whose aesthetic is 💯) so I figured I could make a happier, less serious one. Thanks for tagging me!

1. Jamala screaming ❤️
2. Some islands in the Stockholm archipelago, taken on the ferry out of Stockholm.
3. My first Jüri edit, it still gets notes once in a while, I am very proud of it.
4. That one time someone made the water in the fountain in my local park pink.
5. Space disco.
6. P A S S I V E A G R E S S I V E G E T T E R J A A N I
7. Raspberries
8. The garden behind the Kadriorg Palace, Tallinn, Estonia
9. Marie N at the end of I Wanna

I’ve already tagged some people to do this, but now I’m tagging: @sergaylazarev @balkanheart @meyerlandruts have fun!!

evilaudrey  asked:

the Lakewood six for the six characters ask!

this was more fun that i thought 

Push off a cliff: Kieran 
Kiss: Emma Duval
Marry: Audrey Jensen
Set on Fire: Noah Foster (oops i burnt the Vanilla Muffin™)
Be Roommates with: Brooke Maddox 

edit: it must have erased the last part because we all know i’d wrap Jake in a blanket and hug him while never letting him go. the poor kid needs some blankets and hugs wherever he is (he aint dead, i’ve boughten all of mtv and I’ve cancelled everything but scream and I’m bringing zoe and jake back and they are safe ur welcome:)