i was feeling pretty crappy today

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today I found out that I'm probably going to chicago in march!! and school has been boring and kinda crappy, but I looked really good today so that made me feel good :)

hi kendra!! o my gosh you’re going to have so much fun in chicago it’s so pretty there!!! and pal,, yOU ALWAYS LOOK GOOD??? like how do u do it omg i love your sense of style and your aesthetic in general its so good o my goodnesS. you’re super sweet thank u for being such a cool person ily

tell me abt your day and i’ll tell you what i lov about you

You guys are the best

I was having a pretty crappy day today so I decided to look through a few of the tags on my posts (especially the Akatsuki Texting one), and it actually made me feel so much better! The amount of sweet things people write in the tags in regards to my writing is overwhelming and I was honestly a little surprised. So thank you guys again, you’re the best <3

(I’m also about 20 followers off 1000, and I’m planning my follower giveaway for that day!! Hopefully it will come soon!)


I’m having a pretty good day so far. Like I haven’t had a panic attack today, I haven’t had to deal with my depression. My English lecture was a lot of fun. I got to talk to my crush. I had interactions with my classmates without feeling anxious. I’m feeling genuinely happy and it feels good.

(PS: If you’re having a crappy day I hope it gets better for you and I’m happy to send out positive vibes)

i couldnt sleep until 2am because i got into this really shitty mood

did a lot of gardening today before it rained again and i felt a bit better

went to capoeira tonight too which i wasnt planning to originally

i also havent picked at my dandruff for 2 days so i got some milo. i freaking love milo. ive already had a whole cup full ( of the powder ) and i want more. feeling a bit better but still pretty crappy

September 25, 2016


- Spending a day in bed always feels so good if I ignore the fact that I have responsibilities

- I stayed under my calorie goal

- My roommate left at 5:30 am yesterday and didn’t come back until 5pm today

- I cleaned up my desk some

- I finished one envelope of letters to send and started on another 

- I did my homework and printed out everything I missed while I was sick

- I am freshly showered, drinking my vanilla sleepy-time tea, and getting ready for bed


- I wasted 90% of my day in bed

- I didn’t talk to Anthony much today which is never any fun

- I forgot to take my antibiotics the past two nights and I’m feeling pretty crappy again

- I think I’m going to fail all of my exams this week; I feel like I’m behind in most of my classes

- I didn’t actually get any laundry done today because all the washers were full every time I went up to check

- I feel guilty about sleeping all day and then being ready to go to bed so early  

I have felt like absolute shitttt yesterday and today. So fatigued and headachey. I’ve pretty much laid around except for when I had things to do. I even got told I could go home early from band practice bc I was dead on my feet.

Today I told my mom I felt crappy and she was like is it because you’re smoking. I was like that wouldn’t make me feel bad and she was like yeah right 🙄🙄🙄 it’s like cmon smoking is the only thing that made me feel okay and like I could relax. Other than that I’m just dead, but when I smokeeee its like okay I’m alive.

I don’t understand why she doesn’t understand bc she used to be a giant pothead but for some reason she’s super against me doing it and I don’t understand. She gets sooo mad at me when I’m stoned. I should just be like listen ma I’m not gonna stop smoking so you gotta relax.

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy all week. I went ahead and splurged on a full fat Grande white chocolate mocha. Today we finally moved out of the hotel into a corporate apartment and its like a weight has been lifted off of me! Finally we have space and what feels like normalcy. Last night I went on a bit of a binge. Thanks anon you really know how to make a guy feel good. NOT! Hopefully its the last one. I had some great tumblr friends talk me off a ledge last night so thanks. @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld and @tryingtofindme82. You gals rock! They gave me great advice and told me some good things about myself. I feel pretty peaceful right now.

‘do no harm, take no shit’
Today started off pretty crappy. I was prepared to sit all day and wallow in my gloomy thoughts. But I realized how I cannot let other people dictate how I feel. I have the ultimate say.
Although I feel like someone punched me in the face, I know that I deserve to be treated with the same love, respect and kindness I give to others. For some reason to me, that reminded me of 'do no harm, take no shit’.
Hope you’ve all had a beautiful day. Sending all of the light and love I can to y'all. ❣

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I saw your ask to Kylee and I just wanted to say; even though I'm just a faceless on the internet; I'm sorry you had such a crappy birthday. I hope the following year for you is as wonderful as you deserve, and amazing friends come your way! When all else fails, look to the stars, and know that each night you spend under them is a wondrous thing. You're still here, you've survived another year in the wild world we live in! Celebrate yourself, my friend! You deserve it! <3

It wasn’t completely crappy, it was also pretty joyful? But thank you a lot <3 I am feeling much better today. Thanks to Kylee and all of you

Recovery Day #1279

I’m feeling a bit all over the place and out of sorts today. I woke up this morning and weighed myself for the first time in just over the week and I’d gained 2lbs in 2 weeks. I felt pretty crappy about it to be honest. I know 2lbs isn’t noticeable. Nobody is going to be able to tell, nobody will think differently of me, nobody will care. 2lbs is nothing. And it doesn’t make me unhealthy, fat, lazy, glutinous. It doesn’t change a thing about me. And it is likely just excess sodium since I ate out yesterday, plus I ate close to bed, and don’t usually weigh myself at that time of week, so it’s inconsistent. But whether or not it’s fat gain is irrelevant to how I should feel about it. Unfortunately, I still beat myself up.
But it picked up after that, I had a pretty good jog, did a bit of shopping, got some Christmas pressies, had a yummy lunch. Then my driving lesson came and I got so frustrated, beat myself up more, made silly mistakes, felt my instructor’s frustration with me, and only just managed to not burst into tears. Pretty sure my welling up was noticeable which added to the frustration and embarassment.
Now I’m just glad to be home. Going to try and chill with tea and a magazine and some music. Don’t want to end my days off and start a new working week on a sour note, especially after such a lovely day yesterday.


Apparently, thinking I could smash out another cardio workout the morning immediately after my first workout back was a bit of a fail. I woke up incredibly sore and flat, so I did the smart thing and listened to my body. I’ve got pole this afternoon so today will be an active day still.

I did full on powerwalk the 15 minutes to the station this morning though, complete with sexy joggers with my pinup gear. I feel like an absolute fashion victim but after suffering from VERY sore feet in my first few weeks after moving into this new place, namely because I was trying to wear heels to and from the station I realised that was a crappy idea. Nothing turns off motivation for a workout like achy sore feet!

Feeling pretty positive about today though. I’ve had my healthy breakfast (oats and banana) and am feeling ready to power through and make some big stuff happen in the next 3 weeks. Something BIG and exciting is happening and I want to drop as much of the fluid I’m carrying at least beforehand. So excited! Life is pretty fab and I’m feeling fabulous!

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Quick story: I’m not feeling well. For several days I’ve been knocked on my ass. Today, I realized that I’m really just at the beginning of this whole not-feeling-well stuff, and I could have several more weeks of clawing my way through the day.

It was a pretty crappy realization.

But then, I remembered something.

I actually have the tools to deal with this. I have lots of tools. I’m not helpless.

And you are not helpless. I’d bet cold hard cash that you’ve also acquired many beautiful techniques and treasures on your journeys - and one or more of them would help you right now!

Friendly Reminder: Whatever you’re suffering through, you either already have the tools at your disposal, or know someone who could lend them to you.

Dig through your backpack. Or reach out a hand. I don’t believe we’re meant to flounder. There’s always a way forward.

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Take all the time you need, relax, don't stress, and enjoy life admin L. I was wondering though, do you have any tips on being descriptive/ including imagery without being too wordy? ♡♡♡ ~Love Anon💕

Thank you so much love anon! I had a pretty crappy day yesterday (cracked my phone, got glass stuck in my thumb, got a paper cut trying to open a package from a college, etc. it was a mess lol) so I’m feeling pretty meh today. I’m just trying to survive until October xD 

I’m not sure if I’m the best person to ask about this, because I’ve been told my writings are too wordy xD

I guess I’ve just grown up with English teachers that just push you more and more to lengthen your sentences (appropriately, not like run-ons) and create a picture with your words. That being said, the teacher I had junior year basically told me to “dumb it down”, in nicer words than that of course lmao

I think it’s better to write too much and then chop it down. Write whatever comes to you, and then go back and get rid of things that ruin the flow and/or don’t contribute to the writing. Of course, this would just be my approach if I found myself in your predicament. This actually doesn’t happen often to me, but from time to time I decide to chop a section of the sentence off. I tend to do this more for essays that have a minimum/maximum word count (I did this a lot for applying for scholarships and writing college essays).

Even so, it’s very simple to create a image with little words! Let’s take an excerpt from my writing Forever and Always:

“You too, sucked the life from me. Difference was, you didn’t kill me, though you nearly did. Namjoon was nothing without you. Even though you’re my sister, I would never have the emotional connection of lovers with you. Losing you destroyed him, it killed him. Me? I could manage a brave face for the day, and cry myself to sleep when the time came. If that didn’t work, there was always the option of dosing up on sleeping pills, only to awake feeling less energized than when I had finally succumbed to the nightmares. Those screeching of the rubber against cement. The skid marks from the tires. The metal-on-metal. The bone-on-metal. The screams. The blood. But worst of all? The chilling silence that followed. The news reports that made the nightmare even more real.”

As you can see, I used a lot of small sentences in this paragraph. It’s meant to show the choppiness of someone’s mental process when they’re coping with a devastating occurrence. Sometimes things and memories come to you in little fragments, and I was trying to explain that as Hoseok recalls the death of his sister in this story. This is one of my older writings though. Let’s take a look at one more recent piece, an excerpt from Facade:

“I let the waves of music push and pull me, and as my body drifted in the sea of pleasure it encountered the impending storm. Soon my limbs were flailing in every direction to fight against the wicked winds and harsh currents, my life seemingly flashing before my eyes. Lingering back hugs, casual conversations, fiery cheeks and sweaty palms, breathlessness and tingling sensations that took you on a roller-coaster of its own. You looked so beautiful despite the harsh winds and intimidating thunder and lightning. Soon I found myself not fighting against the currents, but rather encouraging them to bring me closer to the intense rainfall and howling winds. I could see in my peripheral another man trying desperately to reach you before I had the chance. The water around him seemed to calm and allow him to swim quicker, while I continued to be pelted with rain falling so hard it stung my skin. I tried calling out your name, but my voice couldn’t be heard over the thunder and my own pounding heart.”

In this, I used longer sentences and descriptive words than I did in the previous story. I wanted to create a picture that explained Jimin’s feelings in a sort of metaphorical way, so in order to transition the reader’s image in their head from just the dance studio he was dancing in, I described a different setting as if he was lost at sea, which was not really true but just a metaphor for feeling as though he was drowning in his own emotions. 

From this, you can see that with certain characteristics that you’re trying to portray, the flow of your story could be affected. You sentences may be long and poetic sometimes, they may be short and blunt other times. It depends on what you’re trying to portray to the reader and what you’re trying to make them imagine. I have no clue if this helped you at all, but maybe you did get something from it! I hope I helped at least a little or maybe I was too wordy yet again lol

~ Admin L

A message to everyone (including me)

Hey girls and guys. If you are reading this, I just want to tell you that even if you feel alone, you are never alone. If you are unlucky with love, that special someone will come to you one day. Not today or tomorrow. But soon. I promise y'all.

If you are a 5SOS fan also while reading this, I know this feeling. The guys are hanging around with Arzaylea, Crystal, and Nia; and we feel insecure about ourselves and we ask ourselves “Why them? Are we ugly? What do they have that we don’t got?”. I tell myself this everyday because I love Michael so much. The fact that he’s always seen with Crystal makes me feel crappy about myself because she’s able to hang out with him; she’s popular; considered pretty; and even as a shitty person, she is still liked by many people. So I’m like “Why her? Why her when she is a shitty person and she isn’t that cute?”. 

But now I realize something: Michael’s a grown man and if he wants to put up with her, then good luck to you Michael. You need it.

The point is, just because a crush from school, chruch, work, etc. or one of these bandmates likes someone else, we shouldn’t feel crappy at all. If they want those girls, let them have them. In the end, they’ll learn (hopefully) and get their shit together.

The main point of why I am writing this is to tell you all you are not alone. There is someone out there who will one day love you. So those who are about to cut themselves or doing whatever because they feel like they’re alone, put that knife or those pills down. You are so much more than this! If you think you are “weird” because you dress different; act different; talk different; doesn’t mean you are a freak! This is 2016! Gay marriage is legal and we’re supposed to accept everyone for who they are! Not make fun of them! 

You are beautiful/handsome, no matter what! Embrace what makes you special and don’t give up on yourself and love! One day, I promise, they’ll be your prince charming/Cinderella waiting for you to come with them. You guys are stronger than what you think you are. I love all of you and I know that someone does too!


I woke up yesterday with a sore throat & by the the time I got home, I was running a fever & felt like death & I didn’t sleep last night because I felt so terrible & I still feel pretty crappy & all I want to do is sleep & drink tea but I have to go to class because I missed the first lecture because I wasn’t actually in the class yet & apparently, you’re only allowed one absence between lecture & lab before they start docking your grade FIVE FUCKING PERCENT PER ABSENCE. So yeah, I really really need to go to class & I have no idea how I am going to get ready & get there on time when I feel like a zombie but I gotta.

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woaaaah, i woke up with followers today. g-gosh, i must, i need to search for gifts ////

h-here you go, some (unedited) snappy dialogue (chp 7, of course):

Hinata hefts his backpack. “I brought mice.”

“From where,” says Tōru.

“My house.”

“Do you live in a nest? Next to a garbage dump?”

Tōru is tall enough to see Hinata puffing his cheeks, and his hair bobbing when he huffs. “That’s rude, grand king.”

feel free to request two characters and a prompt!!
n-not like, not like i like you or anything, senpai-tachi (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻