i was feeling pretty crappy today


Had a break down at work today. Luckily people were understanding, and supper supportive. I’m pretty blessed for my coworkers. Especially since I snapped on them, and they still have the kindness to ask if I’m okay.
And then shout out for when I did start to feel better, and I said something in a crappy sing-song voice and I overhead.

“I don’t know, but she’s singing, so she must feel better, and that makes me happy”

Really I’m going to have to really thank them, because sometimes I convince myself people don’t care. But they do, and I’m so lucky and blessed that some of them go out of their way to try and cheer me up.


Hello August!

Was feeling pretty crappy last night but today is a new day! Woke up with a burst of energy and I’m ready to conquer the day 💪🏻. Now for some coffee.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day! 💚

((Today has pretty much been a roller coaster of emotions today. Mostly a high and low of anxious and insecure thoughts, depressive feelings, and just feeling poorly of myself. One of my personal ‘favourites’ is that I don’t have any friends. I was able to be calm for most of the day, especially at work. But since about a half-hour ago I’ve silently bawled and cried. Still feeling crappy tho.))

So if anybody out there would be interested, I’d be interested in hearing about cute and interesting facts about your gens, and if your gen had a day to spend with Eilwen, what would they do together? 

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And I hope you're feeling great today,if not then you should. I would love to call you my princess and no I don't just want to take you to bed before you start to think that. 👉🏻 ❤️ 👈🏻

I feel like poop, my meds just make me feel pretty crappy. I love being called princess :(( and you are sweet, thankyouu<3 

I just feel really crappy today.
I slelt way later than i was meant to, and all ive done is hang out washing and message a guy about a potential inspection of a room in ashfield. And i had to really force myself to do those things. I feel fat and ugly and jealous of how confident lindsay is about being pretty.
I was meant to study today and ivedone no workfor u i or for tafe. Plus ive pretty much had to force myself to eat. I feel nauseas and grose. Ive had a single pack of chips and a box of sultanas./p>


got two more eggs from Daenerys. It only seems so long because she laid the last set in an idiotic place and they dried out and you only get a pair a month. But I now have two hatched babies from her, and 4 fertile eggs going, the last of which should hatch out in October. Mom said I could bring all the eggs with me to Pittsburgh, which is awesomesauce. Between baby geckos and Fester, it won’t be TOO awful there. Plus, that’s a little less for my dad to deal with.

Still feeling pretty crappy. I did the treadmill yesterday, but after 10 minutes, I started to deoxygenate. I really think it’s the weather though. I irritated something that day at harry’s party and I haven’t been right since. The new AC comes today, and I’m thinking that making my safe air bubble go through the entire house might help. Also, the neighbors behind us had a really big bonfire going, and it was smoky. Came right in my window. I shouldn’t have kept the window open, but I was being lazy. I have 4 days to right this. I HAVE to get to bed earlier this week. I’m doing really poorly in the 8 hour department and that’s REALLY important for my survival.

Saturday is tempura day, and I need to be well. MUST BE WELL.

Pippa got some pretty good news today. It came mostly in the form of not-so-good news, but it’s confirmed some suspicions we’ve been having for several years, now. I had a message from my doctor’s office regarding my blood tests. Sadly, I accidentally deleted it before I could replay it, so I didn’t catch most of the information. (I’ll be calling them back tomorrow, anyway.) But, the two things that I did catch were pretty huge for me.

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I spent today feeling crappy while eating red velvet ice cream which tasted like chocolate nesquik rather than red velvet and re watching that 70’s show and how I met your mother for like the tenth time

Today besides me packing n shopping online has been pretty crappy cuz I’ve been mostly in my feelings.. I thought shopping n packing might take my mind off the past couple days but it didn’t exactly work.. Tommorow is a new day though.. Hope things will be different.

Thought I should make a note of things. I’ve been out of the hospital for a couple of days, now, but I’m still recovering from what is, by definition, major surgery. I’ve had parts of my skull sawn off and rearranged. It’s not fun.

So, while I understand you might all be excited to see me log in on occasion, understand that I’m still pretty weak. My face is still swollen to the point where today is the first day that I’ve been able to fit a spoon between my lips. My attention span is complete shit, and I can go from feeling not overly crappy to having my head reel at the drop of a hat. I’ve had a handful of absolutely terrifying fever dreams and other fun experiences, including one night where I nearly passed out because I choked on mucus.

This isn’t meant to be a tirade directed at anyone. I’m just keeping you all updated, and this is a nice, central location. I’m recovering, but you might not find me in a good spot if you try to contact me yourself. And I can’t guarantee that I’ll be coherent, either.

So I’m going to take it easy, and keep you all updated as things progress.

Daily Journal

Today, i woke up feeling pretty tired. And usually, for me, tiredness leads to emotional breakdown. And that’s exactly what happened. What a surprise. I was just going through instagram like 30 minutes after waking up, and some random thing just triggered something in my mind that made me upset. So i basically spent all morning till about 1 in a crappy mood. I did my math early, while in this crappy mood. I played fallout right after. Which is strange for me because i never play it during the day. I played for 45 minutes. Then i ate ramen. Spicy chicken. Afterwards i went to the gym, where i lifted weights, used a “hammer strength” thingy, a thigh tightener, and went on the treadmill for only 20 minutes because we had to leave early. That was really refreshing for me though. When i got home, i watched the news with my dad and brother Huddy. I then watched “what would you do?” By myself. Im beginning to do a lot of electronicy stuff lately. But yeah. Then i ate a bean and meat burrito for dinner. I actually ate that, while playing fallout AGAIN. i reached level 9. I did a lot of side quests. I almost died like 9,000 times. But i lived. Its now super late, so i’m going to sleep. I spent my Friday night playing fallout. Man, that game is as addictive as pain medication. Even though ive never had it, i just know.

I’m in Justin’s car while he’s inside the grocery store and he called me asking me what I want/where to find it. He wanted there to be foods in his house for me that I can’t eat when I come over. That’s so sweet!

In the meantime I’m feeling pretty crappy by the minute but I know it’ll get better after the doctor tomorrow. Also I have Niko with me so that’s always comforting too. Just wish I didn’t have to skip out on the gym today, I feel bad about that.


My favorite bus driver ever had a really crappy Thursday, and went to bed pretty early because of it. Around one am, I worked up the courage and sent him a mushy, cute text to wake up to. He called me around one pm today to tell me how much he appreciated it. Feelings are not scary. Of all my partners, he’s the only one I can envision actually dating, and not just playing or hanging out with.

Not too sure how to feel about today. It’s been over all a pretty crappy day emotionally but I have felt the best I have done (physically) in a while. Not completely fine physically but the best I have been for a while.

Its been a difficult week to cope. With friends being busy with their jobs and me just lazing around at home desperately trying to search for a job. Despite my complaints about the scheduled and routine school life, I realise that it is precisely that routine and that monotonous schedules that I miss the most. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy this week and the usual sense of insecurity set in not long ago. I have to say this feeling worsened after last night’s gathering with my friends. I came back home and started on another furious bout of “job searching” but pretty much to no avail..I’m a difficult person…After complaining to my friend about it, I asked her to suggest some movie to watch and she suggested The Perks of being a Wallflower. Though I’ve heard about this movie quite a number of times, I never felt the urge to watch it. And well, today I felt like watching it and I did. I have to say this movie really touched me at a deeper level. It brought me back to my secondary school days. When I pretty much tried to blend into the surroundings and was clouded by dark thoughts. For me, it was a difficult phase to get through. I did not have friends to confide in to. I could not talk to my family members. I can barely remember how I got through those four years.Watching the movie, brought back memories of how I used to eat lunches alone and come back home the minute I got out of school. There was no such thing as hanging out or going out with friends for me then… I never hung on the phone with a friend until JC… And I still have not let out my true thoughts and feelings to anyone. I guess it is okay to be as such. But the most important thing of all, is to accept yourself. I have not done it yet. I have not made peace with who I was back then. Charlie Kelmeckis found freedom and saw the beauty of the world around him when he began to accept himself for who he was right then. He found friends who brought out the best in him. And his love, Sam, who helped him to reveal the greatest version of himself. I hope that one day, I too can find the freedom Charlie did. I hope that one day, I can put behind all my insecurities and learn to believe and with open arms, accept myself instead of comparing myself to others….

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how was your day today :))

hey anon, thanks for asking me how my day was!

my day was alright, definitely nothing special. felt pretty crappy before practice and then once I went, I found out I would get to represent my team for toe touches in the skills contest at camp so that was pretty exciting! otherwise practice was normal and once I got home, I went back to feeling poopy.

Rant too good for fb

Yoga at the Stonestown YMCA was actually pretty great today. I recently got a membership and have been trying classes out. The first yoga class I tried there (different instructor) actually left me feeling crappy because the instructor was just horrible. She talked too much and seemed stressed out. As I was trying to get a yoga move, she came up and tried to tell me how to do it. Mind me I was sweating balls and trying to balance. She quickly gave up and said, “You’re such a pretty girl.” SOO CONDESCENDING. After the class I talked to her to see if she really was a bitch and she just blabbed on and on about her non-problems, eventually telling me her name in Spanish, Lorena, but she goes by Lorna. How am I, as a young Latina professional, supposed to feel when Latinas in non working class positions are total white-washed cunts? OMG IS THIS MY FATE

So I’ve been feeling pretty crummy lately. I’ve eaten out a couple of times the last few days, and had an excessive amount of cookies; every time I eat like this I feel SOOO sick. It’s crazy… I honestly feel like I’ve just over eaten so much grease and sugar. Blah. Anywise. Today I got so sick of feeling that way I got in a lift and swim workout and then meal prepped the rest of the week. I’m happy I can identify these feelings after eating crappy food, and make a positive change.