i was feeling pretty crappy today


so, the other day when i said i accidentally picked up a “book” and read through it and enjoyed it etc without thinking about it? well today it happened with a video! it was just a crappy “live shooting about japanese people saying english words” kind of thing from normal bad japanese tv but i dragged the youtube window down so it covered up the subs, and just watched it, and forgot that i even had the subs covered up!

i was feeling pretty shitty (class is SO DEMANDING!! i’m sick and tired of plucking out unknown words from doraemon every day!) but now i feel a bit better thanks to that.

Health Diary 26-03-17

What I ate

Breakfast: burrito bowl, fresh juice (beetroot, carrot, orange and ginger)

Snack: dried apricots

Lunch: peanut butter nice-cream with strawberries and coconut 

Snack: apple puree 

Dinner: sweet potato lentil dhal with rice and papadums



Healthy habits

Water: 2 liters

Tea: 1

Coffee: 3

Supplements: nil

Health update

I feel pretty okay today. I was up at 6am to finish my assignment, but I didn’t get much done until about midday. Bear just wanted attention this morning haha - she’s so distracting! (in the best possible way). But overall today was a good day; I felt positive, upbeat, and not too overwhelmed by my assignment (although I did do a pretty crappy job of it). I’m glad this week is over, and ready for the new one to start!

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy since last night. Today I didn’t really do much probably because of that and I wish still so tired.

I did go see Beauty and the Beast today and it was good. I’ll probably actually go in depth that on a day when my skull doesn’t feel like it’s cracking wide open. On a scale from 1-10 it’s a 8.5 for me. Basically there were things about it that made me not like it but overall I still liked it for attempting to give me a piece of what the original 1991 film did.

But I’ve been feeling a bit bleak lately and it’s not depression much to my surprise. It’s exhaustion and my body sort of hating the changes I’m dealing with because of work, and well as I mention frequently my immune system is absolute shit so when I start feeling one ounce of pain or ailment of feeling like I’m dying it doubles with a blink.

And I started thinking about how I haven’t got to the things writing wise I’ve wanted to yet this year. But I can’t focus all that much lately. I’m thinking of other things, stupid shit if I’m honest that I really shouldn’t care about but I do because every small thing makes me think of the future and what I might not even get to experience because I’m a feel stunted socially but I have feelings about people and things and situations. And tonight probably isn’t the time to get into that but mentally having so much there really sucks.

Writing is typically the escape in these situation but again I can’t focus or get the words out I want to. I feel like a mess even though I’m trying to get somewhere.

I don’t feel like a failure completely but disappointing people has been on my mind too. I’m not really big in the communities or at the very least I don’t think I am but I get sparks of maybe for a second I am to some people.

I have friends who are so much better and I love them. I love what they do. I mean everyone is so talented. And I do my best not to compare because who is that gonna help really? I’m not like everyone else but I do what I can to make my vision heard.

Even if it’s just one person.

And hell if no one reads this that’s fine I just feel a lot weighing me down.

But honestly I’m okay where it counts. I’m still breathing. I still can move. I still want to do things. I still want to connect with people. Because that’s what I’ve wanted to do since I started whatever this is. My life has been stupidly traumatic and yet I still smile and talk to friends about work or silly little characters that I’m head over heels for. Or why people bother me by the things they do or say.

I dunno where this post is going but I just needed to leak some of this for my sanity.

And I feel like I should apologize for this but also I’m not. I feel too much and this is just a small piece of me letting some of that go.

Medical Jargon

So here is what is up.  Went to the doctor today because my neck/jaw/head pain has not gone away.  What I know atm is that I am not sick which is a plus.  My doctor thinks it is just my muscles and possible the nerve plexus along the base of my skull.  A nerve plexus is a branching network of intersecting nerves.  Pretty much need to keep my neck relaxed for the weekend, so having a laptop would help let me work, but my laptop died a few months before I graduated.  All I can do is stretch, heat and take basic pain meds for the weekend and hope for improvement.  What does this mean for you guys?  Pretty much writing is going to be very hard for me since I don’t have a great set up to support my neck while using my desktop.  So my whole job revolves around my computer and now I can’t really use it for the weekend lol.  I bought a nice heating bad and some other stuff that may make it easier for me.  Crossing my fingers that this goes away soon but again thank you all for being patient with me.   

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I'm hearing that lots of people are disappointed by wee woo, which makes me sad cause Shannon helped compose the song and she's my bias :( How do you feel about it?

i was very underwhelmed by the song the first time i listened to it, which might be because i was up at 5am listening to the song for the first time through crappy earbuds. i listened to it a couple more times throughout the day today and now the chorus is stuck in my head ^^ so i’m not disappointed at all! i feel like this is one of those songs that grows on you as you listen to it!

So today I started making the components to a couple Easter projects/experiments I’m working on. One is gonna be quite camp and pink. The other more neutral and indulgent looking. If they look as good as they look in my mind I’ll make sure I post them on here first ;). 

It’s good to be getting creative again. I’ve been feeling pretty down the last two weeks. Mainly because I’m just not in a place I want to be in my life at the moment, things in my mind have been a little crappy. Lying in bed sulking and thinking too much of the past and wishing I could go back isn’t going to help. The only person who is going to help me feel better is ME. So I need to get my head down, do what I love, work hard and remind myself why I’m doing all of this; to be happy and to get to that place in my life I want to be.

Bah, had a two-day weekend and was pretty lazy and slept a lot, but still feel like crap today. Perhaps it’s just Mondays where I always feeling tired and crappy… Need to get over it because we have rehearsal tonight for V-day and got a lot to get done this week before I head to the U.S. next Monday…

3/19/2017 Check In

I decided to try to do weekly check ins on sunday.

SW:246 lbs

CW: 184 lbs

GW: 176 lbs

UGW: 140 lbs

So It has been a little over a week since I decided to fully restart and refocus myself. It was a pretty decent week. I did my running program 4 times, completing the first week and am now on the second one. I feel good, the intervals haven’t been so hard and luckily we have a pretty nice 1 km loop I can run on in the park. Although it is annoying when there are big groups of people and they block the whole path.

Eating has been better since I am back to tracking. I have been eating way better this week. A lot less crappy snacks and better food. I did binge a bit Friday but I am about moving forward not getting down on myself. I need to do a bit of grocery shopping today or tomorrow.

Water intake has been pretty good although friday at work one of my students broke my litre water jug, so that needs to get replaced today or tomorrow before work. Drinking lemon water has been so good in the morning for me. Then I would do 1-2 water jugs at work.


March 9th: 190 lbs

March 18th: 184 lbs

A lot of that was probably water and ending my time of the month. But it feels good to be back. This week focus on doing it a little better. Maybe I will be out of the 180′s by mid April!

My goal is to be done hopefully by the end of August when I take a trip back to the US for my sister’s wedding. I have to lose two lbs a week to stay on track. I can do this! I am going to blow everyone’s minds when I go home! I do have the definite goal of being down to 140 lbs or 63 kg by October.

Off to explore Seoul for the day with lots of walking and not a lot of junk hopefully but if I do it’s okay.

See you for check in next week!!

Trying to relax.

I have been sick as all hell for over a week and I’m exhausted and tired of feeling so crappy. So today I went on a walk with the dog to get some fresh air and sunlight. Then I got home and did a purifying charcoal facial, took a hot shower, and got all moisturized and stuff.

I’m still not very relaxed, I’m still pretty cranky about being sick, but at least my skin is happy with me for once.

I did as I was told. I took the little pills. 

In the five days since I started I have pretty much consistently felt epically shit. You name the side effect, I’ve had it. I’m a physical and emotional mess. I am so over these crappy side effects. I didn’t even get out of bed today. I couldn’t. Every time I stood up I had waves of nausea and was so dizzy I had to lie back down. 

I really need them to pass soon because the anxiety was a helluva lot more fun than this crap. 

So yeah, feeling a little needy and sorry for myself today. I’m the worst when I’m sick; always such a sook! 

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1, 7, 24, 29

1-How are you? Pretty crappy. I slept all day and I’ve been in pain. Think I pulled something in my shoulder at work yesterday. Idk

7-Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality: I’m a virgo and this is my horoscope today:  

  •  Even though you’re likely to wake up feeling energetic and enthusiastic, Virgo, your mood may sink a little when you think about all you need to do. It may be time to question whether you should make some significant changes. Are the walls closing in on you? If so, perhaps you should look for an opportunity that gives you more freedom of movement or perhaps gets you outside part of the time.

I meannn, besides the waking up energetic, its pretty spot on with how I’m feeling today. 

24-Do you have any pets? At the moment I do not have any pets. :( We had to put down my 18 year old kitty back in August though. Miss her </3

29-What would you say is your best quality? I don’t like to cause drama. I love listening to other’s drama but I don’t add to it. I was even told I was the only person at work that didn’t cause drama within our team, lmao.

Thanks for asking! <3

Not a very good day today, usually he’s in and out of bed multiple times but today he’s has been pretty stationary. Received a blood transfusion because of low platelets, more chemo, experiencing fevers off and on and has just generally spent most of the day sleeping due to feeling crappy. Still having trouble finding a match for transplant and I’m trying not to be too worried. 

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Anna, a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away) I sent you an ask saying how I felt crappy and unmotivated, and you told me I should do things like dancing to make me happy and at the time I thought that was pretty dumb like dancing?? to make me happy?? no?? but today I changed my mind. I was feeling extremely shitty and I had a load of work to do so I had to be motivated, so I got up, I danced, for hours and hours, and I was so happy, so thank you anna, for changing my ignorant mind, ily

DANCING IS SILLY AND THE SMALLEST THING YOU CAN DO BUT HECK DARN IT PUTS YOU IN THE MOST WONDERFUL MINDFRAME, little things make ALL the difference (Plus, dancing in particular is wonderful because it gets the blood moving around your body, which releases positive endorphins in your brain and makes u FEEL GOOD!) Always always good! Get ya groove on!

Normally I would hide the name so I could “protect” the person.
Not this time.
I am so sick of this person, she kept harassing me bc I ship SB and her hate towards Snowflakes, Snowbabes and Danielle is sickening.

Danielle is a professional and she would never do anything to degrade another character or actor.
It isn’t her fault that she has chemistry with Grant and that Candice has none.

And as for how she “feels today” well I think she feels pretty amazing.
No one would envy Candice’s crappy character.

The writers don’t actually know what is good for the show. If they knew then they would write their leads better.

You may hate the ship but that is not a reason to hate the actress.

Lineart of aoba wearing an outfit that is heavily influenced by usui, as well as some weird official art i saw.

Im not very good at keeping my hand steady so ive been trying to practice lineart (“:

I feel pretty crappy today tho so i cant color it, but maybe ill do it over the weekend

INTP–ENTJ Just One Thing

ENTJ: Man, I am really not feeling like going to class today. It’s just a crappy day out, with all the rain, I don’t want to walk through all of that.

INTP: Ah. Yeah, I can understand that. I think I’m okay with it, to a degree, though.

INTP: I mean, I don’t mind the rain at this time, having had snow already, too.

ENTJ: Really?

INTP: Yeah, I think so. It’s a nice change.

ENTJ: *Thinking* Hmm… You know, I guess the only I don’t really like about rain is that it… just gets everything wet.

INTP: Pffff

INTP: So, you pretty much hate everything about rain, then.

ENTJ: Ha! Yeah, there really isn’t any other way to spin that.

INTP: “I really wouldn’t mind rain at all, if it weren’t for all of its general properties.”