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3 Billion Dollars [Part 19] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: angst?? idk really kinda a filler chapter

Warnings: bad writing?? Really crappy chapter?

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A/N: I almost forgot to post this today. Anyways this chapter might be really crappy. idk writer’s block hit me pretty hard. Idk when the next chapter will be out but it might be soon?? Idk. I don’t know if I want feedback for this one, it’s just not feeling it for me. IT IS LITERALLY JUST A PAGE. This one is gonna be real disappointing. I’m not even tagging everything like I usually do. low key hoping the gif makes up for the bad chapter

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It felt good to relax by yourself. It used to be annoying and restless, but now it was quite nice. Ai was curled up by your side. You were annoyed by this cat. The last time you saw him you thought he was injured or worse, but nope. Today the feline struts into the room and hops onto the bed, quickly reclaiming his spot on your lap. You had raised an eyebrow at him. He brushed off your gaze and continued to watch your laptop screen.

“Love you too buddy,” you mutter, focusing back on the screen as well. A few minutes into the relaxing time you had a knock sounded by the door. As you pushed the laptop off your lap, the door opened. Your eyes widen as you saw Daesung. He was breathing heavily, and his eyes screamed panic and he seemed very on edge.

“Infirmary now.” You nodded your head, hopping off of the bed and heading straight out of the door. Daesung shuts it behind you and rushes with you, both of you walking at fast paces. Although with Daesung having a longer leg span, you’re forced to do a little skip to catch up with him every few minutes.

“What happened?” You ask, still trying to keep up with him. His face still held the look of urgency and panic and it seemed to put you on edge. Daesung had always been the most optimistic towards you, looking for the happier and brighter side of things. Seeing him like this was a big change and it was one you didn’t want to see.

“Mr. Kwon collapsed,” he said. Your eyes widen, the news seeming shocking even though, considering his age, you aren’t exactly surprised. Still, Mr. Kwon was somebody close to you. He might not be the closest or the nicest person you’ve met, but he was still there for you. You still confined some of you emotions to him. He meant something to you, and you could only imagine how Ji Yong is taking it right now.


Ji Yong held his father’s hand as they rushed him towards the infirmary. Constantly checking his pulse as he ran, although he had a hard time doing that and running to catch up with him. At one point he just gave up and ran alongside him, watching as he gets carried on a stretcher. As he walked into the infirmary he started to get angry at your absences.

You rushed through the door about a minute later, quickly washing your hands before going towards Mr. Kwon. Ji Yong looked at you annoyed, and he couldn’t help the comment that slipped through his mouth. “Well looks like you finally stopped being lazy and decided to work.”

You send a harsh glare at him, making him watch his mouth. You quickly get to work, first checking for a pulse, then seeing if his pupils will dilate under a light. You get out a sphygmomanometer and check his blood pressure.

“He’s got low blood pressure. He’ll wake up soon,” you say. Ji Yong’s eyebrows furrow. “Thank goodness that it didn’t get any worse.”

“What does that mean?” Ji Yong asked.

“It could’ve been much worse,” you say. “Fainting, compared to going into shock, is much better. Especially when we don’t exactly have the medical equipment we need available.”


“Ji Yong calm down.” He glares at you. “He’s okay now, we can stop it from happening.”

“I don’t care,”  he says. He turns to his unconscious dad. “He’s the only family I have left and I need him. I don’t want anything happening to him.”

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Is Oliver still charging? How is he doing since he's the one who is usually responsible for dealing with emotions? He had a rough night last night too with all of the mean anons.

(Sorry about the lack of posting today, cutie pies. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy, but hopefully, I’ll be back to 100% along with the Google boys tomorrow!)

Oliver finishes charging and walks over to Green. “How are you doing?”

Green holds out his hands. They are shaking just slightly, but the Google shrugs his shoulders. “It isn’t bad.”

“I can assist,” Oliver presses, but Green pulls back.

“No, you’ve done enough.” Green goes back to restocking the snack table for the fans lying around in different states of shock and amusement on the floor. “Thank you.”

Oliver nods slowly and wanders off, his own breathing coming somewhat rapidly. He’d gotten to know Chase quite well after the Jacksepticeye Egos visited, and along with Bim, they’d become close friends. The thought of him in Anti’s clutches, along with Jack and Schneep… He brushes the thoughts away and finds Blue on a laptop in one of the chairs. “What are you doing, Blue?”

Google doesn’t look up from his screen as he says, “I am currently checking all of Jack’s social media sites for any sign of the glitch’s action. There’s none so far, not to mention the concerning lack of an evening video today…”

Oliver crouches down beside his older brother to check on him. “And what about you?”

Blue ruffles Ollie’s hair. “Go on. You shouldn’t be worrying about me.”

“But it’s my job,” Oliver protests, straightening his hair and making a face. “If I’m not being useful…”

Google sighs. “Alright. Go check on Red. I think he was having trouble earlier while you were…”

But Oliver has already run off to go check on his brother. Google shakes his head. He’s going to run himself ragged and need repairs by the end of the day… But at least he’s not breaking down again.

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Heya ducky. So I had a pretty crappy day today. So I was wondering if you could make some head canons for the UF and SF bros reacting to their s/o constantly making vent art..?

Ahhh I’m sorry that you had a bad day! On the plus side, tomorrow is a new start :) 



If he has to be perfectly honest, Red likes your vent art more than any of your other pieces. It’s raw, honest, and portrays your feelings without any limits. You don’t have to worry about making everything look perfect, just bore your soul onto this piece and Red thinks that accurately reflects the real you. He loves it. 


Fell likes your vent art, but he prefers your cleaner, nicer ones. They go with the decor better. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like it though. He’ll always take a look at it, point out the good points and the bad points, but understands that this is to get your feelings out so he’s never too critical. He keeps them an a portfolio with all your other art. 



Black is no artist, but you did introduce him to vent art so he sometimes takes a canvas and just does whatever the heck he wants to it. It’s ugly and no where near as good as yours, but you’re right, it does let him release his feelings. He has a deeper appreciation for your art and never disrespects what you do. 


Rus is more perceptive than the others. Though he does admire your art, he always asks if there’s something bothering you when you create vent art, especially if it’s dark and gruesome. Whether you tell him or not, he’s still going to try everything to make you feel better with kisses and cuddles. 

Nap Time - Dan Howell

Hey Guys, 

Sorry i’ve been a little absent lately, university is kicking my ass! But, i swear the next chapter of ‘A Typical Love Story’ is on it’s way!! I wrote this, because lately i could use to snuggle up with someone on the couch and have them lull me into a nice nap, plus having my hair played with right now would be amazing! This one is short but sweet… Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 665 words

Genre: fluff!

Pairing: Dan Howell x Y/N

Warnings: none. 

I lay curled up the couch, having generally given up on achieving anything today. It seemed like I was doomed to be in a terrible mood all day, I woke up okay, but things quickly spiralled into terrible and I was just done. Maybe becoming a hermit in the mountains was a good idea… that way I didn’t have to deal with shitty people on a daily basis. Though that wouldn’t work in reality, I couldn’t leave Dan behind, his presence in my life meant too much to me. It made sense, considering he was my boyfriend. If I didn’t like having him around, I’d be pretty worried about the future of our relationship. Speaking of…

 “Well I certainly didn’t expect to come home to a blanket burrito today,” Dan took one look at me and I knew he was fighting not to laugh, it made me smile. He was back not five seconds and was already making me feel better about my crappy day, I really was crazy about him beyond comprehension.

“Hey baby, can you tell I’ve given up on life?” I grinned at him from my blanket burrito, as much as I might want to get up and kiss my boyfriend there was not way in hell in could escape my perfect cocoon without some serious damage done to my dignity.

“Bad day?” he asked, putting his jacket down and walking towards me, before nudging me aside so he could sit down. I lifted my head from its place and on the couch and placed it in Dan’s lap, wiggling as much as possible to snuggle up close. Dan chuckled at my antics and rested his arm along my side, his hand coming to rest on my hip. Already I felt more comfortable and at home just having him close to me; it was like just by feeling him near the world felt just a little brighter and the world less filled with stupid people. No matter how bad a day I’ve had I could always rely on Dan making me feel better by just being near. Man I had it bad!

“You have no idea, I’m just so tired right now, everything seems to just be happening at once and I have no free time anymore.” I whined trying not to sound too down in the dumps; things just sucked lately, but they had to get better some time right?

“You just need sometime to recharge your batteries, it’ll be alright.” He unconsciously gave vice to the thoughts that were running through my head. Dan’s hand moved in small circles on my side that were gradually moving up my side, sending shivers down my spine and causing little goose-bumps to appear on my arms. “You can start right now, but having a nice long, afternoon nap,” Dan’s fingertips trailed up my side gently and then found themselves brushing my hair behind my ears. Cheeky man knew that couldn’t stay awake while someone played with my hair.

Dan started running his fingers gently through my hair, brushing it back from my face and stopping every once in a while I massage my earlobe between his fingers, before brushing through my hair once again. It was so gentle and soothing that I found my eyes drooping and barely able to open again. As his actions became more and more soothing, I felt the tension I had been holding in my shoulders all day evaporate like magic and my breathing even out. I planted a kiss on the warm leg beneath my head and quietly muttered to Dan how much I loved him. Somehow, no matter how hard my day had been I could always rely on Dan to make me take a moment and feel like myself again. As I felt myself drift off to sleep, with a warm smile on my face, I felt Dan lean down and brush a kiss on my cheek “I love you too Y/N, gets some rest.”

Out of My System (Part 2)

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Pairings: Vane / Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Smut (not a lot)

AN: I apologise for the probably terrible editing of this piece i’m still full of flu and feeling pretty crappy. I reached 300 followers today though and wanted to celebrate with a bit of fluffy Vane for my beautiful followers. 

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You sat on the double bed with your legs crossed as you watched Vane pace up and down the small bedroom floor of your room. There was almost smoke coming out of his ears he was so angry. When he was in this kind of mood, when he was this angry there was little anyone could do to lam him down. Even you wouldn’t be able to say much to bring him down from the ledge he’d climbed himself up onto.

Instead you could sit and wait for him to calm himself, until he was ready to talk about whatever it was that had started the anger in the first place.

“Fucking Bastards” he suddenly shouted making a fist and smashing it into the wall “fucking cheap bastards”

The plaster had cracked and flaked as he hit the wall and you weren’t convince that he wouldn’t bring the whole thing down if he hit it again.

“Vane?” you said softly trying to get his attention. He spun to face you eyes blazing with anger. You may feel many things towards Vane so of which you didn’t want or need to investigate yet, fear however, wasn’t one of them. Vane had an evil reputation and you were aware of the vicious rumours about him, it was impossible not to be however he had never hurt you and you somehow just knew that he never would.

“Let me see” you urged taking the hand he had just smashed into the wall. The skin on his knuckles was torn, blood coming from the numerous small cuts there. “That was stupid”

“You think I’m stupid?” he growled out, anger still clouding his voice.

“I think hitting a wall is stupid yes” You ripped a piece of material off of your skirt blotting the cuts clean and tying the makeshift bandage around his knuckles to stem the bleeding. “Are you going to tell me?”

He was staring at the knot on his knuckles. “We got shafted in a deal” he eventually admitted changing his gaze to look at your face. “Half the loot is gone because fucking Jack Ratham thought once again he was cleverer than everyone else”

Of course it was Jack Ratham. It was always Jack.

“Vane, Jack is always going to think he is cleverer than everyone else. That will never change”

“Not helping”

“You didn’t let me finish” you admonished getting yet another growl from a clearly frustrated Vane. “What can change is the way you respond to him”

He wouldn’t admit it and no one else would dare try it but surprisingly often Vane would listen to logic and reason.

“Respond how?”

“Well I would guess that you mostly just yelled and threatened to cut his cock from his body once more”

“And if I did?” he muttered defensively, meaning he had.

“Well that method is obviously not working”

Vane really did look curious now as he sat down beside you on the bed grabbing your thighs and pulling you over to straddle his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck letting your forehead rest on his own.

“It might be time for a different method of dealing with Jack and Anne”

“What do you suggest?”

“What is the one thing that Jack likes more than women and power? The thing he can’t live without?”

“Money” his eyes widened “the one thing on this island that every man here wants more of”

“So if we take money away from him” you suggested “he bends more to… your way of thinking”

“Beauty and brains” Vane smiled brushing your hair back from your face placing his hands on your cheeks to tilt you head back enough so he could stare straight into your eyes. “How do you do that?” he was watching you carefully “how do you always know what to say?”

You laughed putting your hands up to cover his own. “Vane I never know what to say” she admitted softly. “It’s my own biggest secret, everyone says or somehow seems to think I have all the right words the answers to all the problems they keep bringing to me. I don’t know how I became this person, and I don’t know how to keep going most of the time. I’m not Eleanor Guthrie and don’t want to be yet somehow I’ve been thrust into that role”

“Y/N” the gravel was in his voice again this time not because of anger though.

There was that emotion there that neither wanted to acknowledge. It had been floating around between them for a while now. Unvoiced but there all the same. You were more scared of that emotion than you were of anything else in the world. So instead of answering it, instead of talking about and giving it voice you avoided the look in his eyes and reached out to pull his lips to your own. Kissing him with all your might, trying to let that explain without words that you knew what he was feeling and you felt it too.

Vane responded instantly gripping you roughly, lifting you even higher up his thighs by your hips holding hard enough that you were bound to get bruises from his fingers.

“Going to use your anger for something more productive Captain Vane?”

“Whatever the lady wants love”

In a quick movement that proved his muscles weren’t just for show but strength he’d lifted you up and rolled them over so he was on top of you laying between your legs.

Your hands made quick work of the meagre clothes you’d both been wearing.

“Vane hurry please” you begged as you parted your legs even further welcoming him into you.

With a need that matched your own Vane groaned pushing himself deeper into your body, one of his hands gripped the headboard of the bed giving him a balance to set a rough, quick pace carried onwards by the remains of his anger.

You needed him more than you’d ever needed him before, clinging to his shoulders urging him on with soft moans of his name. You dragged your nails down his back digging into skin desperate to feel anything he was willing to give you.

Vane could feel your urgency, could feel your desperation and it rose something primal in him, something wild and urgent that wanted nothing more than to make you scream his name to the heavens.

“Fuck Vane! Harder” you gasped out “please”

He grunted slamming himself deep into you, he could hear your moans becoming more erratic, muscles clamping down on his until finally you tipped over the edge with a cry wrenched from the depths of your throat.

Vane buried his head in your shoulder pumping a few more times before emptying himself inside you.

You both lay stuck together bodies laced with sweat as you continued to hold him tightly with your legs tangled in his own. Y/N had been one of the only women he’d slept with that he’d allowed to hold him after sex. The only one who he had wanted to hold him and hold in return.

“I fucked up your back”

Charles raised his head slightly at you words to look over one shoulder as your fingers traced the grooves and gouges that your nails had left there.

“Don’t care” was his eventual response.

He rolled off of you dislodging the hold you had on him and freeing their limbs from each other. Vane put his hands up behind his head staring up at the ceiling.

“You certainly know how to calm me down darling”

You poked him with your foot. “I don’t think that method is one I want to be using on anyone else”

He moved faster than you’d imagined possible for a man seemingly so at rest, hovering above you a hand at your throat.

“Don’t even think it Y/N”

“Why is that? Are you going to stop me if I wanted to Vane?” He didn’t answer just tightened the fingers around your throat.  “Just what is it you think you’d do?”

“I’d kill them” he whispered softly “I’d kill whoever I found you with slowly, painfully and then I’d deal with you”

“You going to kill me Charles? If I upset you? Defy you? What then?”

He paused the tension going out of his body in one long breath as he let go of your throat and rolled over to his back once more.

“No” he sighed rubbing as his face and stubbled jaw “no pet I wouldn’t kill you”

Y/N didn’t like the sound of resignation in his voice, it wasn’t in his nature to sound so defeated. Rolling over yourself so you could lean your arms on his chest.

“I won’t Vane, you know I wouldn’t”

He looked carefully at you “You won’t?”

You shook your head “I won’t and I wouldn’t”

Vane impulsively wrapped an arm around your waist holding you down to his chest kissing the top of your head.

“I know pet. I know you wouldn’t” he snorted “after all it took long enough for me to get you in my bed”

You elbowed him in the stomach, or as well as you could considering your current position. “You are nothing but a walking ego Captain Charles Vane. That an a roving cock”

“Ain’t that the truth sweetheart” he was dragging a hand up and down your back in comforting strokes.

“CAPTAIN” the shout from below the window made you groan “CAPTAIN I KNOW YOU’RE UP THERE” he sounded drunk “CAPTAIN!?”

“Fucking Jack Ratham” he growled sitting up and flinging himself out of bed to wrench open the window.

You laid there listening to them fight back and forth. “For fuck sake Vane just go down. Stop screaming out of my window”

Vane cursed harshly grabbing his trousers and yanking them on. “Jack is going to owe me for more than half some gold at this rate”

You watched as he stormed out the room with enough force that you almost felt sorry for Jack. Almost.

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crappy day prompt: i've been sick for the past week, so... a little stevetony where they use avengers-themed bandaids for some reason? thanks for doing these!

aw sick no :( 

you’re welcome! i hope it helps a little

“Dad got hurt?” Peter says, big brown eyes wide with concern.

“Yeah, buddy,” Tony says, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. “He got scraped up pretty good today. He’s okay though, he just needs some Band-Aids. Do you wanna help him out?”

“Yeah!” Peter exclaims, face brightening with excitement. “I have some that will make him feel better!”

Tony smiles. “Why don’t you go get them?”

Peter’s off like a shot before he can suggest anything else.

Tony heads over to the couch, where Steve is sitting inspecting the series of mild scrapes decorating his arms. He looks up at Tony’s approach and smiles. “Hey.”

“Back at you,” Tony replies and bends down to get a kiss. “Told Pete you got a little roughed up.”

Steve sighs. “It’s really not bad.”

“Well, he’ll feel even less bad after he fixes you up.”

Tiny feet come pounding out from the bedroom.

“Speak of the devil.”

Steve raises his eyebrows, but his expression melts into a smile when Peter leaps onto the cushion between them, the first aid kit from his bathroom clutched in one hand. “Daddy!”

“Pete!” Steve echoes and wraps him up in his arms, kissing Peter’s face and neck until he’s giggling wildly. “What did you bring me?” he asks.

“Band-Aids!” Peter squeaks enthusiastically, and since they don’t seem inclined to let go of one another, Tony does them the favor of opening up the kit and getting out the box of Band-Aids. They’re Avengers themed. Tony hides his grin behind his fist.

“I’m going to make you feel all better, Daddy,” Peter says seriously.

“Thank you,” Steve tells him.

Peter wriggles back in his grip enough that he can get a good look at Steve, and when he spots one of the scrapes, he reaches for a Band-Aid. Tony has helpfully extracted it from the wrapping and Peter clutches it carefully. He bends forward and plants a big kiss on the first scrape. Then, with all the concentration he can muster, he puts the Band-Aid over it.

Tony’s heart bursts in his chest.

“Daddy, what did you do,” Peter asks after he kisses and applies the Band-Aid to the fourth scrape. It’s a Falcon one.

“I fell down a lot,” Steve says.

Peter gives him a very exasperated look. “You should be more careful, Daddy.”

“That’s what I told him,” Tony says and bites down on a grin at the wry look Steve shoots him over Peter’s head.

Five minutes later, Peter kisses the last scrape and sticks a Thor Band-Aid over it triumphantly. “There, Daddy. All better!”

“You’re right,” Steve says, smiling warmly, “I feel much better.”

Tony pulls up the back of Peter’s shirt and blows a raspberry in the middle of his spine. Peter shrieks with laughter. “See, told you he was okay, Squirt.”

“But now he’s more okay.”

“Thanks to you,” Steve says and kisses his nose. He’s got cartoon pictures of the Avengers scattered across both arms and Tony can honestly say he’s never looked better.


Woke up today feeling kinda crappy - and it was my own fault as I caved into my old ways and ordered myself a pizza yesterday.  Which I then pretty much binged on until it was gone.  Thank goodness I did not order the larger size!

Anyway when I woke up this morning I could tell my stomach felt a bit “blah” and that I felt a bit bloated.  Especially when I was trying to get the draw string on my jammers tied and my gut felt more in the way than normal.

Then I get to swimming to find out its a speed day - my immediate reaction was Oh No!  Definitely not feeling speedy after eating poorly the night before. 

But the workout was actually pretty good as the rest period increased as we had to get faster.  That said I do find myself thinking about how much faster I would be able to go if I could get this weight off and not be dragging the gut around. 

After swim I headed to the grocery store for my usual trip for the week.  Only difference was that I arrived more prepared than normal - as after I ate the pizza and was sort of ashamed of myself last night, I sat down and made a list of things to pick up at the store to give myself variety and work on getting some of this weight off.

You may recall that the one goal I was afraid of setting for the year is the weight loss goal.  And as expected (unfortunately) I am not doing very well at that.  In fact I am actually up in weight since the year started according to my scale this morning - which I deserved to see based on yesterdays lack of control .

So I really do need to plan better going forward.  I need to look up recipes and buy stuff to make new healthy things to keep myself interested and excited about the meals for the week, and not just keep falling back on the same few things over and over because they feel safe.  Safe works but not as much when you just don’t want what is safe again and you devour a pizza instead. 

I can do better.  I will do better.  I have to do better.

200 swim/kick/pull

  • 4x50 steady on 1:10
  • 4x50 2 sec faster on 1:20
  • 4x50 hold best average on 1:30
  • easy 50
  • 4x50 descend 1-4 on 1:30
  • easy 50
  • 4x50 All Out on 2:00
  • easy100

6 min vertical kick, coach choice

12x25 on :40

  1. build up
  2. fast stroke other than free
  3. 2 breaths
  4. free fast

easy 100


a note on cleansing.

lately i’ve been feeling pretty crappy, and i haven’t felt truly cleansed. i’ve tried crystals, candles, cleaning my space- but nothing felt right. today i learned an incredibly valuable lesson, you do not need any tools for cleansing. sometimes all you need is a little rain.

me and my best friend went out during the storm and just ran through the streets. we got drenched and soggy and covered in debris, and while we were running we screamed and laughed and just, had fun. lightning and thunder overhead, and just the sky unleashing everything. yeah, we got some weird ass looks from strangers and passerby in cars, but after?

i felt cleansed. purified. so happy, happier than i’d felt in a long time. i felt truly clean, and like my negative energy was just washed away.

sometimes all you need is a storm and some damn good determination. an amazing witchy best friend helps too, but isn’t necessary ✨

I had a pretty crappy day I really need some positive vibes right now. I legit cried two times today. One because my anxiety was at a all time high and the second time was because of my own mom. She had said some ugly stuff to me that really struck me and made me want to curl into a ball and forget everything. I usaully don’t like sharing how I feel on here but I just had to get this out before I break. I also had a modern au I wanted to share for jonerys week but I just feel so worthless and unmotivated now. I don’t know I’m just not feeling myself right now.


Shit’s rough. And I don’t do stuff like this usually because, well, I’m used to dealing with crap and never asking for help and just sort of calcifying? (Traumatized Capricorn problems.) So, naturally, me doing this is mostly because I want to help someone else.

Basic rundown: I’ve been dealing with severe mental illness issues for a few years and couldn’t hold down a job for over a year. A dear friend and roommate has been keeping me safe while I struggled through therapy, medication, trauma, and the whole circus. But, one person supporting two people is hard enough, and on top of that, we just moved upstate to Portland— a much more welcoming place with more opportunities for a tired queer kid like me, but also more expensive, and things have been rough.

We’re currently trying to scrape together enough money for next week’s motel room reservation, which is in the $300 range. My friend is working two jobs, but she had some car issues earlier today that wiped our savings out, and she’s stressed as fuck, and I feel awful and want to help. I’ve already been applying for temp work and part time jobs out the ass, but my job history isn’t pretty, so callbacks are rare. I can’t help that. 

What I can help is to remember one of my few useful talents— I can do crappy doodles for money. Behold a few examples:

Now, I’m not asking for donations, because after being homeless for years and living through hell in my teens, it makes me super uncomfortable. But I’m offering this instead: cheap discount commissions to help me raise some money. I’ve been poor all my life, I’m not gonna judge if you can’t afford the standard commish rates for artists, but why not take advantage of my generally shit financial status and get a few awesome-ish pictures of your OC, or your rarepair, or your weird fetish, for very few dollars? I would. If I had dollars, that is.

Guidelines: I’d like to make somewhere between ten to fifty bucks ($10-50) per fully finished piece, but it’s flexible. Whatever you can do helps. I can also do little doodles and sketches for even cheaper. A full piece would be colors and shading and hours of work and a basic background. Sketches and doodles will be rougher, with less linework and either flat color or only color highlights.

Rules of Content: Pretty much anything but scat, rape or child abuse. NSFW/SFW is whatever, I don’t care about drawing nudity, and if you don’t mind some awkward posing I can draw canoodling, too. Or totally soft platonic tame things, whatever floats your boat. OC’s of all varieties (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, text-based game MC, DnD hero, fursona, etc) are welcome. Furry stuff doesn’t bother me as long as I can Google the anatomy. Live your dreams!

Payment: It’s just paypal, I’m not gonna ask for any weird stuff.

Full piece example (10 bucks and up):

Doodle (2 bucks and up):

This is all flexible, I just like to have a framework up. The long and short of it is: I need some help, and I can draw pictures, so I’m offering them for trade. 

Sound good? Mail me! Here or saltpricorn@outlook.com works fine, same deal if you’ve just got questions.

Sound boring? Fair! But maybe reblog this for me to get a little more traffic, if you’re feeling kind? Either way, thanks for reading this mess and see ya later, kids.


Normally I would hide the name so I could “protect” the person.
Not this time.
I am so sick of this person, she kept harassing me bc I ship SB and her hate towards Snowflakes, Snowbabes and Danielle is sickening.

Danielle is a professional and she would never do anything to degrade another character or actor.
It isn’t her fault that she has chemistry with Grant and that Candice has none.

And as for how she “feels today” well I think she feels pretty amazing.
No one would envy Candice’s crappy character.

The writers don’t actually know what is good for the show. If they knew then they would write their leads better.

You may hate the ship but that is not a reason to hate the actress.

(( I actually feel pretty good right now! Well- at least in the sense of being deep in yuckies right? I honestly can’t tell if I’m actually coming down with something at this point, but signs are pointing to yes. Could just be sinuses? Who knows? Anyway ive got this crappy donut and a cup of really good hazelnut coffee, so I’m cool! I’ll try to get at least SOMETHING done today. Thank you! 💛 @sclipire))

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first of all, hello! i hope you saw something today that made you smile!! i can feel myself slipping again into that depressive state i was in last semester, which shouldn't happen because i switched majors and i have so many friends and my life sounds like a perfect movie, right? so why do i want to just curl up in my bed and never leave?

i observed a couple storytimes today which was pretty darn cute. in family, kiddos knew the words to songs, and in baby, there was a tiny asian infant. she was the frickin’ cutest thing and she’d only smile at me. made me smile back.

sometimes things happen without reason, plus the seasons are possibly changing for you? embrace what you have and hold it close! you deserve that happiness, and you also deserve to have a crappy day in bed. let yourself feel, bud. :(


i didn’t post yesterday as i was in a crappy mood and then at work till 2am. i almost forgot today and then so i missed natural lighting. these pictures aren’t super posed or pretty but anyway…

day three; what’s in your bag?
i’ve only recently started to use a backpack for uni and it’s so much better, but it makes me feel like a child!
in the front pocket is a little purse with toiletries, hand sanitizer and strepsils (i don’t want to say i’m getting freshers flu but i probably am 😷). in the main pocket is a popper wallet with the days notes, a notebook, a pencil case, my diary and my purse. i know a lot of people carry snacks/chargers but i don’t really need them living on campus again. i should definitely get back into the habit of bringing water though.

.:::lazy days:::.

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Deadpool / Wade Wilson

Reader: Fem!

Summary: Normal weekend with Wade. That is, until he does something unexpected.

Notes: Drabble, fluff

A/N: I’m really sorry if its a Drabble. I hav ethos family reunion thing and I really don’t wanna keep you waiting. Plus Wade had his skin cancer already. I’m in that mood wherein he looks like that.

Requested by Anon.

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hi ^^ i really love your fics and your ficlets and your prompt fills !!! (basically, everything you write) and i'm really excited about your big bang fic!! :D that said i have a prompt! from the uh, apartment au (for stucky :D) : 'I’m pretty sure you don’t speak English but for some reason I’ve started telling you about my crappy days while we ride the elevator together and I don’t feel so alone anymore’ AU

Ahhh, thanks!! I hope you like the BB when it gets posted!

The elevator stops at the ninth floor, and attractive Russian dude walks in with attractive Russian woman close behind. They’re quiet today, slipping inside and leaning against a wall together without speaking. They’re both intimidating — he wears a black leather jacket and sunglasses, hair slicked back, and she has a tan trench coat over tailored jeans and high-heeled leather boots. If they weren’t living in the same apartment building as Steve, he would think they were supermodels of some kind, living and sleeping together like some kind of HBO show.

But they’re living in Steve’s reasonably-priced apartment complex, so he’s pretty sure that they’re just the most attractive people at their desk jobs.

They must run on a similar schedule to Steve, because they’re on the elevator together at least a few times a week, coming and going. The two typically come as a set, but sometimes he’ll ride with one or the other.

Steve thinks the guy is really cute.

Steve would never say so out loud.

When the elevator dings again, the doors open to the ground floor. The attractive woman leaves as usual, but the attractive man pauses, smiles at Steve and holds the door. Steve looks at him dumbfounded, confused, until he realizes that he’s waiting for Steve to leave. “Sorry,” Steve mutters, squaring his shoulders and heading out, feeling smaller than his already small five feet, four inches. Attractive woman waits for attractive man a few steps away from the elevator, and says something in what Steve thinks is Russian. The attractive man laughs, and Steve doesn’t see him again for three days.

“Hold the door!” Steve yells, running across the lobby as fast as he can while holding a canvas that’s bigger than he is.

By some miracle, the door stays open, and Steve struggles to catch his breath as a hand reaches out and presses the button for the tenth floor. Confused — because that’s his floor — Steve turns to see attractive guy. “Ya?” he asks, gesturing to the number.

“Oh, yeah. That’s mine.” Steve is quiet as the doors close. “Sorry about that. Tough day.”

The guy is quiet, but he smiles.

And Steve realizes that he… Probably doesn’t speak English? He’s never heard him speak anything but Russian, and this is the one time Steve has ever really addressed him, but he’s not getting much of a response.

So for some reason, Steve starts saying, “My boss wouldn’t let me hang this in the gallery, even though he said I could have the wall space for the next show…” He sighs. “I’ve been at this place three years and he promises me wall space every show, but then gives it to someone who ‘shows a lot of potential’ but hasn’t run the place.” He sighs. “Maybe I just suck.”

The elevator dings and opens up to the ninth floor. Attractive guy gives Steve a smile, reaches over and squeezes his shoulder quickly before leaving.

Steve doesn’t swoon, but my God. It’s the closest he’s ever come.

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PokeHalloween Challenge: Day 8 - A Fossil Pokémon 

Yesterday I had one of my migraines episodes… I could not look at my laptop screen without feeling pain so I had to stop, lay down, take my pills, sleep and finish this drawing today.

I already drew my favorite fossil for another challenge, so I went with my second favorite: Relincanth. I’m really happy with this experiment with underwater lights so… everything is fine! This pokegirl is happy (and my headache is in the bearable levels today so, yay!)

Now to do the one for day 9!