i wanted it to have a grungy sort of feel

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I'm salty because once again this proves to me that Zayn and his team seem to care about everything but the music. All he promos now is Gigi and clothes and it's so tiring to see. I support him in everything he does but he's announcing a shoe line with a fashion designer who 99% of people can't afford. It's frustrating.

I don’t have a problem with Zayn being launched as a fashion icon. I want 5/5 to diversify as they build their brands, so that’s cool. It’s just…where is the music promo?? There’s a clear imbalance and it’s just not possible to believe it’s unintentional at this point. It’s super frustrating. 

The fact that the reporting is also inaccurate bugs me too.

“I just got into the whole rock sort of feel to clothes—big boots, skinny jeans, and dark T-shirt, and rings. Just the grungy feel.” Grunge, to be clear, as opposed to the pip-squeak gleam of his boy-band start. 

Umm, no. He’s been rocking the above mentioned look regularly since 2013.

^^Just a few old examples^^  So there is no “as opposed to”. 

Also the obligatory Gigi mention is annoying. It’s always seems to be in the context of alluding to her as some sort of trophy. It’s very heteronormative he-man sexist and it rubs me the wrong way. That’s above and beyond the fakery. It’s fake and bad narrative. 

When Zayn broke off from One Direction, he immediately started dating supermodels…

Supermodels…plural? Ok. Just use your imagination I guess. Heh.

…he is now a hugely famous solo act, a recipient of Gigi Hadid’s giddy PDA…

I’mma need the author to define PDA because I think he’s stretching it. They’re not seen together in public that often and it usually just consists of walking from a building to a car. Where the giddy PDA at? 

I guess a hand holding ho stroll + not looking miserable = giddy PDA  LOL 

And in addition to all that, his anxiety has been upgraded to “severe”. 

Zayn bursts through the rusty-hinged door, home from sea to his shanty (an unfurnished, pitch-dark toolshed his people thought would be maximally “chilled,” as Zayn suffers severe anxiety)…

His people are clearly about that bullshit. What the hell? Has the alleged severe anxiety turned him into a vampire, dwelling in dark dank hideouts in the middle of the night? Please stop. I am not 12 and neither is your average GQ reader. You don’t have to sell us a fantasy. Meanwhile we long time Zayn watchers have never seen anything other than mild nerves from him in all these years. I know that’s a trope that’s previously been used by his PR team. But it’s irresponsible and does a disservice to people who really do all they can to pro-actively manage their anxiety. BTS showbiz people are right up there with politicians as being the most cynically amoral. Stop showing young and impressionable people unrealistic presentations of very real issues. That also goes for Gigi posting pix of food we know she isn’t eating while maintaining a size 4. 

Then we also got more weed mentions.

He sparks a joint to illuminate a stubbled boomerang jaw, plus a brown suede shearling jacket that swells him to the rough scope of a weedsidaisical Saint Bernard.

Meanwhile, if you want to know what’s next, as we did, you’ll get the kind of answer where the platitude machine-gun fire of an ex-boy-bandee merges with press ramble and weed haze into maybe-sort-of-possibly-deep profundity

Terribly written too, btw. Weedsidaisical??? Ex-boy-bandee??? I know I make up words too, but damn. Ain’t nobody paying me, tho. LOL Anyway, the weed thing is so worn out and try hard, I can’t. I have no problem with weed. I do have a problem with people using it to try to be cool. I think Zayn is already cool. The mindset that the pendulum has to swing really far in the other direction in order to “apologize” for him being in a boyband is just ridic. Why not use the fact that 1D wasn’t exactly a typical boyband as a talking point? Not for nothing, the whole damn band smokes and we know it. How about Zayn’s team use more reality and less fantasy to construct their narratives? Someday, I guess. But for now as long as his assigned team (I don’t think he chose them) is in cahoots with 1DHQ, this caricature of Zayn is what we’re stuck with. At least we get pretty pix…