i want to go to this party

My friend and I are trying to wait and buy cheaper tickets to this concert and we have the same kind of price ideas but this other friend I have is like “I don’t have that much money but I still want to go!” Like how do I tell this girl she gon be sitting alone in the back lawn while the squad parties in a less-terrible section???

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*smiles* I'd rather spend time with you -Haz

*smiles* Then do you wanna go out and cuddle or we can stay in here and do whatever you want *smiles* We can have our own little party

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hunter thank you!!!! though I appreciate that anon for looking after me, you gave me nothing but good advice :-) I will try to do that. I said they would (possibly) be understanding if they see the scars because it's gonna be a relatively small party and some of the girls I know who are going I think struggle with self-harming too. but anywho, I just wanted to reassure you that you said nothing wrong :-) ily

Thank you so much babes and I’m glad it was able to help you, even if it was just a little! Don’t worry about it okay, enjoy yourself!! I love you too!

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6, 8, 13, 57

thank you!!

6. Whats the closest thing to you thats red?

does my hair count?

8. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?

uhhh i was at some graduation party at some school in the forest eating food and there was an elephant bread and curry

13. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?


57. If you could go back in time, which time period would you visit?

uhh this is hard! maybe the victorian era bc i want to wear a fancy dress

Okay, okay, gaiz. I just wanna say…

You know how Patrick started going batshit crazy with his imagination, talking about “oh Did you KNOW about the weird orgy and that’s why you agreed to go to the party?” and stuff like that?

I just want to point out how very NOT excited Kevin is when they both started to realize that this party was fucking weird and entailed some sort of orgy party. Patrick was very expressive with his awkwardness… but Kevin was totally disinterested with what this guy was saying to them. Those are faces of “… what the fuck did we just move into?” coming from Kevin. Seriously. Even the scene after this, Kevin even mentioned leaving and I swear it’s because HE was uncomfortable. When Patrick mentions having a lookie loo at some nookie noo action, Kevin wasn’t excited or anything… not once did he say “okay, if you say so.” He actually said “Alright Patrick (insert cute laugh here)… easy on the punch…” and he diverted his eyes like he wasn’t sure he knew the real Patrick till now. Seriously, and Kevin, not to mention, was the one who found Patrick at the party when they were separated… MEANING… he was only thinking of Patrick at that moment… in a house full of not ugly people. 

Also… I wanna know what Kevin said that made Patrick ASSUME that Kevin wanted to fuck around. I seriously wanna know what he said so we all can determine whether he actually said “I wanna fuck other people” or “If there is ever an incident where we might slip up, I want to make sure that we’ll be okay because we love each other and we’ll be able to be honest with each other and talk about why we did what we did and try to better whatever might’ve been the problem that engaged this act of slipping.”

Srsly, it’s been how fucking long since this damn episode aired and it still has got me in fucking knots like a damn pro boy scout.

Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.18

Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.18

It’s Lorelai’s birthday! Rory is planning a huge surprise party for Lorelai, for which she wants to break a record of some sort. Paris hesitates about going back to school after her meltdown at the bicentennial speech. Richard has a surprise for Lorelai.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Lorelai scared her parents into…

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Fire Emblem :D

Sorry I was late!  Here it is!

Go out to the movies with:  Kellam.  He might end up going in for free.

Name my child after:  Lucina. I mean, if Robin Williams can do it so can I.  I believe I have established this in an earlier thing.    

Have sleep overs with:  Anyone would be good, but probably Cordelia or 

Go clubbing with:   Henry.  That bastard would be the life of any party.  He probably has a ton of party tricks.  

Drink with:  Nowi.  I want to see her drunk.  

Share personal stories with:  Cordelia again.  She’d be my best friend.  

Go to an Anime Convention with:  Lon’qu.  He doesn’t even need to cosplay he’s basically almost every generic anime character.  

Talk with at 2 in the morning:  Tharja.  Only because she seems like the type of person to never sleep.  

Go to for advice: MU.  I’m a freaking tactician, I’m pretty much the wisest person in the Shepherds.  Or probably Libra, he could help me spiritually.  

Become best friends with:  Oh hey look at that.  Like I said, Cordelia.  She’s one of my favorite females.  

Probably not get along with:  Sumia.  My least favorite character in Awakening.  

Fight with:  Kjelle.  She likes to fight, but I’d probably lose to her (then after that she’ll never ask me again).  

Play with in Mario Kart:  Owain.  Can you just imagine the nonsense he would say while playing?  I’d give an example, but I can never do what he does.  Hell I’m not even good at acting.  

Date:  Chrom

Marry:  Chrom

Sleep with:  That guy I dated and married.  I already lost my in-game virginity anyway.  

stream of consciousness

freshman year. sophomore year. I was one of the lucky ones. two years in one and not touched by the assaults painting our campus red, not taken to a mental hospital, or a hospital  for a stomach pumps, grades stayed high, facebook friends increased exponentially, cute insta pictures off the charts. so why do i feel so empty? I did everything right, right? I joined the clubs, I tried the churches, I smiled a lot, I went to the parties, I did my homework, I wrote my papers, I stayed here when I wanted to go home, I worked. Why then, does it hurt so badly? Why is it so easy to be there for everyone else and to see the cracks in their exterior but mine is a facade of granite? Am I that good at painting my mirage? Chose to be happy they say. It`s a choice. To pick yourself out of bed, to go run, to soak up some sun, to move, to read, to pray. But why get up when all you want to do is crawl back into yourself? my body aches. but this is only half the time. some of my time is spent with friends, sisters, family. where i am on top of the world. or at least of my world. where worries melt. with people who get the drama and hurt because they have been there themselves or have watched me through it. nights where i realize i am closer to these people than i have been to many other through my life. nights where i can`t see my life without these relationships or this experience. i have peaked. maybe these are the best years. i hope not, but maybe. because some nights feel like my veins have been flooded with adventure. like i will remember these nights, like a scrapbook page of my life is filled with the memories of tonight. like this is why im alive. to feel like this. but this up and down is exhausting. what i got from this was people are important. often times people matter more than you could think. because loneliness is one of the most crushing darkness’s i could explain. those times when more than anything you just want someone, anyone, to want you too. to pursue that friendship with you for once, those are the worst. but anyways, moral of the story. love until your heart gives out. cause at the end of the day those people and those memories are all you have to hold onto. or that`s how it feels sometimes at least.

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I’m going away

It feels weird knowing I won’t be around as much soon since I’ll be going off to the Navy.  I mean on one hand I’ll be doing something that will benefit me in the long run, but on the other hand it’s…kind of scary.  If I want to move forward it’s like I have to go to through this level boss under-geared and under-leveled and just git gud.  Anyways, I want my friends and even my followers to know that I’m gonna miss you guys a lot and all that shit.

To those that I know IRL, you guys are amazing for putting up with my slumps and still wanting to talk to me.  I don’t think I would have gotten through a lot of my rough patches without your help, continuous support, and kind words.  I’ll see ya at the party.

To those I know through online interactions, RP circles, and anything similar to that, you guys are doubly amazing because you all pretty much kept me going.  I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate each and every one of you, from the times we stayed up and laughed about silly shit, to the days where we may not have been feeling well and consoled each other.  To you all, I want to say continue striving to be the best in your crafts, be it writing, drawing, singing, dancing, costuming, whatever it is!  I believe in you and hope that I get the opportunity to meet you all if at all possible!

I’ve got more and all that and if you want something more personal sent to you, I’m more than willing to do so, and may do so without asking.  Again, thank you for being yourselves and sticking by me.

Yours truly,
Idealist Hammer (aka Kryshnyve, aka Lyveen)


Last night was kind of a mess. I was feeling kinda anxious because I didn’t want to run into certain people while going out. And we didn’t end up going anywhere until midnight. But when we got to this party i was surrounded by friends. I loosened up a lot and I ended up being very high and somehow found this dolphin. It really made me at ease cause I usually take stuffed animals with me when I go somewhere new. So it was really comforting to hold the dolphin haha. And there ended up being some mini cupcakes and I was crossfaded so i was very down. Some friends even got over their differences and bonded again and we all spent a lot of time just talking and listening to music, enjoying everyone’s company. There was no drama, no fights, just a lot of love and respect for each other and I couldn’t have asked for a better night/day. I didn’t get home until 7:30 this morning and last night I didn’t get home till 6:30. Last night we got tons of beer and played the wheel of drinking and we all died and came back to life. I love my friends, my group is a lot of fun. And it’s nights like this that make me feel so lucky to be alive, young, and healthy. Life is beautiful.

What I want more than anything again is to be in love. Because three years ago I moved to Chattanooga from Massachusetts and I was in love with a boy who claimed he loved me, and we listened to big deal together, and we wrote in our journals in bed together, and we took a lot of walks, and we were each others creative outlets and best friends. And he broke my heart; and that day forth I fell in love with solitude and how it will always feel okay to be myself and how I will never let ay other boy cheat on me, or make me feel any emotions. But this mentality is starting to become very lonely and also starting to drift. I dream of falling in love again one day, and I want to ride bikes, and hold hands in the park, and I want to go hiking, and I want to be lazy, and I want to drink and make sloppy drunk love, and I want to go to concerts/parties together, and take road trips, and what I really want more than anything is someone as creative as me to be my best friend. And I want to tell someone I love them at 3 AM and roll over into their arms and kiss them tons.

I can’t stop thinking that I am never going to have friends … I’m never going to have this cool teenager life where u actually have friends and go to parties and stuff I literally have no friends and I’m not even going to a college because I’ve dropped out of school basicslly so I have no grades to get into a college so I won’t make any college friends and I always say oh yeahh so cool on my own don’t need anyone Katsumi princess but it actually fucking sucks tho coz I just want a friend to do stuff with or at least to have a convo with coz it’s actually driving my mental talking to myself all day long

Please don’t complain to me that you don’t have enough money to provide for your child when you go out all the time and party and drink. It’s fine if you want to do these things but make sure your kid has everything they need first. This isn’t high school anymore and I have no sympathy for your selfishness.

I been talking about going to this party for weeks.
But the Nigerian I like isn’t giving me attention & isn’t going, my friends going to stalk her ex, my hairs sticking up n back like freakazoid, the dress I want to wear–none of these niggas is worthy of seeing me in, my weave ain’t here, & I just cooked dinner & I’m about to wash n braid my hair.
Apparently God wants me to stay in, pray & watch tv

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hey i really like this guy, for the past few weeks his friends have been asking me if i like him and yesterday at a party they all went inside and said they wanted to leave us. he was looking through my phone almost as if he wanted 2 see if i was with anyone else& then looked like he wanted to make a move. he isnt usually sweet or soft but he was acting so kind with me and wouldnt leave me alone outside cos i told him2 go in. we flirt all the time& sit next to eachother in class does he like me?

He definitely could like you! It seems like he wants to get to know you more so I would definitely give into that and talk with him more (and maybe even hang out with him more!).