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Leon Draisaitl #2

Apologizes for not writing/posting lately, I just couldn’t get anything good but this came up! Wether it’s good or not I posted yay, enjoy :) Requests are still open, just don’t expect them to be written within a day

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You really didn’t want to go out to some party tonight. Sure it was a Friday night and you had a long week that was well deserving in a drink, but partying just didn’t seem appealing today. Add the fact the moment you got there you realized this wasn’t about to be just some normal party and you were so ready to go home. 

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It scares me that I only really have one term left of a place that I have come to love so much. I’ve never felt as sure of myself as I have done in my final year and being at home makes me realise how much I miss having like-minded people around me and everything that I’ve learnt from them, and I know it’s naive to think that you can always be motivated and stimulated by your environment but I… am going… to miss Cambridge so much. I’m going to miss academics that become your friends, seminars and people you chat with that you just fall into knowing, friendship groups full of people with things to say having parties in someone’s college room and out on the grass in the summer and running into each other in the library and how none of us have any time to watch TV and that makes us grow in ways we don’t even realise. Until I’m sat with it playing in the background, thinking of books I want to read and literary journals I’m going to submit to and pieces I want to write. Which I will. It’s just going to be so weird to close the door on that routine. All the names and faces that have become part of me. All the stories, the fantasies, the crushes, the essays. Cycling. Cobbled roads. Protests. Talks. Me and my disposable camera. I know that I have it in me to be such a capable grown-up but man. I’m gonna miss Cambridge so much.

I got invited to a ‘customer appreciation’ party at a store called inspired living, it’s similar to a metaphysical shop but isn’t necessarily one. Anyway a ton of stuff was on sale but nothing I really really wanted. I ended up scoring 2 blue Quartz, 1 fancy jasper, 1 Rose Quart, and a tarot to go set! All for about 13 dollars! It was wonderful

2p!Poland x Reader- Unexpected Chemistry

Chapter 12

After school, Tyler was the first one to catch up to you. He swung an arm around your shoulders and asked, “So, are you excited about tomorrow or what?”

“It’ll definitely be interesting,” you said. “I wonder what’s going to happen when Dyah and Feliks get there.” You laughed and continued, “Maybe he’ll turn the party into like the basis of a teen slasher movie!”

“D-don’t jinx it! Seriously, (name)! You’re making me not want to go!”

“Aww, come on! Don’t tell me you still think Feliks would kill somebody even after eating lunch with him.”

“H-he just sat there staring at us the whole time!” Tyler said as he pulled you closer to cuddle you. “He never even said anything! It was so creepy!”

“He’s just not very talkative,” you said.

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I have slept honestly all day again
Slept at about 3 am, then woke up at 2ish pm til maybe half 3, then woke up again at about half 5 ish?
Ive turned the light on tho and the flat downstairs is having a party cs its Friday and I’m gonna go get Indian takeaway and ask mum what TV she wants me to download for her and finally finally do some washing cs I really really have run out of clothes now

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[SMS] So at what point of the night are we going to decide everyone at this party sucks and we should just fuck each other?

send one for my muse’s reaction

          reading this text he was embarrassed, not that that was anything new since anything that had to do with this topic has his cheeks glowing and nervous giggles sounding from him. he texts back with a little smile on his face, trying not to be obvious to the people around him. 

sms: saranggie ♡ || i mean…are you sure you want to?
sms: saranggie ♡ || you must really really not be having a fun time. 

You ever feel the urge to do something… less? Like, everybody wants this glamorous dinner date or a dance party at some club. All I want to do is go out. Out of the radars, out of the cities, off the grid. I want to go to a hidden jungle somewhere that nobody’s ever stepped foot on, somewhere that industrialisation has never touched. All these buildings, all these lights and all these things being made by the million every single day. I want to get out of it all. I want to take a walk along a beach, it doesn’t have to be a beautiful crystal clear-watered, white sand beach. Just a quiet little place with nothing but the waves piercing the air. All this over-bearing music and the sound of fake laughter really does tire you out eventually. Everybody’s caked-on faces make you question what people really look like. I want to catch a flight with my favourite person in the whole world and fly, and fly, and fly until I’m content with how far I am from all the infrastructure. I want everything I’ve been raised in to disappear and I want to be somewhere I’ve never been looking at the sky for as long as I’ve ever been able to appreciate it. I want to run and never return. I want to live, actually live.
—  A.

today i was talking to this guy J who owns a record shop, and he said in the 80s he went to a birthday party show and afterwards he got to meet nick and blixa! he said nick was very friendly and talked to him for a long time, which tbh i was surprised to hear because it seems that everybody else who met him during those days generally say otherwise lmao, but anyway after he talked to nick he went over to blixa who was sitting on top of a garbage can in the corner away from everybody else just staring at the wall, and he said “so… uh…. is it true you named yourself after a kind of pen?” and blixa didn’t even turn to look at him, just took a pen out of his pocket, clicked it and said “Yes.” so then J was all nervously like “can… can i have it?” and blixa turned to him, slowly, looked him up and down, then turned back to the wall shaking his head and said “No.” LMAO

don’t save me, part four

part one | part two | part three

hello i lowkey forgot about this series lmao so here’s an update filled with angst for ya


questions, comments, concerns

“So you’re saying you don’t want to come to this party tonight?” The frat boy, Harry thought his name was Mike, was standing next to him in the Starbucks line, trying desperately to convince Harry to go to a party his frat was throwing that night.

“No, I’m saying I have other plans tonight.”

“Cancel them! Bring whoever you’re hanging out with, is it that psychology major girl? She can come, she’s hot, one of my friends, Jasper is really into her, really likes that smart, quiet type. I mean unless, the two of you are… you know… but she can totally still come.”

Harry frowned, “His name is Jasper? Like the ghost?”

“Yeah, your girlfriend knows who he is. They have a ton of classes together, both psychology majors.” Harry refrained from saying that she had never mentioned him.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” He said quietly.

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ulcer / rant / pity party

I think I may have an ulcer? I know my diet has been poor lately. I’ve been having killer heart burn and headaches and waves of nausea. I don’t know why I do this to myself. I hate that my whole life revolves around food. I wish I could just turn my mind off. Or someone would lock me in a room with only good foods and a treadmill.

I’m just so glad it’s Friday. I feel mentally exhausted. My friend wants me to go to game night with her and her friends (one of which she is trying to set me up with). I don’t want to be set up with anyone. I feel gross. I don’t feel pretty, I feel like this big disgusting pig monster. So anyone who would like me like this would obviously have to be fucked in the head.

“And tonight, interpreting for the Daily Mail readers who just want to sneer at everything, we have Don Parker.”


So I was going back through the Claim Me epilogue (cause I’m thirsty lol) and I noticed… Voltage went back and changed it?? I don;t have the originals on my camera roll, but there’s this post by @lisap17 if y’all wanna check it out. I feel like they might’ve changed it because the original was more specific and “graphic”, in a sense, and they wanted to keep their current App Store/Google Play rating but come on… I wanted my nice, descriptive, non-censored smut…

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hey sweetie ^^ this is the sns week surprise fairy~ Ok but imagine sasuke as a party organizer trying to organize Naruto and hinata’s wedding…no one can remember how he was married to the broom instead!

Awww thanks sns week surprise fairy! Sasuke planning the Naruto and Hinata’s wedding is just too sad, but this is what might happen: 

Sasuke started off by meeting Naruto and Hinata to understand their tastes.

Sasuke: Tell me, Hyuuga, what does Naruto like?

Hinata: T-the color orange?

Sasuke: You’re very observant, thank you.

Hinata: Um, N-naruto-kun mentioned once that he wants to have a non-traditional wedding…

Sasuke: Hn, and what does that mean?

Hinata: I, I’m not sure.

Sasuke: Can’t you read his heart?

Hinata: N-no…how?

Sasuke: Tch. *bumps his fist with Naruto’s*

Sasuke: He means he’s going to marry the party organizer.


mid semester realizations:

  • i am not an introvert.  i don’t like talking to people i don’t like, and i get socially exhausted, but i love meeting new people and keeping the conversation going
  • i can be more of a leader than i thought
  • failing classes is real and you just have to deal with it
  • i do not have time for boys and 99% of the time, they are not worth it
  • iced chai tea lattes are great
  • “sleep more than you study, study more than you party, and party as much as you possibly can”
  • keeping relationships with friends going is really hard and requires a lot of dedication, but it’s worth it in the end
  • mechanical engineering is really cool and i can do it (but cs is still better)
  • i don’t want to go home for the summer!


We hosted a benefit dance party for our local native tribes after the Standing with Native Nations Solidarity Gathering and donated proceeds to local Native charities. Outside of the donations, we funded the Native performers, DJs and one of the Native KJs to train under a pro DJ so that they can DJ future dance parties. Supporting local artists is so key. 

Many Native elders and different tribes came together during the earlier part of the evening, meeting each other for the first time at Jade Club. Some knew each other thru FB and it was a great experience to see folks connect in person. 

What’s next…

We want to develop a savings for upcoming benefits and are going to pull together a rummage sale. Date/Location TBD. 

Our next benefit dance party will be after the Pride March, June 11. Location TBD.

If you have any suggestions on locations for either of the above, I’m all ears!

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sails. lighthouse, turquoise, seawater, shipwreck

sails: describe your perfect partner.
- first of all someone who can make me laugh, i cant enjoy someone who’s serious all the time anddoesntevenknowmemes pgoepgk, someone i feel comfortable to talk about anything with and doesnt put on a pedestal everything i say i want them to treat me only as special as they would treat a good friend of theirs, someone who’s straightforward and doesnt play around, someone who isnt really clingy wanting to talk 24/7 but when we’re together/talk they demonstrate they want to be with me and be close everytime, basically my perfect partner is like a best friend i can kiss lmao
lighthouse: how much makeup do you wear?
- On weekdays (to go to school) i dont wear make up just sunscreen, i only wear mascara and lipgloss when i go out with friends and for parties, events and so i do put on…more decent make up aghdhahs
turquoise: weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
- dont remember d:

seawater: scariest movie you’ve ever watched?
- Dont be afraid of the dark(? Its the only scary movie I could finish…or maybe It, yep It

shipwreck: do you have an OC? If so, describe them.
- I had an OC once she was named Sheccid (Chez for short) mmh I always imagined her being really pretty and feminine, she always has a ponytail with a ribbon but personality wise she was as rough as a beggar and a little aggresive just as a wild animal who’s scared of people. She had this ability/power to emit heat waves through all of her body and through her mouth (the most hot and dangerous ones) that could burn a person. Uh the backstory was that her family was maybe not abusive but toxic and she could no longer handle it so one day she had a fight with them and when she shouted she accidentally emitted her heat waves which burnt her sister (thats when she discovered she could Do That™) she got scared herself and ran out of home and thats all I’ve got of her pgodpgkdk

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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then, you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers. 💐 💖

god this gets harder and harder but thank you anyways!

  • my hair (sometimes)
  • my clothing style
  • my handwriting (lol)
  • i’m a good listener i guess (which makes it quite exhausting sometimes when i want to party but instead i spend the whole evening listening to other people’s problems)
  • i would say i’m easy-going but idk what others think abt that lmao