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I come here for teen mom stuff. Please stop answering people's pathetic, made up, pity parties they're trying to have you and your followers throw for them? Im over seeing shit that ISNT about teen mom. This spanking shit has gone on for too long. For the "19 year old" claiming she was abused or whatever- BOOHOO NO ONE FUCKING CARES EVERYONE GOES THROUGH SHIT IN LIFE. Please stop answering these people I dont want to unfollow you please just stick to TM stuff.

Maybe you should unfollow, cos I’m going to carry on answering whatever asks I like on my blog thanks.

Hope you never get into a situation where you have nowhere to turn to for help or support. Wouldn’t that suck…

So, what do you want to do when you leave school?

I’m going to be an actress
*everyone i have ever admitted that to*
Aha, love that dream. What’s your backup?

It’s so wrong that people who haven’t succeeded or know nothing about the industry think other people won’t either, to be an actress isn’t just being on film and TV it’s theatre, children’s parties, character acting, suit acting, and much more it’s about working just like everyone else. Many actors/actresses don’t make it to TV and film but why dose that mean you or I can’t be one of the few that does? And yet despite it being a career just like any other I still feel ashamed to say I am in the industry, “but your not on TV” that doesn’t mean we’re not professional actors/actress. So instead I say “I want to be an English literature teacher” and that seems to please people, but it doesn’t please me. It’s wrong that parents, teachers, family, friends and other people that tell us we can do anything then tell us we can’t do that.


A heads up I will be absent for most of tomorrow/today and Sunday. Tomorrow is my best friends grad party and last day in here with me so I want to spend as much time as possible with her. Then on Sunday I’m going to be seeing her off and going to hangout with some friends for some much needed emotional support.

I may post a bit, but I will be mostly inactive! Just wanted to let y’all know!


What if when Arya reunited with Gendry is when she doesn’t know Jon and the party have made it back to Winterfell? Like maybe she was gone in the Wolfswood for half the day and then when she returns she looks like an amazing warrior queen on top of a horse with needle on her hip and she doesn’t realise they’re home. So when she goes to greet Sansa and Bran in the great Hall she stops dead in her tracks as she sees Jon. And at first all she sees is Jon and they’re staring at each other in bewilderment. She’s in her breeches and her hair is messy and Jon looks regal af. Then he whispers ‘Arya’ and then they’re both rushing toward each other and Arya just falls into her big brothers embrace because she’s a little girl who finally has a pack. Jon cries, of course and everyone is oddly humbled to see their king cry for his long lost sister. Then he’ll grab her face and just stare at her. He’ll say something along the lines of “you’re so beautiful” with a bright smile and she’ll believe him because he’s Jon. The most trustworthy man she’s ever known. Then someone whispers her name and she’ll see Gendry. Standing off to the side, dressed as a Lord and looking as regal as Jon. They’ll just stare at each other for a while and then he’ll go
“M'lord” she would reply because she’s Arya, he’ll look her up and down and a slight blush will appear on his face.
“You look good” he’ll say, everyone is either watching on with curiosity or awe. Seeing these two people who look exactly like Robert and Lyanna converse is something mesmerising.
“You look like a lord” she’d reply. Jon, Sansa and Bran would just be smirking between each other because they know.
“I think I am one now” he’d say, they’d share a small laugh. Then they’d become serious again.
“I’m glad you’re not dead” she’d reply with a small smile. He’d bow and grin at her.
“I’m glad you’re not dead either” he’d breathe out and then they’d just stare at each other for a moment. Until someone clears their throats and Arya is being whisked away by Sansa to change for the feast.

I just want them to fucking interact with each other! Like come on!!! Is that so much to ask for?!? Can someone just write a fanfic of this for me? That’s as good as it’ll get!

The Wrong Girl - C.J. Archer | Historical |650484530

The Wrong Girl
C.J. Archer
Genre: Historical
Price: Get
Publish Date: May 31, 2013

NOTE: This ebook is included in a 3-book bundle with the other books in the trilogy. REVIEWS: “This is one of my favourite books I’ve read this year… I can’t praise it enough… The real stand out for this was the writing and the character voice.” ~ The Moonlight Library “The writing in The Wrong Girl was beautiful. There were so many quotes that I wanted to write down, and keep… The world building, and the plot drew me in from the get go, and didn’t falter until the last sentence.” ~ Books For A Delicate Eternity “This was one fantastic read! A really fascinating story which I couldn’t put down, so this is easily a 5 stars.” ~ Tea Party Princess DESCRIPTION: It’s customary for Gothic romance novels to include a mysterious girl locked in the attic. Hannah Smith just wishes she wasn’t that girl. As a narcoleptic and the companion to an earl’s daughter with a strange affliction of her own, Hannah knows she’s lucky to have a roof over her head and food in her belly when so many orphans starve on the streets. Yet freedom is something Hannah longs for. She did not, however, want her freedom to arrive in the form of kidnapping. Taken by handsome Jack Langley to a place known as Freak House, she finds herself under the same roof as a mad scientist, his niece, a mute servant and Jack, a fire starter with a mysterious past. They assure Hannah she is not a prisoner and that they want to help her. The problem is, they think she’s the earl’s daughter. What will they do when they discover they took the wrong girl? A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: When I set out to write the Freak House series, I wanted to put my own spin on the Gothic novels of the Victorian era. I’ve always loved their creepiness, the secrets, and the romance too, but I wanted to see the story from the perspective of the character that is often present but never the heroine - the girl kept in the attic. I hope you’ll enjoy this trilogy as much as I enjoyed writing it. ~CJ

if we stay alive long enough - Val x Claudius fanfic

Summery: At the night before the battle against Azura and the Iron empire, after the party at the castle, Val and fellow soliders go out to a tavern near by. An invitation she shouted earlier makes the night take an interesting turn.
This takes place during Book 3, Chapter 13.

Author’s note: I want to apologise in advance, I just couldn’t resist it! 😂😂 If you’re wondering who Claudius is, He’s a Fydorian solider Val rescued.
also, this is my entry for this round of “Choices Creates” for the prompt - “That was fun, let’s do it again sometime!” @hollyashton @zigisbisexual💕 hope you enjoy!

Loud music speared across the tavern, muffeled by even louder laughter and people’s cheering.
Val pushed harder and knocked an other guy’s hand on the table. “huh! Who’s next?!” she asked while cracking her knuckles. Another wave of applaud echoed through the tavern, as she danced a little happy dance in her sit. The guy who had just lost to her, stood up from his sit, face down.
“don’t be so hard on yourself! No one beats Val!” some stormholt troop yelled after him. “To val!” an other solider called, and a sound of drinks clinking came right after.
“well, if no one else is brave enough to face me in an arm-wrestling competition, I guess I’ll have an other drink,” she shrugged.
“I believe you still have one opponent left.”

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Was a quiet day raul that day I was watching television, when his aunt arrives with his cousins, blake and drake, they were visiting to organize a surprise party for raul, they wanted to start but as raul is watching TV was afraid that She would listen, so Raul’s mother said to Raul.

Mom of Raul: hey raul why you’re not going to play with your cousins ​​in the garden.

Raul: If Mommy’s just done, I’ll finish my caricature I see.

Mom of Blaze and Drake: and where is Ralph.

Raul’s mom: he had a job to do with a schoolmate.

Finished the caricature that saw raul, and came out with his cousins ​​to play the garden but as that day asia very hot the 3 played in shirt and diapers, after a while they were bored and raul who laughs to paint with his hands, so it was To the house and he asked his mom if he and his cousins ​​could paint she said that if so her mom took some basice with paint and papers so that they can paint and be entertained, then raul le preunto asus cousins.

Raul: blaze, Drake who are grabbing my mom and my aunt.

Blaze: why do you ask.

Raul: why oi talk about a birthday.

Drake: Oh and you heard.

Raul: they plan a party, but I do not understand.

Blaze: that thing.

Raul: what birthday is approaching, my brother was recently, the daxper and Daxmilio is missing much, and mine do not think why I do not know when it is.

Blaze and Drake: you do not know when it’s * if you knew it’s in 2 days but we can not tell you why it’s a surprise party for the * good we do not know when we’re bad at the dates,

Raul: well no matter they are a carte for the one who turns years but will be difficult to do.

Blaze: why do you say it.

Raul: do not write happy or birthday, and less to do it in English to read but write is not.

Drake: We’ll help you, so we’ll leave with you and see how you write.

So the 3 seated blaze and drake helped raul, but while raul wrote he became pipi and popis, when almost finished he got up because he needed a change, the 3 went in to get a change, but as his mom was Busy Drake who is the biggest of the 3 I change to raul and blaze and wait for his mom to change him, then returned outside to continue painting

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Where ru going for pride??? i want to meet you :)

Go follow me on SC its clairegeraghty 

then you can see where ill be at throughout the day. But as of rn im gonna go to the parade for like 2.30 then go to a party in my mates , head to the mother block party and then i dont know where to go after that. Any suggestions ?

Everyone at my job has this terrible stomach flu and like @god please don’t let me get it I want to go out tomorrow and wear my new dress to the wrap party and feel pretty and have some drinks and then visit with my friends on Sunday and check out an apartment I’m hoping to move to and hit up some pride events like @god not this weekend pls.

For those wondering

Nonbinary parents are called “Rens”.

“I don’t know if I can go to the party, I have to ask my Ren”

“Hey I’d love for you to come and have dinner with my Ren and my Mom.”

“I love my Mommy and Renny!”

Obviously nb people with leanings will be comfy with Mom or Dad but some aren’t and this word is here for u!!! Especially because some of y'all want to be parents!!!

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I'm so fucking frustrated bc I want to make out again w this guy that I barely know at a party but there are no parties and aaaaahhhh I need to kiss him again, hope he's down :-/

ok mood and also next time u see him just fuckn go for it. nothing good has ever come from holding back imo

I’m currently listening to Arctic Monkeys and I feel like I haven’t listened to them since high school. Definitely brings back memories. RTX is in less than two weeks and I’m so excited. I truly can’t believe I’ll be an extra for immersion. I’m glad I waited to book my hotel at the last minute because now I’ll be there a day before the shoot rather then leaving at 4am to make it at 7. I’ve always driven the day RTX starts, but now I’ll be there two days before. I’ll be meeting up with a group of rooster teeth peeps I met online and there is going to be a lot of drinking. I feel like I’ll want to keep up with them but their alcohol tolerance is higher than my recently 21 year old ass. They are actively trying to increase their tolerance while I’m just at home drinking beer. I can’t wait to party in Austin!

all i wanted was to watch lotr tonight but my bf wanted to go to a fuckin party and get wasted and now it’s 3 am and he decided to make out with 2 other people and won’t stop apologizing lol

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one sliding their hand into the other’s hair slowly & their entire body freezing for a second when their love kisses them w elizabeth judd bc i'm gay n lonely

Elizabeth giggled as the two of you stepped out of the bar and into the cool air of the street. The two of you had been there for hours, toeing the line of staying tipsy and getting wasted.

By the time Liz’s giggles started, you knew it was time to go.

“But Y/N,” she whined your name between hiccups. “I wanted to stay and party.“ Her pout made her face that much adorable.

“We have to get you home,” you explained to her as your fumbled with your phone to call an Uber. Even drunk, you’ve always had a clear head.

“But I never see you anymore! I miss you.” Elizabeth wrapped her arms around your middle and nestled her head between your boobs as if she lived there.

And you wouldn’t mind if she did.

“Liz,” you said softly, brushing a hand through her hair.

She never responded, just tilted her head up and kissed you for all she was worth. You froze at first, the feeling of her lips against yours and her tongue begging entrance to your mouth a foreign concept.

But she was such a good kisser.

Your hands delved further into her tresses and you opened your mouth to tangle your tongue with hers. You could taste whiskey on her lips as she kissed you deeper and you couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face.

send me drabble requests from this prompt list

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The community seems to be filled with lots of people that are self-conscious. When a creator asks for suggestions or for the audience to say what they want, "do what you want" ends up the cop-out, probably because they don't want to sound stupid or pushy or whatever negative feeling they have. And sometimes even when criticism is asked for, I feel like I'm stepping out of bounds giving any, and some others might feel the same way. It's something that should change, but it's tough on all parties

YESSS! I’ve been on both sides of this issue. (So I know that people usually mean well.)

For cirtics though, one method I’ve always liked is the sandwhich method:

Open up with something you like about the piece,
mention what area that needs work or attention,
and always leave with something positive.
(this can be a reccomendation, suggestion, or encouragement)

My traditional photography and figure drawing classes did this which helped a lot.

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about my day: it's quarter past 1 in the morning and i need to finish a (really complicated) thing i'm making for my friend's birthday party tomorrow but i'm really distracted bc i think i'm falling for someone and i can't stop thinking about them and it's kinda hitting me like a truck it's so stupid i just want to finish the thing and go to bed but writer's block yknow ughhghhh

Awh man what an exciting time though!! Sounds awesome what you are doing for your friend though, hope you can finish it up soon and get some sleep! Good luck ❤

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What do you want Bighits next yoonkook concept™ to be I'm curious

okay so like. ideally? a coming of age theme where everything is very soft and you can see them slowly falling in love?

or this party themed/adult life where again its like. explicit theyre together.

but taking into consideration their “love yourself” concept ! angst start with some internalized homophobia and it’s Painful to watch bc u can see one of them (or both) hate feeling that way but with time they accept themselves and are able to be happy together