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Why Roy Harper is next in Line to die or Goodbye Arsenal, Hello Speedy

There are several clues that hint that a series regular will leave the show before the end of season 3.

The Decoys

Theories currently floating on the internet circle mostly around John Barrowman or Paul Blackthorne leaving the show. What would be the point to kill off “Green Arrow’s” arch-enemy Merlyn or the Commissioner Gordon equivalent Captain Lance?
The one where Paul Blackthorne a.k.a. Captain Quentin Larry Lance is the one to leave is probably based on this social media post by Stephen Amell on his Facebook page (2nd March 2015).

This is a red herring.

The Clues

An other Stephen Amell Facebook post (19th February 2015) shows us a picture of the Arrow, the Black Canary and Arsenal with the ominous comment: “ Capturing some things for the very last time tonight.”

He then clarified that it had “nothing to do with last pic of the day.”

This is quite a strong statement.

Thisinsinuates the possibilities that

A. theteam could be dismantled

B. costume changes/amendments are coming up

C. one of those three would be off the team for a while

D. one of those three would be off the team permanently.

Possibilities A, B and C are not big enough to be considered as “game-changers”. I will tackle Marc Guggenheim’s “game-changer” comment later in the post.

This is further accentuated by the pictures of the shoot of 3x19 “Broken Arrow” showing Roy Harper being arrested as the Arrow.

I imagine that “the Arrow” - in this case Roy - being incarcerated with criminals that he apprehended would not be good for his health. I cannot speculate on how he gets killed as no synopsis has yet been released for this episode and I do not see any clues in any spoilers given by the show-runners or actors.

I hope that they will not kill off either one of those three but the evidence is unfortunately overwhelming.
In my humble opinion, it would be too early to kill off an other regular but then again that is exactly what I thought when they released the title for episode 3x02 “Sara”. Arrow has a neck-breaking storytelling speed.
Welcome to the world of Arrow. Expect the unexpected or is it really that unexpected?

Arrow’s Side-kick and the ugly Truth

In the comics Green Arrow’s side-kick is Speedy which has either the identity of Roy Harper (a.k.a. Arsenal a.k.a. Red Arrow) or Mia Dearden (only known as Speedy).
Arrow likes to show us characters (amongst certain dialogues or plot-lines) twice to emphasise the importance of them. It is the show-runners go-to move.

The first “Green Arrow” incarnation was Yao Fei (or Shado but this is up for debate). His/her successor is Oliver Queen.
The first “Black Canary” incarnation was Sara Lance. Her successor is Laurel Lance.
The first “Deathstroke” incarnation was Billy Wintergreen. His successor is Slade Wilson.
The first “Merlyn” incarnation was Tommy Merlyn. His successor is Malcom Merlyn.
The first “Manhunter” incarnation was Kate Spencer. Her successor is Mark Shaw.
The first “Brother Blood” incarnation was Sebastian Blood. His successor is Clinton Hogue.
The first “Count Vertigo” incarnation was unnamed. His successor is Werner Zytle.

These are the ones I can remember. Maybe I have missed some.

What all these first incarnations have in common is that they are all dead!

So it is not too far-fetched to assume that the first “Speedy” a.k.a. “Green Arrow’s” sidekick incarnation is Roy Harper and his successor is going to be Thea Queen (or whatever her name will be after the conclusion of her identity crisis).
She was born Thea Dearden Queen, referred to herself as Thea Merlyn in episode 2x19 “The Man under the Hood” and lived under the pseudonym Mia in Corto Maltese (episode 3x04 “Corto Maltese”). After all the commotion about her identity has quieted down, she could change her name to Mia Dearden et voilà there we have Speedy - again.


Since the Arrow pilot 1x01 Oliver is regularly calling Thea “Speedy”. In season 3 more often then in the past two seasons.
In the cross-over episode 3x08 “The Brave and the Bold” Oliver misinterprets Lyla’s reference to “Speedy” as Roy while she meant the Flash Barry Allan. She may be excused as she is not fully in the know and in the inner circle of trust.
In one episode in season 3 Roy tells Oliver not to call him Speedy. Unfortunately I do not remember anymore which episode that was.

It would be so refreshing if they could break their pattern by “getting rid” of Roy without killing him off but my assumption is that Roy Harper dies in episode 3x19 “Broken Arrow”.

Willa Holland posted a picture of hers on Instagram of her mask fitting which will presumably make its debut in the season 3 finale when she joins Team Arrow or the remnants of it. She would want a new superhero costume when she joins Team Arrow as her old costume which we have seen in 3x09 “The Climb” is based on a “League of Assassins”-uniform which is simply not the proper attire for a member of the team.

Furthermore killing Roy parallels the show-runners go-to move of killing off a character to promote an other as we all remember the brutal (and in my opinion unnecessary death of the “Yellow” Canary Sara Lance). It would have been a very powerful thing to have two Canaries on the show. That would have been a thing of beauty (but it probably would have been to much oestrogen for the show-runners to handle on-screen). If I am not mistaken DC Comics did it once upon a time in the comics but please do not quote me on that as I cannot provide evidence for that. The writers just could not come up for a way to make it work or the show-runners wanted to keep going with their “oh so surprising” go-to move.

What a pity. What a waste.

Actors and their emotions

Yep, Captain Amell has the need to share his feelings (amongst other cast members)… (2nd March 2015, Twitter)

… and follows up with (2nd March 2015, Facebook)

Colton Haynes had “a rough night” as per his tweet (2nd March 2015)

Marc Guggenheim cannot stay quiet either (23rd February 2015, source: Marc Guggenheim). He refers to 3x15 “Nanda Parbat”, 3x18 “Public Enemy” and 3x19 “Broken Arrow” as “game-changers”.

I guess opening up a way for Oliver to join the League is a game-changer. Killing off Arrow’s apprentice, to which Oliver swore “not to give up on” in episode 3x06 “Guilt”, is one too for Oliver. It possibly persuades him to leave Starling and join the League which on the other hand opens up new story-lines or gives them a way to conclude others.

And Marc keeps on chatting (he is quite the Chatty Cathy but I love him for that) at the Long Beach Comic Expo (28th February, 1st March 2015) (Source: oliverqlovesfelicity).

Who are we kidding. They all love the foundry. They will not destroy it.

Unfortunately the foundry is now too crowed now that Thea is as well in the folds and the easiest way to get rid of a now “obsolete” character, is to kill him or her off. I call that lazy writing.

The evidence is piling up.

Thea and Roy will probably shatter your heart

To completely batter us the show-runners will probably give us a short and bitter-sweet Thea and Roy reunion before they kill him off moments later. They did it with Moira and Oliver. They probably think that they have not yet given us enough misery.

The Consequences of Roy’s death

What kind of an impact will Roy Harper’s death have primarily on Oliver?

Will he see the value of a full life, embrace the light and turn away from his dark path with Malcom Merlyn and Ra’s al Ghul or will he embrace the darkness and self-chastisement by joining the League of Assassins as Heir to the Demon?

I believe this is a topic for an other post.

Speculate away!

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ooooh man with bellarke i want it to be canon but i really dont want it to be canon anytime soon. i want a long and slow burn like truthfully i dont even know if i want a kiss until season 4 (if we get a s4) and i dont want a them properly together until season 5 maybe (again if we get a s5). thats the gamble tho like i want it to be a really long build but then there is a chance the show could get cancelled before they get together but if they get together too early they could be ruined.

i totally agree. if they do it just because bellarke shippers are screaming for it and it doesn’t happen organically, then it won’t be worth it in my opinion. 

Things I want out of House of Cards Season 4
  • Frank and Meechum reunite.  Sexually.
  • Doug gets what’s coming to him, hopefully through Gavin.
  • Claire runs for an office, wins, and kicks some ass without Frank holding her back.
  • Heather learns that she’s becoming the monster she hates to win. 
  • Donald realizes he’s gonna be a patsy.
  • Jackie and Remy get together for good.  (I’m sorry surgeon dude you’re cute but you’re not fucking Remy)
  • Frank’s house of cards comes tumbling down.
  • Also Frank just bones more guys in general.

Merthur + “Arthur values your opinion above almost all others. Even if he’d be the last person to admit it.”


Sterek AU: Stiles has an… idea about a way to try to trigger young Derek’s memories of his future self. Derek isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. He finds it hard to believe that future him is in a relationship with this strangely aggravating boy, but he’s lost and uncertain, everyone he knows is dead and there’s something about this stranger… something that smells like mate and home. 

Practice watercolor done a few days ago! From mah Instagram.