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I'm sorry for being stupid,,, but ummmmmm what's a pony fucker??? Like I genuinely don't know halp D:

You’re fine bb
People who put the ponies in sexual context and want to have sex with them/have them have sexual interactions with each other. Otherwise known as “cloppers” from what I’m told

Unless hasbro is like “o ya the ponies are like 18 or whatever”, which they won’t, it’s not appropriate and makes me horribly uncomfortable sexualizing kid shows like this anyway so I don’t want people who actively do that to reblog my work. 

@  the other anon you’re right i should of said “if you sexualize the mlp ponies don’t interact” but really?? sexualizing them shouldn’t be a thing anyway !!



I’ve only known Ash and Eiji for a day and a half, but if anything happened to them I’d kill everyone in this room and then myself


A lil’ comic to show how does Wheezy and Chips relationship works

sorry if theres any grammar mistake

reasons why leorio is the ballsiest character in hxh:

  • pretty much told illumi to fuck off from the get-go
  • to chrollo, knowing who he was: “the hell’re you lookin’ at huh, want a piece of me? do ya?
  • tried to fight hisoka after the clown just idk killed two dozen men 
  • was borderline ready to throw down with an old lady
  • punched ging and proceeded to flip him off on national television
  • unintentionally won a pissing match against the devil himself (i.e. pariston) 
  • the only one willing to call kurapika out on his bullshit 24/7 (good god)
  • uses a switchblade and is 102% ready to shank a bitch
  • wears sunglasses indoors 
housewarming gift.*

*WARNING: Mature Content! Do not read further if you are uncomfortable with this.

request: y/n and bestfriend!harry have no choice but to share a bed and end up cuddling, but harry gets hard in the middle of the night and gets kind of rough.


where harry gives y/n a housewarming gift.

this is my first time writing smut so I don’t know how this turned out lol. Don’t expect more of this from me unless there’s a storyline to go with it that’s really really interesting. :)

(also that picture of harry got me fucked up)


“I can always sleep on the couch.”

Harry’s pink lips slur out the most obvious solution to their current predicament. The evening sun that had once decorated the small apartment with its golden light had now leaked a mystically romantic moonlight. Combined with the empty beer bottles littered across the kitchen counter, y/n was careful about her words that would follow.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is no couch.”

With her sat on the counter, y/n watched Harry’s curious eyes scan over the empty room. She was still settling in after paying the first rent towards her new apartment, which meant that the place had not been entirely furnished as of yet.

She could feel Harry’s hot breath on her shoulder when he tipsily chuckled at himself for being so oblivious to his surroundings. He stood in close proximity at her side, leaning against the counter with his hand close to dangerous territories.

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My Brother’s Enemy

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Request: Sweet Pea x Andrews Reader where Archie see Sweet Pea dropping off his little sister at night. And he sees you sneak into the house and decides to confront you about it.

Archies POV

Movie night with Ronnie was a success. No one was barging to keep my door wide open, no one to tell me to turn down the tv, and no one to ruin the moment Ronnie and I had in the middle of the movie. I was cleaning up after Ronnie left when it hit me I knew my dad was at a town meeting but Y/N was quiet. Too quiet if you ask me, She would have done something to interrupt Veronica’s and I little moment. But there was nothing she didn’t even come down when I said I brought her Pop’s. She loves Pop’s I should probably go check on her. I went upstairs to knock on her door but there was only silence

“Y/N you okay? Can I come in ?”

Again nothing at this point I start freaking out. I try to open her door but it’s locked she never locks her door. Something is wrong what if the Black Hood came back to hurt my family? What if Y/N was his next target and I was with Ronnie the whole night in my room not giving a second thought about my sister. I knock down the door at once only to find her room empty. Everything in place no sign of struggle. Where the hell could she be? I reach for my phone in hopes she answers and she does.

“H-Hey Arch whats up”

It sounded like she had a frog in her throat like something was distracting her

“ Where are you and why was your door locked? I thought the Black Hood broke into the house and killed you.”

“I’m fine Archie I just went to Pop’s to get a milkshake since you forgot to get me one. I’ll be home soon kay. Bye”

“ Y/n”

She did not just hang up on me.


I did not want to be in the same house as Archie and Veronica, yea I get it you guys are horny teenagers but seriously when I’m home.Archie could have told me to leave so he could have his moment. so before their thing could even get started I decided to call my boyfriend Sweet Pea. we have been dating ever since Jughead transferred to Southside High. He acts all tough on the outside but on the inside when he’s with me he is the sweetest boy in all of Riverdale.

“Hey baby girl whats up”

“Pea can you come pick me up at my place?”

“Sure are you okay?”

“ Yea I’m fine its just Archie and Veronica are having a date night and I don’t feel like hearing them having sex next to my room you know”

“One gross and two I’m on my way beautiful”

“Thanks, Sweet Pea call me when your here”

It didn’t take Sweet Pea long to get to my house. I knew I could leave throw the front door, so I locked my door so Archie thinks I’m asleep and I’ll leave throw my window. I mean Sweet Pea sneaks up here all the time I mean how hard could it be to get down from a two-story window right. Boy was I wrong, how does Pea even get up here. My phone rings interrupting my train of thought.

“Babe I’m outside”

“ Sweets Could you come to my bedroom window, please?”

“Oh trust me I have a perfect view “

I look down my window to see SP looking up at me with his famous smirk.

“Need some help escaping your castle, Princess?”

“I don’t get how you do this so easily”

“Just jump I”ll catch you”


“Promise… now hurry up before your idiot brother hears us”

I grabbed my bag and my jacket and looked down my window. Even with SP ready to catch me I was still scared. But I know Sweet Pea will catch me he would let me get hurt. I closed my eyes and jumped down to him nearly letting out a scream. I open my eye to meet beautiful dark brown eye that belonged to the one and only Sweet Pea.

“Told ya I would catch you. You wanna head to my place?”

But before he put me down I grabbed his face a gave him a long-awaited kiss.

  “Lets bounce Sweets”

At Sweet Pea’s Trailer

I get out of SP truck and follow him to his trailer. It’s funny how I spend the majority of my time here. Jeez, I even have some close here and same at my place with SP’s clothes. Well mostly because I steal them from him.

“Home sweet home am I right baby girl”

 “Home Sweet Home is right Pea. So what do you wanna do?”

“You wanna watch a movie or something”

 “Sure sounds great.”

Halfway throw the movie I got a bit warm so I took off my jacket leaving me in my white tank top. SP took this as an opportunity to put his arm around my shoulders to bring me closer to him. He then started to play with my hair I didn’t think anything of it because he usually plays with my hair if we are spooning in his bed. I finally noticed once I felt his lips on my neck. In all honesty, I didn’t want to stop him it felt too good. So I move my neck more to the side to give him full access. Who would have thought my night would end up like my brother’s. I let out a soft moan as SP finds my sweet spot.

“You wanna take this to my room?”

 Before I could answer Sweet Pea’s question my phone starts rings. Pea lets out a low growl and grabbed my phone to see who was calling me and I see that it was Archie. Sweet Pea answers the phone and hands it to me as he continues to kiss my neck and jaw.

“H-Hey Arch Whats up?

  “Where are you and why was your door locked? I thought the Black Hood broke into the house and killed you.”

“I’m fine Archie I just went to Pop’s to get a milkshake since you forgot to get me one…. I’ll be home soon kay. Bye” 

After I hang up on Archie I let out a moan. The whole time I was on the phone with Archie I knew Sweet Pea was giving me a hickey.

  “Your an asshole you know.”

“So, you love this asshole.” he just keeps kissing my neck trying to give me another hickey.

  “Pea seriously stop I have to go home. Archie already knows I’m not home I have to go.”

SP lets another low growl and pulls away from my neck. He looks at me with the most serious look and says

“You so owe me.”

  “I’ll make next time worth your wild Pea”

“I’ll keep you to your word. Now let get you home Princess before the dragon comes looking for you.”

At the Andrews Residents

  “Did we really need to take your bike?”

“What can blame me for wanting my girls arms around me. Well we have made it to your castle Princess and with the dragon looking right at us.”

  “Well then why don’t we give him a show to look at.”

And with that you got off Sweet Pea’s bike and gave him a long passionate kiss. SP pulls away only to get off his bike to give Archie another show, him making out with his little sister. This made Archie so made He came out the house ready to punch Sweet Pea but by the time he got to his sister SP was long gone.

“What the hell Y/N! Why were you with that thug of a serpent. He could have killed you, you know. Wait are you two dating?”

You just simple walk you to your house and go upstairs and ignore Archie until he got upstairs

“You are not allowed to see him ever again. You hear me he’s dangerous.”

  “Oh like your girlfriends dad. He is who you should be worried about not me and Sweet Pea now if you don’t mind I have to fix my door because someone knocked it down.”

“Hey this conversation isn’t over Y/N”

  “Yea it is”

I hope you enjoy your request and I’m sorry for any error this is my first Imagine and I hope I made you all proud

Zodiac Signs as Lil Peep Lyrics

Aries- “Everybody telling me not to, but I’m gonna try.” (The Brightside) 

Taurus- “Just look at the bright side. Just look at the club lights.” (The Brightside)

Gemini- “I don’t wanna wait now, but I know you’re gonna make me.” (Benz Truck) 

Cancer- “This musics the only thing keeping the peace while I’m falling to pieces.” (Star Shopping) 

Leo- “I feel like I’m a no one, that’s what they told me. I’ma show ya, baby, I was chosen.” (Beamer Boy) 

Virgo- “You don’t even know what I’ve been through… You know I love you by the way that I kiss you.” (Hellboy)

Libra- “You like attention, I find it obvious. She makes it obvious for me.” (Awful Things) 

Scorpio- “Do I make you scared? Baby, won’t you take me back?” (Save That Shit) 

Sagittarius- “Look at my face while I fuck on your waist ‘cause we only have one conversation a week.” (Star Shopping) 

Capricorn- “I ain’t saving bitches if I can’t save myself.” (The Day I Finally Do It)

Aquarius- “Why the fuck is everybody the same?” (OMFG) 

Pisces- “Loving you is like a fairy tail… Time I spent with you deceiving me.” (Spotlight) 

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how do you think velvet and ilia would interact?

Velvet helps Ilia when she gets overwhelmed.

Velvet: Ilia?! Are you ok? What’s wrong

Ilia : There’s too many cute girls. No one told me there would be so many! I can’t walk 5 steps without blushing!!

Velvet : I know how ya feel … it’s torture.

Dad Duty || Tom Holland

Warnings: fluffy fluff, sorta step-dad!Tommy vibes

Word Count: 1,907

Author’s Note: I had a long and stressful weekend so here’s a recently written story of mine. Lemme know what you think!

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“MOMMY!” Tom was out of his girlfriend’s bed before he even knew what he was doing, recovering her bare body. Creeping quickly down the hall, he popped open the blush pink room, the little brunette girl shying away the moment Tom was in her room. He tsked.

“What’s the matter sweetie?” She stared up at him with the same bright eyes as her mother. Still clutching onto the rails of her crib, the three year old shook her head. Tom crouched next to her bed, the little one looking down upon him now,

“Its alright little one. What’s wrong?” She looked at him for a moment before speaking up quietly,

“Where’s mommy?” Tom smiled,

“She’s still sleeping. But I can help you hon. You gotta go potty?” Little Marley nodded, her rosy cheeks growing even darker. Tom stood straight again,

“We can do that. How bout I take you to the bathroom and then we can make breakfast for mummy.” That excited the little girl, her head nodding viciously. Tom smiled, reaching in the crib and holding her to his hip as he carried her down the hall to the bathroom. Setting her down, she held onto his hand, almost losing her balance. Tom smiled, closing the door behind her and padding to the bedroom to pull his jeans on. Returning to the bathroom door, he held his hand out again,

“Better?” Marley nodded, taking hold of Tom’s much larger hand. He walked her down the hall, picking her up and setting her on the counter. Kicking her feet, Marley watched her mother’s boyfriend pull eggs and milk and sugar and flour from the cupboards setting them just beside her. He smiled as Marley looked down at the ingredients inquizzativly, watching Tom throw all of them into a bowl skillfully. Pulling out a chair, he let Marley stand on it and whisk the mixture, handing her a handful of chocolate chips as he mixed them into the bowl. He could tell she was starting to come out of her shell after all those months of him and her mother being together.

“Do you love my momma? Like for real?” She asked, cocking her head. Looking at her without stopping mixing, he nodded,

“Of course. I love your mummy a lot. I love you too ya know.” Looking down at the melting chips in her hand, she picked more up,

“My daddy didn’t.” Tom tsked,

“He did. He just wasn’t mature enough to be your daddy.” Kicking the counter gently, Tom looked up at the little girl, her soft green eyes locked on him,

“Momma says he was an ass.” Tom smiled,

“And she told you you can say that huh?” Marley nodded, her face lighting up. Tom chuckled,

“I suppose he was, but he and I never crossed paths darling.” She cocked her head again when she looked up,

“Where did you and mommy meet?” Tom thought on his answer.

“Your mummy and I met through a friend of mine named Harrison. Harrison and mummy had been friends for a while and when he and I went to another friend’s birthday party, she came and sat with us and Harrison officially introduced us.”

“And then you fell in love with her?” Tom smiled, his heart fluttering as he remembered all the little things. The way they ran through the rain, laughing as they ducked under a train station cover because of how soaked they were. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked, her hair sticking to her skin and her black bra visible through the thick white sweater, now drenched. With a few more forced giggles and chuckles he finally did what she wanted. He kissed her.

“Yeah… I fell in love with her.” The night she brought Tom home, she had told him she had a surprise. It was in fact a surprise, but most definitely not what he thought. Walking in her front door, they were met with an almost three year old who, mid-yell for her mother shied behind the woman’s long legs. She just giggled, lifting her little girl to her hip, a big smile on her face rather than nervous over how Tom would react. That’s why he was so deep in love with her. Rather than being scared he’d run for the hills, she was proud of the little one she had.

“This is Marley. My little girl.” Tom was breathless. Marley was just as beautiful as her mother and all over again, he was falling. He knew then that he wanted to be there for the both of them. But since then, Marley had been quite the shy little one.

“And then what?” Marley quizzed, breaking Tom from his thoughts. Flipping some pancakes onto a plate, he turned back to Marley,

“Well, you’ve seen most of it. Your mumma and I are just together and I love her… and you.” Starting on the eggs, he watched Marley look down at her chocolate covered hands. He smiled, wetting a paper towel and dabbing at them,

“And even though your mumma loves me back, she will most definitely kill me if you get anything on this nightgown we bought you.” Staring up at him, Tom pinched her cheek,

“What’s the matter baby?” Tossing the paper towel aside, he looked down at her, her green eyes darting all over his face,

“Are you gonna marry mommy?” Tom smiled, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the small diamond ring he always carried with him,

“Of course I am. I can’t leave my girls.” She stared down at the ring in awe as he twirled it in his fingers. Holding it out to her, she took it gently, trying to put it on her own tiny fingers,

“Its so pwetty.”

“Mmhmm. You think your mummy’ll like it?” She nodded without hesitation, her little curls bouncing. Tom smiled, watching as she looked up,

“When?” Tom shrugged,

“I haven’t gotten to that part yet. Soon hopefully.”

“Put it on the breakfast tray!” Marley squealed, teetering on her legs. Tom chuckled,

“You think so? Do it now?” Marley nodded,

“Mommy looked at dresses a few weeks ago. Now she can buy one!” To say Tom was surprised was a bit of an understatement. When had she looked at wedding dresses? And why hadn’t she told Tom? He took the ring back from the little girl, twirling it in his fingers. If Marley was excited, maybe he should do it. Setting it just beside where the orange juice would go, he could hear his heart thumping in his ears. Now he was really in for it.

He sighed as he turned both burners that had been on, off, flipping eggs and bacon onto the plate and placing it in the center of the tray. Pouring a glass of orange juice, he set it just beside the ring, his heart fluttering again. He swallowed his nerves before setting the little girl on her feet,

“Let’s go wake your mumma up.” He trailed after her, careful not to spill anything, smiling as she pushed the door open. Setting the tray aside, he helped Marley on the bed, watching her crawl over to her mother, nuzzling into her neck. She stirred, smiling as she wrapped her arm around her baby girl,

“Good morning mommy.” Marley cooed.

“Good morning baby.” She cooed back, her voice still thick with sleep. Opening her eyes, she stroked Marley’s curls, looking up at Tom,

“Good morning handsome.”

“Good morning love.” Looking to breakfast on the bedside table, she looked down at Marley,

“Did you help Tommy make breakfast?” Marley nodded, sitting up on her shins,

“He let me have some chocolate chips.” Sitting up and holding the sheet to her chest, she smiled up at her boyfriend,

“Oh really? Can I taste what you guys made?” Tom nodded, pulling the tray onto the bed, watching her pick up the bacon, narrowly missing the most important part. Tom was nervous, watching the love of his life share bacon with her little girl. Marley looked sleepy, but she leaned into Tom, munching on the little piece. Tom kissed the top of her head, looking back to his girlfriend,


“You two are very friendly this morning. Marley, baby, do you like Tom now?” Tom chuckled as Marley looked up at the man that she’d shied away from for months, shrugging,

“Yeah.” Tom snorted, smoothing her hair down. Reaching across the tray for her orange juice, she paused, her eyes locked on the diamond, catching the light. Tom’s breathing sped up, Marley not even phased. Changing her mind, she reached down, picking it up. Tom licked his lips,

“I’ve had it in my pocket for a while. Marley said I should do it now so I thought… why not?” Finding Tom’s eyes again,

“Tom…” He smiled, dropping to one knee next to the bed,

“If you’ll both have me… I love the both of you and I don’t wanna think about life without you. I want to be your husband and Marley’s father. I’d never do anything to hurt you and I want to be your everything… Will you marry me?” Finding Tom’s eyes, she cleared her throat,

“Can you uhh… can you hand me your shirt?” Tom nodded, reaching down to pick the gray tee from the floor. Handing it to her, he licked his lips, watching her set the ring aside and pull the shirt over her head. Finally covering herself, she picked the ring up, sliding it on her finger and crawling into Tom’s lap.

“Yes Tom. Yes, I’ll marry you.” She mumbled into his skin. Tom smiled, holding her body to his. Stroking her hair, she cried silently into him for just a few moments,

“What about you Marley? Are you okay with me marrying your mummy?” Tom asked, both adults looking to the little girl on their bed. Marley looked to her mother before giggling and nodding, climbing into Tom’s lap with her mother. Tom kissed her forehead, nuzzling both girls into his lap. Kissing his new fiancèe, he smiled,

“So how many dresses did you already look at?” Going wide eyed, Marley and Tom laughed at the lady in his lap.


“Well, little Marley says you looked at dresses and now you can finally buy one.” Looking to her daughter, she narrowed her eyes,

“Traitor.” The little one squealed as she was pinned to the bed, fingers tickling at her sides. Tom chuckled, watching Marley fight her mother off. Turning to Tom, his fiancèe smiled, cocking her head,

“I’ve looked at about ten dresses and I know of one we’ll both love.” Tom smiled as she crawled back over to him, placing a hand on his cheek,

“I love you, and there is no man I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. And there’s no man I’d rather have my little girl call her daddy.” Leaning in, she kissed him, Tom’s hand on her lower back. Pressing her forehead to his, Tom gently pecked her lips,

“And I love you. There’s no better woman to have by my side, and there is no better little girl to be a father to.” Marley giggled as she was hugged into the two of them, Tom pressing a kiss to her temple. She hugged her mother’s body to her own, and looking on, Tom was content with everything in his life.


for the people in my life 

ARIES I never thought it would be you. I’m falling for you so fast I feel like I’m plummeting towards earth like the poor whale in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. But I’m not falling, I’m laying here in your safe, strong arms wondering how the hell you snuck past my guard. Like bro, I spend years building this wall and you just waltz past it like it’s nothing. I’m not mad about it though. You’re melting every fibre of my Capricorn Venus heart with your fire, fearlessly telling me everyday how much you adore me. I know I’m cold sometimes, feelings are hard for robot girls. But I love you Mac Daddy, with everything I have. I will ride for you until the end of time. Maybe I’ll show this to you one day. But just maybe. 

TAURUS I feel like you are discovering a new side of life. After being trapped in your hell for so long. Us, your girls, we are bound to you not only by blood, but by soul. So when you hurt, we hurt. You can’t even imagine how much happiness you are bringing to all of us by taking care of yourself like this. Finally putting yourself first after all these years. Fuck all the people that don’t agree with your methods. Your unyielding belief in us and how you never, ever judge us is why we can be our authentic selves. I swear mum, if I ever make it I’m gonna buy you the most beautiful house that you can fill with your art, your dinner parties and your marijuana smoke. This year, and every year after that will be yours, because your voice is finally your own. Also, last night I lucid dreamt about your bacon, pepper & cream cheese pasta so I’m coming over. 

GEMINI The baby, my baby. Seeing you in action fills me with overwhelming pride. Keep growing and being as unfiltered and unbothered as you are, we’re all learning to be better people as you lay your pure love on us. 

CANCER You’re doing amazing sweetie. 

LEO You showed me how much it can hurt. I used to love you so much I could barely breathe. But when I look at you now all I feel is respect for your art and your heart. You forced me to grow, even though it was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I lost myself completely, but when I found myself again I couldn’t imagine having it any other way. 

VIRGO My boss babe. Jesus Christ mum and dad make pretty babies, but that’s not even the most beautiful thing about you. I have never witnessed determination like this, I’m honestly just going to get out of the way and let you pound the goddamn pavement. And of course give you life advice, hand down my clothes and let you live with me for free like a good big sister. Every single amethyst crystal you’ve given me is above my bed, and you’re right my insomnia is getting better with every month. I thank mum every day for giving you to me, I cannot wait to live my life with you in it.

LIBRA It’s incredible how the two Libra’s I know are the epitomes of the good and bad sides of this sign. One is the most selfless, charming, talented and kind-hearted man ever to enter my life, and the other is the most toxic, vain, selfish and manipulative person I’ve ever known. So I’m going to focus on the positive. Thank you, just thank you, for your kindness, your patience and your love. For giving me a roof over my head when I had nothing but a shattered heart. For making the best soups ever, for playing cards with me when all my friends say it’s boring. You didn’t need to do any of it, but you did because the universe really did it’s thing with you. You and your beautiful family will always have a piece of me. 

SCORPIO Hey best friend. You’re turning into such a mum and I love it. This month has been hell for you but you’re still a ray of fucking sunshine. You’re the only person that I hide nothing from so I really don’t have much to say that I haven’t already told you. Let’s go to the swimming pool soon. Okay. Bye. Love ya. 

SAGITTARIUS My love sick Sagittarian soul sister. When you took me under your wing, I started seeing life through a new lens. A purple one, because you are a fearless, tattooed, bona fide bad ass. You have been through everything bad a person could possibly go through, but your heart remains just as warm and kind. That says so much about you as a person. My favourite story you’ve told me was when you were fifteen and didn’t have a license, but still bought a red Mustang and taught yourself how to drive it on the way home. The fact that you have found happiness makes me so happy. I will forever be your canvas mama. 

CAPRICORN After all these years you’re still the Capricorn in my life. Although you’re too cold these days. Your lies are catching up to you. Why is it so hard to admit that you loved someone? I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about her. She gave you everything and you could only give her the same behind closed doors. You have too much talent to be this person. Your heart is too soft for you to put up this front. I know so, because I was the only person you could love out loud. 

AQUARIUS You’re finally growing into yourself. Don’t worry so much, you got this. You can’t see the future so you need to stop trying. Just live. Focus on what you can do in the now. One bump in the road is not the end of your dream. Believe in yourself more, everyone else does. It’s all coming your way. 

PISCES My spicy Pisces. I love you dearly. You always say I’m the only person that knows when you lie. Don’t ruin yourself, you are not your parents. Open that restaurant you keep talking about, because every time you cook me something I get a full body orgasm. I love you. I know I said it twice but I feel it so deeply. I will always be on your team, since second grade and forever and always.