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What do you think of Vulpes Inculta?

i hate him and think hes a pussy ass bitch like everyone else in the legion but i hate him specifically just because of the way he talks. he fucking sounds like hes going to lecture me about something really hard and boring like statistics and it made me so fucking mad when i first met him at nipton i decided to kill him despite being underleveled because his voice just pissed me off that much i felt like  a wild chimpanzee

and the thing is i didnt even bother memorizing his name or anything i killed him and moved on and forgot about him and later i saw people like discussing him and i was like Who the FUCK is vulpes and when i googled him i was like Oh..its the guy i immediately killed and learning he had like genuine fans was extremely shocking to me


Most iconic moments from Beauty and the Beast (2017)
  • Le Fou trying to spell Gaston - G-A-S-T-i think there’s another T but it’s occurred to me I’m illiterate and have never attempted to spell it before wow this is hard 
  • Belle turning down Gaston’s dinner invite and he’s like “Oh, you’re busy” and Belle just says “No” like bitch apply cold water to your burn.
  • Cogsworth’s wife turning up at the end and him wishing he could turn back into a clock
  • Beast’s “makeover” to impress Belle- that makeup though 
  • “Have you thought about growing a beard” and that grOWL AFTERWARDS
  • Ewan McGregor and his terrible French accent
  • Beast literally taking Belle doWN with that big ass snowball 
  • Those three women that keep pining over Gaston turn up and Le Fou leans in and stage whispers “Never gonna happen” 
  • Those three dudes getting Schuyler sister makeovers and the third one owning it
  • Everyone forgetting about Gaston at the end like did his corpse disappear or is it laying on the grounds somewhere and everyone just left him to rot
  • Le Fou trying to comfort Gaston by telling him to think back to the war where he killed all those dudes
  • Maurice: Hey look a nice meal thank you kind person. Maurice: A FUCKING TALKING CUP WHAT AM I HIGH I’M LEAVING GOODBYE
  • Le Fou being concerned that the castle has ghosts when a literal beast lives in it
  • The Beast giving Belle a library just to prove she has horrible taste in literature
  • “Have you read all of these books???” “No, some of them are in Greek” and Belle being all “Was that a joke are you trying to joke omg”
  • Gaston being French and having no clue what Je Ne Sais Quoi means
  • Gaston complimenting himself in the mirror like “you are the most beautiful I’m not done with you yet”
  • Disney actually acknowledging that not all relationships are between one white male and one white female like there’s love all over the place in this movie BLESS 


The word was acid, eating through him. Was that what rumors made Yuuri out to be? A trophy for him to play with? Not an equal, not Victor’s beloved, not the terrifyingly beautiful siren that had blown through half a city just to get to him, but an object of ownership.

“How exactly do people think I’ve managed to tame a siren?” Victor asked, pushing his ordered glass away. The drink lost its appeal. Chris accepted it with dry gratitude instead.

“That’s the question, isn’t it? What everyone is wondering. How did you catch yourself a siren that didn’t kill you on the spot?”

That was the point that was being missed. Victor didn’t catch Yuuri. If he had caught Yuuri, he was certain he would not have kept his head long enough to even have a thought of how wondrous life with a siren could be. His life was Yuuri was nothing more than Lady Luck coming to give him her blessings from the very start. A chance encounter that would have been missed with the slightest change in the wind filling his sails.  

“Natural charms like mine are impossible to replicate,” Victor replied bitterly, leaning back in his stool. The idea of someone attempting to tame a siren was laughable. If he brought up such a concept to Yuuri, he would welcome a dip in the ocean waters when Yuuri’s glare would tell him to jump overboard. “There’s no controlling a siren. And I wouldn’t want to either. That’s not what he is to me.”

Victor was not about to explain his entire relationship with Yuuri, defend it against rumors. It would be pointless. He had a better plan already. To catch Yuuri in his arms when he came soaring back, his sweet chirps skipping across the sea. Victor knew what they were to each other. He would never stop Yuuri from flying, never want to change him from what he was. Victor would have Yuuri exactly as he was, feathered and beautiful, with a siren’s temper, forever.

Victor had explained to Yuuri the concept of marriage, the exchange of vows, the trading of rings. Yuuri might have already taken all of Victor’s rings from the first day, but it was about time they did it properly. Perhaps it did not matter, really, but there was nothing that Victor wanted more than to have Yuuri as his family, even if it was only by formal social rules set forth by his own kind. And he knew Yuuri would love it, to be able to participate in Victor’s culture, in a human mating ceremony of sorts. And then, if Victor ever encountered another who dared to call Yuuri a pet, a siren under inexplicable influence, Victor could correct them. Not his siren. His husband. Victor Nikiforov, the most infamous pirate on the seven seas and Yuuri’s husband. It would be the greatest title he could ever earn. 

If others wanted themselves a pet, well, Victor could sit back as they attempted to get one. Less fools for him to dispose of. "Has anyone tried?“ he asked, with a touch of curiousity. He had no doubts that there would be those that would seek the thrills and challenge of obtaining a siren. It would not be long before the lack of returning ships explained their fates. "To get one?” He could enjoy listening to a story, laughing at a drunken sailor spinning lies to buy himself a sliver of attention with tales of close encounters. How many would mistake a siren for a mer? “Because I’d love to see someone try.”


It was not Minako who said his name, but Chris. He looked to his companion and found Chris sitting up, posture tense as he stared out at the bar. Victor turned. 

Every patron was focused on him, visibly straining to catch each syllable that left his mouth. With his quiet, not another sound was heard.

Victor narrowed his gaze, able to feel their desires for inquiry itching into him. “Does anyone here have a question?”

One man, seated at the table nearest the bar, spoke up. “Come on, Nikiforov, tell us how you got your pet.”

Victor stepped off his barstool and stood straight, tugging on his captain’s coat so that he presented himself proper. The fall of his boots echoed through the still of the bar as he strode up to the man and seized him by the throat, flipping and pinning him onto the table. The drink and food the place of which he took clattered to the floor.

The man had no chance to get away, because Victor’s pistol was cocked against the underside of his chin. “If you call him a pet again, I will deal with you in the same manner that I dealt with the great Pirate Morooka. Or better yet, I’ll feed you to said pet.”

He plucked a steak knife off the table, the blade dripping wet in spilled drink. With a twirl of his fingers, Victor jammed the knife into the man’s shirt collar a split hair from his skin, glare of his blue eyes an even sharper threat as they snapped up to take in the rest of the patrons. “That goes for all of you! And anyone else who dares.”

Leaving confirmation unspoken, Victor spun away and threw enough coins at Minako to cover the damage he might have caused. He left the bar in silence, the tension a plunging weight. The only thing that weighed heavier was the jewelry which remained secure inside his coat. 

More Wammy’s house memes

- Sitting next to Near in tests to cheat off him and somehow still coming out with a C-

- Ignoring the curfew bell because time isn’t real Roger

- Commissioning furry artists to draw porn for Beyond. He hangs the pictures on his walls

- Classes dissolving into anarchy if anyone starts singing we didn’t start the fire

- ‘Matt says he saw Near in the showers. He said Near has an eight pack. He said Near is fucking shredded’

- Mello looking into the camera like he’s on the office any time Near starts talking

- Anyone saying Kira immediately does the Kill Bill sirens 

- Matt is behind wikileaks and also is twitter user @dril

- Everyone dressing as L for halloween

- Matt whipping too much and giving himself whiplash

- Reading Mello’s 2004 self insert fanfic aloud in the common room

- ‘Do you think L thinks about me as much as think about him?’ ‘Go to sleep Beyond.’

- Raising people’s percentages of being Kira when they piss you off

- ‘Why hasn’t L arrested that Yagami prick yet?’ ‘They be fuckin.’

  • mcgonagall: do you think we should start requiring permission slips for quidditch? i mean, potter literally lost all the bones in his arm last year
  • dumbledore: nah
  • mcgonagall: also, maybe we should let parents know if we're gonna send students into the forest for detentions? remember when we sent potter in there and you-know-who tried to kill him?
  • dumbledore: nah
  • mcgonagall: well, maybe we should get permission from parents for extracurricular activities. dueling club last year resulted in potter being outed as a parsletongue, and everyone thought he was the heir of slytherin for most of the year
  • dumbledore: nah
  • mcgonagall: alright, well, potter wants to know if he can go to hogsmeade. the abusive muggles you saddled him with wouldn't sign his form

context: the party was fighting two cultists, and had already used unconventional methods to get rid of some cultists earlier (see: our wizard using whisper to make one think istus had chosen him, causing him to “see the light” and leave). terry, our tabaxi druid, decided to use charm person on the cultist who hadnt yet taken any damage. then this happened:

terry: so, what’s your name?

me, trying to quickly think of a name, uncertainly: uh… my name? it’s… uh… braaaaandon?


this lead to like. ten straight minutes of rping, with some highlights being:

me: and now its brandon’s turn in the order. he looks kinda confused, like he doesn’t know what to do, hurt you or the other cultist.

neev, our tiefling rogue: BRAAAAANDON! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM!

brandon: guys, i don’t know… you guys are my new best friends? like i love you? but also i’ve known this dude for a long time… i don’t think i can kill him…

clem, our tiefling cleric: maybe don’t kill him… you can just knock him out?

ro, our human fighter: yeah, just knock him out. that’s a good idea

brandon: okay… if terry thinks so? because terry’s my bestest friend, terry, i love you so much i’d do whatever you want.

terry: yeah, brandon, i love you too. can you knock him out, please?

and also this, when the party started to get tired of talking to brandon:

nyx, our drow bard: hey BRAAAANDON, sweetheart, why don’t you walk into my knife right here?

braaandon: uh, i don’t think that’d be particularly fun, but if terry says so, i guess?

terry, a sweet nerd who’s never committed a murder: UH, i…

and, finally this:

terry: please, brandon, i love you, tell me about the shards (and object he mentioned their cult is collecting)

brandon: i can’t…

xav, our half-elf wizard: can we just kill this dude already?

ro: yeah i’m fed up of this can we GO

brandon: wow, terry, your friends are kind of rude… do you wanna just go? because i only need you, terry. i love you. there’s an altar in the next room. let’s get married. *he starts tearing up*

terry: yeah, ok, brandon, let’s get married. you can tell me about the shards then.

brue, our gnome fighter: fuck this *succeeds a roll with advantage because brandon is distracted and beheads him*

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Do you think Harrys angst was a part of being a teenager or is it just his personality?

I think it was because of the fact he had a terrible childhood without friends and parents, and in his teenager years voldemort wanted to kill him and make everyone he loves suffers (and some of them died). He had to write that he must not tell lie in his own skin and the Ministry didn’t believe Voldemort was back (and some of his coleagues too). His name was put in the goblet of fire and his best friend thought he was an asshole for not telling him that he put there. everything happened because of a prophecy that might not even be about him. He was unsafe in his own mind and had to be tought how to deal with it with a professor that he hated. His first crush was in love with someone he saw being murdered right before his eyes.

And adding to the fact being a teenager naturally sucks for some people, i think that has to do with both.

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Hej Cam :) Imagine this: normal day in manor, batfamily and others come for dinner. Out of anywhere Jason, Tim and Damian start argument calling each other "Replacement" and "Wannabe"and everything would be fine but Dick have bad day, like super bad sick day which last already week and he beaten till black and blue by some thugs, so he is tired and have cleary enough so he shout "shut up, you all my replacement!" and everybody just *freeze*?

This isn’t exactly what you asked for, because I don’t think that Dick would outright call any of his brothers replacement. But here’s something that plays on it, a little.

Thanks to Taylor for donating!

“Get out of my face, brat.”

“Make me.”

“I honestly could if I wanted to. Don’t try me.”

“I will eviscerate you.”

“And get yelled at by daddy dearest? I don’t think you will.”

Today of all days, Dick thinks bitterly. It has to be today that all of his brothers have decided to argue, argue, argue. Well—it’s more like bickering than arguing, and usually that would be fine, but Dick’s had a hell of a day. Hell of a week, and he’s only at the manor because he’d passed out on patrol with Bruce and got taken home like a goddamn child.

Just this once, though, he hadn’t had it in him to argue with Bruce, and he’d accepted the house-arrest order without complaint.

Well. Okay, there had been a little complaint, but it hadn’t spun into a giant argument about independence and being able to take care of himself like it would have a couple years ago, sick or not.

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Bellamy’s Season 5 Arc - Speculation

The 100 tends to follow a pattern with Bellamy and Clarke, and their so-called “dark arcs”. They almost seem to be on alternating schedules. For instance, Bellamy’s first dark arc was Season 1, where he was played off as the antagonist (until he got more fleshed out and started working WITH Clarke, versus against her). In Season 2 he was, for the most part, a hero. Then in Season 3 was his second downward spiral, and Season 4 we saw the return of him playing the hero.

Clarke was the opposite. Instead of Season 1, like with Bellamy, Clarke’s dark arc came in Season 2, with her becoming cold and shutting down her heart. Season 3 was her path out of the darkness, and in Season 4 we saw Clarke return to that dark place with her once more trying to justify her actions as “the only choice”. 

There’s a pattern. 

If it continues (and I think we should be prepared for it to), that would set us up for Bellamy having another dark arc in Season 5, although not in the same sense as previous seasons because he still remembers the lessons he learned then, and Clarke on the opposite schedule (like it’s been in the past). 

When we see Clarke after the six year time jump, she is full of light and hope. I have a feeling that when we see Bellamy again, it’s going to be the opposite.

Throughout Season 4, we saw Bellamy gradually starting to rely on his impulses less and start using his head more. The finale was the climax of his Season 4 arc, with all of the previous episodes leading up to the ultimate moment when he would have to close that door on Clarke, the girl he loves, in order to save his friends. 

He followed his head over his heart.

Bellamy and Clarke have often gone on parallel journeys, just in a different order. I have a feeling that Bellamy’s arc next season might not be all that different from Clarke’s in Season 2 in the sense that, after losing Clarke, he’s starting to shut down his heart and rely more on his head.

Clarke’s shift resulted from killing Finn. Bellamy’s will result from essentially “killing” Clarke by shutting that door on her. It was the right choice to make (otherwise everyone would have died) but also extremely traumatic.

I’ve seen many people being a little surprised at Bellamy’s reaction to Clarke’s “death” and how they were expecting him to cry more. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that Bellamy would try to shove those emotions down and bury them somewhere deep inside him as a coping mechanism if he believes that to honour Clarke’s memory, he has to be a more rational leader rather than an emotional one. 

The best thing to do as the leader of his people? Maybe. But the healthiest? Probably not.

Don’t misinterpret my message: it’s not that I believe Bellamy will be ALL head next season, and NO heart. I think he’s going to be a balance of both (which will make him an excellent leader) but I think that, much like Clarke in Season 2, he’s going to struggle to find his way out of the darkness as a result of some of the choices he makes leading in that way. 

We don’t know what happened in those six years yet, all we know from Jason is that it wasn’t easy for the group of seven up in space. I’m sure we’re going to see the effects of that, and the toll that it took on Bellamy as a leader (and I doubt it will be pretty).

As a somewhat related note, I wanted to talk about what this means in terms of Bellamy’s love life on the Ark, as that seems to be the topic of discussion on my dash at the moment (sans the Bellarke Extra-ness).

Everyone’s worried about Bellamy falling in love with someone else … but the finale is telling a different story. It’s telling the story of Bellamy shutting his heart down, ruling with his head (as I said before, however, I don’t think Bellamy will lead ONLY with his head - because that’s not who he is - but I believe it will be a large element of his character arc). We already saw him start to shut down his heart a bit at the end of 4x13, in the scene where he stares down at the burning Earth.

Yes, I’m sure Bellamy has grieved and “moved on” in six years. But I also think that after what has happened to him, after losing Gina, after losing Clarke - the only two girls he’s ever opened his heart to - he’s not going to be eager to jump into any relationships. Not any serious ones. 

So I’m not expecting any sort of intimate relationship between Bellamy and anyone else on the Ring that involves anything beyond sex. 

If the pattern I mentioned continues, Season 5 could very likely bring us another dark arc for Bellamy (different than previous seasons), and that would involve him closing his heart to any true romance.

(I wonder what might be a natural progression of that arc that would resolve Bellamy shutting off his heart? Hmmm … I might be able to think of one solution. ;))

Anyway, this is a super rough meta that I put together in about fifteen minutes so feel free to add. Tagging @bellamybb 

First Impression

Backstory: It was my very first D&D game. Everyone was level 1 and even our DM wasn’t very experienced. Things didn’t turn out great for everybody.

DM: So, that takes out [Rogue]. The Kobold celebrates it’s victory, and… Who’s turn is next?

Me, a Wizard: Uh, I think it’s just me left alive. I’ll try to heal [Rogue]. 

(The spell fails)

DM: Okay, so the Kobold rolls to attack you…

(He rolls a nat 1, plus also being frightened earning him a disadvantage)

DM: He tries to grab his knife and ends up slicing up his side, killing him instantly. You win.

Rogue: Great job, now take us to the hospital.

After Camp Camp: Max’s Parents

David hadn’t expected this- Well, he hadn’t known what he expected before this, but he knew that THIS certainly wasn’t it.

“You want to adopt our son?” Max’s mom, Alexis, asked, sounding almost amazed.

“What has he said that makes you think he NEEDS to be adopted?” His father, James, frowned, fingers drumming dangerously on the table. “That we don’t care? Because we missed the parents event because of work?”

David swallowed thickly, eyes darting to Max for backup. He felt a heavy weight settle into his face from his rapidly growing blush, embarrassed over how unprepared he now felt. They were right, after all. A child’s account over how they didn’t care about his SUMMER activities at a camp that did ALL activists really weren’t grounds for uprooting him from his parents and adopting him into a new family-

“It’s not that.” Max spoke up suddenly. “It’s everyday of my life with you two in it!”

“Maxwell, you can’t be upset over something this small! When your father and I were your age, we were separated from our parents just to come here!” The woman exclaimed, standing quickly.

“And that’s an excuse to act like I don’t exist!? You sent me to SUMMER camp. Not another country!” The boy cried out.

The room fell quiet, the tension building rapidly. Max’s anger was seemingly quelling, but David and the parents already knew that it would be back soon. Suddenly, James balled up his fist and slammed it onto the table, causing everyone to jump.

“Like you don’t exist!? We sent you to camp to get you out of your room for a bit!” James’ tone had dropped from slightly surprised to murderous. “Now you come back three months later with some stranger who wants to adopt you? Have you gone crazy?”

“His name is David! And at least HE asks me what I want!”

“You’re ten!” Alexia cried, tossing her arms wildly about. “You don’t know what you want!”

“I WANT to stay with David!” The boy’s small frame was shaking by now.

“And I WANT David to leave. Now.” James snapped, his eyes glaring daggers over at the other man.

“I’m not sure how comfortable I’d feel leaving the situation as is. I feel like I’ve caused a bit of confusion with the way I worded myself.” David coughed, though in reality he really didn’t want to leave without Max.

“You seem like a nice guy, I really don’t want to have to call the police on you.” James huffed, slowly rising from his chair. “I would appreciate it if you just left now.”

David bit his lip, looking down at Max for a moment. The boy was shaking, and tears were rapidly welling in his eyes, but David knew that a police report wouldn’t do either of them any good.

Slowly, David stood and made his way over to the door on shaking limbs. From behind him, he could feel Max’s eyes pleading for him to stay a little longer, but there wasn’t anything more he could do now, short of grabbing the boy and running off to the car where Gwen was waiting.


“I’ll see you around, Max. Be good for your parents, okay?” With that, David opened the door and stepped outside.

“David!” The distance between the deck and the stairs felt like a mile, as David continued to walk, forcing himself to ignore Max’s cries of frustration and rage from inside the house.

‘Please don’t think I don’t love you anymore.’ He thought, trying to hold his composure long enough to get to the car.

Inside the house, he knew Max was in trouble. He knew that the poor boy was thinking he had just given up on him, just tossing him out like everyone else, it that wasn’t the case at all.

It was just all that he could do for the time being, and it killed him inside.

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Hi, I was wondering if pack mom stiles is due for an update?

it sure is

Take my seat. by theaisbored (1/1 | 905 | G)

Stiles loves how their pack improves and also loves his Alpha.

Derek Didn’t Know What To Do But Maybe Stiles Did by tiedtogetherwithadagger (2/3 | 5,141 | PG13)

He let his head fall onto Stiles’ shoulder in uncontrolled relief. He wasn’t losing his pack. At least not tonight. Erica would be okay.

“Thank you,” Derek exhaled into Stiles’ hoodie.

“Always,” Stiles said.

You Are Cordially Invited by Akinasky (9/? | 48,828 | PG13)

After Stiles gets to college he ends up text-dumped by Lydia who goes back to Parrish and less than a year later decides to marry the guy and all Stiles can think of is that he doesn’t want to show up to the wedding alone and he can’t think of anyone else to call but Derek Hale. Sour wolf extraordinaire and apparently stalker wolf.

He had no idea the guy would actually come and offer to go as his plus one.

Take Me Back by RobinRider (5/? | 14,247 | R)

Trauma can damage a person’s memories. Laura was murdered, Scott was murdered and Stiles witnessed it all, the only problem is no one believes a Werewolf was the cause. Released from Eichen House Stiles turns to the only person who lost as much as him that fateful night, Derek Hale. Stiles will stop at nothing to find the person or thing that killed his best friend. The pack will stop at nothing to help their Alpha find his sister’s killer and keep Stiles safe along the way.


Stiles believes a Werewolf killed his best friend but everyone thinks he’s crazy. Derek and the Pack help him find the killer and a family.

After the Storm by xtumblrsterekx (3/3 | 4,854 | G)

A glimpse into what life is like after everything that has happened.

I Don’t Blame You for Being You (but you can’t blame me for hating it) by LadySlytherin (1/1 | 39,775 | NC17)

Derek hits Stiles with his Camaro - ‘Dammit, Stiles, it was an accident!’…'Why don’t I believe you?’ and hilarity ensues.

Salvatore or Hale

Reader x Derek

Requested By Anon

“(Y/N) Salvatore six hundred Billion!?” Stiles gasped as he read the list.


“Salvatore as in the vampires?” Derek asked suddenly and all the wolves looked at you when your heart began to race.


“What?” You snapped which had Derek closing in on you, arms crossed, a blank look settling on his face.


“You’re a bloodsucker?” He asked almost growling.


“No.” You sighed but he shook his head.


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OK, but hear me out: What if the Avengers had YouTube Channels?

Clint has a channel where he tries to recreate Pinterest and BuzzFeed DIY’s. You know that type of videos: chaos, DIY’s gone really, really wrong and a lot of (unnecessary) cursing.

“Today we’re going to try to make this sprinkle-shooting arrow. Look at how pretty this sh*t is!”

“It’s on fire! ITS ON FU*KING FIRE!

“OK, that fu*ked up pretty bad”

(Clint Barton in a nutshell)

Caption: “Oh, did that explode? Yeah, it exploded. Sh*t, man. Laura’s gonna kill me.”

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Thor had to do vlogs. Like, have you seen him? This six feet guy, all beefy and worked out, walking around New York being all like “I shall buy the midgardian drink known as coffee this splendorous morning.” 

And then Jane takes him shopping and he just freaks out about the things we invent… And then movie night (am I the only one who thinks it would be hilarious to get Thor to watch a horror movie??). 

He is front line in any protest or march, even if he is not entirely sure of what’s happening. A treasure everyone should protect.

Caption: That one blog, that one time.

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Don’t tell me Tony and Bruce don’t have a collaboration channel where they do experiments and essentially blow things up, because you’re wrong. 

Tony is the one who keeps saying there aren’t enough explosives yet (Really, Bruce. You don’t see it? If we don’t put more TNT in there, it won’t work) and Bruce is he more sensible one (Tony, there’s three kilograms of dynamite in there. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IS THAT?). 

And all their videos end up with stuff either blowing up in their faces or melting through tables. But people still love them, because they are hilarious.

Caption: “Hello guys. Today we are going to do a thermonuclear… Tony, NO. LEAVE THAT ALONE.”

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The kind of multi content uploader is Natasha. She has a series dedicated completely to self-defense, specially aimed to women, where Steve is a regular guest. 

But she also makes beauty videos like 15 Beauty Hacks the Government Doesn’t Want you to Know How to Die Your Hair Red Like the Blood of Your Enemies” “Deadly Beauty: The Secret to Russian Spies’ flawless skin. or Three Winter Outfits You Can Totally Kill Someone With.

Caption: “Here I am, being better than everyone, as usual”

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And last, but not least, Steve Rogers. He does deep reflections every Friday and uploads motivational videos once a month. One of his videos and you are sure to feel strong enough to conquer the world. 

His motivational speeches have moved armies to win battles, and they’re sure to move you to get outta the sofa. But the question remains: Did he write that down or made it up from the top of his head?

Caption: I would say something, but it would be rubbish compared to what Captain America has to say, so I’ll just won’t.

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Kiss Me Not -Part 12-

Find Part One Here!

tags: drarry, hogwarts eighth year, soulmates au

Harry drifted close to the walls as he walked through the dark castle hallways heading for the Great Hall where Draco’s dot on the map had been last. Inside, the sconces along the walls were unlit but the candles still hovered over the long student tables. The flickering flames added new stars to the enchanted sky above which was clear and bright with a billion pinpricks of light.

Draco was sitting on the edge of the head teachers table, swinging his legs back and forth idly as he craned his neck back to look up at the false sky. The moon shone through the windows behind him, crowning him with a silver halo of light.

Harry leaned against the door frame, taking a deep breath to brace himself. The thing was, he had always rather noticed Draco, his hair and his voice and the way he gestured. Harry had noticed him a great deal more than anyone else and he didn’t even really realize he was doing it unless someone pointed it out. He just found his eyes drawn to the flash of white-blond hair and turned when he heard his voice. Harry wondered if maybe everything had been leading up to this in some sort of roundabout way and if it had, and what Ron said was true, then Draco must have felt it too, a bit at least.

Harry took the silencing spell off his shoes and pulled his cloak off.

Draco jumped slightly when Harry crossed the floor and then glared. He waited until Harry was closer so he could keep his voice down to a hiss, “Are you stalking me, Potter?”

Harry stopped at the bottom of the risers leading up the head table, looking up at Draco. Before he could answer, Draco threw in another barb.

“I should say, stalking me again. You never do know when to leave well enough alone. Always poking your nose where it doesn’t belong, trying to make things right,” Draco sneered.

Harry hesitated and then nodded, “Yeah.”

Draco twitched backwards, looking more surprised than when Harry had first startled him.

Harry took a deep breath, “Yeah to all of it. And I’m afraid am really stubborn as well.”

Draco stared at him.

Harry smiled hopefully.

After a drawn out bit of silence, Draco said, “You’re a nutter.”

“Maybe so,” Harry said, stuffing his hands in his pockets, “So I was thinking, I could start sharing time.”

“Sharing time?” Draco asked after a pause, still looking at Harry as if he had gone rabid.

“Well, that’s what you called it.” Harry said, slightly defensively, “Just ask me something.”

Draco’s eyes narrowed, “What sort of something?”

“Anything you want?” Harry said trying not to roll his eyes.

Draco’s eyes narrowed further and he looked Harry over and then around the room, as if expecting a trap. Once satisfied, he asked, “What happened in the forest?”

Harry groaned. Of all the things he had to ask, it would be that.

“I knew you were full of shit,” Draco said quietly, his voice lacking its normal venom.

“That’s not it,” Harry said, pushing his hand through his hair, “Only three people know what really happened, your mum, Ron and Hermione and the last thing I want is it getting out-” he waved a hand at the world in general, “-there. It’s bad enough as it is with the press and papers and this stupid kiss thing.”

“Aww,” Draco said with a melodramatic pout, “Poor Potty, doesn’t want all the world to love and adore him, bowing, grovelling, kissing his feet?”

Harry frowned at him, “You’ve got to know I hate it. If you know me at all, you’ve got to know I hate it.” He sat on the risers, his back to Draco, scrubbing his hands over his face, “I was cornered by a group of second years today. Twelve years old. I swear to Merlin they only went up to my waist.”

Behind him, Draco choked a laugh down into a snigger.

“Very funny,” Harry muttered.

Draco jumped off the table and reluctantly sat on the steps near Harry, “I won’t tell anyone about whatever happened in the forest.”

Harry glanced over at him sidelong.

“I won’t!” Draco said petulantly.

Harry draped his hands over his knees and stared at them fixedly, “I died.” He took a shaky breath and quickly added on before Draco could ruin the moment, “I went into the forest and Voldemort killed me with an avada kedavra.”

“You don’t look very dead,” Draco said.

“I came back,” Harry smiled faintly, “Decided it wasn’t for me.”

Draco grinned for a split second before wiping the expression from his face, “Very funny, Potter, but that doesn’t make any sense. People don’t just come back from the killing curse.”

“Well, there were a lot of factors involved,” Harry said, thinking of the deathly hallows and being a horcrux but it was too soon to share that just yet. “Dumbledore always said love was the strongest magic there is. I was going to die to protect them, everyone in the school.”

“Sounds like bullshit to me,” Draco said.

Harry shrugged, “Ask your mum then. She was there, she saw me get hit by the curse. Voldemort asked her to check I was dead and she lied to him, so she could find you.” He shivered and squeezed his hands together, “How about we talk about anything else now. How are you doing on the potions assignment?”

Draco studied him, his shoulders relaxing, “I finished it yesterday.”

Harry grimaced, “Any pointers?”

“What do you have so far?”

Harry’s grimace deepened, “I haven’t started it yet?”

Draco closed his eyes like he was in pain, “It’s due in two days, Potter.”

Harry shrugged guiltily, “I finished the Defense paper.”

“We still have a week for that!” Draco said in dismay.

“It was more interesting!” Harry said defensively.

Draco rolled his eyes, “Fine. Meet me in the library tomorrow after classes and I shall assist you, out of pity, of course.”

Harry grinned, “I’ll see you there.”

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7 ~ Part 8 ~ Part 9 ~ Part 10 ~ Part 11~ Part 12 (you are here!) ~ Part 13 ~

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knightiss  asked:

What would everyone play as if they played d&d? Who would dm!?

I see three possibilities for the DM.

Alphys, if you want a DM that’s here to give you a challenging but fair adventure. The only problem being that she’d have trouble staying confident and sticking to her guns when any player disagrees with her.

Flowey, if you want a DM that thinks it’s not a good day until he’s caused a total party kill. And while he’s great at manipulating the players, the players are also on to him and the game becomes very stressful for everyone as a result.

Or Mettaton, if you want someone completely unexpected who puts a surprising amount of thought and spectacle into his sessions and comes prepared with props and miniatures and hand made environments for the miniatures to inhabit. He would give off the impression that he’s out to kill the party, but not before he toys with them first. And in actuality he secretly kind of wants the players to win but wants them to earn it.


anonymous asked:

Congrats on 1k! Your writing is amazing:) i was wondering if I could get 7, 66, 98, and 84 with Bucky please💕

Hi, anon! Thank you so much for your submission. I hope you’ll like what I did with it ❤️

1k celebratory drabble challenge

Sentences: 7. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” / 66. “I won’t let you get hurt.” / 98. “Don’t shut me out.” / 84. “Come on, baby, up to bed.”

Words: 879

Warning: PTSD, mention of nightmares, feels

Originally posted by camilabarnes

You woke up with a jolt, inhaling sharply. Sweat covered your entire body and your hair clung to your forehead and temples. You were breathing heavily, your heart pounding in your ears as you desperately tried to calm down. Your eyes easily adjusted to the darkness of the room and you saw Bucky, sound asleep next to you, his face pressed in the pillow and his arm draped over your side.

He looked peaceful, so peaceful that the mere sight of him eased your nerves enough for you to find a normal breathing pattern again. Not wanting to disturb his sleep, you carefully slipped out of bed and padded towards the bathroom. You avoided looking into the mirror, not wanting to see your sad, tired reflection. After taking off your shirt, you rapidly splashed ice cold water over your face and on the back of your neck, shuddering at the difference of temperature.

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