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Imagine: Charlie Weasley confessing his feelings for you.

Request: “Could I request a Charlie Weasley one where you’re at hogwarts together and you’re rambling about something and he kisses you cause he thinks you’re cute and that leads him to confess he’s liked you for ages. A little pining maybe? Also slytherin!reader would be amazing” For Anon.

A/N: I had no idea who to use as a face claim for young Charlie, that explains the gifs. And of course I used HP:HM references ;)

      She’s so… perfect, Charlie sighs, resting his head on his hands as he watches you, his best friend, demonstrating for Flitwick at the front of the classroom.

      “Are you alright Charlie?” His friend, Ben asks.

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I texted a friend this picture cause she thinks Harry is hot. She’s not a Harry or 1D fan. Her response was “WHO IS THAT GUY BEHIND HIM!?” She meant Louis. So, I said, “Oh, you know, his boyfriend.” She responded, “wish he was my boyfriend!” Then a moment of silence. I finally get another text that says, “Wait… really?” So, I tell her yes, but she won’t read about it in the mainstream media. She asks for proof. I send about 10 gifs and tell her to look up the lyrics of IF I Could Fly and Home. Anyway, a few minutes later she tells me, “I want it to work out for them so badly! I don’t even know them, but I want them together!” And that was how I accidentally made my non-fan friend a Louie Harrie Larrie today in under ten minutes.

Okay, because people seem to be jumping on this bandwagon:

Show me the proof that people have harassed George Salazar, specifically @’d him or sent him death threats, and I will chill.

So far, though, no one has come forward.

It’s almost like people can’t handle the idea of someone they like saying something problematic, so they dismiss it all as anti-george haters…

Criticism does not equal hate. I like George, and I think I would like him as much as I did before if he realized he did something really hurtful and dismissive of the fans that made the show what it is today, and he apologized, instead of shifting the blame on us for misinterpreting.

Point is:

George Salazar is still a decent human being, but he made a mistake, and we’re allowed to call him on it respectfully.

Again, if there’s actual evidence of harassment happening, please bring it to me, but until then, I’m assuming it’s just people assuming any criticism is just hate.


Beach day!

It makes me sad that some women think they can’t wear a bikini because of the size they wear. Society has taught us that if you wear a bigger size then you should cover up. Well I say fuck societies standards and let’s start loving our bodies. The industry would crumble if more of us loved outselves.

Rock that bikini whether you’re a size 8 or size 22!!

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i remember diving headfirst into the lesbian community on tumblr when i was first coming to terms with things and how alienating it felt because i had nothing in common with anyone except a mutual love for girls and i thought 'i'm not like these girls. am i really a lesbian?' since then i've found gays who share my taste in music and books and have similar views on life and i feel so much more at ease. i still love the lesbian community as a whole but god im glad i found MY gays

yeah!! i think it’s just one of those things where when you’re on this site and looking for commonalities and struggling with a lot of intensely personal stuff, there’s a tendency for other people’s views/thoughts to come across as gospel, and thus be very alienating when you feel any different. (this got rambly and im not going back to proof it so - readmore time)

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Ever since I told my mom I didn’t believe the Shroud of Turin was real, she’s been low-key on a mission to convince me and every time some random-ass youtube video, like the one she just sent me titled “Amazing Proof of the Resurrection of Jesus”, she eats that shit up and makes me watch it as if it’ll convince me. I think she thinks that if I admit in the possibility of miracles as she understands them, and specifically Christian miracles, I’ll return to Mother Church and be her good little Catholic girl again

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thank u ive always sort of hc that the falcon program probably was a little more sinister (on the side of the gov and military obviously this isnt sam is hydra ever!) so i think his relationship with the military is a little less uhhh shall we say ‘romanticized’ esp since he talks about being happy that he’s no longer being ordered around? idk maybe that’s jusssst me

i definitely think sam’s full willingness to steal things from the government is proof that he says “fuck the military” daily 

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Hi, I started following you fairly recently. Mostly because your theories caught my attention and I think there aren’t enough theorists out there who are willing to share what they think with proof and research to support their theories. So you putting well thought theories out for everyone to see made me happy. Anyway, I don’t normally message other users, or say anything actually, but I had to apologize. I’m one of the people who reblogged the klancetament master key theory post. (1)

I know you’ve made posts that you just want to forget about it, but I should still apologize. I have experienced other people getting credit for things I did or ideas I came up with before (sometimes from people I thought were my friends and they didn’t give me any credit as they received credit from everyone, even though I would be standing in the same room as them) so I know it hurts. And I would try to just “forget about it”, but I never really did.(2)

If anything, telling myself that I was being childish only made me less inclined to speak when I had ideas that I wanted to share. There is nothing wrong with being upset, and not everyone can be “thick skinned”, nor is it fair to expect everyone to be. So this is my way of apologizing as sincerely as I possibly can. If it helps, I can even delete my reblog of the post. (3) 

Please don’t feel bad for reblogging the Klancetament. Aside from what I already said, they have other theories that are really good. They just want to bring Klance up and what they are doing is not bad. I am 100% not a thick skin and I don’t think I’ll ever be, I complain, I act childish, and overreact because it wouldn’t be the first time my theories are reposted and at this point, I’m tired of  it. I sometimes feel like I want to delete my blog, but my friends are why I’m still here, it’s why I’ll continue to just ignore it.


Please take a moment to read this post whether or not you like kpop!

Laysha isn’t a very well known group at the moment so I don’t think this has gotten much attention but it deserves all the attention it can get and the girls deserve all the support they can get at this moment.
If you don’t know, Laysha is a girl group under JS Entertainment that has been criticized a few times because of their ‘sexy’ concept and because of that they don’t really get invited to music shows and stuff to promote and thus they aren’t really shown to the public.
Recently two of the members, Som and Goeun, posted to Instagram, with proof, that their own company had installed hidden cameras in their dorm, their cars and other places to get photos of the girls while they were changing and photos taken from inappropriate angles to upload to the internet. I don’t think I even have to describe how wrong this is?? But it’s so disheartening that the members have been put through this and that their company, who are supposed to support and protect the girls, have done such a thing to them.
They of course are going to be taking legal action against their company but please if you can send them an encouraging comment and use the hashtag ‘#ProtectLAYSHA’ on twitter!! I know a lot of people seem to think that hashtags don’t do much but it can bring awareness to the situation and give the girls the attention they need to help bring them justice! 

Their Instagrams: goeun, hyerisom, chaejin | Here is a post on twitter you can retweet!

UPDATE: Goeun deleted her initial post but before she did she stated that it in fact was NOT her company who planted the cameras like it was believed to be (you can read the translation here).

UPDATE #2: Both Goeun and Som have now deleted their posts however, Goeun posted on Instagram stating that the cameras were placed there for variety show but that the footage was not shared with proper consent and that she will continue in her plans to seek legal action. 
“Furthermore, we’ve confirmed that the team from a certain ‘web variety’ show we filmed in the past placed the small cameras in various places, filmed us, and maliciously spread [the videos]. They did not notify us beforehand that they would film our bodies or that type of mature content. We didn’t know it was that type of program at all, because we merely wanted to film with the concept of showing fans LAYSHA’s everyday lives. We will confirm the validity of this situation with the related person in charge and proceed with their sure punishment according to the procedure. As notified before, through a lawful method.“We’re so thankful to everyone who took their precious time to worry about us and care about the situation that we don’t know what to do. We promise we will become a stronger LAYSHA from now on, and we thank each and every person who read this long message.”

fic; No Place Without You

Harry’s in love with life and he’s in love with the world.

Louis’ in love with Harry and he doesn’t think there’s any way he can possibly compete.

A Wanderlust au in which Harry doesn’t have a permanent home and stays with Louis when he visits NYC.

Word Count: 19k 

on ao3 here!

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Would you rather do nothing and become filthy rich in a day, or work tirelessly for years and never get paid?

Situation A
(E₁) Effort = 0
(Δp₁) Profit = 100

Situation B
(E₂) Effort = 100
(Δp₂) Profit = 0

Where values for E and Δp are treated as percentages for the sake of this argument and their limits are:
0 ≤ E ≤ 100
0 ≤ Δp ≤ 100

If we use the equation for Work (W = FΔd) as a base to infer our own equivalent bullshit quantities and derive a new comparable equation, we can then use it to solve for Satisfaction.

Work (W) ≈ Satisfaction (S)
Work = The measure of energy that occurs when an object is moved over a distance by a force
Satisfaction = The appreciation of earning something that occurs when a person achieves a profit through an effort

Force (F) ≈ Effort (E)
Force = Energy as an attribute of movement
Effort = Earning as an attribute of achievement

Displacement (Δd) ≈ Profit (Δp)
Displacement = The difference between the final and initial position
Profit = The difference between the final and initial wealth

(W = FΔd) (S = EΔp)
“Work is equal to force times displacement” is approximately equal to “Satisfaction is equal to effort times profit”

Where the limits for S are:
0 ≤ S ≤ 100²

According to this Satisfaction equation: in a worst case scenario low effort and low profit will yield the lowest satisfaction value, greater than or equal to 0; whereas in a best case scenario high effort and high profit will result in the highest magnitude of satisfaction, less than or equal to 10000. Interestingly, when both variables are made inversely proportional to one another the highest satisfaction value that can be reached is only when effort and profit are equal, E = 50 and Δp = 50, and is ¼th the maximum possible satisfaction value attainable in the best case scenario. However, in our particular case, both situations will result in 0 satisfaction since multiplying anything by 0 will always yield 0 product:

Situation A
S₁ = E₁Δp₁ → 0 = (0)(100)

Situation B
S₂ = E₂Δp₂ → 0 = (100)(0)

In conclusion:
You can’t appreciate a reward without earning it through work and you can’t appreciate work done without earning any reward for doing it, therefore:

Situation A = Situation B

I know the usual point of this gifset is that Scott is fan girling over Captain America, but I want to talk about the second to last gif.

Wanda has been under house arrest and told that people are scared of her. She basically thinks the world hates her. She is only vaguely aware of Scott from when he fought Sam.

Her first real interaction with him is Scott telling her “You’re great!” And it makes her smile.

Proof that Ant-Man is the best Avenger.

i have failed many times in my life, but i am still here. living proof that you can still be a fuck up, but still have the will to live. alot of my problems are because i care too much and i’m too kind hearted. if you keep trying to please everyone, when will you please yourself first? there’s also a problem with that too. living a life that’s solely for yourself? you’re just going to end up pushing everybody away. i think that’s why i have a big problem with taking compliments— i’ve developed some fucked up defense mechanism to shut down any kind of positive reinforcement said out of authenticity. i don’t know when or where or why it came about, but more often i think it’s some sick form of torture and punishment that i have subconsciously chosen to adapt as an attitude towards life. it’s quite unhealthy because now you’re not even able to acknowledge something as simple as hey, you get to be happy. i suffocate any kind of moderate form of calmness in my life with negative thoughts and i don’t mean to, it just happens. maybe i really do have a problem. maybe it’s because i’ve hurt people before and as i’ve aged this is how i see myself. someone that deserves to feel like shit 24/7. but that’s not healthy. it’s not happiness that i’m after. it’s not even balance. self-destruction and recreation… i guess i’m just trying to find out how much of myself i can run away from. past versions of yourself, who you are today, who you could be— all equally shunned and damaged if you never give yourself the proper tools to heal. i know that this was supposed to be a poem about falling apart, but i found it more fitting to discuss the details of torment and the drowning of the flame of life. sometimes even angels need a break, sometimes even the demons cry. we have to choose how we view ourselves. actively. because the second that we let this be our life— that’s it. our thoughts are so powerful that if you wake up every morning telling yourself that you’re not worth a penny or a second look, chances are the rest of your evening will be influenced by such negativity. so maybe write yourself a letter and seal it with positive energy. the tender love and care of sorts. i always talk about how short life is, but you know life doesn’t have to be hell on earth 24 fucking 7. it’s okay to be alright. to feel like today isn’t so bad. yes, you’ve made some bad decisions, maybe you’ve made some hearts break. maybe you fucked up and apologies won’t fix anything. but how else are you going to grow if you don’t allow yourself to even feel any kind of goodness that seaps out of your soul? you have to just take a second and realize that you’re a human being and that it’s okay to just be. whatever that is to you, grab a cup of tea and just sit outside. take a break from yourself. that mental prison. that anxiety and pain ridden past of yours— let the minutes of right now carry you into the importance of learning to forgive yourself for who you couldn’t be for whoever it was that you’re still hurting over. let it just melt into the seat of your skull and let the person that you can still choose to be today and tomorrow come out to play.

Stray Kids React to You Wearing Their Sweaters

A/N: Thanks to the anon who requested, sorry it took so long!! also @llynnfics

Genre: Fluff 

TW: None :)

Bang Chan 

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    Chan would honestly give you his sweaters because he loved seeing you in them. He just thought you looked super cute with the sweater paws you would get when wearing his clothes. Also his cuddly side would come out instantly when you sported one of his sweaters. You started to use it as your secret weapon, whenever you thought that Chan needed a little break from work you would just pull on a sweater and go visit him and he’ll be at your side in a matter of seconds.

    “Here, have this one Love.”

Kim Woojin 

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   I think Woojin would also love love love seeing you in his sweaters but he wouldn’t be as giving as Chan. You would actually have to be sneaky about it, like real sneaky. When he goes to the bathroom or something you would rush to shove a sweater in your bag. Eventually you two would make a game out of it so the next time you guys hung out you could wear is as some sort of trophy.

    “Do you have one of my sweatshirts in your bag right now?”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Lee Know / Lee Minho 

Originally posted by bangchrisgf

    Minho is super playful so honestly he would make a big deal out of you wearing his sweaters. He would jokingly yell at you and call out you for stealing his clothes (and his heart). He secretly loves it though, and he loves the smile that appears on your face when he does catch you wearing his sweater. It would probably end in a game of tag. You guys would be running around the dorm shrieking and cackling. Once Minho caught you he would just laugh and place a light kiss on your lips.

    “Ew, you’re sweating in my sweatshirt?”

Seo Changbin 

Originally posted by softchangbinnie

    Since Changbin is so smol his sweatshirts and clothes in general would fit you well. You raid his closet on the daily just for good fashion. Changbin is just be sitting there as you have fun trying on his clothes. As you’re having fun, Changbin is his extra self and hoost and hollers, mocking paparazzi as he took a buttload of photos of you. You play along and pose for him in super odd ways and you can bet that Binnie would never ever delete those dorky photos of you. (he would highkey use them as blackmail haha)

    “Yah! Yah! Yah! Who are you wearing tonight?”

Hwang Hyunjin 

Originally posted by 1straykids

    So this kid is the exact opposite of Changbin, he’s real long. That being, his sweaters are real big so if you’re a short bub you could literally wear them as dresses. You would just hangout only wearing his sweaters and some socks and for the taller beans, sweater paws!! Jinnie thinks you wearing his sweaters are the softest thing (Especially the pastel pink one he wore for the jambangee shoot). He loves giving you back hugs when wearing his sweaters (they probably smell hella good n are really warm)

    “My sweaters look good on you babe.”

Han / Han Jisung 

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    Okay instead of sweaters, get this … his flannels and jackets. You always always always steal his jackets and he honestly isn’t mad that you do so. If he ever noticed that you were cold he’d lightly place his jacket over your shoulders and never really ask for it back (he is just a gentleman like that). You have a special flannel that Jisung gave to you on your guys’s first date and you still wear and cherish it.

    “I can’t believe you still have that.”

Felix Lee

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      We all know that Felix is a huge cuddle bug so you know when he throws a sweater your way, he is feeling soft. Instantly, you slip it on and join him on the couch. He wraps his arms around you and rests his tired head upon your chest. Felix loves when you play with his hair tbh, he loves the feeling of your fingers running through his blonde locks (plus his hair is super soft and fluffy :)). The extra warmth that you offer just gives Felix so much comfort he falls asleep right then and there, you would eventually do the same.

       “Will you cuddle with me?”

Kim Seungmin

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    He will purposely give you the sweatshirts that smell good, because he knows how much you like the smell of his body wash and cologne. Everytime you guys hug or cuddle you bury your face in his chest just to take in the scent. Your favorite thing about seungmin is probably the way he smells, he always smells so fresh and clean (even after practice it’s kind of a mystery to you). He sees you all the time with the collars of his sweatshirts placed over the bridge of your nose and he thinks is super cute.

    “What are you doing?”

    “You smell really good.”

I.N / Yang Jeongin

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    The maknae wouldn’t really see the hype over girlfriends wearing their boyfriend’s sweatshirts until he saw you in one of his. The way that you looked so small in his sweater just made his heart explode and the butterflies in his stomach start flapping their wings. He honestly didn’t think that you could get cuter but he was wrong, he was really wrong. He would try to hide his blushy cheeks from you but it’s no use, he would just giggle and be a cutie pie.

    “Jeongin, why are you so rosy?”

    “No reason.”

here’s the strawberry iced tea for today you are not less of a fan by taylor’s standards or by fandom standards if you only picked up reputation yesterday and enjoyed it, you are not less of a fan if you only listened to three of her albums, or three of her songs, if you say you like taylor’s music or taylor as a person then that’s the only requirement for being here and i’m sick of call outs in this fandom for people others don’t consider good enough fans it’s not funny or cute or mature and encouraging it is just letting bullies get away with being vicious to people for no reason