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170302 | SEHUN, L’Optimum Thailand Magazine March 2017 [TRANS]

“i want to go to america, i want to feel free like american”

“….cat is a little scary, i prefer dog”

“CATMAN…film is already finished and will release on MARCH”

“now i think im not famous…”

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All my shows are currently on hiatus and I just finished my school semester and now I don’t know what to do with myself.


For SNS summer week: post 699 canon divergence

I don’t know, I just really like the idea of the boys in the anbu (under the hokage). So before Sasuke feels comfortable back in Konoha, whenever he finds himself alone and cornered, Naruto always swoops in! (He just knows, man, he just knows!) And every time, Sasuke berates him for it (as does Tsunade, hehe).

Then I like to imagine Sasuke misses Naruto too much and takes long visits in Konoha (after Naruto reforms it a bit). He usually doesn’t wear the anbu garb but he will sometimes. Basically, Sasuke is the Hokage’s main security like when they go to Kage gatherings and every Kage has two body guards, but Naruto only needs one (Sasuke wouldn’t trust a second anyways :P). And he likes to act super possessive of Naruto *u*.

Naruto: Erm… why is everyone being so awkward…?

Sasuke: …

Naruto: Sasuke… have you been scaring our allies? And our potential friends?!

Sasuke: What?… I’m not doing anything.


“The louder your cheers, the better we are.

Oh Corrin dear, I’m not sure if you’re gonna win this Voting Gauntlet, but remember that you are always going to be the winner of my heart

Honestly Mordred’s character is probably the biggest issue I have with the writing in BBC’s Merlin.

While Morgana’s character development was much more thought out and believable, Mordred’s is….a complete train wreck. They knew exactly where he was going, what he was going to do. They had all five seasons to work on him, same as Morgana.  Yet they literally brought him from point A to point B over the course of just a few episodes. (Point A being following Arthur around like an excited puppy and Point B being running Arthur through)

There’s one scene in particular that always comes to my mind when thinking about this. In ‘With All My Heart’ Mordred says:

“I am not strong enough to defeat you, Morgana, but know this: Such hatred as yours can never triumph. I hope one day you will find the love and compassion which used to fill your heart.“

Remember what episode this was? 9. 



That’s two episodes before ‘The Drawing of The Dark’, aka The Kara Episode. 

Four episodes before he runs Arthur through with an enchanted blade.

what the actual fuck

But onto the actual turning point of his character…. Kara.

I cannot believe they possibly had this planned out? Like really? This is what does it? It seems so thrown together and last minute and completely ridiculous I just…. Ugh.

Mordred acts like Arthur was condemning her for who she was. For her magic. Like Arthur was being completely cruel and unjust. But none of that had anything to do with her sentence.

She had murdered several innocent people, and had attempted to kill Arthur, didn’t regret it for a second, and would do it again the next possible chance she got. And while she was not working directly for Morgana, she openly praised her for what she was doing.

And even despite all of that, when Merlin asks Arthur to give her a chance, he does. Tell me, how often do people get the chance to walk free after attempted regicide?

Mordred knows this. He knows full well that Kara sealed her own fate.

I know she was dear to him but… so was Morgana. 
Morgana and Kara are, at their core, basically the same. They’ve both been wronged, driven to bitterness and hatred, believe that they are fighting for the freedom of their people, and believe that it can only be achieved by killing Arthur, whom they both seem to think is Uther 2.0.
Kara was never going to change her mind. Mordred knew this. Had Mordred not sided with her she would’ve branded him a traitor. If he was killed fighting for Arthur she would’ve considered him another necessary casualty of war, the way she viewed all allies of Camelot.

It all just feels like such a weak attempt to excuse the sudden shift in loyalties. Like, 
‘Wait, isn’t this guy suppose to kill Arthur?’
‘Ah shoot, nearly forgot’ 
‘K so… how do we make him evil?’ 
‘…..last minute love interest?’ 
‘…………………….that’s GENIUS.‘

There are other things about the writing throughout the series that is certainly questionable, but honestly none of them have actually bothered me that much. Not like this. 
It’s no wonder people thought the show was cancelled. It feels like it was, and I think this is a big contributing factor.

i kept forgetting i was working on this but heres team dope capes with winter midgard fashion 

Original Shield Run Version: [x]

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Hello, did you ever end up making any post about Noragami chapter 73? Also, about are your thoughts about Hiyori in this arc, because in the last arc she barely appeared (obviously cuz of the fights) and I'm starting to worry that she's gonna become a protagonist that's only there to be protected (you know that thing "if you do something to her I will run the world after you"). She used to appear must more and even getting some importance, now she is just there to be Yato's safeplace/love affair

This turned into “Some Thoughts on Hiyori” lol

So a couple people asked about my view of Hiyori’s role in the story currently and in the future, and I have a lot of feelings about this, so…

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Something I’m super self-conscious about is my inability to remember names.

I’ve heard about Autistic people not able to recognize faces (propoagnosia…I think I misspelled it…) but I have a really hard time recalling names of people I’ve met before. I’ve had friends or casual acquaintances where I’ve gone weeks or months without knowing their names, because I get too embarrassed to ask them to tell me! And it’s so frustrating, because obviously I know who they are, but I just can’t remember their name. 

I don’t know why, maybe it’s an association issue. Like the same way I know PLACES, but I can’t remember street signs or names of familiar boulevards/neighborhoods.etc, despite having lived in a place for years. That’s super embarrassing too, because then I think people will think I’m stupid and treat me like I’m a toddler when I’m not, I just cannot remember the name of the person/place I’m trying to describe.

If anyone else out there has this issue, please know you are not alone! I know how frustrating and alienating it can feel, but please know that you are not “stupid” or “infantile” for these issues! 


Tenke det du føler + when the action onscreen matched up with the 5 fine frøkner lyric (1/3)

whats wrong? cat got your throat?


“I don’t have a Seth. I mean, I have you, of course, and my dad. But I don’t really have anyone else who…knows me well. Sometimes I think that’s my fault. Sometimes I worry when I do have someone that I could lose them.”

its really hitting me now how much i miss Jim and Strickler