i think it might have felt good to hear him say it?


Your own father betraying you.

Being a king, he wanted an heir. A male heir. But after many years and many pregnancies, all he had to show was seven daughters. He had tried every medical and rational way to ensure a son and after all of it failed…he turned to the irrational.

He turned to sacrifice.

An old man on the side of the road had told him that a son would be born if he sacrificed something dear to him to a dragon. And what was more dear to anyone then thier firstborn child? Of course, it wasn’t going to work. Your father had never cared for you at all, you were no where near dear to the man.

His incoming failure was your only comfort now.

You were already in the caves, dragged away by your father’s men as your mother and sisters screamed and begged for mercy. He had none, not even for his children. And in the end, you were tossed into the darkness by your own parent. If there was a dragon, you certainly hadn’t seen it. You were probably going to starve to death in here, withering away in your finest dress and jewels (which King Father had insisted upon apparently), like so many of your people.

You walked through the darkness, following a strange sound you kept hearing. Even now, your curiosity was getting the better of you…the closer you got, the warmer the air felt. And then you began to recognize the sound as…breathing. Slow, steady breathing as though something of someone very large was sleeping. You turned the corner only to freeze in your tracks.

There in the darkness, a dragon slumbered on a pile of treasure.

His scales were a gleaming scarlet, his underside a lighter pink. Beneath him, gold and jewelry and precious gems glittered beautifully. There really was a dragon in these caves. Maybe your father would get his son after all…As though he sensed your being there, the dragon woke up.

You backed away, pressing yourself against the stone wall.

“Well, well, well…it’s been among time since I have had a guest. What brings you too my humble abode, little one?”

His voice was silky smooth and deep and…rather relaxing.

“Human sacrifice. My father wants a son in exchange for something dear.”

“Are you that something?” The dragon asked, cocking his head.

“No. But he wants you to think I am.”

The dragon laughed, the sound shaking the cavern.

“I like you! I do like you, little one. Your father has sent you here for something he wants…what is something you want? What are you willing to give for it?”

You thought for a moment before removing your locket.

“My grandmother gave this to me before she died…if I gave it to you, could you protect my mother and sisters?”


You tossed the necklace into the massive pile. A flash of light blinded you and you closed your eyes tight. When you opened your eyes, you were surprised. Before you say a big bed with red sheets and a table with food.

“Rest. Eat. We will speak again in the morning.” The dragon said.

“…Thank you. Can I ask for your name?”


You ate and crawled into bed after, wondering what was going to happen to you…You woke up the next morning, only to find two gold eyes staring down at you.

“Good morning, Y/N.” The dragon whispered

“Good morning, Sona.” You replied.

The table was now decorated with breakfast, which you ate as Sona walked around his treasure. You learned that he liked to do this a lot. Over the next few weeks, you watched Sona sort through his treasure over and over again. You thought of home as he did. Of your sisters and mother, you wondered if your wish had come true. And after being there for a month…The fine bed and food made you think of something else too.

“Could I ask for something? In return for another?”

Sona paused, turning to look at you.

“What might it be?”

“For my kingdom’s people to have beds and food. They need to be taken care of better…”

“And what will you give?”

“These earrings. My mother gave them to be the night I attended my first ball. They were inherited family for generations, from one eldest daughter to the next.”

The dragon seemed to almost smile at you, gold eyes gleaming.

“…I will take them.”

That night, you found two small chests beneath your bed, one filled with clothes (including a warm nightgown that you immediately slipped into) and books. As you looked through the novels, Sona started an odd request.

“Read to me, little one. Something sweet.”

“Oh! Um…”

Picking out a poetry collection, you crawled into bed and read to the dragon, blushing at a few of the more…detailed love poems. Sona loved them though and you read to him until you fell asleep. You didn’t even realize that the dragon was smiling at you sweetly…

But you did notice it the next day.

Over the next few weeks, Sona became less preoccupied with his treasure. Instead, he talked more with you. You found the dragon to be quite sassy, sometimes flirty, and very smart. He loved riddles and poetry and pretty girls in almost as pretty dresses. One morning, you woke up and ate breakfast again. Sona encouraged you to wear the light gold dress, telling you how pretty you would look in the color.

“Speaking of gold…do you have another request?” He asked.

It had been a long time since you had asked of something. But you had thought about this one long and hard. You looked at the bracelets on your wrists before taking them off.

“Put someone else on the throne. Someone who doesn’t ignore the needs of thier people. Someone who doesn’t throw their children into the arms of death. Someone who cares.”

Sona thought for a moment.

“I like this one.”

The bracelets were placed in his pile and that night, as you picked out another novel, you found another gift waiting for you.

A man.

A tall man, with blacker then night skin and long braids cascading down his back. He was dressed in scarlet silk and adorned with gold and jewels that gleamed wonderfully. He smiled at you and you stood up, backing away from the stranger until you tripped onto Sona’s hoard.

“Who are? You need to leave?” You demanded.

“Why? Don’t princess wait to be rescued from evil dragons? Perhaps I’m your prince charming.” He asked in reply.

That voice…that silky voice…

“Sona?” You whispered.

“In another flesh. So you like it?”

He stepped forward and leaned low, hovering over you. Only he didn’t gloat over his gold…instead he stared at you, eyes gleaming.

“What are you doing?” You asked.

“Granting your wish. But granting one of my own as well. You may leave…you may rule over your kingdom as the rightful heir. But only if…if you give me a kiss. Just one kiss…”

He was moving closer, eyes closed and his lips so, so close to your own…


He paused, opening his eyes. He had such long, dark lashes you noticed…

“I wanted to save my first kiss for my husband.”

You removed the final piece of jewelry you had, a ruby ring.

“Will you be that man?”

Sona smiled, revealing gleaming white fangs.

“Oh, I was hoping you would say that.”

He finally got that kiss, oh that wonderful kiss. None of his favorite poems could ever have described something so sweet…one kiss lead to another and another and so many more.

And there would be countless more to come.

A perfect ending, you both thought. A perfect fairy tale ending…🖤

fire (jughead jones x reader)


pairing: jughead jones x reader

word count: 1139

request: Hiya! Love your blog! Maybe a jughead one where he is dating you but is more in love with Betty than he is with you. He tells you this and just a lot of angst. Thanks!!

warning: there’s a curse word in this, if anyone cares. also this is super depressing, yikes, sorry.

On that fateful day, there were three things you knew for certain.

The first, was that you were in love with Jughead Jones.

You really wish you could just say it was a stupid, teenage infatuation— a high school boyfriend that was nothing serious, but every time you looked at him you felt something that you couldn’t even place into words. Every time you saw his face in the hallways, pictures, down the street, in the distance, or up close— your heart would light up in some way. You remembered that looking at him when you first met felt like your heart was full of Christmas lights. You remembered very clearly, the feeling of sitting across from him at Pop’s, each of you doing your own thing, but sometimes you would look up at him and notice how beautiful he looked when he was concentrating: blue eyes reflecting computer screen colors, biting his soft lip harshly. Even worse, when he looked up at you and smiled.

You couldn’t help it: he was your first everything. Your first kiss, your first boyfriend, first everything. Sure, he was not the first person to call you beautiful, but he was the first person who made you believe it. He would often find you sitting on the roof of his tiny room at the drive-in, crying. You would always say it was because of the movie, but he would always know when it wasn’t. He would bring his hand up to your face, the pad of his thumb wiping a stray tear away. He gave you such a fierce look of sincerity in his eyes when he said it, “You’re so beautiful,” it was impossible not to believe him.

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Ask Me A Question

Pairing: Ben Solo x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: SMUTTT

A/n: Ben’s first time!!!!! okay so the idea for this fic was brought to me by the wonderful @baensolo ! love u

Ben’s steps were hurried but contained to scuffing along the marble floors. His mother kept a sturdy pace, as well as his uncle, but they both had considerably smaller strides than him, leaving him in an awkward rushed walk that could only be taken in half-steps.

“Did you hear what your uncle said, Ben?” His mother raised a brow at him, continuing to walk.

“…I have to be on my best behaviour?” He guessed. His ears had tuned out the monotonous flow of instructions in favour of focusing on the lavish architecture of the Senate building of Chandrilla. The art that hang off the tall walls detailed in chronological order the Old Republic, then its fall, continuing to the Jedi Order and so on.

Luke stopped walking, placing his hands on his nephew’s shoulders.

“All you really need to know is that the Senator needs a good bodyguard. If you can be that for her, your mother and I will be very happy.”

Ben shrugged. “Piece of cake.”

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on-screen chemistry.

Originally posted by dacremontgomery

(dacre montgomery x reader) 

request: What about a dacre fic where he and the reader both work on Stranger Things (reader is an actor as well) and dacre is doing an interview and they ask about the reader and the relationship between their characters (whether it’s friendly, unfriendly, intimate or whatever is up to you) and if there’s any chemistry or feelings off set and dacre accidentally admits to liking the reader.

summary: turns out, dacre gets a little nervous when asked about you in interviews. and when he gets nervous, he word vomits. a lot.

word count: 2,144

“So, Dacre, how would you describe filming season three, compared to season two?”

You glanced up from your spot against the wall, watching as Dacre gave the interviewer a charming grin. You just let out the softest of snorts, earning a glare from the head of PR, Allison Hendrix. You just gave her a small shrug. They were using lav mics, for crying out loud. No lav mic was going to pick up a sound that quiet from across the room.

“Well, I, uh, I’d have to say that it’s been just as fun, if not more fun. I’m much more relaxed this time around, since I’m not the newest person on set.” He chuckled softly, hands flexing against his leg. He did that often, you’d noticed, whenever he’d want to look off camera. The entire cast had been sat down just after filming, everyone having to go through yet another meeting on interview tips and what you weren’t supposed to do. Everybody else had already been coached on such things, but you were the new one. Since you were the only one, and they didn’t want to single you out, they’d made everyone do mock interviews, and then pointed out each others flaws.

It had been a long day.

“Right, of course. Y/N Y/L/N is playing a new character this season, right? Anything you can give us on the character, or how she interacts with Billy?” With that question, Dacre did look off camera, a sly grin on his face as he cocked a brow to Allison.

“What exactly am I allowed to say?” He called back, gaze flickering to you and lingering for a moment. You knew exactly how this would play off on camera. The cheeky Australian wanting to spill the beans on season three. It had been all the rage in the media recently to pretend to leak things about upcoming projects. Dacre wasn’t stupid. It’d be easier to play along with that angle and actually not get in trouble for once on accidentally spoiling things.

“When is this being released?”

“Uh, lemme check,” the interviewer said, grabbing her phone and flicking through whatever apps to find the answer. Dacre looked to the interview for a moment, who was obviously having a little trouble finding the date, and looked back to you. He shot you a crooked grin, the sight making your heart do a little tap dance in your chest. “Two weeks after the season premiere.”

“Say whatever the hell you want that won’t give away anything for season four.”

Dacre gave a quick nod of his head, then winked in your general direction. It was easier for you to roll your eyes than read anything into it. The two of you had been flirting back and forth the entire time you’d been on set, and it was that that had made the PR department decide that you two would be paired up for interviews, despite the fact that the man had yet to make a single move on you. As far as you were concerned, he was just flirtatious.

“Right, so season three, me and Y/C/N, absolutely hate each other. Like, burning, passionate hate. It’s great. It’s a lot of fun to play around with, and she’s just, she’s incredible to work with. She’s absolutely brilliant.” Dacre wasn’t looking at you while he said those things, but then again, he didn’t have to be for your cheeks to burn red. The interviewer nodded her head slowly, most likely picking up on the almost - dare you say it - reverent  tone that he’d adopted.

“So you’d say that she’s great to work with?”

“Absolutely. I really believe that it’s going to translate so well onto the screen.”

“Well, from the trailer and few scenes that have been released, the chemistry between you two is palpable. How was it working on set?” The interviewer was speaking a little faster now, in a way that made you perk up. Maybe you were just being paranoid, but it seemed as though she was leading him somewhere.

“It’s the most fun that I’ve had in a long time. It’s waking up every day and going to work with your best g- friend.” He stumbled over the word friend, making you frown. In all the days that you’d been doing the interview circuit with him, you couldn’t remember once him stumbling over a word. And even if he had, his cheeks had never reddened like that before.

“I could see that. It’s like living the dream, right?” Dacre gave a nod of his head, hands clenching in his lap. He looked a little nervous now, his smile a little tense as he regarded the interviewer. You glanced over to the woman beside you, who probably should have suggested a short break for him to collect himself. But she seemed to be waiting for something, like she knew precisely where this was going. “Would you say that the chemistry between the two of you is the same off camera?”

“I’d say so, yeah,” he gave in and glanced towards the head of PR, just a brief little distraction, but a big show for his nerves. He looked back to the interviewer in the middle of her next question.

“Why would you say that is?”

He answered so fast it was obvious that his words were quicker than his brain in that moment.

“Probably because I really like her.”

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The King of Hawkins Goes Soft

Summary: The reader helps chaperone the winter formal, which leads to a very eventful night involving the King of Hawkins. 

Word Count: 2648

Song Pairing: Talking in your Sleep- the romantics https://youtu.be/PtxiZItyYh8

authors note: kinda spoilers for season two? This also doesn’t 100% follow the plot! I had SO much fun writing this!! Let me know what you think!! (single mom Steve is the best Steve)

You smiled to yourself watching the event unfold. Steve was giving some version of a pep talk to Dustin before the winter formal, and you laughed as you saw the deal sealed with a handshake.

Dustin walked by you with a huge grin, “Hey (y/n)!”. He saluted you, and you saluted back matching his grin. You winked, “Good luck tonight soldier”.

By now Steve had parked his car, and was resting against the hood. You walked over to him, “What are you doing here? Hate to break it to ya but you’re a little too old-”.

Steve crossed his arms over his chest, laughing while shaking his head. He smiled, “I gotta keep an eye on the little shits”.

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               “No, you utter moron.” Draco snarled out in a whisper. “The instructions clearly read to add one bat spleen not two.”

               It took a lot of self-control for Harry to reign in the urge to commit murder. There were too many witnesses and Snape would probably enact revenge before he could even blink. He had thought that maybe after the war things would mellow down between the two of them, but it would seem that arguing was the only familiar action either of them could resort to.

               “If your ginormous head and ego wasn’t in the way, I might have been able to see that.”

               Draco narrowed his eyes dangerously as he wondered if Snape would look the other way if he just dunked Potter’s head in the cauldron. It would have to improve the Gryffindor’s stupidly handsome appearance. Part of him—a small part—didn’t want to fight with the brunette but the rest of him loved the normalcy to it. The simple but yet established argufy.

               “I will have you know that my ego could do with more inflation and my head is proportionate to my body.” The ‘unlike yours’ was left out but Draco felt as if his point had been met.

               That had Harry arching a lone brow. “If you inflate your ego any more than it already is, I fear what will happen to the rest of us. We will be collateral damage to your impending disaster.”

               “Salazar, I swear if you don’t start improving our potion instead of standing around like the gaping fool that you are, I will—”

               “You’ll what?” Harry interrupted, folding his arms across his chest and glaring angrily.

               “Potter, quit talking and actually participate in today’s potion.” Snape’s voice rang out, catching the rest of the class’ attention.

               Before Harry could point out that Malfoy had been talking too, the man continued with a smirk. “Ten points from Gryffindor.”

               For a brief—nearly minuscule—moment, Harry thought about telling the man exactly what he thought of his unfair treatment, but common sense kicked in and he wisely kept his mouth shut. He had also thought that the man would improve after nearly dying but of course that was just asking too much.

               It wasn’t until Snape turned around that Harry looked back to the potion. He pointedly ignored Malfoy’s smug smirk.

               “Karma; such a beautiful thing.” Draco whispered, loving the way the brunette clenched his jaw angrily. Merlin, he never felt more alive than when he was baiting Potter.

               “I fucking hate you.” Harry whispered back, shaking his head firmly when the smirk widened. He was too distracted by the Slytherin’s pretentious but perfect teeth that it wasn’t until the cauldron emitted a horrible smell that he knew a mistake had been made.

               “I deserve an Order of Merlin for having to deal with you.” Draco growled as he shoved the other boy to the side and began trying to fix whatever the idiot just did.



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anonymous asked:

Ok but what if the glamour springs incident was at ravens roost

Taako doesn’t know what happened. 

He knows that something went wrong. He knows that he’s been in this windowless room for hours, arms secured behind him by a rope on a hard wooden chair. He knows that whatever comes next, he isn’t going to like it. 

He shifts in his chair. It’s not a comfortable feeling, to be at such a disadvantage.

A woman enters the room. She’s pretty, Taako observes, and she’s angry. She’d probably rather punch him than ask questions, but she seems to have questions first.

She asks him about Kalen. He doesn’t know a Kalen. It’s not the answer she wants to hear.

So what happened out there, she asks. Taako plays dumb; it’s worked before. But he just watched an entire crowd of people begin to collapse in front of him, and his voice shakes.

He takes a deep breath. Don’t think about it, he tells himself. Don’t think about it. Hold out a little longer. Get out of this room first.

I don’t know.

Oh, I think you do.

I really don’t.

She slams a hand on the table, and Taako flinches. People are dead. There are families in mourning right outside that door, chef, so what do you propose I tell them?

Taako isn’t surprised. He’s in shock, he’s shaking and there’s a ringing in his ears, but he isn’t surprised. He knew when they started to collapse, when he got dragged away and locked in this room. He knew, and it doesn’t make the confirmation any easier.

The woman is still talking to him, but he takes a few seconds to push past the shock and think. Take stock. Assess. He doesn’t have time to wait until after he’s out of the room. Ten seconds to figure out a few key facts about his life as it currently stands.

One, the show is gone. Done. He may as well burn the stagecoach to the ground. None of his work means anything in the light what just happened.

Two, he knows why. It had to be the elderberries; he should have double-checked him. He always double-checks berries and fiddly ingredients like that when he uses magic on them, his transmutation just isn’t solid enough for anything less. He can’t remember if he checked them. How could he forget to check?

Three, he’s killed people. It shouldn’t be the last item on this list, and somewhere in the back of his head he’s sneering at himself because even he should have known better than to expect anything better from the pragmatist. He knows who he is, now, as a person: nothing good. Incompetent at best. People are dead.

She asks again: What happened?

And he says: It must have been the elderberries. 

She frowns. She tells him that his audience was poisoned with arsenic.

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Free Fall

Pairing: Roommate!Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings: Alcohol, a little angst, fluff
Summary: You and Tom go out to a club with the boys only for things to shift 
A/N: Taken from this ask because well, I felt inspired
Prompt list

Tag list

The club’s music rang through your ears as you sipped on your drink, enjoying the conversation that was taking place at your booth. Sam was telling a story about something that happened while he was France and Harrison went on about the breakfast he’s supposed to have with his mom the following morning. Of course, that conversation prompted the lot of you to check your phones for the time only to realize it was getting late.

Sam and Harry excused themselves first followed by Harrison. The boys were either calling for a ride home or using the restroom, leaving you and Tom to yourselves. You’d both been drinking, not enough to be completely pissed but enough to not be driving and be extra flirty. Tom’s called you pretty a solid twenty times in the time you’ve been at the club and you’ve complimented him right back. The flirting didn’t stop there though, you both danced together, closer than you had before which basically just means you were mostly grinding on him while he encouraged you. It was all in good fun, or at least, it should have been all in good fun.

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Change pronouns as necessary and tweak sentences as appropriate!

  • I am faithful to you, darling.
  • When you bang on the wall you have to remember you’re on both sides of it but go ahead, yell at yourself.
  • Some people don’t understand anything.
  • He’s easy to desire since there’s not much to him.
  • No one wants to know what’s in his head.
  • To make something beautiful should be enough. It isn’t. It should be.
  • You’d break your heart to make it bigger.
  • Will you defend yourself? From me, I mean.
  • Let’s kill something.
  • I prefer to blame others, it’s easier.
  • All these ghosts come streaming down and I wish I had something else.
  • We all move forward anyway. Ripples in all directions.
  • What is a ghost? Something dead that seems to be alive. Something dead that doesn’t know it’s dead.
  • All thoughts finish themselves eventually.
  • Can we love nature for what it really is: predatory?
  • When you have nothing to say, set something on fire.
  • I wanted to explain myself to myself in an understandable way.
  • Something’s not right about what I’m doing but I’m still doing it.
  • The enormity of my desire disgusts me.
  • Look away but I’m still there.
  • Want something to chase you? Run.
  • Take only what you need.
  • Never finish a war without starting another.
  • I’ve seen your true face: the back of your head. If you were walking away, keep walking.
  • The fear: that nothing survives. The greater fear: that something does.
  • All these things and what to do with them. We carve up the world all the time.
  • I like dead things. They cannot hurt me.
  • We like things related to our survival: soup, arrows - they expand the range of the species.
  • My body is a graveyard.
  • People like to think war means something.
  • Let’s admit, without apology, what we do to each other. We know who our enemies are. We know.
  • There are many loves but only one war.
  • You will need to comfort him, or we will never be finished with this.
  • You cannot have an opponent if you keep saying yes.
  • Its roots in the ground and its branches in the air, a tree is pulled in two directions.
  • The boy is a bird, bad bird. He falls out of trees.
  • You cannot get in the way of anyone’s path to God. You can, but it does no good.
  • Some say God is where we put our sorrow.
  • In the wrong light anyone can look like a darkness.
  • What can you know about a person?
  • Difficult thing, to be scrutinized so long.
  • Even when I look away I am still looking.
  • Everyone secretly wants to collaborate with the enemy, to construct a truer version of the self.
  • How much can you change and get away with it, before you turn into someone else, before it’s some kind of murder?
  • Why build a room you can live in? Why build a shed for your fears?
  • There wasn’t much left but it felt like him, wild and scared.
  • The best part of spirituality is reverence. There are other parts. Some people like to hear the sound of their own voice.
  • If you don’t believe in God, then who are you talking to?
  • But truth doesn’t count in law, only proof.
  • Was I discovered or invented? Feels like I’ve always been here.
  • Measure yourself against the truth and not the other way around.
  • Perfect and completely dead.
  • People don’t learn anything unless they are afraid of being left behind.
  • Logic is boring because it works. Being unreasonable is exciting.
  • I am your arrival, there is no refusal, we are here, you see, together, we are already here.
  • This is also part of the story: how the story changes. This is something I forgot to tell you.
  • You might like it here. I think that you might like it here.
  • I tell you these things because I love you.
  • It’s nothing like I thought it would be and closer to what I meant.
  • Maybe we will wake up to the silence of shoes at the foot of the bed not going anywhere.
  • It reminds me of where I was going without you.
  • You know what it’s like to be alone: gimlets and vermicide. You know what it’s like to be alive, so forgiveness.
  • You asked me once, What are we made of? Well, these are the things we’re made of.
  • I turned my ears in all directions. I’ll live alone or in between.
  • Everyone needs a place. It shouldn’t be inside of someone else.
  • Your body told me in a dream it’s never been afraid of anything.
  • I live in big spaces, so I’m left alone in big spaces.
  • We made ourselves cold. We made ourselves snow. We smuggled ourselves into ourselves. Haunted by each other’s knowledge.
  • To hide somewhere is not surrender, it is trickery.
  • I try to guess your trajectory and end up telling my own story.
  • I surrender my desire to be healed.
  • Take it or leave it, and for the most part you take it.
  • Shame comes from vanity. Shame means you’re guilty, like the rest of us, but you think you’re better than we are. Maybe you are.
  • There is no new me, there is no old me, there’s just me, the same me, the whole time.
  • Don’t try to make a stronger wind, you’ll wear yourself out. Build a better sail.
  • You want to solve something? Get out of your own way.
  • What’s the difference between me and the world? Compartmentalisation.
  • I hope it’s love. I’m trying really hard to make it love.
  • I clawed my way into the light but the light is just as scary.
  • I’d rather quit. I’d rather be sad. It’s too much work.
  • I mean, maybe it’s better if my opponent wins.
  • What happens when I no longer want to meet you?
  • Nothing lasts forever: we know this.
  • Longing and suffering? Of course, of course. You want it to mean something.
  • You can disconnect it or you can try to glue it all together.
  • We could pull it apart, spend our whole lives pulling it apart and have no time left to do anything smart with the pieces.
  • The sooner you embrace it, the sooner it will leave you.
  • You are what you cover up.
  • Noise and more noise. Noise up to heaven.
  • One wonders why a story like this exists.
  • I want to give you more but not everything. You don’t need everything.
  • Someone has to leave first.
  • He was pointing at the moon but I was looking at his hand.
  • All this was prepared for me. All this was set in motion long ago.
  • I stayed as long as I could. Now look at the moon.
  • What does all this love amount to?
🎄 December 3rd 🎄

A/N: Happy December! I decided to make a kpop-scenarios-advent-calendar for all of you! I will post at least every second day up until Christmas! They will either be fluff or smut, sometimes only small drabbles, sometimes long scenarios. And all my scenarios will be optional bias (male, at least in the smuts) so all of you can enjoy them! x

genre: smut

~3100 words

summary: You decide to bake cookies but have no eggs in the house. Who better to ask than your handsome neighbour?

here’s my jungkook advent calendar I did last year!


A/N: (we’re going to pretend the reader is on birth control, okay? Use protection, kids!) H/M means “his name” btw! Happy reading x 

When you got up that morning, you were perfectly rested and warm. Outside it was snowing peacefully, and you sipped your tea by the window, watching the snow flakes dance in the air. It was a Sunday and you had already decorated the entire house with Christmas items. It looked great. Lastly, you decided it would never fully be December if you didn’t have cookies in the house. You were excited to bake. It had been a great day so far. Until you opened your fridge and realized you had no eggs at home.

You were stubborn, and when you were planning on making cookies, you were going to make them, one way or another. You thought about going out and buying a carton of eggs. Then you realized, it was Sunday. The shops were closed. You debated whether to go to your friend’s place just a few minutes away and ask her for some eggs. But when you glanced out the window, your idea seemed not so great all of a sudden. The snow had become much heavier since the morning, the flakes having changed into big, white lumps that made it difficult to even see in front of you.

What a great excuse to ring the cute neighbor’s doorbell. He had lived in the same house as you for a year now, but you had never really gotten to know him. Occasionally, you chatted in the elevator, or greeted each other when you met at the grocery store across the street. It was a shame you had never had the chance to talk to him more. But now you did.

Fixing your fluffy jumper, you walked out your apartment’s door, straight down the hall. You grinned at the excitement of seeing him. You wondered, was he someone to wear ugly Christmas jumpers? Did he like the season? Would he be willing to give you some eggs in exchange for cookies? A little nervous, you rang his doorbell.

“Coming!” you heard him call from inside. Three seconds later, the door swung open. Your mouth parted slightly when you saw him. Not because he looked so good (which he certainly did). Because he was dressed as if he was going on an expedition to North Pole. He was hiding his hands in the sleeves of his thick jacket, a fluffy scarf covering his chin. His hair was sticking out of his beanie a little, looking soft as always.

“Oh…,” you started, “Are you going somewhere?”

“I’m not,” he answered right away. You tilted your head in confusion. “My heater broke.”

You couldn’t help but grin at how he was dressed, and he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he chuckled as his eyes lowered to his thick jacket.

“Can’t you let it get fixed?” you asked, at the same time feeling sorry for him.

“I will, but the guy said they only have time to come over in the evening,” he explained. Only now you noticed his cute fluffy socks. He looked adorable and you were trying not to grin anymore. You didn’t think much about your next words.

“You should come over to my apartment meanwhile! You can’t stay here freezing all afternoon,” you exclaimed. He gave you a sweet smile.

“I’m alright, really,” he said. You were about to protest, but something else caught your attention. The elevator doors behind you opened, revealing your old neighbor.

“Miss Kim, let me help you,” he instantly said, watching the old woman exit the elevator, hands full of bags. You rushed to her as well, grabbing one of them. You wondered where she could come from, with full bags on a Sunday.

“Thank you, children,” she said, making you chuckle. She always called you ‘child’, even though you were technically an adult. As she opened her apartment’s door, you eyed your handsome neighbor again. Then, you handed the old lady her bag, smiling again at her thankfulness and wishing her a good afternoon.

“Seriously, you can’t stay in that cold apartment, H/N,” you said again, when it was only the two of you again.

“Wouldn’t it bother you, to have me hanging around in your apartment?” he asked, unsure.

“No!” you almost yelled, trying to look less enthusiastic than you were. “I’d feel bad knowing you’re cold and alone here.”

“That’s really sweet, thanks,” he said, and then followed you. “It’s Y/N, right?”

You nodded, happy that he remembered your name after all. You showed him the way into your apartment, waiting patiently as he peeled off his warm clothes. You couldn’t hold back a laugh when he turned your way and you discovered the jumper he was wearing. It was red, with an obnoxiously gigantic reindeer on the front. Its red nose was a small pompom that had been sewed on.

“Don’t laugh!” he complained. “It’s the warmest thing in my wardrobe and I couldn’t care less about fashion when I’m cold!”

But as he realized you wouldn’t stop giggling, he laughed too, looking down at the animal on his sweater. So, he might not have been the biggest fan of ugly Christmas jumpers, but he sure as hell owned one.

“You’ve got it nice here, I might not leave at all,” he joked. The way he talked made you laugh. It was comfortable, as if you had known him for years. To be fair, you had known him for a while, but only faintly. You barely knew anything about him.

“I like company,” you joked back, and the smile he gave you made your heart beat fast. You had gotten lucky, living next to such a handsome person. “So, what do you do when you wanna have fun?”

For the next half hour, you talked, about everything and nothing. You made two cups of tea, and he explained how he was working at a music label, and was trying to work his way up so he could compose his own songs and maybe even sing for a living. You were impressed when he showed you his talent. His voice was beautiful to say the least. Then he told you how he loved animals and wanted to get a dog, but he was afraid he wouldn’t have enough time for it, especially after his girlfriend had left him a year ago. Now the flat was always empty when he was gone. You couldn’t help but feel relieved to hear he was single.

“What about you? Do you live here alone?” he asked, supporting his head in his palm.

“I do,” you answered. “No pet, no boyfriend.”

He smiled, and you could have sworn he leaned an inch closer to your head. For a few seconds you looked into his warm eyes. He watched you as if he was trying to read you, as if he was trying to know you better by just looking. When your eyes lowered, you noticed his sweater paws. Of course you had to ruin the moment.

“Are you still cold? I can turn up the heater if you want, or you can borrow a blanket,” you offered with a rushed voice. He smiled, but shook his head.

“I’m fine. This…is just a habit,” he admitted, lifting his hands. How could someone be this inhumanly cute and hot at the same time? Suddenly, he chuckled.

“What is it?” you asked.

“Oh, it's…nothing,” he answered, a little shy. “I just had a stupid thought.”

“Tell me!” you insisted. “I won’t judge you.”

He seemed to think for a second, grinning at you mischievously.

“I just thought about how people in movies always have sex to keep warm,” he said. You choked on your tea in surprise. You coughed, knocking your hand onto your chest in an attempt to gain your breath. For a moment, you tried to cover up your shock, thinking about what to say. Was he trying to initiate something or was he simply making conversation? You regretted not knowing him better.

“You know what? I think that only works in movies,” you told him your opinion. “You’re naked, after all. How are you supposed to be warmer than if you just used a blanket?”

He laughed at your comment.

“That’s an interesting theory,” he said. “But you’ve obviously never had sex the right way.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you asked, offended, hiding the fact that you had just managed to not choke on your tea, again.

“If you’d had, you would know that it can keep you warmer than any blanket in the world,” he stated, looking at you convincingly. The tension in the air had suddenly changed. You felt your fast pulse, and the way you tried to avoid his stare failed terribly. Not knowing what to say, you shook your head, attempting to push away the dirty thoughts. You reached for the two cups and got up, carrying them to the sink in your kitchen. It was an open kitchen, and you could practically feel his eyes burning into your back. You’d wanted to get closer to him. But this close? When you spun around, you jumped. He was standing right behind you, grinning.

“Do you want me to prove my words?” he asked, his voice deep and husky. You could see he was impatient, but he waited for your answer without pressuring you, which you appreciated. But after all, you were going to say yes either way.

You simply stepped forward, closing the space between the two of you. That’s how they did it in the movies, right? His hands instantly grabbed your sides, pulling you even closer. When he kissed you, he tasted of peppermint tea, his lips soft but his tongue rough. The fact that there were at least four layers of clothing between your upper bodies frustrated you immensely. No matter how close you pressed yourself to him, you didn’t feel what you needed to feel. While his hands were running along your sides, you took the front of his sweater, pulling him with you towards the living room. You were a stumbling mess, kissing and trying not to fall over in the process. When the back of your legs touched the sofa, he pulled your jumper upwards and you lifted your arms, making it easier for him. His sweater followed right away, and you couldn’t help but grin at the reindeer one more time. With it, he had shed off his shirt he had worn underneath. Now you admired the smooth skin of his abdomen, making you even more impatient.

Then, you let yourself sink back, pulling him down with you, so he was laying between your thighs. His lips sunk down to your neck, kissing you softly. The way he added more pressure now and then made you feel dizzy. You let out a quiet sigh, closing your eyes at the sensation. His hands teased you, playing with the hem of your thin shirt and running over your still covered boobs. You were only wearing thin leggings, and the way he ground his growing bulge against your crotch drove you almost insane. A small moan left your lips He chuckled, making you confused.

“What?” you mumbled. He was in the process of pulling up your shirt, kissing his way up your stomach. His hot breath against your skin made you forget about the cold outside.

“I didn’t think I was gonna hear that from you so soon,” he said. Then, he hesitated, looking at you. “I’m sorry. I’m not usually this…I usually need a few dates, but you’re just…you’re so…”

You blushed, but were quick to reply.

“It’s okay! Do you think we’d be doing this if I had a problem with that?” you asked. He chuckled gladly. Then, he lowered his head, finally pulling up your shirt completely. You lifted your upper body, aiding him in shedding off the material. Right away, his hands went to your back, opening your bra and taking it off you. He didn’t waste a second and began kissing your boobs softly. You had trouble keeping in another moan when his lips wandered to the valley of your breasts and his hands toyed with your nipples, then letting them run down your sides to your hips. Another time his crotch ground against yours. This time, it was his turn to groan in frustration. It was raspy and low, making your breath hitch in your throat. You wanted to press your legs together for more friction, but you couldn’t. His kisses traveled down your belly, teeth nibbling at your hips. His fingers dug into your waistband, exposing more skin for him to kiss.

“H/N, please,” you begged, wanting him to stop wasting time.

“My heater’s only gonna be fixed in the evening,” he argued and chuckled. “We can take our time.”

You groaned in annoyance.

“What if I don’t want to?” you asked. He laughed a little. His hair fell in his face messily and he was biting his lip, looking up at you. Your heart skipped a beat. Finally, he grabbed the material of your leggings, pulling them down your legs, along with your underwear.

His breath fanned over your folds, making you lose every last bit of patience you’d had left. He chuckled when he ran one of his fingers over your clit, realizing just how wet you were because of him. He pressed his thumb down, making you whimper weakly. You were sensitive and needed much more than this. Then, you felt his tongue. It was slow at first, as if testing what you liked most. Although at this point, you would have liked anything. He got more confident as the seconds went on, and you felt yourself become weaker.

He had found your sweet spot, but knew exactly what to do to tease you just the right way. He would pay attention to it for a while, licking and sucking quickly, building up your high. Then, he would suddenly stop, finding a different spot and changing his pace. You were a moaning and whimpering mess. His name fell from your lips repeatedly, begging him without words to let you cum, but he seemed to enjoy watching you squirm.

“Are you still cold, sweetheart?” he suddenly asked, barely detaching his lips from your swollen clit. You answered with a whimper as vibrations went through you, only making you more impatient.

“What was that?” he asked again, grinning cheekily.

“No, I’m not-” you began, but cried out in pleasure again when he hungrily attacked your sweet spot again. This time, he didn’t tease. He didn’t slow down. He didn’t stop. Stars sparkled behind your eyelids when you closed them. Your fingers tangled in his locks and you whimpered softly. Arching your back, you pulled his hair, but he didn’t even blink. His hands held onto your thighs tightly, even when you wriggled under the intensity of your orgasm.

You didn’t breathe for a few seconds, then you rung for air. He pulled away slowly, watching as your chest heaved and eyes fluttered. You searched for words, but there weren’t any on your mind. Your eyes fell onto his pants. More, onto the bulge at the front, and you instantly tried to collect yourself. Lifting your upper body onto your elbows, you reached for his belt.

“Let me,” you began, but he grabbed your hands. His fingers closed around your wrists and he pushed them down on both sides of your head. For a moment you wondered how he could stay this calm.

“It’s okay,” he said. Even though you had just cum, you felt more than turned on. He was on his knees between your thighs, hands playing with his black belt to get it off. He was biting his lips in concentration and his arm muscles flexed when he pulled the leathery material forcefully.

You sucked in a breath when he yanked down his pants, showing off his hard member. His jaw flexed as he pumped himself a few times, still on his knees. You weren’t sure whether he didn’t want to you move your hands from beside your head, but you were too intimidated to find out. So you let them by your side, waiting as he lowered his hips to fit yours. He gave you a look before entering you. You simply nodded, nothing but him on your mind.

You both sighed in release when he finally began sliding into you. He was slow at first, pulling out almost all the way just to push right into your g-spot again. He was still holding himself on his knees, pushing his hips forward forcefully. Then, he leaned lower, his face getting closer to yours. His hands wrapped around your wrists again. You couldn’t help but watch his arm muscles flex beside your head.

“This… is how to keep warm,” he muttered, smirking down at you. Then, he suddenly snapped his hips into you, and it was as if he had changed his attitude completely. You moaned in response, joining his content groans. The way his hips moved was heavenly. The way they fit into yours made you regret not talking more to him earlier. He moaned your name, making you look up at him. The pleasure mixed with his facial expression overwhelmed you. His brows were furrowed, his cock brushing over your sweet spot so fast, you could barely keep your eyes open. When he let go of your wrists, he bent lower, until your chests were touching. He was right. His skin felt burning hot against yours, and you never wanted him to pull away. By the way he bit his pink lips and had his eyes shut tightly, you could tell he was close, though.

You swore under your breath, watching him closely. Your hands flew to his hair, pulling roughly while he lowered his head. His hot breath went over your lips before kissing you messily, tongue running over your lips. You tasted peppermint and his own perfect scent you knew you could get used to. Your hands ran down his back, digging your nails into his muscles. He swore and moaned your name again, letting you know he was coming. The sounds he made were raw and low, making your head spin. His thrusts sped up through his high, eyes still closed tightly.

With the seconds, he slowed down, as his gorgeous eyes opened in exhaustion. You whimpered one last time as he pulled out carefully. He grinned at you happily before rolling to the side, so he lay on his back next to you. You watched his chest heave as if in trance. For some reason, it made you feel calm. Then, the realization hit you. You just had sex with your hot neighbor. After all this time of drooling over him, it felt almost unreal.

“I just remembered something,” he said all of a sudden. You turned your head, giving him a questioning gaze. “You rang my doorbell earlier, but never told me why.”

Shortsighted 👓

@ashlynblack30 asked me to write about Draco wearing Harry’s glasses that he stole. And sweetie, can I just take this moment to tell you (again lol) how amazing you are? Thank you so much for your lovely and kind words 💖
Even though I am very, very certain this is far from what you imagined when you asked me to write this, I still hope you’ll like it? :)

It’s also on AO3 :)

It probably hadn’t been the best idea to actually wear the glasses. Or at least it would have been better to just wear them at home and not to work. People were giving him all kinds of funny looks. Because, of course, they recognised the glasses. How could they not? They were incomparable and there was no question who these glasses belonged to.

Even if his colleagues didn’t assume Draco had stolen them, it made him look like a weird fanboy. That was the last thing he wanted people to think. But the urge to wear them had been bigger than the dread of all the humiliation he would probably face.

It had been so easy to steal them. Potter had fallen asleep on his desk, as he usually did these days. Draco had simply slipped into his office and snatched the glasses from his desk.

“Oi, Malfoy!”

Draco turned around and cursed under his breath. Damn it! What was Weasley doing here? Wasn’t he supposed to be on holiday with his wife? He eyed Draco suspiciously, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Are you wearing Harry’s glasses?”

Draco snorted.

“Why would I do that, Weasley? That is absolutely ridiculous.”

“I’ve never seen you wear glasses before,” Weasley insisted. “And you want me to believe it’s just a coincidence you show up here with glasses that look eerily like Harry’s, while Harry is in St Mungo’s because he couldn’t find his?”

Draco couldn’t help but gape at him.

“What? Potter is in St Mungo’s? What happened?”

“He has a concussion. Apparently, he kept bumping into things in his office, because he couldn’t see anything. When we found him, he was buried under one of his shelves.”

Draco’s eyes widened. Fuck! That was not what he had intended.

“Will he be okay?”

Weasley shrugged.

“I guess so. He already told the Healers he felt fine. But they want to keep him there for observation.”

Draco nodded absentmindedly, while the room suddenly started spinning. His right hand flew to his temple as a sudden shooting pain rippled through him.

“So, are you going to tell me why you stole Harry’s glasses?”

“I can’t talk right now. I’m busy, Weasley. Tell Potter I hope he gets well soon.”

“Yeah, right. Because you’re so concerned about him,” Weasley yelled after him as Draco hurried away.

Once he was in his office, he closed the door behind him and leaned against it. Everything was blurry and he felt really dizzy. It was almost like the floor was moving beneath him, making it hard to keep his balance. Maybe he needed to lay down for a bit. Yes, that sounded like a good idea. But before Draco could make his way over to the sofa, another wave of dizziness hit him and everything went black.

When Draco opened his eyes, everything around him was white. This definitely wasn’t his office. He looked around, dazed, until he realised where he was. St Mungo’s. He tried to remember what had happened. He had been in his office… Had he fainted? Everything was still a blur.

He tried to sit up carefully, his body aching as if he had been hit by a bludger. Multiple times.

“You’re finally awake.”

Draco jumped. He hadn’t realised there was another person in the room. It didn’t take him long to spot the mop of black hair in the bed beside his. Of all the rooms in this bloody hospital!


He was wearing different glasses. Well, obviously he was. Draco still had his. Or did he? It didn’t seem like he was wearing them anymore. Thank Merlin! That would have been awkward! Speaking of awkward, Potter and his new glasses were a very strange sight. The frame was angular shaped and thick. And yellow. It looked horrible on him.

“So, what happened to you?” Potter asked. He was sitting crossed-legged on his bed, his elbows resting on his knees.

“Um… I’m not exactly sure,” Draco said quietly. That wasn’t entirely true. But he couldn’t say anything to Potter. Not now. Not ever.

“Okay.” Potter gave him a weird look that made Draco want to avert his eyes. “Look, I don’t want to make things unnecessarily uncomfortable right now, but I have to ask you. Why were you wearing my glasses?”

Draco gulped. Had Potter seen Draco wearing his glasses after all? When? When he had been brought in? Where were they now? His eyes quickly darted to the nightstand. No sign of them. Had Weasley told Potter?

Just play dumb.

“Why would you think I’d wear your glasses?”

Potter pressed his lips together, either out of annoyance or to suppress a smile, Draco wasn’t sure. Instead of replying, Potter got up and vanished into the bathroom. Draco frowned. When Potter emerged again, he was holding a hand mirror.

“I hate to break it to you,” Potter said, “but with those marks around your eyes, it’s pretty useless to deny it.” He handed Draco the hand mirror and looked at him expectantly.

Draco didn’t understand what Potter was talking about, until he took a look at himself. Around his eyes, on the bridge of his nose and on his temples were angry red marks. It almost looked like he was still wearing Potter’s glasses. Oh, for Merlin’s sake!

“So, care to tell me what-”

Before Potter could finish his question, the door opened and a bunch of people in white coats entered.

“Ah, Mr Malfoy, you are awake. Excellent,” one of the Healers said. “Hello, Mr Potter. Still insisting on going home?”  

Potter made a face.

“I told you, I feel fine,” he grumbled.

“Yes, yes. Only a few more hours and then you are free to go. Now, Mr Malfoy.” The Healer reached inside his coat pocket. “These glasses you were wearing when you were brought in…”

Oh, great! Draco felt the sudden urge to take a pillow and smother himself with it.

“… it seems like they were cursed.”

Draco blinked.

“They were?” Of course, that had been his suspicion all along.

“Yes. You were lucky you weren’t wearing them that long. It might have had fatal consequences if you had worn them all day.”

Draco bit his lip and made sure his eyes didn’t wander over to the other bed. Potter wasn’t supposed to find out about this!

“Our specialist will take another look at them. In the meantime, you should rest, Mr Malfoy. I’ll bring you a few potions later. And we’ll get rid of those marks on your face. You must have had an allergic reaction to the glasses. Are they new?”

“Um…” Draco wiped his suddenly very sweaty palms on the mattress. “In a manner of speaking.”

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Pretend - Part Two

Below is a subsequent part to the Yoongi x reader one-shot ‘Pretend’.  

You can find part one here.

Summary - Yoongi’s your ex.  A particularly jealous ex, actually, who doesn’t take the blossoming relationship between you and Namjoon all too well.  

Pairings - Yoongi x reader, Namjoon x reader

Warnings - heavy on the angst (like I literally hate myself a little) and smut.

Word count - 5,8K+

Part One / Part Two / Part Three 

Namjoon’s disappeared by the time you’ve fled from the kitchen, your steps brisk and cheeks flushed, and as you enter the open plan living space of the dorm Hobi looks up from the comic he’d been reading.  Concern floods into his expression almost immediately.

“You alright?  You don’t look so good,” he comments, rolling up the comic with both hands and wringing it as though he’s anxious.  

“Did you see Namjoon?  Did he come back in here?”  you ask hurriedly, barely pausing to look Hobi in the eyes.  

“He went to his room, I think.”  Hobi stands from the sofa, discarding his reading materials on the sofa behind him and starting towards you, tilting his head.  “What the hell happened in there?”  

“Ask your asshole of a best friend,” you snap back, temper flaring as the memory of the hurt you’d seen on Namjoon’s face comes flooding back and makes your chest constrict.  You notice the way Hobi halts his approach on hearing your harsh words and another layer of guilt piles on top all the others.  It’s not his Hobi’s fault, not in any way, shape, or form, but you’re so wound up right now - physically, emotionally, sexually - that it’s not taking much to prompt you into an overreaction.  

“Sorry,” you sigh, shoulders sagging as you pull your coat tighter around yourself and send a tight smile Hobi’s way, trying to look apologetic.  He graciously smiles back.  

“I did try to stop him,” he tells you, mirroring your shrug, “For what it’s worth.”  

“At least you tried.”  You pause a moment, closing your eyes for just as second as you run your hand through your hair, trying to brace yourself for the inevitably awkward conversation you’re about to have with Namjoon.  What the hell are you going to be able to say about the mess he just walked in on?  

“I’ll talk to him.”  Hobi’s sweet, but you can’t imagine it’ll do much good.  You tell him so, and he just shrugs again, smiling kindly, ever the optimist.  You go to take your leave, heading for the door that will lead to you to the room Namjoon and Taehyung share, but before you can Hobi calls your name and makes you pause.  “You know he’s still crazy about you, right?”   You try to ignore the lump of emotion that catches in your throat, smiling sadly at the red-haired boy opposite you.  

“He has a funny way of showing it.”  

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BTS Reaction To Walking In On You Masturbating

Anonymous said to b-tsfanfic-tion:

Hi, it’s me bothering you again! lol no, i know that maybe you love me. So, i know that you know that i love your fics, so i’d love you even more if you´d do a reaction of Bangtan catching you masturbating


Originally posted by plainwater-

“Oh, you’re back home early from practice!” you gasped and immediately moved your fingers away from your clit.

“Yeah, thank god,” he said with a chuckle, “If I had come home later I might have missed this.”

“Well, since your back you might as well join me,” you said with a suggestive look and a giggle. He nodded, immediately coming over to the bed with a smile.

“I knew I’d like coming home from work, but you just made it even better,” he mumbled into the crook of your neck as he replaced your hand with his own.


Originally posted by nochuie

Yoongi came into your bedroom when he thought he heard you calling his name. He walked in on you masterbating, a smirk spreading across his face when he saw what he had walked in on. You were saying his name in between whimpers, but you stopped making any noises when you saw him.

“You called?” he teased, walking over to you.

“You could hear me?” you asked, a little embarrassed till you saw the tent in his pants.

“You weren’t being all that quiet,” he said, crawling on top of you, “Thank goodness too, otherwise I wouldn’t have known to come help out my girl.”


Originally posted by welcometothisworld

Hoseok had walked into the room with the intention to find his phone charger, but he found something so much better. Your hand was down your panties, your back was arching up, and your mouth was open in a little oh. He stepped over to you, drinking in every detail. You jumped with surprise and opened your eyes when you felt his fingers run over your shoulder.

“Let me help you princess,” he said quietly, dipping closer to you to give you a little kiss. After he pulled away, you gave him a nod yes and soon he was pulling off your underwear to finish what you started.


Originally posted by taegidda

You were so close to falling over the edge, your finger working your clit from underneath your underwear, but then you heard a loud bang that made you jump. You turned your head to see Namjoon slamming the door shut with a frown.

“I can’t believe you were touching yourself with the door wide open,” he growled.

“I forgot it was open,” you admitted, watching as he walked over to you.

“What if someone else had seen you? Like one of the boys,” he pointed out.

“I’ll be more careful next time,” you promised.

“Well maybe next time you’ll think to call me and then I’ll remember for you,” he said, and you watched excitedly as he pulled off his shirt.

“So you’re not mad?” you asked with a light giggle.

“I can’t stay mad when you look so hot,” he admitted, then reached out to run his hands over you.


Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Jimin walked in on you, and you started to retract your hand away from yourself while you blushed.

“Embarrassed?” he asked, and you nodded a little, makin him laugh lightly. He pulled off his shirt while walking over to you, “Why? You looked really good.”

“Is that why your undressing so quickly?” you asked with a giggle as he kicked off his pants.

“Mhm,” he hummed, crawling over you with a smile to pick up where you had left off.


Originally posted by vonderly

You couldn’t stop your eyes from drifting shut as you worked a few fingers slowly in and out of your folds, and your other hand had a finger rubbing your clit.

“You’re always teasing me,” you heard a voice say beside you. You opened your eyes and moved your hands away from yourself with a gasp. Taehyung was standing beside the bed, looking at you while shaking his head and tutting.

“It’s not teasing if I didn’t know you were there,” you reasoned with a coy look.

“But now that you do?” he asked while reaching down to brush his fingers across your hips. You answered his question by catching his wrist and pulling him down beside you with a smile.


Originally posted by kookiez

“Have I been neglecting you that much?” you heard a voice whisper into your ear, and you gasped as you looked over to see Jungkook beside you, surveying you with an easy gaze. Your cheeks were already pink from touching yourself, but now they turned red from embarrassment when you realized you had been caught.

“Maybe a little,” you said, answering his question.

“Let me make it up to you then,” he said, getting on top of you while tugging off his shirt.

bad day || min yoongi

Anonymous said: Hiya!! I was just wondering if you could write some yoongi angst/fluff? I don’t really have many ideas but maybe you guys have been really distant and then something bad happens to u then you start crying and the first person you think to call is yoongi? Idk I just rlly need some good yoongi fluff and ur such a good writer, so who better to ask than you? Tysm if you decide to do it ❤️

Min Yoongi x reader

Summary: Your day just keeps getting worse and worse, and it all gets too much. Luckily, Yoongi knows exactly what to do to make everything better. 

Genre: angst/comfort

Words: 1721

sorry I changed it a bit and just wrote general yoongi comfort because you guys seem to like that (and so do I)~~ thanks for requesting!! <3

he’s beautiful LOOK AT HIM

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To say I had been having a hard day would be an understatement. 

It started off badly when I found out I had saved an alarm for 7pm instead of 7am the night before. The alarm was for an exam I had that day - I had stayed up all night revising for it. Yoongi and I had decided to go on a date afterwards to celebrate, and I had planned to wake up early to get some extra work in. 

But instead, I woke to my phone ringing and a friend in my class asking if I was okay, and where I was, because the test was about to start. I threw on some clothes and barely even locked the door before I was running to my college, knowing the bus would take too long. I arrived, sweaty and barely awake, just in time for it.

But my rush of a morning and anxiety levels that were already off the charts meant I had a complete mental blank in the middle of the test, and forgot everything I had stayed up so late cramming into my head. I almost cried when I handed the paper in, knowing without even getting it back that I had failed, and thinking about how important it was to my final grade. I pushed back tears, knowing I just had to get through the rest of the day before I could see Yoongi.

However, my optimism was quickly crushed when I realised that I had forgotten to bring my money in, so I couldn’t buy any lunch, and with the speed that I had got dressed and left this morning, I hadn’t even had time to eat. On top of that, I had a huge argument with my friend after the exam. It was about something stupid, but still hurt and upset me all the same.

By my last class, I just wanted to go home. The only thing keeping me going was the thought of seeing Yoongi, and just forgetting about everything else. As the day dragged on, my head and body began to ache, and the urge to cry became more and more prominent. All I wanted to do was get home.

Then I missed my bus. It might not seem like the biggest deal, but with the rain that had begun pouring down, and the difficulty I was already having at even getting enough energy to walk, it pushed me over the edge. Everything seemed to pile up as I watched the bus drive off and stood in the rain, knowing all my books were getting soaked, and I would have to walk the whole way home. There wouldn’t be another bus for an hour. I ran my hands through my hair, groaning, and felt my eyes sting. A lump formed in my throat and I gritted my teeth in an attempt to stop myself from crying.

I stood there for a moment, my mind blank. It was almost an involuntary movement as my fingers shakily reached for my phone, sheltering the screen from the rain with my other hand as I squinted to dial Yoongi’s number.

“Hey,” He answered casually, and I could tell from his voice that he was smiling. I let a tear slip from my eye as I blinked, and it clung to my eyelashes along with the raindrops, before falling and tracing a hot pattern down my cheek. I tried to smile, but my lips were shaking and the lump in my throat only grew at the sound of him speaking.

“Hey,” I said back, my voice wavering. “Would you mind doing me a favour?” I knew my voice was high pitched and shaking, despite how hard I was trying to keep it steady. I just wanted the day to be over.

“What is it?” He asked quickly, and I knew he had heard the tremor in my voice; the tears that had built up in my eyes again.

“Can you come get me?” I ducked my head away from the rain, feeling my top begin to soak through.

“Of course. Where are you?” His voice held a hint of panic, but he remained calm and as soothing as ever. I could hear him moving, probably already walking towards the door.

“I’m at the bus stop outside college.” I almost whispered, trying to calm down my breathing and still my shaking hands. I couldn’t stop replaying the events from the day, my mind running over every stupid thing I had done.

“I’m on my way, baby, do you want me to stay on the line with you?” I let a sad smile lift up the corners of my mouth at how sweet he was. As much as his voice was calming me down, I didn’t want him to talk to me and drive at the same time.

“No, don’t worry, just focus on driving. Thank you so much.” I whispered, my teeth beginning to chatter.

“I’ll be there soon, okay? Just hold on.” I nodded even thought he couldn’t see me, and put my phone away when he hung up. I was shivering all over by then, both from my anxiety and the cold. The street was completely deserted and I sighed shakily, feeling the water begin to drip down the back of my neck, praying for Yoongi to get to me as soon as possible.

It was almost fifteen minutes before he came. Not that it was his fault, of course, but by that time I couldn’t even feel my fingers, and I was completely soaked. Yoongi’s car rounded the corner and slowed beside me, and I quickly got in, barely able to shut the door with how badly I was shaking. He started driving almost as soon as I was inside, but looked over at me worriedly as he did so.

“Y/N.” I heard him say as he took me in, and he grabbed my hand, taking a sharp breath in when he felt my skin. “You’re so cold, oh my god.”

I started crying, overwhelmed by the warmth inside the car, and suddenly thinking about how I was probably ruining his seats with my soaking clothes, along with everything else clouding up my head.

“Oh, Y/N, baby, no.” He breathed, clutching my hand tighter, keeping his eyes on the road but glancing at me with a pained expression. “Just breathe okay, you’re fine, I promise. Everything’s fine.”

I nodded, hunched over, trying to keep as little of me on the seats as possible. The whole way back he spoke slowly and reassuringly to me, never letting go of my hand. I began to calm my breathing, feeling his effect wash over me. By the time we got home I wasn’t crying anymore, just exhaustedly sniffling, still shivering from my wet skin and clothes.

We hurried inside, through the rain, and I gasped at the warmth inside Yoongi’s apartment. I wiped under my eyes, shaking out my shoes, embarrassed at how I was behaving. He slipped off his own shoes before turning to me. 

He sighed again at the sight of me and gently took my head in both his hands, pushing my face into his chest, ignoring the way my soaking hair began to stain his shirt.

“Come on.” he took my hand and began leading me upstairs, still shivering. “Let’s get you out of those clothes.”

He sat me down on the bathroom counter, helping me out of my soaking trousers. I felt pathetic, and uncomfortable, and kept my head down as he pulled off my socks gently, hands warm agains my frigid skin.

“Arms up.” He commanded softly, and I obliged, too tired to even respond. He gently pulled my shirt off and put it in the hamper with the other clothes. He kissed my forehead quickly.

“I’ll be back in a second.”

A moment later he came back in with some of his own clothes, and helped me pull them over my still shivering body. In his hoodie and sweatpants, I followed him into the bedroom, where he pointed at the bed, not saying anything. I followed wholeheartedly, practically falling into the covers and letting out a sigh of relief at the warmth that I was enveloped in.

I was much calmer by the time Yoongi came back in, my breaths even and my eyes tired. I gave him a grateful smile as he placed a mug of hot chocolate on the table beside me, without a word. He walked over to the other side of the bed, getting in and opening his arms.

I sighed again, happily moving closer and letting him wrap his arms around me, rubbing up and down my back slowly as I pushed my face into his chest.

“What happened?” He murmured, pressing his cheek against the top of my head. I closed my eyes, frowning.

“I just had a really, really bad day.”

It sounded stupid, but he hummed in response, tracing his fingers up my spine.

“Wanna talk about it?”

I shook my head against him and felt him nod, pressing a kiss to the top of my head.


“I’m sorry.” I muttered, thinking of the date we were supposed to have, and his car seat, and how he now had to take care of me.

“No, no.” He spoke softly, tightening his arms around me. “Don’t be, okay?” He tilted his head back to see me, and I looked up at him, meeting his eyes. After a moment he leaned down and pressed a delicate kiss to my lips, barely touching, and then one to my nose, before wrapping me up again. He didn’t say anything more, but he didn’t need to. I knew just through his actions everything he was telling me: he loved me, and supported me, and just wanted me to be okay.

I found his hand and took it gently, tightening my grip around him with a small smile. The day became less significant - almost forgotten about - and the things that had seemed so terrible didn’t seem as important as I breathed him in, my body relaxing against his side. He brought my hand to his mouth and pressed his lips against the back of it gently. 

“How did I get so lucky?” I murmured, and he let out a soft chuckle, running his fingers through my hair and down to my waist.

“I could ask the same thing.”


stay in the dark (a mileven fic)

hey there mileven readers, it’s me, ya girl savannah. the lovely @thecakegoesmeow requested Mike and Eleven hanging out in the cabin and Mike seeing El’s amazing curls for the first time. I hope it’s everything you wanted! (ao3 link) 

“What’s going on in there?” Chief Jim Hopper shouted, for the fifth time- and yes, he was counting. He stood outside the bathroom door, conveniently locked, knocking again. “Come on, kiddo it’s been like an hour.”

“20 minutes!” she yelled from behind the locked door.

Hopper looked around to show the empty room the confusion on his face. “What?” he shouted back.

“You said an hour!” he heard her yell again, “it’s only be twenty minutes.”

“It’s called an exaggeration, El. Wasn’t that your word of the day, what, like a week ago? I’d have thought you would have that one down, you sure seem to like ‘em.” he mused, laughing at his own joke. When the teenager behind the door didn’t respond, Hopper let out a sigh of exasperation. Guess it was still too early to start using Dad Jokes on her.  “Listen, he’s gonna be here any minute. You gonna stay in there the whole time he’s here?”

El’s reflection in the mirror frowned at her, and she untangled her goopy hands from her head. “Stupid hair,” she grumbled, her shoulders falling.

“What’d you say?” she heard her Hopper’s muffled voice ask. El’s forehead collided with the mirror as she let it drop, giving up altogether and letting her hands hang down by her sides.

“My hair.” El half whispered. Her eyes trained in on the the other girl in the mirror, her mind focused on the curls that stuck up way behind her head, willing them to obey and lay flat. They began to fall back in slow motion, El finally smiling. Stay, she prayed.

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One More Time (I)

Part 1 : Pink


I told you that I had planned a novel-long fic to repair what Infinity War broke (it changed something like 256258962589255 times since the first idea, but anyway…) Here we go…

Do not expect something that will be a smooth ride, because it’s not going to be. It’s not going to be 100% cute either, on the contrary. But hell, I need to find a way to bring back my favourite characters, because I’m mourning too much for now.

So… here we go. You’ve been warned… although, nothing too dramatic for this first chapter, let’s start slow.

There are 2 timelines to follow, so the two timelines are separated with these—- and two paragraphs of the same timeline are separated with these *** just to make things clearer.

I hope you all like it. It’s the first time I write for almost all the characters that will appear in this series, so please, do tell me if you like this and if you think that I’m in or out of character. Thank you :)

Before starting, I will repeat this one more time just to be safe…


Gif not mine

Word count : 3645

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“Make me jealous” (pt.1)

Pairing: Stephen Stranger x reader
Warnings: angst, sexual tension, cold/aggressive behavior
Word Count: 1.4k+
Summary: You’re Stephen Strange’s apprentice and you have a feeling he doesn’t like you even though you’re in love with him. When he sees you flirting with Loki he gets increasingly jealous/angry.
Notes: I’m going to be making this into two parts! (the 2nd part will probably have smut (; )

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{Mermaid!AU} Minghao

other mermaid aus can be found here
a/n: this is alot of angst before it gets fluffy i apologize. tw would be; drowning sensation, alcohol mention, heavy pda

  • minghao says something to you that stays with you forever
  • he asks you to “kiss him like the ocean waves kiss an island’s shore”
  • in the moment when he first said it, you didn’t even care about the phrase. you didn’t think twice about it
  • because your hands were in his long dark hair and he was so close that you could smell his cologne but even deeper than that you could smell his skin 
  • and the desire to be closer to him had driven you into a state of complete frenzy
  • you were clutching at the front of his leather jacket and nodding desperately 
  • you think that if minghao had asked you to run away that second you would have kept nodding 
  • you would have done anything with him
  • but he asked for a kiss and you gave it to him
  • with all the passion you could muster, to a point where you were kissing him and your head was spinning
  • the grip on his jacket and his hand on your lower back were the only two things keeping you grounded
  • and after that, the next morning
  • you were leaving the house with a blaring headache and dark shades on to cover the puffiness of your eyes
  • but you remembered one thing
  • “kiss me like the ocean waves kiss an island’s shore”
  • the blurry image of minghao was in your mind too,,,,
  • his piercing eyes and how he’d chuckled against the base of your neck when you’d confidently (and tipsily) asked him to dance at the club last night
  • but other than that,,,,,,you had no recollection
  • you were a little tipsy, but you knew when to cut back and you were sure you had
  • but why had it felt like the core of your soul had been sucked out?
  • you pushed the question to the back of your mind, focused more on getting to work on time than what idiocy you’d gotten yourself into 
  • hey, at least it didn’t get you killed - and that’s what really mattered
  • but then you found yourself back at the same club ,,,,,,,every night for almost two weeks
  • each time in the same spot
  • seeing the same person
  • hearing the same thing
  • the song would be different, the friends from work you were there with might be different, and the color of your clothes might be different
  • but minghao stayed the same 
  • and “kiss me like the ocean waves kiss an island’s shore” never failed to find its way against the skin of your lips
  • and ,,,,,, once again you clung to him and kissed him like he could disappear right at any moment
  • the weirdness of it all didn’t hit you until someone finally asked
  • “whose that long haired guy you’re always making out at the club with?”
  • you stared at hoshi for a while before you realized he was asking you about minghao
  • “oh,,,,he’s a friend.”
  • “a friend whose face you’re always sucking when we’re all trying to have a good time?”
  • hoshi laughed as you rolled your eyes and brought your cup of coffee to your lips
  • but in reality you weren’t sure what else to say
  • minghao was definitely not your boyfriend, he wasn’t even a friend, but he wasn’t a stranger
  • afterall,,,,,you’d been pulled into his arms everyday for the past two weeks that obviously had to mean something
  • or maybe,,,,,,there was more than just an attraction between you two
  • because minghao had some kind of power - you were sure of it
  • there was no one else at the club who you could focus on instead, you were being pulled by some otherly force to minghao
  • and only minghao
  • not that you much complained,,,,he was beautiful beyond belief and a great kisser at that
  • but hoshi’s mind lingered in your head for a while,,,,,,,
  • who was that long haired guy at the club you were making out with? aside from his name,,,,,,,,that’s all you knew
  • so - as usual you were at the club right at eleven on the dot and minghao was in his spot at the bar
  • you tried to pay attention to what happened, what was going on, when you would be pulled back into his embrace
  • and before you could even register it, minghao looked up and your feet were on their way
  • without even thinking, your body reacted
  • and you pushed past the bodies to get to him
  • minghao was sitting there, his leather jacket open to reveal a half done up silk white shirt
  • on the patch of open skin was a necklace, one single seashell hung from it
  • and it was decorated with a metal outline
  • minghao’s ears were both fully pierced, his sharp jawline highlighted by the low lights of the club
  • his hair was long in the back, soft and midnight black
  • and sometimes at the right angle his dark eyes managed to spark blue 
  • “you’re here”
  • he set down his glass and overturned his palm on the bar 
  • as if on cue you walked toward him and his palm settled on the dip of your back
  • you knew what he was going to say next without needing to hear it
  • “kiss me like the ocean waves kiss an island’s shore” 
  • and you did,,,,because it seemed like nothing in this world could stop you
  • nothing at all
  • and you enjoyed it, kissing minghao - having his lips on yours and having him all to yourself
  • even in this sea of people, kissing him made it seem like no one was there but you
  • and once again your body was reacting, your nervous system on a rollercoaster of emotions
  • all of which hinged on minghao’s being, his appearance, his voice, his scent
  • and when you pulled back you managed - within a second to ask
  • “who are you?”
  • to which minghao replied with a brief, low chuckle
  • “it doesn’t matter”
  • that night you got none of your questions answered
  • hoshi teased you at work again for making out with your mystery man but you were starting to genuinely become worried
  • it was like ,,,,, all of a sudden you had an addiction to a person 
  • and you were sure that was impossible,,,,,,especially if you didn’t know this person at all
  • but minghao must have cast a spell, or done something absurd to make you like this
  • you weren’t even the type to enjoy clubbing, let alone public displays of physical affections like making out
  • (hoshi had described that looking at you two was both heartbreaking and kind of gross)
  • that you decided you needed to talk to minghao,,,,seriously
  • and without the whole kissing part involved
  • so when you arrived at the club that night, you forced yourself to focus
  • and you marched to the bar, clutching your hand in a fist till the knuckles turned white just to somehow stabilize yourself
  • but when you ended up in front of minghao again,,,,,
  • all that self control and focus melted away
  • all he did was run a hand through his hair, push his overgrown bangs from his face and smile
  • and you were absolutely bent to his will
  • but when you kissed him, you somehow forced yourself to stop
  • and pulling back, shocked minghao in the process
  • “i,,,,,what am i doing?!”
  • you asked outloud, one hand still gripping minghao’s jacket as you kept your eyes from meeting his
  • just in fear that he’d somehow start controlling you again
  • because by now all the theories you’d tried to play with in your hand didn’t make sense
  • but that minghao was somehow orchestrating all of this,,,,,,,,did
  • “what have you done to me?”
  • minghao picks up his drink and downs it
  • he doesn’t even acknowledge your question, he just waits
  • assumes you’ll fall like putty back into this routine
  • but you find the will to focus and ask again, “what have you done to me?”
  • this time minghao takes a hold of your wrist and the touch sends a shooting arrow of flames through your body
  • “im not doing anything, you’re the one that’s reacting to it.”
  • “w-what?”
  • the flame gets hotter as minghao tugs you closer
  • “everything about me, you like it - don’t you?”
  • your breathing hitches because your mind is trying to keep it cool but your body is being hijacked into that uncontrollable state again
  • with the unleashed need to be in minghao’s arms
  • he feels it too, you’re sure of it because you see his lips turn up into a smile
  • “you can’t resist it, can you?”
  • and as much as the flame is burning you from the inside,,,,you can’t 
  • you don’t want to be a play thing or a friend with something more on the side
  • you don’t want to be used
  • and even though minghao is stunning, you don’t know who he is or what his morals are 
  • or even what he does for a living
  • you know one-night stands aren’t anything to be ashamed of, making out with strangers isn’t either
  • but this has become a situation where you’re not willing to do that anymore
  • you want to know what is happening
  • and with that,,,,,,,you’re able to keep that fire in you at bay
  • and when minghao releases your hand it cools immediately and he waves the bartender over for another drink
  • you stand there,,,,,,,feeling like a lost child because minghao doesn’t say anything
  • and you’ve asked him,,,,,,,what he’s done but he’s just given you a cryptic answer you don’t know how to respond to
  • so your voice quivers when you ask it again
  • “wha,,,,,what have you done to me?”
  • minghao doesn’t wait for the drink to get there, he gets up and he towers over you
  • his lean figure isn’t intimidating, but the way he looks right through you is
  • and minghao looks as if he has something to say of his own but instead he just tilts his head 
  • and you watch the seashell necklace around his neck move with him
  • “i don’t think you want to know that.”
  • you press your lips together ,,,,, his stare ,,,,,, even without the touching the flame starts to spark again
  • “i,,,,i do”
  • “the truth won’t be pretty.”
  • “tell me”
  • your voice sounds exasperated
  • to everyone else you’re just two people talking, but you feel like you’re in a mental war
  • stopping yourself from giving in and just letting the cycle resume
  • to throw yourself into him and obey his wish
  • “kiss me like the ocean waves kiss an island’s shore” 
  • so minghao motions to the door
  • you follow him and don’t even look at the concerned faces of those you know as you leave with him
  • and he walks right past the club’s parking lot - out onto the sidewalk about out onto the streets
  • you manage to follow behind 
  • but only a bit because minghao disregards oncoming traffic and other people
  • as he makes his way closer and closer
  • to the ocean
  • it’s way past closing, so no one is out on the beach
  • and you’re stumbling to keep up, opting to take your shoes off at some point as you follow him toward the shoreline
  • it’s cold, your club outfit isn’t helping and you watch minghao’s hair whip around him from behind
  • you’re getting angry,,,,,,,,,,worried that this is another one of minghao’s games
  • you don’t know who or what he is,,,,how you’ve found yourself in this situation
  • you wrap your arms around yourself and then
  • minghao walks into the water
  • and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he’s gone
  • you panic, looking every which way
  • expecting that this is a prank,,,,,that he’ll come scare you from behind
  • but he doesn’t
  • and you want to turn and run and get help till a voice echos out from the water
  • “if you want to know, you have to come into the water”
  • you stand, frozen in the night time 
  • your feet are digging into the sand and you could so easily just,,,,,leave
  • just run off back onto the sidewalk, back into the club with your work friends and pretend these past weeks
  • just didn’t happen
  • but ,,,,,, your curiosity bests you
  • the voice is melodic as it beckons you closer and closer to the waves till you’re up to your knees
  • and then,,,,,,,,you’re pulled under
  • you’ve never been scared of water - but in that moment your heart jumps into your throat
  • and you think of one million different ways it’s going to end,,,,,,one million things you havent done yet
  • until the voice comes back
  • “open your eyes”
  • you do, slowly and for some reason the sea is dark - it isn’t vacant 
  • and in front of you,,,,,is minghao
  • his dark hair still whipping around his face but this time his eyes are glowing and his seashell necklace is floating on his bare chest
  • that dips into a large, full scale tail
  • his hand reaches out and you see the scaling on his elbow and feel the webbing between his fingers when he pulls you to come and looks at him closer
  • when he opens his mouth you’re sure you won’t be able to hear under water
  • but you do,,,,,,you hear that melodic voice in your head
  • “this is my truth.”
  • you can’t reply,,,,,,,you just stare in wonder and awe and when you gain enough control to reach out 
  • you feel your head getting heavy,,,,,,the lack of air,,,,,,your lungs overflowing,,,,,,,
  • and then it’s dark
  • and you can only hear the same line over and over and over again
  • “kiss me like the ocean waves kiss an island’s shore” 
  • and you don’t know if you smile,,,,,,or if you just think of smiling because you finally understand
  • what it means
  • when you wake up, your head is in someones lap and you see that the night sky has turned brighter
  • you feel a hand on your waist and trace it up to see minghao’s familiar face
  • he glances down at you and you don’t even move from your spot
  • “so you were a mermaid?”
  • “a siren, but mermaid is a prettier way to put it.”
  • you sit up, groggy and still in your damp club outfit
  • but none of that  concerns you when you look at minghao again
  • “is that ,,,,,, your power as a siren?”
  • you refer to the way minghao could make you weak to him,,,,,make you feel like you were overcome with the need to be his
  • he gives a quiet nod but then pushes his hair back
  • “i attract people to me in order to feed off that attraction, the energy gives me the power to turn into my siren form but ,,,,,, it’s not like i can do it to anyone
  • you pull your feet up to your chest as you sit beside him
  • “the person has to like me of their volition first.”
  • you look down, suddenly embarrassed but,,,,you can’t lie
  • although it was wild, the emotion he evoked in you - before it you would have seen minghao and definitely been into him
  • even without his siren ability, he had traits you would be attracted to
  • “i am your type, aren’t i?”
  • he asks and you suddenly hide your head in your knees
  • the gesture makes minghao chuckle and you want to tell him to shut it,,,,but instead you ask “what does the line mean?” in order to shift the convrsation
  • minghao touches the seashell necklace gently and looks out at the ocean
  • “it’s a phrase sirens say to their soulmate”
  • you go quiet again and minghao doesn’t say anything either
  • “s-soulmate?”
  • his dark eyes flick to yours and the sun hits them just right that they look like like a swirl of royal blue for a second
  • “yes”
  • “does that mean,,,,,,”
  • he nudges closer, closer until you fall back onto the sand and he hovers over you and lets his eyes rest on your lips
  • “did you think i wasn’t attracted to you? that you’re not my type?
  • you feel even more embarrassed now,,,,,but the flame starts sparking in your body again
  • and you go “s-stop using your powers”
  • but minghao shakes his head “im not”
  • and with that he kisses you, but not with that raw passion
  • not like he’s trying to take anything away
  • not like you’re losing your mind
  • it’s a kiss thats like a soft flutter of a butterfly wing, the brush of a blade of grass against your fingertips
  • it’s a kiss that’s like an ocean wave - cautious and careful - as it meets the island shore 

anonymous asked:

What do you think Shiro might have felt when he heard "I love you"? It is subtle but his reaction speaks volumes.

I think, in that moment, it shook him to the core. But you know, he’s still under Haggar’s control here–I don’t think he had many options. Many ways out. He had to fight Keith, but I think he did so on his own terms. I agree with Josh and truly believe Kuron brought Keith to the cloning facility with the intent to destroy Haggar’s whole operation. 

Additionally, Haggar just told Kuron to lure Keith away and exploit Keith’s feelings for him. Kuron didn’t have to bring Keith to the cloning facility, he had no reason to. How would it win Keith’s trust to show that he was an “imposter”? Why bother telling him the truth? I think he wanted Keith to know–and he wanted Keith to be the one to end it. Again, Kuron was suppose to manipulate Keith, play mind games and prey on the fact that Keith still saw good in him. But Kuron does nothing of the sort. He’s violent, cold, cruel, he does everything he can to rile Keith up.

And when all else fails? When Keith is still so intent on saving him and says, “I love you?” In that moment, in an instant of excruciatingly painful clarity, I think he realized Keith didn’t have the heart to do it. There was no way he could kill Kuron, could just give up on him. So Kuron goes for his ace in the hole, the last thing he has, the most painful thing he could possibly say–he admits to having murdered their entire team. “Just let go, Keith. You don’t have to fight anymore. By now, the team’s already gone. I saw to it myself.” It’s so heart rending in the face of Keith’s defiant admission, and the strike hits home, awakens something primal in him. 

I think, deep down, Kuron wanted very badly for Keith to win that fight. I think he said and did everything he could to make Keith hate him, to make Keith realize he was a lost cause that needed to be let go. At the moment, hearing Keith say those words, I think he returned to himself a bit and had to make the gutting decision to push his own feelings aside and say something that might just convince Keith to do the unthinkable. It ultmately backfires of course, because nothing has made him irredeemable in Keith’s eyes. Because even if Shiro is the only person he has left, Keith will hold on until the end. 

But now you also have this scenario where Shiro and Kuron have melded into one, and he now carries all of those memories with him. And looking back, I think he’s going to be haunted by this particular moment. Because he knows how much it would’ve meant for Keith to say something like that–and he knows what comes after, the mark seared into Keith’s skin after his desperate pleas and aching cry of, “I love you.” I think it’s something they’ve always known, have always expressed–in little ways, intimate touches and stolen moments. But words have power, and I think he knows the gravity of it. 

I like to think, when they’re recovering and looking back on it, when Shiro has the time and presence of mind to process all of it–he takes Keith aside and says, “I love you too.

Mind-Reading || Peter Parker x Reader

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Summary: Peter always thought it would be cool to read minds, but he never thought he would find a mind reader so soon. And that he would be so surprised.

A/N: Hi again, and sorry again. It is my first piece of writing in full English and I know that there might be some huge mistakes, so I’m apologizing already. Anyways, I hope you guys like it (and don’t mind my english at all)

Words: 786

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