i think im in love with him

You know how I texted you and told you I liked you with the intention of getting it off my chest so I could move on?

Well that didn’t fucking work.

I think about you daily. You wanna know why? I don’t like you. I love you. I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember.

I want to get over you with every fiber of my being though, but I can’t. I would love to able to love other guys back or feel for them, but you’ve ruined that for me. I can think about is how they’re not you.

I’m honestly angry with you. I’ve loved you for so long, and I wish you just broke my fucking heart when I texted you that. I wish you said that you would never see me as more than a friend. That you barely tolerate me. But no. You said, “I wish you would have told me sooner”

What the actual fuck does that shit even mean?! You should have just told me that truth! I just need some honesty. That’s all I ask.

if jk rowling wanted me to like snape she should’ve given him a better redemption arc than “i wanted to bang your mom”

happy birthday phichit!

tomorrow is the start of mermay, but I won’t have time to participate ;v;;; hopefully merman phichit makes up for it! i love @crimson-chains ‘s design so much asdfjk; <3 (from their siren au!)


#LittleEuphoriaDay #JKMagicDay ✧ Happy Birthday, JEON JUNGKOOK  —  cr, insp

950901 happy 21st birthday to my favorite soft bun ❤ i don’t think there’s an end to how much i love you and how much you make me and so many other people happy. you’re wonderfully talented, so cute, so kind & incredibly extra. thank you for being my inspiration, my strength and my happiness. thank you for being a good friend and showing us so many sides of yourself. i hope you can continue to be with the people you love and that they can guide you through your adulthood just like they did when you were younger. i will forever keep loving and supporting you. ♡ 

He looks like such a jock lmaooo

digging that one flag

im curious what do you have in common w/ your bias?

i feel very strongly about the concept of taemin taking what he has been criticised for and made fun of his entire career and turning it into his own way of expressing himself more freely and also taking the oportunity to open the conversation about gender stereotypes and why it’s silly to expect a man to behave a certain way and a woman to behave another certain way and i think what he did in the whole move era is very important and goes beyond the more visible changes ( like wearing more “feminen” or gender neutral clothing, having dance moves that are usually reserved for women, having all female backup dancers and doing just one choreography showing that male and female can move and act the same way and blend together and there’s no need of having that barrier between genders, etc) and it sits more on a personal level? I think taemin really grew and learnt a lot with move, not only about himself but also about topics that aren’t discussed as much in society, and I’m really proud of him


i love making these pattern things but boy they’re exhausting, nonetheless have some strong kiddos to fuel your soul <3

redbubble: midoriya || todoroki || bakugou

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Hey!! So I just saw the sudden spam of pjo/hoo (love it btw) and i was wondering if you'd make fanart? Just asking no pressure!! have a nice day <3

Since you’ve asked nicely anon.. have a Percy!
i rlly love this piece <3 also thank you!!!!