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Hola tag lurkers! If you’re looking for a new rp to call home, I’ve got just the group for you. We’re a super welcoming fairytale group with a OUAT inspired plot. We’ve got an amazing gang of members with no shortage of creativity, and I know we’d all love to see some new faces on the dash. We accept characters from all fairytales, most Disney classics, and canons from the popular Descendants series (books and movies). So come check us out and drop off an app. We’d love to have you!!

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favourite colour: all the shades of blue

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

last movie I watched: I think it was Moana

last song I listened to: Little Me by Little Mix

top 3 shows: Game Of Thrones, Sense8, How To Get Away With Murder

top 3 ships: sizzy, kitty, kierarktina

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Unsaid Things - ikoliholic (makeme) - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Unsaid Things (2542 words) by ikoliholic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: Steve Rogers, James “Bucky” Barnes, T'Challa (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Steve Rogers Feels, Implied/Referenced Homophobia, Post-Captain America: Civil War (Movie), Civil War Fix-It, Friends to Lovers, Wordcount: 1.000-3.000

“I love you.”
“I love you too, bud.”
“No,” Steve’s breath catches in his throat. “I love you.”

In which Steve realises he’s totally, utterly gay for his best friend.


It’s Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day apparently, so I thought I’d give myself some love by cross-posting my first Stucky fic I wrote a couple of weeks ago to Tumblr. Short and sweet(ish), and lots of fun to write!

answer 30 questions + tag 20 people you’d like to know better

tagged by @cryingtyping  (tysm by the way!!! ily)
tagging: everyone!!! like if u see this ur tagged!

nicknames: none
star sign:
MBTI type:
Oct. 23
favorite bands:
FIDLAR, Gorillaz
favorite solo artists:
I ccan’”t thiii nnk of annyy ,,,i’’’m,,,soorrry’’
song stuck in my head:
all apologies by nirv.ana

last movie i watched: Austin powers
other blogs:
luvcores (lovecore aes), a theme sideblog
when i created my blog:
2015 bt ive been on tumblr since 2014
what i post about:
aesthetic, me being depressed
last thing i googled:
ry/o as.uka icon
favorite color:
average hours of sleep: 8-9 I think
lucky number:
29 and 92
piano, drums, harmonica

what i’m wearing: gorillaz shirt and shorts from hot topic bc I’m edgy
how many blankets i sleep with:
dream job:
detective, investigative journalist

dream trip: japan
favorite food:
BBQ pork buns and pizza

nationality: usa

cupidrph said: I would watch a movie about your life, or even just you ranting about who you hate because its amazing!!!

ok so i only saw your reply now i’m SORRY. but literally the movie about my life would go as follows:
     - absent parents
     - cool grandma
     - ohp dad’s back
     - ohp dad’s dead
     - ohp there’s the depression
     - did someone order anxiety?
     - oh hey im sixteen maybe this wi— NOPE IT’S STILL ALL SHIT
     - oh here’s some ptsd 
& that’s pretty much all you missed. as for the girl i hate?
     - okay so we were friends in (uk) college & she had a boyfriend who was super nice i got on with him really well & then they broke up like a month ago. but now it was my friend’s birthday / going away party ( bc she’s moving to australia, or now has moved ) & i got talking to this guy & when we went to the store with this girl, she says to me how she fucked the ex-boyfriend two days post breaking up. but obviously i’m a good friend i kept my mouth shut so the friend stILL DOESN’T KNOW but anyways i found out the day you actually sent that meme that the girl who was my “friend” turned around to the boy i was speaking to & was like “yeah she’s clingy & over-emotional” & all this shit so i confronted her & she was like “oh he’s an asshole i didn’t wanna see you hurt” like………. bitch…………….. you can’t GOSSIP ABOUT ME and say you’re doing it FOR ME. so i lost my shit. still haven’t told her about her ex tho lol sucks to be a snakey hoe x 


I was tagged by @dolldirector, thank youuuu <3

5 things you can find in my blog:

  1. Metal bands: especially Avatar, Finntroll, Wintersun, Children of Bodom, Sabaton, Turisas, Metallica, Rammstein, Carach Angren
  2. Series: especially Black Sails, The Strain, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood
  3. Scenery: beautiful landscapes, here and there with snow
  4. Movies: especially Potc
  5. Kitties

5 things you can find in my room:

  1. Posters, lots of posters
  2. Laptop
  3. Books, lots of books
  4. Cd’s, lots of cd’s
  5. Souvenirs

5 things I always wanted to do:

  1. Meet all my fave bands
  2. Go on a roadtrip in America (but this time by myself and better)
  3. Travel to the Nordic countries and hike in woods
  4. Go in a balloon ride
  5. Live by myself

5 things that make me happy:

  1. LazyTown
  2. My best friend
  3. My metal crushes
  4. Spending time with my sister, doing everything and nothing
  5. My addictions

5 things on my to do list:

  1. Meet my best friend
  2. Meet the rest of my fave bands (to do: Wintersun (almostttt), Finntroll, Turisas, Metallica (almosttttt))
  3. Meet my already met fave bands again (Avatar, The Last Band (almostttt), Sabaton, Children of Bodom)
  4. Go and hike in snowy forests
  5. Travel to NYC again

5 things you may not know about me:

  1. I have a crush on a gay elf, fuck me
  2. I have Vitas’ entire discography digitally
  3. I met Kungen en Tim from Avatar and The Last Band in personal (selfiesssss !!), and just all Avatar and COB members during a signing session
  4. I want a cat but also don’t want a cat
  5. I watched Austenland already 25-ish times in 3 years (I kinda wanna know precisely how many times)

I tag @sportacusisgay @deth571 @aranarmo @schwesterwolf

30 Questions Tag!

rule: answer the questions and tag 30 followers that you would like to know better

Okay so I forgot to do this I’m so sorry!! I was tagged by @winwiniswinning who is just amazing and I love her man!! I was also tagged by @bingeulbingeul-round who is so cute and smol, please take my height!!

nickname: Megs | Smegpot | Giant | Megimoo | Meggy

gender: female

star sign: Sagittarius

height: 176cm (5ft 8/9)???

time: 12:03 PM

birthday: December 12th 2002

favorite bands: nct, exo, bts, wanna one, gfriend, mamamoo…just them all, I love them all

favorite solo artist(s): Ed Sheeran, Giriboy, Dean, Zico, Jay Park, Amine

song stuck in my head: NCT Dream We Young (God bless those boys)

last movie i watched: Ermm? I’m not actually too sure….I don’t really watch movies welp

last show i watched: Oh God idk, maybe Pokemon sun and moon? Does that count? Or maybe D-Day actually, that drama is bless.

when did i create my blog: It was about 4 months back? I’m not too sure about the exact day but yes, 4 months ago ish…maybe 5

what do i post: Well on this blog I just reblog a bunch of kpop shit but on my other blogs ( @random-kpop-scenarios and @stroni-bomb I post scenarios, reactions, fake texts, I have a series going on too. Both blogs I work along side another admin~)

last thing i googled: I swear it was some shit like where can I catch a Rockruff….I really like pokemon okay?

do u have other blogs: Yuss, I tagged them before but I’ll sure as hell tag them again



do u get asks: not on this blog no, although the other day I got a lovely message off someone and it made my day <3 Feel free to hmu guys I don’t bite~

why did u choose this blog name: Becuase I am trash for both Mark and Donghyuk and their friendship. Mark-Hyuk-Trash

following: 161! (I love yall…yes they’re mainly NCT blogs whoops I should probably follow more….)

followers: 40

favorite colors: Purple!!! Oh and pastel colours I love pastel colours

average hours of sleep: 4-7 hours, depends really usually not alot 

lucky number: 4, I have a really weird obsession with the number 4

instruments: I can’t play any apart from the flute and trombone, primary school came in handy. 

what am i wearing: Blue jeans and a green jacket blousy thingy…idk what it is tbh

how many blankets i sleep with: 1-2, sometimes 3 if I’m cold

dream job: A translator or interpreter, maybe even teaching english abroad. Anything to do with languages really

dream trip: I have this all planned out, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Seoul! I’d really like to go to Canada too oh and Osaka! I’d also like to meet all my mutuals so New Zealand, Singapore and America too!

favorite food: Seafood and I really like to order Chinese food like it’s so good!

nationality: British

favorite song now: My Page - NCT Dream

Okay and that was my 30 questions done! I’ll tag both the people I know and people I really want to get to know!

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Sorry if I missed anyone! And also sorry if I’m bothering you I really want to make new friends and you all are amazing people!!!

30 Questions Tag!

I was tagged by @2-bookmaster-2 (Thank you!)

1) nicknames: Em or Emmie

2) gender: Female

3) Star sign: Cancer

4) height: 5’ 6

5) time: 10:43am

6) birthday: 1st of July

7) favourite bands: The Goo Goo Dolls

8) favourite solo artists: Lana Del Ray

9) song stuck in my head: The Friends theme song bc I’ve been watching it all day

10) last movie I watched: Beauty and the Beast (the 2017 one)

11) Last show I watched: Friends

12) When did I create this blog: Late June (I think it was the 21st?)

13) What do I post: ACOTAR and TOG

14) Last thing I googled: Something on Amazon

15) Do you have any other blogs: Nope!

16) Do you get asks: Yes (and I love everyone who sends them!)

17) Why did you choose your url: Feyre is one of my fave characters from acotar!

18) following: 1004

19) Followers: 909 (You’re all amazing!)

20) ?

21) average hours of sleep: 6-8

22) lucky number: 7

23) instruments: I play the keyboard

24) what am I wearing right now: Pyjamas

25) ?

26) dream job: Author or journalist

27) dream trip: New York

28) favourite food: Chicken burgers

29) Nationality: British

30) favourite song: What’s Up? By 4 non blondes!

tagging: @highladyyfeyre @tog-trash @havilliardandgalathynius @nestasbucket @ohmyrowan @fck-tamlin (sorry if you’ve been tagged!)

Tagged by @glorious-soobooty. Thank you for tagging me! and sorry for doing this so late.

Nickname: Ali 

Name: Alina

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 169 cm

Time: 11:54 

Birthday: 23th January

Favorite Band: EXO

Favorite Solo Artist: Yixing

Song Stuck In My Head: The Eve

Last Movie I Watched: Batman(I’m rewatching all the great movies again,lat week I watched LOTR and this week gonna watch Matrix again)

Last Show I Watched: GOT (asdfghjk this season killed me)

When Did I Create My Blog: 5 months ago

What Do I Post: EXO, a lot of Kyungsoo

Last Thing I Googled: Chrysanthemum

Do You Have Other Blogs: I have another one but I’m not online often and I reblog tv shows and other stuff more

Do You Get Asks?: Sometimes

Why Did You Choose This Blog Name: because D.O is squishy

Blogs You Are Following: 800

Followers: less than 1k(I want to have 1k so that I can make my first follow forever but It’ll take a while)

Favorite Colors: Blue,Green 

Average Hours of Sleep: 6 hours

Lucky Number: 23

Instruments: I don’t play any

What Am I Wearing: tshirt and shorts

Dream Job: idk just something that makes a lot of money lol but I would like to work with animals or something, I love animals. Can there be a job to pet and play and love animals bc I’m up for it

Dream Trip: a lot of places, Tokyo, Italy, Hawaii…

Favorite Food: sushi, icecream 

Nationality: Romanian

Favorite Song Now: Kokobop

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tagged by the ever lovely @cryingtyping thank u baby i love u!!! 💖💖💖

answer 30 questions + tag 20 people you’d like to know better
tagging: @mymelochan @gabrieltenma
nicknames: kirs
star sign: scorpio
gender: female
MBTI type: infp
height: 160 something
time: uhh 5:13 or something my clocks are all slow
birthday: 2 november
favorite bands: TWRP, Ninja Sex Party, でんぱ組.inc
favorite solo artists: ななひら、きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ, Bruno Mars
song stuck in my head: The Hit - TWRP ft. Ninja Sex Party
last movie i watched: Into the Wild
other blogs: a trauma blog, yellowish aesthetic blog and acnl blog
when i created my blog: hmm august 2015??
what i post about: girls girls girls
last thing i googled: vordt of the boreal valley
following: idk!!
followers: 678
favorite color: pastel pink!
average hours of sleep: 8-9
lucky number: any number ending in 5 or 0
instruments: keyboard!
what i’m wearing: school uniform n pj pants
how many blankets i sleep with: 3 on top of my doona
dream job: err idk something to do with speaking japanese!
dream trip: japan!!
favorite food: cheesy tortilla chips n chocolate (separately ofc aghlkigrsdbj)
nationality: australian

I was tagged by the awesome @itsaconquestofimagination (luv u girl)

  • Relationship status: single but talking to someone and i REALLY like him you guys oh my god
  • Favourite colour: blue!
  • Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick… but prime it with chapstick lol 
  • The last song I listened to: the music for the Happily Ever After fireworks show at Disney
  • Last movie I watched: Winter Soldier when it was on tv the other day
  • Top 5 tv shows: Game of Thrones, Netflix Defenders series (i like em all ok), Orange is the New Black, CW Arrowverse (I also like all of em), This Is Us
  • Top 5 characters: Cisco Ramon, Ahsoka Tano, Luke Skywalker, Daenerys Targaryen, Steve Rogers
  • Top 5 ships: Finnrey, Brienne/Jaime, Jonerys (which, in ANY other series I probably would’t ship, but it’s GOT lol), Snowalbert, Cisco/myself ;P (jk i just don’t have that many ships)
  • Tag 5 people you’d like to know better: @calming-divinity @kylo-renne @blueeyedwolf33 @baensolo @tkyloren
Another tag game

The rules: spell your URL using only movies you’ve enjoyed (each title once only) and tag 10 of your mutuals

I was tagged by @sol-martell thanks dear! :)

Bridget Jones’ Diary (all of it, I’m not even going to choose)

Only You (because why not?)

Runaway Bride, The (lol that’s counted, right?)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Dirty Dancing (because of Swayze)

Love Actually

It’s Complicated

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Elf (took me a while to think of another movie)

A Single Man (Colin Firth is brilliant!!! OMG. this film made me love him so much)


Ocean’s Trilogy

Spy (yes, it’s the one with Melissa Mccarthy. haha)

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I tag @0writerchick0 @greedisgreen @redlektor @ericanoelle @lady–sansa-stark @ladybaelish @softjellow @aidansplaguewind @dubiousruffian @petyrbaelish

I was tagged by @hinahime94 to list some stuff about myself
So here goes
Favorite shows
1 hellsing ultimate
2 monster musume
3 gravity falls
Favorite movies
1 the empire strikes back
2 shin godzilla
3 Disneys Hercules
Favorite characters
1 all might
2 rachnera
3 seras victoria

Tagged by @gothmorty
1. Nicknames?
Katsudon 🥈
2. Gender?
3. Star Sign?
4. Height?
1:08 pm, perfect for getting ready to start school
6. Birthday?
December 23rd
7. Favorite Bands?
I don’t listen to real music….😗
8. Favorite Solo Artists?
Lin-Manuel Miranda I guess
9. Song stuck in my head?
My Shot from Hamilton
10. Last movie watched?
Sing because I watched I Hate Everything’s video about it
11. Last show watched?
Rick and Morty (I have to look for it on YouTube tonight too)
12. When did I make my blog?
I barely remember, probably close to a year ago
13. What do I post?
Random thoughts, maybe some art
14. Last thing I googled
“Hitachiin Twins" for imPORTANT RESEARCH
15. Do you have other blogs?
16. Do you get asks?
No :’( I don’t expect them yet lol
17. Why did you choose your url?
The song Here Comes A Thought from Steven Universe + my weirdness
18. Following?
20. Favorite colors?
21. Average hours of sleep?
Normally about 8 but for the past few days 6-7
22. Lucky number?
The number 76 is calling to me right now
23. Instruments?
Alto sax, teaching myself guitar with a tiny one I got when I was about 7, and teaching myself a bit about piano from what I learn about chords, scales, rhythms, etc. in band class
24. What am I wearing?
Black athletic leggings (tongue twister) and a shirt from summer camp
25. How many blankets do I sleep with?
It’s hot so for now I only have the sheet on my bed, but I love bundling up in one thick blanket
26. Dream job?
Author, artist, singer, tv show creator, anything that I can touch people’s hearts with (ah so poetic) even something like YouTube
27. Dream trip?
Meeting my grandparents in Zambia, LA, Italy, Japan
28. Favorite Food?
Fried chicken
29. Nationality?
30. Favorite song now?
Honestly, Satisfied from Hamilton

Do this @smol-blue-ethan @awkwardphotosofstevenuniverss @esrickymorty and anyone else who thinks this is cool

Tagged by my cute as an apricot sister @kakiichoco

Rules : Tag people you’d like to know better

Relationship : single as a lone isle in the pacific

Favourite colour: Mostly purple but I adore all the colours!

Lipstick or chapstick : depends on the occasion!

Last Song I listened to : Memories by Adrian von Ziegler

Last movie I watched : Kubo and the Two Strings!

Top Three Fictional Characters: Morgan Le Fay, Odette, Jem Carstairs and Will Herondale (don’t you make me choose between sugar and honey)

Books I’m currently reading: The Floral Birthday Book and The Last Man. 

Tagging: @fancyfae @ankicacicero @bisexual-sylveon @silverysylph @creamcoffees @konzendoji @thekeepersfirst @lunacalypso @lunakata @arturum-expectare @lookingforherpeople @crunchbuttsteak @shxdows-ofthe-dxmned

30 Questions Tag

Tagged by my new friend: @mayhemories 

1: Nicknames? Mona, Bri, Gabriel Iglesias, Mom, Bitch, Pineappla 

2: Gender? Female

3: Star Sign? Capricorn all the way

4: Height? 5′7″

5: Time? 8:48pm pst

6: Birthday? 29 December

7: Favorite Bands? Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Twenty-One Pilots, We the Kings

8: Favorite Solo Artists? J Cole, David So, Kanye West, The Weeknd, Drake, Kendrick Lamar , Selena, Calvin Harris

9: Last Song Stuck In Your Head? I’ll Do by David So. The Game Of Thrones opening song, the stark theme, Rains of Castamere 

10: The Last Movie You Watched? Annabel Creation 

11: Last Show You Watched? GAME OF THRONES don’t hurt my baby Jon Snow

12: When did You create this blog? July  2014 wow its been three years. 

13: What do You Post? trump memes, Marvel, Disney, cute animals, Sjm books, shadowhunters, memes, GAME of Thrones now, basically whatever i see and find cute, funny or important. 

14: Last Thing You Googled? Kawasaki disease 

15: Do You Have Any Other Blogs? I do but i only bc it was my friends old url and i wanted to scare her thinking she got hacked. 

16: Do you get asks? Every once in awhile, please send more they make my day. 

17: Why Did You Choose Your URL? Bc it was originally triplexpuppy for triple the amount of dogs but i changed the x to avoid people assuming it was porn related. 

18: Blogs You Follow? 226

19: Followers? it says 128 but bitch where ??

20: Gusty, darling, what the hek is question 20? um im making question 20 : whos your favorite character ? Jon Snow or Aelin 

21: Average hours of sleep? School days: 6.5 hours. Weekends: 8-9 hours.

22: Lucky Number? 8

23: Instruments? piano( i suck now i forgot everything) guitar ( for school only ) and an assortment of drums ( also for a class)

24: What Are You Wearing Right Now? My school shirt and a pair of leggings 

25: Gusty, baby, moon of my life, what is question 25? again im making this : do you believe in love? No i dont, ive never actually seen real love so #fakenews. 

26: Dream Job? Medical examiner, CEO of a giant tech business , BAMF lawyer, philosophy professor ( im a kid that has no set passion so many jobs sound aight) 

27: Dream Trip? London or Manchester, Watching life of Tom vlogs made me fall in love with Britain. 

28: Favorite Food? Home-style Mexican food, nothing better than a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. Also Mongolian grill  noodles are lit 

29: Nationality? I was born in American but like im Mexican American as fuk. 

30: Favorite Song? Nonstop- The Hamilton Cast of Broadway or Wet Dreamz by J. Cole 

I’m tagging: @peachrytree @blackdowning @shmeg23 @princessdayne @cartoon-maniac @simplyscrumdiddlyumptious @katherineshilarious

8 Questions Tag

tagged by @heonielo :))

Relationship status: single af

Favorite colors: orange, red, yellow, green, and black

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick ; somehow i look worse when i wear lipstick smh

Last song I listened to: millic ft. fanxy child - paradise

Last movie I watched: 12 Years A Slave

Top 3 fictional characters: Luffy, Shiina Mayuri, Light Yagami

Top 3 ships: i dont really ship anything (except a little showki c:)

Books I’m currently reading: man i dont read in the summer

tagging: @minhyuukk @opalyolk @patxing-soo @tsunderella-chan 

(i see and love all of youu~~)

tagged by @xepisia​ :0

1. Nickname: idk it depends on where you know me from tbh

2. Gender: female

3. Star sign: sagittarius but the traits dont match me at all so i dont go by it

4. Height: 5 flat

5. Time: 11:58 pm

6. Birthday: december 18th

7. Favorite bands: twenty one pilots, imagine dragons, switchfoot, bastille

8. Favorite solo artist: owl city

10. Last movie I watched: Spiderman: Homecoming probably idk

11. Last show I watched: Attack on Titan, season 2

12. When did I create my blog: idek its been a long time now

13. What do I post: memes, vampires, other random reblogs, and my own art sometimes wow

14. Last thing I googled: harry potter house quiz pottermore

15. Do I have another blog: ive got two, but i dont use either one rip

16. Do you get asks: very occasionally

17. Why did I choose this blog’s name: ‘consulting’ cos when i joined i was a new sherlock fan, and ‘polymath’ cos i wanted a unique name that no one would ever think of, so i searched thesaurus.com for random words til i found one i like

18. Blogs I’m following: 93

19. Followers: 318

20. Favorite colors: purple, yellow, black, and red

21. Average hours of sleep: 4-5

22. Lucky number: 72 ½

23. Instruments: piano, guitar, and ukulele are the ones im best at

24. What I’m wearing: dark grey skinny jeans and a weird dark pinkish shirt

25. How many blankets I sleep with: all of them

26. Dream job: artist

27. Dream trip: i gotta visit mah frennnss

28. Favorite food: burritos

29. Nationality: american

30. Favorite song now: sucker for pain by imagine dragons (the CLEAN version)