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GUESS WHO HAS A NEW FAVORITE EQUESTRIA GIRLS MOVIE (prepare for an explosion of tags if you read them, expect lots of spoilers)

I was tagged by @taeqyung…have I been noticed???

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Nickname: Ri, Riri, Ririx, Con, Concon, Connie
Gender: Who knows TBH
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5′3"/161cm
Hogwart’s House: Ravenclaw
Favorite Color: Ash Grey
Time Right Now: 8:46 pm
Average Hours of Sleep: in America 5 but since I got to Taiwan it’s been 9, idk why, maybe all the foreign language around me makes me tired???
Lucky Number: 13
Last Thing I Googled: “怪奇孤兒院” it’s a movie hahaha
Favorite Bands: BTS, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Astro, BtoB, Exo, LuHan, etc.
Dream Trip: My current exchange, lol but beyond that I wanna live in Seoul and learn Korean while teaching English
Wearing Right Now: A grey shirt lined with a deep red and a cactus on my left boob, and short shorts with black tights
Age of Blog: This one? A little over a year I think?
Following: 242, I just unfollowed a lot of people though because I get anxious if I follow too many people
Posts: lol mobile won’t tell me
What I Post About: being gay, kpop, memes, jokes, animals, aesthetics, mm, games, basically everything
URL: I am the ruler over dragons lol

I tag @ameribruh @i-sold-my-soul-for-cocoa @uwukenma and anyone else who wants to, just say I tagged you because I’m bad at this and I can’t remember any of my followers urls cause I’m a terrible person

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what shows did you watch as a kid? kim possible, teen titans, zoey 101, fairly odd parents, arthur, recess, avatar the last airbender… the list just goes on

are you the type of person who will send tons of cash to their grandparent for every holiday?
i’m more of a diy gift giving person tbh

on average, how long does it take for you to answer texts?
it depends on what i’m doing when i get the texts

snapchat or Instagram?

new disney movies or older classic disney?
classic disney all the way

what’s your heritage?
south Asian

introvert, extrovert or ambivert?

favorite mythology figure?

do you actually use the word “bae”?
never in my life

jackets or sweaters?
(oversized) sweaters

space nerd or history/art nerd?

my questions:

if you could live in any fictional world, which one would it be? 

polaroids or digital pics?

would you ever dye your hair blue?

vinyls or cds?

favorite 90s cartoon?

books or movies?

are you down for late night adventures?

which song have you had on repeat lately?

what do you wish for at 11:11?

cold or warm weather?

where in the world would you like to travel to?

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Tag whatever idc

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1.) How old are you? 16 living the dream (i haven’t not cried today)

2.) Current Job? unemployable

3.) Dream job? idk man


5.) What is a big goal you are working towards/have already achieved? i made 60 cookies for a fundraiser

6.) What is your aesthetic? I have no idea tbh i like movies and sometimes i just wear all red

7.) Do you collect anything? Virginia andrews books (dont make fun of me)

8.) What is a topic you always bring up in conversations? idc

9.) What’s a pet peeve of yours? PEOPLR STANDING ON ESCALATORS

10.) Good advice to give? dont date older guys ever they r gross

11.) Recommended 3 songs: “crackhead ted” - fidlar “chaika” -pussy riot “sick sad world” - allday

Im not tagging anyone fuck yall

Tag game

So okay hi everyone! I was tagged by @theselectionmouse thank you honey!

Rules: Tag 9 followers you want to know better.

Relationship status: single pringle and kinda happy with it bc it means more reading time.

Chapstick or lipstick: always chapstick

Last song i listened to: ein Geschenk by ewig (german Band)

Last movie i watched: Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

Favorite color: violet

Top 3 TV shows: game of Thrones, numbers, shadowhunters

Top 5 fave characters: aelin/celeana (throne of glass), Rowan (throne if glass), america singer (the selection), hagrid (Harry Potter), rhysand (acomaf)

Top 3 fave ships: rowaelin (throne of glass), maxerica (the selection), feysand (acotar)

Okay i cant imagine anyone in particular RN to Tag but you all feel tagged! I want to k ow every single one of my 208 (yay) followers!

i was tagged by @tinybi (u tagged me back u ho)

  1. what is your fav movie of all time? the count of monte cristo (2002)
  2. a character from tv/film/books/video games that you relate to a lot? sansa is my patronus
  3. what music did you listen to a lot as a kid? BACKSTREET AND BRITNEY
  4. best music album in your opinion? too much, too difficult
  5. idk……fav colour?? greeeeen
  6. best insult in your first language? “YOU LINT-LICKER”
  7. are you an optimist or a pessimist? optimist!
  8. favourite food? fettuccine alfredo, even if i can’t eat too much
  9. fav greek legend? hades and persephone, or cupid and psyche
  10. first emo crush? MARILYN MANSON LMAO 
  11. do you prefer vampires, werewolves, both or neither? neither ew, please don’t bring me back to my teenage years

my new q’s:
favorite director?
pick one: complex villain or pure protagonist.
what does “football” mean to you?
fave cheesy romance song?
wine, beer or vodka?
do you keep a journal? why or why not?
do you have any weapons?
paintings or graphic design?
your aesthetic?
tell us about a culture you greatly respect.
what is the perfect wedding?

i tag: @manbunjon @king-baelish and @tinybi (binch….)

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1. Disney or Studio Ghibli?

Studio Ghibli all the way 10/10 would recommend

2. A book or a movie?

I prefer books but I guess it depends on the movie? ;;

3. Comedies or scary movies?

Scary movies. I’m obsessed with horror you have no idea

4. Emotional or logical?

dude idk probably emotional

5. Pastel colors or dark colors?

Pastel af

6. Candles or incense?


7. Summer or winter?

Winter. Summer can fck off i hate sweating

8. Museum or aquarium?


9. Halloween or Christmas?

Both? I’ve been more excited for Halloween the past few years, tho

10. Peppermint or spearmint?

Spearmint. Peppermint hurts my mouth orz

11. Cake or pie?

It depends on what the cake is and what the pie is

12. Forests or fields?

Aesthetically, forests, but if I actually have to be there then fields lol (literally 100% same holly)

13. Morning shower or evening shower?

It depends on when I wake up!

14. Massive mansion or cozy cottage?

I would love either tbh

15. Dinosaur kid or space kid?

I was a dinosaur kid. Jurassic Park, Land Before Time, Dinosaur Train, paleontology is mY EVERYTHING

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was tagged by  Thank you for tagging me!! My Questions for you:

What’s your dream job?

Pshycologist or a Lawyer..idk.I love both equally.

If you could go anywhere for free, where would you go?

New York or China..why not both :D

Superhero or supervillain? Why?

Supervillain..Why? Because I met The Joker hahah That says it all.

Favorite band?

30 Seconds to Mars

Favorite movie?

Panic Room 

Who’s your favorite blog? 

I really can’t pick just one cause I don’t want to leave out anyone ,here are some blogs I can’t live without: angelfacejared,whyarentyoulaughingj,yesharleyhaha,30secondstomarsfictionwriter,zemole,myirishjaredlove,jaredletofuckmelikethedevil

Favorite fanfiction writer?

I hope this won’t sound selfish or silly in a way,but I love how my own brain ‘’writes’’ things for me ,sometimes I go really far and I love it lol,I don’t write fanfcitions,but my brain does all the time lol  

If you ruled the world, what would you do?

Noo,no,no I don’t wanna rule the world and I don’t really wanna know what I would do if I ruled the world.lol That would be so damn much for my shoulders.

What would you like to change about yourself?

My self confidence. I wish I was more confident and I wish I could trust myself some god damn more.

Eye color?


Have you ever kissed someone?

Yes :)

I’m tagging: @angelfacejared @yesharleyhaha @thejaredleto @myirishjaredlove @30secondstomarsfictionwriter @jaredvevo @zemole @jaredletofuckmelikethedevil @danleto97 @jaredleto-1971 @avaj99

My Questions:

Which fictional character would you hang out with for a day?

If you could pick a decade to travel back in time to, what would it be?

What was the last show you watched?

What was the last thing you ate?

What is your favourite place that you can reach within half an hour?

What do you love most about your best friend(s)?

What are you proud of?

What do you want other people to remember you by?

What do you want from your future?

If you could have anything you want, right now, what would it be? Is anything stopping you from having it?

Is there anything about yourself that you feel you have to hide? If so, what would happen if you didn’t hide it?

WAS TAGGED BY @whyarentyoulaughingj Thank you for taggin me! 

10 Q Thingy

I was tagged by @loveitsallineed and @deanwinchester-af (cuties)

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Last movie you saw: Lord of the Rings (just finished watching the first one)

Last song you listened to: Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi (I’m writing a thing)

Last book you read: coughtwistandshoutahem

Last thing you ate: chocolate chip cookies

Where would you time travel to: the 1960′s

First thing you would do with lottery money: pay for college and all my family’s bills

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Castiel, obv

What was the last fandom you joined? Officially Supernatural, but I’m starting to get into Lord of the Rings

Time right now: 1:02am lol

Tagging the usual suspects @chucksangel @teamfreewill-imagine @lovin-ackles @lennyways @waywardlullabies and anyone else who wants to do it, I’m tired and can’t think

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Name: Abigail

Nickname: Abi, “osito”, mamí, mija, +20 more lmao

Zodiac: Scorpio

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual (I like them all ;) )

Favorite Color: Lavender or burgundy

Current Time: 10:41 PM

Average Hours Of Sleep: You’re kidding right? I don’t sleep

Last Thing You Googled: Top 10 Horror Movie Final Girls

Current # Of Followers: 840 (don’t ask me, I don’t know why)

Dream Job: Movie Producer/Director

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches

What Do You Post: Imagines/oneshots of the shows TVD, TO, Supernatural, movies, etc. It’s hard for me to post constantly though because college is very demanding

Why Did You Choose Your Username: Because I practice Wicca tradition and I like the way Klaus Mikaelson says “little wolf” I kinda just combined them…yes, I love Klaus alot [eyeroll]

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Can’t think of anybody else..

ok I know you all want me to be quiet about the tinker bell movies but i was rewatching the first one for the first time in years and that one part at the beginning was so gay. When Tink just saw Vidia for the first time and was like “damn shes cute Ive gotta go meet her” and she just. leaves. to talk to her. and then she spends the rest of the movie trying to impress her… 

I was scrolling through October photo challenges to do in rl for Instagram but thought they’d be so much more fun for sims! So I decided to make up the list and inspire you all as well :) Have fun! Tag #slytherween for reblogs 🎃

  1. Moon Goddess
  2. Vintage Halloween Pin up
  3. Shadows Truth
  4. Monster Mash Up
  5. Neon Halloween
  6. Victorian Portrait
  7. Living Doll
  8. Quija Inspired
  9. Orange and Black
  10. Twisted Twins
  11. 80′s Horror Movie Character
  12. Nerdy Zombie
  13. If a vampire had a day job
  14. Playing with Magic
  15. Paranormal Romance
  16. Beautiful Bones
  17. Intergalactic Prince/Princess
  18. Black eyed children
  19. Post-Apocalyptic Disney Princess/Prince
  20. Joker and Harley Quinn Gender Swap
  21. Pastel Colors Demon
  22. Modern Grim Reaper
  23. Cute Werewolf
  24. Ruler of Hell
  25. Black Widow
  26. Halloween Sweater
  27. Stranger Things Character
  28. Washed ashore Mermaid
  29. Tim Burton-esque
  30. Stephen King Character
  31. Trick or Trick - Inspired by your RL costume

it’s a tag meme

I was tagged by @poke-senpai (sorta)

rules: answer these questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better

nickname: you can call me nick or n-money i don’t really care

star sign: i thought is was pisces but poke-senpai told me that they change or something

height: idek and dont want to get up im rly comfy atm

time: 11:37 pm (about 20 minutes till spoopy month)

last thing i googled: draw the squad danganronpa (lol idek)

favorite musical artists: mostly just video game ost’s and that kind of thing

song that’s stuck in your head: all men are pigs by studio killers

last movie you watched: i think it was cyberbu//y (i heard it was really bad)

last tv show you watched: danganronpa 3

when did you make your blog: about two years ago in the spring

what do you post: sometimes shitty theories about shows but its mostly reblogs and the occasional art

do you have any other blogs: no

do you get a lot of asks: literally the only asks i get are for those fake anime games please talk to me anyone

why did you choose your url: i just wanted something that nobody else had and theoverconfidentfish sounded cool

gender: cis male

favorite color: i like teal and fall colors

average hours of sleep: haha i dont sleep

lucky number: 7

favorite characters: gundham tanaka is my husband i will fight someone i swear to god

do you use blankets: i am currently under 5 layers of blankets specifically chosen for maximum comfort (i love blankets)

I tag: um i dont know 20 people so im just gonna assume @cassiegivesfreehugs and @spookygrowlithe havent done it lol

Exciting first tag game for this blog YAY!!! The lovely @annadier tagged me, thank you sooooo much <3

rules:Answer 10 questions, tag 10 people

DVD: Civil War
THEATRE: Masterminds

LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO: To Build a Home- The Cinematic Orchestra 

LAST BOOK YOU READ: Truthwich- Susan Dennard (you should all read it its sooooooo good omg)


IF YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW, WHERE WOULD YOU BE? Umm I don’t know, I think right were I am. At least in this moment.

WHEN WOULD YOU TIME TRAVEL TO: Part of me says the past, but part of me says the future. I think overall the future to see what we do.

FIRST THING YOU WOULD DO WITH LOTTERY MONEY: Pay off my parents mortgage, pay for university, then put the rest away for a home and traveling

FICTIONAL CHARACTER YOU WOULD WANT TO HANG WITH: This is a hard one. I have too many going through my head. I think either Bellamy Blake, Raven Rayes, or Bucky Barnes

WHAT WAS THE LAST FANDOM YOU JOINED: Marvel, I’ve always loved it but I have officially joined its wonderful family recently. Harry Potter is my longest.

TIME RIGHT NOW: 11:11 PM (make a wish)

I tag: @aubzylynn @whatsbetterthanfantasy @mcuimxgine @colouredwater @awesomehannaha  @selena8712 @luna-cadis @ckwylde @katbird787 @rogersxbarnesx 

Hey guys sorry for all the red dragon and general Hannibal series spam, I’ve been rewatching the movies (haven’t seen the final one yet) and reading red dragon. Like, I know it’s problematic and pretty damn ableist but it’s also good in some parts. I use the tags “red dragon”, “Francis Dolarhyde”, “Hannibal”, “hannibal lecter”, “clarice starling”, and “silence of the lambs” if y'all want to block it.

10Q thingy

I was tagged by @lipstickandwhiskey and @loveitsallineed

Rules: answer these 10 questions and tag 10 blogs

Last movie you saw: The Huntsman - Winter’s War

Last song you listened to: Silenced by the Night by Keane 

Last book you read: Currently rereading Lord of the Rings. 

Last thing you ate: Pasta with chicken and spinach

Where would you time travel to: All around the US to visit all my amazing crazy girls! (You all know who you are!).

First thing you would do with lottery money: Go on said trip and to as many SPN Cons I could swing!

Fictional Character you would hang out with for a day: Dean Winchester. I got a few ideas for how we could pass the time too :P (SHUT IT RACH!)

What was the last fandom you joined?: The only fandom I really truly take part in is SPN but my newest love is probably Gotham and I am getting more and more obsessed with GoT so :P

Time right now: 1:36 a.m

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i was tagged by: @thewalkingswen
one song: Cherry Wine-Hozier
two movies: The Little Prince, Howls Moving Castle
three shows: Steven Universe, The X-Files, Game of Thrones
four people: The wonderful @houseofpevy who I love to death, @teysakarlov swamp witch extraordinaire, @irialexander who is the best boss, and @caffeinedad who is my fave California boy bless
five foods: pineapple, strawberry/banana/dark chocolate smoothies, coffee ice cream, sea salt cream boba tea, and oxtail
Tagging: All my friendos who I already tagged up there plus anyone else who would like to do the thing