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50 Questions

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1. coke or pepsi? I don’t really give a damn but I would usually grab a coke

2. disney or dreamworks? disney i guess

3. coffee or tea? tea but I like coffee almost equaly

4. books or movies? reading all the way. I love movies but I tend to only watch Marvel ones, but this year I’ve gone to the cinema more and it’s been fantastic

5. windows or mac? umm…. linux? I grew up with windows tho so i guess i’d choose that simply because i still remember how to operate it. i’ve never touched a mac in my life

6. dc or marvel? Marvel, obviously

7. xbox or playstation? i’m not a gamer and I’ve only held PS once. it was fun tho

8. dragon age or mass effect? dragon age only bc a friend loves it, i havent played

9. night owl or early riser? i’m both, weirdly. not in the same day.

10. cards or chess? cards, I don’t play chess

11. chocolate or vanilla? i don’t like chocolate things

12. vans or converse? vans, not that i own any but i like the shape better

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash or Adaar? i… don’t know

14. fluff or angst? i like a good drama that resolves into cute stuff

15. beach or forest? forest, although beaches are amazing, i don’t really live near one (as in the nearest is about 1000km)

16. dogs or cats? dogs

17. clear skies or rain? well, that depends. I absolutely love a clear sky for walking and stuff but I enjoy rain as well when it’s warm and i can run through it, or when I’m cozy inside with a candle. 

18. cooking or eating out? cooking! 

19. spicy food or mild food? mild, I don’t really fancy spicy food

20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas? christmas

21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot? I already am a little too hot for a human being

22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be? either healing or teleportation (in any way)

23. animation or live action? i love anime, i feel like when you’re animating you’re much more free in what you want to do (mostly with supernatural fights etc), but live action movies are more relatable

24. paragon or renegade? i have an idea what a paragon is but im not sure i follow the question

25. baths or showers? shower. I enjoy baths but I’m not too used to them and I can’t breathe properly in there

26. team cap or team ironman? team cap

27. fantasy or sci-fi? fantasy for sure

28. do you have three or four favourite quotes, if so, what are they? oh you are on! 

“Aime moi mon, mais aime moi longtemps.” - Les Chansons d'Amour (Love me less but love me longer)

“Quinque lineae sunt amoris - scilient visus, allocutio, tactus, occulum sive sauvium, coitus.” - Aelio Donato (There are five levels of love - look, speech, touch, kiss and intercourse.)  

“Člověk roste bolestí. A tak se může stát, že se jednoho dne dontkne hvězd.” - Alice OReally (A person grows by their pain and so it is rather possible for one to reach the stars one day.)

“K lidskému bytí neodmyslitelně patří i události, o kterých mravokárci obvykle nemluví jako o "správných”. - Lord Roderik Galant (To a human being undoubtedly belong events that the moralists don’t necessarily describe as “good”.)

“It’s one thing to say ‘Be in a relationship with me’ and quite another to say 'Give up sex to be in a relationship with me’.” - some fanfic on AO3, I forgot, I’m sorry

29. youtube or netflix? youtube, simply because I don’t have netflix

30. harry potter or percy jackson? i don’t necessarily like either but harry potter seems like a much more advanced thing

31. when do you feel accomplished? when i’ve done the thing that i’ve been dreading

32. star wars or star trek? star wars 

33. paperback or hardback books? hardback

34. horror or rom-com? i don’t like either

35. tv shows or movies? tv shows because i feel like they cover much more plot-wise

36. favourite animal? tortoise

37. favourite genre of music? oh don’t ask

38. least favourite book? i wouldn’t read a bad book (but i do hate my share of history books i have to study)

39. favourite season? spring

40. song that’s currently stuck in your head? none thank god

41. what kind of pyjama’s do you wear? a t-shirt that’s big and baggy and underwear, sometimes shorts or pants instead of that

42. how many existential crises do you have on an average day? not every day

43. if you can only choose one song to be played at your funeral, what would it be? oh god i don’t know???

44. favourite theme song to a TV show? the shows don’t really have a theme song lately, do they. Friends, then, seeing as i don’t recall any other

45. harry potter movies or books? haven’t read, haven’t seen

46. you can make your OTP become canon but you’ll forget that tumblr exists. will you do it? any kind of shipping could never equal the tumblr experience

47. do you play an instrument and if so, what is it? guitar kinda alright, piano if i could only remember the notes

48. what is the worst way to die? an illness, that’s what I feared before I was cleared and I stil don’t like the idea

49. if you could be entirely invisible for a day, what would you do? i would probably listen to people’s conversations about me because i hate myslelf and my self esteem needs to get even lower

50. If you could have personally witnessed anything in history what would it be? oh dude i will so answer this question! and it’s going to be pretty weird but I would love to see my parent’s relationship before I was born. and also… i would love to see Vesuvius explode. 

51. (my question) If you could understand animals but you could never understand humans again, would you? if i could live on a farm then yes, but in this society no

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Tag people you want to know better
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Relationship status: Indefinitely Alone (I almost typed “alien”, ha?)

Fav color: that chalky blue of sky just before dusk this time of year when it’s damp

Lipstick or chapstick: LOL, one of those ubiquitous questions I can’t escape! Usually neither, but sometimes I’ll wear one or the other depending on what I’m doing.

Last songs I listened to:

All the songs in My Fair Lady, and I listened to Mornington Crescent by Belle & Sebastian today walking home from work

Last movie I watched:
My Fair Lady

Top 3 TV shows:
* Granada Sherlock Holmes
* Wishbone – for childhood memories :)
* Flight of the Conchords (”old” as it is–it’s not as old as Wishbone though, heehee) Sometimes I feel odd at family gatherings and social functions because I’m not keeping up on modern-day TV and movies. :\

Top 3 characters:
* Sherlock Holmes (Granada)
* Dr. Watson (Granada)
* Jack Fairy (in the movie Velvet Goldmine)

Top 3 ships:
* Holmes and Watson
* Anne and Diana from the Anne of Green Gables books…I just came across my copy of one of the books and remembered that when I was in college I wrote a fic about them ditching their husbands and living together :)
* Prof. Higgins and Col. Pickering (they’re not my fave people but what else am I to think when Higgins invites Pickering to live with him, and asks the hypothetical question, “would you complain if I took out another fellow?”)

BOOKS YOU ARE CURRENTLY READING: A Study in Scarlet by ACD, Inventing English by Seth Lerer and Questions for Ada, a book of poetry by Ijeoma Umebinyuo.

I’ve seen 2 of these live…
* My Fair Lady
* Hedwig & the Angry Inch
* Phantom of the Opera
* The Merry Widow
* God Help the Girl
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Tag get to Know You Game

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Relationship Status:
Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick? Thats vaseline right?

Last Song I Listened To: Eerie Summers, weird around you
Top 3 Shows: Star trek, Mighty boosh, Black books (like all the stars trek tho)
Top 3 Ships: Enterprise, voyager, USS Eldridge (DE-173)
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Relationship status: engaged

Favourite colour: neons, sky blue, pinks, orange, and green

Lipstick or ChapStick: lipstick, all the way 100000%

I listen to: a lot of electronic music, don’t judge me.

Last movie I watched: I dont remember. But I last watched the Amazing World of Gumball for the length of a movie.

Top three TV shows: Animaniacs, Over the Garden Wall, and The Amazing World of Gumball

Top three characters: Dot Warner (Animaniacs), Helga Pataki (Hey Arnold!), and Wally West (Dc)

Top three ships: birdflash (Dick/Wally, DC), Spirk (Kirk/Spock, Star Trek any), and Capril (Casey/April tmnt 2003 and 2012)

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52 Q's

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 1. Coke or Pepsi? Coke 

 2. Disney or Dreamworks? Disney 💕 

3. coffee or tea? Does sweet tea count?😂 

 4. books or movies? Movies 

 5. windows or mac? Mac 

 6. dc or marvel? Hmm DC 

 7. Xbox or PlayStation? I don’t play games so neither 

 8. dragon age or mass effect? Um not sure what that is so idk 

 9. night owl or early riser? Night owl for sure!🦉💕 

 10. cards or chess? Cards 

 11. chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate 

 12. vans or converse? Like both but I have mostly vans right now 

 13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash or Adaar? I don’t know what that is so idk 

 14. fluff or angst? Again lol I don’t know what that is 

 15. beach or forest? Beach 🌊 

16. dogs or cats? Dogs 17. clear skies or rain? Rain!💕 

18. cooking or eating out? Hmm it depends in what mood I am in 

19. spicy food or mild food? Depends 

20. Halloween/Samhain or solstice/yule/Christmas? Christmas 🎄

21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot? a little too cold because i can’t stand being too hot

 22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be? probably be able to read people minds

23. animation or live action? ehh it depends

24. paragon or renegade? Im not sure what that is so idk 

25. baths or showers? baths

26. team cap or team ironman? Ironman 

27. fantasy or sci-fi? Fantasy

28. do you have three or four favorite quotes, if so, what are they? ehh i have too many but one of them is everything happens for a reason. 

29. youtube or netflix? omg so hard but im going have to pick youtube lol

30. harry potter or percy jackson? both lol 

 31. when do you feel accomplished? im not too sure.

 32. star wars or star trek? Neither 

33. paperback or hardback books? Hardback 

34. horror or rom-com? Rom-com i hate watching horror films 

35. tv shows or movies? Omg that’s hard i guess tv show.

36. favorite animal? Owls and seahorse. 

37. favorite genre of music? i like any type of music besides rock.

38. least favourite book? Im not sure. 

 39. favorite season? Fall and Winter 

40. the song that’s currently stuck in your head? Fallin Too by Russ

41. what kind of pajama’s do you wear? Oversized shirts and shorts or pants depends 

42. how many existential crises do you have on an average day? maybe 3 or 4 it depends on the day lol 

43. if you can only choose one song to be played at your funeral, what would it be? Any song by Khalid hahaha

44. favorite theme song to a TV show? i don’t think i have one 

45. harry potter movies or books? Movies

46. you can make your OTP become canon but you’ll forget that tumblr exists. will you do it? I don’t know what this is asking 

47. do you play an instrument and if so, what is it? I used to know how to played the piano and saxophone 

48. what is the worst way to die? I have this fear of someone killing me while im home alone taking shower lol

49. if you could be entirely invisible for a day, what would you do? hmm probably get all the answers for my future exams lol 

50. if you could have personally witnessed anything in history what would it be? hmm im not sure lol 

51. is there anything you regret in life? hmm yeahh some things but its in the past now. 

52. (my question) if you could travel any where in the world where would you go? Greece

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Tag Thing

Tag 9 people who you want to know better

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Relationship status: Single as all hell
Favorite color: Aqua

Lipstick or chapstick: Why not both?  Lipstick if I’m feeling myself that day, chapstick if I’m just chilling.
Last song you listened to: Something Just Like This - the Chainsmokers and Coldplay
Last movie you watched: The Mummy 3 Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, which is shockingly my favorite Mummy movie.  (I am NOT counting Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 that was on at the nail salon today…)
Top 3 Characters: Non-SWTOR: Luke Skywalker, Colonel John Sheppard (Stargate Atlantis), and Kylo Ren.  SWTOR:  Theron Shan, Senya Tirall, and Ashara Zavros 
Top 3 Ships: Scott Ryder/Cora Harper, Aramys(my female Sith Inquisitor)/Theron Shan (obviously), and Han/Leia
Books you are currently reading: Currently on my 4th read-through of Dune
Top 5 musicals: Phantom of the Opera, The Producers, Moulin Rouge, Wicked, and the Sound of Music.

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Six Movies I Never Get Tired of Watching (ooc)

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1. Passengers (Everything)

2. Gladiator (So…I now realize that my Shepard is Maximus…)

3. Legend of the Gaurdians of Gahoole (visuals, story)

4. Emperor’s New Groove (Best villains ever)

5. Hunchback of Notre Dame (everything)

6. …Jane Austen novel adaptations (DON’T JUDGE ME)

(Would have put Children of Men but that film gets depressing. Ugh so many good films.)

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Relationship Status:
In August I’ll have been with my partner for 7 years :D

Favorite color:
this question is hard because all colours look lovely in the right place/combination :(

Lipstick or chapstick?:
i mean i love lipstick SO MUCH but only sometimes?

Last song I listened to:
I don’t remember, I’ve had disco playing in my head since last Saturday though. September - Earth Wind & Fire or Get Down Saturday Night - Oliver Cheatham

Last movie I watched:
I watched 30 mins of Guardians of the Galaxy because I was tired and bored and it was on tv last night. i’m not into it tbh.

Top 3 fictional characters: i mean pick any of my ocs but I guess.. Space Husband Kaidan, any of ALMSIVI, and most of the Daedra. Too many good characters to pick ??

Top 3 ships: ehhhhhh idk? (My) FemShep/Kaidan, (my eso Khaj) Jiira-dra and Captain Jimila and I guess Vehk/Ayem

Books I’m currently reading: I’m slowly making my way through all the Lovecraft I have on my kindle, currently still on The Horror at Red Hook. After that, Bloodchild by Octavia E. Butler. But there’s so much i wanna read :o

Tagging: no idea if people have already done it but w/e do it if you want.. applies to any tes mutuals tho c:

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Tag Game

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lol haven’t logged on to tumblr in a while and was so happy to see this in my notifications!

rules: answer the questions and tag nine people you want to get to know better 

1. relationship status: in a committed relationship with all 12 of bookish boyfriends

2. favorite color: green is my current favorite color (like slytherin green ya know), but blue is an all time fave

3. lipstick or chapstick: I looovveeee a bold lipstick yes ma’am

4. last song I listened to: break my heart by hey violet

5. last movie I watched: tbh I don’t even remember. 

6. top three fav TV shows: Grey’s Anatomy, 13 Reasons Why, and Teen Wolf (I binge shows on the daily so this was pretty hard)

7. top three fav characters: THIS IS LIKE PICKING A FAVORITE CHILD WHYy

I’m just going to do book characters to slim down the category a bit: Feyre (ACOTAR), Amren (ACOTAR), Rhysand (ACOTAR), Luna (HP), Ten and Killian (Firstlife), Percy (PJO)

that may have been more than three, but who’s counting anyway?

8. top three ships: feysand, rowaelin, and percabeth

9. book I’m currently reading: lol I’m also rereading ACOMAF

I’m new and don’t know anybody so if you just happen to see this and want to do it just go for it!!

mywaywardcupcake  asked:

33, 34, 31

33. Favorite quote from a YGO character

Iconic Thief King Bakura quote: “ The rich and powerful love to talk about justice. The right to punish those you fear… to kill those you hate… And call it execution, not murder! Is that really justice?  Or it is evil?  No one can truly draw the line between just and unjust, good and evil. What you REALLY fear is your enemy’s idea of justice.” 

Kaiba calling Atem a “pompous windbag” in the Pyramid of Light movie was also pretty great lmao

34. If you met Kazuki Takahashi, what would you say to him?

“Do you think Aquaman and Mako Tsunami would be friends?”

31. Favorite duel

Ummmmm! This is hard. I really love all the Joey/Yugi tag team duels. And I obviously love the Final Duel… but the Mai vs. Yugi duel in the Duelist Kingdom finals has always had a place in my heart due to how good-natured it was. I also really liked the Battle City finals shadow game vs. YM. That was a freaky, dramatic duel.

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Relationship status: Taken!

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick

Last Movie I watched: uhhhhHHHHHH i forget the name but it was french and it was gay

Last song I listened to: 551 by Dessa

Top 3 shows: Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Stranger Things. I don’t honestly watch a ton of TV so it’s hard to pick


Tag: anyone who wants to do this, I’m too tired right now to think

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Rules: answer eight questions and tag eight some people.

Last movie I watched: Since I’ve answered this like 3 times already, I’ll have y’all know it’s STILL Sherlock Holmes, but I just binge-watched 5 hours worth of Reign so I feel like that’s 2 movies worth of TV

Last song I listened to: I don’t know but there was music in it

Last book I read: Still reading this massive fucker, however I’m about 15 minutes further into it. And yes, that’s a star wars quilt my grandma made me.

Last thing I ate: I am currently eating cold pizza because #college and also drinking my 2nd hard lemonade because #midterm. I’m buzzed or semi-drunk or whatnot. 

Where would you want to time travel to? Assuming I’d end up the age I was when I traveled there and for a split second I could change something I didn’t do, I’d like to go back to December 2nd, 2009. There’s someone I should have said goodbye to.

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: all of them at once. fuckin’ bring it.

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be? Home. Not college home, but home home, in my reading chair dozing with Scout sitting on my feet.

Current fandom obsession: SWTOR for the past 5-ish years…

Aeryn’s Secret Question: How many tattoos do you have? I got none because I have a paralyzing fear of needles that inject me with things. I’n not scared of my knitting needles (sidenote I’ve semi-drunkenly decided to knit myself a quilt and it is coming along fabulously. I’m almost haflway done with a square). 

RULES: Post a song that reminds you of your muse and then tag 6 people whose songs you want to see. 

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TAGGING: everyone, cause i stole it. think of me as your midnight dash meme robin hood.

specifically for s5 duke —
dear god, lawless & sydney wayser.

Dear God,
I hope you got the letter, and I pray you can make it better down here. I don’t mean a big reduction in the price of beer. But all the people that you made in your image; see them starving on their feet, ‘cause they don’t get enough to eat from God.

I can’t believe in you.

Dear God,
Sorry to disturb you, but I feel I should be heard loud and clear. We all need a big reduction in amount of tears. And all the people that you made in your image; see the fighting in the street, 'cause they can’t make opinions meet about God.

I can’t believe in you.

Dear God,
I don’t know if you noticed — but your name is on a lot of quotes in this book, and us crazy humans wrote it. You should take a look. And all the people that you made in your image still believing that junk is true. Well I know it ain’t, and so do you.

Dear God,
I can’t believe in you. I don’t believe in—

     The Father, Son and Holy Ghost
     Is just somebody’s unholy hoax
     And if you’re up there you’ll perceive
     That my heart’s here upon my sleeve
     If there’s one thing I don’t believe in,
     It’s you.

Dear God,

Thanks for tagging me @trompehue-studios!! <3

Relationship status: Single pringle
Favorite color: Uh.. I usually say black, but I haven’t given it a ton of thought recently. I also love darker shades of blue.
lipstick or chapstick: I don’t use either but chapstick, i suppose
Last Song I listened to: Jóga by Björk. A gorgeous song and one of my all-time faves.  
last movie i watched: The last movie I actually sat down and watched was A Passage to India with my family
top 3 shows: Oh god that’s hard… I think Avatar: The Last Airbender, Steven Universe, and I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Top 3 characters: Oh no another hard question! I’d say… Hermione cuz I could relate to her a lot growing up, Midna, and Princess Zelda
top 3 ships: Not too into shipping, but I’d say Shepard/Garrus, Aang/Katara, and Link/Midna

I’ll tag some other IRL friends and my current “biggest fans” notes-wise, so @turtlesstampede, @niffstral, @shakariantrash, @mega-aggron, @latenightgaymer, and @hashtag-rainbow-flag, have at it!

Disney Tag
1. Favorite Disney movie?  I have a top 9: Hercules, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Tangled, Frozen, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and now, the most recent addition to the list…. Moana

2. Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Ive only ever been to Disney World

3. Favorite Disney character? Favorite Disney princess: Belle, Favorite Disney Character in general, probably Megara just because of all her sass.

4. The first Disney movie you remember seeing in the theatres? I typically wait until they’re or on DVD and buy them.

5. What type of Disney item do you collect the most? Funko Pops, I currently have Tinkerbell, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Mrs. Potts and Chip, Village Belle, Rapunzel w/ Pascal, Disgust from Inside Out (I’m sure Im missing a few more). As well as many Funko Pops of Once Upon A Time Characters  

6. Your favorite Disney song? Go the Distance from Hercules will always be my fave.

7. Favorite attraction/ride at the parks? Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain are really awesome, but when it comes to going to the parks I am much more into character hunting

8. What is your dream job at Disney? To be one of the princesses, duh. I would love to be Snow White, Belle, Rapunzel or Anna

9. Who’s the park character you never want to miss meeting at the parks? Rapunzel. She is so adorable and fun, last time I went we had a nice talk about art.

10. What’s your most treasured Disney item? My pins or my Belle Mickey Mouse ears

11. Which Disney voice actor would you most like to meet? Idina Menzel (Elsa), Kristen Bell (Anna), Mandy Moore (Rapunzel) or Josh Gad (Olaf or more currently live-action LeFou).

12. Favorite Disney movie that’s not a classic/famous? (ex. Black Cauldron) Hercules or Hunchback of Notre Dame, both deserve so much more attention than they get.

13. If you could say anything to Walt Disney right now, what would it be? Thank you for creating so many of the classic stories that I treasure so deeply and that often give me the push I need to get through the things life tends to throw at me.

14. Your favorite snack to get at the parks? (Churros, Mickey’s Ice Cream Bars, etc.) Haven’t really had any of the “snacks” but I have had meals at the restaurants. I really want to try ‘the grey stuff’.

15. Your favorite parade/show at the parks? I haven’t seen many parades or shows. I did see video footage of the castle before the fireworks started. I really enjoyed all the projected images and clips from all the movies :)

16. Flounder, Sebastian, or Scuttle? Scuttle! He’s hilarious! Sebastian is way to serious, and Flounders such a guppy ;)

17. Your favorite Disney memory? Walking into the Princess Royal Hall and seeing Cinderella and Rapunzel (2 of my faves). I think being able to see them both at the same time almost made me cry.

18. Do you have a favorite pair of Mickey ears? Yep. My Belle ears :)

19. If you could, what “forgotten princess” would you add to the official lineup? Megara even tho shes not a princess

20. Your favorite princess dress/outfit? Belle’s Yellow Dress or Elsa’s Ice Dress

21. Your favorite Disney soundtrack? Such a hard question, probably either Hercules or Beauty and the Beast

22. Genie, Abu, Carpet, Iago, or Rajah? Genie or Carpet

23. Favorite restaurant at the parks? The one I went to was Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

24. How did you first discover the “magic” of Disney? Been watching disney movies since I was a little baby child. I remember pretending to be a mermaid, sitting on the couch/floor with my legs crossed singing Part of Your World lol.

25. What attraction are you most likely to go to first when you’re at the parks? Haunted Mansion or Rapunzel’s kingdom area.

26. Your favorite “iconic” moment? (ex. Ariel on the rock, Aladdin finding the lamp, Rafiki lifting Simba, etc.) Beauty and the Beast the ball room dance :)

27. What’s the saddest moment for you in any Disney film? Both scenes I instantly thought of were both Disney Pixar but Up, the whole montage with Carl and Ellie or Inside Out when Joy is sitting in the pit where all the forgotten memories go or when Riley comes back home after considering running away.

28. Best Disney kiss? Rapunzel and Flynn after she revives him with her tears.

29. If you could live in any world from a Disney movie, which would you choose? Arendelle, when… you know, everyones not freezing to death, or Atlantica but only if I get to be a mermaid.

30. Which Disney princess has the best sidekicks? Tangled, Pascal is the best!

31. If you could have a party themed around any Disney movie, which one would you pick? I want to have a Tangled themed party…. there will be lanterns… LOTS AND LOTS OF LANTERNS!!!

32. Are you the only one obsessed with Disney in your family? Or does it run in the family? My mom tolerates my insanity and watches Disney movies with me but I’m pretty much the only one with the obsession

33. Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, or Chip? Lumiere

34. What are your top five favorite Disney blogs on Tumblr? Oh jeez, I follow a lot and the names of almost all of them escape me. I apologize for all that I cant think of but I know some have refollowed me. The ones I can think of is thegirltobreakthespell and snowiebelle

35. If you could choose the plot/adaptation for the next Disney movie, what would it be? Princess finds a magical object that her family has been keeping from her and has to figure out on her own what it does and if they’ve been intending on using it for good or evil.

36. Favorite hotel at the parks? Any of the movie themed rooms

37. Which Disney movie do you turn to when you’re sad/upset? Any of my favorites, for the most part either Hercules, Tangled or Frozen

38. The Aladdin show or The Little Mermaid show? Never seen any of the disney world shows.. :/

39. Do you plan to have/have you had your honeymoon at a Disney park? No but I do really want to go there with my boyfriend. Especially since we are both Disney nerds

40. Favorite piece of Disney clothing/accessory to wear? My stained glass rose Beauty and the Beast necklace or my snow white shirt.

41. Post a picture of yourself that’s Disney-related. Some to come soon I promise :)

42. Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck? Mickey, duh. He’s the OG!

43. What Disney movies/worlds would you like to see in the next Kingdom Hearts game? Haven’t played Kingdom hearts

44. Which Disney movie, even if it’s not your favorite, will always have a special place in your heart and for what reason? A Goofy Movie. That was mine and my dads movie as a kid and we still refer to it as “our movie” today. I was going to get both of us “Hi Dad Soup Shirts” off cakeworthy… - If you don’t understand what Hi Dad Soup is, watch A Goofy Movie RIGHT NOW!

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Relationship status: Taken

Favourite colour: Deep green

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick (I have a stick in every bag I own and my home desk)

Last song you listened to: “Whisky” by Marian Hill

Last movie you watched: In its entirety? I think that was “John Wick” because Qrow told me we should watch it.

Top 3 characters: Oh, time to be frightfully predictable. Ozpin & Qrow from RWBY, Charles Xavier from X-Men.

Top 3 ships: cloqwork/ozqrow (RWBY), cherik (X-Men), stanchez (Rick & Morty, Gravity Falls)

Books you are currently reading: Oh dear. Interview with a Vampire, Descendants of Darkness series, Wicked, Pride and Prejudice (although really, I have it nearly memorized), and I think there’s one more I’m forgetting….

Top 5 musicals: The Producers is the only one that immediately comes to mind. I really don’t get out much. Or to Netflix.

As for tags, I am notorious for avoiding this. Feel free to consider yourself tagged. ^_^

50 Q’s

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1. Coke or Pepsi? Coke

2. Disney or Dreamworks? Neither

3. coffee or tea? Tea

4. books or movies? Books

5. windows or mac? Mac (I only started using it but I 100% think it’s easier to use and it’s more efficient), but Windows got me through elementary until the majority of college so I won’t forget my roots lmao

6. dc or marvel? Tbh, I don’t really care for these either but both are pretty good. I used to love watching the justice league, and the x-men are great too. 

7. Xbox or PlayStation? Xbox

8. dragon age or mass effect? Huh?

9. night owl or early riser? I can be both.

10. cards or chess? Cards

11. chocolate or vanilla? Both again

12. vans or converse? Converse just because I’ve never had a pair of Vans, but I like a lot of their styles. There are several times where I almost bought a pair, but I just never got around to it because the ones I like are hard to find

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash or Adaar? 🤷🏻‍♀️

14. fluff or angst? This question would’ve been applicable to my 13 y/o self. I’d probably say fluff, but it always borderlines on cheesy. That’s better than angst though because you don’t have to feel like shit while reading.

15. beach or forest? Beach, always.

16. dogs or cats? Always both.

17. clear skies or rain? If I’m staying at home or in my dorm room or just somewhere indoors, I’d say rain. But if I’m outdoors, I’d say clear skies. 

18. cooking or eating out? Eating out because I have an excuse to dress up hehe. Cooking is fun too though!!

19. spicy food or mild food? Spicy, but only mild spicy 💩 

20. Halloween/Samhain or solstice/yule/Christmas? Christmas. We don’t really celebrate Halloween here.

21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot? A little too cold. That gives me an excuse to buy more jackets and be able to wear them because I’m on the Pacific Ring of Fire 🙄

22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be? I wanna have a super photographic memory to help me get to and through med school huhu

23. animation or live action? Neither

24. paragon or renegade? ?

25. baths or showers? Showers

26. team cap or team ironman? Captain  

27. fantasy or sci-fi? Sci-fi probably

28. do you have three or four favorite quotes, if so, what are they? I have none

29. youtube or netflix? Youtube

30. harry potter or percy jackson? Harry Potter

31. when do you feel accomplished? Idk, I havent really felt that yet; but I’d say I’m accomplished when I’m already able to support myself and live a happy, financially stable, and comfortable life. 

32. star wars or star trek? Star Wars

33. paperback or hardback books? Hardback

34. horror or rom-com? Rom-com

35. tv shows or movies? TV shows

36. favorite animal? Panda

37. favorite genre of music? Ugh Idk anymore

38. least favourite book? None

39. favorite season? Summer

40. the song that’s currently stuck in your head? Two Weeks by FKA Twigs

41. what kind of pajama’s do you wear? Bestida (look it up)

42. how many existential crises do you have on an average day? Probably 24, happens twice every hour, even in my dreams 😛

43. if you can only choose one song to be played at your funeral, what would it be? Nothing

44. favorite theme song to a TV show? I like the Stranger Things theme 😬

45. harry potter movies or books? Books

46. you can make your OTP become canon but you’ll forget that tumblr exists. will you do it? No, I dont really have one anyway

47. do you play an instrument and if so, what is it? I used to, piano

48. what is the worst way to die? Dying a slow painful death. Like having a sickness that makes you bedridden for years and you can’t even control your body, but your mind is still there. I’m talking about Parkinson's 

49. if you could be entirely invisible for a day, what would you do? Nothing

50. if you could have personally witnessed anything in history what would it be? Probably the time my great great grandfather came to the Philippines. I dont have a picture of him and he’s always been talked about by my older relatives. I dont really have any interest in seeing the famous historical happenings. I just want to see the history of my family.

51. (my question) what’s your astrological sign? Taurus

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thirty questions tag

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1. How tall are you?


2.What are your favorite TV shows?


3.What are your favorite YouTubers?
SMTOWN (lmfao) and League of Legends bye

4.What’s your favorite feature of yourself?

5.Cats or dogs?
meow meow :3

6.Candy or fruit?

7.Hot or cold?

8.What kind of phone do you own?
i just broke my phone bicht again akjshdasjkhd so i’m currently phoneless bye

9.Movies or Music?


10.How many kids would you like to have? Boys or girls?

11.Top 3 favorite foods?

12.Top 3 worst foods?

13.What’s something you’re afraid of?
bad grades AJSHDAKJSHD

14.Any phobias?
Nyctophobia (fear of the dark), glossophobia (fear of performing/speaking/presenting to audiences), acrophobia (fear of heights)

15.What makes you the happiest?
good grades ASDAKSDJ & taeyeon <3333

16.Have you eaten today? And if so what?
bread for breakfast i’m starving

17.What time is it currently where you are?

18.Snowy day or rainy day?

19.If you could paint your room any color what would it be?
pastel rainbow akjsdhajkshdkasdh

20.Makeup or no makeup?
no makeup, cbb to wake up earlier than I have to

21.Dressy or casual?

22.Milk or soda?

23.Favorite smell?
gee idk

24.How are you at meeting new people?

25.What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
slap the alarm clock

26.What’s the first thing you see when you look at someone?

if they have a nice smile

27.Top 3 personality traits you want in a partner?
smart, kind, understanding

28.Kiss or Hugs?

29.Going out or staying in?
staying in :/

30.Lastly, tell your followers something they may not know about you.
i had a sister  im a banana tree

i’m gonna taaaaaaaggggggg:

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relationship status : in a relationship since 2011 <3
favorite color : black, gray, dark blues & greens.
lipstick or chapstick : lipstick. 
last song i listened to : believer - imagine dragons
last movie i watched : the exorcism of emily rose.
top three tv shows : parks & rec, hannibal, the x files.
top three characters : logan/james ( wolverine ), mary sibley ( salem ), jubal harshaw ( reaccuring heinlein character )
top three ships : balthier/fran, mary sibley/john alden, sookie stackhouse/eric northman
books i’m currently reading : lasher bc i’m actually just anne rice trash.

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