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birthday: 18th February
zodiac sign: Aquarius
height: 159 cm
time: 12:38 pm
sleep: …is for the weak. Or not really. But I probably don’t sleep as much as I should.  
favorite book:  The Three Musketeers, Silmarillion (and all of Tolkien’s works, really)
favorite artists musicians: W.A. Mozart, P. Tchaikovsky, X-Japan, Swingrowers, Hillsong United, Woodkid…a lot of classical music, electro swing and a lot of rock. Some J-pop bands sometimes. And musicals, yesss.
last movie watched: Hillsong: Let Hope Rise
the meaning behind your url: I needed something simple and tiny bit awkward-sounding - something Prowl himself would choose. 

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1. What song do you despise the most?

Probably We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift.  Not a big fan of her at tbh

2. HP Patronus?

Fox, I wonder what that says about me 

3. Last movie you watched?

Watching Lilo and Stitch rn but I watched Arthur Christmas last night with the fam (10/10, would recommend)

4. Coffee or tea or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate all the way

5. Fave anime/animation of all time?

I will forever be Mulan trash

6. Ever watched Teletubbies? IF so tag yourself.

No, I wasn’t allowed - my Mum thought they were stupid

7. Do you like Supernatural the tv show?

YES!!! But I’m super behind

8. Best book ever in you opinion?

Harry Potter series of course

9. Zombies, werewolves or vampires?

In what sense?  I would want to be a werewolf but I love reading about all three

10. How would you describe your own skin tone? (mine be ‘white to more white’)

Caspar the freckled ghost

11. Australia or Canada?


My Questions to You:

  1. Favourite music artist?
  2. Favourite Disney Princess?
  3. Christmas or Halloween?
  4. Any siblings?
  5. Best thing about this year?
  6. Worst thing about this year?
  7. Favourite subject?
  8. What do you want to do after school?
  9. Got a crush on anyone?
  10. Would you ever get a tattoo?  And if so what?
  11. Who has the greatest impact on your life?


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No obligation to do this but I’m curious :)

Goldenvibeweek is finally here!


Sunday 11th December: Soulmate and/or Disney AU

Are Cisco and Lisa Soulmates? Destined to be together across time and space? Are there things standing in their way? How do they find out and how do they react? Will they be together forever or will they be denied that happy ending?

Once upon a time a tech genius fell for a bad girl. Can Lisa and Cisco find their Disney ending? Or is she his Jasmine or his he her knight in shining armor? It’s up to you to decide which movie they star in and how it plays out!

Please remember to tag #GoldenVibeWeek2016 so I can see and reblog all of your beautiful creations

I had actually a nice time with friends tonight. I watched Stardust and snacked and browsed the fantastic beasts tag and brought stuff to fidget with which was good because at first I felt slightly uncomfortable about being there and also weirdly anxious about leaving Luna alone even though I walked her and had spent all day with her (and then I had something to distract myself with when people were chewing loudly), also rediscovered the satisfaction of chewing on hoodie strings and then we played cards against humanity and I actually won which was pretty cool! And it was a nice balance because it was more of just a hangout than a structured party, but there was stuff to do (snacks, movie, phones, cards against humanity) so it was low pressure but also not just conversation or anything and overall I didn’t feel too awkward. I also ended up being the only one with my own chair which was great because I could have a little space and curl up in it and occasionally stretch my legs out onto the coffee table. This is an unusually positive post for this blog but for once this semester I feel like I had a positive social interaction with my friends and I wanted to document it somewhere.

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1- Favorite musician at this time: I’m gonna go with Dean Martin…today. I’ve been on a crooner-y sort of kick lately.
2- Movie You are most excited about for next year: Um…I’ll laughingly say Boondock Saints 3, (how’s that for wishful thinking?) but in reality I guess Guardians of the Galaxy 2
3- Beanies or Scarves? Scarves, unless I can wear said beanie all day. I can barely make my hair do what I want in the first place. Dealing with hat hair? No thank you.
4- Last thing you ate: Homemade waffles. My husband is the best.
5- Last person you texted? @property-of-murphy-macmanus and @piper1016 while watching Still and Alone last night.
6- Favorite food? My lasagna.
7- Favorite Season and why? Autumn. All the pretty colors of spring, but no bugs.
8- Left Twix or Right? I’ve often wondered which one is which? Doesn’t it depend on how you open the wrapper? My favorite is the one that gets in my mouth first.
9- Who would win in a fight: Captain America OR Captain Kirk? Captain America. Because reasons.
10- Avengers or X-Men? Avengers.
11- Dream Concert? Oy. Emily Kinney singing, Seth MacFarlane coming out for occasional duets, Ben Folds on piano, Brad Paisley on guitar, guest bassist Norman Reedus and then Gary Sinise comes out and helps him. Norman proposes to Emily on stage.

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I am very excited to see all of the posts about the special tomorrow, I already see so much of it on my dash right now.
I need to go to sleep now though after running on less sleep than usual and watching two Christmas movies.
But just a heads up! I don’t plan on including any spoilers on this blog for the ML Christmas special! If I do by some chance, it’ll be tagged “ML spoilers”
Good night for now!

strawberriesandteacups  asked:

WOAH WOAH WOAH this is a super weird question but I saw in some of your tags on a post about fanfic that you mentioned the "tsc archive" and then you said something about mrs claus. Were you by any chance talking about the santa Clause movies with Tim Allen? Weird Q I know but these are like my all time fav movies and I watch them year round and I need someone else who appreciates!

MY DUDE. YES. THOSE ARE THE MOVIES I AM TALKING ABOUT! I WRITE SO MUCH FANFIC FOR THEM IT’S NUTS!!! BUT I WATCH THEM YEAR ROUND AS WELL, TSC 3 MAKES ME A VERY HAPPY CHILD ANY TIME OF THE YEAR!!! I APPRECIATE THEM SO HARD AND WILL TALK ABOUT THE UNIVERSE ANY DAY, LITERALLY. (Also yeah the fanfiction for the tsc movies is small but good on ff.net, and on ao3 it’s a bit of a mess with very strange crossover ships!)

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ONE ( name / alias ) .  Emily
TWO ( birthday ) .   March 1st
THREE ( zodiac sign ) .  Pisces
FOUR ( height ) . 1.60m
FIVE ( time ) .   11:40am
SIX ( sleep ) . I literally just woke up if that gives any insight into my life xD
SEVEN ( favourite books ) . Harry potter, Angels and Demons (any and all of the Dan Brown books), Game of Thrones
EIGHT ( favourite artists ) . Music - anything from a musical or Queen | Photography - Simon Stalenhag
NINE ( last movie watched ) .  Mad Max: Fury Road
TEN ( college ) .   I am an undergraduate currently so I don’t go to university yet
ELEVEN ( dream job ) . Video game developer or geneticist, or west end performer or historian or psychologist - TOO MANY DREAM JOBS
TWELVE ( the meaning behind your url )
.  In the song “Something There” sung by Belle and the Beast, Belle sings “New, and a bit - alarming…” and I really liked it :3

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1. Last movie you watched: The Long Way Home (i think?)

2. Last song you listened to: 60초면 돼 by OCEAN

3. Last show you watched: Shopping King Louie

4. Last book you read: My chemistry textbook

5. Last thing you ate: Abuelita’s (yall know what i mean)

6. If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?: wherever Litzy is, cuz im a lonely hoe

7. When would you time travel to?: Back to when I was living in Germany, so I could travel and experience the world all over again

8. First thing you would do if you won the lottery: pay off my mom’s debt

9. Character you would hang out with for the day: Vasco from 외모지상주의

10. Time right now: 10:09 pm

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Relationship Status: single

Lipstick or Chapstick: lipstick.. I have so many. so. many.

Last Song I Listened To: lantern -  the white birch

Last Movie I Watched: love actually 

Last Book I Read: crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo

Top 3 Favourite TV Shows

  1. skam
  2. brooklyn nine nine
  3. sense8, shadowhunters

Top 3 Favourite Characters: I’m doing book and podcast characters too you can’t stop me

  1. adam parrish 
  2. isabel lovelace my wife (wolf 359)    
  3. bucky barnes

Top 3 Favourite Ships:

  1. adam & ronan aka pynch
  2. isak & even (skam)
  3. nomi & amanita (sense8)

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Birthday: March 4
Bullshit Zodiac sign: Pisces
Height: 5′6″
Time: 22.19
Sleep: I try to go to bed around 4 and wake up around 10:30, but of course this usually means I wake up around 12 and barely have time to do anything before I have to get ready to leave for work. I am a mysterious creature who functions on minimal hours of sleep, no sleep at all, or twelve full hours
Favorite book: Oh dang, I have so many. Right now, probably Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel
Favorite artists/musicians: Five Finger Death Punch, 3OH!3, Fallout Boy
Last movie watched: Kubo and the Two Strings and it was amazing. All my feels.
The meaning behind your url: Taken from the title of the first three episodes of Transformers Prime.

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1. Nickname: Mochi-chan seems to be trending rn. For some reason, people also like referring to me by my last name occasionally. More so than other people I’ve seen.

2. Star Sign: Leo

3. Height: 5′6″

4. Time right now: 10:24 pm

5. Favorite music artist: Megadeth and Nujabes, along with all the mainstream alternative rock bands.

6. Song stuck in your head: Green Day - Bang Bang

7. Last movie watched: Blade Runner

8. Last TV show watched: Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team, although if we’re talking about western stuff, Mr.Robot Season 2!

9. What are you wearing right now: Really baggy pajamas. You really can’t beat large cotton t-shirts. D:

10. When did you create your blog: October 2014 apparently, although I’ve had tumblr on other accounts since 2011.

11. What kind of stuff do you post: Animu and Mangoes.

12. Do you have any other blogs: ghostymochi, my personal blog

13. Do you get asks regularly: lmao no, at least not from people I don’t talk with often.

14. Why did you choose your url: It rhymed. That’s literally it lmao.

15. Gender: Male.

16. Hogwarts House: Half and half slytherin and gryffindor.

17. Pokemon team: Like for Pokemon GO? Mystic I think, it’s been a while. If I started playing Pokemon again, I’d make an all ghost team tho of course!

18. Favorite color: Black, like the edgelord I am.

19. Average hours of sleep: Seven-ish.

20. Lucky number: 13. Friday the 13th is my lucky day too!

21. Favorite characters: Elliot from Mr.Robot, Kira Yoshikage from JJBA, Guts from Berserk, Griffith from Berserk, Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam. There’s prob more that’s not coming to mind rn.

22. How many blankets do you sleep with: Just one. One really thick one.

23. Dream Job: Back end programming, preferrably with embedded systems!

24. Following: A lot of great blogs tbh. (257)

Me and my best friend go to the movies as often as possible. I consider the movies the most magical place in the world for a number of reasons. I feel like when I’m at the movies the entire world has melted away and for the next two hours, I live in the screen in front of me. Any movie is fantastic on the big screen. I am giddy with excitement when anything good happens in a movie and when anything bad happens I cringe, but I never shut my eyes. Not even for a second. I always thought that maybe a boy in a row adjacent to me would notice how expressive I am at the movies, and find it cute, as any girl would hope someone would notice her. The past few weeks I have been talking to a boy and I find him lovely. Last night he tagged along with us to the movies and told me that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of how entranced and excited I was at the movie and I felt like all my dreams had come true. Like. You do not understand how long I have been waiting for someone to tell me that and I think he is the one for me

I’m gonna tell you all my deepest, darkest secret:

When I was 12 me and my dad went and saw The Adventures of Pluto Nash in theaters (Sidenote: we were the only ones in the theater because it’s Pluto fucking Nash)  and as we left there was a lady and photographer from the local newspaper outside waiting. They wanted me to give a quick review of the movie and I was so fucking nervous because this came out of nowhere and pre teen me was not prepared for a goddamn press conference. So the interview went like this basically.

Interviewer: How was the movie?

Me: …..Good.

Interviewer: Would you say it compares to other Eddie Murphy comedies?

Me: …Um…yeah? I guess. I guess it compares to other Eddie Murphy comedies.

They edited my nervous ramblings to say “Pluto Nash was good and it definitely compares to Eddie Murphy’s other films.”

My deepest darkest secret is that there is printed documentation of me calling Pluto Nash a good film and setting it on the same level as Beverly Hills Cop & Coming to America.

May God forgive me.

sebastianstancanfightme  asked:

I really love the lights & the decorations. I love making Christmas cookies while watching Christmas movies or blasting Christmas music. I adore picking out all the perfect gifts for my friends and family, but it's nothing compared to their faces when I give it to them. I love secret santas & candy canes & ugly Christmas sweaters & Disneyland! I just really love Christmas & the holidays. What's your favorite part of the holidays? :)

Oh man everything you just described! If I had to pick probably taking the time to find the perfect present for someone and seeing their face light up when you give it to them.

I love your tags. I know that’s really random, but I always read tags and yours make me laugh. You tagging Seb as “My fave papi chulo” and then once when I wrote an angst fic, “sad papi chulo,” is my favorite thing ever. 😂

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11 Random Facts About Me

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1. I know an absurd amount of little stupid facts.

2. I’m the middle child of five.

3. I own a home :D

4. I’m married.

5. I love accounting.

6. I have two huskies.

7. I love snakes and want one as a pet, but have never gotten around to having one.

8. I am terrified of small spiders, although I love tarantulas.

9. I have three computer screens, and when I have to use a laptop I have an odd feeling that I can’t see.

10. I have been known to watch a movie, play an MMORPG, and write a term paper all at the same time. My husband likes to tell people about this fact.

11. I eat onions like apples.

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birthday: first Saturday in December. every year.
zodiac sign: Sagittarius
height: 5ft 6in
time: 10:18 pm
sleep: whaddaboutit?
favorite book: hahaha go away. Hitchhiker’s Guide or a pile of Lovecraft or Grendel or To the Lighthouse or Revenge of the Shadow People look I don’t even remember all the books I like let alone which one is my favorite.
favorite artists musicians: VAST, My Chemical Romance, Malice Mizer, Pet Shop Boys, idk
last movie watched: Die Hard. I refuse to count Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.
the meaning behind your url: “verdigris” is a green stain that forms on copper and brass (it’s what makes the Statue of Liberty look green), and I wanted to show how Prowl had been “stained” by the Constructicons.

I’m gonna tag: @aranea-mechanica @badspeeder @burnished @scientificmicroscope @adventureboundautobot lmao I don’t know who else, that’s good enough.

anonymous asked:

Then how do you find all of your fantastic stuff? :) The usual tags don't turn up much for me.

I search specific shows or movies I want to post, usually, so that way it’s more targeted to what I’m actually looking for. That, and a lot of scrolling, haha! 

@andreashwood hell yeah

Rules: So you answer 8 questions and then tag 8 people
Last movie you watched: I honestly have no idea my dude
Last Song u heard: Sia- The Greatest
Last TV show u watched: Bits of X-factor UK, complete episode Eyewitness
Last book: Static noise. (This isn’t a book name this is just my brain for I have no idea my dude)
Last thing u ate: 1 banana and 1 clementine
1st you would do if you won the lottery: Buy house, pay off debt, shower my friends with money, give away to charities, back the green party, go to therapy, start fucking expensive physiotherapy. All simultaneously.

If you’re reading this and remember what book u read last, consider yourself tagged!