i swear to god man this show is everything

it’s like.

you’re in a desert.

the desert is vast and dry.

you’re surviving on literally a few drops of water and a bit of bread

and then.

then you’re invited to join this fucking feast.

and it’s everything. it’s detailed pokémon debates about which one of them is the sun and which is the moon. it’s getting away together for a few hours to see captain america. it’s rating the age of ultron with ‘eee’ together. it’s showing us angles of rooms and random milkshake spillage and fart talk, promises of videos to come, and making each other laugh and being so fucking married that i swear to god, i was hitting myself in the face at one point, it’s just -

dan and phil.

man, i’ve missed them so fucking much

Mary was my favorite character on this show and now I can’t stand her anymore. SHE IS SO HYPOCRITICAL! And instable. God, how can you have a love like she had with Francis and now (out of nowhere) have such strong feeling for a man SHE BARELY KNOWS (just like it went with Bash)? HOW?????????? And people watching this show are just as hypocritical. I swear to god if the situation were reversed people would be making petitions to get Francis killed, if he only dared to as much as LOOK to another women. Why is Mary always free do whatever the shit she wants and never gets blamed for it? Why is it that if a man shows interest in Mary or treats her with the minimum of decency he is a gentleman and she should drop everything off and run to his arms because he is so perfect, and if he flirts with her he is hot, but if a woman does the same thing with Francis she is a slut?
I just can’t fucking take this shit anymore, I don’t care if Mary decides to become a lesbian, as long as it makes sense, and this certainly doesn’t make sense to me. If you want another love story, PLEASE finish Frary. Please make it official. Please stop playing with Francis’ feelings. Please just take him away because he DOES NOT DESERVE THIS SHIT. He deserves some respect. And I don’t care what you think, Conde will NEVER be better, treat better ou love Mary better than Francis. I’M OUT.