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Dear the little girl who never got to live past 16

I wanted to say that I am sorry.
I’m not sorry for this journey or for choosing to be happy.. Not at all.
But I am sorry that you’ll never wear a wedding dress or call yourself a bride.
Never will you grow another life inside of your belly and you’ll never hear the words “mommy” directed at you.
You won’t be a Yiayia (grandmother) with a short gray bob cut and pink slippers and for that I am so sorry.
But I can promise you that you didn’t die for nothing.
I will be an astounding father. My children will never not know their dad. God damnit I will be at ever show…every game…every recital…every everything.
I will be a husband like no other I swear to you my wife will never feel unloved like you watched your mom go through for so long.
I will be the best and coolest Papou (grandfather) and I will always slide my grandkids dollars and green lollipops like my Papou did for me.
I’ll be great. God I’ll be great.
I’m so sorry you had to die but you did it so that the man inside of you could get a shot at living.

Oh man I cut you and I burned you and I screamed at you from the other side of the mirror for so many years and I am so sorry that I never told you gently that you were doing your best. That I LOVED you. That you were trying so very hard for us to stay afloat. And guess what?
You did it. You got us there.
I know that you’d never believe it but I regret hurting you so greatly.
Because even though it didn’t seem like it I loved you Alexis Kristina.
I loved you.
Thank you for all of your time.
Sincerely, 19 years later, a better reflection.
Yours truly,
Hayden Kristopher

shameless au

Lip: have you ever thought, Mick, that just maybe Ian can’t love you like you love him?
Mickey: the fuck does that mean?
Lip: I mean, Monica couldn’t love Frank. Couldn’t take care of us. She wasn’t wired right.
Mickey: so maybe Ian’s gotta couple wires crossed, don’t mean he can’t love me. Don’t mean he can’t fight it, I can’t be there to fight it with him. I swear to god, Gallagher.
//Mickey pins Lip against the wall//
Lip: man, don’t get mad at me. I’m trying to help you out, okay? //Lip puts his hands up, falling way to Mickey. Showing he doesn’t want a fight. Mickey turns, punching the wall next to Ian’s bed//
Mickey: I love him, man. I love everything about the fucker. He’s crazy as hell and I know I’ve probably fueled his crazy instead of fix it, but I just want to make sure he’s okay. Protect him. Give him everything the world has to offer.

type 1

I fell in love with his laugh first. Not quite with the way it sounded, but the way I could recognize the sound from rooms away. The sound infatuated every cell in my body.

Then I obsessed over his touch. The way his hand moved up and down every part of my body sending up goosebumps within every inch of every hair follicle on my skin.

Next was the way his mouth formed when he spoke my name. The way each syllable rolled off the tip of his tongue- and the way my name sounded under different circumstances during our duration.

It was eventually his body. The way each curve formed out to fit mine- holding me tight while I dreamt of what it would be like if he were to never let go.

Lastly- the little things in-between. The way he always said sorry after sneezing, or the way he would pick fights with how high our GPA’s were. The way he would stare at me in the middle of class, and the way his face lit up anytime baseball was brought up into conversation. The pain I could see behind his eyes when he talked about his dad, or the pride in his voice when he spoke of Canada. The way his love for God showed through in everything he did, and the way he tried to express his feelings without becoming ‘less of a man.’ The way he took interest in my passions- running and ballet, even when really, he knew nothing or the sorts. He was wonderful. What happened to him? What could’ve possibly turned him into what he is today?

First, it was the nudes. 'Just take off your clothes’ he would say. 'No one will find out’ he would say. 'Just two pictures i swear.’ Right. 'Just’ two pictures.

Then, it was the constant movie dates. The way I’d always find his hands trying to maneuver around my leg and up my thigh. 'Stop.’ I would say. He would stop. I thought it would end. I thought everything would be okay. I thought my dream was still a dream.

Next were the awkward questions. Was I planning on saving myself until marriage, or would I ever consider losing it earlier 'for him’? 'Babe, we’ll be together forever, so why not?’ That was June.

Finally, the word got out about what he was trying to pressure me into. Word got out about the nudes that could have or couldn’t have happened. Word got out about him wanted sex. Oops. Sorry, my bad. There was no fight. No closure. It was just- over…done…and forgotten. But was it? Is it?

I think it was the way summer changes people. It was the way summer 2016 changed him. He’s just a boy. A foolish, thirsty boy. But oh my God, how I loved that boy. Oh, how i still love that boy.

-excerpt number 45 on everything about you

One of the lipstick prince guys: *looks at female guest for more than two seconds while doing her make up*

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Just saw your post about the DVD box that flew off whatever it was sitting on, and had to to say you're the only other person I've heard have a story almost exactly as mine. Except I was watching ghost adventures, and when one of the main dudes screamed "c'mon move something to show you're here!" I swear to god, a water bottle on the dresser (that wasn't even by the edge) just moved right over the edge as if someone pushed it Just thinking about it today spooks me as well. -shivers-

oh MAN that is some spooky shit. especially during a ghost hunting show because then you’re already like, kinda spooked and then that ghost goes and pushes a water bottle off the dresser and then you’re 10x MORE scared and everything is bad

except I was half-awake when the box flew off and I saw it fly off and land and I was like “WHATEVER” and fell back asleep but when I woke up I just. died a little inside


The Year of the Peacock begins NOW! Lord Shen is a show-off…and wickedly beautiful! But really, his design, his voice actor, his characterization, everything was gorgeous about him…man, I really missed him in KFP3. Character belongs to Dreamworks

Good Morning Ladies.

One day he will understand
That being the normal guy
From the block doesn’t
Cut it with women like you.

One day he will learn to do
What he needs to and invest
In his best while tackling his
Worst to be enough for the
Heart of the woman you are.

One day he will have to give
Up trying to fit in the skin of
The cool and cool his head
Long enough to appreciate
That the finer things in
Women are attracted mostly
By the internal wellbeing in
Secure men and not

One day he will stop adding
To more women breaking in
Themselves from his careless
Lies and actions and he will
In turn swear to his God and
Soul to never contribute to
Another heartbreak.

Not even his own.

That day, maybe, that day
He will grow up, own up and
Show up in your life to take up
What you’re willing to give
Freely for him to do right by.

And if that day has arrived and
Dawned in you life, if that man
In his everything has made it
Known to you that he wants
You & follows through on that
Quest, I hope you are heavy
Set in your being enough for
What you both need.

I hope you know he knows you
Are worth his worth and twice
More the gold of those he never

I hope your smile aches
Your cheeks and that the best of
His work on you and your
Relationship isn’t wet pillows
From the pains he causes
Without seeing.

I know that day is coming and
When it does I hope you’re not
In your own way.

I know that day is coming and I
Hope when it does that both of
You are done running.

- Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang

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Believing again

“Whatever good you saw, whatever code of honour that you understood, it was never there.” - Mitchell Ellison

Which is why a sob almost escapes her as Frank walks into view, framed in the open doorway.  Almost.

Karen raises her gun.  Frank mirrors her, slowly raising his hands in front of him, palms facing her.  She has the gun trained on him as he nudges the door open wider and steps into her apartment, all the while making gentle shushing noises.  She wonders if he’s genuinely trying to soothe her nerves or lure her into a false sense of security before he takes her out.  Either way, she’s not going down without a fight. 

Karen wills herself to remember the bloodied, bruised and battered bodies that this man has left in his wake.  She reminds herself of Foggy’s wounded shoulder, Reyes lying motionless on her own desk, the bloodstained sheet covering Tepper’s body, of the X-Ray of a skull slipped into a little girl’s backpack.  These thoughts give her the courage to speak.

“Hands on your head, Frank.”

She cocks the gun, to show she’s all business.  “I mean it.” 

“It wasn’t me.”

God, she wants to believe him.  She really does.  After all that he’s said, after everything that he’s shared with her.  He’d showed her the hurt, the vulnerability in him.  She doesn’t want it all to be just lies.  

Whatever good… whatever code of honour… never there.

Ellison’s words jerk her back to reality.  “Hands on your head or I will unload this thing, I swear to Christ!”

But Frank, he’s grounded, steady where she’s a bundle of jittery nerves.  Who would anyone trust in this situation?  The calm man with his hands in the air or the crazy woman with the gun? 

“It wasn’t me.”

Something, a tiny voice deep inside her is saying I knew it, it couldn’t have been him, but Karen quells it quickly.  Because if Ellison is right and she’s projecting, then she can’t believe anything she thinks or feels about Frank Castle.  It’s the strangest, most horrible sensation in the world for her not to be able to trust herself.  She doesn’t know what to do, but the safest thing right now is to keep Frank Castle at the other end of her gun.

“Do it,” she jerks the gun, motioning to his head.

“Okay,” Frank says, “okay.”  He starts to move his hands to his head, all the while keeping his eyes locked on hers.  It’s then that she sees it.  That hint of sadness.  It’s almost as if he’s disappointed that despite his denial, she doesn’t trust him.  It tears her up inside, to see him looking at her like that.  When she’s been the one standing up for him, fighting for him.  When all she wants is answers, the truth.  But she cannot be lied to anymore, not by him, and especially not by herself. 

In that moment, Karen Page wishes for divine intervention, to be shown the way.

“Hey.”  Frank’s looking at her, and she can feel him peeling back the layers of her bravado and seeing her torment.

But Karen will never know what he was going to say, because all hell breaks loose.

There’s a shatter of glass from behind her.  Before she can react, before she can do anything at all, the gun is knocked from her hands and Frank is barreling into her.  Then there’s a whizz of bullets overhead, so thick that Karen can feel the walls of her apartment shudder under the assault.  She hears the crack and split of plaster giving way, the chink and thud of photo frames being hit. 

But she’s safe.  Safe from it all.  Because Frank Castle is there with her.

He’s lying on top of her, his weight a solid reassurance.  Both his hands are pressed against her head.  Karen clutches his arm and buries her face into the crook of his elbow.  He smells like gunpowder and soap. 

It is there, lying on her apartment floor with bullets flying in the air, that she doubts no longer.  Frank had told her the truth, but she’d wavered under the judgement of others. 

Ellison was wrong.  There was a hell lot of good in Frank Castle.  It had always been there.

When the gunfire stops, all Karen can do is swear. 

Frank is still on top of her.  “You believe me now?” he says, his warm breath in her ear.

“I believe you.”

I believe you.

So while rewatching this episode I was struck by Ellison’s words.  I’m pretty sure that’s what turned Karen from sticking up for Frank to sticking a gun in Frank’s face.  And then I just wanted to write a oneshot about this scene because I love it.


DAY THREE I actually wasn’t planning on going to the show today, but three hours before the show started I decided to go because WHY NOT. ALSO THERE WERE 5TH ROW CENTER SEATS AVAILABLE SO I HAD TO.

SHOW HIGHLIGHTS: When Hedwig asked the audience how her hair was, literally the entire audience shouted out something and she was just taken aback and was like “okay all I heard just then was BBFDKJBHSJKFSH” and he said try again and literally three tries later he couldn’t understand anyone because people kept shouting over each other it was hilarious. He carwashed an oldish guy in the same spot he always does, about 6th row on the left side, he licked a guy and when we went in for the kiss with the girl in the front row, he pulled in her friend next to her by the hair and kissed both of them wow amazing I was jealous. THE BEST PART THOUGH was when he went to do the punk rock spitting water gesture, and as he was drinking water the woman got her jacket and covered herself and everyone started laughing, so midway through drinking he kinda said “that’s not gonna help” with his mouth full of water man it was funny. There was also a part just before Hedwig tricks Yitzhak into thinking Barbara Streisand is there where she calls him a dog or something, and Yitzhak like growled at him and then they had a face off an ended up making out, amazing.

So being in the 5th row was amazing, I could see the sweat dripping off him and lemme tell you, SEEING THOSE LEATHER SHORTS UP CLOSE IS A GODSEND. Origin Of Love and Wicked Little Town Reprise were also incredible up close honestly this man is a god I swear. In other news Rebecca still continues to be the sweetest and most talented little peach ever. She signed everyones things at stage door, stayed for ages and took selfies with so many people. Darren came out after about one and a half hours and also stayed for ages signing everything  for everyone <3 Also I feel it needs to be mentioned how AMAZING Darrens different voices are, his Luther one in particular. And Tommy. Honestly incredible. What an actor.

Last show is on Tuesday I wanna cry, this show is honestly my absolute favourite <3

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Molly sees Sherlock outside Barts handing money to a man who in turn gives him something that he slips into his pocket. Molly storms over to halt the assumed drug deal and to give the man and Sherlock a piece of her mind. Thanks Lil, can't wait to see what happens!!! Rating? Sky's the limit!!!

Okay @sweet-sweet-escape hope you like this. @mrsmcrieff beta’d and Brit-picked this, bless her soul. It can also be found on FF.net and AO3. Thanks so much for the prompt!!

This is rated T- for some foul language. Enjoy. ~Lil~

-A Little Inspiration-

Molly stepped out of the hospital and checked her messages before turning to walk down the pavement towards the Tube. She was expecting, well hoping, for a message or a text from Ted her date from last night. There hadn’t exactly been fireworks, but she was staying positive. She was about two blocks from Barts when she spotted Sherlock Holmes, himself, the great git.

He’d been avoiding her since his overdose, four months prior and she couldn’t say that she was surprised. Greg had been by, and so had John to ‘gather’ information about the bodies that had come in. Evidently he was still working with the Met. That actually gave Molly some measure of comfort, made things seem normal in the face of his utter fuckery. The fact that he was keeping away from Barts spoke volumes about how much he didn’t want to face her wrath.

She was about to turn and walk the other direction when a tramp walked up to Sherlock and they started speaking to each other. After a few seconds the detective took some money out and handed it to him. The man then passed something small and white to Sherlock who immediately shoved the item into his pocket, without looking at it.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Molly said out loud. “That stupid son of a bitch.” She marched toward the pair, who were still in deep conversation.

“Sherlock Holmes!” she bellowed as she approached.

He and his companion looked at her with wide eyes.

“Go, just go,” Sherlock quickly instructed the homeless man.

But Molly grabbed the man by his elbow. “No! You’ll stay right where you are.” Oddly, the man complied. Since he didn’t attempt to break free, she turned her attention back to Sherlock. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

He smiled. Completely fake. She knew that smile all too well. “Ah, Molly. Don’t you look…” His eyes scanned her face as the fake smile fell away. “…incredibly angry.”

“You’re damn right I’m angry. You’re caught! Red-handed, actually red-handed! I can’t believe this. John said you were doing so well. I knew less than a month in rehab wasn’t enough! Do you ever think of anyone but yourself?” Her grip on the stranger tightened.

“You’re hurtin’ me miss…”

She looked at him. “Oh shut up!”

“Molly, I assure you…”

“Oh let me guess, it’s not what it looks like? Oh for Christ’s sake, Sherlock, I just saw the whole thing!” She stepped closer pulling the man with her. “I know you think the rest of us are a bunch of morons, but I can observe too!”

“Mr. ‘Olmes?” the tramp whined.

“Molly, let Billy go. I’m afraid you’re scaring him.”

“Yeah, and hurtin’ me!”

“I’ll let him go when you hand me what’s in your pocket, Sherlock. I can’t believe after…”

“Miss, I didn’t give 'im no drugs.”

“Sure you didn’t!” Molly snapped.

“No really, I didn’t. I’m his sober sponsor. I’d never help Mr. 'Olmes get drugs,” Billy explained.

Molly dropped her hand. “What?” Then she suddenly recognized him. “You’re the boy from the lab- that day…”

“Yes ma'am.” He nodded his head as he rubbed his elbow. “You got some angry friends, Shezza.”

“You were high too.”

“Clean for a year.” He beamed.

She looked at Sherlock. He was biting his lip and avoiding her eyes. “His sponsor? Like…”

“I just check in on 'im. See if he’s doin’ okay. That sorta thing.”

“B-but I saw him hand you money.”

“Well, I’m part of his network, ain’t I? Run errands and such.” He cut his eyes to Sherlock then back to Molly. “Keep a watch on, ah,… important people.” Another beat passed. “Also I’m his protégé.”

“No you’re not,” Sherlock said with a roll of his eyes.

Molly watched the exchange, carefully. “What did you hand to him then?” Even though she was starting to believe the man she still needed proof.

No one spoke. It seemed that she’d found the limit of what Billy was willing to share. Turning to Sherlock she asked, “What’s in your pocket?”

He looked at Billy. “I’ll see you later.”

The man, seemingly happy to be dismissed, turned and nearly sprinted away.


“No. After everything, I won’t believe you until you show me what he gave you.”

He turned to leave, but she followed. “What are you hiding, Sherlock? I swear to God I’ll call John. I’ll call… I’ll call your brother!”

Sherlock stopped so abruptly that Molly nearly crashed into his back. He stood still for a moment then turned to her. “I… it’s not…” He took a deep breath puffing his cheeks out in the process. If she wasn’t still so upset, she would have thought that he looked adorable (okay, maybe she thought it anyway.) He looked around the busy street then finally back to her. “It’s… personal. Is that enough?”

Molly shook her head. “Of course it’s not enough, you great ponce. You nearly died four months ago! And now you’re acting all…” She stopped when she saw the look in his eyes. It was, well, it was peculiar. He to managed to look both vulnerable and mischievous (or was that guilty?) at the same time. There was something more though, if she didn’t know better she’d call it heartbreak, “Sherlock, what the hell’s going on?”

Avoiding her eyes he said, “I, ah, it really is personal. Just a thing that Billy… does.” He flicked his eyes to her for a split second. “Let me just say that I am sorry… for everything. And it was nice to see you again. Though I wish it was under better circumstances.”

He turned to go and she had decided to let him. He seemed so lost for a moment. But he turned back and looked at her intensely, then smiled. It was sad, but warm. She suddenly remembered the day they’d solved crimes together, it seemed like a lifetime ago.

“Molly, may I ask you for something?” He spoke quietly and deliberately.

She nodded.

He licked his lips and fiddled nervously with his coat sleeve. “Um, can I have a… hug?”

Oh dear God, she thought, as worry bloomed once again. “Why? Sherlock, what’s going on?”

He just shook his head. “Nothing’s going on, per se. It’s just…” He took a deep breath. “It’s just that this is actually quite hard.” He laughed.

She stepped closer. “Oh, Sherlock… I can’t imagine. But you’ve got so many people who care about you. You’ll beat this. I know you will.”

Staring into her eyes he said, “No Molly. I wasn’t talking about that.”

“What are you talking about then?”

He stared a moment longer then said, “What about that hug?”

As she closed the distance she decided to throw caution to the wind and put her arms inside his coat holding him through his suit jacket. She felt Sherlock’s arms wrap tightly around her and his head lower until it rested on top of hers. He was mumbling against her hair, but she couldn’t make out what he was saying and didn’t have the heart to ask.

Finally he pulled back and immediately looked away. “Well, I’d better be…” He turned back and smiled at her. “You… Molly Hooper, you take care of yourself.” Then he walked away.

She watched him for a moment before she realised that she was crying. “What the hell was that?” she said to no one in particular.


She turned around to see Billy once again. “Oh, hello. You’re still here?”

“Yeah, I’m always here.”


“He’ll kill me… or worse,” he said with a sigh.

“I’m sorry?”

He looked down at the pavement then back at Molly. “I’m your… shadow, Dr. 'Ooper.”


“I follow you. Make sure you’re safe. Then report back to 'Olmes, tell 'im what you’re doin’- how you’re doin’. If you’ve had a… date,” he explained.


He smiled. “Well, I’m no expert, miss. But I have my theories.”

“But… I don’t…”

“The way I see it, Mr. 'Olmes is a complicated man and he probably don’t think he’s good enough for you 'specially not now.”

She was sobbing by this point. “But… this doesn’t make any s-sense.”

“Yeah,” He laughed. “He doesn’t much, does he? He’s headin’ home right now, you know. Been a rough couple of days for 'im, see. And I’m sorta worried. It’d be a be doin’ me a big favor if you could go check on 'im for me.”

Sherlock managed to make it to Baker Street before the joy of the hug turn into something else altogether. As he barged through the door, completely ignoring Mrs. Hudson’s queries as to his well-being, his mind was overrun with the myriad of reasons why he shouldn’t have hugged Molly Hooper. What the hell was I thinking?

'That was the opposite of keeping your distance, Holmes,’ he heard a voice echo in his head. The voice, sounded like Molly’s only slightly masculine.

He ripped off his Belstaff, tossing it onto the settee, then started pacing.

This was a just a bad day. He tried to cut himself some slack, he’d been doing quite well with the controlled dosage of Molly he allowed himself. Molly wasn’t coke, she wasn’t heroin, so he couldn’t quite go cold turkey. He’d decided to ween off of her gradually. Letting Billy feed him information seemed to keep the cravings at bay. But today… first finding out how well her date had gone, then getting caught with his informant and the hug… “Damnit!” he cursed as he continued to pace. He jerked up his sleeve, considering adding another patch. No, no- I promised John I’d only use one at a time.

Suddenly he remembered Billy’s note and pulled it out hoping for a distraction. “What? Damnit Billy!”

“What’s on the paper, Sherlock?”

Looking up, he found Molly Hooper standing in his doorway. How did I forget to close the door? he wondered. “Um, it doesn’t matter. It’s…” he looked back down at the paper.

She slowly crossed the room. “May I see it? Please?”

He very reluctantly gave up the slip of paper then turned away to face the mantel.

“Why does this have my name on it?” he heard from behind him.

“Because Billy Wiggins has impeccable timing,” he answered as he crossed over to his desk and opened a drawer. Molly appeared next to him a moment later. He pulled out a couple dozen scraps of paper, tossed them on the desktop then left her to go through them.

He watched her through the corner of his eye as she read Billy’s notes. She eventually sat down as she continued her study, giggling occasionally. When she laughed enthusiastically knew exactly which one she was reading. She sniffled a couple of times as well. Molly, so sentimental.

“Really? A bible verse?” she asked as she finished turning her attention to him.

“Yes, well he’s not always original,” he said as he sat down in his chair.

“Inspirational quotes, reasons to stay clean, plans for your future and a dirty limerick? You’ve got quite a sponsor there, Sherlock.”

“Perhaps I’ve ask too much of him,” he said not making eye contact.

“How’d that happen, by the way? Billy, I mean.”

He sighed. “You should’ve seen the idiot they assigned me. Made Anderson look like Stephen Hawking.”

Molly laughed. That was the second time since she’d entered his flat. He really wasn’t sure how more he could take.

“So I deduced him and sent him on his way. Then realised…” He paused. “That they were right. I did need someone who had been through this… thing. I asked Billy and you know the rest,” he said, his head down, eyes directed at the floor.

She got up and walked over to him and then knelt down at his feet, forcing him to look at her. “Why did he give you one with my name on it?”

Control the dosage. “You’ll have to ask him.”

“I’m asking you.”

He tried to look away, he really did. But it had been months since he’d really studied her. God how he missed it. She looked tired and sad, but there was something else in Molly Hooper’s eyes. It was something he hadn’t felt in a very long time. It was something he rarely ever felt in fact. It was terrifyingly beautiful. It was hope.

“I’ve kept my distance, Molly.”

“But you had Billy follow me. Sends a girl mixed messages,” she said with a smile.

“Please don’t smile at me like that.”

She took both of his hands in hers. “Sherlock, I know you’re still healing, but you’re not alone and you don’t have to keep your distance.”

“I do.”


“Because, Molly,” He reached up and cupped her face with one hand. “I’ve abused you, your trust, your friendship. Because we both know that I don’t deserve you. No matter how much I want you. And the more I’m around you, the more I… want.” As his thumb traveled over her cheekbone he felt her shudder and watched as she flushed. It made his chest ache to know that he’d never get the chance to find the end of that blush. His hand returned to his lap.

Her eyes filled with tears as she laughed. “Oh, you silly man.” She pulled him down by his lapels and he suddenly found himself being kissed by Molly Hooper.

The dosage was too high, and he knew it.

She broke the kiss before it got too intense… thank God.

“Sherlock Holmes, what you deserve is happiness. Whether it’s with me or with someone else or with no one at all. Whatever makes you happy, so long as it’s not drugs,” she added, attempting to look stern. “But if you don’t forgive yourself you’ll never get past this and move on to the next step.” She moved her hands to his face. “I forgive you and I love you. I always will. What you choose to do with that love has always been completely in your hands.” She kissed his cheek then stood up. “I’m not a drug, Sherlock, I’m your friend. But I could be so much more.”

As she turned to leave he stood up. “Molly…” he whispered not wanting her to go.

She turned right back around..

“I really thought it was for the best.”

“You always think you know more than everyone else.” Taking his hand in her she said, “Sometimes being wrong can be a good thing.”

He couldn’t help smiling at that. “I’m still me, you know. I’ll never be…”

“Shhh! I know you. I see you, remember? How about we take this one day at a time, yeah?”

He nodded. “One day at a time? They said that in rehab. It was something I didn’t delete, for some reason.”

She reached up and brushed his hair off of his forehead. “Starting now?” she asked.

“Right now,” he answered, then he placed a soft kiss on her lips.

So much awesome Dean porn...

WARNING– This post contains so much hotness you may catch on fire, become extremely aroused and or horny, you may have a seizure, stroke, or heart attack. Do not view if you have heart problems, or if you have some sort of brain problem and do not like Jensen Ackles (wtf?) You have been warned.


God when he bites his lip…..

….and that jaw line…the scruff (KILLING ME!!!!!!!!)

oh shit the eye crinkles…

ASS SHOT!!! LOOK at that jfc help me

here’s another one omfg

That eye brow thing he does…omg and his hair why is this man so fucking perfect? I can’t take it….

Those eyes…his mouth..his face…(everything) so perfect

WTF are they trying to do with this lip porn?????

Oh god this next one…holy wow I mean…the thoughts running through my head..the things this show is doing to me…this man is going to be the death of me I swear

Thanks Misha you bastard…he knows exactly what these close ups are doing to us (I bet he got off on them too lol…)

oh let’s do another shot of him sucking on a fucking bottle…

oh god the last person that looked at me like that..I got laid

His eye lashes are so perfect too (let’s just make this easier and say every single cell in Jensen and everything about him is perfect)

THIS….so hot. He makes everything look incredibly hot but this was awesome

Really hot watching Dean play pool, lots of bending over and just pure sex, so hot

Look at that profile omg so hot..I love this

The hand porn..my god

ANOTHER hand porn shot

oh let’s add some hand porn and zoom into it for a few frames…

this is just….this whole bar scene literally had me going freaking crazy (wanting to lick and hump the tv lol)

I know I am kind of going crazy lately but it is all this man’s fault…

Just SO fucking perfect. I want one, can’t someone clone him and then everyone will have their own perfect man ( I also want a Misha and Jared clone)

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“Congragulations Y/N , you’re having a baby boy …and girl!” My doctor says , and i gasp . Twins?
“Oh my god” I say happily , looking over at Mrs Hood and watching as she cried .
“Im going to be a grandmum” She says , and i smile.
After taking pictures of the babies and signing some more paperwork we both file out , and i stop in my tracks as i spot him .
“Hi” He breathes .

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I stay put , my fingers clutching the ultrasound pictures tightly .
“I’ve missed you so much” He continues , his eyes traveling to my baby bump .
I swallowed the lump forming in my throat , before opening my mouth to speak .
“What are you doing here?” I ask , keeping my voice steady as his face dropped , clearlynot expecting this reaction from me .
“I messed up” He says , and to both of our suprise , i laugh .
I cover my mouth as i continue to giggle , Calum’s face brightening slightly as he watched me .
“No kidding” I say , continuing to laug .
Damn these hormones .
I immediatley stop laughing as he steps closer to me , and I put my hand up .
“Dont” I say , before walking as fast as I can out the door .
“Wait , Y/N!” Calum yells from behind me , and i just want to dissapear.
“Y/N!” He shouts again , this time grabbing my hand but i yank it away , turning to face him .
“What Calum! What could you possibly wannt after abandoning me for two months!” I scream , pushing at his chest .
“Please just let me talk to you” He pleads and i shake my head .
“I- i just i cant deal with this right now Calum” I whisper, and he grabs both of my hands .
“Y/N , please” He begs , and i fight my tears .
“How could you leave me like that?” I cry , the salty tears staining my cheeks .
“I’m five months pregnant and i needed you. I needed you to comfort me and tell me that I wasn’t slone in this , but you left me” I whimpered .
I pulled my hands away from Calums and held my stomach , before looking up at him .
“Y/N , you have to understand . I was scared” He starts but i cut him off .
“You think I wasn’t?” I snap
“I know you were , and it was really selfish of me to just leave you like that , but i was shocked . It didn’t seem real .” He continues , and I look away.
“That doesn’t make it okay Calum” I sigh , gosh this was exhausting .
“I know it doesn’t baby” He answers and i ignore the way my heart jumped at his pet name .
“I know , but If you give me the chance , i will show you that i’m ready to be a father to our child . I’m ready to be the man you want me and need me to be . I will step up and take care of you and our baby i swear .” He promises , and i fight my smile .
“Babies” I say , and he furrows his brows .
“We’re having twins” I answer his silent question , and his eyes widen .
“Twins?” He asks , suprised .
I hold my breath as i watch his reaction , hoping he doesn’t take back everything he just said .
“Oh my god” He smiles , before wrapping his arms around me and spinning me around .
“Calum stop! I’ve gained like 30 pounds since you’ve last seen me” I squeal and he laughs , setting me down before pulling me into a hug.
“Twins” He breathe sin my ear , and i smile .
“Yeah , twins” I repeat , finally wrapping my arms around his waist .
“I meant it when I said I love you Y/N , I really love you with all my heart” He says , and i bite my lip .
“I love you too Calum”

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I've Been Looking For You - Chapter 12: Tender Moments & Friends…Always Taking Their Jobs Too Seriously

“Holy shit Val have you seen…Whoa” Alex said when he rushed into the dance studio

“O my God” Zendaya said and she hid her face in Val’s neck

“Perfect timing Alex” Val said, the irritation evident in his voice

He looked at Zendaya as she released her legs from around his waist and he adjusted the hooks of her bra

“You’re really adorable when you’re embarrassed” he told her and he rubbed his hands over her cheeks

“It’s not funny” Zendaya told him as she tried to lean into him but he stepped back playfully

“Yeah it is” he said and she narrowed her eyes at him.  Val pulled her to him and kissed her head, “I love it” he said

“You suck” Zendaya told him “I have sex hair and…and Alex walked in…and…”

Val put his forehead against her trying to keep himself from laughing

“Did you just say sex hair?” he asked her

“Stop making fun of me” Zendaya said pushing him a little and he grabbed her hands and linked their fingers together

“Baby…OK fine I’ll leave it alone…for now” he told her and he brushed his lips against hers and smiled when she leaned into him deepening the kiss

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Mary was my favorite character on this show and now I can’t stand her anymore. SHE IS SO HYPOCRITICAL! And instable. God, how can you have a love like she had with Francis and now (out of nowhere) have such strong feeling for a man SHE BARELY KNOWS (just like it went with Bash)? HOW?????????? And people watching this show are just as hypocritical. I swear to god if the situation were reversed people would be making petitions to get Francis killed, if he only dared to as much as LOOK to another women. Why is Mary always free do whatever the shit she wants and never gets blamed for it? Why is it that if a man shows interest in Mary or treats her with the minimum of decency he is a gentleman and she should drop everything off and run to his arms because he is so perfect, and if he flirts with her he is hot, but if a woman does the same thing with Francis she is a slut?
I just can’t fucking take this shit anymore, I don’t care if Mary decides to become a lesbian, as long as it makes sense, and this certainly doesn’t make sense to me. If you want another love story, PLEASE finish Frary. Please make it official. Please stop playing with Francis’ feelings. Please just take him away because he DOES NOT DESERVE THIS SHIT. He deserves some respect. And I don’t care what you think, Conde will NEVER be better, treat better ou love Mary better than Francis. I’M OUT.