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Aw really? You don't know hmm I suppose I could just give you presents on Christmas.

     🎔 ⦔ “I still don’t know for sure what Christmas is.”

     “The only explanation is that it’s human Gyftmas- when I don’t know what that is either.”

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“I suppose we take the happiness we can. Do you?” Peter and Em

penny dreadful accepting.

It was weird, having her talk to him like they were friends. She was still one of the few who met his eyes since he showed up to the Order, but he wouldn’t really call them friends. Still, she was the closest he had to it here. Peter shrugged. “Happiness isn’t really my prerogative right now. Survival is. I can figure out the rest of it later, I guess.”

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Narcissa, Sirius, and Andromeda.


James pretended to consider it seriously for a second, as though his answer was going to be anything different to the obvious. “I suppose...I’ll have to marry Pads, I reckon he’ll be an alright wife y’know?” He grinned, before continuing. “I don’t really wanna kill anyone, but I wouldn’t mind fucking Narcissa, see if I can’t get some kind of real emotion out of her, so I guess I’m killing Andromeda this time.”

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Recently... actually ever since the dylann thing I feel like b/ack people have been getting more and more racist? Or maybe Tumblr is such an ass hat site. But it's ok now to basically bullshit on every culture that isn't made up of dark skin people? Like wtf is that? Basically they are just getting away with anything verbally and I'm suppose to feel pity because they're black? It really makes me want to resent their type. But I know it's only like the 80% millennial blacks, older ones are nice!

Tumblr is full of all kind of shitty people so it’s even more visible here. But I think it was like that before Dylann but now it’s worse now  

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don't 👏🏼 call 👏🏼urself👏🏼a👏🏼pvris 👏🏼fan👏🏼if👏🏼u👏🏼haven't👏🏼shoved👏🏼lynn👏🏼gunn👏🏼up👏🏼ur 👏🏼ass👏🏼

How 👏🏼 am 👏🏼 I 👏🏼 supposed 👏🏼 to 👏🏼 do 👏🏼 that

I feel like i was supposed to die young, i feel like i wasn’t meant to make and raise a son.

I feel like I’m the intellectual no one was ever suppose to hear, my lifes trashed and the future looks dark i fear.

I feel like some of Gods tests weren’t meant for me, like i keep getting tried and i keep failing.

I wish that i could take a trip except I’d never return, i ain’t perfect have you heard that every rose has its thorn.

I wish every light stayed green in a world full of red, I’m not suicidal but i wouldn’t fear a gun to my head.

I wish that everything was stable and i could live with no stress, i pray to god for help because he’s showed me I’m blessed.

I feel like lifes a game and i seem to keep losing my turn, hoping to roll doubles so i can light up and watch my world burn

I feel like every situation takes a turn for the worse, i take L’s every day and it’s been that way since birth.

I want to fantasize and pray about the life I’m destined to live, but imma pray until I’m dead i have no fortune to give.

I like for the struggle because that’s all I’ve ever known, going through this life until i meet God at his throne. Amen.

legend of the blue sea will be the death of me, how am i supposed to survive with jun jihyun and lee minho someone explain, and she’s a mermaid and he’s a conman, what even is life, i am so in love with this whole drama oh my god

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I didn't really watch much of the stream but several people pointed out that Mark seemed off? I saw several people said it was because he was tired because of the different times zones and traveling and then some other people said it was because his relationship with Jack is not the same and that now Jack and Felix are closer and it made me sad :( I want my boy to be happy

I honestly thought Mark seemed okay in the stream tbf! He interacted with everyone but I suppose he didn’t want to make the stream all about him considering there was a lot more people there and it was primarily Felix’s thing so maybe he didn’t want to take too much control over it or make himself the centre of attention.

That’s my thoughts on it anyway ^^ I do think Mark seemed alright though, probably just a bit more reserved than usual because of the reasons above!

This last week has been very stressful, for no apparent reason.  I’ve been on edge almost constantly and have become stressed over the tiniest things. I’ve got quite a bit on my plate with essays and an exam on Friday, and things with my family are quite difficult I suppose. 

Last night I couldn’t sleep for ages, mostly because I’d had diet coke before bed and the caffeine always hits me. I ended up getting to bed at 6.30am, with an alarm set for 7.45 to get up for work. It took all my strength to phone in sick and take the day off to catch up with my sleep.