i support this actually

I care about love more than money, I care about actual people more than social media. Maybe that’s my problem, I need to have a money over niggas mentality and worry about how many followers I have instead of the actual supporters in my real life.

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You seem to be getting a lot of anon stupidity today (largely related to abortion) so I just wanted to say I think you're handling then very well and I find you to be incredibly well spoken. Over all everything I've seen by you leaves me impressed.

Thanks for your support. :)

Those are actually anons from awhile ago that I just put off until today.

Been chatting to my brother about me being trans

And he’s already being so supportive. He wasn’t surprised about it when I told him and has said that he believes that as long as is doesn’t hurt anyone, I will always have his support, that he will always listen and not judge.

I’m actually crying my eyes out right now. I wasn’t expecting him to be so supportive, was actually expecting him to be the opposite for some reason. It’s such a huge weight off my shoulders and I just can’t stop bloody crying.

this is not something i am experiencing, but i want to dive in the tag to see if anyone has resources/information (as in give me links and sources to support your reply so i actually know where you heard whatever youre repeating) that could help get me an answer… 

is it possible for someone who has blackouts from their alters switches to suddenly/over a course of time of cooperation and therapy, to not have blackouts from switches and be aware when their alters switch?

im not sure how else i could word this, but if you want me too elaborate i can try. 

Aaaahhh stuff. Idk. Weird day. Not bad, but still weird. The recovery planning thing was so so; I brought home lots of worksheets and bumf about support groups but the actual content of the workshop was very basic.

But afterwards my new/current ‘care coordinator’ actually witnessed and acknowledged me having microamnesia and a dissociative switch during our appointment, so that’s… some sort of milestone. One of these professionals properly noting that - gasp - I dissociate in their presence and - double gasp - probably therefore do it in my day to day life.

Then had long overdue dinner with folks that I’ve ducked out of at least twice, and it wasn’t completely awful. But still very draining and I am tired now goodnight -_-

powerup-the-revolution I actually went up in front of the class and…

That’s something you can be very proud of, congrats :D Equations can be a pain, but they’re a thousand time worse combined with anxiety … So yep, keep it up, I hope that this will become easier for you to achieve !!

Just speaking out in class scares me in general. I’m always the quiet girl in class so this was a big step for me. Another part is being a perfectionist and making mistakes would shrink me back.

Considering it’s stuff I’ve learned before it makes it easier to step out. It feels great to actually participate in class. I’m doing what I can to get better.

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Its funny how people are getting mad over the maddie defense squad. they're just mad because maddie is actually recieving support

All i’m saying is, if you don’t like it then block it, blacklist it, put parental control on it, heck turn your wifi off and burn your computer if you need to. The blog isn’t a threat to anyone’s life so by law it has the right to stay. That’s why there’s always drama because people can’t mind their own business. If you don’t like the blog no one is forcing you to go there!! Just ignore it and worry about your own. And as you said, people are only threatened by it because its something positive towards Maddie, let it have been about Chloe or Nia and you’d see everyone think it’s good idea.

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My aunt was wondering the same thing about Black Lives Matter with Black on Black crime. Now me and my aunt both have different views on this subject. But I would like to get your opinion on it

I told my cousin that black lives matter definitely cares about it, but black on black crime is often used as an excuse to derail the whole movement as a whole. My cousin’s opinion seemed to be that black lives matter should be able to do everything and anything, even though its a very new movement. My feeling is if you’re so upset with how black lives matter isn’t supporting this or that, get up and be the voice of change you’re telling other people to be. I don’t see my cousin doing any community efforts, or supporting anything local and I have a friend who actually started an organization in our local community to help these kids in some of the troubled areas around here. Its just irritating to me. Like the same thing could be asked of the naacp tbh. They’ve been around for quite a while, and while they have done/do quite a bit for the community, people seem so quick to jump on black lives matter like there aren’t/haven’t been other groups. Its like just because they’re in the limelight they have to be the poster child, but no one wants to add to it, only give verbal support and or critique it. 

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So the GP I went to a while back prescribed me 3 different strengths of TS and when I voiced my concern he insisted just easing off them would be fine. He also implied I wasn't trying hard enough. Needless to say I'm not going back to him.

This is the attitude a lot of doctors seem to have with eczema =_= I wish they would stop the victim blaming and admit that maybe they don’t have any solutions besides steroids. I agree you should find a doctor who actually supports you!

Aargh I’m listening to PJ Harvey’s song The Letter, and all I can think about is that post of the oil paintings where someine is fingering books with red fore-edges

Another shitty trump rant

I love memes and jokes about trump about as much as everyone else who thinks he’s an racist elitist assmunch. But I’m actually getting super annoyed at how much publicity he’s getting. My radio station in the morning, trump clips mashed together. News, trumps yelling at people who are doing their job. Facebook, videos of trump being a jerk or (more concerning) people I know who actually support him and wanna throw it in your face. Twitter, #trump2016 makes me wanna gorge out my own eyes. Do people not understand he’s doing shit like this on purpose? He’s making himself become the highlight of our news, the focal point of this campaign. AND ITS FUCKING WORKING. God, if I didn’t hear the name Donald trump again until after the day of the election where he LOST. ld be happy. He’s building a new hotel and actually employs a lot of illegal immigrants. Hypocrisy at its finest!!! IM SO DONE. okay. I’m done now. I just can’t believe this shit ball thinks he can make this country great when he can’t ever fix his hair or be nice to people

  • me:i'm not a feminist
  • me:i'm not!!! Actually I support equality
  • feminist:nice. So YOU ARE A FEMINIST.
  • me:I'm not.
  • feminist:do you hate women?
  • me:I'm pro-women. I'm pro-men. I'm pro-EVERYONE WHO NEEDS JUSTICE.
  • feminist:that's feminism :).
  • me:uh with the concept you give me of feminism, I think I'm not one of you. Thanks.
  • me:
  • me:I'm not a feminist.