i support this actually

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judging by this blog i bet you're real fun at parties huh. stay in your own lane ship hater.

Honey we’re arguing over anime ships how many parties do you think I’m actually invited to

But yeah I don’t support ideas of underage relationships. Go find some other pedophiles to party with lmao

And we could be enough
That would be enough

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What about studying nutrition or sport

Yeah I am definitely considering nutrition but I know that I just couldn’t stand anybody talking shit to me about what to eat and that veganism is wrong and stuff like that which, sadly, happens very often. I don’t want to learn wrong things or “study” things that I actually don’t support and believe in…

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Ahhhhhh Jam I'm so sorry about your doggo. take all the time you need, it's hard losing a family member, your pup would want you take care of yourself. stay hydrated and have a good cry if you need. your pup loved you so much I know they did.

I know you sent this ages ago Marcus, but thank you so much! I really appreciate your kindness and support (plus I actually drank a ton of water thanks to your reminder)

  • an adult:whoa you're so mature for your age haha!
  • me, thinking to myself:actually i had a childhood that lacked affection, support, and legitimate parental love, so i have learned to rely completely on myself and to internalize my own problems from a very young age
  • me:well i guess i'm just an old soul, haha
I Fully Support Spontaneity.

*Disclaimer* I actually had to google how to spell spontaneity..

What does that say about me - a fluent speaker of the english language…?

I’m a little ashamed, but that’s not the point of this post.

I spontaneously get on Tumblr, post (irrelevant) things for a week straight religiously, and then proceed to neglect it for months. 

I apologize to the 20 something followers, although I’m not entirely sure you care. But thats okay. 

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Azura ?

(Sorry, forgot to actually answer upon seeing… oh well here you go)

First impression- oooh pretty dancer lady

Impression now- disappointed at how she’s pretty much just a plot device to tell you about Valla 

Favorite moment- trying to calm down Corrin in chapter 5. Yeah all of the trailers showed it and it’s arguably not quite as cool in game, but it’s still awesome.

Idea for a story- don’t really have one just about her, but it would be interesting to explore her life before she was taken to Hoshido.

Unpopular opinion- I reclass her to a pegasus knight and think she does well in that, does that count?

Favorite relationship- Platonic: her supports with Sakura are adorable and I cry at how she and Camilla don’t support. Romantic: I can actually stand her with Jakob and her supports with Laslow are sweet.

Favorite headcanon- She gets up the earliest in the army, but people think she’s one of the last people to because it takes that long to fix her hair in the morning.

me: I guess I feel okay today.

My brain: You should look at your ex’s instagram and see how happy he is with his girlfriend.

me: I really don’t see how that could help me in any way.

My brain: It will help you suffer and remember what a piece of shit you are. Just remind yourself how quickly he replaced you and how expensable you are to everyone. Cry all day, you deserve it

me: I’m working on loving myself

My brain: Everyone is going to hate you and abandon you for the rest of your life

me: Excellent point.

  • Trans ppl:I wish we had an awareness day about pride
  • Trans ppl:okay, we made a petition to start a trans pride day
  • Ace ppl:*crickets*

And baby now I know what you meant , I know it all now , I know what you meant with appreciation I know that you wanted more support than me actually buying gifts or telling you how much I love you , my problem was that I was looking at the smaller picture and now that I’ve widened the picture and got a broader outlook of things ,I see what you actually wanted I see what you needed it’s not too late cause I can fix things just like how I always did , you did leave and turn your back on me a day after I asked for your support and you did lock me out , this is not you , this just isn’t you , but I know now what went wrong
I just hope what I have in mind works , and we get back and fix everything , your life first cause I chose to not make it about me no more even when it’s time for it , I’m the man in this relationship and your life matters to me the most.
I love you and I’ll wait.


ALWAYS listen to your intuition… even if it doesn’t make sense right away ;)
Read below for tonight’s story…
So I’m working on a custom bottle… this one was a specific request however as I was moving through it I started to feel that some small changes needed to be made… the original oils and flowers that my client and I had agreed upon just didn’t *feel* right for her energy now in the moment as I was about to put them into the bottle, although originally when we discussed it sounded perfect!
I messaged her to let her know of how I was feeling and she emails me back saying that throughout the course of the day there was a ✨HUGE✨ turn of events for her and that the flowers and oils that I had picked tonight as I was working actually supported and reflected all that had happened to her within the 24 hours (I always send details and descriptions of the oils & herbs I choose and why!! 😱😍😜I was picking up on those vibes and I always always follow my intuition when I work with you& your bottles… even if that may mean it may take me a little longer! The end result is something that is truly magical! Just another day in the BehatiLife apothecary…! ❤️⚡️👌🏾🙏🏾❤️
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Even the douis thing, she arrived separately and presumably left early or wasn't with them after those sets of pics. I don't mean this to sound rude towards her I just don't think they get along, from both sides so they got the pics and she left, which understandably none of her friends were there and Louis got to support his sister!

I actually think they did get along alright in the beginning, even up until a few months ago.

But tonight…. like yikes?? She looked honestly so uncomfortable and he looked uncomfortable with her and no one really paid attention to her except for the photos they knew were going to press? And those were super awkward?

Fuck it.

I think I might try this whole early voting thing this year. The last thing I wanna do is wait two more weeks to wait in line to vote for someone I dont actually support, but desperately NEED to win. So why not handle this shit in the laziest, most convenient way possible? I mean, I might be more inclined to go with the traditional method if it were possible I could bring the bottle of rum I was using to get me through the debates; getting lit at my local polling place while I wait to cast my ballot seems like an appropriate book end to this nightmare of an election. Buuut since that ain’t really an option, I’ll just save my booze for after the result comes in.

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Hello, I wanted to ask if you accepted headcanons where a person has multiple orientations? Example being AroAce Lesbian: Someone who is aroace but only forms relation- and partnerships that are with other women/feminine individuals?

Absolutely! My best friend, is in fact, and aroace lesbian herself! My love for her is one of the reasons I wanted to make this blog, that actually supported multiple orientations and aroace spectrum headcanons and canons!

Submit away my friends!