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thewhiterfire  asked:

Well I just joined Tumblr and can't bring myself to upload anything or really speak to anyone. I really really really love you and your art a lot and for a while I just admired from a distance without being a Tumblr. I really love monster Tom in your way and the fusions. It's really inspiring and creative thank you //yourartgotmethroughschooldepression

Well I’m proud of you for coming this far. It isn’t easy to just put up pieces that you spent so much time on to leave at the eyes of others. I was already on Tumblr for a couple years before I got the courage to even make this blog. So you are a trooper lil one. I’m glad I could inspire you. Hopefully I get to see your work too. I’d love to be able to see the amazing stuff you can do.

Also, Monster Tom very much loves and admires you for having done so much. He sees how much you’ve been trying and it inspires him to keep trying too. Life isn’t easy for us humans, let alone a monster. But you’re presistence and determination help give him strength.

So if The Mortal Instruments can get turned into a movie and then get turned into a TV show three years later, I think we can have Harry Potter TV show WITH THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:

  • Sarcastic, messy-haired Harry with eyes that actually match his mother’s
  • Loyal, brave, smart, AND funny Ron (not comedic relief Ron)
  • Flawed perfectionist Hermione who follows too close to the rules, makes color coded study schedules, drives Ron and Harry up the wall, is sometimes a goody-two shoes, and has some serious insecurities with regard to her academic ability
  • SPEW
  • Peeves
  • Sarcastic, popular, badass Ginny
  • Accurate Marauder era portrayal
  • Neville visiting his parents at St. Mungo’s
  • Harry smashing Dumbledore’s office
  • Winky
  • Kreacher’s full story
  • SPEW because the oppression of house elves in the books is such a huge deal. It was, essentially, what killed Sirius, and the alliance of house elves on both Voldy’s side and Harry’s side made significant impacts on the outcome of the prophecy.
  • Phineas Nigellus
  • “Have a biscuit, Potter.”
  • “There’s no need to call me sir, Professor.”
  • Ginny and Harry bonding over the fact that they’re the only two people who have been possessed by Voldemort.
  • Dumbledore’s full backstory
  • “It unscrews the other way.”
  • Harry disguised as Barny Weasley at the wedding and talking to Viktor Krum about Gregorovitch
  • “Give her hell from us, Peeves.”
  • The brain room in the Department of Mysteries
  • The time room in the Department of Mysteries
  • Blast-ended Skrewts
  • Rita Skeeter being an Animagus
  • Percy’s full story
  • Actually give Fred’s death justice by showing it because FRED AND PERCY
  • All of Tom Riddle’s memories
  • Tonks’s patronus
  • Neville being the potential Chosen One

Feel free to add.