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I wonder how long eddy and Adam had thought up the idea of Emma and Killian being together. I always love when Emma says it's a one time thing after kissing hook in neverland and I always think back to the marsha Brady gif "sure Jan"

Hahahahahahahaha I love how she says that, especially in hindsight, when we know that is so very very very untrue.

Personally, I think they had Hook and Emma planned from the beginning. I think they put too many parallels between the two of them into “Tallahassee” - and simply the fact that the episode explores those parallels while exploring her past connection with Neal through flashbacks speaks volumes.

And then, at the end of that episode, she says she can’t take the chance that she’s wrong about him. Like she was about Neal. Like she was about the last man she was drawn to. The last man she thought was her soulmate. The last man she loved so deeply and truly. I think Emma felt that connection right from the start, same as she did with Neal… and I think Hook/Emma was planned from the start <3

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Is it me or the way WA has been written is kind of problematic? Besides being corny, I don't think the way they act together is proper. It's not exactly unhealthy, but Barry used his secret identity for his own benefit with her. Then, Iris suddenly had interest in him because he wasn't pinning for her anymore. It was ridiculous because she was like "sorry, I'm busy" and when she sees he visited CCPN because of Linda she started to throw herself on him. That didn't last even 24 hours. And people+

talk about Everyman taking advantage of Caitlin and kissing her, but the same people romanticize Barry acting like her was E-2 Iris’ husband and make gifs of it. Not to mention even though he didn’t kill Joe, if he’d simply kept focused on rescuing Jesse, E2 would’ve been alive. And now Iris seems interested in him because destiny points to them together. They took out her agency and they don’t happen naturally. If those S3 dating pictures are from Flashpoint, Barry’s using the fact he had known her before to court her. That may not be offensive but I also don’t find it romantic? I mean, I’m not a romantic person but it’s not a sweet story to tell to children, I guess. And what you said about it seeming the writers’ never been in a relationship is so true lol, it’s exactly what I get from the material.


Very much so. It borders on toxic and childish at the same time. I don’t see a lot promise with them if they keep going this way. I’m going to sum this up in a short sentence because I think you hit the nail on it pretty accurately. Relationships based in “destiny” and “fate” are for children. Iris is a child. Barry is a man child. Grant was quoted as saying in Season 3 that “Barry is going to have to force that” that makes sense. He needs gimmicks to court a girl he’s obsessed with. It’s going to be a disaster. I guess that was mean, what I mean to say is, yeah pretty much, they’ve never been in a real relationship before. There is so much creep factor to WA it’s highly problematic.


“Quality control testing.” That’s totally what it was. After all, how was Jackson supposed to know if his new waterproof camera worked if he didn’t test it? And time, of course, was of the essence. After all, if there was something wrong with it, it was important that he find it and report it immediately. That’s why simply had to email his color theory profesora and inform her that he was violently ill and wouldn’t make it to class. No, it had absolutely nothing to do with the swim team being out of town for competition and leaving the pool unused…

The important part, though, was convincing his partner in crime.

“Luis, it is our civic duty as consumers to ensure that the products we spend our hard-earned pesos on are up to standards of quality.” He looked at Luis with practiced puppy dog eyes, but the mischievous sparkle behind them and the smile tugging at his lips kept him from looking anything but pitiful. “Pleeeeease?”


**Based off of No, I Don’t Remember by Anna Ternheim**

“Take me home.”

Your words hit the Doctor like a punch to the chest, knocking the wind out of him. He blinked at you in shock and confusion, “Why?” he asked simply, the hurt obvious in his tone. Yes, he had changed, but it was still him, wasn’t it?

You looked away, your own chest tugging painfully. “I don’t remember what brought us to this. I really don’t,” you admitted softly, “But something’s different now.”
“Well, of course, I’m different,” the Doctor rushed to assure you, his eyes wide and pleading, “But not that much. I mean, I’ve regenerated, but I’m still the Doctor-”

“No, that’s not quite it,” you cut him off quietly and he could see tears shining in your eyes. “Things used to be simple. Back when just having you there was enough. My life used to be such a waste before I met you. You brought me to so many lovely places. We laughed together and we cried together.” You hugged yourself, rubbing your arms and hanging your head.

The Doctor pressed his lips together and moved forwards to wrap you in a hug, resting his chin on top of your head, “Hey, I’m still here. It’s still me,” he promised, his brow furrowing in concern.

You hid your face in his tweed jacket, fighting tears. “Remind me of how it used to be,” you begged. “Remind me of how I used to feel when nothing could come between us. Remind me who you really are. Who you still are.”

The Doctor sighed and took a step back, resting his hands on your arms gently. He studied your face, wiping away your tears with his thumb carefully. “Hey, there, there,” he soothed, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, “It’s alright. You are still my [f/n]. My sweet, wonderful [f/n]. I know that I’ve changed, and I know that that’s scary. And I know you want me to help you remember the way things used to be. But everything’s got to end sometime, otherwise nothing would ever get started. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving you or stop being the Doctor.”

You sniffled, your chest aching as you gazed at the Doctor. He wasn’t your Doctor anymore. He couldn’t be. He was different. He had regenerated. But he was still the Doctor, wasn’t he? This Doctor could still be your Doctor. You swallowed and slowly allowed yourself to nod.

The Doctor’s eyes filled with relief as he pulled you in for another tight hug, nearly crushing you against him. “Thank you, [f/n],” he whispered against your ear, “Thank you for not leaving me.”

Gif Credit: Eleven

BTS (Suga, Jimin, V) Reaction to You Having an Anxiety Due To a Fight With Them

I know that everyone gets anxiety attacks from different things. These are sort of written in the way that I get them, which is usually from stress due to over-thinking situations or thinking that someone hates me or that they are mad at me for no reason. I hope that makes sense. If any of you deal with anxiety or panic attacks, and you want to talk about it, feel free to shoot me a message on this blog or through my personal blog @kittykatr . Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Suga: It was rare that the two of you would fight. He would usually simply let things roll off his back, not wanting to hold on to grudges and understanding that everyone had their own opinion on situations. However, if you managed to catch him on a stressful day, he may accidentally blow up at you. That was exactly what happened today. You came over, expecting to find him asleep while you cleaned, but instead he was busy working on his music in his room.

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“Hey, do you mind not vacuuming at this moment. Damn it, you are always finding a new way to distract me,” he yelled at you as he stuck his head out of his room. You stared at him in confusion, not really sure what had warranted him yelling at you. You assumed he would apologize when he realized what he said, but when he just turned away and slammed the door, your mind began to race with ideas of what you could have done to make him that angry at you.

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As you thought about it, your heart began to race, and your mind swarm a bit. You felt dizzy as you worried about having messed something up with Yoongi. You took a seat on the floor, trying to reassure yourself that you hadn’t done anything, when he came out. He looked as though he was ready to punch a wall at any moment, but when he saw you on the floor, tears peppering the corners of your eyes, his expression softened to concern. “Whoa, jagi, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you this much. I just… I’m just frustrated with my music. I’m so sorry,” he quickly apologized as he pulled you into his arms, helping you to relax as he continuously reassured you that you had done nothing.

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Jimin: “Jimin, you should be eating more. You don’t look well,” you tried to tell your boyfriend as the two of you sat in your apartment and tried to figure out something for dinner. Jimin had turned down everything that you brought up, telling you that he had to lose weight and work out more instead of eating. This was a topic that usually led to the two of you arguing, but this time, you were starting to get fed up with him putting his health at risk, and he seemed just as tired of the same old argument. “Listen, this is my body. Let me do with it as I want!” He blew up at you.

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You quickly got out of your seat, storming off to your room as you started to feel your blood boil. Once you were in your room, you started pacing the floor. Let me do with it as I want. Let me just pass out for all I care. Who cares if you hate seeing me in pain? You thought to yourself, getting angrier and angrier as you continued the fight in your head. Your heart was racing faster, really making your anxiety build. While you were pacing, Jimin managed to calm himself down in the other room. He slowly made his way to your room, wanting to apologize for having blown up at you like that.

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“Hey, jagi, are you okay? I’m sorry I yelled at you, I know you are just looking out for me,” he apologized as he opened the door to your room. You were on the edge of the bed, hugging yourself tightly as you tried to calm yourself down. He stared at you in confusion for a moment before he noticed how shallow your breathing was. He came over, kneeling in front of you and reaching out to place his hands on your shoulders. “Okay, just take a deep breath and hold it for a moment, then let it go. Everything will be okay. I didn’t mean to do this,” he whispered as he helped you through your anxiety attack.

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V: You knew you shouldn’t have blamed him for having to do the photo shoot with Rose from BlackPink, but you couldn’t help but feel jealous as you saw how close he was getting with the new group. The two of you never fought, unless it was play fighting, but you couldn’t hold yourself back as you made sly comments under your breath in passing. “Hey, if you can’t trust me, then maybe we shouldn’t be together,” Taehyung finally said as he grew tired of the comments you were making. Your eyes widened, you had never seen him that pissed.

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“Are you breaking up with me?” You asked, half in anger and half regret. Taehyung nodded his head, turning away from you in annoyance. You felt as though your heart stopped in your chest. You knew that you had made a mistake and should have apologized right away, but as the weight of the consequence hit you, you found it harder and harder to actually form words. Your body was filling with jittery energy; as though you could run a mile, but also couldn’t move.

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It took a moment for him to realize that the two of you had both over-reacted about the whole thing. He turned towards you, finding you a sobbing mess on the floor of your room. He hesitated for a moment, not really sure what to do, but decided to sit next to you, placing his hand on your back and holding you against him as he waited for you to relax a bit. “How about we talk about this? Why do you feel jealous about the photoshoot? Talk to me about it,” he urged you as you finally managed to stop crying.

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He is from the KPop group, Seventeen~ (generally, he is from Jeju– YEAH DAS RIGHT)

Although he is not very popular amongst his members, hE IS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST AND KINDEST IDOLS I’VE HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF STANNING.

First and foremost, he is from the vocal line/group, so yeah you better watch out for them vocals

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A lot of people say he “does not fit the standard of how Idols should look”, but thAT IS HONESTLY ONE OF THE BIGGEST THINGS I LOVE ABOUT HIM. HE IS PERFECT AND UNIQUE JUST THE WAY HE IS.

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Physicality aside, he is very hard working, and he has a gREAT sense of humor.. He would probably be that one kid in class who makes everyone laugh by simply being himself, and everyone would want to befriend him (scratch that, he would already be everyone’s friend)

(^ I couldn’t find a gif, but he’S DANCING WITH A SHARK. O K A Y NOW SLOW DOWN)

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hoe don’t do it


TuT yes they did.. You are a blessing to Seventeen~


Honestly one of the best dancers in the group…

(you can just see the passion in his expression.)




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(his sister~)


OKAY BUT GET THIS: (I read this somewhere, I could be wrong qwq) Seungkwan usually buys clothes that are affordable, and he doesn’t buy a lot of clothes that are expensive… wHY IS THIS?! BECAUSE HE GIVES MOST OF HIS MONEY TO HIS MOTHER QWQ VBUIBVEIURFHIERUHFQ



I’m only scratching the surface of who he is, bUT IF MY ALL-CAPS ENTHUSIASM FOR SEUNGKWAN DOESN’T HAVE YOU FEELING LIKE:


Seriously tho.

Get yourself a dork man who can do both, that is Boo Seungkwan.

(all gifs belong to their rightful owners qwq)

Simple Facts - Teen Wolf (Theo Raeken)

Pairing: Theo x Female!Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request:  I would like to request a Teen wolf imagine with Theo. Like, Theo is supposed to kill her, but he can’t do it. He loves her too much.

Warnings: Angst, blood

A/N: So long since I wrote for Teen Wolf now, this blog’s original fandom, and it sure was good to write some^^ (+ I’m in a Teen Wolf mood sooooo) ENJOY!

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*gif not mine* 

She knew too much. This simple fact was true. 

 He couldn’t trust her. For she didn’t trust him. Y/n’s loyalties were with Scott, not with him. 

It had never been any different. 

Yet when he stood outside her bedroom window he couldn’t make himself do it. To simply sneak into her bedroom and make a neat and easy kill out of her, but he didn’t do it. 

 Instead he just backed up again, scolding himself immensely. His weak heart will forever have the blame for this, for Y/n would not spare him as he had done her tonight.


She stood just a couple of meters away from him. Knife held tightly in her hand as she looked down on him with determination in her eyes. 

 «I don’t want to kill you, Theo.» She whispered, taking a step closer. «So please, stay where you are. I can’t have your actions killing my friends.» 

 This what was he had been waiting for. 

The moment where he would look her in the eye and know this was the price he had to pay for not being the rightful Alpha he was supposed to be. 

No mercy.

 It was what he had lived for for so long. Yet Y/n walks into his life, and he abandons every principle he had ever lived by. 

 «Don’t worry, babe, I won’t.» Theo sounded defeated where he leaned against the cold wall behind him. 

 «What have I said about calling me ‘babe’?» She sighed, and he could see she almost smiled. Almost. 

 «Something like you love it when I call you that?» She just shook her head at him. 

«I’m not your babe.» She whispered, taking another step closer, supposedly as a warning more than anything.

 She was now right in front of him, and it was like his instincts got the better of him and before he knew it he had her body pressed up against his chest, a surprised noise coming from her slightly parted lips. His arms were around her waist, their faces only inches apart. 

 «Still sure you’re not my babe?» He whispered against her lips, as she started at him with wide eyes. 

 She was about to reply to him, when he simply shortened the distance between their faces, connecting his lips with hers. He felt her kiss back almost immediately, but as he deepened the kiss, he felt a sharp pain pierce through his stomach, and he pulled away from her.

 Y/n looked at him calmly as he looked down, the knife in her hand were buried deep, the red blood slowly seeping out around it. 

 With one retreating step from Y/n the knife gracefully slid out of him, the blood dripping from the wound. 

 When he looked up at Y/n again, she had tears in her eyes, and she whispered; «I’m sorry.», before disappearing in the direction of the real fight, leaving him there to bleed out by himself. 

She didn’t trust him. She probably never would.

 But he trusted her with his life, despite the past events. 

 Y/n’s love as far as Theo knew, was not with him, but his was with hers. 

 And no matter how many nights he stood outside of her bedroom window, he could never bring himself to knock. 

 She still knew too much, he should have killed her long ago, but he loved her so deeply. 

Those simple facts were true. 

 Theo would probably never be with her as he wanted to, at least not tonight, nor any other night with them too.  

Min Yoongi x Reader - A Fan (2)

Genre: Fluff, Angst (later on)

Part 1 | Part 2 |

Summary: You were anxiously waiting for your number to be called to audition for BigHit Entertainment until the boy next to you, Min Yoongi, helped calm your nerves. Because of his help, you passed the audition and became the Leader of a popular K-Pop girl group. Although, Yoongi failed the audition, only watching you as a fan once you gained popularity. However, the both of you never thought your paths would cross again.

(lmao couldn’t find the gif I used for Part 1)

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Okay but I just scrolled past this gif and it hit me really hard for some reason:

(gif credit @trakenites)

When was the last time someone hugged Killian?  He reached out to Baelfire/Neal in season 3, remembering the boy he had been, that Killian had known centuries ago.  And Emma holds him tightly, and he her, their love something they’ve worked on over the last few seasons, their physical affection something that never fails to make my heart soar.

But when was the last time that someone who wasn’t Emma reached out and willingly pulled Killian into an embrace, simply because they wanted to?  Because they missed him?  Because they cared about him?  

And here he is, just days after finding out that David might actually care for him, just days after finding out that he had to stay in the realm of the dead without the woman he loved or any of her family, just days after resigning himself to never seeing anyone he cared about, not being saved, his brother in his own utopia, his long lost love obliterated in the river of souls.  He’s had just hours now, since finding himself back with the woman he loves, to holding her tight after thinking her gone forever, to process that he’s alive and he’s back and he has another chance.

And David reaches out to him, pulls him into a tight embrace.  David, the man who didn’t bother to hide his hostility to him when he thought Killian nothing more than a pirate and a thief, who punched him in the face on occasion and stabbed him in the back when they didn’t have their memories.  David, who only just recently, after spending years with the man, could admit that he might be okay with him after all.  David, the father of the woman Killian wants to spend the rest of his life with, who approaches him and hugs him like a brother, like a friend, like someone who cares about the pirate who’s been alone for so very long.

I could watch this scene all day.


The handsome guy had already walked past your table a few times, and you had certainly noticed him and noticed him noticing you. You simply pretended that you hadn’t and kept your nose down in your book.

But finally he seemed to have decided that he was going to attempt to initiate a conversation. “Excuse me,” he said, and you had no choice but to look up at him standing there. “I’m sorry to interrupt your reading but you look so familiar and I’ve just been trying to figure out where I’ve seen you before…”

You smiled a little smile to yourself. “Really?”

He seemed to take that smile as an invitation to sit down because he slid into the empty chair across from you. “Yeah, are you from around here?”

“No,” you said.

“Huh… Have you ever done any modeling because I swear–”

“No,” you stopped him short. 

Dean wasn’t used to that. Usually that line resulted in flustered flattery… “Oh. Huh. Well, you really could–”

You snapped your book shut and smiled at him across the table. “These lines usually work for you?”

Now Dean was flustered. “Uhh,” nervous laughter filled in a wide pause, “uhh… yeah, actually…” He trailed off and flashed you a nervous smile.

You studied his face for a long moment. “Not today, champ. But if you decided to try again sometime and be genuine you might have better luck.” You opened and lifted your book so you could hide your smile behind it.

“Right… Uhh… Have a–have a good day.” The guy excused himself and you watched his puzzlement as he walked away.


Imagine: being mad at Jimmy
Characters: Jimmy x Reader 
Reader: Female or male 
Warnings: None? 
{Gif is mine} // ep-6-Bullseye

“Y/n would you please let me in?” Jimmy asked trying to open the locked gate 

“No" you simply state, crossing your arms. 

“I said I was sorry” he pleads.

“Okay yeah it’s all better now” you say with a sarcastic smile.

“Really?” Okay is he really that dumb? You ask your self.

“No you asshole” you say walking away leaving him behind the gate.

you had already forgave him but you just wanted to mess with him for a little longer. 

BTS Taehyung Angst - Wake Up, Taehyung.

Genre: Fluff followed by angst

Warnings: death, swearing

Requested by anonymous. 

Sorry I’m kinda having a writing block and this took forever. It’s shit I apologise ; - ; If you don’t like it, please let me know and I can recreate another for you. I also kinda twisted your original quest because I think that there a couple of scenarios like that. c:

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I do not own the gif.

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+whoever else

For once, Gage hadn’t started the fight. The fight had been all but sucked out of him the last day or so, so when the aggressive slave blocked the way to the bathroom, Gage simply stood back and waited for him to move. He looked a little lost, his eyes distant and sunken in, but he was up and moving and that was saying something. But he had a reputation for being a smart-mouthed asshole, so the other slave took no issue with slugging him straight in the mouth anyway. Having been caught off guard, he took the hit hard and fell to the floor, grunting when his cheek hit the concrete. He heard footsteps, but couldn’t tell where they were coming from. 

Just a Hair Off

Just a hair off. A dog’s breath. So much as even a centimeter’s width could mean the difference between life and death in his line of work. Could mean the difference between a sling or a casket; a bleeding wound or simply bleeding out.

And as many close calls as Raymond Reddington has had, this time he’s certain - a centimeter more would have been the death of him.

(GIF credit @factoseintolerant)

Maya Hart - a mini character study via chat

So, on the tail of this post (X) about the GM Truth classroom scene, @mayaahrt messaged me an interesting expansion on the 2nd point, the last 2 Maya gifs. Here’s one:

I’m posting this because I’m simply amazed at how much of the big picture is coming together from analyzing in depth 3 episodes.

@mayaahrt:  okay also this is (kinda) off topic, but in your post about the truth classroom scene, you mention that Maya glances back at Lucas after the whole “the truth always comes out” bit. I completely agree that it’s suggesting Maya had a crush on him, etc., but my point is: it’s so interesting to see maya’s reaction in moments like these. Because right from the start Maya’s so determined to ‘break’ Lucas. It’s like she knows that the 'perfect’ act isn’t really him. And she sort of pieces that together throughout the first season… Like in Flaws as well.

Absolutely. Just researching those first 3 episodes, there’s already a pattern there - Maya is more mature when it comes to human interaction (communicates well in GM Boy), she also tends to see the reality of things better (below/beyond the flash - see: gold locket, “doesn’t matter”, it’s the picture of the family inside that’s valuable), and also like I mentioned earlier in the Anatomy of a Crush set, there’s a reason the whole cowboy/Texas stuff is intrinsic to Lucas/Maya. He does end up being a bit of a cowboy, stereotypical cultural reductionism aside.

@mayaahrtYep, GM Boy is such an interesting episode. I love that you said Maya is more mature when it comes to human interaction, because just today in theatre class my teacher was talking about connection and he said that one of the simplest yet most intimate forms of human connection is eye contact. Anyways, it got me thinking about GM Boy again. And correct me if I’m wrong, but Maya doesn’t have a phone until the end of the episode when Cory gives her one? Then isn’t that why she’s such a natural when it comes to human connection, vulnerability, emotions? Isn’t it why she doesn’t accept the 'Mr.Perfect’ act as soon as she sees it, why she knows that there’s a surface to ‘break’, that he’s hiding something. It’s why she tries to figure him out throughout the entire first season, and even when we reach the truth in SoL, it doesn’t just stop there. She attempts at figuring out his feelings, if he really likes Riley or not. And I think it’s gotten to a point where she’s spent so much time trying to figure him out (discreetly, like in GM Truth or in plain sight like in GM Friendship), that she’s developed her own feelings for him, and come hell or high water, she’s falling for him.

Yes yes yes x1000. She had a phone, but not a smartphone, and she didn’t use it much: she starts the episode by insisting that Riley and her talk about her avoidance of talking. I’m going into GM Sneak Attack/Father soon which I think will add to the picture - but yes I really believe that she’s someone who, by nature, digs deeper and needs to see people for what they are (and this can be negative in a way at times because it might come from her wanting to guard herself against disappointment from people, with her father having left and her mother - despite her best intentions - being absent; so she doesn’t let herself hope). But the more she finds out about Lucas, the more she senses things about him, the more she realizes he really is through and through “a good guy”. That’s how she develops feelings for him, in spite of herself. This is all really excellent, and ties into my thoughts dump on the episode. 

Here’s the bit about Maya from that earlier foray:

Now if we take Maya’s experience of that lesson, what do we learn? That she is already ahead in its application to life (in no small part because of the circumstances of her life), which consolidates her as the more mature character. (X)

@mayaahrt: Yeah haha woah I’m just now realizing how much depth these characters really have. And how well the writers have thought the characters through. The way that each of them have been set up individually, and then forming connections and developing relationships with each other is just amazing when you think about it. Maya following her heart is a concept that they’ve thought through so thoroughly - from something as small as her phone, to something as devastating as her father leaving. Maya’s always been one to follow her heart and she’s always very in tune with her feelings, so when they bring in the element of her being confused because of this triangle she’s been thrown into… It’s really interesting to watch and honestly I just want to see how she grows as a result of it. Actually, I want to see how all of them grow from it - which is my hiatus is the bane of my existence! 😂

I’m “woah”'ing myself a whole lot. And the crazy thing for me is that I just started rewatching the series with a critical eye - and in just 3 episodes of this, SO much is coming together. I’m flashing forward and back, and it’s just a wonderful tapestry of themes, symbols and character growth. So, I guess, in a way I’m taking advantage of the hiatus to take the time to really appreciate and understand what the writers have done

I’ll add one caveat to the whole “Maya following her heart”: while I completely agree that she’s more in tune with herself and others, I honestly think that she does not put herself out there easily. I feel they tried to misdirect the audience in GMNY with the whole “Maya = Sensibility”, and even in the Pilot, when Riley says “I think too much, and you don’t think at all”. I think that’s a misconception of Maya: sure, she lets loose, and she tends to say what she thinks, straight up, no filter. But when it comes to her own *personal* feelings about someone, especially if they’re becoming deep, she’s guarded. She doesn’t want to risk it. Think about it, she always acts cool, and tough. And I’m not just talking about Lucas here; I’m talking about Shawn, her mother, the hope for a family.

Over the course of S1-2, she grows and learns to open up - and one of the main vehicles of that is her art. She learns to hope. Which is why, I think, the final scene in GMNY is so heartbreaking for me when I watch her poor lovely face, and think about how much it took for her to bring herself up there and reaffirm her feelings for Lucas.


“C’mon Sammy” Lucifer said “It’s been so lonely here without you… Didn’t you miss me?”

“No” Sam answered, simply.

“You’re not mad at me, are you?” The devil got closer to him “Don’t you remember last vision you had? You felt calm, didn’t you?”

“It was because you made me” Sam groaned, angry.

“But I never hurt you! I always took so much care of you… I wanted you to enjoy our games. Still want it Sammy…” He caressed his hair.

“Stop…” He cried, trying to control himself.

“I just wanna touch you again, like old times, roommate. You used to like it too… Remember? At the end… you always like it… Once you begged, screamed my name, remember? ‘Cause I do, Sammy” Lucifer whispered at his neck “I remember everything”

EXO’s Reaction to You Rejecting Their Confession Because You Have to Return to Your Home Country

Ughh, I simply hate long titles. Alas, I had no idea how to title this properly. xD

Anyway, here you go, little Anon! I hope you’re still keeping up with and enjoying my little bits of work here~♥

Baekhyun: would refuse to take you seriously, thinking that you must be messing with him because he already knew that you shared his feelings.

Chanyeol: would surprisingly be the most likely to shed tears over this situation, mostly because of the frustration he felt at life being so unfair to the two of you.

Chen: would be the most likely to come up with a comeback for every excuse you had, a charming smile on his face the whole time. Long distance? That’s what facetime/skype is for. Time difference? Bah, he didn’t need to sleep at night, anyway.

D.O: would accept your decision without any vocalized complaints, though he’d dislike himself for it. After you left, he’d become more distant that usual, contemplating whether or not he had made the right choice.

Kai: would be the type to let you go, if he thought it was what you truly wanted, but would throw himself into his work afterwards, easily overworking his tired body.

Kris: would be struck speechless, a rare occurrence with Kris. He would have never expected you to reject his feelings, especially with such faulty excuses. He would have thought there were plenty of ways around the distance issue between you.

Lay: would be the type to follow you to the airport, weaving and bopping between the crowds of people to reach you in time and try to get you to come around to the idea of staying with him, his emotions growing steadily more unstable as he goes.

Luhan: would be angry and frustrated. Not at you, simply at the problems facing the two of you. He’d try his best to convince you to stay by his side, but as someone who cares a lot for his family, he’d understand if you had to return home.

Sehun: would get super clingy, and wouldn’t be willing to allow you out of his arms. He’d know that you had feelings for him too, and didn’t want something as silly as distance to get in the way of it.

Suho: would be most likely to catch the next plane to your home country and follow you to surprise you, showing you the extent of his feelings. I don’t know, I just feel like Suho’s a serious romantic!

Tao: would get super emotional about the whole ordeal, confused as to why you didn’t think the two of you could work something out, even if you had to go back home.

Xiumin: would solemnly nod his head as you told him you couldn’t return his feelings, trying to pretend like he was okay with it all, even though it had clearly hit him hard.