i should be doing homework but this is fun

i am proud to report that i did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of importance today, in fact i even went out of my way, drove 20 minutes across town to play a game in which i got very little done, then came home, watched tv for 2 hours, went out for a sandwich, then came home again and here i am. doing fucking nothing. i love it

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Oh my goodness 3am?? That sounds like the time humans should be asleep at! But yeah I get it, homework is super important and you don't wanna fail, but sleep is still important!! Oh and the club is more of a visual arts club and it was super cool!!!

That’s cool! I’m glad you found something you enjoy :) I’ll try to get more sleep, but I probably wont. Meh.

I hope you have a smaller homework load than I do and easy, dun classes. I didn’t get anything fun this semester and it’s Gonna suck :/

I wrote a huge explanation on my semi hiatus but I’ll spare you the details and explain shortly:

  • Fall semester began. I have 2 HIGHLY intensive courses and one course that has the worst professor - which is also my worst subject SO THAT SHOULD BE FUN :)
  • Budgeting extra study time between homework, housework (mum works 24 hours now sobs), and my job
  • I need breathing time because stress will probably kill me

I will be online through my laptop at least once a day just to reblog graphics (since I have a specific tagging system) and to respond to messages (I hate responding via mobile). But most of the time I’m online is between classes on mobile. Messages are 125% likely to be answered 3-8 days late because my brain is torn in 3 different directions at a time. It’s nothing personal at all, I just despise trying to converse with someone when my focus is off. 

BUT YES. I love you all. And I hope you are all well. Please do pop in and tell me stories from time to time and tag me in things (JIHAN JIHAN JIHAN). I’ll do my best to stay well and hope you all do the same! Feel free to talk to me through LINE or Kakao. LET’S HOPE FOR THE BEST

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So i have a crush on my friend and I think he may like me back too. However my other friends kinda noticed and started "shipping" us as a joke, which made things kinda awkward. Now whenever we talk, even if we are just talking about homework or something like that, they always go "I ship it" and "ooh [the ship name]" I have no idea what to do now. I am afraid that admitting that I actually like him would ruin our friend ship, or he would think that I'm joking cuz of my other friends.

Hey sweetie, 

I think you should try to make it clear to your friends that it’s not fun anymore and that you want them to stop. We all do this to our friends from time to time, and it’s fun as long as it’s fun for everyone. When it’s too much, you just need to tell them. This does not mean you have to admit your feeling for him to them, just let them  know it’s not fun anymore. 

And about your friend, if you want this, I’d say, go for it! Ask him to do something with just the two of you. You don’t have to tell anyone you’ll do this. Just ask him, if he does not have the same feeling, he’ll let you know and it might be a little awkward for a while, but no one else has to know. And normally the awkwardness will pass after a while. If he does, things can turn out very good hopefully! 

If you need some more tips on how to ask him out, you can check our page we made about that. And here are some sites with a lot of cool date ideas:

  • Creative Date Ideas (this is a really amazing site, it has a lot of weird date ideas but there are a lot of very good ideas too! And you can choose if you want a romantic, cheap, creative,…. date. Check it out!)
  • Cute Date Ideas (Here you can find links to other articles like winter date ideas, group date ideas,…)
  • 100 Romantic Date Ideas (it’s a very long list with some really good ideas!)

Good luck! Love, 


Crying because i should have been doing homework. AHhhasdf I spent too much time on this. I just havent drawn anything in a week and I just wanted to finish this.
Anyways, I like drawing Killua and Kurapika because they’re fun to draw. I tried a different-ish style and I kinda like it. Got lazy with the clothes tho. ;_;

I hate how ppl make “how to survive high school” videos. Like no, high school shouldn’t be portrayed as something that you need guidelines to “survive” it should be an experience, high school is something that you should live through not just survive. It’s 4 years of your life so make the most of it. High school isn’t about the class structure and how the upper class men will eat out the fresh meat, contrary to popular belief, it’s not a fucking jungle out there, I know, what a surprise, turns out mean girls isn’t an actual example of high school. Popularity doesn’t mean shit as long as you are having fun. High school isn’t all about shitty teachers and shitty homework to do, even though that is a portion of it, it’s about the memories you make and how you choose to make them with whoever you want. Nothing else matters these 4 years except for what you do with your own time, so make it good, don’t let intimidation or fear get the best of you, enjoy every single second of it. It took me until my senior year to finally understand this and I hope this information hits you a lot sooner than it hit me.

I would like to not have anxiety

I would also like to be able to go out with people for a day and then not have to spend the next week recovering

these two things aren’t necessarily the same thing, but they are kind of related

I would also to not feel like a loser while I’m recovering

and I would also like to not have to be recovering when I have less than a week left in Finland