i should be doing homework but this is fun

hailstarscream replied to your post“I already have a shit load of homework die throughout this week and by…”

With college it’s either stressing out bc you don’t have any homework but you feel like you should or either all of you classes give you a shit ton of work all at once

I just hate that it’s the first weeka nd in some classes we haven’t even started the lecture yet or have just started and I already have papers due and books that need read and homework that needs done. Maybe it’s just because I literally just got back is why it’s stressing me out and seems like a lot…but the first week is normally about having fun coming back and I’ve just been going to classes, working, doing homework, then sleeping really.

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could I ask for u to gently yell at me to do my hw? it's late and it's due tomorrow but I have 0 motivation

my love you should do your homework!!! the sooner it is over with the sooner you get to do fun things!!! think about how productive you feel while doing it!!! learning is such a cool thing and you should take every opportunity to learn!!!

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nice edit u should make more

Yes I shall do a whole 3 more 

Nah I’ll probably make like 204 because its fun and time consuming and I’ll do anything to avoid homework

Already did my psych homework and I’m about to start in on the first chapter

one of my classes has like no homework other than some journal we have to keep and then this facebook game we have to get a certain score on lol

and my bpc class apparently is going to have a fuckton of homework and like none of it is doable from my chromebook so I can’t do that shit until I get home

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School is starting! If you have any tips about self care/destressing could you share? You don't necessarily have to share a lot (wouldn't mind though!)

yessss omg

1) DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Find something to get you motivated. My current motivation is the fact that I failed my AP test for World History which has gotten me to do all my homework on time, so now I’m able to balance having fun & school work. Buying a weekly planner also helps!
2) If you’re stressed, treat yourself. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I like to buy myself Taco Bell & Starbucks and take it home and watch How To Get Away with Murder and gush over how cute Jack Falahee is. Be kind to yourself, you should always work hard, but know how to take a break.
3) Let loose and go to school events Football season is coming up, so there’s no better way than to start your weekend by heading to the game with your friends and sitting in the bleachers, even if you’re not that into sports.
4) Journal. This is my favorite thing out of all of the things I’ve listed because it’s such a stress reliever. Just write about all the things that are going on in your life, complaints, worries, crushes, good things. And reading back on old entries is literally so indescribable. Definitely do this one above all others if you’re looking to destress. Good luck, and I wish you all a successful school year! Love always.

I am very overwhelmed right now. Talked about trauma during my session today and ahit. Dr. S has added PTSD to my diagnosis, since it hasn’t been a formal diagnosis, but based on my current symptoms he thinks it’s a more complete diagnosis then BPD was by itself. This doesn’t really change much other than he wants to start exploring my trauma more which should be loads of fun. He gave me a meditation homework for the weekend and I’m judging it so hard. He told me to try and put away my judgement, although he knows I hate meditation, and just try to experience it. Anyway I’m heading to the pride center right now which should hopefully be fun. How’s everyone doing? #atypicalanorexia #gastroparesis #recovery #spoonie #chronicillness #ptsd? #trauma #therapy (at STATEN ISLAND UNIV HOSPITAL)

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School Holidays

The summer holidays. A time for people to finally relax after the constant work we have to do and the pressure we are put under to do things in a limited amount of time. A break from the busy school routine. A time for family fun. A time for homework…

Wait what?

Yes, you read that right, homework. First, as all of my rants go, lets begin with some explaining. I broke up for the summer holidays three maybe four weeks ago and so far i haven’t started any of my homework because i’ve had a lot on my mind recently and i don’t think i should be doing so. I may be going into year eleven, and i understand you have to keep your brain busy over the holidays so you don’t forget anything but i think setting a teenager (and everyone knows from society and shit now that teenagers right now are kind of a fucked up generation) SIXTEEN short english essays, an at least twelve page child development essay and two entire solo dance pieces to complete along with general revision is absolutely stupid. Yes i’m doing the whole cliche ‘holidays should be a time to relax’ thing, but honestly people need to start taking that phrase more seriously. Some teenagers nowadays will just spend their entire school year partying and literally not giving a fuck about their school work anything whatsoever. I like to think that i do actually try in school, granted i mess around a little and i’m not a straight A student who is loved by every teacher and always hands in homework on time, but generally i’m averagely behaved and not to brag at all but i’m in all top or second sets at school, so i like to think i’m at least mediocre. Outside of school, as you can tell from my tumblr, my mind and life situation isn’t the best, yet i still put in like 75% effort in school and i try as hard as i can to stay happy. I don’t think holidays should only be for people to sit around in their fancy abroad destinations and to snapchat their tanned legs next to the pool in the hotel that cost them shit loads of money with a temperature on the screen. I don’t think holidays should just be for people to have to be doing something summery every single minute of the six weeks we have away from school. As much as i would love to be on a holiday, or next to a pool, or laughing and joking with my friends, i and probably many other people just accept that they have to sit inside a boiling hot room with music on while they sweat their perhaps not existent balls off writing about the tension created in ‘The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde’. I literally think holidays should be simply FOR A BREAK. I don’t know about you but i need a break from everything. I spend a lot of time blasting out Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway whilst i sit in my windowsill just watching cars pass by, and as sad as it sounds, it really helps to let my stress out and to help me think about anything and everything that’s on my mind. I don’t want to be doing homework when i should be literally having a break and getting rid of all the stress i have.