00fabolous  asked:

What about a cuddling scenario/headcanons for you and Mirio??? We need more of Miryena ship💫

is this gonna be a thing????? can it be a thing???? not to be cringy or anything but……I love this type of stuff sm & Mirio is so good…..I’m too lazy to write a scenario so I’ll give some cute headcanons…..❤️💞❤️💞❤️

  • Okay so I’m like pretty tall?? I’m literally only 4 inches shorter than Mirio so we are literally the perfect height for everything there’s no awkwardness
  • Also we can fluctuate between big and small spoon easily 💕 since we are so similar in height.
  • I am the BEST at sharing covers so we will never fight over them. However he prolly hogs sometimes SMH.
  • I’d lie on top of him and just nap because I’m gonna use him as a personal sleeping mat 😎
  • My hands are always warm to if he’s ever cold…..bAM MY HANDS WILL BE THERE TO WARM WHATEVER IT IS UP
  • okay so basically I’m gonna use the time to just tell him abt my day….like I legit have a lot of interesting things to say so we’d be laughing for a lil while lmao
  • I just think cuddling w this boy would be like ??? The best thing ever……….it’d be so nice and soft…….☺️☺️☺️ JUST THE THOUGHT OF IT IS SO CUTE I NEED TO WRITE SOME REAL HCS FOR THIS BOY