i see you looking at me baby


Me and Daddy watching TV

Me *sees something I don’t like*

Me: Dada that’s scary!

Daddy: Scary for you baby?

Daddy *pulls me closer*

Daddy *covers my eyes with his hand*

Daddy: Better now?

Me: Mhhmmm!

Daddy: Just a moment sweetheart

Daddy *changes the channel*

Daddy: Look! It’s gone now!

Me: Thank chu!

Daddy *kisses my forehead*

rainy night on balmy skin

okay so…..this is actual shit! but yeah. I have an account where I write about H*rry S*yles and I’m so in routine with that, that writing this was strange and a whole new territory for me. So I began writing smut and then I felt weird! tea! but I will work on it, this piece ends literally in the middle of it…tragic. So here’s a little something anyways..I’d love it if you’d send requests or let me know if you want to see more(:

Also I picture this as Ben playing Roger but like live ur life and picture it how u want baby I ain’t stopping ya


His hand always found the radiating warmth under her clothes, his calloused and bitter hand making her shiver before she takes a deep breath and settles against his palm. He looks at her like he’s got a ravenous appetite and she’s his last meal, focusing on her features and the way her body reacts to his gentle assault. Hot and cold, warm. The smell of her shampoo reminded him of a warm bath he caught her in once, the smell so strong it gives him a raging migraine yet, he’d rather go blind than not inhale it again.

He’d leave permanent lines looking at her the way he is right about now, his eyebrows furrowed.

“You’re freezing.” She points out, eyes still closed and clearly half asleep. “You’re warm.” He says as if to argue, implying she’s warming him up. She laughs one of those laughs that comes out of your nose, “They say no two people are the same.” She responds and he pulls her closer by jerking her body, a witty response through body language and that laugh he loves returns.

“You’re definitely a menace.”

“That’s rich coming from you.” She wraps her feet around his, her warm socks against his freezing toes bringing a tingly feeling to his skin, like it’s thawing out. He’s trying to refrain his shivering, not wanting her to worry after twenty minutes of arguing that he doesn’t need a scorching hot shower.

“Are you going to tell me why you stood out in the rain?” The energy shifts, bringing back up the big event of the night. He’d shown up on her front door step in the freezing cold rain, a few degrees lower and it would be snowing. He’d been out there for a while, only apologizing and kissing her as if it was the last time. Which sounds cliche, very cliche. But to her it was just eerie, he never acted this way. The confident, witty, annoying man was drained of color and most emotions.

“Rain never hurt anybody.”

“Unless it’s fifty degrees and almost freezing over, Roger.” He doesn’t have to look at her to know she’s scolding him. He opens his mouth, as if to speak, but only closes it and holds in a sigh.

“I just felt like walking, why can’t that be good enough?” He doesn’t say it in a condescending or irritable way, in fact his words didn’t have much behind them at all.

“When have you ever walked anywhere by choice?” Sarcasm laces her tongue.


To this she clicks her tongue, “Smart ass.”

The air from his laugh hits her ear and she smiles, she missed that laugh- not like she hasn’t heard it in ages, but it feels like it’s been a while.

“I’m okay, that’s what’s important.”

“I’ll let it go, tonight.”

“At least there’s tonight.” He exclaims.

She faces his way now, blonde hairs falling against his forehead and damp curls on her silk pillowcase. “How’s the new album coming along?” She travels the subject to its next stop.

“Strange, nobody has been arguing.”

“The world must be ending.” She cocks a brow.

“At least you’ll die next to an international rock star.”

“That’s funny, I don’t see David Bowie around.”

He titters before pressing his hand harder against her as softly as he can.

“So you gonna go on tour with me? Let me take advantage of you after you take your shirt off as I perform in front of millions?”

“That’s a far fetched dream.”

“Worth a shot.” For a while after this, silence fills the hole of silence that’s almost deafening is filled. She’d thought maybe he’d fallen asleep, the warmth being brought back to his flesh and soft breathing rolling off his tongue. But to her pleasure his surprisingly soft lips began syncing with hers in a vast pace. It only fell deeper and deeper, his gentle- aggressive hold on her tightening as he brings her on top of him.

“You’ll get sick.” She says through open mouth kisses, he’s still warming up and if he undressed now he’ll be cold again.

“I have you to warm me up.” She feels his smile against her swollen lips before rolling her eyes at his attempt at wittiness at such an awful time.

His fingertips peel her clothes off and he can feel the goosebumps rising under her skin due to the sudden rush of cool air. He moves his hands up and down her back in an attempt to warm her up, his mouth not leaving hers.

“We can’t.” She stops them, eyes squeezed shut in frustration and in avoidance- not wanting to see the expression on his face.

“We’re taking a shower, this is driving me insane.”

“Always so demanding.”

anonymous asked:

I love that everyone focuses on Federico being to old. I haven’t seen anyone say anything about Rocco who is 25 or Giancarlo who is 27. I read that Rocco has some gray hairs already like Fede looks like a baby compared to them. And look I’m 27 too it’s a weird time you’re starting to look old but sometimes you pass as not teens but early 20’s. Fandom stop make 20-somethings feel old! We are stressed already about it! 😩😩

tbh I didn’t feel casting 25/27 year olds for some of the male roles was a good idea but they’re secondary characters and pass as being in their early 20′s, but both of the mains are kids born in 1997, 21 year olds playing teens is not a tragedy, and Federico has a baby face that for me makes it super normal to see him as a teen (idk but kids in highschool in Italy look like that.. not a tragedy tbh)

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Could we see what happened when uraraka, midoriya, and kirishima all went into labor? Like was it just a normal day at home, or was it more dramatic, like in the middle of a villain fight, or during a storm or something, you know what I mean, lol. I only bring it up bc when baku kisses Kiri on the head after their son is born, it looked to me as tho baku had just gotten there, like he was held up in a fight beforehand and didn't make it before the baby was already born, or moments before.

nah baku was there, so was todo for deku, the only one who fucked up so far has been iida just cause it’s funny//shot

sorry to disappoint but i feel uncomfortable with, birthing, in general, sorry

on that note fuckin like, imagine, kiri holding on to baku’s arms/hand for so long and hardens at point snd one of the nurse forces a thick ass glove on baku or something and kiri just screams so much at baku and he can’t really yell back and just accept it lol

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Scott comes into the room to see you and Link on the couch, you're giving her a bunch of kisses and look up to see him pouting "what's wrong bub?" you ask and he sighs "I'm pretty sure Link's gotten more kisses today than I have" he says sitting down. you giggle and climb in his lap "well let's get you caught up then baby" you whisper and start leaving wet kisses all over his face making him chuckle and kiss you back - ⛈️


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The smell of fresh coffee fills your nose. You open your eyes the sun comes through the curtains. It's a cold morning and you put on your sweat shirt. You dont see noah anywhere. Walking into the kitchen you get a cup of coffee. There's a window looking out in to your back yard and you see noah with all of the dogs outside while he reads and drinks his coffee. You go out side with a coffee in hand. He sees you open the door "hey sleepy head" in his baby voice. You go and sit on his lap cuddling

Anonymous: Continuing the last one. . . Cuddling in to his neck and as he reads his book you just rest your eyes. “What are your plans for today ?” You ask, “I’m off for the day; so you have me all to your self today ” he says looking at your reaction which is big bright eyes of excitement.

This is the cutest shit right here anon you got my feeling fuzzy 💕💕💕

Abandoned - Part 5

Summary: You’re back at the bunker, but can you and Dean find a way to safe your relationship?

MoC set in Season 12 (Bobby and Charlie are alive for my storyline)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff, fingering, smut, unprotected sex (don’t do this at home)

You put on your flannel and make your way to this room, you open door and see him sitting on his bed starring at his hands.

“Dean? Can you do me favour?” You ask.

“Yeah, sure, all you want.”

“Can you, make me feel good?”

“I… how?”

“Love me.”

“Baby, I love you.”

“Dean, I mean love me.”

“But… I…”

You move closer to him, he looks up at you and you kiss him softly.

“Love me, Dean.”

He nods and gets up, starting to unbutton your flannel, you bite your lip and moan when he starts kissing your neck. Dean slowly unclasps your bra and you let it slide down your shoulders, you hook two fingers in the fabric of your panties and slide them down. You smile and grab the hem of his shirt and he gets the hint and helps you removing his shirt.

“Are you sure?”

You nod and move your hands over his chest up to his neck to bring him down for a kiss. You press your breasts against his chest, desperate to feel him closer to you. Dean moves his arms around you, embracing you, just holding you tight against him and you nuzzle your nose into his neck.

You enjoy the feeling of his skin against yours, feeling him close, his warm body heating yours up.

“Dean, please.”

Dean moves his hand up and down your back and you mirror his action. Then he starts kissing your lips and you moan. He looks at you; searching your face but you smile and nod. He picks you up and carefully lies you down onto his pillow, then he’s stripping his clothes of.

Dean looks at you, unsure what to do and you spread your legs for him, biting your lip.

He slowly moves between your legs, lowering himself and then he starts licking a long stripe, circling his tongue over your swollen but and you try to push your hips toward his face but he holds you down with one strong hand and you moan at the feeling he gives you.

“Can I try to make you feel good? I swear I won’t hurt you, Baby.” Dean asks.

You smile at him and nod.

He starts sliding two fingers through your wet folds, gently pushing them in, curling to find your sweet spot. You writhe under his touch when he brushes over the right spot. He smiles and starts rubbing your clit with his thumb while curling his fingers deep inside of you.

When he starts rubbing your clit faster you come undone, tears start streaming down your face.

“Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you?” Dean asks concerned.

“What? No, Dean it felt so good, you felt so good. I’ve missed you, your touch, your voice, how you smell.” You whimper.

“Oh, I thought I hurt you.” Dean stammers, hovering over you to kiss your lips.

“No, you didn’t, but Dean I need more.”

Dean nods and wants to move his head back between your legs but you stop him.

“No, I mean I need you to… love me tonight… I want to forget what he did; I don’t want him to be the last man inside of me, please, love me Dean.”

“I… are you sure?”

You nod, smiling and Dean carefully moves between your legs, stroking his already hard cock before lining himself up and gently pushing into you.

He leans his head against you chest breathing in your scent while waiting for you to adjust to his size. You move you hands through his hair, pulling at it as you remember he likes it. You can hear a rumble in his chest and you know he tries to hold back for you, tries to be gentle.

“Dean, move, please.” You plea.

He starts thrusting in a slow and even pace, brushing his huge cock against your walls; you arch your back and moan at the feeling, the feeling of Dean inside of you, your Dean.

“Are you alright?” Dean asks, keeping his pace slow.

“Yes, Dean, so good.” You smile, moving your hands around his neck to bring him down for a kiss. He smiles against your lips and carefully moves your legs around his waist. You can feel him even deeper inside of you and you start meeting his thrusts and he growls at the feeling.

You move you arms around his back pressing your body against his to feel him even closer.

“Dean, harder, faster like we used to do it, please, so close, don’t hold back, Baby.” You whimper.

“I… are you sure?”

“Yes, Dean, please, I know you won’t hurt me, please.”

Dean starts moving faster thrusting harder, brushing over your g-spot. He can feel you start to writhe underneath him, your walls flutter and he starts rubbing your clit with short circles knowing you come undone soon.

The pressure in your belly gets stronger and stronger and you can’t stop the wave crushing over your body. You come screaming, trembling under Dean’s body, holding onto his back for dear life.

“Come for me Dean, need to feel it, need to feel I can make you come.” You moan and that’s it he can’t hold back any longer and he spills his cum into you.

“Baby, are you alright?” Dean asks concerned.

“More than okay Dean, you made me feel so good.” You say smiling.

Dean smiles and kisses your lips softly and then he gently pulls out of you.

He lies next to you silent, only enjoying being close to you again.

i don’t want to see anyone be sexy anymore. tired of it. bored. have sex or wahtevr i don’t care just stop being sexy … it’s been done to death.. at least like spill some juice on ur jeans or somethin so i can relate 2 u… make that face that is like “this baby carrot that i’m eating isn’t like sweet it is instead that weird boring carrot flavor” it looks like this :\ but with bigger cheeks because u are eating the carrot anyways because you don’t want to waste it. UGH . hello ? i am typing on my keyboard to you. can you hear me ? 

Kakashi Hatake

Originally posted by aniiimeeliiffe

  • Our next gut buster is Kakashi “I’ll steal yo bitch with your own moves” Hatake
  • Now he was my first Naruto daddy
  • While all you other hoes was chasing after Sasuke’s lonely ass I was thirsting after the copycat ninja.

Originally posted by thelazyslytherin

  • Now I just know Kakashi was on some freaky shit idc what ya’ll say
  • This nigga was always reading them damn porn books 
  • You really think he wasn’t trying any of that shit
  • I just know he’ll have me seeing the promise land.

Originally posted by prism17

  • Can we please talk about the best fucking fight of the fucking series.
  • Like bitch when I say this fight had everything in it 
  • Emotions, good hand to hand combat, different types of jutsus, and story/flashbacks
  • I could honestly say I was rooting for both of them 

Originally posted by sarapyon

  • Bitch when I say I was crunk asf when I finally saw his face
  • Like I already knew he was fine asf like it was noway possible that he could have been ugly
  • I am yet to see an ugly anime character with white hair
  • Now don’t quote me on that shit cause a bitch might be wrong.
  • But bitch I would gladly toss the pussy at him like a shuriken
  • Bitch look at that fucking buffet, I would gobble the dick without a care

Originally posted by narutoshippuden06

  • No matter how old Kakashi gets them hands never age 
  • He was serving niggas double his age when he was in the anbu
  • And the crazy thing about is he’s cool asf
  • Like he legit reminds me of that chill ass family friend that you’ll diffidently fuck if given the chance. 
  • It’s always the chill ones that knock you the fuck out with the quickness

Originally posted by sh1nob1

  • Do you see how fine he looks 
  • That’s how you look when you’re unproblematic 
  • My nigga aged like fucking wine
  • I would gladly be his fucking sugar baby with no complaint
  • And he wouldn’t even have to give me money, I just want the dick bitch
  • I could see myself now, getting my guts rearranged in the Hokage office 

Originally posted by prism17

  • Like omg I just can’t like he needs some stress relief in his life 
  • And I’m right here with open arms and legs
  • Shout out to New York

I don’t know who i want to do next so give ya girl some ideas

;snack thief (m)

Originally posted by ariescults

pairing— jeon jungkook x reader
genre/warnings— smut; oral (female receiving), some type of dry humping? (I googled and it seems to he called intercrural sex? basically jungkook fucks between ur thighs lmao), established relationship, fluffy and domesticated 🤧
words— 3,139

Jungkook steals your snacks while you’re away. Can he make it up to you? He’ll try his best…

a/n— just something small i originally started for his birthday! Was going to scrap it altogether because I was too busy to finish on time, but i thought it would be a shame, so here you go, take this mindless drabble 😭

Keep reading

I always wondered what would happen if a Black Man that disrespected Black Women got into Heaven

*Gets into Heaven on a technicality*

Black Guy: Wooow, this place is beautiful!!!

Black Guy: Oh my God there’s so many people here

Black Guy: *looks around* aye, aye! Aunt Veronica, Aye its me

Aunt Veronica: *Flying by*

Black Guy: Dam… maybe she didn’t hear me.. she was pretty high up..

Black Guy: *Walking around* this place really is beautiful

Black Guy: omg is that.. AYE, AYE! Uncle Lennard, AYE its me man!

Uncle Lennard: *sitting on a bench* aw hell, they done let this negro in

Black Guy: *walks up* aye uncle, man im so glad to see you here

Uncle Lennard: hey man… so they let you in huh..

Black Guy: Yea man, but to be honest i barely got in. Bruh at the gate said that thanks to my blood donation i saved a few hundred people so it kinda balanced out everything.

Uncle Lennard: well ain’t that bout a bitch

Black Guy: Huh?

Uncle Lennard: nothin.. its nothin nephew.. *stands up* good to see ya.. *walks off*

Black Guy: Dam what was that about??

Black Guy: *walking around* i wonder what was up with Unc just now..

-An All White with Gold Trim Cadillac pulls up next to him-

Black Guy: *looks up* OMG!!! UNCLE CRAIG!!

Uncle Craig: *looks over* aww hell naw, no they didn’t!

Black Guy: Uncle Craig its me. What up baby!

Uncle Craig: Yea i see you nigga, they just lettin anyone in now huh?

Black Guy: Whatchu mean?

Uncle Craig: Aye, All Lives Matter i guess huh

Black Guy: All lives matter…. *Thinks*

Black Guy: *flash backs to him tweeting all lives matter against black protest*

Black Guy: *makes a deep gasp*

Uncle Craig: uh huh, you done fucked up big time nephew

Black Guy: look that was back in the past. i aint-

Uncle Craig: and don’t think we ain’t see those post you made talking mess about dark skin women

Black Guy: But i…

Uncle Craig: ooo wait till yo great ancestors see yo ass *skirrrts off*

Black Guy:

As im writing this, i kinda figured this could be pretty good for a lil series. Like a story talking about the history and effects of racism and colorism. Like a black satire or like a old school spike lee joint 🤔

Something different

Idk, Lemme know what y'all think. i can make this just a regular storytime post, or into a big story with chapters and junk..

i’ll decide from the feedback 😬👍🏾


com. req. for @pragnificent on their lovely wip fic

Will is a single dad, whom Hannibal meets - skip to the purest fluff where Will Graham and his six year old son, Champ, share a sweet family photo moment with Hannibal <3

God….GOD…Viktor Nikiforov is such a sugar daddy and Yuuri Katsuki is the crabbiest sugar baby on the face of the planet.

“Yuuri let me p–” NO VIKTOR I WILL PAY FOR MY OWN 

He puts a catalog in Yuuri’s lap and says, “Anything catch your eye?” and Yuuri says, “That model needs to straighten his back” and then closes it.

He sees Yuuri looking at chocolates while they’re shopping one day and comes home a few days later with a dozen truffles from the MOST EXPENSIVE CONFECTIONER IN TOWN. 

“I’m on a diet,” says Yuuri, something dead behind his eyes. “It’s the diet you put me on.

It takes Viktor almost a year of marriage to figure out how to say “I physically need to spend money on you” without making it sound like a sex thing even tho it’s a sex thing it’s definitely a sex thing.


Simple as it looks, this was a super fun challenge to animate, and I’m so happy with how it turned out! I think it’s one of my favorite pieces I’ve created. I could watch these adorable beans for hours~ <3

This started out with me just wanting to draw them in a CLOAK hoodie and shirt, and…I guess I got inspired to take it further, haha. But CLOAK is pretty dang awesome! @markiplier, @therealjacksepticeye, I’m proud of you both, and I’m excited to see how your brand baby grows! :D


A/N: Hello I haven’t posted in ages and I have been working on a long one shot so…yeah. I wrote this blurb in thirty minutes so don’t judge me cause it sucks sksksksk. Anyways, sorry for any grammatical errors! Enjoy!

Warnings: Smut, Swearing

Originally posted by craftytheorist

She doesn’t remember how Harry and her had gotten into this position. His back pressed up against the headboard of the bed while she was situated in between Harry’s legs with her back against his front and his hand in between her open legs that were on top of Harry’s.

It might have been the time she didn’t want to waste any longer or the fact that he looked too damn good for someone who just came back from the gym— where he was presumably boxing which had made it hotter for Y/N.

The constant teasing between them was bound to end up in a sexual act, so here they were, the sounds of her wetness loud in the room and her needy moans from denying her of her orgasm.

Her eyes clamped shut, fingers grasping the sheets and head resting on the crook of Harry’s neck while he whispered obscene things into her ear. The mirror in front of them giving Harry the most pleasurable view.

The feeling of his long and slick fingers pumped into her with the occasional brush of his palm against her clit. The bubbling in her stomach lasting for what seems like forever, Harry had yet to allow her to climax.

“You’re so fucking wet,” Harry groaned into her ear, lips leaving spongy kisses on her neck and sweet spot that nearly made Y/N see white spots. “Can you hear how wet you are baby?” Thrusting his fingers at a fast pace to prove his point.

The roughness of it all made her thighs shake vigorously, she hadn’t felt this much pleasure in a long time. His free arm holding her against his torso as she was shaking of her prolonged orgasm.

Her thighs threatened to clamp shut as the thrusting of his fingers were now added with the pad of his thumb rubbing her clit. He threw her legs over his bent knees, opening her further and giving him more access to her most vulnerable part.

“Harry, baby please…fuck, let me cum!” She whined, having enough of the building pressure that had never seem to be released.

“Open your eyes and look at the mirror,” Harry’s husky voice giving her another reason to cum. “Look at it while I fuck you with my fingers.” The warmth of his breath fanning her neck, shivering at the feeling.

She had opened her eyes to see the erotic view, bronze and tattooed arm wrapped around her body while her heat was on display with Harry’s digits pumping rapidly in and out of her.

He slowed his pace down to tease her, the loudest whimper she had ever emitted came out of her mouth. “Please H, let me cum.” Grasping the hand between her legs and controlling his movements.

Harry’s mouth opened, he couldn’t believe that his girl was that needy to control his own fingers inside of her.

The squeal that left her mouth when Harry decided to play with her soft breast made him smile victoriously, he knew the ways to pleasure her after the months of him exploring her body.

A whine left Y/N’s mouth, her head slackening to rest against Harry’s cheek and her jaw wide open as Harry began to thrust his fingers faster than ever before.

Whines had turned into moans that filled the room with the filthy sounds of his fingers delving in and out of her. Harry had stopped his thrusting only to begin shaking his fingers in her, dirty words tumbling from his lips.

“Watch Y/N, I want you to watch and you can cum” She peered up at the mirror again, her whole body shaking from Harry’s harsh movements. The moment she laid eyes on their figures she had released.

Her orgasm so powerful she had nearly blacked out. Her eyes fluttering shut while the groans tumbled out of her mouth, back arching from his torso to only be held down by Harry, thighs quivering at the orgasm she was finally able to experience after the long torturous moments of being declined one.

He quickly took his fingers out to rub at her clit at a fast motion, Y/N’s body thrashing around in his arms as the pleasure was too much to bear. Her orgasm coming out in clear spurts, covering Harry’s arm that glistened under the light and the bed sheets.

Working her through her high, half-lidded eyes had become a sign that she was tired and was about ready to let sleep take over her body.

“Fuck baby, I’m spent,” She let out a small giggle and looked at Harry who had his head rested atop of hers.

“Have never made a girl squirt before.” He smiled at her, the indentations of his dimples prominent as the both of them looked at the sight in front of them.

Slapping his chest at his childishness, she had left their position to only have her knees buckle the moment she stepped foot on the ground. “You’ve completely wrecked me Styles.”


Making another contribution to the fandom by posting some doodles of my babies ;u;

Yes, they are inspired by the httyd3 trailer (the first one, I did not see the second)

Hope you guys enjoy~


Whoa! Would you look at that! Some actually art and color up in here!

I think this is my first fully rendered pieces, in like…forever. Wooo!

I’m a sucker for Pathfinder’s version of goblins having pupil-less red eyes, so I drew my favorite gal of the Mighty Nein with it :) And since the Crit Crew use to play Pathfinder, I thought it’d be fitting.

As for Nugget, I’m really into fey creatures being all sorts of odd colors, just brimming with wild magic and wonder, so hence purple coat. Matt did mention on Twitter his version of Blink Dogs are like Wild African dogs minus the dapple, but I couldn’t resist giving the pup some stripes! And some glowy baby blues <3

Anways, Please let me know what you folks think and how it looks, I haven’t colored anything in a while and worried my art might be to bright and saturated, and not look like whats on my computer. Any feedback is appreciated :D

Happy Rolling, fellow Critters! See you next Thursday ~

Hello 👋 and welcome 🙏 😄to the show💃🏼🕺🏻. I 👻want to take 👈🏻💥 a moment ⏰ to formally 🕴🏻🕴🏻 introduce 🤝you 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️to someone 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️⁉️ . He’s known 🤔 💭 for his dope 🤹‍♂️ beats 🎺🥁 and the freshest 🥬🥦 bedsheets 🛌 . He appears 👁 💨 offline 💻 🖼📻 but he sees 👀 👀 your tweets 🐦 📲. We 🏟👯‍♀️👯‍♂️are all his dad🧔🗿. Don’t mess 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️🤼‍♀️with our son 👨‍👦! Look out 🔭 ‼️📸baby 👶🏼 🍼 ! it’s Joshua Dun 👽 🥁


Stan. whAT. THE FUC-