i see y'all

when everyone in the friend group gradually got interested in completely different things but y'all still tight as hell

Let's get real for a second

Being a single mom is hard. Like really hard.

Everything is on me, from things as small as cooking dinner to things as big as potty training. Every single day, every single minute I hear the constant whines, cries, laughter, and “mommy’s” I don’t know what silence is. I don’t know what it means to sit down and watch a 30 minute TV episode.

My house often goes unclean. Sometimes we eat Easy Mac for dinner. I usually go 3 days between showers.

New clothes, the cost of daycare, anything from Tylenol to toys to diapers is all paid for by me.

And the kicker? Society looks at single moms like WE’RE the ones that failed, that we couldn’t keep our legs closed, or we did something to make our man run away. But what society doesn’t see is the millions of articles I read to be a better mom, the time I’m taking off work so I can be at my son’s school party, or that I’m stretching myself thin to give my son everything he wants.

Single moms are by far the strongest beings on this entire planet and I think we deserve a little more recognition than we receive.


I just love it when my ships stare out at a glowy light together set against a landscape shot from behind… 👀 📝

all y’all hating on quill better square up

first of all, the love of his life had been murdered.  i notice y’all will defend tony to the death about him attacking, and nearly killing bucky (who wasn’t even responsible) when finding out about his parents, but when quill finds out about the woman he loves being murdered by her abusive father (who tries to justify it), suddenly he’s the bad guy?  k.

he lashed out in grief.  just like tony (who was justified in his anger), just like anyone else would have.  and yeah, he took time to gloat but thanos was built up as an indestructible monster, and he had kidnapped his girlfriend.  i think a snide comment or two is allowed, y’know?

lastly, it was a part of strange’s plan.  he knew, he said ‘this is the only way’ when he was turning to ash, he knew how this would play out.  this was the only future where they succeeded, but first they had to fail, quill had to lash out (thus strange didn’t try to stop him).

so all y’all hating on quill should take a moment and think; what would you have done?  if you had already lost everything (your mother, your father figure), your biological father had turned out to be a monster and now, the one thing you had left, the one constant for four years, a person you loved deeply, was murdered?

i’m pretty sure you wouldn’t just sit there.

As a fun behind the scenes thing, I thought it’d be nice to also share the initial quick slap-down plans for those mers. The scribs that came before the finals. The ‘thumbnail’ first passes.

I hadn’t known yet what to do with things like Shiro’s arm - keep or ditch - but decided not to care at the time because it just hadn’t been the focus. The whole goal was just, nailing colours and shapes and exploring pattern potentials. You can see all sorts of small differences between firsts and finals, but they stayed pretty close to concept.

If you tend to get prematurely stuck into detail or spend way too much time just planning/figuring things out, silhouette passes are a godsend. Keeps you quick and builds up fast, so long as you keep reminding yourself cleanliness isn’t priority :U

By silhouette passes, I mean a process like this:

Scratch down a rough, filled in silhouette first, forget typical sketching. The brain seems to have a far easier time digesting silhouette proportion rather than many many lines of it (and bonus gives you strong clear composition!) 

Then build colours up in a way that lets the initial silhouette scribble do the line work for you. And just, go wild. Get that mental vision down as fast as you can. You can tidy up irritations with plain white scribbling on a layer above everything at the end, but again, needn’t get too fussy.

It’s great for hashing out thumbnail designs before sinking in the hours of work for those clean crisp finals.