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This is a hot take on this, but Imma say it anyway. 

Stigma isn’t always intentional cruelty or malicious words. Sometimes it’s:

  • Being treated like a helpless child all the time
  • Hearing The Caring Neurotypical Voice™ when people talk to you
  • “Oh you can do that?” in regards to being able to do normal things everyone else can do. 
  • Not being given the freedom to do what you want out of concern
  • “(Name) is… different
  • Everyone acts so scared to name the disorder like it’s a summon for the devil
  • Say it. Say autistic. Say schizophrenic. Say bipolar. Say the disorder we have. Say it.
  • Struggling to keep your head above the water but keeping it in because you’d rather face the suffering alone than have everyone walk on eggshells around you
  • “I have X disorder, I can’t do this activity right now” “Oh but honey, you shouldn’t put yourself in a box. just think you’re not and it might help you recover. give it a try.”
  • “I am not broken, let me do it” “Honey, I know it’s sometimes hard to accept but you have X disorder and shouldn’t push yourself. sit this one out.”
  • Not being given the chance to prove that you can take care of yourself or do things the others can
  • “Oh have you met that boy/girl from (grade/ place)? He’s also [X Disorder].”
  • it might “not be good for someone like you”
  • Having someone tell your story for you. Not being given a voice or having it shushed by people who are neurotypical. 
  • People looking at you like you’re shattered glass, their eyes filled with pity and sympathy as if you’re a living tragedy, as if you are this thing that they wish they could fix.
  • They do not ask you if you want to be fixed. They do not consider that this is your life, and although occasionally troubled, this is yours and it’s the only life you’ve had. 
  • They cannot fathom you ever being happy with your life, but you are. Perhaps not always, but you’ve learned to be content with your life.
  • Sometimes they push you. But sometimes they also hold you back.
john watson’s life: a summary

John: *wistfully wishing for a happy life*

life: *gives him sherlock*


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life: *takes sherlock away*


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life: *gives mary instead*

john: :/    :\      ok i guess…

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john: *in a stable domestic relationship with mary* :-)

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life: *gives back sherlock*

john: *looks at mary* *looks at sherlock* *is conflicted* :|

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life: *mary and sherlock gets along and both exist in john’s life*

john: this is good compromise :-) 

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life: *mary shoots sherlock*

john: wtf :///

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life: *sherlock is sent to excile*


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life: *excile canceled*


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life: *mary gets shot to protect sherlock*

john: oh ffs @life all i want is a peaceful life….

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life: *gives rosie and co-parenting with sherlock*

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john: finally…

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i just wanna say ok….our sherlock (the only sherlock im every talking about ever really) pretends to be above things but its so Clearly a self defense mechanism- he like! emotes ! immediately! he jumps up and down and is happy and hes frustrated, he comforts people in distress, he has emotions, big emotions from the start

Not to be annoying or anything, but where are the movies or tv shows with explicitly asexual characters??

I’d like them to own their asexuality and are not afraid to outright reject people who think they can “change” their asexuality by “falling in love”

I want an unapologetic asexual character who takes no shit and doesn’t hesitate to dump their s.o. when said s.o. insists on sex or they’ll break up. I want an asexual character who is out and vocal about their asexuality and isn’t afraid to point out how moronic this sex obsessed society is