i redid it :))))))

mercy changes like a year ago: we found that mercy players tend to be forced to sacrifice themselves in order to use their ultimate ability, which resses 1 to 5 players, so we made her invulnerable for a few seconds after using it :-) love you guys xoxo

mercy changes now: if you attempt to use mercys 1 person, 30-second cooldown, interruptable, channeled resurrection ability jeff kaplan will break into your home and kill you on the spot


this episode hit too close to home you know; rose sounded a lot like how people were during my Bad Times and this is me, trying not to project myself in what i would have liked to argue back if i was brave enough


Witchsona commission for @frisktastic

Violet / Crystals / Dreams witch


@yabakuboi​ and @ktdkvalentines​ please forgive me for the late gift!! i tried my best at doing something Ghibli-themed… you can read the notes on the plot in the picture captions or you can imagine your own version of it - it’s almost definitely going to be better