i recognized it instantly

so um. this is bj’s terrible shirt. like this is the same shirt. this is the same shirt bj wears like five seasons from now (this is 1x24). did they just like…….keep this terrible shirt around? did this shirt belong to someone? 

like it’s literally the same exact shirt:

Guest 13: Rashomon

@canisnxcto /with Kurtis

It wasn’t that uncommon for a stranger to accidentally wander into the Hostel. People did so very often without realizing it, some stuck around while others left in a panic, unable to mentally adjust to the idea of a pocket dimension even existing. 

Even so Kurtis was always polite and never pressured anyone to stay or leave. It’s not like he ever really encountered anyone that presented a threat. Course there were some and he’d always know the moment they entered. The air just felt like it changed, almost a sickeningly sweet feeling overwhelming his senses. So much raw energy. 

Had to be a demon. 

So rather than giving the stranger time to wander around and explore un supervised Kurt got to his feet trailing after the strong source finding it almost suffocating to stand near. It’d pass but as for now it was more than he wanted to even say he liked. 

“Greeting stranger, Welcome to the Anon Army Hostel.. I’m Kurtis the care taker here…. we don’t usually get demon’s around here so I’m sorry if you find yourself experiencing discomfort. By default the hostel is designed to diminish your energy output, its to secure the safety of all the guests. So if you’re feeling weaker than usual that’d be why. It stops the moment you leave and you’ll return to normal then..” 

Kurtis watched the demon a bit warily at first. Many demons just sought out trouble so he wasn’t entirely unprepared to deal with it. “The Hostel here is a free home for any travelers that might need it. The kitchen is open 24/7 and should you require private accommodations to sleep that can be arranged. Is there anything particular you’d like to ask or know?”