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a small corvosider fluff ficlet because I’m having a bad day and want to wallow in their affections

It’s an odd feeling, having his hand held by the Outsider. His thumb traces the place where the mark used to reside, black ink against tan skin. It’s gone now and Corvo feels like the hand is no longer his own, can’t recognize it without the familiar symbol which offers protection and illusion of safety. At the very least he misses the surge of power that runs through his body like a pulse when he clenches his fist. He misses the thrill of chase in the night as he jumps across the roofs.

He wouldn’t ask for it. Wouldn’t come outwardly to the Outsider, begging for the return of his power because if necessary, he can manage without it. And something in his heart, an inkling, tells him he doesn’t have to ask.

“You need to learn to think quieter, my dear Corvo,” the Outsider says, caressing his hand. “But yes, you need not ask. It is agreed, then.”

His palm hovers over Corvo’s skin, blackness of the Void engulfing his fingers for a second when the image of the mark re-inks itself on his flesh, burning bright and golden in the odd blue light of the expanse. The Outsider’s hand moves to slip from his hold but Corvo doesn’t let him go, instead gripping on him gently. Fingers cross and intertwine with the Outsider’s.

“Interesting,” he states curiously, looking down at his pale fingers and Corvo’s thick tan ones. “I admit I have entertained an idea of this, whatever it may be. I did wonder what it feels like, holding your hand, but never have I thought you would indulge my curiosity. And Corvo, I am curious. Where does it take us then?”

Corvo shakes his head a little with a smile. The Outsider is at times incomprehensible beyond imaginable, but Corvo likes it. He would listen to his monologues with as much pleasure as merely holding his hand.

But he wants to try more, dare more.

His arm slides possessively over the Outsider who seems somehow smaller in his hold, narrow shoulders and fragile frame in Corvo’s embrace. The deity presses nose to his chest and he can’t help but smile, protectiveness washing over him.

He kisses his forehead. It’s cool to the touch, bloodless skin so pale and smooth. He kisses him again and his temple and sharp cheekbones and the hollows of his cheeks, the corner of his mouth which moves to talk. Corvo prevents the speech this time, pressing on the Outsider’s lips and smiling stupidly, as if he is sixteen and young again, stealing his first kiss off the gentle lips.

The Outsider is lost against him. At first the deity barely moves, allows his lips to be captured and worries, but then it becomes a game and he responds. Softly and gently, trying the waters until he knows he has a solid footing - and lets go. His hand clenches strong on Corvo’s as he kisses him back. It’s awkward a little and Corvo tries to lead him down a rhythm and tilt of their heads. And when they catch the pace, it’s perfect.

Corvo sways and pulls the Outsider’s body close to him and indulges in a tight desperate embrace as their lips move against each other.

In the years they’ve spent sharing company, the Outsider has opened up secrets and reveals stories to Corvo, be it a tale of the emperors or stories of simple men. All of them held value for the future of the Empire, small things that would one day lead to the Golden Age under Emily the Wise.

Corvo wondered what he could teach the Outsider in return. He had no new stories to tell and was only efficient in the knowledge of the present. But now as he presses the deity to himself in a most possessive manner, it might just be the lesson. He wants to show the way two people can express affection with or without physical involvement. He wants to give the Outsider the life of a human being he has been deprived of. It’s a long way up or down and Corvo wouldn’t mind taking it alongside the black-eyed deity.

“I don’t mind either, Corvo,” the god mutters against his lips, pulling away for a mere moment before sighing into the man’s mouth again, letting his tongue slip through the wet swollen kissed lips.

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how about a fantasy au where king!bakugou falls in love with a servant in his castle/kingdom?

Mmmmmm the fantasy AU is so good! And I’ll keep this gender neutral since you didn’t specify.

Originally posted by osakaxkobe

Despite the large expansive castle being constantly filled with bustling servants and guests, it always felt slightly empty for Bakugou, many rooms on many floors dusty with little use. King Bakugou wasn’t exactly a stickler for making sure every corner was scrubbed clean; why waste the time when there were more rooms than he could ever use?

Today he sat on the throne, the familiar look of annoyance etched into his handsome features as he waited to be called for lunch, fingers drumming on the delicately carved wood. 

He clicked his tongue impatiently. “Tch, fools better hurry it up I’m hungry as hell.” As if on cue, you appeared from a side entrance and stopped before the King, bowing low before speaking.

“Your Highness, lunch is prepared and ready for you.”

With a grunt he kicked himself up from the over-sized chair before descending the short staircase down to the main floor level. “Well get a move on then!” He bit out before you straightened up and led him towards a set of doors.

You were never sure why, but you were the only allowed to give him announcements and lead him to wherever he needed to go within the large castle.

To be honest Bakugou wasn’t sure why himself. Everyone was so stuck up, so prim and proper, so frightened of him that they just felt like annoying pebbles in his way, staying for the promise of fair pay and a place to sleep…but you were different. His brash attitude and gravely voice didn’t scare you off - he could see it behind your eyes, taking it almost as a challenge. You didn’t try to correct his more barbaric behavior or rude actions. He was who he was and that was that.

You stood by as he ate, tearing meat off bones and shoving bread into his mouth before washing it down with a goblet of bitter red wine. He rarely spoke when he ate, and he always ate alone, so it seemed like a privilege that you were allowed to stand by, even if it was just as an assistant. 

As the months rolled passed, various suitors appeared at his door to try for his hand in marriage. Of course, no one really wanted to wed him - it was strictly a power play for his property, power, and expansive reach over his kingdom. And he knew it, which was why he rudely dismissed every single one that showed up, tossing aside their gifts of gold and jewels like rubbish. 

“Get out of my sight!” Bakugou growled to yet another potential suitor, this one traveling weeks just to reach him and present him with a chest of jewels. “I don’t care about this shit, the hell do I need more gold for?!” 

“You heard our King, remove yourselves at once!” you ordered, several guards coming in and escorting the fuming suitor and their entourage out of the castle. You weren’t sure why, but every time someone came to ask for Bakugou’s hand in marriage, it made your stomach curl into knots. 

“Tch, absolute garbage, every single one…” Bakugou scoffed as he walked down from the throne, beautiful cape billowing behind him clashing with the agitated scowl on his face. As he passed you he snapped his fingers, signaling for you to follow. You did. 

He walked silently down multiple hallways, several guards and servants bowing as he walked by until he made it to his massive bedroom. You stepped in behind him before he slammed the door shut and made his way to the large window overlooking his kingdom, arms crossed and shoulders tense. You waited for him to speak. 

“Tell me, (y/n). Why do they insist on continuing this game? They think I’m just gonna marry whoever presents to me the most jewels, or the most attractive of them, or the one with the most land? Pointless…they don’t know me at all so why do they bother…”

You chose your words carefully before speaking. “To be honest, my King, they envy you I assume. They want what you have: power, glory, the resolve to conquer anyone and everyone in your path…but they don’t want you, for they do not know you…they only know what they hear through fireside chatter and rumors. They are fools.”

For a while Bakugou did not move from his spot, stoic as dust particles danced in the light beams streaming in from the large window…until he turned to meet your gaze, red eyes staring right through you. 

“And what of you, huh? Why do you stick around despite knowing how I really am? Do you stay for a warm bed and shelter? For intimate knowledge of my kingdom’s workings?”

“I stay…” you hesitated, eyes steady against his red pupils. “Because how you think you are, how others think you are, is not how you really are. You call yourself cruel, and maybe the things you did to reach your current position weren’t exactly noble…but you are not bad. Not at all. You are my King, and I am loyal to you because I see you as you truly are.”

Slowly Bakugou made his way across the bedroom, eyes never leaving yours, stopping just shy of stepping on your toes. “Is that so? And what do you see?” A hand came up to lightly brush invisible dirt off your shoulder. 

Though your nerves were firing rapidly, something stirred in your heart to urge you on. “I see someone who is brutally honest, and strong, not just of body but of spirit and mind. Someone who knows what he wants and will fight for it at all costs.”

“And what…do you think I want?” His words were slow and heavy on his tongue as if dripping through a pool of syrup. Your hands folded behind your back fidgeted, glad he could not see your sweaty palms. 

“I-I cannot say, my King. Only you know that.” Ruby eyes smoldering like a pit of fire almost swallowed you whole as he leaned forward, breath hot against your ear. 

“I turn the idiots away, every single one…because they are not you.” 

No gold in all the kingdoms could equate to the worth of your King’s affections. You had nothing to give him but honesty and trust, and he accepted both greedily and without regret. 


I really like writing this

fantasy au has…so much good potential

Imagine Damian breaks up with you before you could tell him you are pregnant.

I walked into the living room with the sonogram in my hands, when I see Damian I can’t help the light flutter in my stomach and smile softly when I see him.

“Damian I have something I need to tell you.”

Damian looked up at me and slowly stood from the couch. “I have something I need to tell you as well Y/N…. I’m breaking up with you.”

I freeze and feel my stomach drop “What?” I whisper and slowly step closer.

“This isn’t working out, it was fun but now it’s gotten boring and i’m tired of you.” He moved away from me a look of disinterest on his face.

“Damian what are you talking about!?! We’ve been dating for two years now!” I can feel the anger rushing through me as he moves towards the door.

“I’ll be by at the end of the week to get my stuff.” He says as he opens our apartment door.

I feel panic rush through me as I see him leaving. “No wait Damian please!.”

He leaves closing the door as I run towards him, I bang my fist against the door and sink to the floor, my eyes fill up with tears and gently run down my cheeks, I let out a sob “I’m pregnant” I whisper quietly as the sonogram gently falls to the floor.

At the end of the week Damian and his brothers came to the apartment and started packing his stuff up. Dick kept shooting me sympathetic looks and I avoided eye contact with him, gazing at the floor while leaning against the wall holding a cup of tea, the cup hot to the touch, but I never noticed. I didn’t want Dick’s pity, I wanted them all gone before I broke down. As they left Damian didn’t look back, not once. When they were gone I felt a surge of anger and threw my cup at the door, as it shattered I sat on the couch and covered my face finally letting the tears fall. I stayed like that for a few hours before moving to the bedroom, but as I entered the bedroom my senses were invaded with the scent of Damian, I could feel fresh tears building in my eyes so I left and went to the couch where I lied down and held myself till I fell asleep.

Two Months Later

I was walking down the sidewalk heading home from work, I gently run my hand over my stomach which is slightly rounded now. I let out a sigh and pick up the pace a bit, it’s been a long day and I just want to get home. Just as I pass an alley way I feel myself get tugged into the alley by a tight grip on my arm, I flinch and cry out when my back is slammed against the alley wall. A foul smell invades my senses as the man holding me leans in closer.

“Shut up, don’t make a sound and hand over your money now!”

I tremble and feel panic begin to rise in me as I fumble to take my purse off to give to him. He smiles at me and I shiver in disgust and fear.

“You’re a pretty one aren’t ya?” He leans in towards me and I let out a cry and push against him.

“Please no! Help! Someone please!” I yell out in the hopes anyone will hear.

“I said shut up you bitch!” I cry out in pain when he backhands me hard knocking me to the ground.

I hear a grunt and a loud thud, when I look up Nightwing is standing in front of me and I can see the man that attacked me on the ground unconscious. I avoid eye contact with Dick as I slowly stand up. “Thank you” I whisper before hurrying to the exit of the alley.

“Y/N wait!” I hear Dick running to catch me before I leave.

“Please just leave me alone” he gently wraps his hand around my wrist to stop me.

“Please I just want to know if you’re alright.” He lifts my chin and I flinch from the pain in my cheek.

I sigh and tug my wrist from his hold. “I’m fine Dick really, just a bit bruised.”

Dick awkwardly shifts his weight from one foot to the other and clears his throat “How have you been Y/N?”

I bristle and angrily glare at him “That’s a stupid question to ask Dick! How the hell do you think I am?!? All over the Media I see my ex boyfriend with a new girl ever fucking week! He certainly takes after Bruce that’s for sure and I regret ever loving him and ever meeting him! But I could never regret getting pregnant. I could never regret my own child.” As I finish my rant I feel tears running down my cheeks. I look up at Dick and he has a shocked look on his face.

“You’re pregnant? With Damian’s kid?” Dick whispers out and steps closer to me.

I scoff “Who else’s could it be! He was the only person I was with… I haven’t been with anyone else since him.” I look down and gently rub my stomach avoiding eye contact with Dick.

“Why didn’t you tell him?”

“He broke up with me Dick…. said it was fun but he was tired of me, I wasn’t going to tell him so he’d be forced to stick around. I refused to put my kid though that and I couldn’t stand Damian hating me for forcing him to stay.” I rub my hands up and down my arms and continue gazing at the ground.

“No Y/N, you know he loves you! He left you to protect you. If a villain ever found out about his identity you’d be a target!” I look up at Dick and glare.

“I knew that from the start Dick! I knew that before we even got together…. I didn’t care! I loved him enough to risk it, but it’s over now.”


“No Dick… I don’t want him knowing, you have to promise not to tell anyone!”

“But he deserves to kno-”

“No he doesn’t! He left me! He doesn’t find out Dick, or i’ll disappear and none of you will ever see this baby!” I hold his stare “Please Dick.” I whisper desperately.

“Okay” He whispers. “But don’t think i’m not going to be checking up on you to see how you and the little one are doing… how far along are you anyway?” 

I smile softly “Three months now, I was going to tell Damian before he told me he was leaving me, I was a month along then.”

“Do you know the gender yet?” Dick asks.

“No I want it to be a surprise.” I let out a laugh and look up at Dick. “I’ve missed talking to you Dick, I don’t really have anyone else to talk to these days.”

I let out a surprised gasp as Dick gently wraps his arms around me. “I’m going to look out for the two of you, can’t let anything happen to my baby niece or nephew and their mom.”

I smile at his words and wrap my arms around Dick’s waist, feeling a bit happier then I’ve been the last couple of months.

So Busy

@sarcasmismyfirstlove - Hi! Could I request an imagine where Jason Todd and the reader have a bit of an argument because he hasn’t been paying any attention to her and she runs into her (ex boy) friend Bucky and Jason sees them and realizes his mistake? Just a lot of fluff!

This actually sounds like a lot of fun. I appreciate the request a lot to! I warn you though I’m not that good when it comes to writing Bucky. By not good I mean I suck. If you want it rewritten I’ll try again.

Requests are open! I’d appreciate getting some from you!

Originally posted by papi-chulo-bucky

You stood with your back to the wall staring at the door a deadly glare on your face. You considered bringing a swivel chair over and grabbing Moo your cat by you figured Jason would then take what you had to say as a joke.

You tapped your foot impatiently waiting for any sighn that somone was coming through the door. Suddenly you felt an arm on our shoulder and you jumped quickly and then started hitting whoever had gotten into your apartment.

You raise your hand to punch the intruder but it was caught by none other than your boyfriend Jason.

Instead of lowering your fist you tightened it and your glare got even crueler looking which really shouldn’t have been possible. You raised your knee in one swift movement hitting Jason were you knew it’d hurt the most.

Not expecting to be hit by you he fell to the ground for a moment and then jumped up still in hurting but used t all kinds of pain.

He sent you a confused and very annoyed look and you scoffed shaking your head and turning away.

“What the hells your problem Y/N? I can’t even come home without you being pissed at me now!” He yelled frustrated. You’d been acting so upset whenever he was around, which wasn’t often.

He had been busy with a lead on the Jokers where about sand had been obsessed with it for months. Due to this, he had seen you maybe a few hours each week.

You tried to understand you really did but he just…couldn’t go on like this. He was torturing himself. Not to mention if you wanted a man who obsessed over a case so badly he ignored everything around him you’d have might as well dated Bruce!

“Jason i don’t know how to explain this to you with out you being…an ass or well your usual self I guess.” You sighed and then countinued “So screw it I don’t care if I sound needy to you Jason I want more than seeing my boyfriend for maybe 24 hours added up from a month!” You said exasperatedly you had wanted to give Jason his time. Time to figure out everything to get settled but you just couldn’t suffer like this anymore.

Jason looked at you with a blank expression before turning his back to you swiftly and heading towards his room.

“I don’t have time for this shit Y/N I’ve barely slept I’m not in the mood to deal with your little insecurities.”

Your face contorted into a hurt expression. You’d always been insecure, about a lot but Jason had always been supportive of you. What you were worried about right now didn’t even have anything to do with your insecurities anyway.

”Jason your lack of sleep is one thing that’s wrong, you’ve been so focused on this case that you’ve not only spent little to no time with me but you’re neglecting yourself! Tell me when the last time you ate was Jason?!” you yelled you’d tried to keep your calm but he crossed the line and there was no coming back from it now.

He stopped and remained silent obviously not being able to recall when he’d last eaten.

”See Jason do you understand it now! I hate to say this Jason but… You need to drop this case. Give it to Bruce or Dick they’d be happy to-” Jason suddenly turned around a hateful glare on his face the sudden action stopped your words immediately.

You knew what was coming next. You’d hoped that it wouldn’t come to this.

”It’s absolutely none of your business what I do Y/N! This is the Joker we’re talking about!” he screamed at you tears gathered in your eyes and you shook your head.

”Jason, please just-” you started but Jason raised his hand up waving you off.

”Y/N, I have things to do here and if you can’t be supportive of what I want to do then…Get Out!” your eyes widened your fights had never gotten this bad before.

It’s true that the apartment was technically Jasons but her once told you it was your home too. You practically lived there, yet here he was kicking you out.

You opened your mouth to yell back. Mostly to tell him what a dipshit he was but he only turned away from you again and opened them slammed his bedroom door shut.

You placed your hands on your face, breathing heavily. When you’d finally contained yourself you grabbed your coat and left the apartment slamming the door behind you.

You marched down the corridor and out the front door of the apartment building.

You walked down the lonely streets of Gotham. Unsure of what to do you decide to do the one thing that would piss Jason off the most.

Go to a bar.

So you did, you went to The Orchard a very new and very popular bar on the, not so rich but not the slums, side of Gotham.

You walked in and directly sat down at the bar. You reached into your pocket finding your wallet. You were so glad you’d put it in your jacket pocket this morning.

You waved over the bartender and ordered (Y/F/D). You sat there for a while chugging down drink after drink.

Thankfully as soon as you felt a little buzz you stopped knowing for a fact getting drunk was not going to help you any.

You sighed running your hands through your hair. You stood up preparing to leave but as you did so you stumbled a bit right into someone’s chest. They grabbed you and laughed.

”You should probably watch where you’re going.” he said you nodded and stood up looking back at the man.

”Thank you-” you paused once your eyes met the man. Who was none other than your Ex-boyfriend Bucky.

You groaned internally. It wasn’t because you didn’t get along with Bucky. You did and would even go so far as to say the two of you had remained friends after the breakup.

It wasn’t a messy breakup, more a mutual agreement than anything. You just weren’t right for each other. The only reason you dreaded seeing bucky was that it was tonight of all nights.

”Y/N? Wow, its been a while.”

He gave you friendly smile but seeing the distressed look on your face it dropped slightly.

”Is everything alright? Where’s Jason?” he asked looking around slightly. Although you wished Jason was here he certainly wasn’t so you shook your head getting Buckys attention.

”We’re having some…trouble.”

He looked at you with an eyebrow raised but dropped the subject and turned towards the bar sitting down and waving over the bartender.

”Can I get two glasses of water?” he asked him the guy behind the bar nodded and went to grab them.

You sighed and then sat down beside Bucky. You knew Bucky wasn’t going to do anything. For all his flaws he was one of the most honest and trustworthy people you’d ever met.

You sat there for hours on end talking and laughing with Bucky about past memories and current events in his life. You had missed this, the way Bucky always made you laugh. He never made you sad not once during your relationship with him. Sometimes you wished Jason would take a page out of his book.

No matter what though you’d chosen Jason over Bucky a long time ago and you wouldn’t change him for anything.

Sure you wished he’d spend more time with you. None the less Jason Todd was not perfect but he was yours.



He’d spent awhile lying in bed contemplating your earlier argument. He hadn’t thought much of it but it was true he’d been neglecting you a lot recently. That didn’t matter to him however. He still believed that you were wrong. He needed to be on this case and hed have to tell you that, maybe he could get you to understand. He was doubtful but had an inkling of hope.

He sighed and sat up on his bed giving up on any idea of sleep. He stood and walked out of his apartment shutting and locking the door before making his way out.

He stood outside the building for a minute thinking of where you could have gone.

”If I were Y/N and I wanted to piss my boyfriend off where would I go.” he murmured quietly to himself. Then it it hit him.

A bar.

Yep, that’d definitely be where you’d go. He walked towards the newest bar in the area the one you’d been wanting to try for weeks, The Orchard.

When he finally reached the bar he ran his hands through his hair trying to come up with something to make you understand where he was coming from.

He walked in and searched when his eyes landed on you he smiled slightly and started towards you. As he did so, however, he saw the one person he certainly wasn’t expecting.

Bucky, he knew you’d stayed friends with him. Sure he was a little jealous but he trusted you and knew you’d never cheat but here you were talking to him laughing with him.

Jason glared at the two of you together obviously having a grand old time. His eyes darted to your hand as you touched Bucky’s arms slightly. As you did so Jason could feel Jealousy and Hurt running through his chest.

Most of all though he realized he was wrong. He shouldn’t have ignored you. He was a horrible boyfriend for doing that to you. He started to come up with scenarios of you running off with Bucky because HE paid attention to you, HE put you above all else when Jason wouldn’t Bucky always had put you first.

So why couldn’t he?

Jason made up his mind and walked up to you placing your hand gently on your back. You turned towards him surprise written on your face. You didn’t expect him to come find you. He was the one that just threw you out of your apartment you’d aren’t about to complain though.

He looked at you with such a sad expression his hand rubbing up and down your back in a soothing manner.

”Y/N I…” he started but not finishing. You understood immediately however and glance at Bucky. You smiled and stood grabbing Jason’s arms as you did so. You waved goodbye to Bucky and walked towards the door of the bar with Jason right beside you.

You held his arm to you the entire walk back to your apartment. At least what you assumed was your apartment again.

When you reached your door Jason pulled out his keys and quickly unlocked the door. Once you were safely inside your coats ticked away you turned to Jason.

”Look, Jay, about earlier I-” he grabbed you and pulled you to him in a loving embrace holding your head tightly to his heart. ”I’m sorry, baby. You don’t need to say anything..I understand what I did Y/N. It wasn’t right blowing you off like that. I’ve decided to…take a break from the case. I’m handing it all over to Bruce for now.”

You knew that was the best you’d get from him so you cracked a smile and looked up at him. Jason also had his flaws he was a lot like Bucky in many ways. One thing he had over Bucky, however, was that Jason was always so…passionate about anything and everything that caught his eye.

You were just lucky enough to be one of those things. Jason raised his hand and stroked your cheek. He then grabbed your hand and practically ran towards the bedroom.

He picked you up in his arms causing a small laugh to come from you. ”Jason what are yo-Oh!” you held as he suddenly threw you onto the bed you laughed loudly so full of joy you could burst.

Jason climbed on the bed next to you a smile on his face. He loved it when you laughed, to be honest when you did just about anything he was mesmerized.

He wrapped his arms tight around you and pulled you impossibly close. He raised your face slightly so you could stare into his eyes. He leaned down and rested his forehead against yours. His body was practically electric with the way you were making him feel.

He knew for a fact that he never wanted this moment to end. So he didn’t let it, for days he did nothing but feed you, cuddle you and read to you showering you with kisses and hugs almost every second.

You never wanted it to end.


I’m so tried and I’m (not so) suprised that I REALLY like this. That’s won’t stop me from trying again if you want me to but I’m definitely keeping this version up.

Full disclosure: I traced their positions from a reference photo. I didn’t originally intent to post this bc I was just playing around with colours and enjoying a new program I found after a shitty week from hell–hence the tracing to speed things up. But when I finished it I really liked the feeling it gave me to look at it, so I wanted to share. Plus this way I get a dated reference to look back on for improvement too :) Next time I’m going to try just drawing shapes over the reference photo and creating my own features and positions over the top, and I’ll see how it turns out.

part four 

[a repost of an old fic ~ i hope you enjoy!]

“You have to come. Seriously, it won’t be the same without you.”

Groaning at the words that left my friend’s mouth, I dropped my cell phone onto the bed next to me and promptly buried my face down into my pillow. I kicked my feet in annoyance against the foot of my mattress, the blankets underneath bunching up by my ankles. I didn’t want to go, really didn’t want to go. Actually, it was the last thing on earth that I wanted.

Picking my head up off the pillow with a sigh, I propped myself up on my elbows and brought my phone back to my ear. “Liv, I’m just not feeling up to it, okay?”

She clicked her tongue. “What’s going on with you?” she mentioned, a sharpness in her tone, “You’ve barely left your house in a week and Niall told me you haven’t been answering any of his calls either.”

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Can you write an headcanon in which Ermal is stressed and tired and Fabrizio gives him a massage?

I haven’t written metamoro things for a month so please bear with me as i try to get my rhythm back! Also it’s 6.40am when i posted this, i missed the emergency livestream 😅 

  • So Ermal’s been having back to back shows and interviews for the past month and he thinks he can handle it
  • He keeps telling himself he’ll be fine, he’ll make it through, this is for music and for his fans
  • But then on top of dealing with the packed schedule he now has trash rumours and lies about him, like how he doesn’t want the pope’s blessing, how he’s taking girls home after concerts, the whole thing about his father that seems to never go away no matter how he tries
  • Ermal is sick and tired and he just wants a break
  • He finally gets a few days but now he’s down with a flu, his wrist fuckin hurts like hell and his heart is also in pain because he hasn’t been able to see fabrizio for so long
  • And god, ermal misses fabrizio so so much
  • Basically life is treating ermal like shit and honestly he’s done
  • He calls fabri the night after he finishes the last show and tries to hide how much he’s hurting but fabrizio is a dad, he knows when someone’s hiding things
  • (“hey bizio, i missed you” “I miss you too, how’s it going?” “everything’s good, i just wanted to hear your voice” “….ermal you sound like you haven’t slept for 2 weeks” “it’s more of a week and a half… but really don’t worry—” “ermal wait for me i’m on my way”)
  • Ermal feels even worse now that fabrizio is coming over because he’s worried about him
  • He lays on the couch and stares at the ceiling, lazily scrolling through his phone
  • He dozes off and the next thing he knows is fabrizio letting himself into the house with his spare key, calling out his name
  • How the hell did he get here so fast anyway???
  • Ermal’s so happy, he can smell fabrizio’s perfume and hear fabrizio approaching him, and oh he wants to greet fabri properly but he’s just too fuckin tired
  • Every single muscle in his body aches and feels heavy, “a massage would be nice…”
  • He doesn’t even realise he’s said that out loud until he hears fabri chuckle and reply “i can help you with that”
  • Before he can protest, fabri is already pulling him up “let’s get you to the bed, it’ll feel much nicer when you’re completely relaxed”
  • It’s also where all the essential oils are and where they have sex sometimes but ermal’s too tired he can’t even get it up
  • So within a few minutes fabri’s got ermal lying face down on the bed, mostly naked, and if this is some other day things would have taken a different direction
  • Right now fabri’s ultimate mission is to give ermal the best massage in the world
  • He takes a bottle of lavender oil -ermal’s favourite- and carefully slathers ermal’s back with it
  • Ermal’s head shoots up in surprise when he feels the unexpected sensation, but he relaxes as fabri glides his fingers over the skin
  • Fabri starts gentle, just spreading the oil evenly and pressing light touches on the tight muscles
  • When he presses into the shoulders, where the knots accumulate, ermal gives a loud yelp
  • “I’m so sorry, did i hurt you?” “No, no, it’s okay, keep going…”
  • Fabri starts massaging carefully, taking his time
  • The refreshing scent of lavender from the oil, the rhythmic motions of his hands… all are gently helping ermal unwind
  • There’s a point in the middle of his back that’s especially tense, and Fabri contemplates pressing against that area but he knows it’s the only way to relieve ermal, especially since he’s going to be playing the guitar again soon
  • So fabri runs his fingers over it in a hard, long swipe, prompting ermal to let out an involuntary moan
  • It feels… good, so fucking good that he almost whines when  fabri suddenly stops moving. “Uhh, you okay, Ermal?”
  • Ermal can no longer resist the appeal, all he knows is he wants, needs, to feel that relief once more. “I don’t know what you just did but that was amazing. Do it again, please”
  • Delighted by the positive response, Fabrizio continues massaging over a small patch of Ermal’s back at a time, the slickness of the oil easing the movements of his hands across Ermal’s skin
  • Ermal melts into fabri’s touch, turning into putty under his fingers He’s letting out the cutest sounds in response to each of Fabri’s stroke, and as Fabri moves lower down his back, the sounds ermal makes grow in frequency in volume
  • Fabrizio isn’t so sure he can survive listening to these… sounds
  • “Umm, ermal?” “hmmm?” “You’re getting kind of loud” “oh…”
  • Ermal lifts his head from the bed and peers at fabri with glassy eyes, looking almost completely out of it
  • Then he gives a smile so endearing fabri’s heart flutters
  • He can’t help but lean down and plant a sweet kiss on ermal’s lips, running his hand through the messy curls
  • “you feeling any better, amore?” “yes, thank you bizio. You’re the best”
  • ermal sighs dreamily, now feeling like all the burden is lifted from his shoulders
  • How lucky is he to have such a thoughtful, caring lover?
  • Before fabrizio can leave the room to let ermal rest  he hears a weak voice calling out for him
  • “Bizio?” “Yes ermal?” “can we cuddle and just… talk a little?”
  • Fabrizio chuckles softly, filled with so much adoration for his boyfriend
  • He wastes no time, climbing in bed and pulling ermal into his warm embrace “i’m here, where do you wanna start?”
  • Ermal vents about the shit that’s been happening until at one point fabrizio only hears quiet breathing
  • “Ermal?” He looks down and sees ermal curled up in his arms, fast asleep
  • He kisses him on the forehead and whispers even though ermal can’t hear it
  • “if i could take away all the pain, i would in a heartbeat. I wish i could protect you more”

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20, 36, a, reader x bucky pleeeeaaaase and thanks love (:

20. “Touch me.” - “Beg for it.”

36. Person A hears Person B talking about them to a friend in a dirty way

“You wanna fuck Bucky, like our Bucky?” Nat pursed her lips. “Really?” She was being a sarcastic little shit.

“Oh, shut up.” You nudged her and she chuckled.

“Wait, Nat knew?” Wanda’s eyes widened. “Why the hell am I just finding out now?”

“It’s a long story consisting of Nat cornering and interrogating me.” You shook your head and thought back to a week ago when Nat had dragged you out of the kitchen to question you.

“Yeah, (Y/N) really wants his cock.” Nat winked as you blushed.

“I won’t deny that.” You brushed a strand of hair out of your face. “Honestly, I wouldn’t mind him bending me over this table and fucking me.”

“Alright, alright.” Wanda pushed her chair back. “This is where Nat and I leave to go train. Let’s go, Romanoff.” 

“Yeah, yeah. Have fun.” You waved to them as you slumped down in your chair, resting your head on your arms.

Your mind wandered as different fantasies flowed through your mind. Him tying you to your bed, not allowing you to not make a sound, making you beg for him to let you cum; just the thought of him kissing you soaked your underwear.

“Whatcha thinking about, doll?” Bucky stood behind you, moving your hair out of your face to see your eyes. 

“Nothing.” You stared up into his lustful gaze, getting lost in his blue irises. 

“Really?” He bent down and brought his lips to your ear. “You’re not thinking about me fucking you over this table?”

“N-No…” You cleared your throat and sat up, turning your head to hover your mouth a mere inch away from his. 

“Is that why your panties and your shorts are soaked through?” Bucky dropped his gaze to your opened legs.

“Touch me.” You blurted the words out, unable to stop yourself.

“Beg for it.”

Alright, my dudes.  I would like to thank @fevers-and-flus for helping me out with a very poorly worded paragraph. I’m also gonna thank @toosicktoocare and @itisasign for helping me with some ideas.  This came out to be about 4700 words, give or take so yeah. Thank you in advance for reading it, I really appreciate it. 

Shiro walked through the door of his practice, pulling on his white lab coat.
“Hey, Hunk.” Shiro grinned, greeting the receptionist.  “How are you?”
“Ohhh…It’s been a morning to say the least.” He chuckled, handing Shiro a small stack of files. 
“Two parents called to cancel their kids’ appointments, and then three new parents called for appointments. Oh, and Pidge called.”
Shiro was flipping through the files until Hunk mentioned his sister had called, and then he looked up quickly.  “What?”

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What did lego do?

This may not hit the nail on the head, but I’m gonna answer to the best of my knowledge. I, and a lot of other people, are getting pretty pissed at lego.

For starters (this is the easy one tbh), they completely botched bionicle gen 2 which is like, a huge embarrassing blunder. They couldn’t keep a line alive for at least the 3 year plan it clearly was going to have. What the hell happened?

They really don’t have anything original anymore. So many of their sets are licensed IPs. It’s where they get their money. Lego doesn’t want to seem to branch out and be original, and it’s really not good. Tbh I’m not too upset with ninjago anymore because at least it’s something lego made out of their own imagination.

Their sets are just so damn expensive now? Because they can just do that? A week ago I went to toys r us and found they had only 2 bionicle sets left. These were from the early 2016 wave. They were still on shelves, over a year-and-a-half later, at full price.

Lego is stagnating, and I’m not saying that as an annoying bionicle fan. Other than their movies(TLG and TLBM) and their giant ass (and expensive) sets, it’s been going downhill. @binkybonkles kinda summed it all up with this picture:

Are people losing their jobs? Yes and that’s awful. But maybe this means lego will get their shit together.

Jealousy Part5

Word Count: 1328

A/N: oh my god we are at part 5 of this, and if you haven’t guessed it already, I’m probably going to do a few more of them! I don’t exactly know what to write after this series is over so if you have any requests feel free to let me know and also tell me what you think about my writing! It would be much obliged! ️

        “What the hell! You scared the shit out of us! How’d you even get in?” she yelled at the intruder.

    “And what are you doing here?” Jughead asked coldly.



    “Have you talked to Y/N yet?” Archie asked, waiting anxiously for the answer. Ever since the night of the diner incident Archie couldn’t get his mind off Y/N. He was so close to finally seeing what it felt like to have her lips on his. So close! He found himself glancing down at them anytime they hung out, or when they were around eachother. He found himself admiring how her (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) bounced around when she walked, or how beautiful it looked when it was blown by the wind. He started to notice how the light caught in her (Y/E/C) eyes and made them shine. How they lit up when she talked about the things she loved, or when she was around Jughead. Secretly, he was hoping that Y/N would be mad enough at Jughead that this last 2 days would go by so he could have a chance with her, and maybe her eyes would light up around him as well.

    “Andrews?” Jughead snapped in front of Archie’s face and snapped him out of his trance.

    “Yeah? Sorry what?” Archie looked at Jughead.

    “I said I haven’t yet.” Jughead sighed and Archie tried to hide his smile. “What are you so happy about?” Jughead asked, slightly annoyed.

    “Nothing.” Archie said shaking his head and wiping the smile off his face.

    “You’re not going to be with her, you know that right?” Jughead said coldly.

    “You don’t know that.” Archie argued.

    “She’s in love with me! I thought you wanted us together, you’re the one who was pushing me to tell her!”

    “I shouldn’t of had to tell you to do that! She deserves someone who should just tell her they feel that way, instead of someone who waits and then breaks her heart over and over again!” Archie challenged.

    “I didn’t know she felt the same, I was scared I was going to lose her!” Jughead fumed. “And now that I know she loves me back there’s no way in hell Im giving her up!”

    “Look, I don’t want to take her from you until after your week is over-”

    “You should just respect that we’re in love with eachother and that I’m going to be the one she’s with. If you were really my friend,  you’d do just that.” Jughead said. Archie sighed and leaned his head in his hands.

    “Fine.” he mumbled.

    “Thank you.”


    “So you’re together now?” Archie asked, looking between Y/N and Jughead.

    “Why do you care?” Jughead asked, putting his hand up to keep Y/N behind him.

    “Well you should probably tell Betty, don’t you think?” Archie asked, and Y/N pushed past Jughead.

    “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” she asked, looking over to Jughead. Jughead glanced over to her and saw a flash of worry and hurt cross over her face.

    “You can’t mess with the both of them, Jughead!” Archie yelled, bringing Jugheads attention back to him.

    “What the hell are you talking about?” He asked.

    “You’ve been with Betty all week Jughead, what’s been going on between you two?” Archie questioned.

    “Seriously, we’re working on Jason’s murder together. We are just friends, I don’t understand what you’re trying to accuse me of.”

    “Archie what’s gotten into you lately?” Y/N asked, butting in on the conversation. Archie looked over to Y/N.


    “He’s  got a little crush on you, and he’s been acting out because of it.” Jughead snapped, turning and wrapping his arm around her waist.

    “What?” she asked, looking over to Archie who swallowed hard.

    “That night at Pops, before you sat down Archie was trying to convince me to tell you about my feelings. I was scared to because I didn’t know you felt the same.” Jughead turned and grabbed Y/Ns face, staring into her eyes. “I was scared to lose you, and Archie here was just being my best friend and tried to talk me into telling you. I refused until you left the diner upset and the I realized Archie was right.”

    “So you tried talking Jughead into confessing his love for me and then you try to kiss me?” Y/N asked, turning to face Archie. “What kind of game is that?” she yelled. Archie stared at the ground and shifted on his feet.

    “I thought that I could have a chance. After you left in a hurry and cried all the way back to your house, I thought you’d be done with Jughead.” Archie admitted.

    “To tell you the truth, I was.” Y/N confessed. Jughead and Archie’s heads shot to Y/N at her confession.

    “What?” Jughead asked, lightly grabbing her arm and turning her to face him. She looked up to Jughead and cupped his face.

    “I didn’t know you loved me back, and I was so hurt by what happened that for a second I thought that I should try to get over my love for you.” She turned to Archie. “You were being so sweet and I’ve known you forever that I thought that maybe if I kissed you when you were leaning in, that my pain would melt away.”

    “Y/N, I really like you.” Archie said, taking a few steps towards her. Jughead grabbed her and pulled her into him and Archie sighed.

    “It’s a little late for that.” Jughead said. “What was your point of coming over here anyways?”

    “I wanted to talk to Y/N before she made her decision.” Archie said, sending a pleading look her way.

    “I’m sorry Archie, but I couldn’t do that. Betty is in love with you, and I’d hurt her if I-”

    “That wasn’t a problem the other night,” he argued.

    “I wasn’t in the right state of mind then. I was heartbroken, and if I were to go with you I’d pass that feeling on to Betty. And anyways, I’m in love with Jughead, and I know now he loves me back. I can’t ruin this, I’m happy.” She said, and Archie’s face fell. “I’m so sorry.” she said, breaking free from Jugheads hold and giving Archie a hug. She kissed him on the cheek, and looked between the two boys. “I’m going to make us some hot chocolate.” she said, exiting the room.

    “Jughead I’m sorry.” Archie said, looking to the raven haired boy staring daggers at him.

    “Are you fucking kidding me Archie? You said you were going to respect that me and Y/N were going to be together, and you try to pull this?” Jughead fumed.

    “When I have feelings for someone, I have to do something about it or it eats at me.” Archie said, and Jughead rolled his eyes.

     "That’s real funny Archie. Is that what you’re planning on doing for Betty?“ Jughead hissed. ” and before you try to pull that ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ bullshit, let me just tell you how jealous you looked when you came in here yelling at me and accusing me of being with her.“

    "I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Archie said.

    “Yes you do!” Jughead yelled. He opened his mouth to say more, but Y/N barged into the room.

    “What the hell Jughead? Why is Betty asking if you’re on for 'Pops Date: Round 2’?” She yelled, holding up the phone.

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Manager’s Daughter (PART TWO)- Jack Avery Imagine

Hi Guys! Thank you for making part one of “Manager’s Daughter” (Which can be found through the masterlist link in my bio) my most popular imagine! All the lovely comments are very special to me, and a part two was highly requested. I hope this lives up to your expectations :)

I lied and said this would be short but…

Word Count: 1.8K


Time stops for no man, so Jack had to continue the tour while acting like nothing was wrong. He really wasn’t as happy without you. Sure, Jack enjoyed performing, but guilt was eating away at him. Show after show, he found himself wanting to look off into the wings and see that familiar face. It was the worst feeling to know that he pushed a loyal person to the point that they no longer cared. When you were always around, he took you for granted, because he thought you’d always stay. It just took him way too long to figure that out for himself. 

 Jack hesitantly knocked on the door of his manager’s hotel room and stuffed his shaky hands into the pockets of his ripped jeans. Jack had become visibly stressed at this point. His eyes darted from the floor to the door handle and he bounced on his heels impatiently. “Coming!” your dad called from the other side. Jack took a deep breath and watched the door swing open. Your dad was standing in the doorway, smiling at him. “Hey Jack! What’s up?”

 “I- I kind of messed up… By kind of, I mean big time,” Jack stammered. Your dad’s facial expression dropped and he breathed a deep sigh. “You aren’t fighting with one of the boys are you? Is it Zach? Because I told him to stop pulling unnecessary pranks already… especially after he smashed that watermelon in the tour bus…” Jack shook his head and interrupted your father’s humorously incorrect train of thought. “No. No. I’m actually uh-“

 Dang it. How do I say this? he thought to himself. How do I say “I totally made your daughter cry and leave tour but I actually think you should let me date her” without sounding insane? 

“-um. I am actually talking about y/n… I kind of told everyone, including her as well, that we were just friends and I- uh. I-”

 “Lied?” your dad added. 

 Jack’s eyes widened and his thoughts started racing. 

Oh my goodness. He knows.

 The response sounded like less of a question and more of a clear-cut answer. “I’m an idiot for thinking y/n wouldn’t have told you already. Oh gosh…” Jack murmured. He ran a hand through his curls and looked down at the old hotel carpet. To his surprise, your dad was laughing at him. He no longer looked so serious, a grin spread across his face. 

“Actually no. She didn’t. Y/n told me she was homesick, but she is an awful liar, especially to me. I figured something else was going on…” Jack let out the breath that he had been holding in- silently praising you for not spilling the truth about the ruined first kiss. “You think I can’t sense the tension between you two? The night before she left, when you heard she was packing her things and you ran out to the bus? C’mon Jack. The last time I saw you run that fast was when you were sprinting inside the Jimmy Johns to pick up a sandwich,” he replied. Jack hadn’t noticed until then that his hands were sweating. He wiped them on the sides of his jeans and bit the inside of his cheek. It was a nervous habit Jack couldn’t shake. “So you aren’t… mad? Or?” 

 Your dad just shrugged. “Honestly? At first, I was pissed. I felt like it was my fault that I let her get so close with the band in the first place. She has spent countless hours at the Why Don’t We house, you spent all your spare time on the last tour together, and when you are apart, I know you stay up late on FaceTime calls. That’s why you get no sleep! I started second guessing myself; I thought maybe the decision to bring her along wasn’t professional… but the truth hit me really hard. She wouldn’t want me to be angry with you. After all, she made up a fake reason as to why she wanted to leave just to protect you. Whatever is going on with you two is quite obviously out of my control,” he explained and put up his hands in surrender. 

 A wave of relief immediately washed over Jack. He raised a hand to his reddened face in an effort to cool it down. Your dad looked him in the eyes and continued, “I don’t know exactly what you did wrong that caused her to flee like that, and honestly, I don’t want all of the details. I just know that you are a decent kid… Look. As a father, I feel required to mention that if you act like a jerk to my daughter, I’m going to have to kick your butt. Fortunately for you, I don’t have enough time to kick your butt this time around. You have an off day tomorrow, and I believe you owe someone a visit.” 


6:00 AM. California Time. 

Your eyes slowly opened when you heard your phone vibrate and rattle the contents of your bedside table. The notification from an incoming text caused your screen to illuminate the bedroom. 

 Jack Avery

Last time I saw you was complicated. Maybe I should be clear this time. It sucks not having you here. 

You reached out to grab your phone, but your hand just hovered over the screen.

  What if he’s just messing with my head again? Maybe I shouldn’t text back. Maybe I shouldn’t get attached to him again. 

Muscle memory took over and you opened the phone- reading the text three times over to make sure you understood it correctly.

You began texting back:

 I miss you. Nope don’t send that. Delete.

 I miss tour. Still no. Delete. 

 Okay. Yeah. Send. 

That’s all you could think to say this early in the morning to the boy that broke your heart. “Okay.” 

 His typing bubble taunted you for a few seconds before his reply popped up. 

Okay? That’s all I get for flying back to L.A. on my day off? 

Just one glance at the text was all it took for you to drop the phone directly on your own face. Once you had a second to process the shock, you scrambled to pick up your phone again and jump out of bed. Your thumbs frantically typed back as you sped to the bathroom. 

 You did not. What are you talking about? 

 He shot back another response. 

It’s quite dark outside still. So, I’d like it if you came an answered your door. 

You stared at your reflection in the mirror; your hair fell in a natural mess around your head, and you only had on a baggy t-shirt and shorts. Trying to look somewhat presentable, you splashed water in your face and attempted to wipe off your tired expression. In an effort to not wake the other family members in your house, you crept downstairs and shuffled to the front door. Jack’s sleepy eyes met you on the other side. Even though he had warned you of his presence, you still gasped at the sight in front of you. You placed a hand on Jack’s shoulder and proceeded to back him up so that you were standing further away from your house. 

“What are you doing here?” you whispered screamed. “It is six in the morning and you are going to wake my siblings or my mom. They don’t know you are here. Are you supposed to be here? How did you even get here on such short notice? Do you have a show tonight or-”  Jack raised a finger to his lips. “Shh. It’s okay. Calm down. The band has an off day today. Your dad knows I’m here.”

  “My dad knows you are here?!” you hissed frantically. Jack signaled again for you to lower your voice. “Hey. Shh. I’ll explain. Your dad knows everything. Well… I don’t think he knows about that night that- that you know…” You jumped in to finish the sentence for him. “-that we kissed.” Jack nodded his head slowly. “Yes. That we kissed. But he knows how I feel. He knows how you feel. He’s the one that let me come out here in the first place.”

 You shook your head in disbelief. “How does he know everything? I didn’t say a word about us.” You groaned and jabbed your pointer finger in his direction. “I fibbed my ass off back there just to make sure he wouldn’t suspect any wrongdoing on your part. I actually tried to save your reputation.” Jack just continued to nod his head in affirmation. “I know. I know you did. But I talked to your dad yesterday. I went to go fess up. I went to go apologize for being a jerk to his daughter. To be honest, I completely expected to get an awful reaction and get shunned, but turns out your dad is way more attentive than we thought.” 

 You opened your mouth to object, but nothing came out. Although your dad didn’t always know about you and Jack’s mutual, unspoken wish to be more than friends, he knew how tight knit you had become with the band. For all the hours you guys spent together to suddenly come to an end? For you to abandon your love for traveling and live music without warning? Your dad would have to be stupid not to realize something was seriously wrong. 

 Jack could visualize the gears turning in your head, so he tried to keep explaining. “Y/n. As much as we’ve tried to keep us a secret, we never were. Yeah, we kept our true feelings hidden from your dad for a while, but the boys saw through our act. It has always been painfully obvious how much we care about each other, so it was stupid of me to ever try denying it. And I can’t promise you that everyone will approve of this… I can’t promise the fans will like us together either… Honestly I’m scared as hell to want you, but I caught the first red eye available and here I am wanting you anyway,” he insisted, still speaking in a hushed tone. 

 You know you really care about someone when you can’t hate them for breaking your heart. That’s exactly how you felt about Jack. As much as he had hurt you over the past few weeks, you just wanted to be with him again. Jack stepped closer to you and intertwined both of your hands in his. “Don’t tell me you don’t want to be my girlfriend, because we both know that’s not true.”

You rolled your eyes at him, even though Jack was obviously correct. “Maybe you’re right… but I still think you’re crazy for flying across the country just to tell me that.” As the space between your bodies narrowed, you glanced over your shoulder and through the windows. The paranoia still lingered from that night. “Jack… someone could be watching again.” He pressed his lips to the side of your forehead and whispered, “Who cares? You aren’t my little secret anymore.” You turned back towards him and locked eyes once again, laughing softly. “It’s about time.”

Jack’s lips connected with yours, and this time, without reservation.

Big World -- {1}

Sequel to Small World This is just the introduction, so it’s much shorter than regular updates…Enjoy!

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When you had first found out you were pregnant, you were shocked.  You thought you guys had taken all the precautions, but it still happened.  He was out of the country when you found out.  You knew you needed to talk to him, but you also needed time to process everything.

But that time of processing had been taken away from you. When you were nine weeks along, a week after finding out, you had fainted at work. They had called an ambulance and the hospital had called Wonwoo.

“It seems as though it was a stress induced reaction.” The doctor had explained to the both of you.

“But she’s alright?” Wonwoo asked, scared for you.

“Both her and the baby are just fine, but you should really take a little bit of time off work and manage yourself a little better. I’m going to recommend a week. Take it and relax.” the doctor said, not noticing how absolutely still Wonwoo had gotten.

When the doctor left, Wonwoo still didn’t move.

“Babe, I’m sorry” you said weakly.

“When did you find out?” he asked.

“Last week when you were in Japan. I was freaking the hell out and I didn’t want this to hang over the last of your schedules until you came home. I was selfish in needing time to process this, and I’m sorry.”

“First of all, I want you to calm down. I’m not mad. I just…need time to process it also. I can understand where you’re coming from. I won’t lie and say my heart didn’t completely drop on hearing the word baby though. I mean, this is…this is huge. I don’t…” Wonwoo cut himself off.

“Are you…are you okay with it?” you asked him.

“I’m not sure how to feel right now, but that’s our baby.” Wonwoo said, putting a comforting hand on your stomach.

“Let’s get you home and relax, yeah?” Wonwoo asked.


Today has been lovely, but that doesn’t mean that #markipliersangels is over.

Hell, if you want, keep this up for the next week. I know some people have been suggesting that lol.

I feel like I’ve said so much, yet not enough. Just, my thanks to Mark. All the love, all the respect, all the support. He deserves it. I can’t word good, but I keep wanting to express that haha.



Part 1       Part 2

For @4wksoffluff

Summary: Baz and Simon are locked out of school together for the night accidentally (the drawbridge goes up). Inspired by the snippet of Cath’s fanfic ‘Secrets, Stars and AeroBars’ in Fangirl. 

  “Aleister Crowley, Snow,” Baz snarks sharply. “Fucking of course you would get us locked out for the night. Of bloody course.” He’s pacing around angrily. We were out here arguing and I didn’t realize the drawbridge was going up. He turned around and started walking away, so I grabbed his arm and kept shouting at him - I didn’t realize he was trying to get back into school before the drawbridge went up. He’s still muttering angrily now, but more to himself, just wandering around with his head in his hands. He circles back around to me and says, “Bloody hell, Snow. Do you have a plan?”

“No,” I utter, defeated. “I’m sorry Baz,” I say looking down at the ground. I don’t want to look up again and see all the anger in his eyes, They’re all stormy grey and emotive and it’s just too much.

“Shit, Snow. Shit, shit, shit. We’re gonna be stuck out here all night now, because of you. I can’t believe you didn’t notice the drawbridge going up. What kind of idiot are you?” He’s really pissed off, and I’m honestly wondering if I’m going to survive the night out here with him. He seems in a very murderous mood. I sit down under a yew tree, leaning back against its trunk and sighing heavily; the branches are surrounding me, lengthy and twisting like they’re reaching out to grab me. What have I done?

  Baz disappeared for a while, but he’s back now, along with a variety of fruits and mysterious looking plants. He wriggles his cupped hands so that the contents slide into a pile on the ground.

“What’s that,” I ask.

“Food.” He says bluntly.

“Why? And did you get that from the Wavering Wood? Is that even safe?” I ask him skeptically.

“Yes. Christ, Snow, it’s safe. It’s not a bloody radioactive forest!” He looks exasperated, his hair is all loose and messy, and he’s sitting all bent over, elbows on the ground, chin in his palms. “And I got them because I know you can’t go thirty minutes without eating.” He shoots a look at me.

“Hey!” I complain. “I don’t eat every thirty minutes!”

“Alright then,” he says, “an hour.” I frown at him. “Just be happy I gathered some food, if you’d gone to do it yourself you wouldn’t have half a clue what was edible and what wasn’t.” He’s right, so I just mutter a nearly inaudible “thanks” and grab what looks like a brown pear and gobble it. Then I take another and a handful of mysterious berries and eat those too.

It’s getting dark, so the stars are starting to glitter the sky. It’s kind of nice, just being out here in the semi-darkness, the trees surrounding us, the air sweet and mossy, a blanket of quiet over the place. Even Baz was oddly pleasant tonight- getting me food and all. It’s different, but I like it; I could get used to this.

Baz is leaning against the other side of the tree now, a stash of mushrooms at his side. I’m just leaning against the thick trunk, eyes closed, hugging my blazer tighter around myself. I can hear Baz eating quietly behind me. My hand is resting in my pocket, and when I wriggle it I can feel something with thin and foily edges in there. I pull it out and see its a mint Aero bar I had in there from a couple of days ago, so I open it up and then tear a piece off and lean around the trunk to ask Baz if he wants any. It’s only fair - he went and gathered food.

“What the hell Snow?!” He says upon seeing my head popped around the trunk. He turns his face away from mine and pushes me. I’m surprised by the sudden anger over nothing, but then again it’s Baz, so I’m not really that surprised.

“I was just wondering if you wanted a bit of mint Aero,” I say once I’ve been pushed back around to the other side of the tree, “seeing you gathered food and all.”

“Don’t tell me it’s been in your pocket for a week,” he snarks back.

“Well… a couple of days,” I reply.

“That’s disgusting, Snow.”

“So, I take it you don’t want any.”

“That’s right.” I stop talking and pop a bit of Aero into my mouth, but I’m curious about the harsh reaction earlier so I enquire. “What was with the pushing before, Baz?”

“Nothing,” he says.


I lean back and curl up into a ball, closing my eyes. The sound of Baz’ breathing is enough to send me soundly to sleep.

You Are My Father


Requested by: @bartallenisbae

Sam sat across the diner table with the (h/c) haired teen. She looked exactly like her mother, how Sam knew her mother was simple.

He dated her back when he was in high school.

Sam suddenly felt awkward for not speaking up, but then again neither did she, neither one of them bothered to speak both just sat silently across from each other.

“So…” Sam starts trilling off.

“Look, Sam right?” she cuts him off but he nods at hee question anyways, “I’m not asking you to be my father, seeing as how you wasn’t around for most of my childhood and teen years.”

“You can’t really blame me. (M/n) never told me that she was pregnant, more less had a child.” Sam says.

“She had my number. She could have called at any moment and told me, and I would’ve been there.”

“I’m not saying that you wouldn’t.” (Y/n) says crossing her hands, her thumbs played with one another as she dropped her eye’s onto her hands.

“From what mom said, your family moved around a lot.” (Y/n) says.

“Yeah we did. Never really stayed in a solid place for to long, a week was the longest.” Sam explains.

“Sam. You don’t have to be in my life, you don’t have to be my father or pay child support or anything like that. Hell you could even forget we met, but I just wanted you to know that I’m your daughter and I’ll always be here.” (Y/n) says.

“I wanna be here for you, I really do.” Sam took a deep breath before sighing, he grabbed a piece of paper from his pocket and a pen. “Look here’s my number, I really wanna get to know you.”

Sam slides the paper over to her which she takes with a smile and place into her pants pocket, “Thanks, I’ll make sure to text you when I get home.”

(Y/n) stands up from her seat and begins putting on her coat which Sam follows her movements as well placing on his large coat.

“Call me whenever, even in the middle of the night.” Sam says.

He places his hand on her shoulder pulling her for a hug which she returns. “Thanks….dad.”

(Y/n) found herself mumbling into his largely built chest, “No problem, kiddo.”



[LIVEJOURNAL] Last night, Nigel (the neighbour I wrote comes around a lot) left a photo of himself in my cupboard. Next to my pornographic DVDs. I don’t understand what it means. He’s Romanian, is it a cultural thing?

[GOOGLE] Leaving photos of yourself in someone’s cupboard
[GOOGLE] Photos next to porn
[GOOGLE] Romanian photography

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Hi! Thank you so much for wincest rec list! I wonder if you can suggest some really cool hurt/comfort fics (Worth the price was once my favourite, maybe there is something new like that?)

Em’s Wincest & Gen Hurt/Comfort Recs

Hey! Here are some lovely Hurt/Comfort recs, hope you like them! Most are Wincest but there are a couple of Gen fics in there too.

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