i put this on in the bar and got told to take it off

A night at the club

My friend and I went to nice club one night. We had a few drinks and danced for a bit, on the floor this really sexy guy kept hitting on me, he bought a few drinks for me. I looked at my friend, probably with a worried look on my face and she gave me that ‘go for it’ look, so we kept dancing and grinding I each other. He invited us back to his place for some more drinks. He had a decent place and not to far from the bar. He put on some music and got us each a few shots. At some point he and I started making out on the couch My friend started to rub his back. Then she started taking off his clothes. She whispered in my ear ‘I want to watch him fuck you, but will you be mad if I fuck him too?’ I told her I would love to share. She started kissing my neck while sexy pulled off my dress and started rubbing my inner thigh softly just driving me crazy. My best friend now making out with me and this guy was rubbing my legs so soft, slowly making his way up to my wet pussy. He slipped a finger in and lowered his sexy face to kiss my clit, it sent waves of pleasure through my whole body. My friend pulled off her dress and said to me 'do you need a sweet pussy to lick baby?’ I smiled, of course I wanted to lick her pussy. She go on her knees and pressed her dripping wet little pussy to my lips. I first kissed then licked her lightly, she loves to have her pussy teased, just like I do. Sexy got excited when he looked up to see me eating out my best friend right in front of him. He asked my friend to lie on her back so he could watch me lick her pussy while he fucked me. He had a nice sized cock bigger than my husbands, quite a bit wider, it felt incredible. I love to be fucked doggie because I love the way it feels to have his balls hitting my clit. I could feel my friend edging closer and closer to her climax just about the same time he grabbed me hard and really started fucking me hard and deep, I could feel my own climax creeping up as he slammed into me harder and deeper with each thrust, it was more and more intense. I had my two fingers deep into my friends pussy softly kissing and licking her clit and pussy lips when she started to tense up I felt her pussy almost clamp down on to my fingers as she came. Seeing and feeling my best friend cum like that sent me over the edge and I came hard on his dick. After a few more hard thrusts I felt it, his fat steamy load of cum bursting into me finished out my orgasm. It was intense. Next thing I know my phone was ringing and it was my husband I had told him I would call around 2am to let him know if I needed him to pick us up and I forgot. I told him I was just going to take a cab home in about an hour or two. After I got off the phone with my husband I called for a cab to pick me up in about an hour. My friend looked at me and asked if I had time for a little more fun, I said I’ve got about an hour, the guy came out of the bathroom and got back into bed with us. He said 'are we ready for round two?’ We both smiled. He started making out with my friend while I made my way down to his dick, I could smell the mix of his cum and my cum all over it and it turned me on immediately, I kissed the tip, lightly licked it then swallowed as much of it as I could. I sucked his cock while he fingered my friend, he then looked at me and said 'I’m gonna fuck your friend, then I’m going to fuck you again. So he got my friend into doggie and I sat next to her head so we could make out while he fucked her. After about 15-20 minutes of him slamming into her, and her having multiple orgasms he motioned for me to get on my back so he could fuck me. My friend kissed my neck while he dumped another hot load inside of me. After resting a few minutes I got up, put on my panties and dress, and told my friend I needed to get going. She said she would call me in the morning. She stayed the night with him. They had a good time. After I got home I walked into my room and my husband was in bed asleep. I went into the bathroom and took off my cum soaked panties. I came back into the room and walked over to him, I started to get on top of him. I was still so horny from cheating on him. I sat down on his dick. 'It’s so wet baby’ he said. I told him I had been flirting all night and it made me horny. He like that and told me I was his naughty slut We had the best sex ever that night. I couldn’t wait to do it again.

Sarah :)

OMG y’all. I’ve been moving furniture around, and found this behind a dresser.

So, back when the 19yr old was about 5, she was taking violin lessons, and she came to me and announced that she had written a song and she wanted me to write it down for her. So I got a sheet of staff paper and told her to play it for me, and I wrote it down. (I had to guess at the meter, I put that and the bar lines in once I’d gotten the notes down.) “What’s the song called?” I asked her, and she told me it was “My Little Cat Goes Down the Road.”

So, next violin lesson, she marches in with this paper in her hand and demands that her teacher play it. Which, of course, the teacher did.

And the then 5yr old looks up at her teacher with wiiiiide eyes and asks, astonished, “How did you DO that?”