i put this on in the bar and got told to take it off

OMG y’all. I’ve been moving furniture around, and found this behind a dresser.

So, back when the 19yr old was about 5, she was taking violin lessons, and she came to me and announced that she had written a song and she wanted me to write it down for her. So I got a sheet of staff paper and told her to play it for me, and I wrote it down. (I had to guess at the meter, I put that and the bar lines in once I’d gotten the notes down.) “What’s the song called?” I asked her, and she told me it was “My Little Cat Goes Down the Road.”

So, next violin lesson, she marches in with this paper in her hand and demands that her teacher play it. Which, of course, the teacher did.

And the then 5yr old looks up at her teacher with wiiiiide eyes and asks, astonished, “How did you DO that?”