i put this on in the bar and got told to take it off

ADHD Hints - Get Off Your But
Neil Swanson, ADHD Coach with Free To Be Coaching (http;//www.freetobecoaching.com) explains how to improve your sense of self worth through focusing on your...

Another take on this is in regards to our expectations. Try not to base your definition of success the same way everyone else thinks it should be.

By that I mean…at the end of the day I am happy if I managed a family gathering without letting myself get overwhelmed, or if I told my partner I would sit down and have dinner with him and I actually did, if I got a load of washing done and I hung it to dry, if I folded some clean washing and put it in my wardrobe, if I did the dishes, if I made a to-do list and managed to tick a couple of things off it, if I had breakfast, lunch and dinner, if I paid a bill…

Any of those things make me feel like I had a successful day. And I am learning to hang on to that very tightly and stop putting the bar up so high for what I think I should be expecting of myself.

It really is daily practice but I can honestly say that I am seeing the effects of doing this and it is really helping me pick myself up. And if anyone still tells me I’m doing anything the “wrong way”, I just tell them to leave me alone because if I mess things up, then I’ll learn and I’ll deal with it in case I do mess up. 

ALL I CARE ABOUT IS THAT I’M DOING SOMETHING. Right or wrong, it’s better to be doing something than living in life-limbo and feel stuck and paralysed.