i probably will end up watching it

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Personally I think you should get back to part 5 when it gets animated

Yeah, that was my original thinking, but I assumed it would get confirmed by now and it hasn’t.  I also assumed it would take far longer for JoJo’s Colored Adventure to finish Part 5, and now they’re supposed to be done tomorrow.  I should really stop assuming things. 

Anyway, it just depends where things stand when I’m ready to revisit Part 5.  In the long run, I’ll probably end up re-reading the comic and watching the anime.  It’s just a question of timing.

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You should watch the season 2 finale, with the Masquerade Ball and the Mona reveal. I think this is still my favorite episode of the series so far! ahah

I do love that episode! But it’s too old. Marlene said seasons 1 and 2 are irrelevant for AD clues. But hey I’ll probably end up watching it anyway because I do love it

For the Glee Fandom

We could all agree with one thing: Glee had to stop. Didn’t matter what we shipped or what our opinions were. We were full of anger, sadness and bad feeling because we saw our favorite characters became strangers, we had to endure countless plot holes, we couldn’t count the useless romantic interaction and no needed characters appear in front of our screen while we just made post after post on how glee should end soon. For the good of everyone.
It was a love-hate relationship, and that did hurt even more. Because writers could do all the shit they wanted, but we were still there, watching it. Probably they laughed about us a lot.
Now Glee is over. It’s been years. We grew up and maybe some of us started loving other shows like we loved Glee. Maybe good shows. We moved on, like after a bad relationship. At least most of us, I hope.
Maybe I’m stupid, I don’t know. For sure I don’t like changing. Maybe I’m masochist. What I can’t lie about is that I miss you, I miss being part of what it was.
Glee changed my life, in ways I could not think possible. I met the love of my life because of it, and we got married. I’m sure I will never love a show like I loved Glee, and I’m okay with that. I know that it can’t be changed. But it doesn’t stop me from missing it, from missing all of you, from missing the character of that show, like they are friends that I can’t reach out. It’s sad, and it’s full of nostalgic feelings. Like a part of my life is over.
We shipped characters so hard that we were awake at night writing about it, making gifts, writing fics, drawing fan arts. We engaged in endless conversation about what we thought was right, what a character should do. We made ship wars, and while it was not fun, it was all because we were passionate. We spend days readings fics and sigh like little girls in love. We cried together for the death of Cory, and we supported the cast, during their bad times. We received anon hate, we became personal about stuff, we had some victories and a lot of losses. We were too vocal, and often we were wrong, but we were never scared to be heard.
We sang don’t stop believing over and over, thinking about six kids in red shirts that changed our life. We grew up with them. And it’s not easy to admit that now it’s over.
I love you guys. You and what we shared will always be a part of me.

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So I was re-watching Bon voyage S1, and I was wondering if you know what ended up happening with their Christmas letters??? Thanks xo

Santa’s village says it probably already got lost. We don’t know what happened but Bangtan never received them.

so it’s story time bitches sit your flat asses down. to put it simply, i talk a lot in my sleep. two days ago especially it was acting up horribly. okay, that would be fine if i had my own room, but i share with my sister. she was awake watching a movie. and apparently i was talking paragraphs upon paragraphs that night. well, okay, a bit worse but whatever, fine, it was probably gibberish. maybe so, but uncensored gibberish nonetheless 

lemme tell you if there;s one thing my family has this huge rule against it’s swearing. my brother, a 22 year old mind you, has never uttered a single cuss word as far as i am aware. naturally i have a terrible sailor’s mouth but no one’s supposed to know that. long story short, while i was talking in my sleep, i ended up swearing quite a bit. at one point my brother had walked in to talk to my sister about something and i chose that exact moment to unconsciously mutter “what the fuck is on his face?” in a sort of panicked daze. and my siblings both exchanged a look like, should we wake her up and confront her or. i ended up sleeping and only found out about it today via my sister. im so glad i hadn’t said anything else that could have actually gotten me in some bad shit.

My ososan favs have been a wild ride…. Started off with ichi as my fav when I was first watching, but the time I was almost done with the series it switched to Kara and Choro, then my second time watching it it was definitly Jyushi and stayed Jyushi for at least a month and for a little bit I ended up switching to Totty as my fav for like a week, and i didnt like Choro much, then like….. somehow Choro ended up owning my life and still does and probably will forever, but then Oso, who was just kinda there and I liked him but you know whatever, he slowly has creeped up and me and dont you dare touch him i will murder you hes so good

You know what I’m terrible at -the beginning stages of stanning a group, I always get sidetracked by something. Like early in the year I started getting into Monsta X and I reached the point were I knew all their names but then school happened. And now I’m watching the dance practice for Shine Forever and I kept referring to Jooheon as the one that’s low key probably gonna end up murdering Seventeen’s Hoshi for imitating him too much 

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grahamscott (for the ship thing)

It’s been a while since someone brought up my loves lol

Always wins when they play Trivia Crack

Warren obviously and Nathan hates it so much aw. He always gets pissed and sulky when Warren wins so sometimes Warren lets him win so Nathan can be all smug and happy all day about it.

Laughs when their partner trips on something

Nathan for sure omg Warren trips coming up the steps of the school and Nathan is cracking up while Warren struggles to pick up his things but Warren doesn’t mind because it’s worth it to see Nathan smile.

Would drop ice down the back of the other’s shirt as a joke

I have to say Nathan again probably lol Warren would feel too bad about it later but Nathan is all like “I fucking got you” and Warren just yells something like “What is wrong with you!”

Spoils the ending of books/movies

Warren definitely. He keeps trying to get Nathan to read/watch something for so long that by the time he actually does Warren gets so excited while talking about it with him that he accidentally spoils the ending. Nathan is always pissed when this happens but he still finishes it anyway.

Always posts a picture of the other as their MCM or WCW

NATHANNATHANNATHAN omg he can’t help himself he’s never really had anyone or anything to really call his that he cared about so when monday comes around all his social medias are flooded with pictures of Warren playing video games or doing homework with dumb mcm captions. Warren definitely doesn’t mind all the attention

Eats the last piece of cake in the fridge before the other can have it

Warren lmao he probably doesn’t even think about it he’s just like “damn I really want that cake” and just goes for it, but Nathan doesn’t mind he’s not a big fan of sweets imo

Obnoxiously celebrates Monday Punday every week

Is this even a question. Obviously Warren is the pun master lmao. While Nathan is flooding everyone with pictures of Warren Warren is out here wearing his pun shirts and making shitty puns every 5 seconds

Makes loving hack posts on the other’s Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter etc

Both I think. Nathan would be the type to be all “hacked bitch keep an eye on your phone” with like heart emojis or the typical “I’m gay” and tag himself lmao while Warren would be the typical “Hacked! Love you” with kissy emojis lmao

Has to beat their partner in every game

Warren. He doesn’t HAVE to win but depending on the game he almost always does lmao Nathan tries so hard but rarely wins and when he does Warren probably lets him (But Nathan doesn’t know that)

Keeps their partner up half the night talking about random stuff


Eats too much garlic and tries to kiss their partner anyway

I’m gonna say Warren again Nathan would be like “get off me that’s fucking gross” while Warren is like “But I love you”

Send me a ship ♥

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Ok I’m already doing Justicykes for another meme so here’s just chrobin

  • Finds ideas for Halloween costumes - I imagine they both do, though Robin tends to do a lot more research and planning with their costumes while Chrom just sloppily puts something together from his closet.
  • Proposes to take a relaxing bath together - Probably Robin, after they get over the awkward memories of the bath tent incidents…
  • Spoils the other too much - Chrom. Always.
  • Wakes their other half on the week-end for some grown-ups quality time - On times when they’re not busy with royal duties? Probably Robin, since they’re less of a late sleeper compared to Chrom.
  • Likes watching outside when there is a storm - Robin has their own private reading quarters in Ylisse, with a window seat.
  • Is the most addicted to coffee - Is coffee even a thing in this world? If so, probably Robin. They’re always staying up so late planning all those strategies!
  • Has a lot of friend photos in her/his phone - I’d say Robin. Given how Robin has more supports than anyone else in this game, I imagine they’re more social than Chrom.
  • Eats the last part of pie/cake They will fight each other over it. Only to find that Lissa ate it by the time their little competition is done.
  • Comes to the other after a fight to reconcile Chrom.
Dead Things are Moving (part 1)

I live in a quiet part of the world. It’s a small estate of houses, with a canal and a small shop being the highlights. It’s the type of place where you tell people where you live near, because they’ll have never heard of the place itself. Hell, you probably wouldn’t even know the town I live near to.

Anyway, living in rural England, life is pretty mundane. I hang out with my girlfriend Jess, watching movies and playing video games together. She cooks dinner and we eat together, outside if the weather is right. I would cook but she always ends up trying to help and ends up taking over. She can’t sit still, that one.

I visit my dad, who lives nearby. Mum passed away a few years ago. Pictures of her, smiling a wide and warm smile, line the walls of the house. We drink later and talk about old times. Like the time my brother saw Jim Carey rollerblading around a hotel in Colorado or when broke my leg in my first job.

I also walk my dog along the canal and around some of the surrounding countryside. He’s a cute little thing, a pug-shi tzu cross. Looks like a little goblin, with those huge eyes and floppy, pointed ears. So that’s what we called him.

Last week I was walking Goblin by the canal when he went stock still and stared ahead. Now the canal runs on a bend, so I couldn’t see what was ahead. I just assumed he had smelled a cat or something at first. Something was wrong though. Usually, Goblin would bark at cats after a second or two and pull to go after them. Now though, he just stared at the bend, the hair on his back standing on end. He didn’t cry or whine, he just kept completely still, as if terrified that something would hear him.

It was then that I heard a loud splash. I jumped and ran towards the bend. I thought maybe someone had fallen in. Goblin refused to budge at first, digging his feet into the earth as I tried to pull him along with the lead. With a grunt of frustration, I picked him up and carried him around the bend. The dog was going wild in my arms, scrambling to get down and get away.

When I got around the bend though, there was nothing there. The ripples of the splash were just fading and there no sign of any life from the dark water. The bank was empty, except for a dead bird on the path.

I put the dog down and he just stood, shivering as he stared towards the water. I rushed forwards to get a better look, thinking to see someone trapped in reeds or something below. I stood on the edge, eyes searching the inky black for movement.

The dog was barking frantically now, panic evident in his canine voice. I turned to look, putting my back to the water. The dog wasn’t looking my way though. Instead, he was barking at the dead bird. At least, I had thought it was dead bird.

The bird quivered and pulsated. It seemed to shiver violently as it tried to stand. It’s movements, were jerky and unnatural, as if it didn’t know how it was supposed to move. With a sharp snap, it’s wing jerked back the wrong way and then hung loose, swinging obscenely as the bird tried to flap. The bird struggled with increased ferocity, throwing itself in every direction, as if it had no idea how its own body worked. The sickening dance of a marionette with a mad puppeteer.

Finally, the bird collapsed again but it did not stop. Lying on its chest it lifted its head up, pulling it back and back until the neck snapped with a sharp crack. But then, the head kept rising, impossibly ever backwards until it sat upon its own back, dead, rolling eyes arced towards the sky. Its chest strained and heaved and suddenly a fountain of gore spewed from its beak. Tiny red and brown organs and glistening ropes of intestines sprayed towards the uncaring heavens. The bird finally stopped and was still, a deflated and broke mess upon the ground.

Bile rose in my throat and my stomach revolted at what I had just witnessed. A cold sweat covered my body, despite the summer heat. Goblin was silent, his eyes staring at me in silent appeal. I was about to collect my dog and walk home when I saw something moving in the bird corpse. Curious, I inched towards the thing that had once been a bird.

At first, I thought perhaps there were insects or parasites inside the bird. The organs and the blood seemed to writhe in the hot sun, squirming under its gaze. But then I realised, there was nothing moving them. The gore itself was moving, as if willing themselves to live. The blood oozed and moved with intent, wild and random but with obvious conscious direction. The organs twitched and shuddered, with no obvious intent other than to be. It was impossible. What I was seeing was impossible. Organs cannot move, they have no muscles or bones. Blood doesn’t have a will. Almost as if answer, the growing blood swarm started oozing towards me, as if to push me towards the water.

I ran towards my dog, who did not hesitate to run with me and we got away from the abomination. We ran about twenty yards before I stopped to look back towards the thing. When I turned back though it was no longer on the path. It was being dragged into the black, inky depths of the canal by a long, inhuman arm.

The sun seemed to die on the skin of it, as if even the light of day was drank by its darkness. The arm was a hundred thousand shades of rotten, black skin, bone and flesh. There were scales and fur, feathers and skin. The sharp white of bone and oozing obsidian ichor split the mottled hide. The arm ended in a rough approximation of a hand, with claws and spins and pincers, all forged into a hideous mockery of nature. Gradually and blessedly, the arm disappeared, taking the bird with it. I thanked whatever god would hear for its disappearance, for I feared my mind would shatter trying to comprehend the awful sight.

I fled then, running all the way home with my dog at my side. Slamming the door shut behind me, I startled Jess as she lay on the couch. Babbling incoherently, I tried to tell her what I had seen but understandably she was sceptical.

‘Look, I know it sounds ridiculous but it was right there! Look, look how terrified the dog is! Look how terrified I am!’ I sat down with my head in my hands, the heavy beat of my heart pounding in my ears.

'Look, sweetie, I know you are scared but just think for a moment. You can’t possibly have seen what you saw. It just isn’t possible for a bird or any animal to do that. How could it keep moving after its neck was broken?’ Jess sat next to me, her face full of concern but also of obvious patience. She leaned in and hugged me, pulling me into her.

'What about the dog? And the arm?’ I said, looking at her, more than hoping that she could explain it away. I wanted so badly for all this to be false. I wanted it to fade away, like the details of a nightmare after waking. But it would not fade and in fact, the experience seemed burned into my brain. The wet, rotten smell seemed to fill my nose and mouth again, even as I sat there in Jess’ arms.

'Well, the way you are acting, no wonder the dog is scared! And with all this heat, maybe you just have sunstroke and hallucinated the arm.’ Jess’ voice was so calm and so sweet, it almost sounded like a lullaby.

My eyes widened and my body tensed. The smell. The smell of something long dead and submerged in stagnant water. The smell of putrification so complete, it was as if death itself had come alive. The smell I had thought I was still remembering. The smell I could smell now, faintly, coming from Jess.

'I swear, you’re so silly!’ Jess laughed as she held me. And as she held me tight, I saw the flesh of her neck start to writhe under the skin.

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((Oh man idek, it could end up being kinda okay? Multi eyes probably, maybe some fun two-toned hair. They don’t know each other that well but like, personality wise I don’t think they would have issue meshing well together. Kinda like when garnet first formed, weird but like…not monstrous or anything. They’d probably end up just hanging around watching bad gory movies and eating taquitos as a fusion. They’d be pretty big (any fusion with this Gamzee probably would be, like tall and a little chunky) Somehow her bad cooking and his good cooking would combine into mediocre cooking lol. I bet their fusion dance would be something kinda dorky.))

No Speedpaint today. Sorry

Something came up, I’ve already been super busy these last couple of days and my computer has been on the blink; so I won’t have a speedpaint by the end of today. Probably tomorrow at the earliest, but definitely by Tuesday at the latest. I’m sorry if you are watching me and wondering.

I do have some speedpaints partly recorded, but they are not finished, and I hate uploading unfinished videos to complete later.

house-of-crows said: 

There is nothing new under the sun, Aunt Jilli…. <3 People have always been schlocky for the sake of schlock and “shock n horror.”

Oh, I know. As a lifelong fan of the horror genre, I’m aware of the schlocky, “shocking” history behind it. And I’m well-aware that my issues with the content of those magazines is one of personal taste: if the photos and fiction were less misogynistic, if they were more elegantly worded or styled, I’d be (probably) be less squicked by them. And folks who like that stuff: rock on with yourselves! Read and watch what you want!

These particular magazines made ME uncomfortable, which is totally my issue, not anyone else’s. But I also feel a responsibility to my younger followers/readers, which is why I went through those magazines in the first place, so I didn’t end up sending something horribly inappropriate to one of the younger folks. 

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Can you just come here and watch Prometheus and Alien: Covenant with me and talk about all the David/Shaw and Walter/Daniels au where they have a wedding together? Like, right now?


Oh, a wedding! Careful now. Are you excluding David’s boldness and craziness in your alternate universe? Knowing him, he would probably end up throwing rocks and black goo at people and make out with the three of them. Apparently he’s very sexually frustrated… 

Seriously though, as much as I liked Alien: Covenant, I must say I’m disappointed they didn’t show what exactly happened between David and Shaw. I wanted to see a bit more of these two together. Oh well I’ll just have to view The Crossing once again, which was by the way part of the first drafts of the Prometheus sequel that didn’t happen, you know the one focusing on Shaw and David exploring the universe.  

I’ll be honest and say I don’t actively ship Walter/Daniels because I’ve been too busy crying over David/Walter, but I did like their scenes together and I actually thought of a ship name for these two: Nielster. What do you think? 

I seriously can’t wait for the subbed version to be out. I can watch it raw, but then the dialogues in my head will probably be a million times gayer than they actually are and I’ll end up being disappointed by the real thing.

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sorry, i probably can't help then. the only other one i can remember with ruby earrings specifically is esama's other fanfic my humble unworthy self, but that was sai wearing them. i think a lot of fics have pearl earrings though. the main reason i thought it was watch and learn is because hikaru ends up painting a screen, ogata challenges him to a match that takes place next to it, it's revealed that hikaru has two styles right before that, and a lot of the insei watch. but no ruby earrings.

no it’s fine!  it does sound similar haha, but i’m not too upset that it isn’t.  i’ll just… have to go through all of the hikago tag on ao3 again… which is gonna be both the best decision ill ever have and the worst.  hopefully the fic summary is one that i’ll click on again!