i of africa

Inatteso stridente pigolìo.

Kerkyra. Tramonto. Eccovi qua.

Poche in volo. Tu, di fronte a me,

nella grondaia tua dell’anno scorso,

solfeggi una nota bassa senza posa.

Hanno rifatto la facciata al tuo palazzo.

Avran buttato il vecchio nido. Stridi!

E ti lanci in trilli di stizza.

Di fango e cose secche in giro ce n’è a iosa:

rametti, foglie e tutto il ben di Dio.

Canta, sorella: primavera arriverà.

Stanche? Taglia il cuore l’emigrare.

Dopo i deserti dell’Africa, avari,

e mari di sovraccarichi barconi,

anche loro in fuga verso nord,

siete riapprodate, qui, a fine inverno.

Pantelleria? Malta? Lampedusa?

O Creta e poi il Peloponneso?

Sta esplodendo, pare, l’Africa del nord.

Avrete visto rivolte e relitti

nel raggiungere quest’isola ospitale.

Stanotte per voi non c’è riposo.

Stridete anche alla luna. A non sentire,

lei si rimbocca nubi sino alla fronte.

Armando Pajalich, Rondini, a un’altra primavera

  • Hi everyone 😊
  • I think I'm going to introduce myself properly since I haven't yet done it.
  • My name is Jamie and I live in South Africa. I guess I'm just living the average teenage girl life. There not much to know about me.
  • Hit me up if you want to get to know me x

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name: Sam, Evil
nicknames: Evil, Ms. L, yo teach
zodiac sign: Saggitarius
height: 5'7″
orientation: GAYYYYYYYYY but like 5.5 on the kinsey scale
ethnicity: white
favourite fruit: fruit is so fucking good you want me to pick just one? okay… uhm…. pineapple
favourite season: fall 10/10
favourite book: you wanna ask an english teacher her favorite book? okay, it’s harrypotternewsfleshtrilogytokillamockingbird
favourite flower: calla lilies and they are one of the multitude of reasons i knew south africa would be one of my favorite places when i got there
favourite scent: lavender and also coffee
favourite colour: GREEN! But also purple
favourite animal: elephants
coffee , tea , or hot cocoa: coffee every time i’m like fuckin lorelai gilmore
average sleep hours: generally 6-7
cat or dog person: i have both, and i can honestly say that i can’t pick which one i love best
favourite fictional character: castiel (weird, i fuckin know)
number of blankets you sleep with: between one a three depending on the night
dream trip: the rift valley
blog created: hmm, lemme look…. apparently since april 2012
number of followers: currently… 2095

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Turns out that my only bit of family out here in southern California is being deployed within the next couple weeks, and his tour lasts for at least a year :/

hOME AGain

I just arrived back home in Australia from my trip in Africa. I spent the night with my partner eating Chinese food and playing Abe’s Odyssey on a playstation emulator - around 1 am i fell asleep for the best since i have school today at 10 -5 - but i only slept 2 hours and had the most vivid dreams

i dreamed i was in highschool doing my honors year (??) only i was in my second year of honors and maybe in my masters but i didn’t know if this was even possible but on the first day back to school i made some friends with some new students - entirely made up by my mind, these new students were 16 (i was 18 in the dream) and i was suddenly so worried because i finally made a connection with some other girls in my world and i wasn’t even sure i was still enrolled

I woke up and spoke to my partner about it - we talked about how transitioning forces you to live your life in weird timelines of development - for most of our developing lives we are in the closet and even if we do experience allot of female socialization in childhood - we often try to assimilate into our assigned gender in our teens. so when we finally DO come out we end up having to redevelop our entire identity which can often be the source of a tonne of mental illness - often depending on how well you pass and how well you survive, how accepted you are in your community.

We talked on this allot and it was so beautiful how we shared the same language and signs in our experience - the experience being relative to the soul even though we never use that word - we shared our insights into navigating between different timelines of self

as trans people we can go through that awkward cringey phase of being a 10 or 12 year old girl in our 20s and people think we are choosing to be childish - like its a goal for us to be children again. Its hard to go into the details but its more like digging into the soil to find the older self - the one that you paused - for many of us this was our first self, or closer to our true self and it can be so confusing and hard to understand - but we know we can just go back to being 12 and go on from there. So we really push ourselves to speed this up - if were lucky we get a few years but for many of us, including my partner - were thrust into becoming and presenting as full adults very quickly!! and this is where the timeline gets so distorted - as you try to navigate between these 3 ages,

  • 1: you’re younger re-developing self.
  • 2. you actual age
  • 3. the age expected and needed of you.

for me i was very fortunate as i went to university - though this was really difficult because i didnt pass well and im quite tall so i drew allot of attention and became an experience for the people in my year to gain ‘an understanding and an insight into the trans;;;;’

For my partner, she began her chemical transition at the same time as her career - teaching. she started teaching games programming when she was 18 and her first experiences of this were very challenging and difficult, forcing her to develop a very intense and confident persona!

the variety in our experiences is immense but it can feel like we all have similar roots


extra for me; #personal

the relative to my dream here is so intense for me… I go to a school with 90% female population so there has been allot of time for me to experience things i missed out in highschool with other girls but obviously very different, starting out - everyone was so much further along than me in everything and it was so intimidating and overwhelming.
learning and embracing the fact that i am huge dork, a total dweeb and have the capacity to be overwhelming for others and actually annoying was the biggest step i took in getting closer to who i am as a person. during this phase though i made some really unique friends who reflected so much of myself in different ways - i was overjoyed! - i was actually over the moon happy with my life until one of those friends became uncomfortable with my transition process, which sounds harsh but in reality can be fair enough - this doesnt ever change or stop the hurt of that rejection though, as in my mind and experience it was my comparative to highschool. So in a really fundamental way - my do-over with having a freindgroup got messed up hard, sort of like a car spinning out and flipping over and crashing.

Its been 9 months since i lost those friends and its been hard. Im still friends with one of them but the situation has forced us, me, to displace our friendship into a strange place between distant friend and close acquaintance.

I dont blame anything totally - it was part misunderstanding on their part to see what i was going through and part my mistake for not being able to navigate myself and my development better.


Final thought; the self can have a core, soul like, identity but is also eternally ephemeral and in a constant state of flux.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I recently learned that my Sephardi ancestors went to North Africa (I'm not sure where just yet) and yet the Spanish Inquisition. I was wondering if this made me mizrahi? Or if I'm even a MENA Jew? (Sorry if this is rude; a lot of other ethnic Jews I follow have been getting a lot of discourse and hate lately)

yeah, many Jews got to North Africa (and mostly the Middle East) after the Edict of Expulsion. Sepharadi Jews in North Africa usually stayed in separate communities from the original Jewish population, preserving their Sepharadi culture. 

so you’re probably Mizrahi, and many Mizrahim have Sepharadi origins. 
my boyfriend is a Sepharadi Moroccan and identifies as Mizrahi (because he is), but i personally have no Sepharadi heritage on my Moroccan side. it differs.

Email, Snail Mail - both are exciting.

I’m looking for some internet buddies (obviously). I go by Annie, but if that’s uncomfortable, please do call me Annabelle, as it’s much lighter on the tongue and softer on the vocal chords. I am 20 years of age, half a year away from 21, and have been identifying as female for the entirety of my life. I speak three languages of which English (and German) are the least rusty. I am learning two others for personal enjoyment.

I am from South Africa, but I would like to write to people from anywhere in the world. Sometimes it is more pleasing to talk to someone living a life completely different from yours only one block away, than talking to someone on the other side of the world. My interest are broad (this I believe, but some might disagree). At the top of my list are reading and writing, closely followed by music (both making and listening), languages, drama, singing, exercise and general health. Some other interests that are less obvious and much more sporadic include hiking, cooking (I don’t know why), photography, sport, science, biology and that is all I can think of at the moment. 

On a serious note (P.S. this is the most common pun any musician can make, yet still fails to grow old): My passion lies in progress. I have a fondness for helping others achieve their goals, whether it be mental, physical, or academic. I am incredibly short tempered, but do not suffer from that nasty disease called obstinacy. I don’t have any interest in celebrities, fashion or makeup and it is most appropriate to refer to myself as an uninformed and useless piece of sh*t regarding those topics. 

My writing style is highly dependent on my mood, which is something I find worthy to note (haaa), because it might feel like you are receiving letters from different people. I would like a pen pal who enjoys serious debates interlaced with good laughs.  

Send me a message, if you want. I’ll write back. 

My email: annie.smokeandmirrors@gmail.com

(Am I a total loser for making that my email? Maybe, maybe not)

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Where have you traveled?

I’ve mainly stayed in what’s now known as Europe, though my travels have taken me to Asia for decades of time. In hindsight, I don’t know why I never took the opportunity to flee further away. Perhaps a false sense of safety that came with being close to what once was my home, perhaps a lesson not yet learnt. I ought to flee to Africa next time that fleeing become necessary; who knows if the jungle will hide me better than the city. Or perhaps I should indulge in my sense of safety and take a vacation.

Alex blog South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

We just left South Africa. We went to Table Mountain and on a safari. We also went to Boulder beach to see penguins. We also went to Robben Island and saw Nelson Mandela’s cell. We took the gondola up Table Mountain and walked around. At the safari, we saw lions, elephants, wildebeasts, springboks, zebras, buffalo, gazelles, and rhinos. The water is really, really, really cold. I really like South Africa.

Take a walk in the CBD (couldn’t take photos because I would’ve got mugged)

This one was a scary one. Immediately after my animation class I got driven to the CBD to take a walk in the streets for my creative development task. Although accompanied by a vehicle driving behind me , it was scary because of the stories I’ve heard and generally if you’re used to living in the suburbs you know the word would go around about how your neighbour was hijacked in the CBD and get kak scared because it could happen to you, after all this is South Africa.

I took a walk around the block and even stopped for a refreshment , I walked passed my dad’s old office building when he first started his own firm and got inspired, I heard stories of him being one of the first black lawyers to get an office in what was once a prime location for law firms. THIS GOT ME SO INSPIRED BRUH , THIS IS WHAT I COME FROM. To this day I hear my dad’s colleagues talk about him in huge respect and knowing where that is where he started to where he is today, I can only hope to emulate his phenomenal feats.

What I have learned is that the fear I got of walking in the CBD sparked something bigger, if I don’t try out new things I will never learn, if I don’t get out my comfort zone I will never discover. Fear is temporary, regret is forever.