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Celebrating the sale of my work - The Love Birds, to Hannah. She arrived to pick it up this afternoon. We came to an arrangement with the work, that allowed Hannah to donate $400 to a pastor in Africa. I don’t know all the details yet, but will keep you updated as they come to hand.⠀

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●▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬● Ai had selected South Africa as a tourist destination due to its history & the profitable growth that the area was enduring. A realm, apparently impoverished, that had in its kernel an enormous capital that only needed to be explored by the competent entities. The vampire wanted to witness with her precious hues what the district had become. However, Ai could never imagine that she’d end up lost with Uta. Instead of visiting great historical spots, they were completely lost in an alley under construction. We need to get out of this place as soon as possible.Told, pulling his tepid hand. She was trying to ignore the compliments that some workers were uttering. No, that place wasn’t touristic. Don’t look at them, Uta-san. Let’s go.The princess was too terrified to pay attention to the nefarious ambiance.

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I disagree - the escape to Africa is part of the problem not a solution. Harry needs to deal with the consequences of his mistakes not rely on Papa or pr to handle his screw ups while he plays at ranger in Africa. People grow up because they learn from their mistakes, because they have responsibilities. harry is still a child because he spends his life playing. Get him back in the army.

He was supposed to go anyway, cancel it put him stocks, pelt him with rotting produce. People learn from their mistake the entire world does find out about it! So you understand he is cycled out, you don’t go back

Will this make you happy?


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I was brought up in Africa, where I spent most of my time wandering around beaches or playing football with my friends. There were a huge amount of sea urchins, and my sister and I would explore the rock pools. We had a fantasy about who were the king and queen, and where their court was. Most of my childhood was spent living in a parallel world of underwater urchin royalty.

–Helen McCrory (x)

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pomegranate and tangelo!!

omg !! i already answered all of them #whoops but i’ll give different answers for those two !

pomegranate: when do you feel the most confident?

other than when im doing science/math, its probably when i’m walking to class and ppl r glancing at my hair and i’m listening to toto africa. other than those, its at a certain point when at the gay club when i’ve gotten over the extreme anxiety it causes me when i first get there and a song I know comes on and i just get 2 dance w my friends and be gay !!

tangelo: if you could be any mythical creature, which would you be?

ok so my original answer was shapeshifter and i stand by that, but i did some research to find the first thing i’d shapeshift into.
The ant-lion. head of a lion, body of an ant.
i have no idea if its as large as a lion, or as large as an ant. but either way i am fuckin ready
you can read a lil more about it here!!

Aren’t any Americans even phased by this shit though? Cos it’s as though everybody just acts like a buncha little jealous bitches and I’m like,

“I’m Jackie you retarded hookers.”

Isn’t it logical that once we get 11 billion babies, we’re all dead? Isn’t it also logical that inbreds should use discretion in plastic surgery? They say, “nah, she’s a liar.”

Whatever. Everybody knows most of you morons try and take other people’s shit because you’re fucking retarded at this point. Ahh, yeah, you bitches only meant well. You wanted to help the babies in Africa. Good. Fuck if I care. Go to Africa and stay true to your lie.

I already know I was the one who did the thing in the first place. Now we got fucking space aliens sounding shit off to let people know things are changing. Because you morons created AIDS to get people killed. Then they’re like, “hey, let’s kill them and take their faces too!!”

This is by far, the dumbest fucking place. Other worlds are like, “good comedy, bros.”

Nathan’s like, “beam me up, this shit sucks.” Thank the Australian white moron.

The Mercian good time boys should prolly help little people. Uhh, other thoughts, I’ll take on Africa bc the truth is, they already know I’m in the us trying to save the world. Again.

Why you motherfuckers always trying to end the world? Omg. Like omg, Merica!

Phone said Joe. K. Kill him.

Saudi Arabia, smh. Just what the actual fucking fuck.

Anyways, guys, I already got caught in the Columbia alien zone. These fuckers are catching on to my little kid games. I’m scared. I just felt as though I should keep my stickers, shawl and prettyful looks without having to publicly state that the sword is mighty in my case. But, since y'all already know.. The important thing is to straighten out this mess. Women are not baby factories. And women’s faces cannot be replicated because Daniel tosh wanna destroy some boys life. Kill that asshole.

As of the moment of writing this I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Kenya. I think I have written about this a little bit before, but I’ll elaborate now. The group with which I’m going consists of 8 people, including me. It is organised by a former national geographic photographer, Dominik Skurzak (africa-point.com). Not only are we going to spend time watching the wildlife there, but we will also go to an orphanage, and a village where some of the locals live. I think this will be a very important part of this trip, but also it will allow me to see the realities of one the LEDCs in Africa. I’m a geography HL student, and being able to see with my own eyes what I have been learning and studying throughout IB1, will be a very important experience for me, at least I think so at the moment. I’ll see what it’ll be like soon.

@gradschoolforty This place has the best ice cream 😍 I just wish I didn’t have to pass it twice a day because they always try to tempt me with funny signs haha. But I might get some this weekend 🙃
And ooooh July 31st! Eeks! Is it hard to find a place to live in your area?
Also, I need you to know that I bought an avocado and it’s now chilling in my window 😂

@moretufflesspuff I wish I was still in South Africa because I miss it like crazy. I moved to Poland last year and it’s getting time for a new adventure. Plan A is going back to the Netherlands (for a specific job) and plan B is moving to Portugal and learning Portuguese for future traveling.

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peach, grape, banana, star fruit

Peach- I do not! 

Grape- oh man that's hard, but probably Capetown South Africa. I’ve always wanted to go! 

Banana- Definitely The Ring, its a classic ;) 

Star fruit- Giant Manta Rays! 

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Oh gee back to Africa. He should have stayed with Chels they are one in the same everytime things get tuft they run back to Africa. He and Chels need to get married and move to Africa. He always wanted to live in Africa. I don't think he ever got over Chels and when she called it quits for good. He hasn't been able to move on from her and that life. She protected him and looked after him and he has no one. It's very sad.

They will always be friends, sometimes it is better that way. Africa is a safe zone.

thanks anon