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I wanna plait all your hairs and style it no matter the length nor style

Asia: sure, why not~? Though it may take a while for my hair since it goes beyond the floor~

Europe: I-I would like it plaited please… 

Africa: I already put my hair in dreadlocks… but if you insist, I shall teach you how to braid them.

Antarctica: I-Isn’t my hair a little too short… though it would be nice if it was braided. 

Oceania: can you make it so that my hair is not covering my face? It’s super curly, so it easily covers my vision!

North America: yes please!! Ooh, then can I braid your hair in return~?

South America: aaah, that would be nice~ May I have the same braid as my sister’s~?

“I had one of the most interesting jobs in the world. I worked for this company for 28 years, started out as a chemist and got a job in the international division. I have been to 60 countries. My favorite place was developing countries. I have been to South Africa, I got to listen to Mandela’s speech, I still have an original copy. Traveling solo is the most interesting way to meet people. I still have friends in Cambodia that I call and talk to every day. I’m now preparing to take a trip to Thailand for six months just because the spirit moves me. Can you think of a better reason?” http://ift.tt/2cBkcG5

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1. What is your favourite film genre and why?
action comedy movies! have a lot of great memories watching them w my dad

2. Which band do you want to see reunite the most?

3. What’s your star sign? Is it accurate?
I’m A Gemini.  it’s pretty accurate though I wouldn’t hold on to horoscopes

4. Something that people wouldn’t guess about you?
I was born in south Africa

5. Happiest memory?
walking down cottage country city shops w my dad in hand eat if ice cream as my sister and mother window shopped. also getting a selfie w alex lifeson

6. How did you get into your favourite band?
a guy I like told me recommended 21st Century schizoid man to me

7. Do you watch the TV show Friends?

8. What was the last film you saw? Was it good?
the latest star wars, and yes it was! 

9. Favourite shop?
Play de Record,  I got a lot of my favourite albums there

10. Do you own any pets? If not, what pets would you like?
I used to have a fish.  his name was Goldie. I’m not really a pet person

11. You are given three wishes, and you cannot wish for any more. What do you wish for? 
happiness, time and abolish mental illness

Do you wear nailvarnish often? What is your favorite shade?
hm not really. currently I’m killing the ‘i spilled super glue on my hands’ shade. other than that it’s either black or dark red

Cake or pie

How many people have you kissed?
idk I stopped counting at some point. probably around 10 ??

Describe your favorite pair of shoes.
black ankle boots or my mismatched converse
Shopping in a store or online?
neither? I guess in store so I can try on clothes

What were your favorite books as a kid?
anything by Cornelia funke

Retro trend you’d like to see make a comeback?
this isn’t really a retro trend but swing and jazz big bands should make a comeback js
Your genuine opinion on dill pickles.
I love them with a passion
Rock star crush
chriiiiis squire !!!! 🐠💜
Weirdest dream you’ve ever dreamt
a few weeks ago i had a dream the guy I had a crush o for the better part of my high school career came into my work place asking for me and naturally my coworkers all made it a big deal and he came back and we had a talk but into can’t remember what it was about. certainly not my weirdest dream but I don’t remember dreams often
Describe your fashion sense.
whatever I feel like at the time. usually casual

1. Your life is now the last show you watched..What is it and how is your outlook on life?

it was how I met your mother.  I am now in love  the same person as I have for the past 9 years (i didnt even have a crush when I was nine lmao) and I am lonely af

2. Are you an organized or messy person?

both! my work space needs to be messy but as a person I’m pretty organized

3. What is your favourite show?

merlin and that 70s show

4. What is the first chapter book you remember reading?

idk probably Pippi Longstocking

5. When was the last time you saw a movie in theatres?

I don’t remember, too long ago. but I do have microeconomics every Wednesday in a movie theatre

6. Have you ever done sports for a team or individually?

I’m on my schools/club fencing team (which is an individual sport) but occasionally i participate in team events with two-three others.

7. What is a band that your family likes that you like as well,if any?

probably only queen and the Beatles

8. What was the happiest dream you’ve had?

idk I don’t remember my dreams often

9. Where do you like to be most?

anywhere away from home

10. What is a song by a favourite band that you identify with?

strange kind of woman - DP

11. What is your favourite meal? With what drink?

probably tomato bisque with some quality whiskey or aj

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5. What past action (big or small) did you take to improve the quality of your life?
6. What is the hardest thing you have ever done?
7. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
8. If money were no object what would your dream home look like?
9. If money were no object where would you shop for clothes?
10. What is your favorite smell? What memory does it remind you of?
11. Which flavour of ice-cream/gelato do you like the most?

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Sooo… study talk again.

New idea is: get a double bachelor in global development and social anthropology, and then get a master in social studies of gender with a major in development studies. 

That sounds pretty nice, huh? 

If I do it this way I’ll be writing my thesis this spring on something relating to the role family planning has on the economical development in rural regions in northern Africa (I’m thinking like Morocco because we’ve studied them before). And then write my socant thesis on…like how femininity and class or race relate to each other? Maybe? 

I was thinking for a while about writing a thesis if Coca Cola could claim to employ CSR for their work with Innocent (for ex.) while exploiting water resources in India. But I think it’s important to write a thesis about a subject that you will get your master in.

Feels like a pretty solid plan, IMO

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Earlier this week I returned to the US after a 4 month hiatus in Eastern Africa. I’m really at a loss for words… I swear, I just left for a weekend, and it was the best weekend of my life. I wonder if the reason why it went by so fast is because of how absolutely, phenomenally, breathtakingly fun it was. I met the coolest, most amazing people with incredible personal stories. I climbed an active volcano to stare into a lava lake. I traversed the rapids of the great River Nile by raft and by kayak. I had the most brutally honest conversations that lead to overwhelming challenges and personal growth. I was forced into trust and dependence and had to ask for help. I’d always believed asking for help meant failure, but what it really did was prevent loving people from sharing their blessings with me. I shared my weaknesses with those I was convinced would abandon me after; instead they revealed my false understanding of true love and dependence. 
I walked into uncertainty and left with direction and purpose. I trusted the one I’ve committed my life to and she revealed the depths of our love.
Did I just learn the meaning of my life? I’m not sure. But I think I was given a glimpse into my purpose. All thanks to the beautiful land that is Africa, and those amazing people that will forever be in my heart.

I’m really glad that I stepped away from social media. I really wish I would have spent more time emailing those of you that reached out to me, but I didn’t and I’m sorry. It’s because I spent a great deal of time being present with those around me and it was the best time of my life. Don’t let these platforms distract you from those amazing people around you. Don’t let the highlight reel of other people’s lives make you feel inferior or that you have to live life a specifics way. Don’t ignore the opportunity to be present in the moment. And lastly, don’t be afraid to do something terrifying and crazy. It just might change your life! http://ift.tt/2d7tBGi

i wonder if you guys would see me differently if you knew i listened to africa by toto when replying to literally everything??? 

Sogno un mondo nuovo, diverso, libero, pieno di sorrisi. Voglio un'Africa in cui il cibo sia per tutti e in cui le donne non muoiano per mettere al mondo i loro figli, un'Africa piena di colori. Voglio un'Europa unita come la sognava Spinelli, un'Europa di valori democratici e di libertร , uguaglianza e fraternitร . Voglio un Medioriente in pace in cui famiglie innocenti non siano piรน colpite dalle bombe e in cui ognuno si riconosca nel proprio governo e si senta parte del suo popolo. Voglio un mondo Arabo in cui le donne siano libere di andare in bicicletta e di mettersi abiti colorati, in cui possano vivere i loro amori e i loro sentimenti e non siano chiuse in casa o dietro un burqua. Voglio un'Asia libera dalle fabbriche in cui vengono sfruttati i bambini e con meno divario tra le moderne cittร  piene di smog e le campagne senza acqua corrente. Voglio degli Stati Uniti d'America in cui finalmente smettano le spararorie tra bianchi e neri, in cui la sanitร  sia per tutti e le armi solo un lontano ricordo. Voglio un'Australia in cui gli aborigeni non siano considerati fenomeni circensi. Voglio un'America Latina colma dell'immancabile allegria di quei popoli, memore dello spirito rivoluzionario del Che Guevara e in cui finalmente la libertร  sia reale.
Voglio un mondo diverso, un mondo di bellezza e armonia, ma forse, forse sono solo una sciocca rivoluzionaria, o magari no.
The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira: 'We Need a Helping Hand' for African Families Living with AIDS

On Saturday, The Walking Dead star Danai Gurira will speak out for HIV/AIDS education and eradication in Africa by presenting a special video (from Johnson & Johnson) at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City.

The video, which follows the lives of children living in the Nyumbani Village (a sustainable AIDS community in Nairobi, Kenya), is a project that is very near and dear to her heart.

The village, which was founded to support elders and children who are living with AIDS or orphaned due to AIDS, has become a model of support for communities affected by the AIDS pandemic. All of which the Zimbabwean American actress has witnessed with her own eyes after growing up in Southern Africa.

“I grew up in Southern Africa in the ‘80s and '90s so I witnessed what was happening around the issues of HIV and AIDS in various ways and I’ve always been connected to the issues as a result of that,” Gurira tells PEOPLE. “Growing up, what was devastating to watch was how homesteads and families were dismantled by this disease.”

Gurira is optimistic that the documentary will shed more light on how there’s hope in sustaining stable villages in Africa that have been torn apart by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

“The documentary allows the audience to see and reach out to support Nyumbani Village and hopefully ignite more attention around this being a really exemplary model of helping facilitate others that deserve to be facilitated. But we need a helping hand,” she says. “I truly believe in the power of the image and telling a story, and I hope that because it will receive such a wide audience … that everyone [sees that they] have the power to connect with others and to make change.”

She continues to say, “Doing that one thing can enact change and allow people to learn not only about the Nyumbai Village but other wonderful organizations out there that are doing fantastic work. There are lots of them.”

Check out the Johnson & Johnson YouTube channel to see the new “I Was There” video I worked on with #JNJCares. Their work in a Kenyan village, Nyumbani, is an example of how we can help communities and pave the way for generations to come. Link in bio. #TheCaringWorld #JNJ #ad

A photo posted by Danai Gurira (@danaigurira) on Sep 19, 2016 at 4:28pm PDT

The 38-year-old wants people to know that there are countless organizations that need support.

“From where I’m from in Africa, there are such amazing organizations created by and led by Africans who understand the issues and know how to make things better, but [they] need support,” Gurira adds. “They don’t need to be told what to do, but need facilitations.”

With so many organizations out there, the actress insists that people, like her, make time and “plug in where they feel passion.”

“To me it just feels like an organic connection to how I’m built from being at all these places,” she says of balancing work with philanthropy. “So, I have to make time, because that’s who I am. It doesn’t feel balanced to me, if I’m not involved. That just doesn’t feel right to me. It doesn’t allow me to actually feel in a state of well-being.”

Adds Gurira, “For people to get out and care and connect is really important in where we go next as a community.”

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you don't have to respond to this, just letting you know that a runespoor is basicly a magical three headed snake from africa

I think this is info that needs to be shared though so I’m gonna respond 😂