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Name: Savannah

Nicknames: Sheneneh (ah this one is so embarrassing) and Nana (lol no im not a grandma)

Birthday: May 12

Sign: Taurus

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Height: 5′2 #shortlife

Favorite colors: Royal blue, mint, teal

Hours of sleep: 6-8 (if i get any less i get v upset)

Lucky #: welp i guess i don’t have one

Last thing i googled: a gazelle from out of africa (i had an assignment on this story the other day and i needed help oops)

Happy place: def the internet

I tag: i literally have no idea so whoever wants to do this just #doit

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NAME: Amanda
NICKNAME: Mandy, manda, my rp characters’ names or an amalgamation thereof, tbh i’ll answer to anything even if it’s like ‘asshole’ unless you’re using it to hurt my feelings lol
STAR SIGN:  Cancer
GENDER: Female.
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: I have a horrible sleep pattern so i have no idea. I think about 5 or 6 rn.
LAST THING I GOOGLED: "total biscuit” because totalbiscuit was mentioned in a nerd3 video and i’d never heard of him
LAST FILM I SAW AT THE CINEMA: Monsters, University I think.
DREAM TRIP: Alaska or Africa

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I just found out that my oldest sisters husband is going to be moving to another country for work.
I feel like that’s just a step closer to them separating and it makes me so sad. But, she’s strong and independent so I know that whatever happens she’ll be okay.

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a-book of mormon

AAAAAAAAAAAAA i’m dying because of the stephie reference omg

ok now let’s do it:

Favorite ensemble song: aaaaaa i can’t do it it’s too haaaard! i think maybe…. UGH idk maybe tomorrow is a latter day??? AAAGH i don’t wanna do it~

Favorite small ensemble song: I CAN’T CHOOSE DON’T MAKE ME DO IT, DON’T BE DAN LOONEY

Favorite solo: i believe????

The song I love to sing at the top of my lungs: EVERYONE

The song I sing in the shower: all american prophet????

The song that always gets stuck in my head: i am africa????

The song I relate to because it describes me/my life: TOMORROW IS A LATTER DAY

The song that gives me the most feels/makes me cry: hasa diga eebowai (reprise)

The song that puts me in a good mood: tomorrow is a latter day

The song that makes me laugh: ummmm baptize me???

The song I can never remember the lyrics to: joseph smith american moses

The song I know all the lyrics to: all the others except maybe sal tlay ka siti

The song I wish I had someone to sing with: two by two! (i already have hila tho :D)

The song I would listen to on repeat for hours on end: i believe and man up

The song I don’t like/get tired of easily: joseph smith american moses and sal tlay ka siti

The song that I’m used to hearing a certain way (a specific version or recording) and get upset if I hear it a different way: all american prophet, but it’s only a certain part and it doesn’t really matter.


elder-bampow asked:

I'm going to have to say it - book of mormon for the song category thingy :)

fun yay
Favorite ensemble song: Tomorrow is a latter day!
Favorite small ensemble song:Hello i guess
Favorite solo: Man Up (IT’S  A SOLO K DON’T TALK TO ME)
The song I love to sing at the top of my lungs: I Believeeeee (but seriously all of them)
The song I sing in the shower: Baptise me (i’m funny huh)
The song that always gets stuck in my head: all american prophet
The song I relate to because it describes me/my life: you and me but mostly me i think (both sides)
The song that gives me the most feels/makes me cry: MAN UP
The song that puts me in a good mood: Hello
The song that makes me laugh: Joseph Smith American Moses
The song I can never remember the lyrics toThe song: uhh i think i’ll say i am africa even though i know the lyrics but the part where they all sing together is really hard??
I know all the lyrics to: all of them i’m trash
The song I wish I had someone to sing with: i have timegirl for all of them tbh
The song I would listen to on repeat for hours on end: Man UP
The song I don’t like/get tired of easily: i really like all the songs but i guess jsam?
The song that I’m used to hearing a certain way (a specific version or recording) and get upset if I hear it a different way: AJ’s man up, but i have like 9 versions and i listen to all of them


Where will we begin? By now you should know our goal is to rebuild the education and healthcare system in Africa. It is a massive goal but the only way we can achieve it, is by breaking it down into small goals which require your help. The first place we will begin with is Agogo, which is in Ghana. Before we start we are doing research on a new energy system that will be sustainable and less dangerous. Did you know that many Africans still use a fuel based energy generator. Which is either powered by petrol or diesel. The round up cost of the tools we need to build is £230. Donate today and help us achieve this target: http://www.TheAlkebulanTrust.org/Donate Also sign up for updates.

Beautiful Belgium...

I arrived into Belgium quite late from Amsterdam.
On the train ride I met a lovely African lady who was seeing friends in Antwerp. She told me stories of her hometown (Gunya? I think?) and how I must visit Africa. She gave me some beautiful homemade gifts, a bracelet and a necklace! Very lovely woman.
My train arrived 40 mins late! But luckily my host Ari was patiently waiting for me at the station. Wow what a sight! The most gorgeous station in the world!
We walked back to his apartment and the city is a gorgeous sight at night.
The architecture of this place is phenomenal!
I still hadn’t had dinner so I got some hot chips with a meat gravy! Perfect for a cold rainy night in Antwerp!

Next day I wandered back to the station to take a look in the day and plan my day.
Antwerp is known for its fashion, so they have a huge street called the “Meir” which has loads of dress shops and the like. I wandered down and looked at all the gorgeous fashion before stopping at Rubens House. 

“Rubens House, you will get acquainted not only with Rubens the master painter, but also with Rubens the family man, the architect, the manager, the collector, the graphic artist and the society figure, as well as the inspiring role model that he was.”

I enjoyed looking at his spectacular house, each room had a different purpose and loaded with pictures! Very detailed ones with lots of elements in each picture.

Afterwards I visited “The Chocolate Line” an amazing chocolate shop! The rich smell of coco when you walk in is imply heavenly! I stayed in that shop for half an hour! Anyone who knows me knows how much I like my chocolate! I bought several of these tiny chocolates! One was fried onion flavour and to my surprise was delish.

I slowly ventured my way to the river where I was told by Ari I could walk under it and use some of the oldest working escalators in the world! It had such an amazing smell of old wood, but when I reached the bottom of the tunnel it was so cold! Took me maybe 5 mins to walk to the other side and when I came out, wow what a gorgeous sight to look back at this city. 

I sat in the park there for around 1 and a half hours listening to music. I still don’t feel I am 17000 km from home! Still pinching myself I have actually made it to Europe!

When I walked back I decided to stop at a beer cafe on the way home and have a sneaky frothy one….. Be rude not too wouldn’t it 😝
I sat and enjoyed a lovely beer called, “Chouffe Bok” and man was it good! It was a cute little cafe with locals coming in and greeting the owners, something I noticed was the men all kisses one another twice on the face….. But grabbing their heads. Something I never would see in Australia. It was nice. Just two mates saying a nice warm hello! Anyway, I sat drinking beer and reading my book, old mate saw I had finished it and poured me another….sure enough I had had maybe 3 beers…..but their beer is stronger than ours, so I was relaxed! Whilst I was finishing my last beer there was a heated argument outside, it got very shouty, and kind of amusing for me….all in Dutch and I could just understand from the tone it was a general chit chat, oh and the arms wailing about!
It soon ended when the owner made them kiss and make up!

Early to bed that night ready for my trip to Amiens in France!
So until next time…..

Love Aj xox

This is how I’ve been stimming since I got up this morning. I’m listening to Africa by Toto and putting my Tangle to good use. If you have the audio on you’ll hear me exclaim “beat drop!” when the song hits the chorus. My camera’s microphone seems to have prioritized my Tangle’s clicking over the music.

I’m an autistic dork and proud of it.

Now I hope you excuse my wearing a bikini top and shorts. It’s 93F and disgustingly humid in Southern California right now. I have to hold off on turning on my window AC unit as long as possible to avoid running up the electric bill, so I wait until I feel like I’m breathing into a plastic bag even if a fan is on. I shut the fan off for the video because it’s a loud piece of crap. Great white noise, but a microphone hog if my camera is on! I’m gonna throw on an oversized T-shirt to go to choir practice tonight. It’s so huge it hides my shorts so it’s gonna be fun to pull it up an inch and be all “Yes my butt is covered!”

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Name: rebecca

Nicknames: becca or bex :-)

Birthday: sep 6 1997 omg soon

Star sign: virgo

Gender: female

Fave color: rly nice yellow these days

Time right now: 3:21 pm

Average hours of sleep: 6-7 I think

Lucky number: 13

Last thing googled: Melanie Martinez

Number of blankets I sleep under: 2

Fave book: ??? Who knows

Fave band: Beatles, black keys, Lana, 1D, beach boys n Elliot smith

Last movie watched: Stick it lmao
Dream trip: South Africa!!
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What do you all think?
  • I wonder what Africa would be like if it would've been left alone. No slave trade. No colonization. Maybe opening of trade routes or something but no heavy influence in the people, government and health of the ingenious Africans EVER.
  • And then the followup - What about the Americas as well?

Just one of my photos from Africa. I have been having some fun organizing the photos. Only have around 209 posted, still got another 1000 left to sort. Go check it out on fb and give it a like


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Misconceptions about Africa

When watching American television shows or just seeing Americans talk In general about Africa, I see that Americans have this preconceived idea about what Africa is.

First of all, Africa is a continent and not a country.
You cannot fly to Africa as there are many countries in Africa.
Not everyone in Africa is poor and hungry, in fact Africa is filled with millionaires and even billionaires.
Nigeria’s movie industry (Nollywood) is the third largest movie industry in the world after Hollywood and Bollywood

People in Africa don’t walk around naked or with animal carcasses around to cover themselves.
We know about the latest trends and brands.
We wear Christian Louboutin, Versace , Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and all these famous brands.
Africans also have their own fashion designers such as Thula Sindi and David Tlale from South Africa.
This preconceived idea that Hollywood has somehow indoctrinated people around the world actually makes me angry.

Africans do not ride elephants or lions to school.
They are kept in zoos and game parks and in the wild (where they belong)
We have cars. Actual cars. Mercedes Benz, BMW , Audi , Chevrolet- they are all available in Africa .

These ideas and notions that Africa is a bad place and that Africans aren’t aware of the things that go on around the world need to stop .
We are advanced
We are technological
We are pretty much just as smart or even smarter than Americans

We are Africa