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Monsta X Reaction To Finding Out Their Girlfriend’s Secret Hobby Is Reading Erotic Mangas/Novels
Other Versions:

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“You’re an adult so whatever suits you, but… Erotic mangas? I can’t imagine you reading those”


“That’s a very interesting and original hobby, I fully support it so I can sometimes borrow them from you


“That’s really… cool”
*He’d be shy about it*


*Takes one of your mangas/books and opens it*
“O… ohh… So this is what you’re up to when I’m working, huh?”


/Shit, maybe she needs something more in bed. What if she has some hidden kinks I am yet to unveil/


“You really read this… You’re so much less innocent than I thought”


“Oh my God, no way…”
*Shy shy, very shy*

I hope you liked it~
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DRamione Book Club fic announcement!

I’m super late on this and away from my computer so there’s no link but everyone needs to go read clean and marked by @olivieblake as it’s truly fantastic and I REALLY really want to discuss it with you all.

Ok it’s two stories and they’re both long so we’ll discuss in 3 weeks!!

Quick Editing Tips for a Series

Anonymous asked: I am currently in the middle of editing my first novel (the first of four in the series) and so far the process is crippling. I need to change so much in this YA cliché-filled story, so I’m wondering, any tips on editing a 2nd or 3rd draft?

There are a lot of ways to go about editing. Here is my shortened version for you. 

  1. Print your draft and read it with a pen in hand. Now, start making notes. Look for awkward phrasing. Little things that you don’t like. Try not to cross out whole scenes or chapters, just because you think they’re “bad,” but be aware that you might need to cut out a few chapters or scenes to create the book you want. You should try to see what’s working and what’s not working. Where is the heart of the story? Not what do you think is the heart of the story- what is important based on what you’ve already written? 
  2. Time to plan. Not every novel needs to be meticulously planned at this point, but if you’re writing a series, some planning will be necessary. With a series, by the end of the first book, there needs to be enough loose ends to continue. This is the point in the writing process where most writers I know do the bulk of their planning. 
  3. Now the major editing. Try to put that plan into your story. It may mean writing or rewriting scenes. I know writers who write the whole book over again (actually it’s pretty common). This part can take awhile. 
  4. Repeat step 1 (and perhaps go through the cycle again). This is what I know editing to be. It is a many headed monster and, not going to lie, it’s one of my favorite parts of the writing process. I’ve met writers who have gone through over 30 drafts before deciding that their book was finished. It happens. 
  • Ranpo:Then you’ll never know bazongas. You have to want it, Kenji. You have to need it.
  • Kenji:Then, teach me about bazongas.
  • Ranpo:I can barely hear you. You have to mean it.
  • Kenji takes a deep breath as Ranpo leaves and Kunikida and Dazai enter the room
  • Kunikida:Whoa! Don’t go shouting things like that!
  • Dazai:Don’t scold him, Kunikida. I read about this in a book. It’s called “puberty”. We’re suppose to be understanding and supportive.

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Ok I just watched The wizard of oz (for the first time ever in my life, and if there is a book I've never read it) and kept GMW in mind and WOW MIND-SPLOSION !!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱 15 min. Later still in AWE. I understand the story even more

Yeah, I haven’t gotten around to re-reading the book (I need to, it’s been years and I loved ALL the Oz books as a kid), but watching the movie with GMW in mind is just a major, major mindsplosion.

Especially if you think of the BMW-assumptions as the “antagonist” or “villain” of the show aka the Wicked Witch of the West. Those BMW-assumptions really trip the kids up (especially Riley) in terms of who the audience expects them to be. The BMW-assumptions are clamping back down hard right now and all of the kids’ growth arcs are disappearing before our eyes. Talk about a setback. And in terms of how Josh & Evan help pave the way for those BMW-assumptions to clamp back down in SL2, I swear those two are winged monkeys (funny how they’re both directly connected to BMW…). 😂


Pay attention to who breaks down the door to get Ril—I mean Dorothy out of the dungeon after the Witch locks her up. 👀


Sonia keeps her eyes trained resolutely on Violet’s. Violet’s eyes are the colour of pennies. Sonia can’t believe she’s never noticed before. A pulse starts drumming deep in her veins. She tells Violet that she just popped in to pick up some pastries for her Book Club meeting tonight. Violet sighs theatrically and tells Sonia that she would love to join a book club, reading is her favourite hobby. Sonia feels naked and vulnerable without her hair to curtain her face. Her longing must be as obvious as a neon sign. 

Sonia: Why don’t you come along tonight to our meeting? We need new members. 

Violet: Really? You’re really inviting me? Wow, thanks, Sonia. Here’s my number. Just text me the address and I’ll be there. Wow, this’ll be sooo great! Do I need to bring anything? 

Sonia: NoJust yourself. 

Violet: Okay.

Sonia: Great. See you around 7.

She’s halfway home before she realises she forgot to buy the pastries. 

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Hey, I have one question! I'm not very familiar with the era that CP is on so I need a reference to Laurent clothes. Can you please help!

Hello Anon! I can absolutely help you out with this, as I am quite familiar with French history (*points @ myself* French lol) - the culture from which Vere was ispired! Though I’m sorry for the late reply, it’s just that I wanted to do as much research as I could to give you a good answer for this. I would have even wanted to re-read the books to find more references that could help me and you on this, but I thought it would delay my response for too long… (I think I’ll do that very soon, though, so I can compile every clothing reference from the series for fanfic writers and fanart makers!) BUT ANYWAY, let’s get to this!

First off, it must be said that, since CP isn’t ~really~ set in an actual historical period - rather, it’s a made-up era* -, there are a few things about the series that can’t truly be related to any cultural aspect of history. But, thankfully, it’s not a lot of them, and most things actually can be related! Also, I have to say that I’m not a specialist when it comes to this, so there may be some things that are wrong. However, I did as much research as I could, trying to correlate what I learned in History class in high school and what I found on the net. Now, let us finally begin….

(* : Think about the fact that Vere seems to be inspired by medieval/Renaissance France - Middle Ages: Vth to XVth century; Renaissance: XVth, XVIth and XVIIth century -, while Akielos is inspired by Greece while it was under Roman control - 146 BC to 330 AD -…)

To help with my research, I first looked up the illustrations from the Japanese edition of the first series:

Img © prince-damianos

The style is obviously very altered from any actual historical reference, but from what I could find, the closest match for this kind of clothes is around the late XVth, XVIth and early XVIIth century. So, with that figured out, we can now start with the references! 

It isn’t pictured there, but let’s start with the undergarments. In the books, it’s often said that Laurent wears a thin white shirt underneath his dark clothes. This could very well be a Chainse. (Fun fact, that’s where the word “chemise” - shirt - comes from!)

Usually made of cotton, it was also sometimes made of linen or even silk (which are very thin and elegant fabrics) for the nobility.

As for the lower part, Laurent most probably wears Braies underneath his pants (which… weren’t actually pants at the time… you’ll see).

These were made of the same material as the Chainse was made.

(Note: the Chainse and Braies might look too “peasant” for memebrs of the nobility, but these were actually worn by everyone! Whether they be kings or field workers, they all wore these garments underneath their clothes, because they were an important part of the medieval Costume.)

Then, it’s said that Laurent wears thight-fitting clothes that cover him “from neck to toe.” This is broken down into three different parts.

Number one, upper part: the Pourpoint (or Doublet).

Painting by Giovanni Battista Moroni (around 1525 - 1578)

The material used for this was most probably cotton or wool, or in any case, rich materials. And even though the painting shows that it was fastened with buttons, laced Pourpoints were also very popular amongst the nobility! -wink emoji-

And this is the part where there is a little bit of a historical innacuracy (can’t blame C. S. Pacat at all, since she just used the references to inspire herself), because the Pourpoint only covers down to the waist. And, as you can see on the Japanese illustration, Laurent’s Pourpoint covers him down to his mid-thigh, more or less. 

For this, I’d say that you can really do as you wish: either use the Japanese illustration as reference and do a “long Pourpoint”, or go the ~historically accurate~ way and do an….

Number two, middle part: the Haut-de-Chausses (or Trousses).

This garment is made out of vertical pieces of fabric attached together at the level of the waist, underneath the Pourpoint, with puffy cloth stuffed inside, to give it that particular bouffant look.

As you can see in the picture above, the Haut-de-Chausses evolved a lot during the XVIth century. I think that the most accurate one (referring to the Japanese illustration) would be the one from 1580, where the “puffy” look started to get abandonned, to go for a more “skirt-like” look. Like this:

In any case, there must always be something to cover the crotch because, as I said in the beginning, there weren’t pants in this time! And this is where it gets kind of strange! :’D

I know it’s often said in the books that Damen removes Laurent’s pants, though I don’t know if it was to make it all less complicated to explain, or if C. S. Pacat really wanted to give Laurent actual pants. But, if you’re going the historical way, you’re going to want to give Laurent…

Number three, lower part: the Chausses.

This is a pair or garments worn underneath the Haut-de-Chausses (“haut”= “high” which means that the Haut-de-Chausses will always go over the Chausses!). And, as you can see, the Haut-de-Chausses are most probably meant to hide the crotch part where the two Chausses aren’t joined, which looks really ugly imo. And they may look a bit baggy on the pic, but some of them were very tight. The fitting of the Chausses really depended on the wearer’s preferences.

As for how these are attached to the rest of the clothes: they are laced to the Pourpoint, at the waist. (I love how this literally historically justifies the whole “thos damn laces” thing about Laurent lol).

As with the Pourpoint, wool and cotton (but especially wool, since it’s warm) were the preferred materials for these garments.

And, finally! We’ve reached the shoes! This one was a bit tougher, because it wasn’t common for people to regularly wear boots outside of hunting (as Laurent does). But my guess is that he weras just that: hunting boots. And there are various designs for those:

(The latter ones are very much inspired by our boots from nowadays, but I’m guessing that’s probably the style C. S. Pacat wanted for Laurent?)

The only available material for the boots at that time was leather, which is usually very stiff when it’s “new,” and later becomes malleable (and super comfy!) with regular use of the shoes. Which is something you probably alreayd knew, but I’m saying it anyway because I have the impression that Laurent would always wear stiff boots (which means having boots made for him every feew months)… To give himself a more “severe” look, don’t you think?

And… I think that’s about it! So sorry this is so long, and that it took me so much time to post it aaahhh. But I hope it helps you at least a little bit! And if you have other questions, related to this or about other things from the series, always feel free to drop me a message! I hope you have a wonderful day, anon ❤

Sources (all in French, sorry!): x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x / x 


“So get this,” Sam said, walking towards the table with his eyes focused on the page in front of him. “I think what we’re looking for is a pagan goddess.” He set the book down on the table so you could see what he meant. Quickly reading it over, you quirked an eyebrow, impressed.

“How’d you find that so fast?” you asked. “Now we have all day to just do whatever!” The expression on Sam’s face told you otherwise, however, and you quickly wished you could take back your words.

“Well… Garth called. He needs us to look up some stuff for some other hunters…” Sighing, you sat back in your chair. Sam gave you a sheepish grin. 

“The work never ends,” you groaned. You sat back up in your seat and pulled your laptop closer so you could look at the email from Sam with the information. 

“No, it never does, does it?” he replied, smiling a little at you. You rolled your eyes playfully and turned to your screen, getting back to work.

x x x

Family Bonding

Emma turned to face the four kids who were sitting in the back of the car as they finally reached their location. Hunter was asleep in his car seat, the long car drive having worn him out. Hope sat in the middle, reading a book while the oldest two looked bored in the very back of the car. “Okay….so.” She started to say. “We’re here. And we’re going to need you all to help set up the tents. Henry, you’re bunking with Hunter, Hannah you’re with Hope. Your father and I are together.” She instructed. Emma watched her teenagers sigh and reach for their mobile devices, but she simply shook her head. “There’s no signal out here…so you’re going to be forced into family bonding time.”

my hubby gave me the first four books in Patrick O’Brien’s Master and Commander series for the dirty thirty bday. The first thing I did was flip the pages and  i n h a l e.  haha.

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You're my fav blogger on all things Outlander, so I must ask: Since I've never read the books, do we have really good Claire/Jamie moments in Voyager? I need something to look forward to now that my heart is torn in two.

Thanks! Although calling me a blogger makes me sound wayyy fancier than I am. I’m just a rando with a computer, no filter and an excessive love of alcohol.

But yeah! There are a ton of amazing Jamie and Claire bits in Voyager!

Writer Tip Wednesday: Designing the Dude Interest in Your YA Novel

First a disclaimer: I am focusing on the hetero-normative aspect of  Young Adult lit mostly due to the fact I haven’t read any of the new Lgbt YA novels. I gave up reading them in 2004 when the main theme was “and it’s going to end badly and you’re going to be sad” and no one got a happy ending. So if any of you have recommendations for me to read, message me! I would love to read your recommendations. GIVE ME YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS MY HOARD OF BOOKS NEEDS MAOR!!!

In the past decade or so the Dude Interest has been a hotly debated topic starting with Edward “I’m Emotionally Abusive” Cullen and Jacob “I Like ‘Em Young” Black. (There’s also the love triangle they’re in but that’s Friday’s entry). What peeved me greatly about them as characters was how Bella AKA Pants defined herself by who she was with. They treated her like a child, taking away her right to make decisions, and her self agency all under the pretense of it “being romantic.” And people went crazy over them, declaring their team, and setting off a trend where emotional abuse was considered appropriate in a relationship.

More recently there has been Four from The Divergent series. While I only liked the first book (I could write entries upon entries about my issues with the series but time and place), I hated Four. I honestly thought Eric, as ghoulish as he was described, would be the Dude Interest. But he wasn’t and there was Four. My biggest problem with Four was how he, as an Instructor in a position of power, acted towards Tris, an Initiate, the lowest in the Faction. The power dynamics were unfair. Which rather than making their relationship interesting, grossed me right out.

When outlining my YA novel for NaNoWriMo 2015, I had to design not only my protag but her Dude Interest. I wanted the romance to be a small aspect of the overall story yet at the same time it needed to be healthy.

Being out of my teen years, it confuses me how some authors write toxic dynamics. All the dudes listed above I’d want a teenage girl to avoid. Although arguably the ability to look back should prevent those kinds of Dude Interests from existing. Then again, sometimes people never leave those toxic relationships.

I spent an afternoon listing all the “desirable” qualities in popular Dude Interests, getting progressively more disgusted as my endeavor continued on, and stopped when I found three overlapping traits:

1) Overprotective

2) Jealous

3) Self Centered

I took all three of these and made my antagonist.

As I designed my Dude Interest I made sure to get rid of the usual tropes like “miscommunication to cause drama” because they’ve been done to death and are BORING. I didn’t care what he looked like, it was the last thing on the list. I decided to have complimenting character traits between Protagonist and Dude Interest with a few similarities. In theory their dynamics would work and it left Protagonist with her own agency.

To tell the truth by the end of the whole thing, I kind of felt like Dr. Frankenstein working on his monster. I loved my end result. The character I designed works perfectly, so I’m very nervous if he’ll be liked.

My Protag says he’s “okay.”

Dramione as conversations I've had with my significant others
  • Draco:You're so odd
  • Hermione:Spending all day laying naked in bed reading is not odd. What could possibly be better than curling up with a book and avoiding the world?
  • Draco:It’s a lovely day out, you should at least be reading outside, getting fresh air not avoiding the world.
  • Draco:Wait did you say naked?
  • Hermione:
  • Draco:I’ll be over in 10. Who the fuck needs fresh air? Books are made from trees, close enough
Every night
  • Me:Oh it's 3 in the morning and I have school, better go to sleep-
  • Tumblr:Check out these awesome blogs
  • Wattpad:That book you're reading has 6 new chapters
  • DeviantArt:That Fanfiction you love has been updated
  • Netflix:Your favourite series has 1 new season
  • Anime:That show you loved just got a second season and it has 4 episodes available
  • Crush:Hey can we talk?
  • Animal:Give me attention
  • Me:.....That's okay, I didn't need to function at school anyway

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Many of us who survived childhood sexual abuse don't have the privilege of sitting back and appreciating Lolita as literature. You need to examine your privilege in this situation, and understand what it is you're so vociferously defending. You also have to understand how it feels to us to have you fight til your dying day to defend a book, when no one defended us as children.

Don’t even start with me about privilege. Have I ever disclosed whether or not I’ve experienced sexual abuse? Meanwhile, I’ve worked for over decade to defend children and adults from abuse, so.

I’m guessing you’ve never read Lolita. The novel does not, in any shape or form, defend or glorify the sexual abuse of children. Instead, it paints the protagonist as a pathetic, deluded man. It paints Delores as a victim of his sick compulsion. There are some sick, fucked up people who see the novel as some kind of twisted love story, but that is not right. It’s a tragedy.

What you have to understand is that people all over the world make great art that utilizes subject matter that is controversial, upsetting, and triggering. There are plenty of novels, plays, and movies that I won’t read or see because I know that I’ll be personally troubled by them. But it doesn’t mean that they’re not artistically valid.